December 2015


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5 cities where police reform efforts will play out in 2016 (Ed Krayewski, Reason)

5 reasons 2015 was the year of the social justice warrior (and why progressives should embrace the term) (Matthew Rosza, Salon)

2015: Black Lives Matter emerges as new voice (Debra Varnado, Los Angeles Wave)

2015: The year police killings in America were counted. Media "held back" key information (Sarah Lazare, Centre for Research on Globalization, Canada)

2015: The year racism made a comeback (Amanda Sakuma, MSNBC)

America's self-destructive whites (Fareed Zakaria, The Washington Post)

Anti-poverty initiative: The reality of racism (James Norman, Marvin McMickle, Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, New York)

Apple pressured by investor for racial diversity in senior ranks (Laura Colby, Bloomberg)

A bad cop with a Taser is still a bad cop (Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune)

Black lives must matter all the time (Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press)

Black writers courageously staring down the white gaze - this is why we all must read them (Stan Grant, The Guardian)

Can we overlook Hillary Clinton's past racial issues when considering her platform on race? (Vann R. Newkirk II, Daily Kos)

Chicago releases hundreds of emails related to Laquan McDonald video (Associated Press, The Guardian)

College evangelicals embrace unlikely cause: Black Lives Matter (Harry Bruinius, The Christian Science Monitor)

College racism is making black students sick, new study finds (Aaron Morrison, International Business Times)

Comparing the uprisings of the 1960s to today's college protests (Læserbreve, Los Angeles Times)

D.C. marchers take to streets to raise voices in protest over police killings (Victoria St. Martin, The Washington Post)

The Daily Caller presents: The biggest, dumbest race hoaxes and fake hate crimes on campus in 2015 (Eric Owens, The Daily Caller)

Debt and the racial wealth gap (Paul Kiel, The New York Times)

Diagnosing the New Negro (Terrence Chappell, Ebony)

Diving into race, identity of multiracial families in "Raising Mixed Race" (Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, NBC News)

Donald Trump's strongest supporters: A certain kind of Democrat (Nate Cohn, The New York Times)

Do women racially discriminate against their own fetus? (Sital Kalantry, The Huffington Post)

Fatal police shootings and the questions they raise (Læserbreve, The Washington Post)

Fear of black boys is in the jaundiced eye of the beholder (Thandisizwe Chimurenga, Daily Kos)

Federal lawsuit accuses Mich. police of badly beating, wrongfully arresting unarmed black teen (Breanna Edwards, The Root)

The Guardian view on killings by US police: why we must keep counting (Leder, The Guardian)

Get ready for racial quotas on your neighborhood (Georgi Boorman, The Federalist)

Group protesting Tamir Rice decision pushes to meet with Attorney General (Video, Maria Durant, ABC6, Columbus, Ohio)

How will the American workforce change? (Rebecca J. Rosen, Li Zhou, Adrienne Green, Gillian B. White, Alana Semuels, The Atlantic)

I have a dream, too (CJ Pearson, The Huffington Post)

Immigration activists hope to maintain momentum for reform (Radio, Richard Gonzales, All Things Considered, NPR)

I'm tired of suppressing myself to get along with white people (Priscilla Ward, Salon)

Jeb Bush, talking about Tamir Rice, confuses Cleveland and Chicago (Eliza Collins, Politico)

Jeb Bush on Tamir Rice: "The process worked" (Ashley Killough, CNN)

Law, order and social suicide (Robert Koehler, The Huffington Post)

Let Muslims placed under surveillance have their day in court (Læserbreve, Los Angeles Times)

Let's stop calling Tamir Rice's death a "tragedy" (Hollis Phelps, The Huffington Post)

Look at the shameless racism directed at Tamir Rice (Alasdair Denvil, The Blaze)

Minneapolis NAACP alleges "violent treatment" of teenage girl by Mall of America cops (Fox9, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota)

Murder isn't black or white (Jeanine Cummins, The New York Times)

New challenges for Americans in the new year (Sandy Sasso, The Indianapolis Star)

The next big voting-rights fight (Emily Bazelon, Jim Rutenberg, New York Times)

No, Tamir Rice was not "open carrying," you race-bating liars. (Bob Owens, Bearing Arms)

Obama and the issue of race (Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith, The Huffington Post)

Of slavery and swastikas (The Economist)

Open expressions of racism (Bill Fletcher Jr., The Philadelphia Tribune)

Racing into the future (John A. Powell, The Huffington Post)

Rahm Emanuel and Chicago's policing nightmare (Deborah Douglas, Vice)

A reflection on policing: What we got wrong this year (Vann R. Newkirk II, Daily Kos)

Re-visiting 2015 when president Barack Obama used the n-word (H. Lewis Smith,

Revisiting Baltimore and changing the "racial conversation" (Tim Libretti, People's World)

Robert O. Paxton | Is fascim getting back in fashion? (Robert O. Paxton, Live Mint)

Sonnie Johnson: From "trans-racial" to cultural marxists - 2015 year in review (Sonnie Johnson, Breitbart)

The sudden but well-deserved fall of Rahm Emanuel (Rick Perlstein, The New Yorker)

Tamir Rice and the color of fear (Brit Bennett, The New York Times)

Tamir Rice case is a perversely fitting end to a year of police controversies (James Downie, The Washington Post)

Tamir Rice's killer went free because of the "reasonableness test." It didn't have to be that way. (Leon Neyfakh, Slate)

Top ten #BlackTwitter moments of 2015 (Candace King, NBC News)

Trump makes America hate, not great (Brent Budowsky, The Hill)

Washington Redskins politically incorrect memorabilia still rankles (David Seideman, Forbes)

We weren't ready for a black president: Race, hate, Donald Trump, guns, Fox News, terror and our tragic American condition (Tom Gogola, Salon)

What should Chicago celebrate? (Megan Stielstra, The New York Times)

"What would Thurgood say" about killings? (Wil Haygood, The Des Moines Register, Iowa)

Who among us will speak for Tamir Rice? (Gracie Bonds Staples, Atlanta Constitution-Journal)

Why Muslims must support #BlackLivesMatter (Hamzah Raza, The Huffington Post)

Why small debts matter so much to black lives (Paul Kiel, ProPublica)

Wow, the Republicans really don't understand how they created Donald Trump (Gary Legum, Salon)

Year 2015: Black-on-black violence in Democrat-run cities has been ignored (Jerome Hudson, Breitbart)

A year of Black Lives Matter (Clare Foran, The Atlantic)

The year in weird contentions (Willy Staley, The New York Times)

The year it became impossible for white America to turn a blind eye to racism (Marcie Bianco, Quartz)


8 ways Muslim Americans can support the #BlackLivesMatter movement (Saud Inam, The Huffington Post)

2015: The year police killings in America were counted (Sarah Lazare, MintPress News)

Are Trump supporters driven by economic anxiety or racial resentment? Yes. (David Roberts, Vox)

Can Trump ride racism, sexism and hate to White House? (Frank Harris III, Hartford Courant, Connecticut)

Changes to be announced in Chicago police training, Tasers (Associated Press, ABC News)

Chicago mayor announces more tasers, training for police (Laura Wagner, NPR)

Cleveland activists oppose re-election of prosecutor in Tamir Rice shooting (Kim Palmer, Reuters)

Crisp: Who may still use racial slurs, and who may not (John M. Crisp, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Virginia)

Death toll from violent cops is a guessing game: Column (Patrice McDermott, USA Today)

Difficult to fault grand jury ruling in Aurora police shooting (Leder, The Denver Post)

Disturbing new college football stats shine light on race and rape (Sam Laird, Mashable)

Equality babble (William Murchison, The American Spectator)

Here's what we want white America to know about race (Video, Lilly Workneh, The Huffington Post)

Here's why Chicago and Black Lives Matter are protesting police (Casey Harper, The Daily Caller)

How racists talk about Tamir Rice (Connie Schultz,

In 2016, white people must take responsibility for Donald Trump (Dexter Thomas, Los Angeles Times)

In the new year, we must press an old battle: justice for all (Jerry Large, The Seattle Times)

LeBron James: Tragedies matter more than an individual (Video, Dave McMenamin, ESPN)

LeBron speaks on Tamir Rice after activists push for him to boycott games in protest (Josh Feldman, Mediaite)

Looking for Jesus in Tamir's murder (Shea Watts, The Huffington Post)

The man who killed Tamir Rice (Halley Wallace, Black Enterprise)

Miami police union president on Tamir Rice: "Act like a thug and you'll be treated like one" (Tim Elfrink, Miami New Times, Florida)

New study confirms insidious GOP racism in 2008 presidential race (Janet Allon, AlterNet)

NFL wide receiver will not apologize for wearing "Justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford" t-shirt (Walter Einenkel, Daily Kos)

The other children killed in Cleveland (Justin Glawe, The Daily Beast)

The paranoid style of American policing (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

Police brutality is becoming a normality (Zahra Biabani, The News Hub)

In praise of police (Peter Wehner, Commentary)

Race-based brand preferences found for underage drinkers (Erika Beras, Scientific American)

Racial prejudice is driving opposition to paying college athletes. Here's the evidence. (Kevin Wallsten, Tatishe M. Nteta, Lauren A. McCarthy, The Washington Post)

Republican demographic problems aren't just for the future anymore (Kevin Drum, Mother Jones)

The return of the 1920s (Richard Yeselson, The Atlantic)

The stories Tamir Rice makes us remember (Clint Smith, The New Yorker)

Tamir and the trolls (Thandisizwe Chimurenga, Daily Kos)

Twitter faces backlash over its new diversity lead (Hayley Tsukayama, The Washington Post)

Two Cleveland police officers still in jeopardy over Tamir Rice case (Associated Press, The Denver Post)

US police killed 1,126 people so far this year. Will 2016 be any different? - video (Video, Jamiles Lartey, Leah Green, Laurence Mathieu-Léger, Bruno Rinvolucri, The Guardian)

What is the future of higher education? (Alia Wong, Adrienne Green, Li Zhou, The Atlantic)

What it's like being an invisible immigrant (JR Thorpe, Bustle)

White police are killing black kids: The cops get off, because the system protects the lives it values (Brittney Cooper, Salon)

Why Black Lives Matter is the movement of the year (Sonali Kolhatkar, TruthDig)

With Tamir Rice decision, Americans must get off the sidelines (Lonnae O'Neal, The Washington Post)

The year in blame shifting (Jacob Sullum, Reason)

The year when students of color put campuses on notice (Jailyn Gladney, The Nation)


6 ways to stop white privilege when you see it (Gina M. Florio, Bustle)

The 13 most ridiculously PC moments on college campuses in 2015 (Katherine Timpf, National Review)

14 times cops walked in 2015 after shooting people to death (Dana Liebelson, Daniel Marans, The Huffington Post)

2015: The year in race relations (Tyler Bishop, The Atlantic)

The American criminal justice system is guilty of killing Tamir Rice (Daniel Denvir, Salon)

American schools are still segregated. These parents are making it worse (Aaron Traister, Fusion)

Asian Americans as people of color and activists for safe space (Esther Suh, The Huffington Post)

At least 28 people holding BB or pellet guns were killed by police in US in 2015 (Ciara McCarthy, Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

Backlash against Tamir Rice shooting decision. Are grand jury reforms ahead? (Molly Jackson, The Christian Science Monitor)

California Latinos, reluctant to get flu shot, have much to risk (Mariaelena Gonzalez, Jennifer Mendiola, Van Do-Reynoso, Los Angeles Times)

Calls for calm after grand jury declines to indict officers in death of Tamir Rice (Teddy Cahill, Wesley Lowery, Niraj Chokshi, The Washington Post)

Charles Blow makes an interesting point about the Tamir Rice case that few people have highlighted (Video, Jason Moore, Atlanta Black Star)

Cleveland councilman to ask city to file negligent homicide charges in Tamir Rice case (Jane Morice, Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Chicago cop pleads not guilty in Laquan McDonald killing (Video, Ashley Fantz, CNN)

Cleveland grand jury declines to indict police officers in Tamir Rice probe (Radio, Nick Castele, NPR)

Cleveland's terrible stain (Leder, The New York Times)

Don't ever call the cops: The Tamir Rice story (Doctor Cleveland, Dagblog)

From Chi-Raq to Hateful Eight: How movies handled race in 2015 (Renee Samuel, BET)

From NYC to Harvard: the war on Asian success (Betsy McCaughey, New York Post)

Greene: Ending racism should be Obama's life mission as he exits presidency (Leonard Greene, New York Daily News)

Hillary Clinton said profiling Muslims is okay (Selwyn Duke, The New American)

Hillary Clinton's tone-deaf racial pandering (Barrett Holmes-Pitner, The Daily Beast)

How can no one be to blame for Tamir Rice's death? (Dani McCalin, The Nation)

How Fox News' primetime lineup demonized Black Lives Matter in 2015 (Tyler Cherry, Media Matters)

I could be the next Tamir Rice (CJ Pearson, The Huffington Post)

In the year of Trump, the joke was on us (Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone)

Jesus "Chuy" Garcia: A crisis of trust & confidence in Rahm Emanuel's Chicago (Video, Changing Lanes, Real Clear Politics)

Justin Amash on Tamir Rice outcome: Cops don't deserve extra leniency (Robby Soave, Reason)

Kasich says Tamir Rice protestors "need to be heard" (Kevin Cirilli, Bloomberg)

King: No justice for Tamir Rice makes him our modern day Emmett Till (Shaun King, New York Daily News)

The latest: Attorneys defend officers in Tamir Rice shooting (Associated Press)

The laws and rules that protect police who kill (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

Maybe my son will be white (Mica McGriggs, The Huffington Post)

A message of inequality in the criminal justice system still resonates (Matt Caddwallader, Boston Globe)

More than 100 Tamir Rice protesters march through downtown Cleveland during second night of protests (Jane Morice, Cleveland Plain Dealer)

The new racial generation gap (William H. Frey, Los Angeles Times)

The numbers are in: Black Lives Matter is wrong about police (David French, National Review)

Obama’s skin looks a little different in these GOP campaign ads (Max Ehrenfreund, The Washington Post)

Officers in Tamir Rice shooting to face a new administrative review (M. Alex Johnson, NBC News)

Officer Van Dyke pleads not guilty to murder in shooting of Laquan McDonald (Video, CBS Chicago)

On being a new parent when news like Tamir Rice hits (Damon Young, The Root)

One heartbreaking photo reveals the racist hypocrisy behind Tamir Rice's death (Zak Cheney-Rice, Mic)

Opinion: Is the Tamir Rice case going the way of Ferguson? (Video, Jason Johnson, NBC News)

Please-don't-riot statements are the exact wrong response to the Tamir Rice news (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

The police protection playbook: how Ohio officials followed the script to the letter (Vann R. Newkirk II, Daily Kos)

Race on campus: the year of "making a statement on what America should be" (Michelle Dean, The Guardian)

Republicans can stop obsessing over Hispanic voters (Ramesh Ponnuru, Bloomberg View)

Stereotypes: It's not so black and white (Science 2.0)

The system wasn't built for us (Christina Torres, Education Week)

Tamir Rice and America's legal crisis (Paul Brandeis Rauschenbush, The Huffington Post)

Tamir Rice and America's tragedy (Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker)

Tamir Rice and the fears of black fathers for their sons (Jemar Tisby, Reformed African American Network)

Tamir Rice - a sad case that deserves some real talk (Dion McGill, Chicago Now)

The Tamir Rice case shows how prosecutors twist grand juries to protect police (Ari Melber, The Washington Post)

Tamir Rice decision illustrates power and limits of "Black Lives" movement (Perry Bacon Jr., NBC News)

The Tamir Rice decision is the breaking point (Jamil Smith, New Republic)

Tamir Rice family attorney: Entire process "corrupted" (Video, CNN)

Tamir Rice is Cleveland's other Christmas story: Phillip Morris (Phillip Morris, Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Tamir Rice prosecutor indicted innocent men, but not killer cops (Joy-Ann Reid, The Daily Beast)

Tamir Rice shooting: Cleveland mayor urges patience amid city review (Thomson Reuters, CBC Canada)

Tamir Rice shooting: Not just a tragedy (Joseph P. Williams, U.S. News & World Report)

Tamir Rice shooting was a tragedy, not a crime (Michael Daly, The Daily Beast)

Tamir Rice was killed by white America's irrational fear of black boys (Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian)

Until white America looks at Tamir Rice and sees their own children, there will be no racial justice in the U.S. (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

Was Tamir Rice stereotyped? Focus on Cleveland boy's physical build rooted in US slavery, black parents say (Aaron Morrison, International Business Times)

"We no longer trust the local criminal justice system": Tamir Rice's attorneys, family accuse prosecutor of "sabotaging" case (Ben Norton, Salon)

When will the killings stop? Calls for justice as Tamir Rice joins list of unpunished police deaths (Video, Democracy Now)

Why are their no staff black cartoonists at a time when we need them most? (Michael Cavna, The Washington Post)

Why "calls for calm" in Tamir Rice case strike black activists as condescending (Harry Bruinius, The Christian Science Monitor)

Why hasn't Hillary Clinton's civil rights work influenced her policy agenda? (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

Why not more outrage over Tamir Rice killing? (Issac Bailey, CNN)

Why police thought 12-year-old Tamir Rice was much older (Joshua A. Krisch, Vocativ)

Why video evidence wasn't enough to get justice for Tamir Rice (Mychal Denzel Smith, The Nation)

Why westerns are tragically more relevant than ever (David Ehrlich, Rolling Stone)

Will inequality ever stop growing? (Rebecca J. Rosen, Adrienne Green, Li Zhou, Alana Semuels, Joe Pinsker, The Atlantic)

A year of anger, activism and action (Starla Muhammad, Charlene Muhammad, The Final Call)


Activist says Tamir Rice grand jury decision "devastating" for family (Radio, All Things Considered, NPR)

After Chicago police kill a college student and a 55-year-old mother, mayor demands reform (Peter Holley, The Washington Post)

All of Chicago - not just its police - must see systemic change to save black lives (Mariame Kaba, The Guardian)

Attorney for Charleston County man says official account of police shooting "wholly inaccurate" (Andrew Knapp, Charleston Post and Courier)

Autopsy reveals Chicago police shot "mentally ill" teen multiple times (Reuters, Vice)

Bernie Sanders wants federal probe of Tamir Rice case: "We need to take a hard look" at police use of force (Arturo Garcia, Raw Story)

Black Lives Matter collective in the new year: A unified agenda (Munson Steed, Rolling Out)

Chicago's "shoot first, ask questions later" cops kill again (Kate Briquelet, The Daily Beast)

Cleveland officer who fatally shot Tamir Rice will not face criminal charges (Oliver Laughland, The Guardian)

Cleveland officer will not face charges in Tamir Rice shooting death (Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

Childhood asthma rates level off, but racial disparities remain (Radio, Rob Stein, Morning Edition, NPR)

Dispatch audio for fatal West Side police shooting (Lydoptagelse, Chicago Tribune)

Donald Trump fails history: How the right's failure to understand Japanese-American internment drives anti-Muslim hatred (Shelley Lee, Rick Baldoz, Salon)

Former KKK leader says Donald Trump's rhetoric might be a little too radical (Katie Valentine, Think Progress)

Grand jury declines to indict Cleveland officer in fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice (Associated Press, Los Angeles Times)

Grand jury declines to indict officers in Tamir Rice case (Daniella Silva, Elisha Fieldstadt, Corky Siemaszko, NBC News)

Grand jury declines to indict police officers in Tamir Rice investigation (Laura Wagner, Merrit Kennedy, NPR)

The great renaming craze of 2015 (David Greenberg, Politico)

"Hopelessness is the enemy of justice" An interview with Bryan Stevenson (Dean A. Strang, The Progressive)

How 2015 fueled the rise of the freewheeling, white nationalist alt right movement (Rosie Gray, BuzzFeed)

How a prosecutor managed to blame a 12-year-old boy for getting killed by a cop (Daniel Marans, The Huffington Post)

I could have been Tamir Rice or Officer Timothy Loehmann (Ray Johnson, Chicago Now)

It's wrong to say that only Nazis like Trump: There's more to it: Watch (Video, The Ring of Fire)

Lawsuit filed to stop Confederate monument removal in New Orleans (Randy Collins, Hexa News)

Legal analyst questions Tamir Rice decision (Video, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, CNN)

Lethal force as first resort (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

Let's be honest folks: Tamir Rice is dead and the police will go unpunished because black people are scary (Chauncey DeVega,

Mapping police violence: New study shows cops have killed at least 1,152 in 2015 (Video, Democracy Now)

No indictment for cop who fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice (Kim Bellware, The Huffington Post)

No indictment in the Tamir Rice shooting (Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic)

No one was indicted in the Tamir Rice case. That was the plan all along. (Cristian Farias, The Huffington Post)

Officers won't be charged for killing Tamir Rice as family says prosecutor "abused" grand jury process (Ben Mathis-Lilly, Slate)

One of these is the toy gun Tamir Rice was holding: Prosecutors (Emily Shapiro, ABC News)

Perceptions of Americans are divided on Islam & violence (New Jersey Today)

Police brutality is so common that we're starting to ignore it (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

The power of video and police use of force (Lara Weber, Chicago Tribune)

The riot ideology, reborn (Fred Siegel, City Journal)

Sikhs in America are still coming under attack because people think they're Muslims (Peter Holley, The Washington Post)

Tamir Rice case: Prosecutor abused, manipulated grand jury process, family attorney says (Emily Shapiro, ABC News)

Tamir Rice found guilty of being young, free and black (Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

Tamir Rice protests must be peaceful: editorial (Leder, Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Tamir Rice's death: A lawful tragedy (Philip Holloway, CNN)

The Tamir Rice shooting reveals the darkness at the heart of open carry laws (Charles P. Pierce, Esquire)

Tinashe: Racism holds back black women in entertainment industry (Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, Jezebel)

Top cop Escalante says police will evaluate crisis training after deaths (Kelly Bauer, DNAinfo)

What everyone should know about the police killing of Tamir Rice (2002-2014) (Judd Legum, Think Progress)

Why a dash-cam video of a police shooting might not be a smoking gun (Mark Guarino, The Washington Post)

Why the Republican candidates are obsessed with "political correctness" (Paul Waldman, The American Prospect)

Why white people see black boys like Tamir Rice as older, bigger and guiltier than they really are (Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post)


2015: The year of writing racially (Lonnae O'Neal, The Washington Post)

American exceptionalism (Fred E. Foldvary, Progress)

Austin's biggest stories of 2015: No. 6: Sandra Bland's death (Austin American-Statesman)

Ben Carson: Don't "inject race" into Sandra Bland death (Video, Gregory Krieg, CNN)

Bitter clingers 2.0 (Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media)

Blackonomics: Looking for what we already have (James Clingman, New Pittsburgh Courier)

Celebrating African heritage with Kwanzaa (Doug Donovan, The Baltimore Sun)

Chicago officer fatally shoots 2, one deemed accident (Aamer Madhani, Gregg Zoroya, USA Today)

Chicago police shoots another black man (KaiElz, Chicago Defender)

Chicago police: Woman accidentally killed by officer fire (Caryn Rousseau, Associated Press)

Coming to your suburb: The ghettos (Bob Unruh, WND)

Cops targeting blacks for petty crimes, a shameless trend (Leder, The Star-Ledger, Newark, New Jersey)

Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter, and the echoes of busing (Farah Stockman, Boston Globe)

Editorial: Fewer Confederate flags, but still a tough year for racial progress (Leder, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Families of two people killed by Chicago police seek answers: "When does it end?" (Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian)

Families of victims in police shooting demand answers (Michelle Gallardo, ABC7 Chicago)

Houston authorities say blaze at mosque was intentionally set (Video, Fox News)

How Hillary Clinton went undercover to examine race in education (Amy Chozick, The New York Times)

No one wants to be called a racist (Michael Curtis, American Thinker)

Not another "Dear White America" letter (Scott Greer, The Daily Caller)

Officers seek delay in shooting suit (Associated Press, The Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Photographer from Rockford travels U.S. documenting protests (Shara Taylor, WREX, Rockford, Illinois)

Police shot and killed nearly 1,000 people in 2015, study says (Jack Mirkinson, Fusion)

Racial policing and civic protest: Looking ahead after a historic year (Radio, Weekend Edition Sunday, NPR)

Relatives of 2 killed by Chicago Police demand changes (Mitch Dudek, Chicago Sun-Times)

Trump speech is hateful, but it is not new (David Paul, The Huffington Post)

The US Senate: The world's whitest deliberative body (Keli Goff, The Daily Beast)

Victims and microaggressions: Why 2015 was the year students lost their minds (Emily Shire, The Daily Beast)

Who is the Democratic Party's minority candidate? Martin O'Malley (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)


2 fatally shot, 1 accidentally, by Chicago police on West Side; families demand answers (Megan Crepeau, Jeremy Gorner, Grace Wong, Chicago Tribune)

2015 -- The year of #BlackLivesMatter (Terrance Heath, Black Star News, New York)

America's poverty remains stubbornly persistent (Robert J. Samuelson, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Virginia)

AP-Times Square poll: Shootings weighed on Americans in 2015 (Verena Dobnik (Associated Press), ABC News)

Baltimore prosecutor blocks release of Mondawmin unrest footage (Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun)

Black bishop: Obama "squandered" chance to end "scourge of chaos" (Victor Thorn, American Free Press)

Black lives matter long before police encounters (Robert Ross, The Sacramento Bee)

Black people not amused by Politico suggestion that Obama reach out to whitey (Tommy Christopher, Mediaite)

The case against colorblind casting (Angelica Jade Bastién, The Atlantic)

Chasing a killer: Inside a Baltimore homicide investigation (Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun)

Chicago police fatally shoot two people after domestic disturbance call (Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian)

Chicago police fatally shoot 2, raising new questions for a force under scrutiny (Monica Davey, The New York Times)

Chicago police: Woman "accidentally" shot and killed by an officer (Video, Holly Yan, Chandler Friedman, CNN)

Chicago's next top cop faces daunting to-do list (Bill Ruthhart, Annie Sweeney, Chicago Tribune)

Counting bullets doesn't add up to justice (Jonathan F. Keller, American Thinker)

Crying wolf about racism (Michael Rubin, Commentary)

Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter and the death of respectability politics (Christopher Petrella, Justin Gomer (Truthout), Alternet)

Fake black man Shaun King says Jews can't have blue eyes, blond hair (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

Halfway through Mayor de Blasio's term, polls suggest nonminorities have overwhelmingly turned against him (Jennifer Fermino, New York Daily News)

Hispanic teen births: A big problem struggling for attention in Texas (Mary Ann Roser, Austin American-Statesman)

Housing incentive program has no takers in Baltimore region (Doug Donovan, The Baltimore Sun)

How to reduce racial animus 101 (Hal Ginsberg, Dagblog)

The Jack Johnson interview - 105 years on (Nick Bond, Boxing News)

Mall of America protesters unite against killer cops and capitalism (Joe Delaplaine, Liberation)

Mother, NIU student killed in police-involved shooting (Video, NBC Chicago)

"Nightly Show" host Larry Wilmore carving niche (Jon Caramanica (New York Times News Service), The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio)

Racism: "White men must be stopped" says Salon magazine (Lee Stranahan, Breitbart)

The real victims of victimhood (Arthur C. Brooks, The New York Times)

Remembering the courage of Mamie Till Mobley (Terri Jett, Indianapolis Recorder)

Robin Kelley, Malkia Cyril, Richard Rothstein: Do black lives matter to media? (Podcast, CounterSpin, FAIR)

A second chapter for Black Lives Matter? (Rod Kackley, PJ Media)

Where is Kamala Harris on this Mario Woods killing? (Davey D, San Francisco Bay View)

A year of reckoning: Police fatally shoot nearly 1,000 (Kimberly Kindy, Marc Fisher, Julie Tate, Jennifer Jenkins, The Washington Post)


2015: The year in criminal justice (Rachel Kleinman, MSNBC)

2015: A year of tumult on college campuses (Nick Anderson, Susan Svrluga, The Washington Post)

Chicago police were seeking Taser when officer shot Laquan McDonald, recording shows (Megan Crepeau, Grace Wong, Los Angeles Times)

Editorial: Inequities in police response to 911 calls can't stand (Leder, Chicago Sun-Times)

Fashion 2015: A little more diverse, a lot more naked. And men looked better than women. (Robin Givhan, The Washington Post)

Freddie Gray's pastor: "Justice has to be won some kind of way" (Video, CBS Baltimore)

"The Hip Hop & Obama Reader" explores a complex intracultural relationship (Bobbi Booker, The Philadelphia Tribune)

Kwanzaa puts focus on unity in year of racial tensions (Monsy Alvarado, The Record, New Jersey,

Longtime civil rights leader Wade Henderson to leave his post next year (Fenit Nirappil, The Washington Post)

If mental illness is the problem, America is mentally ill (Dave Ragland, Counterpunch)

A memorial and a mystery (Kathleen Luppi, Los Angeles Times)

New Jersey school district eases pressure on students, baring an ehtnic divide (Kyle Spencer, The New York Times)

No depression in heaven: The South, race, religion and FDR (Alison Collis Greene, Salon)

"Our Gang" chronicles lives of African-American actors in "The Little Rascals" (Radio, All Things Considered, NPR)

Pundits consider Latinos and the Republican vote (Ramon Taylor, Voice of America)

Race-blind college admissions: Not so black and white for Asian students (Jeremy Au Yong, The Straits Times, Singapore)

Shaun King: White supremacist power structure helps understand American immigrant history, from nation's founding to current debate over Muslim refugees (Shaun King, New York Daily News)

A Tale of One City: "Cincinnati Goddamn" by Zack Hatfield (Zack Hatfield, Los Angeles Review of Books)

Trading Places: A 1983 Christmas comedy that's still surprisingly relevant (Gillian B. White, Bourree Lam, The Atlantic)

Trying to hide the rise of violent crime (Heather Mac Donald, The Wall Street Journal)

Vigil after autopsy out for man killed by Dearborn cop (Leonard Fleming, The Detroit News)


At year's end, violent crime up in Minneapolis for the fifth straight year (Libor Jany, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Audio of Laquan McDonald shooting released (Lyd, Kelly Chen, The Huffington Post)

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Lender discrimination may be pushing black churches into bankruptcy (Patrick Clark, Bloomberg)

Magnificent Mile protests disrupt but don't deter holiday shopping (Camila Domonoske, NPR)

Mud huts v Western civilization: Why #RhodesMustFall must fail (James Delingpole, Breitbart)

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Police radio traffic released from night Laquan McDonald killed: "Shots fired by the police!" (Video, Megan Crepeau, Grace Wong, Chicago Tribune)

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Report: Police requested Taser before fatally shooting Laquan McDonald (Stephen A. Crockett Jr., The Root)

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Rising interest rates ignore high Black unemployment (Charles D. Ellison, The Philadelphia Tribune)

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The Supreme Court's diversity dilemma (Linda Greenhouse, The New York Times)

U.S. planning operation to deport Central American families (Eyder Peralta, NPR)

We are all "heirs of the American experiment" (Raymond Daniel Burke, The Baltimore Sun)

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Why one Latino group is chasing high schoolers ahead of 2016 (Radio, Asma Khalid, Morning Edition, NPR)

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Another police officer indicted after video proves he lied (Leon Neyfakh, Slate)

As the Supreme Court decides on affirmative action in college admissions, millennials weigh in on "What's Fair?" (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

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Body cameras coming to 6 more Chicago Police districts (Simone Alicea, Chicago Sun-Times)

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"Islam is not a race", but Islamophobia is racism (Ali Harb, The Arab American News)

King Center plans for 30th anniversary of the King holiday (Maria Boynton, CBS Atlanta)

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Mitchell: $5 million settlement in Laquan McDonald case stirs debate (Mary Mitchell, Chicago Sun-Times)

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell: "White supremecists," "haters of the president," and "believers of lies" have made Trump the frontrunner (Video, MSNBC, Real Clear Politics)

Oberlin's food isn't "cultural appropriation." That doesn't mean the students are wrong. (Aaron R. Hanlon, New Republic)

Protesters plan "Black Christmas" march along Mag Mile (Tony Briscoe, Chicago Tribune)

Pursuit of sanctions against mother who allegedly threatened cop dropped (Jason Meisner, Tony Briscoe, Chicago Tribune)

Racial breakdown persists under de Blasio, as overall police stops decrease (Brendan Cheney, Politico)

Racial injustice; Is America ignoring the truth? (Sharon Blake, Maleeka T. Hollaway (20 Beautiful Women), The Huffington Post)

Readers respond: The top social justice stories of 2015 (Leder, The New York Times)

Sandra Bland's family rejects prosecutor's offer to meet about probe into jail death (Lolly Bowean, Chicago Tribune)

Sheriff Dart, Harvey police chief invite DOJ to investigate department (Andy Grimm, Chicago Sun-Times)

Six video frames at the center of the Tamir Rice case (Richard A. Oppel Jr., The New York Times)

Slager's attorneys ask for public funding for expert witnesses (Christina Elmore, The Charleston Post and Courier, South Carolina)

Stigma mustn't stop us from discussing HIV and mass incarceration (C. Virginia Fields, The Huffington Post)

Supreme Court runs away from race (George E. Curry, New Pittsburgh Courier)

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Amid hostility, U.S. Muslims seek political voice (James Arkin, Real Clear Politics)

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Bernie Sanders is right: Sandra Bland would be alive today if she were a white woman (Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

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The Freddie Gray case's lesson: Limit police chases (Todd Oppenheim, The Delaware News Journal)

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No indictments In Sandra Bland death, Texas grand jury rules (Marie Andrusewicz, NPR)

Police violence: US cops killed more people this year than in 2014 (Tom Hall, Center for Research on Globalization, Canada)

Protesters ask Feds to get involved in Sandra Bland case (Phil Helsel, Ari Melber, NBC News)

Sandra Bland case highlights lax Texas state police practices (Video, Paul J. Weber (Associated Press), St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Sandra Bland prosecutor "begging" to talk to her family (Andy Grimm, Chicago Sun-Times)

Sandra Bland's family calls for criminal charges against Texas trooper (Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

Sandra Bland "would be alive today if she were a white woman", Bernie Sanders says (Lauren Gambino, The Guardian)

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Americans' faith in the honesty and ethics of the police is improving, according to a new Gallup poll (Caroline May, Breitbart)

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Education gaps don't fully explain why black unemployment is so high (Gillian B. White, The Atlantic)

"Extreme" racial disparity in local N.J. arrests, ACLU report finds (S.P. Sullivan,, New Jersey)

"The Force Awakens" fuels "Star Wars" powerful legacy of black men (Aaron Barksdale, The Huffington Post)

Grand jury declines to indict anyone in death of Sandra Bland (Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

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Harvard steps back from placemats for racist uncles (Emily Shire, The Daily Beast)

The hidden racism of the new Star Wars (Colin Fox, The Daily Caller)

Hip-hop artists back push to send rap lyrics case to the US supreme court (Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian)

How America's dying white supremacist movement is seizing on Donald Trump's appeal (Peter Holley, Sarah Larimer, The Washington Post)

In NY, a 10-year legal battle seeks to pry open door to fair housing (E. Tammy Kim, Al Jazeera America)

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A language for grieving (Sonya Posmentier, The New York Times)

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Mario Woods: No state compensation for family unless DA charges police (Michael Barba, San Francisco Examiner)

The missing black millennials (Donovan X. Ramsey, The New York Times)

New court date set for police officer after hung jury in Freddie Gray death trial (Baynard Woods, The Guardian)

New Orleans city council votes to remove Confederate memorials (Rafi Schwartz, Good)

No, Trump's anti-Muslim proposals aren't anti-American. They're just the latest entries in a history of American religious and racial persecution. (Nancy Wadsworth, The Washington Post)

Obama's outrageous attempts to dictate the racial make-up of neighborhoods (Thomas Sowell, New York Post)

Obama to college students: Keep protesting, but "don't shut people up" (Willa Frej, The Huffington Post)

Obama: Trump is "exploiting" anger and fear over economic insecurities (David Nakamura, The Washington Post)

Oberlin students take culture war to the dining hall (Katie Rogers, The New York Times)

OpEd: The year of black resistance (Danielle Moodie-Mills, NBC News)

Ozell Sutton dies at 90; longtime civil rights activist (Jill Leovy, Los Angeles Times)

Prosecutor: No indictment for Texas jailers in Sandra Bland's death (Chicago Tribune)

The racial divide on gun deaths in America (Jazz Shaw, Hot Air)

The real reason affirmative action is in danger (Sam Baker, National Journal)

Rise of Donald Trump divides black celebrities he calls his friends (Maggie Haberman, Steve Eder, The New York Times)

Segregation: Milwaukee's tale of two cities (Video, Sachelle Saunders, CBS58, Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Teaching tough topics: The real history of the South (Radio, Dan Carsen, GPB News, Georgia)

Texas grand jury finds no cause for indictment in Sandra Bland case (Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Los Angeles Times)

Tex. grand jury issues no indictments in jailhouse death of Sandra Bland (Sarah Kaplan, The Washington Post)

This defense in court has saved people 1,862 years in prison (Jamilah King, Mic)

Trump and the wisdom of crowds (G. Murphy Donovan, American Thinker)

Trump's toxic rhetoric is not making America great again (Asad Khan, The Daily Caller)

Trump supporter arrested in alleged plot to bomb Muslims (Alice Ollstein, Think Progress)

Video raises questions over Chicago police account of fatal shooting (Zach Stafford, Brandon Smith, The Guardian)

When my Japanese-American family was treated as less than human (Mike Honda, Reuters)

White transit riders get warnings, black people get tickets (Dana Liebelson, The Huffington Post)

Why America doesn't call it terrorism if the perpetrators are white (Frank Vyan Walton (Daily Kos), AlterNet)

With The Hateful Eight, Quentin Tarantino stirs the race relations pot... again (Jeff Labrecque, Entertainment Weekly)

Young, black activists emerge amid repeated police controversies in Chicago (Dawn Rhodes, Tony Briscoe, Chicago Tribune)


AME church where gunman Dylan Roof killed 9 to start "race war" hosts major race relations summit (Katherine Weber, The Christian Post)

At Supreme Court, Lone Star State stands apart (Richard Wolf, USA Today)

Black people: Looking for what we already have (James E. Clingman,

A Chicago neighborhood's endless battle to stop open air drug markets (Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian)

Cops, lies and videotape: The death of Laquan McDonald (Video, Al Jazeera)

The Democrats still aren't having a conversation about race (Jamil Smith, New Republic)

Finley: Black inclusion in Detroit's comeback still lagging (Nolan Finley, The Detroit News)

George Takei: The currency of fear (George Takei, USA Today)

Hate is as American as apple pie. So is Trump (Peter Lee, International Policy Digest)

"Huck Finn's America": Twain's masterpiece is even more revolutionary than you remember (Boganmeldelse, Robert A. Wagner, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Minorities less likely to trust physicians (Science 2.0)

New York sheet metal workers case highlights persistence of workplace discrimination (Rachel L. Swarns, The New York Times)

Only one candidate mentioned race in debate question about racism (Jorge Rivas, Fusion)

Picturing the American South: The year's best photo books reveal a vast portrait (Rebecca Bengal, Vogue)

Project explores New Mexico prison camps for Japanese-Americans during WWII (Elaine D. Briseño, Albuquerque Journal)

Report: Racial gap still wide in college graduation rates (Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle)

St. Louis cop who killed teenager VonDerrit Myers Jr. last year resigns after suspected drunk driving (Jason Silverstein, New York Daily News)

Tomgram: Matthew Harwood, Welcome to cop land (Matthew Harwood,

Why angry white men are so angry (Jonathan Weaver, The Good Men Project)

Why isn't it "terrorism" when the perpetrators aren't Muslim? (Frank Vyan Walton, Daily Kos)

Will the Holtzclaw case lead to long-term changes? (Radio, Oklahoma Watch, Ben Fenwick, Nate Robson, KGOU, Oklahoma City)

The year's biggest social justice stories (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)


The Baltimore judicial railroad (Michael Thiac, American Thinker)

Black leader: Schools must discipline "out-of-control, angry thugs" (Paul Bremmer, WND)

Editorial: Let us not affirm bigotry (Leder, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

For Muslims in Atlanta, caution in the wake of deadly attacks (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

George Takei describes Donald Trump's Muslim entry ban as "chilling" (Video, Lyanne Alfaro, CNBC)

GOP congressman: Obama "wants to change the way America looks" (Scott Keyes, Think Progress)

Have the Freddie Gray trials been essentially derailed? (Jazz Shaw, Hot Air)

Independent investigations of police shootings becoming the norm (Jacinthia Jones, Katie Fretland, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis)

It's time for the arts world to look hard at its own racism (Bidisha, The Guardian)

The KKK has infiltrated U.S. police departments for decades (Justin Gardner (The Free Thought Project), AlterNet)

Mitchell: Laquan McDonald case reveals child-welfare system's flaws (Mary Mitchell, Chicago Sun-Times)

Muslims rally in Dearborn against hate, terrorism (Video, Jim Schaefer, Detroit Free Press)

Old Dixie Highway renamed President Barack Obama Highway in Florida city (Elahe Izadi, The Washington Post)

Our new post-Obama "Star Wars": Race, the Force and the dark side in modern America (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

Police make slow progress in confronting mentally ill (Vivian Ho, San Francisco Chronicle)

Racism isn't merely a consequence of people being mean (OPINION) (Don Wayne, The Oregonian)

Serena Williams: Diary of a strong, black woman in white America (Stereo Williams, The Daily Beast)

Stephanie Grace: Removing Confederate monuments in New Orleans the right thing to do (Stephanie Grace, The Advocate, New Orleans)

Taking bias out of policing is a tall order, but here are some starting points (Sandy Banks, Los Angeles Times)

These cops are probably going to get away with praising white power and saying black people should be spayed (Beenish Ahmed, Think Progress)

Trump and co. deepening the divide on Arabs and Muslims (James Zogby, The Huffington Post)

Trump slanders America (Peter Wehner, Real Clear Politics)

Why you should know what happened in Freddie Gray's life - long before his death (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)


20 most memorable moments in black entertainment that defined 2015 (Shonitria Anthony, The Huffington Post)

The African American History Museum is curating the "Black Lives Matter" movement through photos and art (Ricky Riley, Atlanta Black Star)

Anita Alvarez on trial: The state's attorney's defense (Leder, Chicago Tribune)

Asians and whites need not to apply (Russell L. Weaver, The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Kentucky)

Attorney for Chicago officer plans to seek change of venue (Don Babwin, Carla K. Johnson (Associated Press), Fox News)

Attorney for Freddie Gray's family says mistrial is "a fresh start" (Rahel Gebreyes, The Huffington Post)

Baltimore wrestles with the way forward after a mistrial (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Jess Bidgood, The New York Times)

Comics star Gene Yang talks racial influences, the Boxer rebellion, Superman, and Linsanity (Joshua Rivera, Vulture)

Cop charged with murder of Laquan McDonald plans to seek change of venue (CBS Chicago)

Demands to rename Donald J. Trump State Park gain ground (Lisa W. Foderaro, The New York Times)

Don't settle for speeches: Fix the racial wealth gap (Hamilton Nolan, Gawker)

First footage from Baltimore police body camera pilot released (Vann R. Newkirk II, Daily Kos)

For middle-aged, white Washingtonians, a troubling death-rate trend (Gene Balk, The Seattle Times)

Freddie Gray mistrial changes everything in officers' next five trials (Casey Harper, The Daily Caller)

Freddie Gray mistrial tarnishes image of Baltimore police (Juliet Linderman, The Southern Illinoisian)

Grand jury officially indicts Jason Van Dyke for murdering Laquan McDonald (Video, Jason Moore, Atlanta Black Star)

Guest opinion: Comments from Supreme Court justice show racial bias (Sen. Lonnie M. Randolph, Chicago Tribune)

Jason Van Dyke greeted by cameras, scorn at criminal court (Rummana Hussain, Chicago Sun-Times)

Jesse Jackson: Nation's urban centers in crisis (Associated Press)

Journalist to Donald Trump: Don't you have the responsibility to condemn racial slurs at your rallies? (Colin Campbell, Business Insider UK)

Judge improperly ordered inmates off death row, N.C. high court rules (Jacob Gershman, The Wall Street Journal)

Justice Department lets Chicago residents know how to air beefs about cops (CBS Chicago)

The killing of Laquan McDonald: The dashcam video vs. police accounts (Video, Wayne Drash, CNN)

King: Chicago officials who helped illegally coverup Laquan McDonald's fatal shooting should be fired, criminally charged (Shaun King, New York Daily News)

Laquan McDonald court documents show teen hoped for better life (Christy Gutowski, Chicago Tribune)

Many problems Chicago faced under Daley still remain under Mayor Emanuel (Video, Mike Flannery, Fox32 Chicago)

Mental illness: A smoking gun (Dr. Peggy Drexler, The Huffington Post)

NC Supreme Court upholds 2011 election district maps (Anne Blythe, The Charlotte Observer)

North Carolina to review death sentences reduced over race (Alan Blinder, The New York Times)

Obama grants 95 Christmastime pardons and commutations (Gregory Korte, David Jackson, USA Today)

O'Malley defends police record as Baltimore mayor (Akilah Johnson, Boston Globe)

Program that flags Chicago cops at risk of misconduct misses most officers (Jonah Newman, Chicago Reporter)

Race on campus: Treating students of color differently (James Huffman, Newsweek)

Race relations lowest in decade (Sara Sayed, The Daily Beast)

The racial spoils system invents a tribe for Native Hawaiians (Keli'i Akina, The Wall Street Journal)

Rahm Emanuel's moment of truth (Kari Lydersen, Al Jazeera America)

The real reason Sandra Bland got locked up (Debbie Nathan, The Nation)

Rep. Carson miscasts racial supremacists as greater threat than jihadists (Jon Greenberg, Politifact)

A sacrificial Rahm? Mayor 1%, racist policing, and metropolitan disorder (Paul Street, Counterpunch)

Sandra Bland was my person of the year (Rabbi Ben Kamin, The Moderate Voice)

The segregation we don't talk about enough (Aparna Mathur, American Enterprise Institute)

Should we choose our racial identities? (Marcie Bianco, Quartz)

Training to reduce "cop macho" and "contempt of cop" could reduce police violence (Frank Rudy Cooper, The Conversation)

Trial date set in Sandra Bland case (Stephen A. Crockett Jr., The Root)

Trump brings bigots out of hiding (Dana Milbank, The Washington Post)

The Trump of Baltimore county (The Baltimore Sun)

War of words escalates in Chicago over Laquan McDonald shooting (Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

We owe it to Freddie Gray: inmate transportation "wild rides" must end (Chandra Bozelko, The Guardian)

West Baltimore on the Freddie Gray case mistrial (Video, The Real News)

We the "politically correct" people (Danielle Allen, The Washington Post)

When Donald Trump's words scared this Muslim girl, these Army vets responded perfectly. (Eric March, Upworthy)

Who will stop Republican Islamophobia? (Jeet Heer, New Republic)

Will Smith: If Donald Trump's comments continue, I'll be forced to run for president - video (Video, CBS Sunday Morning, The Guardian)


Another reason viewpoint diversity matters: Partisan bias can exceed racial bias (Jonathan H. Adler, The Washington Post)

Archbishop William E. Lori meets Pope Francis in Rome, talks Freddie Gray; pontiff prays for Baltimore (Jonathan Pitts, The Baltimore Sun)

Baltimore protests remain peaceful after mistrial in Freddie Gray case (Radio, Jennifer Ludden, Morning Edition, NPR)

The "benefits" of black physics students (Jedidah C. Isler, The New York Times)

Blacklisting "Huck Finn" - the PC police side with 19th century racists (David Marcus, New York Post)

Chicago pays millions but punishes few in killings by police (Monica Davey, Timothy Williams, The New York Times)

Coalition calls on city residents to "channel this outrage" into police reform (Yvonne Wenger, The Baltimore Sun)

Controversial Baltimore Police officer banned from city courthouse (Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun)

Emanuel meets with feds at City Hall over police shootings (John Byrne, Chicago Tribune)

Experts doubt Donald Trump's plan to execute cop killers would pass muster (John Santucci, ABC News)

For Chicago police, many complaints but few consequences (Gregor Aisch, Haeyoun Park, The New York Times)

Freddie Gray and the meaning of justice (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

Freddie Gray mistrial tarnishes image of Baltimore police (Julie Linderman (Associated Press), ABC News)

Freddie Gray protester Kwame Rose released from jail (Ebony)

How colleges make racial disparities worse (Richard Sander, The Wall Street Journal)

How secrecy and vagueness around police policies led to the Freddie Gray mistrial (Brentin Mock, CityLab)

Hung jury for cop charged in Freddie Gray's death: What's next? (Video, Aaron Cooper, Greg Botelho, Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN)

Is pressure mounting for Baltimore City State's Attorney? (Video, CNN)

Jason Van Dyke, Chicago cop, charged with six counts of murder in death of teenager (Video, Andrew Blake, The Washington Times)

Judge denies Tribune motion seeking to intervene in McDonald shooting case (Jason Meisner, Chicago Tribune)

The killing of Laquan McDonald: The dashcam video vs. police accounts (Video, Wayne Drash, CNN)

Mapping the "great divide" between affordable housing and opportunity (Tanvi Misra, City Lab)

The massive fight for Rahm Emanuel's resignation, explained (Michelle Hackman, Vox)

Mother of Amadou Diallo calls for "racial healing" (Video, Fox5 News, New York)

Notable mistrials in cases of police deaths (Associated Press)

Obama has worsened race relations (Peter Wehner, Commentary)

Prosecutors consider retrial for Baltimore officer charged in Freddie Gray death (Radio, Jennifer Ludden, All Things Considered, NPR)

Rahm Emanuel must resign (Leder, The Nation)

Retired black cops want police hiring freeze while feds investigate CPD (CBS Chicago)

The travesty in Baltimore (Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review)

Trump piles on Scalia: Supports racial preferences (Paul Mirengoff, Power Line)

Two arrested during protests following mistrial for officer charged in Freddie Gray's death (Polly Mosendz, Newsweek)

Watch Freddie Gray's family attorney push back on O'Reilly's assertion that Baltimore protesters are immoral (Video, Media Matters)

We don't need justice for Freddie Gray's death to know police apathy is deadly (Jason Nichols, The Guardian)

West Baltimore, after Freddie Gray (Fotos, CNN)

What science has to say about affirmative action (Kate Turetsky, Valerie Purdie-Vaughns, Scientific American)

What's next for the officers charged in the Freddie Gray case (Video, The Washington Post)

Why affirmative action matters in the larger social and racial justice movement: An Asian American perspective (Christopher Kang, The Huffington Post)

Why are cops in Laquan McDonald case still on the beat? (Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune)

With federal police review, Chicago families see second change for justice (Michael Regan, The Christian Science Monitor)


After hung jury in officer Porter trial, what now? (Luke Broadwater, Ian Duncan, The Baltimore Sun)

Baltimore police preparations ahead of Freddie Gray verdict alarm activists (Baynard Woods, The Guardian)

Behind the story: NBC5's Carol Martin on covering the Laquan McDonald shooting (Video, NBC Chicago)

Can this really be Donald Trump's Republican Party? (Thomas B. Edsall, The New York Times)

Chicago cop indicted on 6 murder counts in Laquan McDonald slaying (Steve Schmadeke, Chicago Tribune)

Chicago leaders say '05 police shooting of Latino man just as egregious as McDonald's (Fox News Latino)

Emanuel recall bill, council hearing show political flank-covering in McDonald case (Rick Pearson, Bill Ruthhart, John Byrne, Chicago Tribune)

Family attorneys offering reward for video of Darrius Stewart shooting (Video, Fox13 Memphis)

Feds in Chicago to start CPD probe (Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun-Times)

For Republicans, bigotry is the new normal (Leder, The Washington Post)

Freddie Gray: judge declares mistrial in case against Baltimore police officer (Baynard Woods, The Guardian)

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Gender and racial stereotypes derail rape investigations, attorney general says (Danielle Paquette, The Washington Post)

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Justice Department to meet with top police officials in civil rights probe (John Byrne, Bill Ruthhart, Chicago Tribune)

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33 shots: L.A. deputies defend slaying of crawling man (CBS News)

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Baltimore evicts nearly 7,000 people from their homes every year (Michelle Chen, The Nation)

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"Creole" in Houston: not black, not white, different than "mixed" (Tyina Steptoe, Houston Chronicle)

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Fatal police shooting in LA suburb was different from others (Amanda Lee Myers, Associated Press)

First trial in Freddie Gray case goes to the jury (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Jess Bidgood, The New York Times)

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Chance the Rapper references Laquan McDonald case on "SNL" (Tracy Swartz, Chicago Tribune)

Citadel alumni disturbed by images of cadets in white hoods (Paul Bowers, The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina)

Closing arguments set to begin for officer charged in Freddie Gray case (CBS Baltimore)

Deputies in Lynwood fired 33 bullets at suspect captain says was armed with handgun (Video, CBS Los Angeles)

Diversity is not making college students any brighter (Scott Greer, The Daily Caller)

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and a right-wing insurgency the GOP can no longer control (Heather Cox Richardson (Salon), AlterNet)

Do we really want an "inclusive" political agenda? (Ed Straker, American Thinker)

Editorial: Education's unresolved racial dilemma (Leder, Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Even judging Woodrow Wilson by the standards of his own time, he was deplorably racist (Nancy C. Unger, History News Network)

Footage shows LA police gunning down black man walking away from them (Blue Telusma, The Grio)

Freddie Gray haunts court case – and reveals tale of two Baltimores (Baynard Woods, The Guardian)

Freddie Gray judge is not one "to let anyone push him over" (Lynh Bui, The Washington Post)

Freddie Gray's Baltimore neighborhood watches trial warily (John Eligon, The New York Times)

The Freddie Gray trial asks: What happened inside that van? (Radio, Jennifer Ludden, All Things Considered, NPR)

The high cost of free speech on campus (Bruce Weinstein, Fortune)

Hispanic activists vow to flood voter rolls with 1 million immigrants, punish Trump, GOP at polls (Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times)

Hoaxes and all, black victimization campaign marches on (Paul Bremmer, WND)

How Donald Trump plays the politics of fear (Julian Zelizer, CNN)

How Donald Trump's attack on Muslims brought him more media coverage than ever (Kalev Leetaru, The Washington Post)

A hundred years later, "The Birth of a Nation" hasn't gone away (Allyson Hobbs, The New Yorker)

Images Show Man Was Armed Before Deadly Deputy-Involved Shooting in Lynwood (Rick Montanez, Jessica Perez, NBC Los Angeles)

An inmate dies, and no one is punished (Michael Winerip, Michael Schwirtz, The New York Times)

Investigation into deadly deputy-involved shooting in Lynwood (Jessica Perez, NBC Southern California)

It's been a tumultuous year, yes. But it's not 1968. (Michael A. Cohen, Boston Globe)

Just in time for the holidays: Books by journalists of color (Richard Prince, The Root)

Laquan McDonald case hangs over Austin tree-lighting event (Terry Dean, Austin Talks, Chicago)

Lisa Madigan says serious questions remain over handling of Laquan McDonald case (Craig Dellimore, CBS Chicago)

Los Angeles county police shoot and kill man who reportedly fired pistol (Andrew Gumbel, The Guardian)

Los Angeles protests after man killed in deputy-involved shooting in Lynwood (Jessica Perez, Kate Larsen, NBC Southern California)

Man killed by deputies in California brandished gun, officials say (Ian Lovett, Adam Nagourney, The New York Times)

Man killed by LA County deputies was armed and presented threat, officials say (Rory Carroll, The Guardian)

Officer Porter's defense attorneys are no strangers to the spotlight (Alison Knezevich, Ian Duncan, The Baltimore Sun)

Officials release second video in fatal police shooting of Texas man apparently raising arms in surrender (Video, Brendan O'Connor, Gawker)

On policing, the national mood turns toward reform (Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post)

Police shooting of man in Los Angeles area sparks questions (Al Jazeera America)

Police shoot man as he crawls away (Video, The Daily Beast)

Racial and religious identities collide leaving black Muslims overlooked (Mashaun D. Simon, NBC News)

Racism won't win The White House (John Zogby, Forbes)

Rep. Andre Carson: Americans will "push back" on anti-Muslim rhetoric because it's "dangerous" (Video, ABC News)

Scalia was right about race preferences (Jason L. Riley, The Wall Street Journal)

Sheriff: Video, photos appear to show man war armed before shooting by deputies in Lynwood (Joel Rubin, Ruben Vives, Emily Alpert Reyes, Los Angeles Times)

Sheriff: Video, photos show Lynwood man was armed before deputy shooting (Esmeralda Bermudez, Taylor Goldenstein, Richard Winton, Cindy Chang, Los Angeles Times)

Shooting suspect tried crawling away from two California deputies who shot him in back (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO) (Video, Nicole Hensley, New York Daily News)

Tale of two Baltimores: why Freddie Gray protester may face tougher sentence than officer on trial (Baynard Woods, The Guardian)

There's progress, and there's Scalia's racial stupidity (Leder, Moscow-Pullman Daily News, Idaho)

This is why Donald Trump sounds and acts like Adolf Hitler (Rmuse, PoliticusUSA)

Trump, unlearning the lessons of internment (Carl M. Cannon, Real Clear Politics)

US government database hopes to tell "whole story" of police killings after year of Guardian count (Tom McCarthy, The Guardian)

Video appears to show Los Angeles County deputies fatally shooting man in the back (Peter Holley, The Washington Post)

Video captures LA County sheriff's deputies continuing to fire at suspect on ground (Tom McKay, Mic)

VIDEO: Police shoot man in the back as he walked away and execute him as he crawled for his life (Johnny Liberty, The Free Thought Project)

Video showing fatal shooting by Los Angeles deputies incites protests (Ian Lovett, Adam Nagourney, The New York Times)

Video shows L.A. cops pumping bullets into crawling man (Video, CBS News)

The Voting Rights Act at 50: Seven reforms to protect and expand voting rights (Stephen Wolf, Daily Kos)

We still have trouble sharing our basic rights (Jerry Large, The Seattle Times)

Why can't African-Americans be as successful as immigrants? (Larry E. Davis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Why swing voters are vanishing from US politics (Peter Grier, The Christian Science Monitor)


African-American Museum's healing role (Leder, The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina)

Armed bigots again terrorize Texas Muslims - this time met by an anti-hate movement (Bethania Palma Markus, Raw Story)

Asian-American groups challenge UT quotas in Supreme Court case (John Austin, Daily Progress, Jacksonville, Texas)

Autopsy show suspect in officers' deaths had enlarged heart (Associated Press, ABC News)

Black man fatally shot by cops 21 times never raised knife, lawyer says (Sebastian Murdock, The Huffington Post)

Black teens, white cop, residents shake hands at canceled Bridgeport rally (Video, Genevieve Bookwalter, Chicago Tribune)

The brief, troubled life of Laquan McDonald (Dean Reynolds, CBS News)

The changing face of Title I: Federal program for impoverished schools moves into middle class neighborhoods (Robin Trimarchi, The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Georgia)

Chief judge outlines how special prosecutor could be picked in Laquan McDonald case (Frank Main, Chicago Sun-Times)

Civil rights, religious groups upset over police union Trump endorsement (Azure Gilman, Al Jazeera America)

Contrast Donald Trump, Rahm Emanuel: Why you might be sorry for saying "sorry" (Phil Rosenthal, Chicago Tribune)

"Dancing" to black mob rule (Dave Gabary, American Free Press)

Donald Trump's positions are winning him support from neo-Nazis and white supremacists (Tom McKay, Mic)

Don't be fooled by "Silent Clarence" Thomas (George E. Curry,

Family of man killed by San Francisco police files civil rights lawsuit (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Fast forward the cameras to record what cops are doing (Leder, New York Daily News)

Fear trumps reason; we have seen this before (Otis Sanford, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee)

For black students at Texas, Supreme Court remarks are a burden added (Video, Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Los Angeles Times)

Former Ohio officre charged with murder had "issues", says previous boss (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Hate speech is going mainstream (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

Historic probe of Chicago police expected to be long and costly (Katherine Skiba, Annie Sweeney, Chicago Tribune)

Housing policies still pin poor in Baltimore, but some escape to suburbs (Doug Donovan, The Baltimore Sun)

Immigrants held, abused in Brooklyn federal lockup after 9/11 terrorist attacks have right to sue Bush admin bigs for their detention (Victoria Bekiempis, New York Daily News)

Judge historical figures in context of their times (James W. Ingram, The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Law professors: Trump's Muslim moratorium is constitutional (Scott Greer, The Daily Caller)

Los Angeles sheriffs investigating deputy-involved shooting (Dean Schabner, ABC News)

Man killed by LA County deputies was armed and presented threat, officials say (Rory Carroll, The Guardian)

Marvin Banks, suspect in killing of Hattiesburg cops, found dead in cell (Jillian Sederholm, Gemma Dicasimirro, NBC News)

New video released in controversial fatal police shooting of Gilbert Flores (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT) (Laurie Hanna, New York Daily News)

No consensus about legality of Donald Trump's idea of Muslim ban (Mark Sherman (Associated Press), ABC News)

Obama, Carson and hope for my African-American sons (Damon Tweedy, The News & Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina)

Opinion: Donald Trump. Again. (Paul Thornton, Los Angeles Times)

Other questionable police shootings claimed lives, cost city millions (Frank Main, Mick Dumke, Chicago Sun-Times)

Proving a negative: In Porter case, inaction is on trial (Juliet Linderman, Associated Press)

Racial bias in everything: Airbnb edition (Emily Badger, The Washington Post)

Rev. Jackson: Culture within Chicago police department must change (Video, Bob Roberts, CBS Chicago)

Sun has convicted Porter (Læserbrev, The Baltimore Sun)

Suspect killed in hail of bullets during deputy-involved shooting in Lynwood (Video, CBS Los Angeles)

Trump's hysterical critics display an ignorance of their own (Rich Lowry, Real Clear Politics)

Trump's true believers: How he's gone farther than Europe's far right, and who got him there (Doug Saunders, The Globe and Mail, Canada)

Trump: The man, the meme (Ian Crouch, The New Yorker)

Video appears to show sheriff’s deputies fatally shoot man in Lynwood (Warning: graphic video) (Video, Ashley Soley-Cerro, John A. Moreno, Ellina Abovian, KTLA, Los Angeles)

Video shows L.A. County sheriff's deputies fatally shooting man in Lynwood (Esmeralda Bermudez, Richard Winton, Taylor Goldenstein, Los Angeles Times)

Video spurs police reforms, but skeptics ask if they'll be enough (Vivian Ho, San Francisco Chronicle)

White privilege: Has our racial divide shifted from Jim Crow to "microaggressions"? (Bruce Newman, San Jose Mercury News)

Who is Antonin Scalia and why is he out of touch with changing social views? (Dan Roberts, The Guardian)

Why it won't help Chicago for Rahm Emanuel to resign (John Feehery, The Wall Street Journal)


"The adventures of Huckleberry Finn" removed from Philadelphia-area school curriculum over student concerns about racial slurs (Associated Press, Pix11, New York)

Airbnb renters less likely to rent to "black-sounding" names (Jacqueline Cutler, New York Daily News)

All eyes on San Francisco: Stopping the expansion of the prison industrial complex, one jail at a time (Coral Feigin (POOR), Truth-Out)

America's immigration challenge (David Frum, The Atlantic)

America's love/hate relationship with minorities (Lakhpreet Kaur, The Huffington Post)

An all-white jury convicted Daniel Holtzclaw of rape. It's almost enough (Syreeta McFadden, The Guardian)

Analysis: If Karl Rove were Chicago mayor, would coverage of scandal be remotely the same? (Joe Concha, Mediaite)

Baltimore officer William Porter's defense rests in first Freddie Gray case (Justin Jouvenal, Rachel Weiner, Steve Hendrix, The Washington Post)

Being a racist is bad for your health, and everyone else's (Shawn Radcliffe, Healthline)

Ben Carson addresses Laquan McDonald shooting in Chicago stop (Video, Chicago Tribune)

Breaking down the charges as verdict looms for Baltimore officer (Derek Valcourt, CBS Baltimore)

Byrd Stadium to become Maryland Stadium after regents vote (Yvonne Wenger, The Baltimore Sun)

Chaos after Freddie Gray death due to lack of citywide planning, report says (Barnard Woods, The Guardian)

City releases another post-riot review (Natalie Sherman, The Baltimore Sun)

CNN writer/producer Ricky Blalock files racial discrimination lawsuit (Rodney Ho, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

The complicated, short life of Laquan McDonald (Christy Gutowski, Jeremy Gorner, Chicago Tribune)

Controversy follows Minneapolis police union president (Libor Jany, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Daniel Holtzclaw: former Oklahoma City police officer guilty of rape (Video, Molly Redden, The Guardian)

DARROW: White people need ethnic studies (Cassandra Darrow, Yale Daily News)

Dealing with survivor's guilt in Chicago: Why I refuse to watch the Laquan McDonald video (Derrick Clifton, Quartz)

Dear Justice Scalia: Here's what I learned as a black student struggling at an elite college (Afi-Odelia Scruggs, The Washington Post)

Decline in stop-and-frisk tactic drives drop in police actions in New York, study says (Ashley Southall, The New York Times)

Defense rests case in officer's trial for Freddie Gray's death (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Jess Bidgood, The New York Times)

Diversity actually makes us smarter (Amy X. Wang, Quartz)

The divide between mental health treatment and criminal justice (Podcast, Morning Shift, WBEZ, Chicago)

Donald Trump should be treated like the extremist he is (Alubakar Kasim, The Huffington Post Canada)

Empowering the ugliness (Paul Krugman, The New York Times)

Ex-deputy surrenders after charges filed in 2 Ohio killings, one while on-duty (Chicago Tribune)

Family of Laquan McDonald "hurting" in wake of release of shooting footage (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Family sues as video casts new light on police killing of Mario Woods (Vivian Ho, San Francisco Chronicle)

Federal judge who outlawed racial profiling is victim of black mob violence (Colin Flaherty, American Thinker)

Federal lawsuit, new witness video surface in police shooting of Mario Woods; SFPD names five involved officers (Jonah Owen Lamb, Michael Barba, San Francisco Examiner)

Fed judge says minority group can't sit in on suit vs. Harvard (Bob McGovern, Boston Herald)

Florida deputy charged in death of man who may not have heard commands (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Florida deputy charged with killing man who had pellet gun (Bart Jansen, USA Today)

Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw found guilty on rape (Video, Michael Martinez, Gigi Mann, CNN)

Goose-steppers in the G.O.P. (Timothy Egan, The New York Times)

Grand jury again meeting in Sandra Bland case (St. John Barned-Smith, Houston Chronicle)

Hispanic Chicagoans support police, but not Rahm: Poll shows racial split (Mark Konkol, Paul Biasco, DNAinfo)

How racial preferences in admissions will end (Roger Clegg, Inside Higher Ed)

If you want to know how much America values black lives, look at its monuments (Corinne Purtill, Quartz)

In rape case of Oklahoma officer, victims hope conviction will aid cause (Ben Fenwick, Alan Schwarz, The New York Times)

"I was so afraid": Ex-Oklahoma City cop's victims speak out after rape convictions (Sarah Larimer, The Washington Post)

Is racial profiling the biggest problem in America? (Gili Malinsky, MTV)

It's time to worry about Donald Trump (John Cassidy, The New Yorker)

Jury deliberations to begin Monday in Officer Porter's trial in Freddie Gray case (Video, Kevin Rector, Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun)

Laquan's great uncle calls him "a 17-year-old gentle giant" (Andy Grimm, Chicago Sun-Times)

Laquan McDonald relative asks media to stop showing shooting video 24/7 (Jeremy Gorner, Grace Wong, Chicago Tribune

The latest: Citadel president says he will honor contract (Associated Press, The New York Times)

Leave cancelled for Baltimore officers ahead of Porter verdict (CBS Baltimore)

McGrath: Chicago's police department in crisis (David McGrath, Chicago Tribune)

Missouri president: Opportunity to lead in racial matters (Jim Salter, Associated Press)

Mother of man shot dead by San Francisco officers sues (Paul Elias (Associated Press), ABC News)

New threat to campus speech: Department of Education's plans for racial harassment, report says (Peter Maxwell, The College Fix)

No decision from grand jury in Sandra Bland case (KHOU, Houston, Texas)

No reason for another court "do-over" on Texas' affirmative action (Leder, Los Angeles Times)

Ohio police officer charged with murder and manslaughter over two incidents (Jon Swaine, Ciara McCarthy, Jamiles Lartey, The Guardian)

Oklahoma police officer convicted of rape breaks down in court - video (Video, Reuters, The Guardian)

OpEd: The Holtzclaw rape conviction is in , but it's too soon to celebrate (Jason Johnson, NBC News)

OpEd: Why Justice Scalia was wrong about black scientists (Ivory A. Toldson, NBC News)

Police officials were investigating Daniel Holtzclaw before final attack, suit claims (Molly Redden, The Guardian)

Preferences for the poor (Paul Mirengoff, Power Line)

Protesters disrupt Donald Trump speech at Plaza Hotel luncheon (CBS New York)

Race: How even multi-ethnic churches still don't get it (Jendella Benson, Christian Today)

Rahm Emanuel has lost his grip on the city and won't be reclaiming it (John Kass, Chicago Tribune)

San Francisco protesters decry police shooting caught in graphic videos (Video, Paul Vercammen, CNN)

Scalia's raging hypocrisy: Encroaching senility, raging racism, or does he no longer give a f*ck? (Paul Campos, Salon)

Sharpton to host 2016 Democratic hopefuls at racial justice forum (Annie Karni, Politico)

Should we honor racists? (Peter Singer, Project Syndicate)

Supreme Court releases audio of Justice Antonin Scalia saying maybe black students don't belong at elite universities (Lydklip, Ariane de Vogue, CNN)

Supreme court's affirmative action comments are "dead wrong" experts say (Ryan Felton, The Guardian)

Taser staff appear to post negative reviews for film critical of stun guns (Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

Trump's rhetoric will live in infamy (David Ignatius, Real Clear Politics)

U.S. police leaders, visiting Scotland, get lessons on avoiding deadly force (Al Baker, The New York Times)

Valerie Jarrett: Watching Laquan McDonald video was like a "poker in my stomach" (Casey Tolan, Fusion)

The verdict awaits (Leder, The Baltimore Sun)

Verdict in 1st trial over Freddie Gray's death could come next week (Ericka Blount Danois, The Root)

What social science tells us about racism in the Republican party (Max Ehrenfreund, The Washington Post)

Whites earn more than blacks - even on eBay (Ana Swanson, The Washington Post)

Why are so many black women dying of AIDS? (Laurie Shrage, The New York Times)

Why police officer wasn't charged in Ronald Johnson case (Danny Cevalios, CNN)

Will the Supreme Court add to the turmoil on America's college campuses? (Ruth Marcus, The Washington Post)


5 lessons all white feminists should learn, because knowing that identities intersect is essential (Claire Warner, Bustle)

The coming Republican immigration civil war (W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner)

City council leaders say they will block plan to pay $2M for outside lawyers in police investigation (Luke Broadwater, The Baltimore Sun)

Cook County officer on scene of Laquan McDonald shooting, but no reports filed (Video, David Heinzmann, Chicago Tribune)

Did Scalia's comments on black students match the facts? (Jess Bravin, The Wall Street Journal)

Donald Trump and division within the Republican party (Radio, The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU)

Donald Trump calls for mandatory death penalty for killing police officers (CBS News)

Donald Trump wants the death penalty for those who kill police officers (Jenna Johnson, The Washington Post)

Dylann Roof, the black church and "the love that forgives" (Napp Nazworth, The Christian Post)

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Muslims in Donald Trump's old neighborhood say, come get to know us (Liz Robbins, The New York Times)

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One way to boost achievement among poor kids? Make sure they have classmates who aren't poor. (Emma Brown, The Washington Post)

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To foster public health, track law enforcement-related deaths, researchers urge (Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times)

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Trump's Muslim immigration ban should touch off a baldy needed discussion (Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review)

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U of Michigan offers self as test case for considering race in admissions (Robert Barnes, The Washington Post)

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The U.S. Senate is still one of the world's whitest workplaces (Russell Berman, The Atlantic)

U.S. Supreme Court could rupture indigenous people's rights to prosecute non-natives (Dani McClain, ColorLines)

Video relaunches investigation into death of man held by Chicago police (Kim Bellware, The Huffington Post)

Video shows Chicago police officers using Taser repeatedly on man in jail (Video, Ciara McCarthy, The Guardian)

Wary high court tackles Texas "one person, one vote" case (Mark Sherman (Associated Press), The Washington Post)

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When the "narrative" becomes the story (Mark Leibovich, The New York Times)

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92 ASU faculty sign letter supporting anti-racist student protests (Kaila White, The Arizona Republic)

Abigail Fischer, SCOTUS, and what the rhetoric about "reverse discrimination" ignores (Casey Quinlan, Think Progress)

AG Lynch: Chicago police probe to focus on race, use of force (Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times)

"All American Boys" written by a novel team (James Sullivan, Boston Globe)

Attorney: No charges against Chicago officer who shot Ronald Johnson (Video, Ashley Fantz, CNN)

Bernie Sanders most popular candidate among Asian-Americans (Andrew Dugan, Gallup)

A #BlackLivesMatter winter reading list (Andrew Stewart, RI Future, Rhode Island)

Changing "master": checks and balances (Victor Wang & Shuyu Song, Yale Daily News)

The Chicago police shooting of Ronald Johnson: video footage released (German Lopez, Vox)

The color of our future: Caucuses and children (Charles Bruner, Lionel Foster, The Des Moines Register)

Dartmouth protesters are guilty of "race hatred and misogyny," counter-protest group says (Bryan Stascavage, The College Fix)

Deconstructing Emanuel's mea culpa (Steve Rhodes, Crain's Chicago Business)

Diversity in the 2016 Grammy nominations is an improvement, but we've still got a long way to go (Michael Arbeiter, Bustle)

Donald Trump calls for barring Muslims from entering U.S. (Patrick Healy, Michael Barbaro, The New York Times)

Donald Trump calls for "complete shutdown" of Muslims entering U.S. (Igor Bobic, The Huffington Post)

Donald Trump is now America's Marine Le Pen (John Cassidy, The New Yorker)

Erika Christakis leaves teaching role (Finnegan Schick, Yale Daily News)

Everything bad, it seems, is my fault (Taylor Lewis, American Thinker)

Ex-federal prosecutor named to head troubled agency that probes cops (Annie Sweeney, Jeremy Gorner, Chicago Tribune)

Experts testify that Freddie Gray would have survived with prompt treatment (Video, Ann O'Neill, CNN)

Factbox: Major U.S. Supreme Court affirmative action cases (Joan Biskupic, Reuters)

Feds launch wide-ranging civil rights investigation of Chicago police (Timothy M. Phelps, Chicago Tribune)

Ferguson-style investigation planned in Chicago (CBS St. Louis)

Four Muslim Latinas open up about their journeys to Islam (Walter Thompson-Hernández, Fusion)

Hispanic voter clout imperiled by Texas case before U.S. Supreme Court (Lawrence Hurley, Reuters)

Historic presidency, historic opposition: The legacy of president Barack Obama (Danielle C. Belton, The Root)

How can universities deal with racism? Learn from war zones. (Mark Fathi Massoud, The Washington Post)

How "culture fit" can be a shield for hiring discrimination (Katherine Reynolds Lewis, Fortune)

In Rachel Dolezal's skin (Mitchel Sunderland, Broadly)

"It stops with cops:" Activist takes on police with anti-brutality campaign during Freddie Gray trial (Christina Coleman, NewsOne)

An investigation into Chicago's police department (Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic)

Jim Maclean: In Ontario, a new race-based government (Jim Maclean, National Post)

No charges for Chicago officer in 2014 shooting of Ronald Johnson (Monica Davey, The New York Times)

Penn study points to economic and racial barriers that impact the treatment of psoriasis (Katie Delach, Penn News)

People of color with albinism ask: Where do I belong? (Anjuli Sastry, NPR)

"Political identity is fair game for hatred": how Republicans and Democrats discriminate (Ezra Klein, Alvin Chang, Vox)

Prosecutors say no criminal charges against Chicago police officer who fatally shot Ronald Johnson (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Prosecutors won't charge Chicago cop in fatal shooting of Ronald Johnson (Video, Steve Schmadeke, Chicago Tribune)

Race and dignity (Melvin Rogers, Boston Review)

Read transcript of Loretta Lynch announcing federal probe into CPD (DNAinfo)

Reversing Affirmative Action would send us backwards on race (Lee C. Bollinger, Time)

Sharp rise in HIV among young black gay men is "an injustice," health official says (Azeen Ghorayshi, BuzzFeed)

A short and depressing history of department store racial profiling (Tracy Moore, Vocativ)

State's attorney to announce results of investigation into a 2nd fatal police shooting (Chicago Tribune)

Supreme Court should avoid discouraging meaningful diversity in higher education (Leder, Los Angeles Times)

The Supreme Court should take race out of university admissions (Roger Clegg, Joshua P. Thompson, Forbes)

Trump, fear-monger in chief: Our view (Leder, USA Today)

Up next at the Supreme Court: A challenge to equality for all Americans (David H. Gans, New Republic)

US attorney general: Homan Square findings are "extremely important" (Dan Roberts, The Guardian)

What it's like to be black at Princeton (Brittney Winters, Vox)

White validation, black pain (Iyabo Babatunde, Columbia Daily Spectator, Columbia University, New York)

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Why the country's largest minority-journalism group may close (Gabriel Arana, The Huffington Post)

Why we must affirm Affirmative Action (Rev. Al Sharpton, The Huffington Post)

Worst states for black Americans (Thomas C. Frohlich, Michael B. Sauter, Sam Stebbins, 24/7 Wall St.)

Yale lecturer resigns after email on Halloween costumes (Anemona Hartocollis, The New York Times)


Attorney General will launch probe of Chicago police (Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times)

Black men increasingly feel under siege in America (Læserbrev, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

The campus "justice" racket hits new low at Kean University (Leder, New York Post)

Chicago police: Protecting their own (Leder, Chicago Tribune)

Chicago police reports conflict with video of Laquan McDonald's shooting (Steve Mills, Los Angeles Times)

The Civil War almost didn't end slavery (Kevin M. Levin, The Daily Beast)

A conservative quandary in affirmative action case Fisher vs. Texas (Eric J. Segall, Los Angeles Times)

Counceling for students upset by "white student union" (WND)

Delaware governor: State must apologize for its role in slavery (Barbara Goldberg, The Huffington Post)

Donald Trump and Chris Christie square off over racial profiling (Patrick Healy, The New York Times)

Editorial: Harvard cowed by a word (Leder, Boston Herald)

Emancipation unfinished (Eric Foner, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Forgiving student debt might not be a win for all students (Joseph Williams, Take Part)

Free speech vs. the thought police (Salena Zito, Real Clear Politics)

Harvard Law School Untaped: The inmates demand control of the asylum (John Hinderaker, Power Line)

Has president Obama deepened the racial divide? Is that a good thing? (Scott Falkner, Inquisitr)

How big is Hillary's "Rahm problem" now? (Jazz Shaw, Hot Air)

How do we find the language to fight racism? (Jessica Masulli Reyes (The News Journal (Wilmington Delaware), USA Today)

Ivy League universities drop the term "master" (Associated Press, The Huffington Post)

Justice Department to investigate Chicago police (Josh Gerstein, Natasha Korecki, Politico)

Justice Department to investigate Chicago police for Laquan McDonald's death (Ken Meyer, Mediaite)

Justice Department will launch investigation into practices of Chicago police (Sari Horwitz, Ellen Nakashima, Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post)

Justice Dept. plans to investigate Chicago police after Laquan McDonald case (Monica Davey, Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

Laquan McDonald protesters call for special prosecutor (Tony Briscoe, Chicago Tribune)

Laura Washington: Real Chicago reform can come in March elections (Laura Washington, Chicago Sun-Times)

Meet the man who uncovered Chicago Police Department's attempt to conceal the video of Laquan McDonald's murder (A.R. Shaw, Rolling Out)

The NYT's awkward choice of Randall Kennedy to address campus race upheavals (Ron Howell, The Indypendent, New York City)

Police review authority boss ousted (Jon Seidel, Chicago Sun-Times)

Rahm Emanuel's Chicago is looking a lot like 1974 New York (Charles Gasparino, New York Post)

Reflecting on the 150th anniversary of the Thirteenth Amendment (Jonathan Blanks, Cato Institute)

Samuel L. Jackson speaks out against the racial profiling of Muslims post-San Bernardino (Jen Yamato, The Daily Beast)

Signs of a widening gap (Minnesota Star Tribune)

Supreme Court revisits University of Texas race-in-admissions case (Jess Bravin, Douglas Belkin, The Wall Street Journal)

Video expert: Tamir did not reach into waistband for pellet gun (Nigel Roberts, The Root)

We are not yet living in a post-racial society (Wes Carter, The Buffalo News)

What did top city lawyer tell aldermen about $5M settlement for McDonald family? (Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun-Times)

Why is racism still a problem in America? (Jay Jefferson Cooke,, New Jersey)

Yale mulls dropping house master title (Associated Press, Boston Globe)


95,000 words, many of them ominous, from Donald Trump's tongue (Patrick Healy, Maggie Haberman, The New York Times)

Activist Cornell West stirs crowd in southeast SD (Dana Littlefield, The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Along for the ride: Transit's role in increasing social and racial equity (Leah Thorsen, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Another big lie exposed: Black cop writes fake racist letter (Colin Flaherty, American Thinker)

Ben Carson calls for "moratorium" on "suspicious" foreign nationals (Michelle Moons, Breitbart)

Black Lives Matter interrupted a Donald Trump rally, and his supporters (and the Donald) were not happy about it (Chris Tognotti, Bustle)

Blacks' misguided Chicago protest (Crystal Wright,

Can Americans separate terrorism from Muslims? Yes, says poll. (Beatrice Gitau, The Christian Science Monitor)

Chicago police report contradicts video footage of Laquan McDonald death (Jessica Glenza, The Guardian)

Chicago police reports depict different narrative of shooting death of black teen (Fox News)

Clinton voices confidence in Rahm Emanuel as Chicago mayor (John McCormick, Bloomberg)

Crowd asks San Francisco police chief to resign over death (Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle)

Daughter of Eric Garner says deaths of her father and Laquan McDonald in Chicago are very similar: "It's basically a coverup" (Chauncey Alcorn, New York Daily News)

Demonstrators stage "die in" outside Michigan Ave. shops in protest of Laquan McDonald shooting (Video, Bob Roberts, CBS Chicago)

Despite Laquan video, reports from cops back shooting (Andy Grimm, Chicago Sun-Times)

Does language matter? Harvard and Princeton to dump "master" title (Annika Fredriksson, The Christian Science Monitor)

Doing better: Immigrants make NC more vibrant, competitive (Christopher Gergen, Stephen Martin, The News & Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina)

Don't collectively punish Muslims (Sahar Aziz, CNN)

DPS searches Hispanics more, find less, Statesman analysis shows (Eric Dexheimer, Christian McDonald, Jeremy Schwartz, Austin American-Statesman, Texas)

Edward Fitzpatrick: Any good traffic cop knows when it's time to stop (Edward Fitzpatrick, Providence Journal)

Expert for Tamir Rice's family releases new report that says shooting was unreasonable (Evan MacDonald, Northeast Ohio Media Group,

Expert: Video shows slain boy's hands in pockets when shot (Associated Press)

The gray areas of Affirmative Action (Alan Garfield, The Delaware News Journal)

Greene: "Reverse racism" social media backlash over "The Wiz" is absurd (Leonard Greene, New York Daily News)

#HLSUntaped: A response to Randall Kennedy (Jacob Lipton, Jon Hanson, The Harvard Law Record)

#HLSUntaped: The sound of silence (Bill Barlow, The Harvard Law Record)

#HLSUntaped: White privilege: This both is and is not about you (Annaleigh Curtis, The Harvard Law Record)

Jews are still the biggest target of religious hate crimes (Johanna Markind, Forward)

Laquan McDonald shooting: Anatomy of a cover-up (Leon D. Young, Milwaukee Courier)

Laquan McDonald swung knife aggressively, claim newly released Chicago police reports (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Law aims to track police-community relations before they reach the boiling point (Rebecca McCray, Take Part)

Lead paint: Despite progress, hundreds of Maryland children still poisoned (Timothy B. Wheeler, Luke Broadwater, The Baltimore Sun)

The lingering questions in Laquan McDonald shooting case, video (Jason Meisner, Chicago Tribune)

More mush from the wimp (Roger Kimball, Real Clear Politics)

Musings of an average joe: The real reason a black man can't get a cab (Joe Bilello, Fox News)

Obscure knife-gun cited in Chicago police shooting case (Don Babwin, Associated Press)

Op-ed: Hate crimes require a community-wide response (The Salt Lake Tribune)

Over 70 black campus groups plan more protests, demand "free tuition for black students" (Jerome Hudson, Breitbart)

Racial harassment on college campuses increasing (U.S. News & World Report University Directory)

Some Trump backers growing wary of his rhetoric (Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics)

"Star Wars" and the fear of a black planet (Stereo Williams, The Daily Beast)

State lawmaker charges racial bias in conviction (Matthew Tresaugue, Houston Chronicle)

Tamar Rice video: What new analysis says about his shooting (Beatrice Gitau, The Christian Science Monitor)

Town hall meeting over fatal SFPD shooting erupts in protest (Video, Devon McReynolds, SFist, San Francisco)

Trump on San Bernardino: Reporting suspicious activity "should not be racial profiling" (Video, Andrew Husband, Mediaite)

Whites warned: Meet black threats with Trump-style smackdown (WND)

Why hope is a loser in this election (Howard Fineman, The Huffington Post)


7 things feminists of color want white feminists to know (Gina M. Florio, Bustle)

Activists claim police union chief Bob Kroll is racist (Susan Du, City Pages, Minneapolis)

Almost everyone hates no child left behind. It's finally about to change (Kristina Rizga, Mother Jones)

Analysis: Can Rahm Emanuel survive? (Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun-Times)

Anti-Latino prejudice in Austin (Tony Cantu, The Austin Chronicle, Texas)

Baltimore officer viewed on tape in Freddie Gray case (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Jess Bidgood, The New York Times)

Bernie Sanders joins calls for those who covered up Laquan shooting to resign (Rachel Cromidas, Chicagoist)

Bernie Sanders just took the boldest stance of any candidate on the Laquan McDonald case (Luke Brinker, Mic)

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