September 2016


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The battle for footage after the El Cajon shooting: "The country is begging for a video" (Richard Winton, Sarah Parvini, Corina Knoll, Los Angeles Times)

Black racism goes mainstream (Matthew Vadum, FrontPage Mag)

Confessions of a former neo-Confederate (William Black, Vox)

Group apologizes for Giuliani's "unscripted" remarks at awards dinner (Jillian Jorgensen, New York Observer)

How Black Lives Matter-style activism is ruining America (Rachel Lu, The Federalist)

How Luke Cage went from cutting edge to caricature, and then back again (Abraham Riesman, Vulture)

James Pinkerton - the Democrats vs. the deplorables, part two: The immigration flashpoint (James P. Pinkerton, Breitbart)

The making of a superhero (Emma Brown, Interview)

A new "Birth of a Nation" dredges up the complicated, ugly legacy of the groundbreaking 1915 film (Jeffrey Fleishman, Los Angeles Times)

Police release videos of shooting of unarmed black man in El Cajon, Calif. (Video, Sonari Glinton, NPR)

Pro-Trump radio host says Obama was "handed everything" because he's black (Ron Dicker, The Huffington Post)

Racism, sexism and third graders (Ilana Greenstein, The Huffington Post)

San Diego area police shoot and kill Alfred Olango, who was reportedly unarmed and mentally ill (German Lopez, Vox)

The selective doubt of white folks: why black experiences don't matter (Lorraine Berry, Raw Story)

A social-justice agenda for community college (Emily Deruy, The Atlantic)

Video shows Carolina cop violently arrest black man for sitting on his porch (Video, Carla Herreria, The Huffington Post)

Watch AT&T's CEO give a forceful defense of Black Lives Matter (Brian Fung, The Washington Post)

What are white writers for? (Jess Row, New Republic)

Where Democrats learned the art of racial tribalism (John Perazzo, FrontPage Mag)

With the new movie of the same name about to open, we look at the different legacy of "Birth of a Nation" (Jeffrey Fleishman, Los Angeles Times)


Alfre Woodard makes emotional plea for racial justice in America (Brennan Williams, The Huffington Post)

Alt-right catfight: Daily Stormer wages "holy crusade" on Breitbart because Milo Yiannopoulos is "part-Jewish" (Brendan Gauthier, Salon)

AP: Police officers abuse confidential databases across the U.S. (Breitbart)

AT&T CEO calls for dialogue on racial tensions: "Tolerance is for cowards" (Thomas Gryta, The Wall Street Journal)

Colin Kaepernick. Who's the real racist? (David Lawrence, American Thinker)

Has the "Ferguson effect" finally been debunked? (Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, The Atlantic)

"Hey white people!" on "The Late Show" is the only racism guide you'll need (Video, Ron Dicker, The Huffington Post)

Inside the Chicago Police Department's secret budget (Joel Handley, Jennifer Helsby, Freddy Martinez, Chicago Reader)

Judge finds no racial bias in takeover of Little Rock school district (Cynthia Howell, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Long wait, short encounter before deadly police shooting in San Diego area (Chicago Tribune)

Luke Cage and the year Marvel finally reckoned with its black audience (Joanna Robinson, Vanity Fair)

Neo-Nazi writer: "Virtually every alt-right Nazi I know is volunteering for the Trump campaign" (Media Matters)

A new school year. A new fight against affirmative action. This time at Harvard. (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

NYPD sent undercover officers to Black Lives Matter protest, records reveal (George Joseph, The Guardian)

Pennsylvania mayor asked to resign over Facebook posts criticized as racist (Abigail Abrams, TIME)

Phrases that won't heal racial divides: "Law and order" and "stop-and-frisk" (Jim Wallis, The Huffington Post)

Police shootings, homegrown terrorists and the Rolling Stones are turning the aughts into the '60s (Alexander Nazaryan, Newsweek)

Racial bias history undercuts Trump's plea for black votes (Harold Jackson, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

The racial confidence gap in police performance (Rich Morin, Renee Stepler, Pew Research Center)

Racial incident at Mizzou sparks student discussions (Ashley Jost, Celeste Bott, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

The racial politics of abortion: A short film (Video, Dawn Porter, Essence)

Research links Tea Party to racial hostility (Ricardo Peterson, The Stanford Daily, Californien)

Student arrested after wearing gorilla mask to Black Lives Matter protest (Video, Mary Bowerman, USA Today)

Supreme Court to decide if offensive names such as "Redskins" and "Slants" can be trademarked (Video, David G. Savage, Los Angeles Times)

Torn over Donald Trump and cut off by culture wars, evangelicals despair (Laurie Goodstein, The New York Times)

Trayvon Martin's parents to release book in January (Breanna Edwards, The Root)

Trump just told Clinton to shut up about racism. But that isn't going to happen. (Greg Sargent, The Washington Post)

The truth about stop-and-frisk practices (Amrita Khalid, The Daily Dot)

Unhappiness in America: Desperation in white towns, resilience and diversity in the cities (Sergio Pinto, Brookings)

We can't have war without racism. We can have a world without both. (Robert Fantina, Truthdig)

What if the US really did deport 11 million people (DW Gibson, The Nation)

A white councilman, black protesters, and a moment that Charlotte needed (Leder, The Charlotte Observer)

A wide gulf persists between black and white perceptions of policing (Sonari Glinton, NPR)


"Allowing America to confront its tortured racial past" (Clare Foran, The Atlantic)

Arresting our way to "justice" (Rebecca Gordon, Truthdig)

Bill Maher calls Colin Kaepernick an "idiot": "Stick to what you know" (Jessica Chasmar, The Washington Times)

BLM co-founder on why we shouldn't be surprised by racial uprisings (Zeba Blay, The Huffington Post)

Civil rights museum rejects Trump for being aggressive, rude and racist (Rmuse, PoliticusUSA)

Colin Kaepernick calls both presidential candidates "liars," "racist" following debate (Video, Sameer Rao, Colorlines)

Cop loses two jobs for Snapchat pic with racial slur (Joshua Rhett Miller, New York Post)

Dakota and the geography of racism (Robert K. Schneiders, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Defining the alt right and the new American fascism (Shane Burley, Counterpunch)

Demonstrators protest fatal police shooting of a black man in El Cajon, Calif. (Video, Niraj Chokshi, Jonah Engel Bromwich, The New York Times)

Donald Trump and the truth about race and real estate in America (Alexis C. Madrigal, Fusion)

Evangelical pastor explains why he won't say "all lives matter" (Carol Kuruvilla, The Huffington Post)

The Ferguson effect in Ferguson (Paul Mirengoff, Powerline)

Ferguson's violent crime rate skyrockets in aftermath of Brown shooting (Amber Randall, The Daily Caller)

Hear something, say something: Navigating the world of racial awkwardness (Podcast, Code Switch, NPR)

Here are all the police killings since just the beginning of September (Sonam Sheth, Business Insider)

Hillary Clinton's completely wrong about "racist" policing (Heather Mac Donald, New York Post)

"How do we support a racist?" Young Republicans grapple with 2016 election (Tom Dart, The Guardian)

I'm a 78-year-old racist - trying to change (Mel Novit, Chicago Tribune)

Inner-city crime should matter to Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter (Charles Byrd, The Hill)

"I wanted to dramatize the racist attitude of the majority" (Mark Joseph Stern, Slate)

James Pinkerton - the Democrats vs. the deplorables: The new class struggle comes to the Midwest (James P. Pinkerton, Breitbart)

Just because Hillary's a birther, that doesn't make her racist! (Andrew Klavan, PJ Media)

"Kill white people" Black Lives Matter graffiti in Florida alarms residents (Video, Cristina Silva, International Business Times)

MacArthur fellow Kellie Jones is curating black artists' rightful place in art history (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

Meet the black women defending Trump's record on race (Tessa Stuart, Rolling Stone)

Montel Williams: Why conservatives need to change the dialogue about race (Montel Williams, NBC News)

NYPD highway brass bullied black cop to force him to resign, lawsuit says (Victoria Bekiempis, New York Daily News)

Police killing of unarmed black man near San Diego sparks protest (Video, Ciara McCarthy, The Guardian)

Police shooting of unarmed black man leads to protests in San Diego suburb (Camila Domonoske, NPR)

Standing firm at Standing Rock: Why the struggle is bigger than one pipeline (Sarah Jaffe,

Stevie Wonder describes racist incident, perseverance in new animated short (Video, Sameer Rao, Colorlines)

That time Hillary Clinton said all Americans are racist and nobody blinked an eye (Larry O'Connor, Hot Air)

Trayvon Martin's parents sign book deal (Exclusive) (Andy Lewis, The Hollywood Reporter)

Trayvon Martin's parents writing memoir: "Everyone reading the manuscript is in tears by the second chapter" (Andy Lewis, The Hollywood Reporter)

Trump's claim that a racial discrimination suit was "brought against many real estate firms" (Glenn Kessler, The Washington Post)

Trump's ingrained racism (Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post)

Tweets expose a quiet movement to restrict minorities from voting (Danielle DeCourcey, Attn)

Why the Anti-Defamation League just put the Pepe the Frog meme on its hate symbols list (Libby Nelson, Vox)


After Charlotte, it's clear that dialogue with Black Lives Matter is futile (P.T. Carlo, The Daily Caller)

Alt-right turns on Trump a little, college protesters disrupt debate watch party: P.M. links (Robby Soave,

Amy Schumer addresses racial inequality controversy: "I can't think of anybody I'm racist against" (Rachel McRady, Yahoo)

Anti-defamation league classifies white nationalist favorite "Pepe the Frog" online hate symbol (Elliot Hannon, Slate)

Black leaders rip NAACP, Black Lives Matter for opposing school choice (Joy Pullmann, The Federalist)

Black Lives Matter agrees with Clinton's "implicit racism" message but doesn't trust her (S.A. Miller, The Washington Times)

The #BlackLivesMatter discussion at the first debate omitted 3 crucial words (Hope Racine, Bustle)

Black Lives Matter's latest martyr had gun stolen in burglary (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

Bucks president: "Milwaukee is the most segregated, racist place I've ever experienced" (Patrick Redford, Deadspin)

Campaign 2016 vocabulary lesson: "Strategic racism" (Ian Haney López,

Charlotte, NC, officer did not turn on body camera until after Keith Lamont Scott was shot: Report (Breanna Edwards, The Root)

Climate change, racism, and black lives (Roger Hallam, Open Democracy UK)

Clinton's ingenious debate strategy lays bare Trump's racism, sexism and venality (Adele M. Stan, AlterNet)

Clinton wasn't 100% right about violent crime at the debate - but Trump was way off (Daniel Rivero, Fusion)

Comic Judah Friedlander calls racism "the biggest issue" in the U.S. right now (Video, Fusion)

Common courtesy is a small step toward racial healing (Roy Peter Clark, The Undefeated)

Congressional Black Caucus members rip Trump: The debate exposed his "utter ignorance" about racism (Sarah K. Burris, Raw Story)

Contributions one-sided so far for history museum's Ferguson collection (Mike Faulk, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Cop falsely accused of racism by "Django" actress fights $10K fine from L.A. ethics board (Daniel Nussbaum, Breitbart)

Dear white people, please stop pretending reverse racism is real (Manisha Krishnan, Vice)

Disgusting "ghetto lottery" rhetoric after police shootings illustrates America's racial divide - and Trump enables it (Leonard Greene, New York Daily News)

Donald Trump bombs on the ultimate reality TV show (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post)

Donald Trump may love stop-and-frisk - but it was unconstitutional, racist and ineffective (Ben Norton, Salon)

Donald Trump's missed opportunity on race (Maya Rhodan, TIME)

Do not dismiss the protests (Leder, The Duke Chronicle, Durham, North Carolina)

Encounter with "erratic" black man ends with officer-involved shooting in El Cajon: PD (Video, Samantha Tatro, NBC San Diego)

Everyone knows Donald Trump is racist - except for Donald Trump (Goldie Taylor, The Daily Beast)

The FBI's crime stats and the Ferguson effect (The Patriot Post)

The Ferguson effect in Ferguson (Heather Mac Donald, National Review)

Fortress America (James Forman Jr., The Nation)

Fox's Tucker Carlson: Clinton pointing out implicit racial bias in the US was "absurd" (Video, Media Matters)

Google Play store bans game satirizing Black Lives Matter for "hate speech" (Ben Kew, Breitbart)

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes bill banning racial profiling in stores, saying it's already illegal under state law (Sophia Bollag, Los Angeles Times)

Guarding against damaging implicit racial bias - even in our preschools (Eric Cooper, The Huffington Post)

Hawaii should heed Charlotte's police body cam lessons (Leder, Honolulu Civil Beat)

Hillary Clinton made history by calling Donald Trump "racist" during the debate (Julia Craven, The Huffington Post)

Homelessness is a symptom of racism: Interview with Jeff Olivet and Marc Dones (Mark Horvath, The Huffington Post)

Is Charlotte our future? (Pat Buchanan, Town Hall)

Man shot by El Cajon police dies from injuries (Video, CBS News 8, San Diego)

Meet the charming, terrifying face of the anti-Islam lobby (David Noriega, Buzzfeed)

Michigan congressman accuses Republicans of racism over Flint aid (Paul McLeod, Buzzfeed)

NBA coaches and players speak out about racial violence in U.S. (Video, ESPN)

The new protectors (Sydney Brownstone, The Stranger)

Pepe's post-debate identity crisis: Online alt-right turns on Donald Trump after his presidential debate fiasco (Brendan Gauthier, Salon)

Push to keep "gypsy cops" with questionable pasts off the streets (Video, CBS News)

Racism: Does it still exist? (Patricia Foster, The Southern Digest)

Riot first, ask questions later (Rich Lowry, National Review)

The roots are in the system: Charlotte and beyond (Paul Street, Counterpunch)

Sen. Jeff Sessions doesn't buy the whole "stop-and-frisk is racist" thing (Joseph D. Lyons, Bustle)

Serena Williams writes about Black Lives Matter on Facebook (Caroline Linton, CBS News)

Should the media downplay the new murder spike? (Leon Neyfakh, Slate)

"Silence is betrayal": Serena Williams vows to speak out on racial injustice (Des Bieler, The Washington Post)

"Trump actually sucked tonight": how Trump's alt-right fans saw his rough debate (Video, Tara Golshan, Vox)

Trump and Clinton offer vastly different views on Charlotte unrest (Video, Julia Craven, The Huffington Post)

Trump has normalized our worst racial impulses (Video, Peniel Joseph, CNN)

University of North Dakota students poke fun at "Black Lives Matter" in blackface (Nikki Brown, Essence)

UPS has a racism problem (Joe Allen, In These Times)

U.S. owes black people reparations for a history of "racial terrorism," says UN panel (Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post)

Violent racial protests make Trump electable (Brian og Garrett Fahy, Town Hall)

Warriors players say the country is overlooking Colin Kaepernick's message (Marc J. Spears, The Undefeated)

Was Hillary Clinton's response to "racial divide" question good enough? (Gerren Keith Gaynor, The Grio)

We should all be outraged by Trump's absurdly racist pitch to black voters (Lilly Workneh, The Huffington Post)

We watched the presidential debate while chatting online with an alt-right teen (Elle Reeve, Vice News)

What Donald Trump means when he talks about stop-and-frisk (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

What if all lives didn't matter? (Abigail Smith, The Impact)

Why The Magnificent Seven doesn't use racial slurs like Quentin Tarantino's westerns (Video, Sean O'Connell, CinemaBlend)

Yale study suggests racial bias among preschool teachers (Emma Brown, The Washington Post)


The 13th: inside Ava DuVernay's Netflix prison documentary on racial inequality (Nigel M. Smith, The Guardian)

50 states, five types of voter-ID laws (Scott Bauer, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Ahead of debate, America's ICE officers endorse Donald J. Trump for president (

The American voting system: Distributed, diverse, at risk? (Lance Ulanoff, Mashable)

America's lethal negrophobia: More than just the Charlotte police killed Keith Lamont Scott (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

Black lives at Big Brown (Joe Allen, Jacobin)

Charlotte mayor faces furious crowd at City Council meeting (Video, Steve Harrison, The Charlotte Observer)

Charlotte officer did not activate body camera until after Keith Scott had been shot (Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post)

Charlotte officer didn't activate body camera until after fatal police shooting (Video, Ames Alexander, The Charlotte Observer)

Charlotte police, facing a distrustful public after Scott shooting, must keep using dash camera video (Leder, The Charlotte Observer)

Clinton accuses Trump of spreading "racist birther lie" (Video, Katie Zezima, The Washington Post)

Clinton on Trump's birther claim: A "racist lie" (Nahal Toosi, Politico)

Clinton on Trump's birtherism "A racist lie" (Jim Newell, Slate)

Clinton, Trump on the solution to racial tensions (Video, The Wall Street Journal)

The construct of the white working-class zombies (Victor Davis Hanson, National Review)

Divided states: Georgia auto mechanic ties racial tensions to Obama (Radio, Steve Inskeep, Morning Edition, NPR)

Donald Trump was wrong about Stop and Frisk - and the ruling that called it racial profiling (Video, Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

Federal investigation finds Boston Latin School failed to take racial hostility seriously (WBUR, Boston)

Funding for body cameras (J. Weston Phippen, The Atlantic)

Gun allegedly found on Keith Scott reported stolen; audio evidence missing because officer did not turn on camera until after shooting death (Video, Chris Sommerfeldt, Christopher Brennan, New York Daily News)

Harry Reid calls Donald Trump "a racist" (Video, Ted Barrett, CNN)

Harry Reid: "Donald Trump is a racist" (Louis Nelson, Politico)

Hillary clings to myth of systemic racism in first debate (Edmund Kozak, LifeZette)

Hillary Clinton calls the entire nation racist (Kelly Riddell, The Washington Times)

How a Trump presidency would unleash a torrent of racist violence - and devastate the Left (Arun Gupta, In These Times)

How Colin Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter are tearing the Duggar family apart (Sarah K. Burris, Raw Story)

How two police shootings of black men sent Tulsa and Charlotte in different directions (Jaweed Kaleem, Kristi Eaton, Los Angeles Times)

I'm black. Does America have a plan for my life? (Chris Lebron, The New York Times)

In case you didn't notice, Charlotte, NC, is in the middle of a major battleground state this election (Charles D. Ellison, The Root)

An Ivy League professor on why colleges don't hire more faculty of color: "We don't want them" (Marybeth Gasman, The Washington Post)

Kerr Putney, Charlotte chief, had cause in his life to distrust police (Richard Fausset, Alan Blinder, Yamiche Alcindor, The New York Times)

LeBron James will not protest during anthem but fears for his children (The Guardian)

The lessons of Charlotte: Transparency is essential in police-related shootings (Leder, New York Daily News)

Maine Gov. Paul LePage's "three-ringed binder" of "black and Hispanic drug dealers" is filled with white drug dealers (Taylor Link, Salon)

The many shapes of black space at D.C.'s African-American museum (Lonnae O'Neal, The Undefeated)

Maybe Donald Trump is the real Ferguson effect (Jesse Walker, Reason)

The murder rate went up in 2015. It's still half of what it was 25 years ago. (German Lopez, Vox)

NAACP releases list of demands in response to Charlotte shooting (Video, WRAL-TV, Raleigh, North Carolina)

Nathan DeSai formally identified as suspect in Houston mass shooting (Video, Aaron Barker, Click2Houston, Texas)

Nebraska's Michael Rose-Ivey receives racial backlash for anthem protest (Adam Rittenberg, ESPN)

A North Carolina law will soon limit who can view body-camera footage (J. Weston Phippen, The Atlantic)

The philosopher and her camera (Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah, New Republic)

Police violence: American epidemic, American consent (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

Presence of a gun alone was not enough to disarm Keith Lamont Scott, legal experts say (Video, Michael Edison Hayden, ABC News)

Protests in Charlotte continue for 6th night (Charley Lanyon, New York Magazine)

Racial income gap: How big is it? (The Southern Illinoisian)

Racial issues dominate U.S. political chatter on Facebook (Queenie Wong, Silicon Beat)

Racially charged "Alt-right" flyers taken down on U-M's campus (Daniel Bethencourt, Detroit Free Press, Michigan)

"Racial realism" is racial fantasy (Jane Coaston, MTV News)

The racial tensions in Tulsa have deep roots (T.J. Raphael, PRI)

The racism of the anti-racists (Dan Hannan, Washington Examiner)

The racist ideas of slave owners are still with us today (Catherine Hall, The Guardian)

Shooting video released: The latest from Charlotte (Radio, Wesley Lowery, The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU, Washington, DC)

Should cops wear cameras? Debate is back again (Video, Paul R. La Monica, CNN Money)

These charts show exactly how racist and radical the alt-right has gotten this year (Jonathon Morgan, The Washington Post)

These women are demanding a voice in the criminal justice conversation (Victoria Law, The Nation)

This is what happens when a Black Lives Matter flag is hoisted at a public university right up there with the U.S. flag (Derek Hawkins, The Washington Post)

Trevor Noah doesn't care if he's making "too many black jokes" (Matthew James-Wilson, Vice)

Trump hammers Clinton over racial comments (Gerry Urbanek, Western Journalism)

Trump's immigration stance could reverse trends, spur Latinos to vote (Daniel Gonzalez, USA Today)

U.S. accuses tech firm Palantir of bias against Asian engineers (Katie Benner, The New York Times)

U.S. Department of Labor sues Palantir for racial discrimination (Megan Rose Dickey, Tech Crunch)

Video of Charlotte police shooting could be the last released in North Carolina (Jonah Engel Bromwich, The New York Times)

Violent crime is rising. But that's not the most provocative finding in the FBI's new report. (Max Ehrenfreund, The Washington Post)

Violent crime is up, but Donald Trump is still wrong (Christopher Moraff, The Daily Beast)

Violent crime surge is tragic proof "Ferguson effect" is real (Leder, Investor's Business Daily)

Walmart workers refuse to make "Blue Lives Matter" cake (Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet)

Was Donald Trump's father a racist? Here's what we know about his housing policies (Will Drabold, Mic)

What the FBI's crime numbers mean in one city (Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, The Atlantic)

Why aren't all police officers wearing body cams? (Sidney Fussell, Fusion)


Amid protests, should Charlotte still have hosted an NFL game? (Ben Rosen, The Christian Science Monitor)

Charlotte mayor lifts curfew on the city after days of protests (Fotos, CBS News)

Charlotte struggles to return to normal after fatal police shooting (Video, Renae Merle, Sarah Larimer, The Washington Post)

Ex-police officer goes off script to question story of Keith Lamont Scott (Video, Aron Macarow, Attn)

From the raised fist to the bended knee (Danny Katch, Dave Zirin, Jacobin)

Here's what activists in Charlotte want from the city's police department (Julia Craven, Adam Hamze, The Huffington Post)

New North Carolina law will prohibit release of police videos (Video, Digital Journal)

Questions remain after Charlotte police release videos of shooting (Video, PBS Newshour)

Reconstructing what happened in the shooting of Keith Scott (Sarah Almukhtar, Ford Fessenden, Evan Grothjan, The New York Times)

Trump's racist ruse: His farcical outreach to black voters is just white supremacy in disguise (Amanda Marcotte, Salon)

Two years after Ferguson, where is the police reform? (Kimberly Kindy, Renae Merle, The Washington Post)

"Voting for a racist": Trump enters key debate fresh from pivot that wasn't (Video, Sabrina Siddiqui, The Guardian)

What do non-protesters across Charlotte think? (Video, Holly Yan, CNN)

Why I stopped dating the cop: Colin Kaepernick's protest, the "liberal media" and the bunker mentality of police culture (Cyan James, Salon)


After Scott shooting, we need leadership (Leder, The Charlotte Observer)

America's prosecutor problem (Fusion)

America's racist killer cops: Why stand for a country that can gun you down in cold blood? (Mike Whitney, Global Research, Canada)

Amid pressure, Charlotte police release videos in shooting of Keith Lamont Scott (Video, Renae Merle, Wesley Lowery, Peter Holley, The Washington Post)

Black Lives Matter criminal tried to tape police, instead he taped himself hiding drugs (Video) (Video, Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

Black Lives Matter flag at University of Vermont generates controversy (Video, Fox News)

Black Lives Matter is a hate group and riots need to stop (Wayne Pac, The Libertarian Republic)

The black vote: History demands a strategy for change (Eddie S. Glaude, Jr., Fredrick C. Harris, TIME)

Brooks: "Some evidence of "Ferguson effect," but "there's clear bias in the way African-Americans are treated" (Video, Breitbart)

Can a police-misconduct lawsuit lead to reform? (Candice Norwood, The Atlantic)

Charlotte police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott highlights racial divide in North Carolina city (Video, Associated Press, New York Daily News)

Charlotte riots, Tulsa doesn't (Patricia McCarthy, American Thinker)

Come clean, racists! Closeted Trump supporters and racism-deniers are a lot more dangerous (D. Watkins, Salon)

The dangers of dog-whistle politics (Hana Callaghan, Real Clear Politics)

The daughter of a man born a slave just opened the first National Black History Museum (Nick Baumann, The Huffington Post)

Don King: Trump offers way out of "racist, sexist" system (Video, Eugene Scott, CNN)

Ex-LAPD cop: Charlotte police "escalated the situation" and a pushing a "false narrative" about Keith Scott (Video, David Ferguson, Raw Story)

For those against Black Lives Matter, watch the film "Pride" (Julia Guarch, Blasting News)

"A glorious story": Obama opens African American Smithsonian museum (Jessica Glenza, The Guardian)

GOP congressman claims institutional racism can be cured by the Bible (Hrafnkell Haraldsson, PoliticusUSA)

How a white trash girl stumbled on grace (Billie Livingstone, The Daily Beast)

In debate questions, race should be at the top of the list (Derrick Z. Jackson, The Boston Globe)

Keith Lamont Scott shooting shows black cops can be biased too (Goldie Taylor, The Daily Beast)

Legalizing marijuana: It changes policing, but may leave racial disparities (Radio, Austin Jenkins (Northwest News Network), April Dembosky (KQED), All Things Considered, NPR)

Let's call a ban on Muslim immigration what it is: Cultural racism (Aamer Rahman, Vice)

Mainstream conservatives and the alt-right (Ben Cohen, American Thinker)

New African-American museum tells "essential part" of American story, President Obama says (Video, Alexander Mallin, ABC News)

Obama, black leaders, white agitators "seem intent on fomenting racial unrest" (Jesse Lee Peterson, WND)

Obama weekly address: African American museum gives "uncomfortable truths" of "national narrative" (Video, Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics)

Our dangerous drift from reason (Andrew McCarthy, National Review)

Police videos prove little either way (Leder og video, The Charlotte Observer)

Read President Obama's speech at the Museum of African American History and Culture (Katie Reilly, TIME)

The rise and fall of Corrine Brown (Fusion)

Tim Wise: Donald Trump is like a drug dealer who's "high on his own supply" selling racism to bigots (Video, Tom Boggioni, Raw Story)

Trump's coded racism is as dangerous as his lies. Debate moderators must call it out. (Michael P. Jeffries, The Boston Globe)

UN: Police killings of black men are modern-day lynchings (teleSUR, MintPress News)

We need to talk on November 9th (TJ Dodenhoff, The Good Men Project)

White America must heal itself: 2016 is 1965 and 1984 (T.D. Williams, The Root)

White North Dakota students dress in blackface, post picture with caption "black lives matter" (Jack Jenkins, Think Progress)

Why there is a racial problem with the U.S. police system (Maëlle Vanrell, Blasting News, UK)

Will North Carolina's new video law bring more, or less, transparency? (Zhai Yun Tan, The Christian Science Monitor)


Adrian Peterson speaks out on Twitter about racial inequality in sentencing (Ebenezer Samuel, New York Daily News)

After Charlotte shooting, press downplays a key fact: The officer's race (Video, Howard Kurtz, Fox News)

Black Lives Matter flag flying alongside American flag at University of Vermont (Anthony Gockowski (Campus Reform), Fox News)

Can this man secure the border? (Erica Grieder, Texas Monthly)

Charlotte leaders' awful blunder on Keith Scott videos (Leder, The Charlotte Observer)

Charlotte responds to protests, faces criticism (Jason Axelrod, American City and Country)

Charlotte shooting video: Footage shows fatal encounter between police, Keith Lamont Scott (Video, NBC News)

Confusing the problem with the solution in Charlotte (Washington Examiner)

Curfew imposed in Charlotte as Keith Scott's family view footage of killing (Video, Matthew Teague, The Guardian)

Deputy claims self-defense in 6-year-old's fatal shooting (Associated Press, KATC, Acadiana-Lafayette, Louisiana)

Farrakhan: Leader of the anti-cop racist pack (Larry Klayman, WND)

Father Comes Home from the Wars review - gripping African-American epic (Teateranmeldelse, Michael Billington, The Guardian)

Former Ferguson police chief speaks on shooting in Charlotte (KMOX, CBS St. Louis)

The guts of Southern Louisiana (Ann Glaviano, Slate)

Heather MacDonald on Black Lives Matter: Does the truth matter? (Video, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

How Clinton can win the immigration debate (Allie Conti, Vice)

How did Chicago get so violent? (Leon Neyfakh, Slate)

The lie that launched Black Lives Matter (Jack Cashill, American Thinker)

NYPD narcotics detective mom finds busted system can't help her addict son (Denis Hamill, The Daily Beast)

Once a birther, always a birther (A.B. Stoddard, Real Clear Politics)

Photo shows alleged gun next to Charlotte police shooting victim (Yaron Steinbuch, New York Post)

A racist runs through it (Nate Schweber, Narratively)

Rakeyia Scott's slip of the tongue is a window into the poignancy of police shootings (Ryan Grim, Julia Craven, The Huffington Post)

San Francisco high school athletes are taking a knee. And their community is backing them (Katy Steinmetz, TIME)

Stephen Colbert spells out perfectly why racial tension keeps erupting (Video, Ron Dicker, The Huffington Post)

Taking Trump seriously, not literally (Salena Zito, The Atlantic)

Trump Ohio deputy's racial remarks reveal a hidden reason for his rust belt success (Pema Levy, Mother Jones)

Two types of gun laws: One for blacks and one for whites (Eugene Robinson, Real Clear Politics)

Video by wife of Keith Scott shows her pleas to police (Video, Richard Fausset, Yamiche Alcindor, The New York Times)

Want to hold police accountable? The evidence is clear: film them. Always. (German Lopez, Vox)

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12 officers hurt, vehicles damaged in Charlotte shooting protests, police say (Video, WCNC-TV (Charlotte, North Carolina), USA Today)

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Black man fatally shot by Tulsa police was unarmed, chief says, as ‘disturbing’ video is released (Video, Peter Holley, Wesley Lowery, Derek Hawkins, The Washington Post)

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Citing Boston police racial profiling, high court overturns conviction (Video, David Bienick, WCVB, Boston)

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Donald Trump doesn't call his position racial profiling. It is. (Video, Aaron Blake, The Washington Post)

Donald Trump's hate-fueled, alt-right army hates "faggots" too (Michelangelo Signorile, The Huffington Post)

Dwyane Wade, athletes irate over death of Terence Crutcher at hands of Tulsa police (Ebenezer Samuel, New York Daily News)

The first family in focus (Michael A. Fletcher, The Undefeated)

Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke is latest to praise Lil Wayne over racism comments (Lindsey Ellefson, Mediaite)

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Hearings will address criminal justice reforms in Sandra Bland's name (Elena Mejia Lutz, The Texas Tribune)

"He's a racist and a liar": Seth Meyers thoroughly dismantles Donald Trump and the "birther" conspiracy (Video, Adam Epstein, Quartz)

How Donald Trump Jr's "Skittles" comment has a history as a racist dogwhistle that goes back to the Nazis (Rachael Revesz, The Independent, UK)

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How the growing wage gap between black and white workers hits young black women the hardest (Katie McDonough, Fusion)

In conversation: Ava DuVernay (Rebecca Traister, New York Magazine)

In places with fraying social fabric, a political backlash rises (Bob Davis, Gary Fields, The Wall Street Journal)

An Ivy League professor on what the campus conversation on race gets wrong (Sean Illing, Vox)

Jay Z drops the mic on racist drug laws (Melissa Franqui, AlterNet)

Kool-Aid and cyanide (Nathan J. Robinson, Jacobin)

Las Vegas police union wants Black Lives Matter pins banned from court (Matt Ferner, The Huffington Post)

A letter to a high school student on the lies of "Black Lives Matter" (Bob Owens, Bearing Arms)

Lil Wayne and Bill O'Reilly don't get racism and sexism. Boycott them until they do. (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, The Washington Post)

Milo: The alt-right is going nowhere, and here's why (Ben Kew, Breitbart)

No settlement with Sandra Bland family over de-escalation training, Texas officials say (Video, Chicago Tribune)

Obama's track record with blacks won't help Clinton (Jason L. Riley, The Wall Street Journal)

Our immigrants, our strength (Bill de Blasio, Anne Hidalgo, Sadiq Khan, The New York Times)

A peek at the Mall's latest addition (Aaron Steckelberg, Bonnie Berkowitz, Denise Lu, The Washington Post)

Police in North Carolina fatally shoot man they say had a gun (Associated Press, The Washington Post)

Police in North Carolina fatally shoot man witnesses say was disabled, unarmed (Kim Bellware, The Huffington Post)

Protesters arrested inside Capitol as they demand Paul Ryan denounce GOP's racism (Video, Kira Lerner, Think Progress)

Protests erupt after fatal shooting by police; 12 officers injured (Joe Marusak, Ely Portillo, The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina)

Protests erupt in Charlotte after police kill a black man (Alan Blinder, The New York Times)

Racial disparity emerges in rare child suicide rates (Video, Jacqueline Howard, CNN)

Racial issues involving Somalis heightened after mall attack (Kyle Potter (Associated Press), ABC News)

Racial profiling...isn't (Mike Ford, American Thinker)

Racial segregation in New York schools starts with pre-K, report finds (Elizabeth A. Harris, The New York Times)

Racial slurs and "KKK" spray-painted on East Michigan University dormitory (Chris Sommerfeldt, New York Daily News)

Racial wealth divide initiative: One year later (Dedrick Muhammad, The Huffington Post)

Racism is a spiritual issue (Therese Taylor-Stinson, Patheos)

Racist trolls force Yelp to shut down Ahmad Khan Rahami's family's restaurant page (Sameer Rao, Colorlines)

RAW: Shooting of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Okla. (Video, Los Angeles Times)

A reminder of how racist Trump is, one day before his pitch to black voters (Josh Vorhees, Slate)

Samantha Bee rips Roger Ailes' Fox News for "racist fearmongering" that built Trump's candidacy (Video, Media Matters)

Smearing the South with false charges of racism (Jim Agresti, The Blaze)

Stephen Colbert hammers Donald Trump for birther lies: "We're not crazy!" (Matt Wilstein, The Daily Beast)

Students at Eastern Michigan U. protest "KKK" and other racist graffiti (Joshua Barajas, PBS Newshour)

This isn't the first time cowboys have tried to plunder 640 million acres of public land (Chip Ward, The Nation)

Thousands of girls are locked up for talking back or staying out late (Hannah Levintova, Mother Jones)

The toxic, bullying troll culture has made much of the Internet dangerous; just perfect for Donald Trump's political rise (Kali Holloway, AlterNet)

Trump and Farrakhan, a match made in racial nationalist heaven (Eric Frazier, The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina)

The Trump family's refugee rhetoric threatens one of America's most cherished values (Dara Lind, Vox)

Tulsa police officer who fatally shot Terence Crutcher thought he may have been high on PCP, attorney says (Video, Laura Bult, New York Daily News)

Tulsa police shooting investigated by Justice Department (Video, Max Blau, Jason Morris, Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN)

Twitter users fire back at "The Wire" creator David Simon's "inappropriate racial vernacular" (Scott Eric Kaufman, Salon)

UPDATE: Keith Lamont Scott identified as disabled black man shot dead by N.C. police while reading in car (Video, Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

What Kaepernick's critics are (not) saying about Terence Crutcher (Donovan X. Ramsey, Andrew White, Complex)

What we know about the Terence Crutcher police shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Video, Michael Edison Hayden, ABC News)

"You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake." Fliers like these are showing up on lawns across the U.S. (Derek Hawkins, The Washington Post)


Adviser: Obama can't "erase decades" of racism (Video, Mark Hensch, The Hill)

Alt-right leaders hosted a press conference to explain their movement. There was racism. (Video, German Lopez)

Alt-right "useful idiots" are driving more people to libertarianism. Here's how... (Wayne Pac, The Libertarian Republic)

Beyond the pipeline: What's next for the indigenous activists in North Dakota? (Audrea Lim, Fusion)

The black history of the new economy (Mandisa Routheni, U.S. News & World Report)

Black Lives Matter emerges as controversial force in the U.K. (Video, Alexander Smith, NBC News)

Black Panther still on the hunt for social justice (Adekeye Adebajo, Business Day Live, Sydafrika)

A black sergeant brings Obama and Black Lives Matter to justice (Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag)

Building justice: The lasting racial stain of the foreclosure crisis (Caroline Nagy,

CNN falsely adds "racial" to Trump vetting comments (Joe Concha, The Hill)

Commentary: Trump 2.0 - birther rejection is latest act in succesful remake (Keith Koffler, Reuters)

Conservatives views on Colin Kaepernick are insulting (Dale Hansen, The Huffington Post)

Daily News columnist Shaun King asks if African Americans can get the "Ahmad Khan Rahami treatment" (Sam Reisman, Mediaite)

The death of Meat-Meat: What happened after cops killed a mentally ill black man on camera (Michael Edison Hayden, Vice)

Democrats are losing control of black Americans (Patricia L. Dickson, American Thinker)

Disney's Moana is facing racist allegations (Video, Mike Reyes, Cinemablend)

Do black lives matter to Donald Trump? Town hall at Cleveland church is latest attempt to appeal to African-American voters (Bruce Wright, International Business Times)

Does the name Tyshawn Lee ring a bell? (Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker)

Donald Trump claims he "finished" birtherism. Fact check: Pants on fire (Linda Qiu, Jon Greenberg, C. Eugene Emery, The Daily Beast)

Donald Trump supporters just asking for a little respect (Megan McArdle, Chicago Tribune)

DPD sergeant's suit against Black Lives Matter does more harm than good (Leona Allen, The Dallas Morning News)

Equal time, please: Native American lives matter: Letters (Læserbrev, Orlando Sentinel, Florida)

Exploring America's racist housing policies (Podcast, The TakeAway, WNYC, New York City)

Exploring race through the new National Museum of African American History and Culture (Radio, Michel Martin, Kinshasha Holman Conwill, Michele Norris, Eve Ewing, Eric Foner, The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU, Washington, DC)

Family of suspected Chelsea bomber sued NJ city for racial bias (Jon Campbell, The Village Voice, New York City)

Full text: "How to destroy the alt right" by Milo (Tale, Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart)

A game, a shooting and the downfall of Chicago's Hubbard Park (Video, Alexandra Chachkevitch, Chicago Tribune)

The GOP died this weekend (Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post)

Graphic police footages show officer shooting unarmed black man with his hands up (Michael Rosen, Fusion)

High society: Racial history of weed (Video, The Root)

Hillary Clinton's basket of deplorables (Paul Street, Counterpunch)

Homicides are spiking again in some big U.S. cities. Chicago has seen nearly half the increase. (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

How Black Lives Matter made the leap from social media to social action (Katie Dupere, Mashable)

"I'm not a racist, but..." (Justin Gest, Politico Magazine)

In America's drug death capital: How heroin is scarring the rest generation (Wayne Drash, Max Blau, CNN)

John Lewis on the pace of progress: It's a struggle of a lifetime (Video, Tim Perry, Face the Nation, CBS News)

Juan Williams: Clinton spoke the truth on "deplorables" (Juan Williams, The Hill)

Judge rules NYPD can act as prosecutor in Black Lives Matter protest cases (Shayna Jacobs, New York Daily News)

***Live*** Milo responds to Hillary: "How to destroy the alt right" (Video, Mike Ma, Breitbart)

A more diverse electorate won't end the white supremacy fueling Trump (Hari Ziyad, Complex)

Murderous Chicago (Dennis Byrne, The Weekly Standard)

NASCAR accused of racism in $500 million lawsuit (Tim Kenneally, The Wrap)

NBC News analyst Mark Halperin, and not Hillary Clinton, mainstreamed the birther movement (Bob Cesca, The Daily Banter)

The official lie (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

Police videos show officer-involved shooting of Terence Crutcher (Video, The Washington Post)

The politics of terrorism: Don't just assume acts of violence will help Donald Trump in the polls (Simon Maloy, Salon)

President Trump's first term (Evan Osnos, The New Yorker)

Racial bias among jurors at heart of Supreme Court case (Adam Liptak, The New York Times)

"Racism at AU is bananas": Hundreds protest incidents on American U. campus (Video, Alejandra Matos, The Washington Post)

Racism, accountability and baskets of deplorables (Lincoln Mitchell, The Huffington Post)

Racism and deception are now accepted political tactics (Charles P. Pierce, Esquire)

The racism, supremacy, and extremism of the Alt-LEFT (Jack Kerwick, Beliefnet)

Racist nationalism is on the rise all over the world (Kevin Drum, Mother Jones)

Raddatz pounds Pence on birther lies, Cokie Roberts explains racism (Joe Lapointe, New York Observer)

Read an excerpt from the Black Lives Matter-inspired novel the whole world wants to read (A.C. Thomas, Elle)

Reality check: Chris Christie's whoppers on the birther issue (Video, Steven A. Holmes, CNN)

The Republican Party is now institutionally defending Donald Trump's racism (Greg Sargent, The Washington Post)

Serious question: Why did the "birther" issue reemerge? (Matt K. Lewis, The Daily Caller)

Seth Meyers calls Donald Trump a lying racist liar over his long "birther" charade (Video, The Week)

Supreme Court to hear case on juror racial bias (Adam Liptak, The New York Times)

"They just don't fit in": UCLA study links racism and segregation in Orange County (Rory Carroll, The Guardian)

This is what happens when a gay Latino goes to an alt-right press conference - WATCH (Video, Sean Mandell, Towleroad)

Transparent creator calls Trump "inheritor to Hitler" after Emmy win (David Wright, CNN)

Trump ally Roger Stone: is "maybe the most influential" political website "on the so-called alt-right" (Video, Media Matters)

Trump: America needs to racially profile Muslims like they do in Israel (Eric Levitz, New York Magazine)

Trump Jr. compares Syrian refugees to tainted Skittles (Rebecca Morin, Politico)

Trump makes massive gains with black voters (Edmund Kozak, PoliZette)

Trump spent all day pushing for racial profiling and refugee crackdowns (Max J. Rosenthal, Mother Jones)

Trump's racist birther gaslighting strategy has taken over the GOP (Brian Beutler, New Republic)

Trump's response to the New York bombing: Racial profiling on a mass scale (Tim Murphy, Mother Jones)

Trump surrogates spin "birther" narrative (Eugene Kiely,

Tulsa, Oklahoma, police shooting of Terrence Crutcher: video released of cops killing unarmed man (Video, German Lopez, Vox)

Tyre King "more likely than not" running from Columbus police when fatally shot (Ryan Felton, The Guardian)

Valerie Jarrett calls "birther" movement "unfortunate" on "The View" (Video, Tracy Swartz, Chicago Tribune)

The very high real dollar cost of combating racism (Lisa M. Hayes, The Huffington Post)

VIDEO: Inside the "alt-right's" white nationalist, pro-Trump press conference (Video, Carlos Maza, Coleman Lowndes, Media Matters)

What happened when "All Lives Matter" met "Black Lives Matter" ... Memes of course (Yesha Callahan, The Root)

What I pledge allegiance to (Kiese Laymon, The Fader)

White riot (Zack Beauchamp, Vox)

White voters keep Trump's hopes alive in must-win Florida (Nate Cohn, The New York Times)

Why Trump calls for racial profiling after attacks (Tessa Stuart, Rolling Stone)

Why we must talk about racism instead of around it (Napoleon Wells, The Good Men Project)

WorldNetDaily will die on birther hill (Terry Krepel, The Huffington Post)

Yale study finds violence against police officers can trigger increased discrimination in police stops (Bess Connolly Martell, Yale News)


2 former Albuquerque officers on trial in killing of homeless man (Jeff Proctor, Fernanda Santos, The New York Times)

8 reactions to Trump ending Obama "birther" claims (Video, The Washington Post)

ABC's Martha Raddatz insists birther issue is not over; Mike Pence: "It is over" (Video, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

Actually, Donald Trump's immigration proposals are nothing new (Aviva Chomsky, Mother Jones)

Alt-right seizes on purported manifesto to blame Chelsea bombing on "crazed leftist" (Kelly Weill, The Daily Beast)

As expected, Breitbart News attacks black female pastor who embarassed Donald Trump (Jon Mark, Inquisitr)

Black cop files suit against Black Lives Matter for inciting anti-police violence (Rick Moran, American Thinker)

The Black Panther party. The battle against poverty, racism, imperialism and police brutality (Hugo Turner, Global Research, Canada)

Christie's claim that Trump did not "on a regular basis" spout birther nonsense after 2011 (Glenn Kessler, The Washington Post)

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Jurors will have their say in Boyd shooting (Colleen Heild, Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico)

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Judge Jeanine to Hillary: Your racial, anti-Trump "hypocrisy is stunning" (Video, Fox News)

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2 Clinton supporters in '08 reportedly shared Obama "birther" story (David Goldstein, McClatchy DC)

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Bill Bratton, whose "broken windows" strategy shaped policing across the country, retires from the NYPD (Video, Tom Hays, NBC New York)

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CNN anchors have finally had it with Donald Trump's lies (Video, Jonathan Cohn, The Huffington Post)

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Courts, feds keep concluding racism is real (Mike McClellan (Arizona Republic), Florida Today)

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Ex-dean accused of sexual harassment sues Berkeley for racial discrimination (The Guardian)

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Inside the camp that's fighting to stop the Dakota Access pipeline (Xian Chiang-Waren, Grist)

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John Lewis: Donald Trump should seek forgiveness for birther push (Video, Jake Miller, Face the Nation, CBS News)

Kaine: Some Trump voters are "motivated by dark emotions" (Radio, Jessica Taylor, Morning Edition, NPR)

Kansas State U. denounces former student's racist Snapchat (Fernanda Zamudio-Suaréz, The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Kaepernick can protest, but should take a closer look at his cause (Paul Jenkins, Alaska Dispatch News)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar asks: How has American politics fallen so far from grace? (Marita Golden, The Washington Post)

Krauthammer: Trump ended "birther" distraction and can continue his rehabilitation (Video, Fox News)

Last gasp of birther-mania (John Hinderaker, Powerline)

The latest: Head of black congressional group blasts Trump (Associated Press, The Washington Post)

Luke Cage's superhero style is important commentary on blackness in America (Charles Pulliam-Moore, Fusion)

Many black voters skeptical at Trump's birther about-face (Jesse J. Holland, Associated Press)

Marc Jacobs got roasted for putting fake dreadlocks on white models. His response made everything worse. (Charles Pulliam-Moore, Fusion)

Marc Jacobs' show features white models in faux dreadlocks, causes uproar (Video, Jaleesa M. Jones, USA Today)

Metro Detroit racial divide is widest over police (Radio, Bill McGraw, Michigan Radio)

Nah, Trump's still a birther (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

New digital ad casts Donald Trump as racist (Video, Fredreka Schouten, USA Today)

Nice moves normalizing a racist, sociopathic scumbag, Jimmy Fallon! (Rebecca Fishbein, Gothamist)

"The Night of" star Riz Ahmed writes about racism and typecasting in emotional essay (Andrea Park, CBS News)

No, the Constitution is not racist, sexist, or outdated (Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart)

OPINION: "Black protests vs. white riots" is media stereotyping at its worst (Rachel Grace, The Red & Black)

Policeman's daughter dreams of day police, Black Lives Matter can work together (Dr. Sheron C. Patterson, The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina)

Reid unloads on Trump as "liar," "fraud" after birther reversal (Nick Gass, Politico)

The revenge of the deplorables (Rob Urie, Counterpunch)

"This is a disgusting day": Congressional Black Caucus reacts to Trump's birther walkback (Video, Josh Feldman, Mediaite)

"This is moral cowardice": Chris Hayes grills ex-Trump aide over creating birther strategy (Video, Josh Feldman, Mediate)

This year's Emmy nominees are the most diverse yet, but hold your applause (Madeline Berg, Forbes)

Top cop retires, ending tough-on-crime era in NYC. What's next? (Harry Bruinius, The Christian Science Monitor)

Trump: Accusations of racism the "oldest play in the Democratic playbook" (Harper Neidig, The Hill)

Trump admits Obama was born in the United States after 5 years of racist denials (Christina Wilkie, The Huffington Post)

Trump diversity director: Obama birther questions "not a race thing" (Nick Gass, Politico)

Trump drops false "birther" theory, but floats a new one: Clinton started it (Video, Maggie Haberman, Alan Rappeport, The New York Times)

Trump ends one Obama "birther" rumor by starting another (Video, PBS Newshour)

Trump fanned a conspiracy about Obama's birthplace for years. Now he pretends Clinton started it. (Andrew Prokop, Vox)

Trump finally admits it: "President Barack Obama was born in the United States" (Video, Stephen Collinson, Jeremy Diamond, CNN)

Trump fit an impressive number of lies in his 30-second statement on birtherism (Tara Golshan, Vox)

Trump gets caught lying while walking back birther claims (Steve Benen, MSNBC)

Trump is trying to rewrite his history of birtherism. This is what really happened. (Judd Legum, Think Progress)

Trump just launched birtherism 2.0 (Josh Voorhees, Slate)

Trump kept "birther" beliefs going long after Obama's birth certificate was released (Video, Erik Ortiz, NBC News)

Trump learns to play Miami's ethnic politics (Video, Patricia Mazzei, Amy Sherman, Miami Herald, Florida)

Trump makes his birther lie worse (Gail Collins, The New York Times)

Trump makes no apologies for his birther past (Eli Stokols, Politico)

Trump manipulated media and lied. Still, he won't ever shake birther movement (Ben White, CNBC)

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Trump supporters include most of anti-Semitic alt-right, and 19 percent of ... Jews? (Catherine Rampell, The Washington Post)

Trump walks back long-debunked birther conspiracy - why? (Video, The Wall Street Journal)

A "two-bit racial arsonist": Watch the entire Congressional Black Caucus nuke Trump's birther remarks (Video, Brad Reed, Raw Story)

Tyree King: Vigil held after police shooting of 13-year-old black teen "armed" with airgun (Video, Conor Gaffey, Newsweek)

Tyre King, 13, fatally shot by police in Columbus, Ohio (Video, Kurt Chirbas, Alexander Smith, Erik Ortiz, NBC News)

WATCH: Trump fans get schooled after claiming white people work harder than blacks (Video, Brad Reed, Raw Story)

"We got played": CNN goes off on Trump's "rick roll" after birther debacle (Video, Caitlin MacNeal, Talking Points Memo)

"A welcome rebuke to dead white men": The Smithsonian's African American museum finally arrives (Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian)

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William J. Bratton: How to reform policing from within (William J. Bratton, The New York Times)

With a self-inflicted wound, Trump puts himself in new peril against Clinton (Video, Cathleen Decker, Los Angeles Times)

With bizarre statement, Trump's birther beliefs reclaim spotlight (Steve Benen, MSNBC)

With one line, Michelle Obama just smacked down Donald Trump's racist birtherism (Video, Rafi Schwartz, Fusion)

Without apology, Trump now says: "Obama was born in" the U.S. (Domenico Montanaro, NPR)


Almost every word of Donald Trump's birther statement is a lie (Tim Murphy, Mother Jones)

Alt-right: Populism from an alternate reality (Chris Wood, The State Press, Arizona State University)

American protest is an act of faith (Video, Leonard Pitts Jr., The Baltimore Sun)

Analysis: For Clinton, deploring Trump's racial views part of a broader strategy (Perry Bacon Jr., NBC News)

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Black as we wanna be (Matthew McKnight, The Nation)

Black child with BB gun is shot by police in Columbus, Ohio (Video, Richard Pérez-Peña, The New York Times)

Black Lives Matter and the SNCC Legacy Project discuss the paths forward (Video, The Washington Post)

"Black Men for Bernie" founder now mobilizing black voters for Trump (Sameer Rao, Colorlines)

Black pilots allege racial discrimination at United Airlines (Aimee Picchi, CBS News)

The Breitbartification of Senator Robert Byrd (Yashar Ali, The Huffington Post)

Calling Kaepernick's stance un-American is un-American itself (Ryan Hiles, The Louisville Cardinal)

Chance the Rapper teams up with NAACP for #StayWokeAndVote campaign (Zeba Blay, The Huffington Post)

Clinton urges Latino voters to get off the sidelines (Michael A. Memoli, Los Angeles Times)

Columbus police officer fatally shoots Tyre King, 13-year-old with a BB gun (Video, Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Confounding fathers: Paternalism and the sociopathic nature of racial discourse in America (T.D. Williams, The Root)

The connection between Al-Qaeda and Black Lives Matter (Raymond Ibrahim, FrontPage Mag)

The Dakota Access Pipeline fight is a chilling mix of racism & environmentalism (Madhuri Sathish, Bustle)

The Dakota Access Pipeline protest is unprecedented - and 150 years in the making (Anne Helen Petersen, Buzzfeed)

Donald Trump again won't acknowledge Obama was born in U.S. (Alan Rappeport, The New York Times)

Donald Trump: I'm "the least racist person" (Video, Eugene Scott, CNN)

Donald Trump Jr. clarifies "gas chambers" remark (Video, Benjy Sarlin, NBC News)

Donald Trump Jr. flirts with white supremacist movement, considers himself deplorable (Colin Daileda, Mashable)

Donald Trump Jr.: Media would be "warming up the gas chamber" if GOP acted like Hillary Clinton (Video, Rebecca Shabad, CBS News)

Donald Trump says Republican Convention lacked racial diversity (Phil Helsel, NBC News)

Don Lemon shuts down Trump supporter: Saying birtherism isn't about race is "tone deaf" (Video, Arturo Garcia, Raw Story)

Exclusive: Donald Trump Jr. is very confused by Pepe the Frog backlash (Ezra Dulis, Breitbart)

Family sues after 7-year-old gets handcuffed at school for crying (Rebecca Klein, The Huffington Post)

Fed suit against Obama's DOJ destroys "Trump is racist" narrative (Doug Ibendahl, The Daily Caller)

From Black Panthers to Black Lives Matter - in pictures (Fotos, The Guardian)

"Gold Rush": JAY Z takes an unflinching look at racist, violent War on Drugs in new short film (Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

Gospel arises anew in Chicago hip-hop (Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune)

The great migration: Why racial bias still pervades America (Ellen McGirt, Fortune)

Here's what it's like to walk through the first national black history museum (Julia Craven, The Huffington Post)

Hillary Clinton: Basket case (Michael Cutler, FrontPage Mag)

Hillary's risky "deplorables" strategy (Bill Scher, Politico Magazine)

His campaign’s statement that Trump accepts the truth of Obama’s birthplace is filled with falsehoods (Video, Philip Bump, The Washington Post)

How racism on Airbnb threatened my 20-year friendship (John Kell, Fortune)

How should political leaders talk about racism? (Julia Azari, Vox)

How the alt-right is attempting to hide its white supremacist ties (Shane Burley, Truthout)

How the new Smithsonian African American Museum works (Kriston Capps, CityLab)

How Washington blew its best chance to fix immigration (Alec MacGillis, ProPublica/New York Times Magazine)

In email, Colin Powell slammed Trump over "racist" birther movement (Democracy Now)

In Milwaukee, a history of racist violence fuels mistrust of the police department (Flint Taylor (In These Times), Truthout)

Is DC the next ground zero for Black Lives Matter? (Dan Taylor, Patch)

"It's senseless": Columbus officer reacts to killing of 13-year-old with BB gun - video (Video, Reuters, The Guardian)

I was a huge NFL fan, but now that it politicizes everything I quit (Brad Slager, The Federalist)

Jay Z: "The War on Drugs is an epic fail" (Asha Bandele, The New York Times)

Jimmy Carter sees "resurgene of racism" in U.S. (Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner)

Jimmy Carter: The U.S. is seeing a "resurgence of racism" (CBS News)

KING: After Tyre King's death, here's why I don't believe a word police say immediately after they kill someone (Video, Shaun King, New York Daily News)

The legacies of Barack Obama (Victor Davis Hanson, National Review)

Lupita Nyong'o: "I want to create opportunities for people of color" (Elizabeth Rubin, Vogue)

Meet the "deplorables": 13 despicable characters in Trump's very crowded basket (Adele M. Stan, AlterNet)

Milo Yiannopoulos is the pretty, monstrous face of the alt-right (Joel Stein, Bloomberg)

Minnesota town may create racial bias task force to investigate own police (Amber Randall, The Daily Caller)

Minorities less likely to get clot-clearing stroke drug (Steven Reinberg, The Southern Illinoisan)

Missouri becomes first state to adopt "Stand Your Ground" law since Trayvon Martin was killed (Josh Israel, Think Progress)

More dangerous than Trump: Why we should fear Mike Pence for refusing to call David Duke "deplorable" (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

The National Museum of African American History and Culture (The New York Times)

The Night of star talks racial profiling in powerful personal essay (Yohana Desta, Vanity Fair)

North Carolina's fragile voting rights victory (Scott Lemieux, The American Prospect)

NYPD top cop Bill Bratton tarnished his legacy with "Broken Windows" and racial rhetoric (Leonard Greene, New York Daily News)

On "deplorables" as the new alt right badge of honor (Mark Shea, Patheos)

Opinion: How Tupac lives within the Black Lives Matter movement (Mark Braboy, Vibe)

The open-borders "liberaltarianism" of the new urban elite (Michael Lind, National Review)

"Papers, please" law in Arizona to be clarified (Elizabeth Warmerdam, Courthouse News Service)

Police have shot and killed at least 2,195 people since Ferguson (German Lopez, Soo Oh, Vox)

The police shooting in Columbus, Ohio (Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic)

Police shoot, kill 13-year-old boy holding BB gun (Video, The Daily Beast)

Privately run Mississippi prison, called a scene of horror, is shut down (Timothy Williams, The New York Times)

Public-interest groups are calling on Education Dept. to track racial disparities in student lending (Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, The Washington Post)

Race and gender diversity sorely lacking in America's courts (Michele L. Jawando, Allie Anderson, Center for American Progress)

The "racial cleansing" that drove 1,100 black residents out of Forsyth County, Ga. (Radio, Fresh Air, NPR)

The racial justice flaws in California's climate bill (Brentin Mock, CityLab)

Racism explained to "new blacks" like they're 5 years old (Michael Harriot, The Root)

Refugee high school: Media coverage of recent arrivals in American schools (Alexander Russo, Washington Monthly)

Regression to the meme (James Taranto, The Wall Street Journal)

The rest of the story: Black women and the War on Drugs (Melissa Harris-Perry, The Undefeated)

Sandra Bland's family gets $1.9M in wrongful death settlement (Taryn Finley, The Huffington Post)

Sorry, "deplorables": Being called racist doesn't mean you're being oppressed (Video, Stacey Patton, The Washington Post)

Sorry, Redskins fans: Native American mascots increase racial bias (Justin Angle, The Washington Post)

Superintendent says weapons won't be tolerated at Ferguson-Florissant schools (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri)

This year's National Book Award nominees share a major theme: The racist history of the United States (Thu-Huong Ha, Quartz)

Triumph of truth: new museum upends "great denial" of African American history (David Smith, The Guardian)

Trump and Black Lives Matter get custom new emoji, thanks to these political cartoonists (Michael Cavna, The Washington Post)

Trump calls the "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic" etc. the "most admirable people" he knows (Kerry Eleveld, Daily Kos)

Trump criticizes Flint pastor - but misstates key facts about their encounter (Scott Detrow, NPR)

Trump's "deplorable" deflections (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

Trump's destructive validation of racists (Michael Gerson, The Washington Post)

Trump's outreach to minority voters is less bang and more whimper (Eric Ham, The Hill)

Trump's racism is showing again (Laurence Lewis, Daily Kos)

Trump unwilling to say Obama was born in the US (Robert Costa (The Washington Post), The Boston Globe)

Typecast as a terrorist (Riz Ahmed, The Guardian)

Tyree King, 13, is killed by police in Columbus, Ohio, after allegedly pulling out a BB gun (Leon Neyfakh, Slate)

Tyree King Columbus police shooting: cops kill 13-year-old boy (German Lopez, Vox)

Tyre King is dead - and America still can't decide what to do about BB guns (Zak Cheney-Rice, Mic)

Watch Trump spokesperson get education on racist and disgraceful nature of Trump's birther movement (Video, Media Matters)

We need to talk about cultural appropriation: why Lionel Shriver's speech touched a nerve (Stephanie Convery, The Guardian)

What happened in Brisbane (Suki Kim, New Republic)

What life is like behind bars for O.J. Simpson prisoner 1027820 (David Ng, Los Angeles Times)

When the "facts" are not facts at all, and the cops are killing black children (Abby Zimet, Common Dreams)

White people. It's not our call! (Chuck Queen, Patheos)

Why you can expect to see more violence in schools this year (Joy Pullmann, The Federalist)

Wired dubs Gab "alt-right Twitter" for lack of "stipulations against hate speech" (Charlie Nash, Breitbart)

With attack on black pastor, Trump reboot again goes off rails (Video, Benjy Sarlin, Ali Vitali, NBC News)

"You can't code your way out of racism" (Podcast, Wesley Morris, Jenna Wortham, The New York Times)

You want to understand the alt-right? Read this. (Charles P. Pierce, Esquire)


Ann Coulter: Could Hillary tell us what percentage of Muslims are "deplorable"? (Ann Coulter, Breitbart)

Another domestic terror attack by Black Lives Matter is caught on film in Phoenix (Video, Bob Owens, Bearing Arms)

Bernie Sanders pledges "end of the exploitation of Native American people" in fight against Dakota pipeline (David Weigel, The Washington Post)

Beware the murder stats: Why the right will use them to smear Black Lives Matter and how the left can fight back (Daniel Denvir, Salon)

Black pastor asks Trump to stop attacking Hillary Clinton during visit to Flint (Video, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

The black US paratroopers who quietly changed history - and now fear Trump (Rory Carroll, The Guardian)

Bogus allegations of "racism" undermine honest policy debate (Paul Mirengoff, Powerline)

Candidate Nolan West's Facebook history is a trove of racist, homophobic idiocy (Susan Du, City Pages)

Carr: Some quick, easy steps to tell if you're a deplorable (Howie Carr, Boston Herald)

Claims that Trump's voters are racists are BS. Here's why. (John Hinderaker, Powerline)

Clinton's "deplorables" remark misunderstands racism - and might make it worse (Jesse Singal, New York Magazine)

The creative freedom of Jada Pinkett Smith (Jill Hudson, The Undefeated)

Dear mothers of black sons from the mother of white sons... (Mindy Bartlett Squillace, The Huffington Post)

A deplorable column that defends Clinton's remarks (Mark Hemingway, The Weekly Standard)

Desegregating NYC's "Apartheid schools" (Neil Demause, The Village Voice, New York City)

Did Hillary's deplorable comment destroy her campaign? (Video, Margaret Howell, Infowars)

Don't be shocked. Mike Pence has always been a bigot. (Michelangelo Signorile, The Huffington Post)

Don't let Kaepernick's method distract you from his message (Lindsay Gibbs, Think Progress)

Everyone should stop it with the "Black Lives Matter" - inspired slogans (Jenée Desmond-Harris, Vox)

The Ferguson syllabus (Marcia Chatelain, Yahoo!)

Fox only cable news network that ignored Trump supporters' racist attacks on Hispanic journalist (Dina Radtke, Media Matters)

Gab, the alt-right's very own Twitter, is the ultimate filter bubble (Emma Grey Ellis, Wired)

George Zimmerman testimony: Black Lives Matter is "terrorist" group (Video, Elyssa Cherney, Orlando Sentinel, Florida)

Gingrich: Hillary's dishonest, deplorable strategy to shame and suppress Trump supporters (Video, Newt Gingrich Fox News)

Grade school teachers to wear Black Lives Matter shirts to class to protest "systemic oppression" (Katherine Rodriguez, Breitbart)

Harambe isn't the perfect meme - it's a racist one (Kasai Rex, Good)

Here's how two Twitter pranksters convinced the world that Pepe the Frog meme is just a front for white nationalism (Jonah Bennett, The Daily Caller)

Hillary Clinton's basket of deplorables, explained (Matthew Yglesias, Vox)

Household racial differences (Mark Boswell, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

How many racists are there in America? (Allie Conti, Vice)

How the crack epidemic crippled three generations of a family (Albert Samaha, Buzzfeed)

"I am the least racist person that you've ever met," Trumps says in Detroit interview (Lauren Gibbons, MLive, Michigan)

The irony: Student athlete who protested racism from teammates is now receiving racist threats (Rachaell Davis, Essence)

Kaepernick stands up against racism by sitting down (Bill Berkowitz, Truthout)

LAPD commission calls for closer look at racial profiling claims (KPCC, Southern California Public Radio)

Laurie Hernandez is Puerto Rican, whether anyone agrees or not (Sarina Morales, The Undefeated)

Les Déplorables (Daniel Henninger, The Wall Street Journal)

Let's be real: Society finds black women with curvy bodies "inappropriate," not their clothes (Preston Mitchum, The Root)

Lil Wayne: "I've never dealt with racism" (Nikita Vladimirov, The Hill)

Lil Wayne thinks racism is over, because millennials (Video, Maeve McDermott, USA Today)

Make trolling great again (Emma Green, The Atlantic)

Not in my house, pastor tells Trump (Video, Louis Nelson, Eli Stokols, Politico)

The presidential race on racism - Part 1 (Rich Berdan, The Jewish Voice, New York City)

raceAhead: Racism explains the academic achievement gap (Ellen McGirt, Fortune)

Racial equality: Much progress made, much more needed (Michael Tanner, National Review)

Racism the theme for many works on National Book Award's nonfiction list (Hillel Italie (Associated Press), Pioneer Press, Minnesota)

Red-state blues (Jedediah Purdy, New Republic)

Report: Is the "Ferguson effect" real? (Mike Maciag,

Review: "Blood at the Root," a tale of racial cleansing close to home (Boganmeldelse, Jennifer Senior, The New York Times)

The right can stop losing on immigration: Here's what it will take (Reihan Salam, National Review)

Rollins: Plenty of people across the country will proudly wear the label "I'm one of the deplorables" (Video, Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics)

A struggle without borders (Adam Elliott-Cooper, Jacobin)

Ta-Nehisi Coates explains how he's turning Black Panther into a superhero again (Evan Narcisse, Gizmodo)

Take heart, Colin Kaepernick. They hated us in the 1960s too (Charles E. Cobb Jr., The Guardian)

Texas textbook calling out as "racist" against Mexican-Americans (Laura Isensee, NPR)

Trump campaign accepts donations from white nationalist leaders (Eric Hananoki, Media Matters)

Trump gets nearly 26 percent of the black vote in new poll (Alex Pfeiffer, The Daily Caller)

The Trumpification of Mike Pence (Dana Milbank, The Washington Post)

Trump's record of fighting racism in Palm Beach undercuts Obama's attacks (Jack Davis, Western Journalism)

U.S. bank invests in Ferguson Empowerment Center (The St. Louis American)

The violent, racist meaning of "redemption" (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

What Amy Goodman's arrest warrant means for the Dakota Access Pipeline and free speech (Rebecca Bengal, Vogue)

What Hillary Clinton's liberal defenders miss in the "deplorable" flap (Damon Linker, The Week)

What's next for the Dakota Access Pipeline and the fight for tribal rights (Radio, Brian Cladoosby, Amy Harder, Kandi Mossett, Christi Tezak, Frederick Hoxie, The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU, Washington, DC)

What's not deplorable about "Deplorable Lives Matter" (Reading the Pictures)

White supremacist charged with mowing down and killing black teen because of race (Kristine Guerra, The Washington Post)

Why colleges in Appalachia are recruiting Latinos (Timothy Pratt, The Atlantic)

Why "Doctor Strange" changed racial identities (Garth Franklin, Dark Horizons)

Why I stand in solidarity with the Dakota pipeline protesters (Ijeoma Oluo, The Guardian)

With 3 months left in office, Rawlings-Blake still considering action on Confederate monuments (Video, Yvonne Wenger, Luke Broadwater, The Baltimore Sun)

Your favorite Harambe memes are racist. It's time to stop using them. (Charles Pulliam-Moore, Fusion)


The $3.7-billion pipeline that became a rallying cry for tribes across America (William Yardley, Los Angeles Times)

Act like all lives matter (Edmund W. Lewis, The Louisiana Weekly)

America's inequality problem. Real income gains are brief and hard to find (Eduardo Porter, The New York Times)

America wanted to keep immigrants out long before Donald Trump was even born (Aviva Chomsky, The Nation)

Ann Coulter, doyenne of the deplorables (Glenn Thrush, Politico)

Armstrong Williams: The black vote: A monolithic betrayal of diversity (Armstrong Williams, Breitbart)

Before Black Lives Matter, Tupac took on the police (Hari Ziyad, Complex)

Black conservative woman stands up to racist liberal insults (Video, PJ Media)

Black Lives Matter's anti-semitic bedfellows (Gary C. Gambill, The National Interest)

Black Lives Matter sells black slaves to the Left (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

A "black rifles matter" sign is making a lot of Maine residents very uncomfortable (Mathew Rodriguez, Mic)

California State University offers housing "for blacks only" (Crystal Wright, FrontPage Mag)

Calling out the deplorables: After this election, bigots must go back to the political wilderness (Errol Louis, New York Daily News)

The changing composition of the political parties (Pew Research Center)

Colin Kaepernick and protest as a leap of faith (Rembert Browne, New York Magazine)

Don't expect protests in baseball - it's a white man's game by design (Howard Bryant, The Undefeated)

Gazebo where Tamir Rice was fatally shot in Cleveland will be taken to Chicago museum (Nicole Hensley, New York Daily News)

HCBUs unfairly penalized by NCAA academic and graduation standards (Derrick Z. Jackson, The Undefeated)

How pyrotechnic comic novelist Colson Whitehead found his way to the grim, measured Underground Railroad (Christian Lorentzen, Vulture)

How saying someone is part of the "basket of deplorables" became as bad as being deplorable (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

Hundreds protest "racist" Mexican-American studies textbook at Texas education hearing (Rebekah Sager, Fox News Latino)

Identity politics doesn't deserve Lionel Shriver's contempt, but it can be limiting (Nesrine Malik, The Guardian)

Is Hamilton racist? Is it accurate? Good questions - even if you're a fan. (Annette Gordon-Reed, Vox)

"Jesus hasn't saved us": The young black women returning to ancestral religions (Yomi Adegoke, Broadly)

L.A.'s newest police commissioner calls for a deep analysis of racial profiling accusations (Kate Mather, Los Angeles Times)

The Left is weaponizing sports (David French, National Review)

Lessons from three years covering school turnarounds and racial segregation (Alexander Russo, Washington Monthly)

Let's talk about that "basket of deplorables" (Michael A. Cohen, The Boston Globe)

Lionel Shriver's full speech: "I hope the concept of cultural appropriation is a passing fad" (Tale, Lionel Shriver, The Guardian)

Managing police departments post-Ferguson (Scott Wolfe, Justin Nix, Harvard Business Review)

Marine drill instructor accused of running a clothes dryer with a Muslim recruit inside (Dan Lamothe, The Washington Post)

Meet Trump's "basket of deplorables" (Jenna Johnson, The Washington Post)

Mike Pence: Racist's support for Trump no different than Clinton's backing from terrorist's father (Mike DeBonis, Karoun Demirjian, The Washington Post)

More proof the U.S. national anthem has always been tainted with racism (Jefferson Morley, Jon Schwarz, The Intercept)

A Muslim woman was set on fire in New York. Now just going out requires courage (Linda Sarsour, The Guardian)

The national media is talking about Trump's racist campaign. That's good for Hillary Clinton. (Greg Sargent, The Washington Post)

New Tupac biopic trailer is haunting (Clinton Yates, The Undefeated)

NYT's Charles Blow cries racism because no one will sit next to him on a train (Betsy Rothstein, The Daily Caller)

On becoming an American (Guy Sorman, City Journal)

Pence tries to douse David Duke fire (Video, Matthew Nussbaum, Rachael Bade, Politico)

Pepe the Frog is not a Nazi, no matter what the alt-right says (Miles Klee, The Daily Dot)

Pushback against "safe spaces" (Mark Hemingway, The Weekly Standard)

Racial issues (Thomas Sowell, Town Hall)

Racism is big, subtle, and messy. "Basket of deplorables" made it seem too simple. (Dara Lind, Vox)

The riot and the retaking (Tom Meagher, Pedro Burgos, The Marshall Project)

A suburban tide against Trump could sink his election bid (Susan Page, USA Today)

Texas textbook "dripping with racism" opposed at hearing, awaits vote (Video, Suzanne Gamboa, NBC News)

Trial for man accused in George Zimmerman shooting starts (Video, Elyssa Cherney, Orlando Sentinel, Florida)

Trump ally Michael Savage: Obama will make Black Lives Matter into his own "well-funded, private army ... as he did with ISIS" (Video, Media Matters)

Tupac Shakur: 20 years after his death (Lisa Respers France, CNN)

The useful myth of mighty Whitey (Rod Dreher, The American Conservative)

Who freed the slaves? (Stephanie McCurry, The Nation)

Why is Amazon still selling Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Niggers?" (Earl Ofari Hutchinson, The Huffington Post)

Would Martin Luther King have supported charter schools? (Real Clear Life)


4 things the Seattle Seahawks told us by "standing in unity" (Katia Wilson, The Huffington Post)

About the "basket of deplorables" (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

Actually, many Trump voters are in one basket and it's both racist and economically frustrated (Daniel Denvir, Salon)

After a police shooting, one father's quest for justice sets a precedent (Erika Eichelberger, Vice)

Airbnb isn't really confronting its racism problem (Jamie Condliffe, MIT Technology Review)

Anti-gentrification activists plaster "karmic infractions" on Seattle shops (Mike Seely, The Guardian)

An anti-racism advocate explains why Hillary Clinton's "basket of deplorables" comment was accurate (Ashley Rodriguez, Quartz)

Black Lives Matter disrupts 9/11 commemoration by protesting for Muslims (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

Black Lives Matter is much more than the protests (Janae Bonsu, The Hill)

Black Lives Matter isn't just a hashtag anymore (Brittany Packnett, Politico Magazine)

Clinton expresses regret for saying "half" of Trump supporters are "deplorables" (Video, Dan Merica, Sophie Tatum, CNN)

Column: Black Lives Matter, Obama, and race (Richard Moss MD, Dubois County Free Press, Huntingburg, Indiana)

Commentary: Clinton must step up outreach to black millennials (Kevin C. Peterson, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

The consequences of Clinton's "deplorables" and Obama's "clingers" (Ed Rogers, The Washington Post)

Constructing the white race (Matthew Wills, JSTOR Daily)

"Deplorable" Hillary Clinton maligns nearly 50 million Americans (Deroy Murdock, National Review)

DeRay Mckesson, Brittany Pickett (Ben Baker, Politico50, Politico Magazine)

DNA dragnet: In some cities, police go from stop-and-frisk to stop-and-spit (Lauren Kirchner, ProPublica)

Donald Trump fans have been sending me racist, hateful messages for months. Here's a sampling. (Henry J. Gomez,

Donald Trump is wrong about Hillary Clinton's "deplorable" remarks (Video, Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune)

Facebook temporarily blocks Black Lives Matter activist after he posts racist email (Sam Levin, The Guardian)

Fifty years after riots, Watts builds a bridge for minorities, police (Jessica Mendoza, The Christian Science Monitor)

Florida police kill black man while he eats dinner in his backyard (Feliks Garcia, The Independent, UK)

Gaffe track: Hillary Clinton's "basket of deplorables" (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

The gentrificaton of Washington DC: how my city changed its colours (Uzodinma Iweala, The Guardian)

Heidi Durrow: Remixing creativity (Jennifer Maritza McCauley, Origins Journal)

Here are the athletes protesting during the national anthem (Mary Ann Georgantopoulos, Buzzfeed)

Here's what's gone down so far in three days of America's largest prison strike (Jeremy Galloway, The Raw Story)

Hillary Clinton's "basket of deplorables" is real. Almost half of Donald Trump's supporters hold racist views of African Americans (Gwynn Guilford, Quartz)

Hillary Clinton was wrong: Donald Trump's voters are not "irredeemable" (Video, Sally Kohn, The Washington Post)

How Breitbart conquered the media (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

I'm deplorable and I'm proud (Jack Cashill, American Thinker)

In pursuit of integration (Alia Wong, The Atlantic)

It's time to call out "nice racists" and their white fragility (Christy DeGallerie, The Huffington Post)

Kornacki: Racial attitudes of blacks from Trump supporters not far off from Clinton supporters (Video, Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics)

The lives of poor white people (Joshua Rothman, The New Yorker)

Lying Hillary's deplorable weekend (Rod Dreher, The American Conservative)

Maine voces: Maine has long had a significant issue with institutional racism (Matthew Raymond, Portland Press Herald, Maine)

Majority-white high school's Trump pep rally has rivals crying racism (Joshua Rhett Miller, New York Post)

Media blacks out Blue Lives Matter celebration event (Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker)

Mike Pence takes high road, won't refer to racist bigot as "deplorable" (Rachel Vorona Cote, Jezebel)

New Trump ad: "The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic" ... "people like you" (Barbara Morrill, Daily Kos)

New U.S. citizen to Kaepernick: Stand up (Adam Bergman, USA Today)

Now the alt-right is targeting young boys with Pokémon Nazi challenge (Robbie Medved, The New Civil Rights Movement)

The offensive and outrageous Donald Trump (Bob Schneider, Chicago Now)

O'Reilly trashes Clinton over "deplorables": "Branding people racist is despicable" (Josh Feldman, Mediaite)

Pence: We're not talking about Trump's birtherism, it's a "4-year-old issue" (Tierney Sneed, Talking Points Memo)

Polls show many - even most - Trump supporters really are deeply hostile to Muslims and nonwhites (German Lopez, Vox)

A pound of flesh: The cost of being a black athlete in our time (Napoleon Wells, The Good Men Project)

Radio: Clinton's health, Trump's alt-right support, and election unpredictables (Podcast, The Federalist)

Records show increased earnings for officer involved in Garner death (Sally Goldenberg, Politico)

The rise and fall of Trump's Hispanic advisory council (Adrian Carrasquillo, Buzzfeed)

The roster (The Undefeated)

Ted Nugent: Obama "is the biggest racist in America" (Brian Tashman, Right Wing Watch)

These athletes have joined Colin Kaepernick in protesting racial inequality and police brutality (Edwin Rios, Mother Jones)

Trump ally, son share meme featuring symbol of white nationalist alt-right (Allegra Kirkland, Talking Points Memo)

Trump in 2011: "When Obama gets 95% of the black vote, is that racist?" (Video, Andrew Kaczynski, Buzzfeed)

Trump says Clinton running "hate-filled campaign" at tense North Carolina rally where violence flares up (Video, Sean Sullivan, The Washington Post)

Trump supporters: Racist, perhaps; Islamophobic, absolutely (Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard)

Trump wants apology for Clinton "deplorables" remark (Video, Jeremy Diamond, David Wright, CNN)

The truth about undocumented immigrants and taxes (Alexia Fernández Campbell, The Atlantic)

WATCH: New Trump ad doesn't deny half his supporters are "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic" (Video, David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement)

West Virginia cop fired for not killing a man with an unloaded gun (Radley Balko, The Washington Post)

What is the alt-right? (Jeff Nesbit, U.S. News & World Report)

What O. J. Simpson means to me (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

What's going on with America's white people? (Susan B. Glasser, Glenn Thrush, Politico Magazine)

Why are Asian Americans politically invisible? (Alex Wagner, The Atlantic)

Why Clinton expressed regret (Video, Dan Merica, CNN)

Why murder rates are rising in some cities and decreasing in others (Radio, Paul Butler, Haeyoun Park, Nancy La Vigne,Jeffrey Ian Ross, The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU, Washington, DC)

Yes, half of Trump supporters are racist (Dana Milbank, The Washington Post)

Yes, immigration hurts American workers (George J. Borjas, Politico Magazine)

Yes, most Donald Trump supporters are deplorable and irredeemable (Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine)


The alt-right gives a press conference (Marin Cogan, New York Magazine)

The alt-right meets the media - and debates the Jewish question (Ron Kampeas, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, New York City)

At "Birth of a Nation" forum, Nate Parker deflects questions about sex assault allegations (Steven Zeitchik, Los Angeles Times)

The black body count rises as Chicago police step back (Heather Mac Donald, The Wall Street Journal)

Black Lives Matter UK leader funded by taxpayers (Victoria Friedman, Breitbart)

"Deplorables": Can the media ever get it right? (Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post)

Do half of Trump's supporters really belong in a "basket of deplorables"? (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

Donald Trump Jr. shares white supremacist meme (Tina Nguyen, Vanity Fair)

Donald Trump's pitch to nonwhite voters looks like it went as well as expected (Philip Bump, The Washington Post)

Driving while black: Black Columbians, public safety officials at odds over profiling (Alan Burdziak, Rudi Keller, Columbia Daily Tribune)

Enrollments surge at historically black colleges amid rise in racial tensions (Valerie Strauss, The Washington Post)

The first high school player to protest National Anthem is receiving vile racist threats (Chuck Modiano, New York Daily News)

An image linking Trump to the alt-right is shared by the candidate's son (David Weigel, The Washington Post)

Just the wrong amount of American (Lowen Liu, Slate)

Miss Washington says she supports Colin Kaepernick, but that "all lives matter" (Natasha Noman, Mic)

Obama calls on Americans to embrace diversity on 9/11 (CBS News)

Paul Ryan is finally outraged ... that Clinton called out racism and bigotry (Barbara Morrill, Daily Kos)

Post-9/11 prejudice echoes in this year's presidential race (Kamala Kelkar, PBS Newshour)

Racism and the 1971 Attica rebellion: George Jackson and the revolutionary prison movement (Abayomi Azikiwe, Global Research, Canada)

Sadly, on this 9/11 anniversary, more and more athletes are sitting out the National Anthem (Dave Huber, The College Fix)

Seattle Seahawks #AllLivesMatter protest is an act of political cowardice (Jason Johnson, The Root)

Silent vote won't carry Trump to White House (Albert R. Hunt, Bloomberg)

Voices: In bloody Chicago, teen died straddling two worlds (Aamer Madhani, USA Today)

What actually makes white people scared of talking about race? (June Eric-Udorie, Vice)

What the Black Lives Matter movement means for historically black colleges (Video, Eric Kelderman, The Chronicle of Higher Education)

White privilege has enormous implications for policy - but whites don't think it exists (Natalia Khosla, Sean McElwee, Salon)


11 of Trump's most outrageous "birther" claims (Video, Gregory Krieg, CNN)

Allen West calls out Black Lives Matter and Obama for failing African-Americans (Video, Randy DeSoto, Western Journalism)

Alt-right leaders: We aren't racist, we just hate Jews (Betsy Woodruff, The Daily Beast)

Are the terms "cracker" "redneck" and "white trash" racist? Franchesca Ramsey explains (Video, Mathew Rodriguez, Mic)

As Seahawks season opens on 9/11 anniversary, nation wonders: What forms of protest are patriotic? (Bob Young, The Seattle Times)

At the Sacred Stone Camp, a coalition joins forces to protect the land (Leah Donnella, Code Switch, NPR)

Being white, and a minority, in Georgia (Annie Linskey, The Boston Globe)

The Birth of a Nation got a standing ovation at the Toronto Film Fest. Now what? (Jada Yuan, Vulture)

Cast-out police officers are often hired in other cities (Timothy Williams, The New York Times)

Clinton camp: Trump's defense of extreme supporters is "without a doubt deplorable" (Evelyn Rupert, The Hill)

Clinton's "deplorables" remark sums up a deplorable election season (Dan Balz, The Washington Post)

Clinton was right: Trump HAS lifted up the deplorable (Issac Bailey, CNN)

Confusion, muddle, obfuscation and racism (Paul Driessen, Town Hall)

Could the race for the White House boil down to the Hispanic vote? (Anna M. Tinsley, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas)

Court blocks proof-of-citizenship requirement for voters in 3 states (Merrit Kennedy, NPR)

The dangers of forgetting that Black Lives Matter (Randi Gloss, Blavity)

David Duke's Senate run in Louisiana draws attention but not support (Campbell Robertson, The New York Times)

Desperation drives campaign strategy of demonizing Trump supporters (Thomas Lifson, American Thinker)

Every word of this is true, urgent, and necessary (Fred Clark, Patheos)

For Diamond Reynolds, trying to move past 10 tragic minutes of video (Video, Eli Saslow, The Washington Post)

Four lessons from the alt-right's D.C. coming out party (David Weigel, The Washington Post)

Frightening talk from leader of major right-wing evangelical confab (Adele M. Stan, AlterNet)

Green light, red light for Dakota Access Pipeline (Video, Ralph Ellis, Ray Sanchez, Holly Yan, CNN)

Having a beer with Trump voters (Jeremy Lott, Washington Examiner)

Hillary Clinton calls many Trump backers "deplorables," and G.O.P. pounces (Amy Chozick, The New York Times)

Hillary Clinton's "basket of deplorables," in full context of this ugly campaign (Domenico Montanaro, NPR)

Hillary Clinton sets off tweet-storm by calling racist, xenophobic Trump supporters "basket of deplorables" (The Root)

Hillary Clinton was politically incorrect, but she wasn't wrong about Trump's supporters (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

How the alt-right went wrong (Podcast, Brendan O'Neill, Cathy Young, Lauren Southern, Spiked)

Justice Department: New Texas voter ID rules are misleading to voters (Radio, Ashley Lopez, NPR)

Kaepernick's Black Lives Matter antics show it's time for Americans to put away childish game of pro/college football (Paul Kersey,

"Make America Great Again" is (wait for it) racist (Deroy Murdock, National Review)

Now the Sioux must battle big oil (Alan Gilbert, The Daily Beast)

The racism of school closures (Jeff Bryant, The Progressive)

Racism: Settled science? (Earick Ward, American Thinker)

The resegregation of America (Nissa Rhee, The Christian Science Monitor)

Sadly, Black Lives Matter has become wedge issue (Otis Sanford, The Memphis Commercial Appeal, Tennessee)

Solange gets real about racism in "white spaces" (Nicholas Robinson, Rolling Out)

Spare me the phony outrage over Clinton's "basket of deplorables" remark (Video, Greg Sargent, The Washington Post)

These racist comments from the alt-right aren't good for Donald Trump's campaign (Morgan Brinlee, Bustle)

This is critical: Hillary can't back down (Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo)

Trigger warnings, safe spaces and free speech, too (Sophie Downes, The New York Times)

White nationalists see Trump as a chance to break into the media mainstream (Video, Carlos Maza, Media Matters)

Who will Hillary Clinton's "basket of deplorables" comment actually alienate? (Video, Philip Bump, The Washington Post)

Will "basket of deplorables" become the new "47 percent"? (Video, Ed Morrissey, Hot Air)


49ers to donate $1 million to charities that focus on racial issues cited by Colin Kaepernick (Dan Loumena, Los Angeles Times)

Airbnb tackles racial discrimination (The Economist)

Alt-right as alt-rock (Steve Sailer,

The alt right eyes its future and preps to professionalize post-Trump (Lauren Fox, Talking Points Memo)

The alt right has its coming out party (Alex Pfeiffer, The Daily Caller)

Alt-right movement presents its vision for an all-white society with Trump paving the way (Pema Levy, Mother Jones)

The alt-right wants to professionalize (Rosie Gray, Buzzfeed)

"Alt-right" white nationalist Richard Spencer on Donald Trump: "This is what we want in a leader" (Video, Media Matters)

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African migrants now headed to Mexico for Obama's open border (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

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Does movie provide proof Obama is not from here? - Saunders (Barry Saunders, The News & Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina)

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Donald Trump's alt-right brain (Leder, The New York Times)

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FBI data busts Maine governor's racial claims on heroin trafficking (David Sharp (Associated Press), The Washington Times)

Flashback: Rev. Jesse Jackson praises Trump for "reaching out and being inclusive" (Video, Alex Swoyer, Breitbart)

Hate groups increase in Michigan and nationally (Beth Dalbey, Patch)

Heroin crisis: Stories from the front line (Video, Mansfield News Journal (Ohio), USA Today)

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Is it time to drop "The Star-Spangled Banner"? (Madison J. Gray, Ebony)

Looking down on black America (Ron Christie, The New York Times)

Mark Burns, Donald Trump's black man of God (Rodney Beard,

Mother of man killed by Denver cops says she turned her son in, hoped to get him help (Liz Gelardi, The Denver Channel, Colorado)

The myth of Donald Trump's black voter outreach (Paris, Vice)

No defense for trigger warnings (Jonathan Marks, Commentary)

NYPD members use racist online message board to crow over killings at J'Ouvert (Video, Graham Rayman, New York Daily News)

Obama: Kaepernick is "exercising his constitutional right" (Video) (Video, David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movements)

Obama: Kaepernick's national anthem protest a "tough thing" for service members (William Wan, David Nakamura, The Washington Post)

Obama says Colin Kaepernick is "exercising his constitutional right" (Daniel Victor, The New York Times)

Obama: Soldiers need to "get past" the flag and listen to Kaepernick's anti-American racism (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

Philanthropy and black education (Jason L. Riley, City Journal)

Poll: Support for Black Lives Matter grows among white youth (Jesse J. Holland, Emily Swanson, Associated Press)

Racial disparities in Wisconsin's infant mortality rate (Radio, Haleema Shah, Wisconsin Public Radio)

"Racism" blamed for high college costs; like Southerners draining public swimming pools (Susan Jones, CNS News)

Radio host claims Trump can't be racist because he stood next to a black man (Jen Mills, Metro, UK)

Reporter to Trump: How come you don't talk about Obama's birth certificate anymore? (Video, Allahpundit, Hot Air)

Some men stand for the National Anthem to spurn discrimination (Holly Scheer, The Federalist)

The star-racist banner (Anonymt læserbrev, The Portland Mercury, Oregon)

The storming of Attica D-yard - One day that shows just how little black lives mattered (Lorraine Barry, Raw Story)

The teen killers of the drug war (Patrick Radden Keefe, The New Yorker)

"This is our chance": advocates fear criminal justice reform after Obama (Mazin Sidahmed, The Guardian)

Top 10 examples of racism in history of the American Labor Movement (Video, Kody Fairfield, The Libertarian Republic)

Trump raises possibility of eventual legal status for immigrants living in US illegally (Video, Steve Holland, Reuters)

Two killed, several others injured during J'Ouvert festivities in Crown Heights (Jen Chung, Gothamist, New York City)

UN human rights chief: Trump spreads "humiliating racial and religious prejudice" (Anthony Deutsch (Reuters), Business Insider)

Unions give black workers a big wage boost (Laura Clawson, Daily Kos)

US banks wary of being Trump's immigration enforcer (Peter Schroeder, The Hill)

Utah is 2016's strangest swing state (Emma Green, The Atlantic)

Virginia Republicans' essentially racist project (Leder, The Washington Post)

Whale hunters of the warmning Arctic (Tom Kizzia, The New Yorker)

What is the alt-right? 3 things you should know (Brandon Showalter, The Christian Post)

"You chickened out!": Black pastors on CNN get heated over Trump at church (Video, Josh Feldman, Mediaite)


At least a few black churchgoers liked Donald Trump's Detroit speech (Kate Abbey-Lambertz, The Huffington Post)

Ben Carson: Trump's immigration stance is the same as Bill Clinton's in 1995 (Video, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

Can Clinton turn Georgia from red to blue? It's a matter of black and white (Mark Z. Barabak, Los Angeles Times)

Carson supports Trump's appeal to black voters, suggests Dems "fear" losing base (Video, Fox News)

"Core issues" important in racism debate: Kobe Bryant (The Statesman, Indien)

Detroit columnist uses racial slur to describe Donald Trump in visit to black church (Kristinn Taylor, Gateway Pundit)

Diddy: Barack Obama shortchanged black people (Kaitlan Collins, The Daily Caller)

Donald Trump is doing worse with Latinos than the previous 6 Republican presidential candidates (German Lopez, Vox)

Donald Trump is killing Republicans with minorities (Mitchell Blatt, The Federalist)

Exclusive - Behind the scenes with Trump in Detroit: How the Donald has become "the hope candidate" (Matthew Boyle, Breitbart)

He denied blacks citizenship. Now a city is deciding his statue's fate. (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, The New York Times)

Inside the deadliest day for U.S. law enforcement since 9/11 (Jamie Thompson, The Washington Post)

Is Rudy Giuliani losing his mind? (Kevin Baker, Politico Magazine)

Jeh Johnson tells American Muslims, "Your story is the quintessential American story" (Abigail Hauslohner, The Washington Post)

Kaepernick jersey sales soar to #1 after anthem controversy (Katie Dowd, SFGate, San Francisco)

Lena Dunham apologizes to Odell Beckham Jr.: "There's a long, violent history of white women lying on black men" (Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

Moral Mondays pastor: Trump's hypocrisy toward blacks (Video, William Barber, CNN)

Muslim gathering laments a "normalization of bigotry" (Ron Nixon, The New York Times)

My turn: Kaepernick's sit-down shows it's cool to denigrate law enforcement (Video, Mike Gipson, The Arizona Republic)

Neo-Nazis and white nationalists on Twitter are obsessed with Donald Trump, report says (Jason Silverstein, New York Daily News)

Obama: Trump appeals to "folks who feel left out" (Video, Alexandra King, CNN)

Obama: Trump's rhetoric not anything new (Louis Nelson, Politico)

The Obama years: novelists assess his legacy (Tobias Wolff, Akhil Sharma, Attica Locke, Hari Kunzru, Jayne Anne Phillips, The Guardian)

OpEd: Colin Kaepernick and the racist history of our national anthem (Kobie Brown, NBC News)

Philando Castile remembered in hometown of St. Louis (Blythe Bernhard, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Protest and prayer: Donald Trump visits black church in Detroit (Video, Ryan Felton, Amber Jamieson, The Guardian)

Protesters injured in North Dakota face-off with private security and guard dogs over oil pipeline (Associated Press, New York Daily News)

Rapper Sean Combs: Blacks got "shortchanged" under Obama; hold your vote, "make them come for our vote" (Video, Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics)

Remember that time Donald Trump spoke at a black church in Detroit? (Video, Thandisizwe Chimurenga, Daily Kos)

Same-day voter registration at issue in Illinois lawsuit (Sophia Tareen (Associated Press), The Washington Post)

Santa Clara police chief calls on Union to drop 49ers boycott threat over Kaepernick (Daniel Politi, Slate)

Soledad O'Brien eviscerates CNN: "You have normalized" white supremacy with shoddy Trump reporting (Video, David Edwards, Raw Story)

South Carolina police officer fired more than a year after fatally shooting unarmed teenager Zachary Hammond (Jason Silverstein, New York Daily News)

Top Trump aide insists Mexico will pay for wall (Jessie Hellmann, The Hill)

Trump continues black outreach efforts by campaigning at Detroit church (Radio, Sam Sanders, Weekend Edition Sunday, NPR)

Trump creates a big problem for himself as his Obama birther past comes back to haunt him (Jason Easley, PoliticusUSA)

Trump tells black congregation he wants to fix "many wrongs" (Jill Colvin, Corey Williams (Associated Press), The Washington Post)

What should American Jews make of Ivanka Trump? (Emma Green, The Atlantic)

White QB wins starting job over Kaepernick; naturally it's "white privilege - and racism" (Carmine Sabia, BizPac Review)

Why has the news media largely ignored Trump's "birtherism"? (John Ziegler, Mediaite)

Yes, it's institutional racism (Læserbrev, The Bakersfield Californian)

Young blacks voice skepticism on Hillary Clinton, worrying Democrats (Jonathan Martin, The New York Times)


5 racist stereotypes that historically were the opposite of what they are today (Video, Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

The "alt-right" is real & it is dangerous (Thomas J. Main, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Black Americans on "what they have to lose" if Trump becomes president (Rory Carroll, Ryan Felton, Mazin Sidahmed, Matthew Teague, The Guardian)

Black lies matter (Heather Mac Donald, Washington Examiner)

Clinton denounces the alt-right when Republicans won't (Video, Jonah Goldberg, The Baltimore Sun)

The Clintons and the politics of racism: Hillary Clinton and the plight of African Americans (Timothy Alexander Guzman, Global Research, Canada)

Detroit  mayor slams Trump's visit to black church (Jessie Hellmann, The Hill)

Detroit NAACP head tears into Trump: His black outreach "is a scam" (Video, Josh Feldman, Mediaite)

Donald Trump got what he came to Detroit for; now what? (Video, Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press)

Donald Trump promises "civil rights agenda" in Detroit church (Video, Reena Flores, CBS News)

Donald Trump's crying out for black voters, but it's too little, too late as usual for the GOP (Video, Robert A. George, New York Daily News)

Donald Trump, the birther, goes to a black church in Detroit (Gideon Resnick, Mary M. Chapman, The Daily Beast)

Fear of a black and brown America (Khaled Beydoun, Asha Mohammed Nour, Al Jazeera)

Gingrich talks up Trump's chances with black voters (Video, Jessie Hellmann, The Hill)

Giuliani claims Trump "retreats on mass deportation," then explains how Trump will deport millions (Adam Peck, Think Progress)

Glenn Beck warns about the "alt-right" - but is anyone listening? (Bud Kennedy, Forth Worth Star-Telegram, Texas)

How can we fix racial segregation in American schools? (Mary Kate Leahy, Law Street Media)

How change came to Ferguson, Mo., and a community "willing to answer the call" (Phillip Jackson, Jeffrey Pierre, The Washington Post)

How Donald Trump could make his Detroit trip meaningful - but won't (Goldie Taylor, The Daily Beast)

Hundreds at New York mosque mourn woman murdered in "hate crime" (Mazin Sidahmed, The Guardian)

In a bid to soften his image, Trump makes a brief visit to a black Detroit church (Video, Jenna Johnson, Vanessa Williams, The Washington Post)

Jewish world: Anti-immigrant and white supremacist, maybe. But is the alt-right anti-Semitic? (Ron Kampeas, The Jerusalem Post, Israel)

Kaepernick didn't bring politics into sports. The NFL did that by playing the anthem. (Zack Beauchamp, Vox)

New Black Panther activist urges blacks to listen to Donald Trump (Video, Ashley D. Guster, The Grio)

Nine years later, racial disparities among Iowa inmates still among highest in nation (Erin Murphy, Quad-City Times, Iowa)

Obama makes historic use of his commutation power - but he should still do more (Leder, The Washington Post)

Obama's "back-door amnesty" brings Somalians to U.S. (Bob Unruh, WND)

"Our cause is just," says tribal leader in pipeline protest (James MacPherson (Associated Press), The Washington Times)

Poll: African-Americans agree with Trump (Curtis Ellis, WND)

Post Detroit, the press will redouble their attack on Trump as racist (Roger L. Simon, PJ Media)

Protesters throw Donald Trump's words back in his face ahead of black church visit (Lindsay Gibbs, Think Progress)

Racial split among young voters (Catherine Lucey, Emily Swanson, Capitol Hill Blue)

"Racist" Trump - racism in America (Bryan Crabtree, Town Hall)

Seeking support and invoking faith, Donald Trump visits a black church for the first time (Yamiche Alcindor, Alexander Burns, The New York Times)

Sharpton on Trump's remarks at black church: "Insult to our intelligence" (Video, Josh Feldman, Mediaite)

Some blacks agree with Trump on Democrats - but can't stand the rest of his message (Vanessa Williams, The Washington Post)

Some Democrats are blaming themselves for Donald Trump. That doesn't make sense. (Aaron Blake, The Washington Post)

Stephen Colbert interviews Donald Trump's "top cop" on The Late Show (Video, Nick Romano, Entertainment Weekly)

Taco truck owner racks up sales at Trump event in Detroit (Bill Chappell, NPR)

This may be Donald Trump's most shameless "pivot" yet (Sam Levine, The Huffington Post)

To white Vermonters: What racism costs us (The Barre-Montpelier Times Argus, Vermont)

Trump addresses empty church as African-American photo-op backfires in Detroit (Jason Easley, PoliticusUSA)

Trump brings message of unity to black church in Detroit (Video, Eugene Scott, Ashley Killough, CNN)

Trump "diversity" advisers push conspiracy theories and fringe ideas about minorities (Sarah Posner, Mother Jones)

Trump flashes humility in first ever black church visit (Shane Goldmacher, Politico)

Trump's attempts to woo black voters are having opposite effect (Video, Trymaine Lee, NBC News)

Trump visits black church, wants to rebuild Detroit (Mary Kay Linge, New York Post)

Trump visits Detroit black church in outreach effort (Radio, Sam Sanders, Michel Martin, All Things Considered, NPR)

Two white, black KC area congregations begin long-needed racial bridge building (Leder, video, The Kansas City Star)

An uncharacteristically humble Trump addresses black Detroit church: "I'm here to learn" (Daniel Politi, Slate)

Wendell Anthony: Trump's Detroit visit "tantamount to a wolf visiting a sheep farm" (Allan Lengel, Deadline Detroit)

What being a Ferguson local taught me about intersectionality (Cami Thomas, Blavity)

What is Trump hoping to achieve from Detroit visit? (Video, AM Joy, MSNBC)

When police unions impede justice (Leder, The New York Times)

Why Donald Trump went to church in Detroit (Patrik Jonsson, The Christian Science Monitor)


Adriana Cohen: "Angel mom": Donald Trump truly cares about Americans (Adriana Cohen, Boston Herald)

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