Oktober 2016


Gitte Nielsen, cand.mag., Amerikanske Studier



5 years after police shooting of mentally ill black man, a trial is set to begin (Lisa W. Foderado, The New York Times)

Affirmative Action, immigration and the politics of racial solidarity (Ben Cohen, American Thinker)

America is already in the midst of a voter suppression crisis (Mark Joseph Stern, Slate)

Amid quiet in Charleston, painstaking jury selection begins for trial in Walter Scott shooting (Andrew Knapp, The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina)

Autistic black teen got lost running a 5K — and was assaulted by a man who feared getting mugged (Amy B. Wang, The Washington Post)

The battle of the southpaws: Race, rioting, and beer on the canvas (Alexander Reynolds, Vice)

The belief that slavery was solely a Southern institution is bunk (History News Network, Raw Story)

Clear thinking about the Ferguson effect (Joseph Margulies, Verdict)

Dakota Access pipeline protesters crowdsource for $5,000, get $1 million (Associated Press, CBS News)

Defying Trump's racist death sentence (Danny Katch, Yusef Salaam, Jacobin)

Dems launch multi-state legal effort against "vigilante voter intimidation" (Tierney Sneed, Talking Points Memo)

Federal lawsuits filed in 5 states after African-American voters purged from registration rolls, targeted for intimidation by the Trump campaign (Sophia Tesfaye, Salon)

For many, S.C. police shooting trial may finally offer a turning point (Radio, Debbie Elliott, Morning Edition, NPR)

Fred Whitfield and the black cowboys of rodeo (Paul Wachter, The Undefeated)

The hopes and lies driving migrant children to the US (Warren Richey, The Christian Science Monitor)

How Georgia's voter-fraud fight could make this grandmother a felon (Joel Anderson, BuzzFeed)

How to get white workers to vote for Clinton (Justin Miller, The American Prospect)

I witnessed cops using tear gas, rubber bullets, and sound cannons against anti-pipeline protesters (Fotos, video, Mother Jones)

John Oliver looks at racism and school segregation on Last Week Tonight (Video, Melissa Locker, TIME)

Judge rejects settlement over surveillance of Muslims by New York Police Department (Matt Apuzzo, Adam Goldman, The New York Times)

KING: Adopting a black child is not a free pass to be racist (Shaun King, New York Daily News)

Latino voters could swing Georgia blue (Anne Kim, Washington Monthly)

Lawsuit alleges racially targeted voter purge in North Carolina (Pema Levy, Mother Jones)

The long, unfortunate history of racial parody in America (Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw, Smithsonian)

A look at what's in store as Michael Slager's murder trial begins (Andrew Knapp, The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina)

Meet the gay, Vietnamese candidate who could be the first member of Congress born in a refugee camp (Casey Tolan, Fusion)

Murder trial of South Carolina ex-cop who killed Walter Scott to begin (Video, Tim Stelloh, NBC News)

The New Yorker endorses Hillary Clinton (Leder, The New Yorker)

Police killing of mentally ill black man is, 5 years later, headed to trial (Lisa W. Foderado, The New York Times)

The police killings no one is talking about (Stephanie Woodard, In These Times)

Rachel Dolezal memoir to explore "discrimination while living as black" (Alan Yuhas, The Guardian)

Remembering the Black Panther Party (Robert Greene II, Jacobin)

Review: "Blood at the Root" examines 1912 racial turmoil (Boganmeldelse, Don Schanche Jr. (Associated Press), The Washington Post)

Rise of the alt-right (Scott McConnell, The American Conservative)

The R.N.C.'s "Don't get out the vote" drives (Leder, The New York Times)

The simple truth about voter fraud (German Lopez, Vox)

Strangers on a strange election (Anu Partanen, Sayed Kashua, Chigozie Obioma, Yiyun Li, The New York Times)

Study finds racial discrimination by Uber and Lyft drivers (Eric Newcomer, Bloomberg)

The trial of Michael Slager is beginning and it's getting political (Jazz Shaw, Hot Air)

The "untold threat" responsible for 40% of illegal immigrants (Josh Siegel, The Daily Signal)

US Election 2016: Donald Trump supporters 'threatened' by ethnic diversity, reveals new study (PTI, DNA India, Indien)

Video could be key as ex-cop goes on trial in Walter Scott killing (Video, Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN)

What does it take to convict a cop who kills? (Jaeah Lee, Vice News)

Why new generation of black activists say, 'No thanks' to 2016 election (Harry Bruinius, The Christian Science Monitor)

Why the Clinton campaign is targeting white suburban women (The Economist)


Alabama ex-convict helps former prison inmates regain voting rights (Associated Press, Al.com, Alabama)

Bind. Torture. Kill. Vote? (Simon R. Gardner, Los Angeles Review of Books)

"Black votes matter": At one historically black college, the movement and the election co-exist uneasily (Darren Sands, Buzzfeed)

Crime experts divided on Alabama resisting-arrest bill (Tim Lockette, The Anniston Star, Alabama)

In case you thought racism was dead (Dina Gilio-Whitaker, Indian Country Today Media Network)

Dakota Access pipeline: Native Americans allege cruel treatment (Sam Levin, The Guardian)

Dakota ground battle: Can Sioux tribe protect ancestral lands and water from global energy barons? (Jim Hightower, Salon)

Erasing indigenous heritage (Fotos (fra Canada), Emily Anne Epstein, The Atlantic)

Exclusive - immigration officer: Border deluge of illegal aliens "is the worst we've ever seen" (Julia Hahn, Breitbart)

Full text: Milo's "rally for America" speech (Milo, Breitbart)

The GOP's age of authoritarianism has only just begun (Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine)

How DeRay Mckesson turned social media into a powerful tool for social justice (Kristina Monllos, Adweek)

Is America more racist, or more sexist? Admittedly, it's a tough call (D. Watkins, Salon)

"Jew-S-A!" chant is latest reminder of white supremacist support for Trump (Jose A. DelReal, Sean Sullivan, The Washington Post)

Lawyers for Michael Slager try dismissing Walter Scott murder case as "politically motivated" (Jason Silverstein, New York Daily News)

North Charleston, S.C., prepares for police shooting trial (Radio, Alexandra Olgin, Weekend Edition Sunday, NPR)

The privileges of protesting while white (Peniel Joseph, CNN)

The protests at Standing Rock are necessary. What happened at Malheur was nonsense. (Aaron Bady, Los Angeles Times)

A somber Charleston reflects on race as 2 murder trials begin (Alan Blinder, The New York Times)

"Talk to your friends at the KKK": Black Lives Matter protesters confront Bundy fans at celebratory BBQ (Video, Tom Boggioni, Raw Story)

Tomgram: Nate Terani, one veteran's war on Islamophobia (Nate Terani, TomDispatch.com)

Trump's campaign manager admits at least some Trump supporters are "deplorable" (Dara Lind, Vox)

A Trump supporter hung black dummies in his front yard in racist Halloween prop (Jessica McKinney, Complex)

Truth after Trump (Justin E.H. Smith, The Chronicle of Higher Education)

A turbulent week on front lines at DAPL (Sarah Sunshine Manning, Indian Country Today Media Network)

Walter Tull: Britain's forgotten black hero (Matthew Champion, Buzzfeed)

White Republicans are coming home to Donald Trump, at just the right time (Philip Bump, The Washington Post)


After violent clashes, Native American protesters vow to continue their fight against the Dakota Access pipeline (Sandy Tolan, Los Angeles Times)

Another Halloween, another battle over racist costumes (Gaby Del Valle, Gothamist)

Can Facebook prevent racial discrimination in targeted advertising? (Zhai Yun Tan, The Christian Science Monitor)

Election exposes generational divide among Hispanics (Nicholas Riccardi (Associated Press), The San Francisco Chronicle)

Hangman's noose, Hitler quote found on trees inside Fort Greene Park (Erica Davis, NBC New York)

How did Maajid Nawaz end up on a list of "anti-Muslim extremists"? (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

Millennial expats eye US election with mix of unease, skepticism (Uptin Saiidi, CNBC)

Studies continue to say that the only police bias is against whites (LawOfficer.com)

This high school's racism highlighted the problem with Native mascots (Willie Burnley Jr., Attn)

Trial over Walter Scott’s death revives police-shootings debate (Cameron McWhirter, Scott Calvert, The Wall Street Journal)

Trump booted a black man from his rally and called him a "thug." Turns out he is a supporter. (Video, Amy B. Wang, The Washington Post)

Who's a "white nationalist"? Readers weigh in (James Fallows, The Atlantic)


6 Latinos making history in Cubs vs. Indians World Series (Gabe Salgado, NBC News)

"Abuela" Clinton panders for Latino votes (Jeannie DeAngelis, American Thinker)

Amnesty International just sent human rights observers to North Dakota to protect water protectors (Nathan Wellman, U.S. Uncut)

Amy Schumer defends "Formation" video: "It was never a parody" (Daniel Kreps, Rolling Stone)

As a black Cubs fan, I understand history and I'm still hopeful (Michael Strautmanis, The Undefeated)

As "the highest-regulated race in the world," Native Americans suffer horrors (Joy Pullmann, The Federalist)

Black Lives Matter protesters burn Bundy supporter's American flag in front of Portland Justice Center (Nigel Jaquiss, Willamette Week, Portland, Oregon)

Blue lives: Pop culture's minority cops (Alyssa Rosenberg, The Washington Post)

The Bundy verdict proves the US is fine with armed white militants - but not Native American activists (Jake Flanagin, Quartz)

#CrimingWhileWhite: Twitter users angry about Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy not guilty verdict (Matthew Rozsa, Salon)

David Brooks says conservatism has failed, but he misses the biggest reason: race (Zack Beauchamp, Vox)

Democrats get out the vote. Republicans suppress it (Harold Meyerson, The American Prospect)

"Doctor Strange," and Hollywood's even stranger racism (Stephen Whitty, NJ.com, New Jersey)

Donald Trump calls African-American neighborhoods "ghettos" with "so many horrible problems" (Video, Chris Sommerfeldt, New York Daily News)

Eighteen examples of racism in criminal legal system (Bill Quigley, The Philadelphia Sunday)

Election will be gauge of growing Latino voting power (Bill Lambrecht, The Houston Chronicle)

Eric Garner's daughter slams Clinton campaign over emails confusing police brutality and gun violence (Julia Craven, The Huffington Post)

Facebook lets advertisers exclude users by race (Julia Angwin, Terry Paris Jr., ProPublica)

Flint effect? Environmentalism shifts to racial justice, inclusion. (Zack Colman, Mark Trumbull, The Christian Science Monitor)

Four notable 2016 films that boldly confronted racism (Witney Seibold, Crave)

"Harrisburg was the luck of the draw": Neo-Nazi group will rally at Pa. Capitol on Nov. 5 (Christian Alexandersen, The Patriot-News, Pennsylvania)

HUFFPOLLSTER: Most voters say Donald Trump doesn't respect democracy (Ariel Edwards-Levy, Natalie Jackson, The Huffington Post)

I am a white person who went to Standing Rock. This is what I learned. (Katie Scarlett Brandt, The Huffington Post)

An insult to FDR: Donald Trump’s proposed “New Deal” for Black America is an affront to Roosevelt’s civil rights legacy (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

Kirk apologizes for racist attack on Duckworth (The Daily Beast)

Latino entrepreneurs: Edrizio De La Cruz makes strides in financial tech (Raul A. Reyes, NBC News)

The Latino ‘sleeping giant’ is finally woke in key battlegrounds (Jorge Rivas, Fusion)

Mass. cop's wife faked home robbery, blamed Black Lives Matter, police say (CBS News)

Mock lynching and black face spark outrage at Xavier University (Yahoo)

A moment of silence for the black and brown talent that grew on Vine (Kat Chow, Code Switch, NPR)

Parallel universes, even among the young (Catherine Rampell, The Washington Post)

Sanders calls on President to intervene in Dakota Access Pipeline dispute (Pressemeddelelse, Senator Bernie Sanders)

"A shameful moment for this country": Report back on militarized police raid of DAPL resistance camp (Video, Amy Goodman, Juan González, Democracy Now)

State-wide project aims at getting Latino vote out (Gloria Casas, Chicago Tribune)

Toni Morrison on reality TV, Black Lives Matter, and meeting Jeff Bezos (Nadifa Mohamed, Literary Hub)

"The trend has changed from Black Lives Matter to Blue Lives Matter," Brooklyn pol says (Will Bredderman, New York Observer)

Trump calls black supporter "thug," throws him out of rally (Daniel Marans, The Huffington Post)

Trump fails to mention Trayvon Martin during visit (Jeremy Diamond, The Philadelphia Tribune)

Trump’s words insulted this Hispanic woman. Her co-workers used them to terrorize her. (Cleve R. Wootson Jr., The Washington Post)

What the Dakota Access Pipeline protest says about race and the sad state of American democracy (Eric Sherman, The Huffington Post)

What to know about the Dakota Access Pipeline protests (Justin Worland, TIME)

When rape culture meets race (Treva B. Lindsey, Complex)

White armed occupiers were acquitted. Native American activists were tear gassed. (Laurel Raymond, Think Progress)

White nationalists on Twitter (James Fallows, The Atlantic)

The white reverend who organized the deadly Dallas Black Lives Matter protest (Eric Markowitz, GQ)

Will Obama’s Cuba opening cost Clinton a win in Florida? (Franco Ordoñez, The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina)

Young black voters still split on Clinton, but many coming around if only to defeat Trump (Chicago Tribune)


American-Mexican singer Lila Downs on her Trump protest song, the drug war and giving voice to immigrants (Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, Jezebel)

The battle for North Carolina (Vann R. Newkirk II, The Atlantic)

Breaking: Dakota Access Pipeline approved (Chelsey Luger, Indian Country Today Media Network)

Bundy brothers acquitted in takeover of Oregon wildlife refuge (Kirk Johnson, The New York Times)

Clear evidence emerges of outrageous militarized police collaboration with oil companies at Standing Rock against protectors (Sarah Lazare, AlterNet)

Cop who quit in face of firing for fatal shooting seeking disability pay (Annie Sweeney, Chicago Tribune)

Crimes of the future (Sidney Perkowitz, Aeon)

Dakota Access Pipeline: Police remove protesters (Video, Mariena Baldacci, Emanuelle Grinberg, Holly Yan, CNN)

Democrats just filed a federal lawsuit accusing the Republican National Committee of voter intimidation (Dara Lind, Vox)

Developing: 100+ militarized police raiding #NoDAPL resistance camp blocking pipeline's path (Democracy Now)

The drug war's most enthusiastic recruit: Hollywood (Alyssa Rosenberg, The Washington Post)

Exclusive: EPA's top official commits to doing right by communities of color (Ben Adler, Aura Bogado, The Grist)

The first 100 days: What Clinton and Trump want to get done (Radio, Scott Horsley, All Things Considered, NPR)

Fool me once (Connor Kilpatrick, Jacobin)

Free Alabama Movement links prison slavery to lack of access to education, rehabilitation (Brian Sonenstein, Shadowproof)

How not to be a racist jerk on Halloween (Ellen McGirt, Fortune)

How Trump has helped the Christian Right return to its white nationalist roots (Brian Tashman (Right Wing Watch), AlterNet)

Inside the Trump bunker, with days to go (Joshua Green, Bloomberg)

Last taboo (Wesley Morris, The New York Times Magazine)

Lawyer alleges justice Clarence Thomas groped her when she was a young scholar (Tierney Sneed, Talking Points Memo)

Meet the white nationalist trying to ride the Trump train to lasting power (Josh Harkinson, Mother Jones)

Nevada elections chief refuses to accommodate Native Americans who have to drive 200 miles to vote (Kira Lerner, Think Progress)

North Carolina Republicans tried to disenfranchise a 100-year-old African-American woman (Ari Berman, The Nation)

Oregon occupation unites Native American tribes to save their land (Radio, Kirk Siegler, All Things Considered, NPR)

Podcast queen Phoebe Robinson on comedy and PC culture (Tahirah Hairston, Fusion)

Powerful photos from the Dakota Access Pipeline protest as cops prepare to make arrests (Fotos, Inae Oh, Mother Jones)

The real election fraud (Leder, The Nation)

The reality of Trump's alt-right trolls: They'll put your 7-year-old's face on a gas chamber (Sean Illing, Vox)

This behind-the-scenes look at the Trump campaign is terrifying (Charles P. Pierce, Esquire)

This is what it will be like to protest in 2020, when the state is watching your every move (Peter Moskowitz, Fusion)

Trump's "voter suppression operation" targets black voters (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

What's the matter with Utah? (Jon Anderson, Jacobin)

What we often forget when we talk about voting restrictions: the actual voters (Bridgett A. King, Vox)

Why body camera programs fail (Alex Pasternack, Fast Company)

The young black men who would be Republicans if not for Trump (David J. Dent, Vice)


After Katrina, where did all the black teachers go in New Orleans? (Emmanuel Felton, Fusion)

The anxious, unfinished story of Chinese-American assimilation (Hua Hsu, The New Yorker)

Are Democrats really more racist than Republicans? (John A. Tures, The Huffington Post)

Black Lives Matter activist Mckesson endorses Clinton (Louis Nelson, Politico)

Can an algorithm erase bias in Cook County bond courts? (Maya Dukmasova, Chicago Reader)

Conservatives against democracy (Josh Mound, Jacobin)

DeRay Mckesson: Why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton (DeRay Mckesson, The Washington Post)

Doctors have little guidance on what to do with racist patients (Anna Almendrala, The Huffington Post)

Early Latino turnout numbers give reason for optimism and concern (Stephen A. Nuño, NBC News)

Francis Fukuyama: America is in "one of the most severe political crises I have experienced" (Ezra Klein, Vox)

Harassed on Twitter: "People need to know the reality of what it's like out there" (Radio, Fresh Air, NPR)

Has Imbolo Mbue written the great American novel? (Aaron Bady, Literary Hub)

Hillary Clinton makes push for Latino vote with Univision appearance (Luis Miguel Echegaray, The Guardian)

How people wrongly sentenced to death are leading the fight to end capital punishment in California (Casey Tolan, Fusion)

Indiana officials are trying to block almost 45,000 black citizens from voting (Kira Lerner, Think Progress)

In pop culture, there are no bad police shootings (Alyssa Rosenberg, The Washington Post)

Inside Lewisburg Prison. A choice between a violent cellmate or shackles (Radio, Joseph Shapiro, Christie Thompson, All Things Considered, NPR)

The invisible empire of Alex Jones (Andy Cush, Spin)

Jesse Jackson in North Dakota to contest Dakota Access Pipeline (Yessenia Funes, ColorLines)

Kansas Rep. faces backlash for telling Black Lives Matter supporter to go back "home" (Video, Elizabeth Elizalde, New York Daily News)

KING: In defense of the Black Lives Matter movement (Shaun King, New York Daily News)

The mainstreaming of racism on Fox News (Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post)

A medical journal descends into partisan politics on police and racism (Andrew Lowy, The Federalist)

No, DeRay Mckesson's Clinton endorsement is not Black Lives Matter's endorsement (Aaron Morrison, Mic)

Off-color (Mallory Ortberg, Slate)

Ohio college campus rocked by racist social media photos involving pro-Donald Trump imagery (Video, Chris Sommerfeldt, New York Daily News)

Poll: Half of Americans say things were better in the fifties (John Hayward, Breitbart)

A region that sees racism as a threat to its economy (Alexia Fernández Campbell, The Atlantic)

Republican on police task force is slammed over "All Lives Matter" post (Greg Bluestein, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

The slow fade of Tom Hanks (Anne Helen Petersen, Buzzfeed)

This election, the South looks much less Republican (Patrik Jonsson, Christian Science Monitor)

Top cop (Steve Early, Washington Monthly)

To remake the world: Slavery, racial capitalism, and justice (Walter Johnson, Boston Review)

The trials of sheriff Joe Arpaio (J. Weston Phippen, The Atlantic)

Trump is inspiring rust belt Democrats to "cross over" (John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist)

Trump's party of angry, white, abusive males (Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post)

Trump's supporters revealed (Lee Drutman, Washington Monthly)

When a felon casts her ballot (Kenneth R. Rosen, Medium)

"Who needs white when black lives matter": White student's blackface Snapchat sparks outrage (Fox8, Greensboro, North Carolina)

Why the World Series is tainted by racism (Brian Ward, The Nation)


The 131 black men murdered by Black Lives Matter (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

American respect for police reaches highest level in 50 years (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Americans have had it with Black Lives Matter... What a new poll about police really shows (Joe Saunders, Western Journalism)

Amy Goodman on why the North Dakota Pipeline standoff is only getting worse (David Marchese, New York Magazine)

Are you sure you're not racist? (Jodi Picoult, TIME)

Attempting to woo Latino voters, Marco Rubio gets booed at Orlando festival (Adrian Florido, NPR)

Biden: Democratic Party has lost "gut connection" with white voters (Video, Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics)

Black Lives Matter activist says security stopped him at Midway (Chicago Sun-Times)

Black lives matter less even in drug addiction (Center for Community Change Action, The Huffington Post)

A city clerk opposed an early-voting site at UW-Green Bay because "students lean more toward the Democrats" (Ari Berman, The Nation)

Clarence Thomas's twenty-five years without footprints (Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker)

Does the first amendment end at the prison gate? (Eli Hager, The Marshall Project)

Donald Trump's new Confederacy: At Gettysburg, he tried to evoke Lincoln's address but ended reprising Pickett's Charge (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

Don't worry about vigilante election observers (Jessie Balmert, The Cincinnati Enquirer)

Even white people are abandoning Donald Trump (Abigail Tracy, Vanity Fair)

Florida teacher suspended after outrageously racist comment about black jelly beans (Alex Orlov, Mic)

Half of Americans want to take the country back to the 1950s (Ariel Edwards-Levy, The Huffington Post)

Hannity offers to pay for Obama to go to Kenya (Cristiano Lima, Politico)

Hello! It's me, your Facebook friend who is apparently racist now (Rachel Lackner, Quartz)

How Pepe the frog and Dilbert explain the culture wars of the 2016 election, in one comic (Aja Romano, Vox)

How pop culture's cops turned on their communities (Alyssa Rosenberg, The Washington Post)

How this red state is grappling with influx of refugees (Josh Siegel, The Daily Signal)

How to build a civil rights movement for the digital age (Gideon Lewis-Kraus, Wired)

How white "allies" are trying to help the Black Lives Matter movement (Ashantal Hathaway, The Grio)

How white nationalists learned to love Donald Trump (J.M. Berger, Politico Magazine)

If you choose to wear blackface on Halloween, you're just plain racist (Zeba Blay, The Huffington Post)

If you're thinking of voting for Donald Trump, read this first (Keith Olbermann, GQ)

Indians' Chief Wahoo logo is racist caricature, something LeBron James, outspoken on racial injustice, and many others fail to see (Video, Ebenezer Samuel, New York Daily News)

In one corner of the law, minorities and women are often valued less (Kim Soffen, The Washington Post)

An intervention letter for America (Michael Harriot, The Root)

I tried to ignore the election's racism. Then anti-Muslim Trump fans egged my car. (Beejoli Shah, Fusion)

Latino activists respond to Jan Brewer's "They don't vote" remark (Griselda Nevarez, Phoenix New Times, Texas)

Latino celebrities gather to honor Hispanic achievement in TV (Brian Latimer, NBC News)

Latino voters are showing up in "unprecedented" numbers in Florida early voting (Chris Sanchez, Business Insider)

Latino voters continue to face barriers at polling places (Adrian D. Pantoja, Ph.D., The Huffington Post)

Liberals didn't create the black middle class (Jason L. Riley, The Wall Street Journal)

A lot of people in the US are suddenly identifying as "white" - and a lot of them support Donald Trump (Eric D. Knowles, Linda R. Tropp, Quartz)

Make America violent again: Trump's rhetoric could cause Election Day mayhem - and worse (Zack Beauchamp,Vox)

Meet Moon Man: The alt-right's racist rap sensation, borrowed from the 1980s McDonald's ads (Matthew Sheffield, Salon)

Militias, Trump, and the romance of violent racism (Mark Sumner, Daily Kos)

New Gallup poll suggests most Americans have "great respect" for police (Claire Lampen, Mic)

Obama was right about Republican extremism all along (Brian Beutler, New Republic)

Oil safety or environmental racism? SMU forum shows Dakota Access pipeline divide (Jeffrey Weiss, The Dallas Morning News)

One convicted murderer is challenging the definition of free speech from behind bars (Eli Hager (The Marshall Project), Business Insider)

One of America's "best" school districts is actually kind of racist, report says (Collier Meyerson, Fusion)

Open racism, bigotry and misogyny: Research shows Trump supporters want America to be "great again" - like the 1950s (Sarah K. Burris, Raw Story)

Poll: Clinton's edge with young people crosses racial lines (Emily Swanson (Associated Press), ABC News)

Pro Donald Trump PAC releases candidate's first Spanish-language ads (Fox News)

Racism is a sin church must confront for Gospel to move forward, Bishop Claude Alexander says (Leonardo Blair, The Christian Post)

Remembering the absurdly racist blackface comedy "Soul Man" (Winston Cook-Wilson, Vice)

Response to "Black people cannot be racist, and here's why" (Mikala Everett, The University Star, Texas State University)

There is no modern-day Hitler (Uri Friedman, The Atlantic)

There's always money for cops (Nicole Colson, Jacobin)

There will be no Trumpism after Trump (Kevin Mahnken, New Republic)

To kneel or not to kneel? (Jason Green, The Prospector, The University of Texas at El Paso)

Tom Hayden: Who are you calling an immigrant? (Artikel fra 2. maj 2006, Tom Hayden, Truthdig)

Trump warns of inner city "hell" for blacks where Trayvon Martin was shot (Video, Candace Smith, ABC News)

Two old friends on growing up black and white in Lincoln, Nebraska (Sara Gilliam, Eric Crump, Tuesday Night)

The uncomfortable language of kink (J.A. Rock, The Huffington Post)

Undercover with a border militia (Shane Bauer, Mother Jones)

U.S. prisoner protest: Why listening to the voices of the incarcerated matters (Heather Ann Thompson, Newsweek)

What does the Latino vote mean this election season? (Radio, Jeff Tyson, Lucy Nalpathanchil, WNPR, Connecticut Public Radio)

Where are all the white American NBA players? (Marc J. Spears, The Undefeated)

White high schoolers in Miss. put noose around black student's neck and "yanked," NAACP says (Derek Hawkins, The Washington Post)

Why Trump's language reveals his racist attitudes (Kali Holloway, The National Memo)

Why Trump voters' "economic anxiety" isn't just secretly "racism" (Tory Newmyer, Fortune)

Yale president makes it clear his university is done with free speech (Richard A. Epstein, The Federalist)


25 years after Thomas joins Supreme Court, a friend hails American originalist (Kevin Mooney, The Daily Signal)

America's real refugee problem (Alexia Fernández Campbell, The Atlantic)

America's refusal to control firearms is killing teens at an absurd rate (Gary Younge, The Nation)

Approval rating of Seattle police reaches new high in latest independent survey (Steve Miletich, The Seattle Times)

Black Democrats to Hillary Clinton: Send money to take Congress (Jonathan Martin, The New York Times)

"The blacks" and "the Latinos": Trump's blatant racism is visible for all to see (Kali Holloway, AlterNet)

Californian's fight against illegal college subsidies for illegal immigrants heads to court (Cully Stimson, Hans von Spakovsky, The Daily Signal)

Can Latino vote help end GOP reign in Arizona? (Stephen A. Nuño, NBC News)

Civil rights attorneys warn of voting barriers that could help Trump in key battleground states (Steven Rosenfeld (AlterNet), Raw Story)

Clashes, arrests and fears - North Dakota pipeline protest at a boiling point (Sandy Tolan, Los Angeles Times)

Clinton's careful courtship of Muslim voters (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

Clinton still struggles to energize Latino millennials, who support her half-heartedly (Andrew O'Reilly, Fox News)

Despite rhetoric, Trump backed by some Arab-American Muslims (Video, Nicole Gaudiano, USA Today)

Does Donald Trump believe in anything but himself? (Isaac Chotiner, Slate)

Donald Trump is backing off his signature "build the wall" campaign promise (Matthew Rozsa, Salon)

The door-to-door grind to lift Latino voter turnout (David Catanese, U.S. News & World Report)

Early voting numbers reveal the power of the Latino vote (Tricia Tongco, Attn)

Election day holds high stakes for Hispanics (Mike Lillis, Rafael Bernal, The Hill)

Even in Donald Trump's demographic base, President Obama has gotten more popular (Philip Bump, The Washington Post)

Forget Trump and Clinton. "Black Jeopardy" is SNL's best political sketch this year. (Video, Dan Zak, The Washington Post)

From the American Revolution to unarmed black men killed by police (Robert Bohm, The News Journal, Delaware)

GOP's Hispanic outreach could blunt Trump effect in Senate races (Steven T. Dennis, Bloomberg)

The growing electoral power of green Latino voters (Alejandro Dávila Fragoso, Think Progress)

How my husband ended up in jail after walking our dog (Dana Perino, The Daily Signal)

How police censorship shaped Hollywood (Alyssa Rosenberg, The Washington Post)

How the GOP is trying to steal North Carolina (Martin Longman, Washington Monthly)

How the push to register Latino voters could change Arizona's political makeup (Video, PBS Newshour)

Improved U.S.-Cuba relations are creating a surge of Cuban migrants (Radio, Melissa Block, Marisa Peñaloza, Morning Edition, NPR)

Inmates explain how they'd run prisons (Maurice Chammah, Vice)

In Ohio, despair breeds the politics of ambivalence (John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist)

In Trump, Hispanic Republicans may face their Alamo (Christopher Hooks, Texas Observer)

I pretended to be black to get into med school - now I'm supporting Trump to end affirmative action (Vijay Jojo Chokal-Ingam, Independent Journal Review)

Latina Contra Trump sisters say internet fame comes with new responsibilities (Tim Rogers, Fusion)

A letter about Donald Trump, from a black nephew to his white aunt (Zak Cheney Rice, Mic)

Many Hispanic students never have a teacher who looks like them - and that's a big problem (Timothy Pratt, Fusion)

More than 83 arrests at Dakota Access Pipeline demonstrations spur a call to action (Rebecca Bengal, Vogue)

The most astute analysis of American politics in 2016? SNL's "Black Jeopardy!" sketch. (Video, Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

The myth of the racist cop (Heather Mac Donald, The Wall Street Journal)

New Deal era map shows zones of Philly segregation, prosperity (Michael Tanenbaum, PhillyVoice.com, Philadelphia)

North Carolina's black voters shrug off Trump's talk of fraud (Video, Emily Cadei, Newsweek)

The racism behind Trump's "rigged election" talk (Lincoln Blades, Rolling Stone)

Racist, pro-Trump graffiti shocks Spanish-speaking elementary school (Video, Juliette Goodrich, CBS San Francisco)

Senator Tim Scott: Putting a face on poverty (Alexandra Desanctis, National Review)

SNL's "Black Jeopardy!" sketch unfairly compared African-Americans to racist pro-Trump whites (Bob Cesca, The Daily Banter)

Testing federal power over immigration (Garrett Epps, The Atlantic)

Texas sees a surge in Latino voters (R.G. Ratcliffe, Texas Monthly)

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Claudia Rankine: why I'm spending $625,000 to study whiteness (Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian)

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Time for justice: Tackling race inequalities in health and housing (Richard V. Reeves, Dayna Bowen Matthew, Brookings)

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Twitter's anti-semitism problem (Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker)

‘We failed,’ New York police commissioner says of sergeant fatally shooting ‘emotionally disturbed’ woman (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

We're in the midst of the biggest prison strike in US history (German Lopez, Vox)

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1.5 million voters are missing in Florida - and it could be the difference between Trump and Clinton (Daniel Rivero, Fusion)

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America's bigotry and hate speech problem can't be ignored (Eric Yaverbaum, The Huffington Post)

As a black man, I’ve suffered microaggressions. I shouldn’t talk about them. (Jeremy Hunt, The Washington Post)

ATLANTIC: "In Ferguson, the seeds of Trump's defeat" - Wait, what? (Steve Sailer, VDare.com)

Black folk hate white tears and blatant racism more than charter schools (Andre Perry Ph.D., The Root)

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson talks Colin Kaepernick, progress and the future (Noah Kirsch, Forbes)

Black Lives Matter infiltrating public schools (Joseph Klein, FrontPage Mag)

Clown costumes banned, racist Native American costumes still OK (Tiffany Midge, Indian Country Today Media Network)

Co-founders of Black Lives Matter movement urge students to "get engaged" (Allison Steines, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, Wisconsin)

Confronting racism against Asian-Americans (Chat, Michael Luo, Chris Kwok, Anthony Christian Ocampo, Grace Meng, Simran Jeet Singh, Erika Lee, Anand Giridharadas, Arun Venugopal, The New York Times)

Dakota pipeline protesters confront the "black snake": "We're living by the fire" (Sandy Tolan, Salon)

Does Brookline have a problem with black people? (Gus Garcia-Roberts, Boston Magazine)

Donna Brazile has some thoughts on Hillary's approach to Black Lives Matter (Nina Burleigh, Elle)

Federal data shows Wis. has largest racial H.S. graduation gap in nation (Associated Press, CBS Minnesota)

Former Black Lives Matter leader says movement is "on the wrong side of history" (Kelsey Harkness, The Daily Signal)

For years, the way Hillary Clinton talked about race bothered me. Here's how I made my peace. (Salamishah Tillet, Elle)

Freedom of movement (Stuart Klawans, The Nation)

Freedom rider: Henry Louis Gates' $10 million scam (Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report)

Harry Belafonte and the art of activism (Mark Reynolds, PopMatters)

Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump is using "alt-right" conspiracy theorist's talking points (Video, Matt Payton, The Independent, UK)

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party plantation and the black political pundits who do their bidding (Solomon Comissiong, Black Agenda Report)

How "bias" went from a psychological observation to a political accusation (Emily Bazelon, The New York Times Magazine)

How fear of diversity has led to the "civil war" of this election (Katherine Speller, PRI)

How police reform is failing in San Francisco (Paris, Vice)

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Is Trump urging his gun-toting supporters to break voter intimidation laws? (Tierney Sneed, Talking Points Memo)

Judge retires after complaint of insensitive racial comments (Associated Press, Boston Herald)

Labor leader to Seattle police union: Don't isolate yourselves, show solidarity with other workers (Ansel Herz, The Stranger, Seattle)

A man called police to help his distressed wife. They wound up killing her. (Video, Cleve R. Wootson Jr., The Washington Post)

Mayor on hotseat for racist Facebook posts about Obama is out (CBS News)

Meet the alt-right "spokesman" who's thrilled with Trump's rise (Sarah Posner, Rolling Stone)

"Moonlight" and the burden of black creatives (Michael Arceneaux, Complex)

Morning Joe attacks "elites" for ignoring Trump supporters: Don't call them racist, they're in pain (Video, Sarah K. Burris, Raw Story)

NAACP tells black parents to keep their kids in crappy schools as leverage for tax hikes (Joy Pullmann, The Federalist)

New strategy for justice reform: Vote out the DA (Maurice Chammah, The Marshall Project)

North Dakota's war on the First Amendment threatens everyone's right to know (John Nichols, The Nation)

Obama's brother will be at tomorrow's debate, cheering on Donald Trump (Justin Holcolmb, Town Hall)

Pepe the Frog creator wants to re-claim "hate symbol" from alt right (Eric Pfeiffer, GOOD)

Puerto Ricans really don't like Trump but activists want Clinton to do more (Adrian Carrasquillo, Buzzfeed)

Racial profiling, by a computer? Police facial-ID tech raises civil rights concerns. (Craig Timberg, The Washington Post)

Racism, truth, and politics in 2016 (Jane M. Orient, M.D., Sunshine State News, Florida)

The rap sheet against Sheriff Arpaio (Leder, The New York Times)

The rarest Pepe of all is an alt-right election nightmare (Jenna Amatulli, The Huffington Post)

Reactions mixed to Wellesley police chief's racial injustice apology (Associated Press, CBS Boston)

Report finds racial bias in facial recognition technology (Jeff Stone, The Christian Science Monitor)

Sanders: Trump campaign "based on racism," "sexism," "dividing us" (Joey Peters, The NM Political Report, Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Several reasons why I choose not to see "Birth of a Nation" (Joe Davis, ThyBlackMan.com)

Should we see everything a cop sees? (McKenzie Funk, The New York Times Magazine)

The sociological theory that explains Trump's assumption that all black citizens live in the "inner city" (Elijah Anderson, Vox)

Stranger in my skin: Racial (un)belonging in the US (Tommy Chung, The Advocate, City University of New York)

The Stranger's endorsements for the November 2016 general election (Stranger Election Control Board, The Stranger, Seattle)

Trump Jr. joked about Aurora shooting, Arab stereotypes, overweight people in shock-jock interviews (Video, Andrew Kaczynski, CNN Money)

Trump's call for dystopian policing (Victor Ray, Boston Review)

U.S. police chiefs apologized for their role in racism. What's next? (Ellen McGirt, Fortune)

What Americans say about racial discrimination (EfficientGov.com)

What the shooting of Alfred Olango says about the state of black refugees in the U.S. (Opal Tometi, TIME)

When all boats aren't lifted (Lindsey Gilbert, The Baffler)

When should you stand at a sporting event? (Drew Magary, Deadspin)

Why the gun-control movement fails (Gary Younge, The Nation)

Would progressive economics win over Trump's white working class voters? (Mike Konczal, Medium)


19 sexist & racist Halloween costumes you should stay the hell away from (Chris Tognotti, Bustle)

After man who shot at George Zimmerman is sentenced, some ask: What about Trayvon? (Elizabeth Koh, Miami Herald)

The anti-Semitism we hoped to never see again: Column (Jennifer Anne Moses, USA Today)

Bills fans boo Colin Kaepernick, chant "USA" before he kneels (Nick Wagoner, ESPN)

The Birth of a Nation: the twisted history of Hollywood's "racist masterpiece" (Tim Robey, The Telegraph, UK)

Chicago police assault revives "Ferguson effect" theory (Video, Christian Bryant, Newsy)

Colin Kaepernick comments on Bills fans, says anthem protests are "very patriotic" (Des Bieler, The Washington Post)

Community challenges hire of new Ferguson cop after officer sided with Texas cop who threw teen to ground in pool incident (Mariah Stewart, The St. Louis American)

A computer program used for bail and sentencing decisions was labeled biased against blacks. It's actually not that clear. (Sam Corbett-Davies, Emma Pierson, Avi Feller, Sharad Goel, The Washington Post)

Confronting racism as a white man (Royce Jeffrey, The Baltimore Sun)

Democrats warn of a racist uprising if Donald Trump loses election (S.A. Miller, The Washington Times)

Dump Trump, defeat racism and misogyny, build the left (In These Times)

Evangelical pastor explains what he sees as the root of racism (Video, Antonia Blumberg, The Huffington Post)

An ex-cop's remorse (Stephanie Clifford, The New Yorker)

FBI director: We really have no idea if there's "an epidemic of police violence against black people" (Video, Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Fears of political violence rise as election rhetoric turns apocalyptic (Tina Nguyen, Vanity Fair)

"Ferguson effect"? Chicago police release video of beaten officer who didn't pull weapon (Video, Derek Hawkins, The Washington Post)

Fifty years of black American struggle (Kehinde Andrews, The Herald, Zimbabwe)

Find out what immigration growth looks like in your state (Josh Siegel, The Daily Signal)

Former Black Lives Matter St. Paul organizer Rashad Turner takes post at Minnesota Comeback (Beena Raghavendran, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Going There: Getting real about race (Michel Martin, Going There, NPR)

GORMAN: Solving racial injustices through reparations is infeasible (Ryan Gorman, The Cavalier Daily, University of Virginia)

Head of nation's largest police chief group issues formal apology for "historical mistreatment" of racial minorities (Jaweed Kaleem, Los Angeles Times)

Here is why Donald Trump's racism and his misogyny are not two separate issues (Lorraine Berry, Raw Story)

Hillary Clinton WikiLeaks emails reveal campaign dismissed Black Lives Matter concerns with one word: "Yuck" (Video, Alex Garofalo, International Business Times)

How weed became a white girl thing (Beca Grimm, Fusion)

In Ferguson, the seeds of Trump's defeat (Molly Ball, The Atlantic)

In the hollow (Chris Offutt, Harper's)

Is the media stumbling on immigration coverage? (Kyanna Spaulding, MediaFile)

It's "All Lives Matter" (Liz Lemery Joy, Albany Times Union, New York)

John Lewis's long march (Jonathan W. Gray, New Republic)

Kerry James Marshall is shifting the color of art history (Wyatt Mason, The New York Times Style Magazine)

The "liberal" media is already whitewashing the racism of Trump's supporters (Justin Rosario, The Daily Banter)

Luke Cage star: "Any black man would want to be bulletproof" (Green Left Weekly, Australien)

Man who shot at George Zimmerman sentenced to 20 years in prison (Merrit Kennedy, NPR)

Matthew Apperson, the man who shot at George Zimmerman, gets 20 years in prison (Video, Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel, Florida)

Mom of Kalief Browder dies of a "broken heart" (Breanna Edwards, The Root)

Obama lets record number of Central Americans migrate into United States in 2016 (Neil Munro, Breitbart)

The police killings no one is talking about (Stephanie Woodard, In These Times)

Populism is not fascism (Sheri Berman, Foreign Affairs)

Racism in the criminal justice system (Tess Halpern, The Massachusetts Daily Collegian)

The racist and sexist history of keeping birth control side effects secret (Bethy Squires, Broadly)

Republicans waffle as Trump is captured by the alt right (David Horsey, Los Angeles Times)

Seattle teachers enforce Black Lives Matter indoctrination (Matthew Vadum, FrontPage Mag)

Soft racism permeates our nation (Jade Wu, The Hill)

Some people of color in Philadelphia turn out for Trump (Michaela Winberg, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

South Asians, Filipinos call out lack of inclusion in "Times" video about racism (Mathew Rodriguez, Mic)

Standing Rock Pipeline fight draws hundreds to North Dakota Plains (Video, Sasha Von Oldershausen, NBC News)

There are white people who think "Luke Cage" is racist, because nothing makes sense anymore (Guff)

There was a refugee crisis on U.S. soil. We know it as the Civil War (Chandra Manning (History News Network), TIME)

This anti-Donald Trump billboard in Michigan is the best clapback to his racist rhetoric (Sarah Harvard, Mic)

This election is being rigged - but not by Democrats (Ari Berman, The Nation)

Thousands of Indian Americans turned out to see Bollywood stars. Then Donald Trump walked in. (Nidhi Prakash, Fusion)

The unlikely union between a Trump supporter and historically black colleges (Emily DeRuy, The Atlantic)

Use of informants in Muslim enclaves sparks concern (Niraj Warikoo, Detroit Free Press)

U.S. police chiefs group apologizes for "historical mistreatment" of minorities (Tom Jackman, The Washington Post)

What the black radical tradition can teach us about rebuilding the antiwar movement (Ciara Taylor, AlterNet)

What we know: the firebombing of a GOP HQ in North Carolina (Jeff Stein, Vox)

White mayor who acknowledged racist posts allowed to resign (Associated Press, ABC News)

Why are so many white Americans so fearful these days? (Chris Barsanti, PopMatters)

Will Megyn Kelly stand up against Donald Trump's racial voter intimidation? (Matt Gertz, Media Matters)

Woman whose drug sentence was commuted by Obama is still in jail thanks to a Florida prosecutor (Tana Ganeva, Raw Story)


"American Autopsy" a look at Detroit's demise (Boganmeldelse, Jennifer Williams, Rapid City Journal, South Dakota)

Anti-Colin Kaepernick shirts cause controversy (Aron Macarow, Attn)

The backlash over Colin Kaepernick is just Americans' refusal to acknowledge racism - again (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

The ballad of Ken Bone (Dani Di Placido, Forbes)

Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill talk racial justice, female empowerment at Tidal X: 1015 (Tom Barnes, Mic)

The black and brown firewall against Trump is being joined by more white women (Denise Oliver Velez, Daily Kos)

Black Lives Matter homecoming float vandalized in Idaho (Associated Press, ABC News)

Cary pastors: Former NAACP leader Dolezal will bring "sensationalized presence" (Anthony Quintano (Associated Press), The News & Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina)

The case of O.J. Simpson (Lorrie Moore, The New York Review of Books)

Colin Kaepernick shown in crosshairs as 49ers QB makes first start of 2016 (The Guardian)

Community policing, prayer vigils, new efforts try to heal racial tension (Julie Brown Patton, The Gospel Herald)

Despite Trump's Indian outreach, racial tensions simmer at event (Video, Sreenivasan Jain, NDTV, Indien)

Divided America: Where all your neighbors vote together (Video, Dante Chinni, Jordan Frasier, NBC News)

Does the Ivy League discriminate again Asian American applicants? (Drew Musto, The Cornell Daily Sun, Ithaca, New York)

Ferguson still haunts Missouri - and not the way you might think (Eli Hager, The Marshall Project)

For much of black America, election 2016 has been rough (Radio, Sam Sanders, All Things Considered, NPR)

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Out with the poor, in with the rich: The landlord's guide to gentrifying NYC (Simon van Zuylen-Wood, Bloomberg)

Paul Ryan was the "enemy" of the alt-right long before he crossed Donald Trump (Margaret Hartmann, New York Magazine)

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School apologizes for assignment featuring racial slur (Associated Press, ABC News)

Sin, cinema, and Nate Parker: the complicated case of The Birth of a Nation (Alissa Wilkinson, Vox)

Six seasons later, has Game of Thrones fixed its diversity problem? (Joanna Robinson, Vanity Fair)

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Trump's "inner cities" fetish is nostalgic, messy racism (Drake Baer, New York Magazine)

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Two years ago, this town razed a fence that segregated a housing project from a suburb. Did it change anything? (Carla Murphy, Fusion)

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Will racist, anti-immigrant Trump supporter Sheriff Joe Arpaio be jailed for contempt of court? (Video, Democracy Now)

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After calling Black Lives Matter biggest racist group since KKK, college lecturer learns his fate (Dave Urbanski, The Blaze)

Ahead of Yom Kippur, how can you repair relationships with African-American Jews? (Tamara Fish, Forward)

Alt-right dreams of Trump cabinet full of white nationalists as GOP fractures (Allegra Kirkland, Talking Points Memo)

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Federal government files criminal charges against Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio over racial profiling (Esther Yu Hsi Lee, Think Progress)

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Judge calls mistrial for former New Mexico police officers who shot, killed homeless man (Dan Frosch, Zusha Elinson, The Wall Street Journal)

Justices divided over jury racism, privacy (Richard Wolf, USA Today)

Ken Thompson proved that prosecutors can be criminal-justice reformers (John Nichols, The Nation)

KKK fliers at Clemson; racist email at Princeton (Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed)

Linguistics explains why Trump sounds racist when he says "the" African Americans (Lynne Murphy, Quartz)

Nearly 90% of New Jersey children tried as adults since 2011 were black or Latino (Sarah Gonzalez, The Guardian)

Next time someone asks you to prove racism exists, give them this (Jesse Benn, The Huffington Post)

New short animates history of lynching and racial terror in the U.S. (Video, Sameer Rao, ColorLines)

Nicki Minaj calls out the racist double standards black women face in new interview (Marie Solis, Mic)

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Donald Trump, racial unifier: Black, white or brown, we have a patriotic duty now to defeat this man (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

Donald Trump's dark view of cities is wrong (Mitch Landrieu, The Huffington Post)

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sent feeds that helped police track minorities in Ferguson and Baltimore, report says (Craig Timberg, Elizabeth Dwoskin, The Washington Post)

The forgotten history of how Latinos earned the right to vote (Caitlin Cruz, Fusion)

Frustrated Latino Republicans to call for RNC's Reince Priebus to resign (Adrian Carrasquillo, Buzzfeed)

"Go back to China": Readers respond to racist insults shouted at New York Times editor (Michael Luo, The New York Times)

The greatest snub of the debate? It was against Black Lives Matter (Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian)

How the government built a trap for black youth (Kelly Lytle Hernández, Boston Review)

How to choose a Halloween costume that isn't racist (Caity Weaver, GQ)

How white racial backlash brought us Donald Trump (Ezekiel Kweku, MTV News)

Inside the growing movement to ditch Columbus Day and celebrate Native Americans instead (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

Justices weigh dispute over racial bias in Colorado jury room (Associated Press, The Denver Post, Colorado)

Michigan prison labor strikers release their demands (Brendan O'Connor, Jezebel)

Nominees debate less than 15 miles from Ferguson, don't discuss police reform (Laura Barron-Lopez, Ryan J. Reilly, The Huffington Post)

Obama's presidency polarizes Americans over race, politics like never before (Dave Boyer, The Washington Times)

Power, loyalty, and leadership in Luke Cage (Monique Jones, Tor.com)

Princeton students, faculty receive racist emails, university says (Video, Brian Thompson, NBC New York)

Race, school ratings and real estate: A "legal gray area" (Kendra Yoshinaga, Anya Kamenetz, NPR)

The real Christopher Columbus (Boguddrag, Howard Zinn, Jacobin)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg calls Colin Kaepernick's protest "dumb" and "disrespectful" (Video, Drew Salisbury, Death and Taxes)

There's one crucial word you didn't hear during Sunday's presidential town hall (Jamilah King, Mic)

UVA instructor out after comparing Black Lives Matter to KKK (Joshua Rhett Miller, New York Post)

White Americans need to stop assuming Native American culture belongs to them, too (Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Dina Gilio-Whitaker, Quartz)

The widening racial wealth divide (James Surowiecki, The New Yorker)


After two terms of Obama, a post-racial America is still elusive (Video, Bernd Debusmann, Newsweek)

Among black voters in Charlotte, the election presents a difficult decision (Radio, Ravenna Koenig, Rachel Martin, Natalie Winston, Weekend Edition Sunday, NPR)

The angry American (David Brady, Carl M. Cannon, Real Clear Politics)

Bill O'Reilly stands by Jesse Watters after racist Chinatown report (Video, Media Matters)

Black Lives Matter: Two years after Michael Brown's death, "there's no trust whatsoever" in Ferguson (Video, Zoe Daniel, ABC, Australien)

"Call me a racist, but don't say I'm a Buddhist": meet America's alt right (Sanjiv Bhattacharya, The Guardian)

The cinematic merits and flaws of Nate Parker's "The Birth of a Nation" (Filmanmeldelse, Richard Brody, The New Yorker)

How America outlawed adolescence (Amanda Ripley, The Atlantic)

How the alt-right grew from an obscure racist cabal (Emma Grey Ellis, Wired)

"I just wanted it to be a regular story about black people": Issa Rae on creating and starring in HBO's Insecure (Caroline Framke, Vox)

"Insecure" series premiere: Single black woman (TV-anmeldelse, Angelica Jade Bastién, The New York Times)

Nat Turner's remains returned to his family after almost 200 years (Angela Bronner Helm, The Root)

The new slave revolt (Chris Hedges, Truthdig)

Note to Trump: The "inner city" and African Americans are not synonymous (Jessica Roy, Los Angeles Times)

NYC mayor weighs in on alleged racist harassment of journalist (CBS News)

Our men and women in blue now stand in a deadly political hailstorm (Ron Hosko, Fox News)

The prison strike is spreading and the DOJ has opened an investigation (Cora Lewis, Buzzfeed)

A professor is under fire after saying Black Lives Matter is racist like the KKK (Kristine Guerra, The Washington Post)

Washington, D.C. meeting with Black Lives Matter activists (Afskrift af møde mellem Hillary Clinton og Black Lives Matter, Wikileaks)

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Racial profiling in preschool (Leder, The New York Times)

Racist memorabilia teaches awareness at Jim Crow (Konnie Lemay, Indian Country Today Media Network)

Researchers find racial wage gap has grown (Radio, All Things Considered, NPR)

State police will be required to document race on traffic stops (Video, Randy Wimbley, Fox2 Detroit, Michigan)

Vince Staples addresses Black Lives Matter, M.I.A. in new freestyle: Watch (Video, Kevin Lozano, Pitchfork)

Why the so-called "Ferguson effect" needs to die today (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)


Al Sharpton: Donald Trump's playing to what he knows is racism (Video, Bloomberg)

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The candidates need to talk about our racial history - all of it (Melissa Harris-Perry, Elle)

College kids ask: Is my costume racist? (Erin Gloria Ryan, The Daily Beast)

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Boston American Legion post pays penalty for racial bias (Associated Press, Boston Herald)

Brookline firefighter who complained of racist remark is fired (John Hilliard, The Boston Globe)

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Natalie Baszile wrote the book she wanted to read: Queen Sugar (Misan Sagay, Literary Hub)

Never before seen footage shows a young Obama commenting on racism in Kenya (Video, Ricky Riley, Atlanta Black Star)

No data, no accountability: solving racial violence in the United States (Samuel L. Myers Jr., Open Democracy)

One tweet shows why people are freaking out over a terrifying interracial horror movie (Danielle DeCourcey, Attn)

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Politico ignores Jewish conservatives' Trump opposition to hide the Left's race problem (Warren Henry, The Federalist)

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Ricky Vaughn, alt-right personality: 5 fast facts you need to know (Brendan Morrow, Heavy)

The root of oppression to Black Lives Matter (Jerome Chandler, The Good Men Project)

Solange: A seat at the table (Musikanmeldelse, Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, Pitchfork)

Supreme Court considers racial discrimination in death penalty case (Laura Santhanam, PBS Newshour)

Supreme Court reviews racial discrimination in Texas death penalty case (Radio, Nina Totenberg, All Things Considered, NPR)

Supreme Court seems ready to reopen racial bias claims in Texas and Illinois (David G. Savage, Los Angeles Times)

There's a lot of chatter about "stop and frisk." Here are the facts. (Video, Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

"There's only one person in this race who said Black Lives Matter": Lee Daniels directs Empire cast in new campaign ad for Hillary Clinton (Nikki Schwab, The Daily Mail, UK)

Trump time capsule #127: A "Chinese" view of the election (James Fallows, The Atlantic)

Tweet reveals the ridiculous thing Mike Pence said about racism that the media missed (Danielle DeCourcey, Attn)

U. of Alabama student is "removed from campus" after racist threat (Nadia Dreid, The Chronicle of Higher Education)

U.S. admits record number of Muslim refugees in 2016 (Phillip Connor, Pew Research Center)

The VP candidates had the immigration debate that Clinton and Trump should have (Adrian Carrasquillo, Buzzfeed)

What Chicago can learn from LA's Skid Row (Boganmeldelse, Maya Dukmasova, Chicago Reader)

What I'm learning about how to combat my own racism (Nathaniel Kirby, The Good Men Project)

When it takes a male athlete to elevate Serena's long-standing voice on Black Lives Matter (Kavitha A. Davidson, ESPN)

Why Hillary Clinton would support a ruling that hurts black Democrats in Alabama (Daniel Rivero, Fusion)

Why we shouldn't be mad white people think Luke Cage is racist (Michael Harriot, Ebony)


The 22 athletes, hedge-fund guys, and Oscar winners who helped pay for Nate Parker's Birth of a Nation (Kevin Lincoln, Vulture)

Alabama high school student assaulted over Black Lives Matter post, police say (Fox News)

Americans don't have any right to block Islamic immigration, says Tim Kaine (Neil Munro, Breitbart)

The anonymous town that was the model of desegregation in the civil-rights era (Lynnell Hancock, The Nation)

BIAS ALERT: Police group accuses CNN of deceptive edit of Charlotte shooting (Video, Fox News)

Bill Clinton killed the myth of the welfare queen (Anne Kim, Washington Monthly)

Changes in Charlotte could put controversial citizen review board back in spotlight (Video, Tina Terry, WSOC, Charlotte, North Carolina)

CMPD releases full video of fatal Keith Lamont Scott shooting (Video, Joe Marusak, Mark Washburn, The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina)

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The musicians behind Luke Cage on creating a "timeless" sound and the lack of opportunities for black composers (Matthew Giles, Vulture)

Obama administration tells black parents their school choices are racist (Ashley Bateman, The Federalist)

Poll: Most NC voters say police videos should be made public (Video, Ames Alexander, The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina)

Protesters march in uptown Charlotte (Ann Doss Helms, The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina)

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"The Birth of a Nation" isn't worth defending (Vinson Cunningham, The New Yorker)

Federal judge dismisses Ferguson protesters' $41.5 million lawsuit against police (Robert Patrick, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit that Ferguson protesters filed against police (Katie Zezima, The Washington Post)

Florida's changing Latino population veers from G.O.P. (Julia Preston, Lizette Alvarez, The New York Times)

From slavery to mass incarceration, Ava DuVernay's film "13th" examines racist U.S. justice system (Video, Amy Goodman, Democracy Now)

Hillary Clinton, Black Lives Matter, and the answer to the liberal race narrative (D. C. McCallister, PJ Media)

Historic black school in Virginia vandalized with racist messages (Video, Max Blau, CNN)

How Americans see race and racial relations is shifting dramatically (Perry Bacon Jr., NBC News)

In the heart of Trump country (Larissa MacFarquhar, The New Yorker)

In this campaign, Clinton, Trump flash their racial credentials (Kat Chow, Code Switch, NPR)

John Lewis knows that look in the eyes of Trump supporters (Jonathan Valania, Esquire)

Racism doesn't explain the rise of Donald Trump (Isaac Chotiner, Slate)

Red Cross "failed for 12 days" after historic Louisiana floods (Derek Kravitz, ProPublica)

Real talk about how Luke Cage uses blackness (Evan Narcisse, Gizmodo)

The roots of mistrust in Charlotte (Katie Chamblee, The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina)

SEE IT: Georgia county chairman caught making racist comments in secretly recorded video (Video, Tobias Salinger, New York Daily News)

Teacher fired after posting racist comments about Michelle Obama to Facebook (Leo Shvedsky, GOOD)

This police surveillance technology can lead to racial discrimination (Colin Daleida, Mashable)

White America's irrational fear of "others" (Opinion) (Joe Rodriguez, The Oregonian)

White Lives Matter: A new US hate group shows its face (Patrick Strickland, Al Jazeera)


Ann Coulter on Trump: "Finally, we have a candidate who cares about Americans" (Andrew Anthony, The Guardian)

Clinton promises "end to end" criminal justice reform in pitch to black voters (Annie Karni, Politico)

The Democratic Party's racial reckoning (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

Eight years in America: Hope, and what came after (Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Bernie Sanders, m.fl., New York Magazine)

Fan in gorilla suit and "All Lives Matter" shirt runs onto field during NFL game (Keith Wagstaff, Mashable)

GOP Kentucky state legislative candidate posts racist Obama images (Video, Eric Bradner, CNN)

Harry Reid mocks Trump's tax leaks: "Racist incompetent failure managed to lose a billion dollars" (Tom Boggioni, Raw Story)

How Trump accidentally unified Zuck's pro-immigraton movement (Issie Lapowsky, Wired)

It's time to free speech on campus again (Janet Napolitano, The Boston Globe)

L.A. teen shot dead by cops running away, witnesses say (CBS News)

Open borders rap sheet: 30+ crimes by immigrant suspects in September alone (Julia Hahn, Katie McHugh, Breitbart)

Protests continue over fatal police shooting of 18-year-old in South L.A. (Video, Kate Mather, Los Angeles Times)

Racist Trump fans are "using a special code on Twitter so they don't get suspended" (Tanveer Mann, Metro, UK)

Trump International Hotel spray-painted with "Black Lives Matter" message (Video) (Video, Joe Heim, The Washington Post)

White House wants to add new racial category for Middle Eastern people (Video, Gregory Korte, USA Today)

White Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter face off outside Houston's Anti-Defamation League (Keri Blakinger, Houston Chronicle)


Alt-right trolls are using these code words for racial slurs online (Nikhil Sonnad, Quartz)

AT&T's CEO urges employees to confront racial tensions, and explains the problem with "all lives matter" (Nikhil Sonnad, Quartz)

Crime spikes in Ferguson to twice the national average (Law Officer)

Don't assume black voters are "with her": Contempt for Trump doesn't mean we love Hillary (D. Watkins, Salon)

Hillbilly elitism (Bob Hutton, Jacobin)

An immigrant named Trump (Ted Widmer, The New Yorker)

It didn't pay off (Nathan J. Robinson, Jacobin)

This historian wants you to know the real story of Southern food (Radio, Erika Beras, Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR)

Trump has a challenge with white women: "You just want to smack him" (Philip Rucker, The Washington Post)

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Video shows cops trying to run over a mentally ill man with their car before shooting him 14 times (Video, Esther Yu Hsi Lee, Think Progress)

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