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Gitte Nielsen, cand.mag., Amerikanske Studier


1/5: Seks betjente tiltales af Baltimores statsanklager i sagen om Freddie Grays død. 9/5: Michelle Obama holder dimissionstalen på Tuskegee University, Alabama. 6/5: Brendon Glenn, en ubevæbnet sort mand, skudt af politiet i Los Angeles. 10/5: To betjente skudt og dræbt i Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Michael Gallagher, en ubevæbnet hvid mand, dør efter at være blevet skudt med en strømpistol af politiet i Enfield, North Carolina. 12/5: Ingen tiltale i sagen om politidrab på Tony Robinson i Madison, Wisconsin. DaJuan Graham, en sort ubevæbnet mand, skudt med strømpistol af politiet i Silver Spring, Maryland - han dør to dage senere. 13/5: Lorenzo Hayes, en sort ubevæbnet mand, dør i politiets varetægt i Spokane, Washington. 14/5: Ingen tiltale i sagen om politidrab på Justus Howell i Zion, Illinois. 17/5: Blodigt rockeropgør i Waco, Texas. 20/5: Marcus Clark, en sort ubevæbnet mand, dør i politiets varetægt i Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Denis Reyes, en ubevæbnet latino, dør i politiets varetægt i New York. 21/5: Betjent skyder og sårer to ubevæbnede sorte mænd i Olympia, Washington. En storjury i Baltimore opretholder de fleste tiltaler mod de seks betjente i Freddie Gray-sagen. 23/5: Betjent Michael Brelo frikendes i sagen om Timothy Russell og Malissa Williams i Cleveland, Ohio. 27/5: Feras Morad, en ubevæbnet mand af arabisk afstamning,  skudt af politiet i Long Beach, Californien. Randall Torrence, en hvid ubevæbnet mand, dør efter at politiet skyder ham med strømpistol i Kansas City, Kansas. 29/5: Billy Collins, en ubevæbnet hvid mand, dør efter af være blevet skudt med strømpistol af politiet i Louisa, Kentucky. 30/5: Demokraten Martin O'Malley fra Baltimore stiller op til præsidentvalget. 30/5: Ebin Proctor, ubevæbnet 19-årig mand, skudt at politiet i Cottonwood, Arizona. 31/5: Richard Davis, en ubevæbnet sort mand, dør efter at være blevet skudt med strømpistol af politiet i Rochester, New York.


Baltimore homicides in May worst in 40 years (Delia Goncalves (WUSA-TV, Washington DC), USA Today)

Baltimore needs a prosecutor like Bob McCulloch, not Marilyn Mosby (Scott Greer, The Daily Caller)

Baltimore's deadliest month in decades ends as former mayor launches 2016 bid (Martin Pengelly, The Guardian)

Best kept secret: More whites die at the hands of cops than blacks (Dave Gahary, American Free Press)

The Cleveland Division (Video, 60 Minutes (genudsendelse), CBS)

Deep roots underlie the police brutality problem (Kevin Gross, Rachel Hinton, The DePaulia, DePaul University, Chicago)

Deep secrets of racial profiling (1) (Scott Johnson, PowerLine)

Families of shooting victims to de Blasio: "We need stop-and-frisk" (Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall)

The "Ferguson effect": How Obama's racial pimping has endangered ALL Americans (Carmine Sabia, BizPac Review)

Ferguson mayor: Outsiders "openly funded" protests (Mark Hensch, The Hill)

A Florida police killing like many, disputed and little noticed (Frances Robles, The New York Times)

Gang crime is usually just the start of wider woes (Thomas A. Reppetto, New York Post)

Grim history traced in sunken slave ship found off South Africa (Helene Cooper, The New York Times)

In the spirit: Clergy members step to the forefront in aftermath of Tony Robinson shooting in Wisconsin (Doug Erickson, Wisconsin State Journal)

Justice for José? Border shooting of Mexican teen raises constitutional issue (Alan Yuhas, The Guardian)

Marilyn Mosby becomes a circus ringmaster amid skyrocketing Baltimore crime [VIDEO] (Heather Smith, The Daily Caller)

The missing statistics of criminal justice (Matt Ford, The Atlantic)

Officer-involved shooting leaves 1 dead in Cottonwood (Alexa N. D'Angelo, Jerod MacDonald-Evoy, Garrett Mitchel, Arizona Republic)

Ohio sheriff's deputy fired over racist tweets comparing Baltimore protesters to "Planet of the Apes" (The Grio)

O'Malley launches White House bid amidst poverty in his backyard (Bryan Renbaum, Baltimore Post-Examiner)

Racial diversity grows on network television, but will quality lag behind? (Eric Deggans, NPR)

Report: Black and Hispanic people comprise a startling majority of unarmed police shootings (John Walker, Fusion)

The route of division (Ashley Cleek, Al Jazeera America)

The ruination of Baltimore (Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker)

Stephanopoulos to O'Malley: Did your Baltimore leadership sow seeds of police distrust? (Video, Josh Feldman, Mediaite)

St. Louis grapples - and fails to grapple - with the matter of murdered black women (Juan Thompson, The Intercept)

US police shootings "grossly underreported" (Al Jazeera America)

WALTER WILLIAMS: Liberals treat me like a white person (Walter Williams, The Northwest Indiana Times)

What else you should know about Baltimore (Calvin Schermerhorn, Time)

What we don't know about 380 Americans shot and killed by cops this year (Will Bunch,

When cops are dismissed as bad guys (Robert Knight, The Washington Times)

When district attorneys attack (Kevin D. Williamson, National Review)


Al Sharpton delivers "justice revival" in wake of Cleveland officer's acquittal (Michelle Dean, The Guardian)

"Attacked," "under siege" Baltimore cops more afraid of going to jail for doing their jobs than getting killed, union head says (Dave Urbanski, The Blaze)

Baltimore reaches grim milestone: More than 100 shootings, 40 homicides in May (Meghan McCorkell, CBS Baltimore)

Baltimore's Marilyn Mosby and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake have blood on their hands (M Catharine Evans, American Thinker)

Beyond the rhetoric...How the Army addressed racial tensions (Harry C. Alford, New Pittsburgh Courier)

Cleveland, on the brink (Jamil Smith, New Republic)

A divided Baltimore watches Martin O'Malley's presidential campaign (Video, MJ Lee, CNN)

Community leaders absent as violence in Baltimore skyrockets (Video, Fox News)

Do black lives matter in Baltimore? (Cal Thomas, The Baltimore Sun)

Fact-checking the terminations by Baltimore Police Department (Mark Puente, The Baltimore Sun)

Fatal police shootings in 2015 approaching 400 nationwide (Kimberly Kindy, The Washington Post)

"Ferguson effect": America's new crime wave is all part of the plan (John Nolte, Breitbart)

First on CNN: Baltimore prosecutors, cops try to mend relations (Video, Evan Perez, CNN)

Friends of Feras Morad, shot by Long Beach police, turn to social media for justice (Greg Yee, Los Angeles Daily News)

Louisa man dies after being tasered by police during arrest (Mike Murriell, The Levisa Lazer, Kentucky)

Martin O'Malley 2016: Baltimore uprising protesters plan "Day of Action" against presidential campaign launch (Aaron Morrison, International Business Times)

Martin O'Malley is running as a liberal alternative to Hillary Clinton. But Baltimore is a problem for him. (Andrew Prokop, Vox)

Martin O'Malley looks to future but can't escape the past (Sam Frizell, Time)

Martin O'Malley says what happened in Baltimore "transcends race" (John Walker, Fusion)

Martin O'Malley's Baltimore narrative is not his alone to write (Video, Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC)

Murder capital: Baltimore's homicide explosion in wake of Freddie Gray case dwarfs rate of similar cities (Perry Chiaramonte, Fox News)

"The new national crime wave" explores the consequences of the "Ferguson effect" (Twitchy)

NJ cops kill 36-year-old man in shooting at public library (Lynette Holloway, The Root)

Officer accountability remains broken after Justice Department reforms Detroit: Will Cleveland see change? (Ryllie Danylko,

O'Malley got lots of cable TV attention, but most of it was bad (David Zurawik, The Baltimore Sun)

Police fatally shoot man at public library in New Jersey (Alan Yuhas, Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian)

Police supporters rally at Baltimore City Hall (WBAL-TV, Baltimore)

Police unions must not block reform (Jonathan W. Smith, The New York Times)

Prosecutor: Judge makes errors in acquitting Ohio officer (Associated Press)

Protests erupt during O'Malley announcement (Video, The Washington Post)

Protests underscore Baltimore baggage as O'Malley launches presidential bid (David Lightman (McClatchy), The Kansas City Star)

Racial penalties in Baltimore mortgages (Leder, The New York Times)

Use of tasers is scrutinized after Walter Scott shooting (Alan Blinder, Manny Fernandez, Benjamin Mueller, The New York Times)

When war comes home (Jared Loggins, Gawker)

Why the Brown family will win the lawsuit against Ferguson (Doug Poppa, Baltimore Post-Examiner)

Will Cleveland root for police reform? (Connie Schultz, Politico)


#SayHerName: How black liberation history teaches us to forget black women (Natasha Lennard, Fusion)

America's grand historical deception: Why it pretends White Supremacy no longer exists (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

Baltimore cops on why they took over, and why they're gone now (Puja Patel, Deadspin)

Baltimore police union chief says criminals "empowered" by riots (Josh Sanburn, Time)

Baltimore police union head: Cops more afraid of being arrested than of being shot (Video, Josh Feldman, Mediaite)

Baltimore's blight puts O'Malley on defensive in bid for presidency (Robert McCartney, The Washington Post)

Baltimore turmoil could play role in O'Malley's White House hopes (David Lightman, Seattle Times)

Beyond the rainbow: Baltimore, Ferguson and the pursuit of justice (James Russell, Dallas Voice)

Brelo verdict's legal flaw: Jonathan Witmer-Rich (Opinion) (Jonathan Witmer-Rich,

Can America heal after Ferguson? We asked Desmond Tutu and his daughter (Fania Davis, Sarah van Gelder, Yes! Magazine)

The Cherokee leader who paved the way for MLK (Steve Inskeep, The Washington Post)

The color lines of equal pay (Charles Ellison, Real Clear Policy)

The community can bring about an end to the police as we know it (David A. Love, Atlanta Black Star)

Documentary captures Baltimore's pain, inspires hope (Video, Deborah Weiner, WBAL-TV, Baltimore)

Don't call it Katrina (Thomas Beller, The New Yorker)

Economic despair: The vicious circle of inequality and social mobility (Melissa S. Kearney, Phillip B. Levine, Brookings Institution)

Five myths about body cameras (Nancy La Vigne, The Washington Post)

Freddie Gray and Baltimore's urban Indians (Kerry Hawk Lessard, Indian Country Today Media Network)

The "fuzzy law" behind Baltimore's agony (Jacob Sullum, New York Post)

Here's what happens when a black man open carries a gun (Brandy Zadrozny, The Daily Beast)

Hispanic homeownership gap widening: Report (Jacob Passy, National Mortgage News)

How do US black students perform at school? (Dr Ebony Mcgee, BBC News)

How our political system would change if black people lived longer (Jay Livingston, Pacific Standard)

I'm not buying Emma Stone as an Asian-American in Aloha (Chris Lee, Entertainment Weekly)

It's time to stop blaming black-on-black crime (Charles D. Ellison, The Root)

Keep Freddie Gray trials in Baltimore (Leder, The Baltimore Sun)

Keywords in black protest: A(n anti-)vocabulary (Shana L. Redmond, Damien Sojoyner, TruthOut)

Making blue more black and brown (Radioindslag, Mitchell Hartman, Marketplace)

Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders face challenges addressing racial issues (Arit John, Bloomberg)

Martin O'Malley readies to battle Hillary Clinton for Hispanic votes (S.A. Miller, The Washington Times)

National monuments and civil rights (Michael Sainato, The Hill)

New book explores link between emotions and contemporary racial violence (

The new nationwide crime wave (Heather Mac Donald, The Wall Street Journal)

No evidence of homicide in Mississippi black man's hanging, authorities say (Michael Muskal, Los Angeles Times)

Otis Byrd case and our beliefs (Jimmie E. Gates, The Clarion Ledger, Jackson, Mississippi)

Police don't need to hug black people. They just need to stop killing them. (Stacey Patton, David J. Leonard, The Washington Post)

Problems persist in O'Malley's Baltimore (Denise Lu, Jennifer Jenkins, The Washington Post)

Racial and political bias: The news makes people more divided, but you can fight it (Chris Weller, Medical Daily)

The racial disparity at the doctor's office isn't getting better. It might actually be getting worse. (Matt Hansen, The Week)

Racial profiling bill passes legislative hurdle in California (Allyson Escobar, Asian Journal)

The racial spectacle of the National Spelling Bee: Our predictable "model minority" story strikes again (Sameer Pandya, Salon)

The reckless prosecution of "Tiger Mandingo" (Rod McCullom, The Nation)

Rising crime rates: It's not just Baltimore (Jack Dunphy, PJ Media)

Some race activists are harming their own cause (David Limbaugh, The Patriot Post)

"Stand your ground" defense planned by man accused of shooting George Zimmerman (Associated Press, The Huffington Post)

We shouldn't be surprised at the anger in Baltimore, and everywhere (Robert Maranto, The Huffington Post)

White like you: The challenge of getting white students to grapple with racial identity (Steve Kolowich, The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Why the Freddie Gray riots began at a shopping mall (Video, Paul Solman, PBS Newshour)


ACLU accuses Minneapolis police of "racial bias" (Tim Devaney, The Hill)

Analysis finds minorities arrested at a higher rate than whites in Mpls. (Brandt Williams, Minnesota Public Radio News)

"Aquarius" takes notice of police racism in 1967 and today (Cynthia Fuchs, PopMatters)

Baltimore: A tragedy of liberalism (Rush Limbaugh,

Baltimore gets bloodier as arrests drop post-Freddie Gray (Juliet Linderman (Associated Press), ABC News)

Baltimore riots will cost city at least $20 million - and all the estimates aren't in yet (Fox News)

Baltimore rising, Baltimore healing (Dena Simmons, Bright)

Baltimore's $20 million federally financed riots (Leder, Investors' Business Daily)

"Black Lives Matter" slogan ignores self-destructive behavior (Derryck Green, Florida Courier)

Black women's lives matter (Mariah Stewart, The St. Louis American)

Can black police be pro-black and pro-blue at the same time? (Jason Nicholas, The Guardian)

The changing geography of racial opportunity (Joel Kotkin, Real Clear Politics)

The Cleveland Police Department and the consent decree (Cheryl Dorsey, The Huffington Post)

Cleveland police reform: What can feds do that local police couldn't? (Amanda Paulson, The Christian Science Monitor)

Cleveland police union says Justice Department reforms would endanger police (Evan MacDonald,

Cleveland police will require officers to make a record of every time they draw their guns (Tom McKay, Mic)

Cleveland's Brelo verdict the latest denial of justice for victims of excessive police violence (Radioindslag, Newsworks)

The conversation needed on crime and race in Cleveland: Martha Smith (Opinion) (Martha Smith,

David Axelrod evaluates Obama's handling of racial issues, inner city problems (Video, Genevieve Wood, The Daily Signal)

DOJ police probes and consent decrees spike under Obama (Kerry Picket, The Daily Caller)

EDITORIAL: The conflicted existence of African American men: Rap, sports, prison & unemployment (Leder, InsightNews)

"Every single cop in Cleveland is here": Arthur Chu's shocking stories from inside the Tamir Rice/Michael Brelo protests (Arthur Chu, Salon)

EXCLUSIVE: Tamir Rice's father speaks (Video, Hilary Golston, WKYC-TV, Cleveland)

Ex-cop to stand trial in dashcam beating of unarmed motorist (Kate Abbey-Lambertz, The Huffington Post)

The fire this time: Black youth and the spectacle of post-racial violence (Henry A. Giroux (TruthOut), Truthdig)

Gender and racial bias can be "unlearnt" during sleep, new study suggests (Hannah Devlin, The Guardian)

Here's what people all around the world really think about America's police violence (Zak Cheney-Rice, Mic)

Hispanic America speaks English (Raoul Lowery Contreras, The Hill)

"I'm a black ex-cop, and this is the real truth about race and policing" (Redditt Hudson, Vox)

Kendrick Lamar just nailed the huge problem with how we talk about race (Tom Barnes, Mic)

Md. sheriff: Baltimore police dept. "eviscerated," cops "fearful" (Jessica Chasmar, The Washington Times)

A mentally ill black woman's "sudden death" at the hands of Cleveland police (Jaeah Lee, Mother Jones)

Michael Brown shooting: Two suits moved to federal court (M. Alex Johnson, NBC News)

The militarized mentality of the police (Part 2 of 3) (Arthur Rizer, The Huffington Post)

Minneapolis may become next Baltimore in #BlackLivesMatter struggle (Massoud Hayoun, Al Jazeera America)

Minorities far likelier to be arrested for minor offenses in Minneapolis (Josh Sanburn, Time)

NYPD watchdog's report shares grim tales of arrest quotas and racism (Jon Campbell, Village Voice)

Officers in Freddie Gray case taken to jail without handcuffs (Mark Puente, The Baltimore Sun)

On Baltimore (Robert Ehrlich, The Weekly Standard)

One in five U.S. schoolchildren are living below federal poverty line (Lyndsey Layton, The Washington Post)

On the unasked question of morality in police shootings of black bodies (Dr. Jason Michael Williams, The Hampton Institute)

Picking up the pieces: A Minneapolis case study (American Civil Liberties Union)

Police officer indicted in shooting of unarmed black man. Yes, really. (Rebecca McCray, TakePart)

President's task force a springboard for policing reforms (Lauren-Brooke Eisen, Rachel Levinson-Waldman, The Huffington Post)

The quiet "revolutions" of personal choice (Laura Hollis, Town Hall)

Race relations in America (Podcast, Jelani Cobb, John Cassidy, Dorothy Wickenden, The New Yorker)

Rand Paul in Chicago: Crime "not a racial thing, it is a spiritual problem" (Bill Ruthhart, Chicago Tribune)

Report alleges "abusive behavior" by border agents (Lauren Villagran, Albuquerque Journal)

Study: Black teachers are just as likely as white teachers to disproportionately punish black students (Nigel Roberts, The Root)

Study: How are self-identified "white" Latinos seen by others? (NBC News)

Tamir Rice attorney: Cleveland agreement needs will behind way (Benjamin Crump, Time)

This comic will forever change the way you look at privilege (Tegneserie, Shahana Yasmin, Vagabomb)

Trauma may be woven into DNA of Native Americans (Mary Annette Pember, Indian Country Today Media Network)

Trust in police rose or fell along racial lines after the death of Michael Brown (William Freivogel, St. Louis Public Radio)

Watch: Calif. police slam pregnant woman to ground on her belly for refusing to show ID (Video, Breanna Edwards, The Root)

What we don't see (Colson Whitehead, The New York Times)

When Boston created an all-black police unit (Brentin Mock, CityLab)

Will Rev. Al Sharpton's visit help Cleveland heal? (Video, Tom Beres, WKYC-TV, Cleveland)

The witching hour (The Economist)


5 steps to understanding racial bias (John Fitzgerald Gates, Ph.D., The Huffington Post)

#SomeBlackLivesDontMatter (Rich Lowry, Politico)

Ann Coulter: Mexican culture "is obviously deficient," and Hispanics are "not black, so drop the racism crap" (Scott Eric Kaufman, Salon)

Baltimore is not Cleveland (Leder, The Baltimore Sun)

Baltimore's deadliest month in 15 years: May counts 35 homicides, so far (Video, Michael Martinez, CNN)

Been down into the South (Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Mennonite World Review)

Before Cleveland and Ferguson was Albuquerque: six months after DoJ report, change is far off (Tom Dart, The Guardian)

Bernie Sanders isn't ignoring race, he's playing his role perfectly (Charles C.W. Cooke, National Review)

Bernie Sanders' progressive Whitopia (Byron York, Washington Examiner)

Cleveland police restrictions by DOJ among the most extensive, expert says (Josh Sanburn, Time)

The Clintons want the races to fight for scraps (Patrick Howley, The Daily Caller)

Did Baltimore fuel critics with recent black-on-black crime? (Cherese Jackson, Guardian Liberty Voice)

Dorian Johnson lawsuit against Ferguson and police to be handled in federal court (Valerie Schremp Hahn, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Double standards in American policing (Jonathan Blanks, Cato Institute)

Exclusive: Here are a bunch of cops talking about how a slain 14-year-old deserved to die (Tom McKay, Mic)

Forget criminal charges. Disciplining officers in Cleveland is hard enough (Carimah Townes, Think Progress)

Georgia justice (Mark Joseph Stern, Slate)

Guest editorial: A political history of Cleveland's travesty in the wake of the Brelo verdict (Leah C.K. Lewis, Cleveland Scene)

Here's the legal explanation for why the Cleveland police officer wasn't convicted (Casey Harper, The Daily Caller)

Historically black university accused of reverse racism in new lawsuits (Julia Craven, The Huffington Post)

How a judge managed to acquit the Cleveland cop who fired 49 rounds (Cristian Farias, New York Magazine)

How do you define a gang member? (Daniel Alarcôn, The New York Times)

Implementing Department of Justice consent decree expected to cost Cleveland millions of dollars (Sarah Boduson, Newsnet5, Cleveland)

In fatal police encounters, cops' fear is killing black people (Joshua Adams, The Huffington Post)

In the most diverse county in Texas, a big racial disparity in truancy (Jyoti Thottam, Al Jazeera America)

Is O'Malley to blame for Baltimore's bad police/community relations? (Sarah Richards, WYPR, Baltimore)

Judge orders release of racist photo featuring two cops posing with a black man in antlers (Mark Joseph Stern, Slate)

Justice Department can't fix policing everywhere (Noah Feldman, Bloomberg)

Loretta Lynch: Caring counselor, miserable attorney general (Deborah C. Tyler, American Thinker)

Los Angeles 1992 to Baltimore 2015: Washington's changed response to urban crisis (Bruce Katz, Brookings Institution)

Marilyn Mosby endorsed tweets calling Baltimore cops "THUGS" (Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller)

Mother of man who died after KCK police used Taser on him, says son was trying to improve his life (Katie Banks, Fox4, Kansas City)

"The Mugshot Series" reverses ugly stereotypes of black men (Lilly Workneh, Amber Ferguson, The Huffington Post)

No Memorial Day for inner-city dead (Cal Thomas, Town Hall)

Officers in Freddie Gray case file for change of venue (Colin Campbell, Ian Duncan, The Baltimore Sun)

Paul: Police should give back military gear (Jordain Carney, The Hill)

Police misconduct: Shouldn't personal responsibility be applied to police officers? (Brian C. Thomas, Chicago Now)

Policing: It's not us against them (Video, Philip Holloway, CNN)

Race did not play a factor: A timeline (Daniel Person, Seattle Weekly)

Racial biases impact the way we communicate, but only when listeners are aware of racial identity beforehand (Ed Cara, Medical Daily)

Rand Paul hits racial tone in Chicago (Video, NBC News)

Segregationists never went away: We just call them "small-government conservatives" now (Brittney Cooper, Salon)

Stop making sense (Kathy Y. Wilson, Cincinnati CityBeat)

The struggle is real: Tracee Ellis Ross explains why it's harder to succeed against racism than sexism in Hollywood (Sonya Eskridge, Chicago Defender)

Thomas: Truth about race, crime and the police (Conor M. Dowling, James M. Thomas, The Jackson Clarion-Ledger)

The unjust law that led to Freddie Gray's death (Jacob Sullum, Reason)

The Waco biker riot and the lexicon of racism (Lee A. Daniels, New Pittsburgh Courier)

What no one is saying about the Cleveland police shooting case: It's legal nonsense (Patricia J. Williams, The Nation)

Whites like me (Michael Beyer, The Huffington Post)

Why Bernie Sanders doesn't talk about race (Dara Lind, Vox)

Why do all the superheroes have to be white, and all the thugs black? (Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

With killings rising in Baltimore, mayor "examining" decrease in arrests (Luke Broadwater, The Baltimore Sun)


5 facts about Latinos and education (Jens Manuel Krogstad, Pew Research Center)

17 shots in Pasco (Brooke Jarvis, Seattle Met)

Baltimore residents: We don't think the police are actively doing their jobs (Video, Ian Hanchett, Breitbart)

Can we head off a long hot summer of riots and rebellion? (Peter Dreier, The Huffington Post)

Cartoon: All lives matter* (Satiretegning, keefknight, Daily Kos)

Cleveland: 137 shots, one lawsuit, and two alternate realities on race and police (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

Cleveland consent decree provides blueprint for long-elusive police reforms: The big story (Henry J. Gomez,

Cleveland cop acquittal a fair verdict? (Video, Danny Cevallos, CNN)

Cleveland police consent decree requires community to step up: editorial (Leder,

Cleveland police: Tamir Rice, Tanesha Anderson and other times police used excessive force (Payton Guion, The Independent)

Collateral damage in the ghetto (Leder, The Washington Times)

Coulter hates "the browning of America" (Lloyd Grove, The Daily Beast)

Deal to monitor Cleveland police sets bar high (Video, Tom Beres, Hilary Golston, USA Today)

Democrat theory of policing on display in Baltimore (Rush Limbaugh,

Enforcing segregationist thinking (Michael Meyers, The Huffington Post)

Finding fathers in Watts (Anne Taylor Fleming, Los Angeles Magazine)

How Attica's ugly past is still protected (Heather Ann Thompson, Time)

How the Brelo verdict in Cleveland proves laws protecting people from police are broken (Shaun King, Daily Kos)

How the prison-industrial complex is corrupting American elections (Sean McElwee, Salon)

If it can happen in Olympia, it can happen anywhere (Peter Bohmer, CounterPunch)

Investigator / Experts divided on Cleveland police decree (Video, Tom Meyer, Phil Trexler, WKYC-TV, Cleveland)

It doesn't matter if we stay or run: Killer cops are playing a video game with black lives (D. Watkins, Salon)

Loretta Lynch, new attorney general, works to develop rapport with police (Timothy M. Phelps, Los Angeles Times)

The myth of the hero cop (David Feige, Slate)

No mistake about it: Historian dispels the myth that American ghettos are an accident (Taylor Gordon, Atlanta Black Star)

Police in Cleveland accept tough standards on force (Mitch Smith, Matt Apuzzo, The New York Times)

Policing the police (Simone Weichselbaum, The Marshall Project)

"Racism is much worse than we ever thought," theologian claims in discussion about the Gospel's definition of "race" (Nicola Menzie, Christian Post)

Remembering Reconstruction (Debatindlæg, Gregory P. Downs & Kate Masur, Kidada E. Williams, Jamelle Bouie, Thavolia Glymph, Emily Blanck, Allyson Hobbs, Eric Foner, The New York Times)

Silencing the victim (Leder, The Baltimore Sun)

Study: Violent '60s protests triggered rise in conservative voting (Cathy Burke, Newsmax)

The Supreme Court will hear an almost comically egregious case of race discrimination (Ian Millhiser, Think Progress)

"This is all a result of racism?": Hannity, Baltimore activist clash over crime spike (Video, Josh Feldman, Mediaite)

To win battleground of Ohio, Republicans must address police brutality and reform (Rev. Al Sharpton, The Huffington Post)

Two nations, one black, one white, separate and unequal (Randall G. Shelden, Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice)

The white Protestant roots of American racism (Alana Massey, New Republic)

Why Baltimore blew up (Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone)

Why you can kiss my mulatto ass (Mat Johnson, BuzzFeed)


"Black America would have done much better with a white president": Comedian Byron Allen launches searing attack on Obama in rant about Baltimore and race (Mia De Graaf, Daily Mail)

Blacks accept too much cop racism (Luther Campbell, Miami New Times)

Brelo verdict shows the difficulty in applying use of force standards (Radioindslag, NPR)

Cleveland reaches settlement with Justice Department over police conduct (Mitch Smith, Matt Apuzzo, The New York Times)

The G word: Gentrification and its many meanings (Gillian B. White, The Atlantic)

How Baltimore became Pottersville: Column (James Bovard, USA Today)

Let's not have a conversation (Claire Hawks, American Thinker)

Not all Hawaiians are happy about the new "Aloha" movie (Jennifer Sinco Kelleher (Associated Press), The Huffington Post)

"People are starting to feel like, will we ever get justice?" (Video, CBS News)

School suspensions a problem for minority students (Helmut Schmidt (Forum News Service), The Jamestown Sun, Minnesota)

Segregation line repainted in Denver neighborhood to bring community together (Video, CBS Denver)

Will we ever see justice for Freddie Gray? (Bill Blum, The Huffington Post)

With 27 shootings this weekend, Baltimore sees its most violent month this century [VIDEO] (Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller)


15 powerful photos of the #Brelo verdict protests rocking Cleveland (Fotos, Tom McKay, Mic)

18 shot this weekend in Baltimore (Colin Campbell, The Baltimore Sun)

After acquittal, Cleveland braces for another cop's trial (CBS News)

Arrests in Baltimore plunge even as the murder rate soars (Jon Passantino, Jim Dalrymple II, BuzzFeed)

Baltimore police contract hurts accountability, study says (Mark Puente, The Baltimore Sun)

The bigot next door: Shaken by banality of racism (Kate Paddon, Hartford Courant)

Cleveland acquittal highlights high bar to challenge police use of force (Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian)

Cleveland calm despite rising anger but Tamir Rice case could be new flashpoint (Afi Scruggs, The Guardian)

Cleveland Dem: Acquittal in police shooting case a "stunning setback" (Kyle Balluck, The Hill)

Ceveland Police Department not repeating the mistakes of Baltimore (Paul Mirengoff, PowerLine)

Cleveland police make 71 arrests as protests over acquittal "cross the line" (Tom McCarthy, The Guardian)

Cleveland rocked by anti-cop demonstrations, so why didn't it burn like Baltimore? (Michael Dorstewitz, BizPaz Review)

Cleveland streets are calm, but anger lingers day after officer's acquittal (Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

Cleveland: The verdict this time (Herbert Dyer, Jr., CounterPunch)

Cleveland verdict: Where the threat of blackness prevails (Charles F. Coleman Jr., The Root)

Group says it has enough names on petition to recall Ferguson mayor (Margaret S. Gillerman, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Harvard's Asian-American quota (Steve Chapman, Real Clear Politics)

LeBron James urges calm in Cleveland after Brelo verdict (Cindy Boren, The Washington Post)

Lynch reaches out to police officers (Timothy M. Phelps, The Baltimore Sun)

NAACP and Urban League call for calm after protests (Adam Ferrise,

The newest liberal idiocy: Segregating 3rd-graders (Naomi Schaefer Riley, New York Post)

New Orleans cop shot dead in cruiser (Emily Shapiro, ABC News)

New York Times: Whites moving into Hispanic areas is not diversity (Newsmachete, American Thinker)

Novelist Mat Johnson explores the "optical illusion" of being biracial (Radioindslag, NPR)

NYT summer reading list finally achieves 100 percent whiteness (Jason Parham, Gawker Review of Books)

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Public sector jobs vanish, hitting blacks hard (Patricia Cohen, The New York Times)

Report: St. Louis economy would gain $14 billion if racial income inequality disappeared (Camille Phillips, St. Louis Public Radio)

Rev. Al Sharpton to be in Cleveland next week (WKYC-TV, Cleveland)

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ACLU calls for meaningful reforms in the wake of Brelo verdict (Patrick Cooley,

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Amid alarming spike in shootings and homicides, a walk for peace (Alison Knezevich, The Baltimore Sun)

Baltimore cop: Crime is up, arrests are down, and morale "is in the sewer" [VIDEO] (Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller)

Baltimore police limit requests for surplus military goods (Patrick Maynard, The Baltimore Sun)

Budish says sheriff's deputies will keep streets safe in wake of Brelo verdict (Evan McDonald,

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Justice denied: Cleveland cop who reloaded gun twice while shooting African-Americans acquitted (Jason Easley, Politicususa)

Justice Department, U.S. attorney will continue to investigate following Michael Brelo verdict (Patrick Cooley,

The latest on Cleveland verdict: Feds to review case (Associated Press, ABC News)

Mayor: This is a defining moment for Cleveland (Video, CNN)

Michael Brelo verdict: From gunfire to not guilty (Tom Beres, Mike O'Mara, Kim Wendel, WKYC-TV, Cleveland)

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Police: 11 shot, five killed, since late Friday in Baltimore (The Baltimore Sun)

Revised charges against Baltimore officers raise questions about case (Timothy M. Phelps, Los Angeles Times)

Shakeup in Baltimore mayor's criminal justice leadership (Justin George, Yvonne Wenger, The Baltimore Sun)

Tamir Rice rally and counter-protest leaders seek peace Saturday at Cleveland's Impett Park (Brandon Blackwell,

Timothy Russell's family upset with Michael Brelo verdict, but "it wasn't all Brelo's fault" (photos, video) (Adam Ferrise,

Violent crime surges as arrests drop in Baltimore post-riots (Perry Chiaramonte, Fox News)

What you need to know about the Brelo verdict (Video, The Washington Post)

Who were Timothy Russell & Malissa Williams? Families describe the Cleveland police shooting victims as troubled but nonviolent (Melanie Schmitz, Bustle)

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Baltimore's "Mayor Smoke" on the war on drugs: I told you so (Adam May, Betsy Kulman, Al Jazeera America)

Biker gangs, Tamir Rice, and the rise of white fragility (Aurin Squire, Talking Points Memo)

Bishop T.D. Jakes may be the healer America needs right now (PODCAST) (Podcast, The Huffington Post)

Cleveland awaits decisions in 3 killings by police: Tamir Rice, Tanesha Anderson, Williams & Russell (Mark Gillispie, John Seewer (Associated Press), NewsNet5, Cleveland)

Daniel Donovan gets wary welcome to Congress after Eric Garner case (Alexander Burns, The New York Times)

Does evidence support indictment of Baltimore officers in Freddie Gray case? (Video, Fox News)

Don't ban the word thug. Use it more fairly (Leder,, New Jersey)

Ferguson makes a permanent memorial to the THUG who put it on the map: social media mockery follows (Carmine Sabia, BizPac Review)

Five quotes show how little has changed between Ferguson and the riots that nearly destroyed Miami 35 years ago (Rob Wile, Fusion)

Flash point (Fotos, Anthony McKissic, The Washington Post)

Gentrification spreads an upheaval in San Francisco's Mission District (Carol Pogash, The New York Times)

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How grand jury charges against officers in Freddie Gray case compare to the original charges (The Baltimore Sun)

In biggest cities, racial education gaps loom large (Ronald Brownstein, National Journal)

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The white squeeze (David Rosen, CounterPunch)

Why no outrage for other victims of police brutality? (Jay Ruderman, Jo Ann Simons, The Hill)


#SayHerName shows black women face police violence, too – and pregnancy and motherhood are no refuge (Dani McClain, The Nation)

Arrests fall, murder booms in Baltimore’s worst area (Justin Miller, Katie Zavadski, The Daily Beast)

Assaulting a police officer: An investigation (Radioindslag, The Kojo Nnamdi Show, NPR)

Baltimore reaches 100 homicides for year with overnight shootings (Justin George, The Baltimore Sun)

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Black racism fatigue will hurt Democrats in 2016 (Carl Jackson, Town Hall)

BREAKING: White female cop shot dead by black thug... ZERO businesses burned (Top Right News)

Death in the browser tab (Teju Cole, The New York Times)

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The failed war on drugs continues to amass casualties in Baltimore and beyond (Dan K. Morhaim, The Baltimore Sun)

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Hundreds protest police shooting of two unarmed black men in Washington (M. Alex Johnson, NBC News)

Implicit bias and Native Americans: Philanthropy's hidden minority (Crystal Echo Hawk, Indian Country Today Media Network)

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Officer involved shooting 5/21/15 (City of Olympia, Washington)

Officials release photos of suspects in riot fires (Christie Ileto, CBS Baltimore)

Olympia police shooting of 2 men prompts civic conversations, civil protests (Amelia Dickson, Lisa Pemberton, Alexis Krell, The Olympian)

Olympia police shooting: Sister says she saw incident, didn’t know it was her brother (Amelia Dickson, The Olympian)

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Subtle differences after indictment in Freddie Gray case could be sign of shift in thinking (Ian Duncan, The Baltimore Sun)

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Are Waco’s white bikers treated differently than Baltimore’s black protesters? (Jesse J. Holland, The Christian Science Monitor)

Asian-American group says Cameron Crowe "whitewashed" his new film (Kyle Smith, New York Post)

Baltimore politicians turn to White House for funding (Rachel Weiner, The Washington Post)

Batts: Police having trouble policing West Baltimore (Justin George, Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun)

Black lives matter – including black women’s, activists remind nation (Marcia Davis, The Washington Post)

A bold new voice (Joseph P. Williams, U.S. News & World Report)

The civil war never ended: Baltimore, Ferguson and the ghosts of the neo-Confederate South (Sarah Anderson (AlterNet), Salon)

Cleveland police charged 12-year-old Tamir Rice with ”aggravated menacing” and ”inducing panic” (Shaun King, Daily Kos)

Cleveland preparations for Brelo and Rice decisions: Darcy cartoon (Jeff Darcy,

Ellis Cose: Addressing race is the cure to racial strife, not the cause (Ellis Cose, USA Today)

Funeral services held for Brendon Glenn (Danielle Sanzone, The Troy Record, Californien)

Here are 13 killings by police captured on video in the past year (Videoer, AJ Vicens, Jaeah Lee, Mother Jones)

In Baltimore, arrests down and crime up (Scott Calvert, The Wall Street Journal)

In Texas, black race hustlers throw white liberals under the bus (David Paulin, American Thinker)

LAPD officer in fatal Venice shooting was subject of criminal probe (Kate Mather, Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times)

A look at Bandidos, Cossacks and race (Video, The Huffington Post)

Many Native American communities struggle with effects of heroin use (Radioindslag, Laurel Morales, NPR)

Michael Brown is getting a permanent memorial in Ferguson (Mariah Stewart, The Huffington Post)

Mitchell: Biker gangs no different from street gangs (Mary Mitchell, Chicago Sun-Times)

No conflict of interest in Freddie Gray case, says Baltimore state’s attorney (Associated Press, The Guardian)

O'Reilly on Waco bike gang murders: Here's everything that's wrong with how the media covers race and violence (Joan Walsh, Salon)

The problem with white-on-white crime (Tavis Smiley, Time)

Quintuple shooting continues surge in Baltimore violence (Justin Fenton, Jessica Anderson, The Baltimore Sun)

Race hustlers want equal treatment with biker gangs (John Hinderaker, PowerLine)

Racial reconciliation can only happen if Christians are willing to do these three things (Nicola Menzie, Christian Post)

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Report examines why residents stay in and leave Baltimore (Meredith Cohn, The Baltimore Sun)

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The true black tragedy (Walter E. Williams, Town Hall)

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Waco mayhem exposes double standard on violence (Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Chicago Tribune)

What role does race play in reactions to biker gunfight? (Lori Grisham, USA Today)

What Waco biker shootout suggests about race in America (Harry Bruinius, The Christian Science Monitor)

White America's Waco insanity: The shocking realities it ignores about racism & violence (Brittney Cooper, Salon)

Why a New York City school's idea to (temporarily) separate kids by race is smart (Jenée Desmond-Harris, Vox)


The ambiguity of being Latin@ (Maru Gonzalez, The Huffington Post)

America's oldest park ranger, 93, is a fierce advocate for young women of color everywhere (Cameron Keady, The Huffington Post)

Baltimore officers cleared in 2014 police shooting (Associated Press, CBS Baltimore)

Baltimore prosecutors say Freddie Gray arrest was illegal before finding knife (Scott Calvert, The Wall Street Journal)

Biker clubs instead of thugs? This is how racism works (Charles F. Coleman Jr., The Root)

The birth of race-based slavery (Peter H. Wood, Slate)

Can racism be stopped in the third grade? (Lisa Miller, New York Magazine)

CNN panel explodes over media calling Baltimore rioters ”thugs,” but not Waco bikers (Video, Josh Feldman, Mediaite)

Could lead paint have played a role in Freddie Gray’s death? (Deirdre Imus, Fox News)

Duke University professor stands by racist comments (Julia Craven, The Huffington Post)

The GOP and Willie Horton (Roger Simon, Politico)

A gunfight, not a riot: What happened in Waco (Kevin D. Williamson, National Review)

Half a century later, Malcolm X’s words on police brutality are just as relevant as ever (Zak Cheney-Rice, Mic)

Happy X Day? The case against a federal holiday for Malcolm X (Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

Hillary Clinton has better numbers on race than Obama. Now what? (Hunter Schwarz, The Washington Post)

How mindfulness can defeat racial bias (Rhonda Magee, The Huffington Post)

If you type ”N---- House” into Google maps, it will take you to the White House (Julia Craven, Amber Ferguson, The Huffington Post)

I’m a moderate biker gang member compelled to condemn this violence (Wajahat Ali, The New York Times)

In the rush to aid Baltimore’s “minority-owned business,” will black businesses be left out? (Charles D. Ellison, The Root)

Is Baltimore like a reservation for non-Indians? (Mark Rogers, Indian Country Today Media Network)

Is being mentally ill in America a crime? (Sheri L. Parks, The Root)

Justice Kennedy's race do-over (The Wall Street Journal)

Language of violence: clubs, thugs and #blacklivesmatter (Sharon Grigsby, The Dallas Morning News)

Malcolm X matters: Icon’s words still ring true (Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

Marilyn Mosby now says Freddie Gray’s knife isn’t important to case against 6 Baltimore cops (Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller)

Media coverage of gang violence sure looks different when the perpetrators are white (Jenée Desmond-Harris, Vox)

A mom, a disabled son and a home that blazed amid Baltimore’s riots (Julie Scharper, The Washington Post)

My Brother's Keeper enters a new phase (Freddie Allen, Atlanta Daily World)

The new Jews of Harvard admissions (Jason L. Riley, The Wall Street Journal)

Obama joins Twitter. Racism quickly follows. (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post)

Police unrest goes beyond racism, Dem says (Tim Devaney, The Hill)

”The result of the breakdown of the white biker family”: #WacoThugs perfectly encapsulates what’s wrong with response to Waco shooting (Joanna Rothkopf, Salon)

The story of West Baltimore can be told through life at one intersection (Paul Duggan, The Washington Post)

This striking image of a black man hanging a Klansman shows a different side of America’s racist history (Lilly Workneh, The Huffington Post)

The Waco shootout and the stupid distractions that help thwart police reform (Ed Krayewski, Reason)

Walter Williams: Ills of blacks due to government, not racism (Walter E. Williams, Investor’s Business Daily)

We can’t talk about housing policy without talking about racism (Rachel M. Cohen, The American Prospect)

White racism matters! (Mark T. Harris, Counterpunch)


After rioters burned Baltimore, killings pile up largely under the radar (Peter Hermann, The Washington Post)

Are the Baltimore police abandoning Sandtown? (Mark Whitehouse, Bloomberg)

A child’s memory of white flight from Baltimore (Dana R. Casey, The Federalist)

Asian-American groups challenge racial preferences in higher education (Ilya Somin, The Washington Post)

Bad deal in Baltimore (The Wall Street Journal)

Baltimore mayor agrees with demilitarizing police departments (Catherine Hawley, WMAR Baltimore)

Baltimore police, city and community concerned over surge in violence (Justin George, The Baltimore Sun)

The continuing drag of segregation on America's cities (Whet Moser, Chicago Magazine)

Everyone’s watching Baltimore: So, now what? (E.R. Shipp, The Root)

Ferguson home sales drop, don’t stop (Jim Gallagher, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Here’s what people are saying about the Waco shootout and race (Maanvi Singh, NPR)

How did a 26-year-old Iraq war veteran die serving a 2-day jail sentence? (Stephen A. Crockett, Jr., The Root)

How the left uses ”racism” and ”sexism” to silence the right (Richard Larsen, Western Journalism)

Jay-Z and Beyonce bailed out Baltimore and Ferguson protesters: Report (Salon)

Learning Freddie Gray lessons from history (Richard J. Cross III, The Huffington Post)

Marco Rubio has listed himself as "white" instead of "Hispanic". News flash: He's both. (Patricia Mazzei, Miami Herald)

Mosby has a second chance to get the Freddie Gray charges right (Steven H. Levine, Jason M. Weinstein, The Baltimore Sun)

Obama just announced a plan to restrict police use of military-style equipment (Inae Oh, Mother Jones)

Obama: Society has to "deal honestly with issues of race" (Video, Real Clear Politics)

Obama to limit military-style equipment for police forces (Julie Hirschfeld Davis, The New York Times)

Observations of a white protester arrested in Baltimore riot [Commentary] (Doug Miller, The Baltimore Sun)

On #WacoThugs, biker gangs, and white-on-white crime (Dan Solomon, Texas Monthly)

The other racial divide (Dennis P. Halpin, The Weekly Standard)

People of color suffer through extra long commutes (Sara Bernard, Grist)

Race activists try to exploit Texas biker shootout, fail (Lee Stranahan, Breitbart)

Racism is destroying the right to vote (Sean McElwee, Demos)

Reporting on Waco biker gang killings reveals disparities in news coverage (Jenny Kutner, Salon)

Shooting hasn’t stopped in Baltimore since Freddie Gray (Polly Mosendz, Newsweek)

Sixty beds for troubled teens (Leder, The Baltimore Sun)

St. Louis police officer who killed VonDerrit Myers Jr. won’t face charges (Lauren Raab, Christine Mai-Duc, Los Angeles Times)

Waco coverage shows double standard on race (Sally Kohn, CNN)

What segregation looks like in “post-racial” America (Gillian Laub, Salon)

What the response to Waco says about how we treat white vs. black criminals (Darnell L. Moore, Mic)

White-on-white crime strikes again in Waco (Julia Craven, The Huffington Post)

Who caused Baltimore’s collapse? (Newt Gingrich, The Federalist)

Why race is the main reason the murderous bloodbath in Waco was handled with velvet gloves (Shaun King, Daily Kos)

Would it have been different if the Waco bikers were black? (Hannah Henderson, BBC News)


61 years after Brown v. Board of Education, many schools remain separate and unequal (Rebecca Klein, The Huffington Post)

Baltimore police rarely charged in deaths (Doug Donovan, Jean Marbella, The Baltimore Sun)

Baltimore’s refusal to be silent was an American triumph (Tracy K. Smith, Time)

Ben Carson: Riots after Freddie Gray death weren’t a ”racial issue” (Adam Edelman, New York Daily News)

Building bridges in Baltimore (Video, ABC News)

Cleveland officers' silence frustrates prosecutor in police trial (James Quealley, Los Angeles Times)

Coming of age in the time of the hoodie (Sarah Lapido Manyika, The Root)

Ferguson shooting leads cop and ex-con to find each other’s humanity (Christine Byers, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

The ghosts of Baltimore: How plunder, violence and intimidation built a great American city (Shelley Puhak, Salon)

John Waters talks Baltimore riots on Bill Maher’s show (The Baltimore Sun)

Looking back at the Brown v. Board decision (Constitution Daily)

May 17, 1954: Supreme Court rules segregation unconstitutional in "Brown v. Board of Ed." (Richard Kreitner, The Almanac, The Nation)

Outrage as social media users compare Waco, Texas to Baltimore and Ferguson uprisings (Nicole Hensley, New York Daily News)

The real reason behind Baltimore’s rage (Farah Stockman, The Boston Globe)

Review: "Southern Rites," an HBO documentary on the killing of a young black man in rural Georgia (Alessandra Stanley, The New York Times)

Understanding Sandtown after Freddie Gray (J. Peter Sabonis, Todd Cherkis, The Baltimore Sun)

Why do America's riots so precisely mirror each other, generation after generation after generation? (Frank Rich, New York Magazine)


Baltimore march shows protesters have more on their minds than Freddie Gray (Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun)

Dozens of Ferguson-related reforms were proposed in Missouri. Just one passed (Niraj Chokshi, The Washington Post)

Freddie Gray reactions shows the melting pot is full and boiling over (Charles Campbell, The Baltimore Sun)

Freddie Gray’s death underlines disparities in Baltimore (Justin Fenton, Luke Broadwater, The Baltimore Sun)

Housing apartheid, American style (Leder, The New York Times)

How big data failed Baltimore (Tina K. Sacks, MSNBC)

Is Harvard racist? Asian-Americans claim unfair Harvard admission quotas (+video) (Jesse J. Holland,The Christian Science Monitor)

Liberal affirmative action racism facing new threat (Thomas Lifson, American Thinker)

Rawlings-Blake calls for "new ideas" to reduce black-on-black crime (Yvonne Wenger, The Baltimore Sun)

Senator Rand Paul says he quietly visited Ferguson during unrest (Video, Dan Gray, Fox2News, St. Louis)

Teachers are on Baltimore’s front lines (Kenya Campbell, The Baltimore Sun)

Tom Brady and the privilege of whiteness (David J. Leonard, The Root)


Affordable housing’s importance grows in light of unrest (Sara Salinas, Baltimore Business Journal)

Attorney claims Terrance Kellom, killed during Detroit arrest, was shot in the back by federal agent (Kate Abbey-Lambertz, The Huffington Post)

Baltimore, city of lost souls (Landon Shroder, CounterPunch)

Baltimore’s problems not rooted in racist police (Cal Thomas, The Baltimore Sun)

Challenging economic racism in America (Ben Chavis, The Philadelphia Tribune)

Clinton deserves black vote (F. Michael Higginbotham, The Baltimore Sun)

Connecticut makes rare progress on school segregation as America moves backwards (Rebecca Klein, The Huffington Post)

David Simon is wrong about Baltimore arrests (Francis Barry, Bloomberg)

Family of emotionally disturbed Bronx man that died in police custody files complaint claiming cops caused death (Kerry Burke, Rocco Parascandola, Thomas Tracy, New York Daily News)

How has the Baltimore police indictment changed public opinion? (Anthea Mitchell, Cheat Sheet)

How to talk about racism on television: ”The Comedians” and ”American Crime” take different tactics (Ben Travers, Indie Wire)

In police killings, numbers are scarce or inaccurate (Radioindslag, Sally Herships, Marketplace)

Is gentrification fueling police brutality in San Francisco? (Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet)

”I street danced during the Baltimore riots” (Dimitri Reeves, Robert Wright, Financial Times)

Jason Chu on Asian privilege and Freddie Gray (Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, NBC News)

Lady Law: Are black women in leadership under attack? (Cyril Josh Barker, Amsterdam News, New York)

Legacy of segregation, unemployment, addiction fuel dissent in Baltimore (Hannah Allam, Miami Herald)

Man dies two days after being Tasered by Montgomery County police officer (Dan Morse, The Washington Post)

Man who died while in custody ID'ed by Spokane police (Nina Culter, The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Washington)

The other Baltimore story: Ronald Hammond and ”routine injustice” (Jonathan Rapping, The Nation)

The other racial divide in policing: Throughout history, departments have discriminated against African-American cops (Jonathan Zimmerman, New York Daily News)

Racism, riots and economics: If history is the guide, why Baltimore won’t recover soon (Paul Solman, PBS Newshour)

Racist police emails put Florida cases in doubt (Frances Robles, The New York Times)

Rex Murphy: ”White privilege” on the march (Rex Murphy, National Post)

San Francisco police under fire for racist, homophobic texts (Paul Elias, Associated Press)

“Screaming bloody murder,” mom leads protest of Zion shooting (Dan Moran, Jim Newton, Chicago Tribune)

A segregated prom, a racially charged murder and questions about racism (Harriette Cole, The Root)

Selling Baltimore after the rioting (Natalie Sherman, The Baltimore Sun)

Small but angry protest against Justus Howell decision in Waukegan (Melissa Silverberg, Chicago Daily Herald)

Solange Knowles addresses Ferguson and Baltimore in new song (Dana Rose Falcone, Entertainment Weekly)

“Their struggles are our struggles”: Protests outside Peter Liang hearing (Chris Fuchs, NBC News)

These photos show what it looks like when we ignore foreclosures in black neighborhoods (Emily Badger, The Washington Post)

What happened when scientists put African Americans on an African diet and Africans on an American diet (Sam P.K. Colllins, Think Progress)

What we lose when police blame victims for their own deaths (Julia Craven, Nick Wing, The Huffington Post)

White out (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)


After Baltimore and Ferguson, major momentum for criminal justice reform (Radioindslag, Carrie Johnson, NPR)

Attorney for NYPD officer in Akai Gurley shooting asks for charges to be dropped (Jonathan Dienst, NBC New York)

Baltimore crime surging: Police investigating 25 killings, 43 non-fatal shootings since riots (Video, WMAR, Baltimore)

Baltimore is about policing not poverty (Clive Crook, Bloomberg)

Baltimore is still burning: And let's not forget Ferguson (Dr. Maulana Karenga, Los Angeles Sentinel)

Freddie Gray (Adam Shatz, London Review of Books)

Historian says don't "sanitize" how our government created ghettos (Radiointerview med Richard Rothstein, NPR)

How "Mad Men" tackled race: The end of a backwards era (Stereo Williams, The Daily Beast)

How to keep racism in place: an interview (Donovan X. Ramsey, interview med Robin DiAngelo, Gawker)

In defending Baltimore police officers, lawyers build case from the details (Serge F. Kovaleski, Michael Wines, The New York Times)

It’s time to talk about the black police officers who killed Freddie Gray (Zak Cheney-Rice, Mic)

No charges against Zion police in fatal shooting of teen Justus Howell (Dan Hinkel, Jim Newton, Dan Moran, Chicago Tribune)

The new racial makeup of U.S. police departments (Victoria Bekiempis, Newsweek)

Numbers show most Baltimore cops are minorities (Richard Pollock, The Daily Caller)

N.Y. police shooting case divides city's Asian-Americans (Radioindslag, Hansi Lo Wang, NPR)

Prosecutor: Justus Howell had gun, turned toward Zion officer; shooting justified (Ruth Fuller, Chicago Sun-Times)

A wealth gap grows in Brooklyn: How racism perpetuates housing inequality (Ryan Cooper, The Week)

We must assess the meaning of Baltimore (Darryl Lorenzo Wellington, The Salinas Californian)

What can Chicago learn from Baltimore? (Matthew Dietrich, The Huffington Post)

Why hunting ”Uncle Toms” won’t end racism (Gus T. Renegade, Atlanta Black Star)

Why John Legend and Michelle Obama are talking about racism now (+video) (Husna Haq, The Christian Science Monitor)

Witness accounts in midtown hammer attack show the power of false memory (Jim Dwyer, The New York Times)


Black or biracial? Separating Tony Robinson from the “Black Lives Matter” movement doesn’t stop police brutality (Michael Arceneaux, News One)

Color-blind policy, color-conscious morality (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

Did the media cover only the violent protests in Baltimore? (Alex T. Williams, The Washington Post)

Ferguson shooting’s witness freed on reduced bond (Jim Suhr, ABC News)

The first lady's moving (but untrue) stories of racial slights (Michelle Malkin, National Review)

Freddie Gray shows us it’s time to lead in Baltimore and beyond (Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, The Baltimore Sun)

How today’s developers maintain Jim Crow housing segregation (Brentin Mock, City Lab)

Map: Los Angeles is the most segregated city for Hispanics (Carman Tse, LAist)

Michelle Obama exemplifies the progress we’ve made on race – why won’t she admit it? (Ron Christie, The Daily Beast)

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Stop the war on Baltimore (Dante Barry, The Nation)

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Baltimore's blacks want revolution, not resolution (Luther Campbell, Miami New Times)

Baltimore’s mayor floundered, while Maryland’s governor led (Christopher B. Summers, National Review)

Baltimore youth are not thugs. They are my former students – and they are loved (Joanna Noll, The Huffington Post)

A better Baltimore region depends upon quality education (Gregory E. Thornton, S. Dallas Dance, The Baltimore Sun)

The big winners of the Baltimore riots (Ben Shapiro, Breitbart)

Black and white agree on Freddie Gray. But no, we are not suddenly united. (Aaron Blake, The Washington Post)

Blacks, Hispanics more likely to be "credit invisible:" CFPB (Evan Weinberger, Law360)

A broken approach to young black men (Eugene Robinson, Real Clear Politics)

Dangling a bit of justice doesn’t make us equal: What’s next in Baltimore? (D. Watkins, Salon)

The Freddie Grays of West Baltimore who can’t vote (Monica Potts, The Daily Beast)

Home foreclosures fueled racial segregation in U.S. (Ted Boscia, Cornell Chronicle)

How deep are the problems in Baltimore’s police department? (Leder, Los Angeles Times)

In its time of trouble, Baltimore is not alone (Leder, The Baltimore Sun)

In the U.S., the accused have fewer and fewer rights (Fareed Zakaria, The Daily Star Lebanon)

Liberals, try talking about family breakdown (Francis Barry, Bloomberg View)

Littwin: Seeing and unseeing Freddie Gray’s Sandtown (Mike Littwin, The Colorado Independent)

Looks like white Americans are finally starting to come around on race and policing (Derrick Clifton, Mic)

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Baltimore residents reflect on riots and share relief for curfew’s end (Video, PBS Newshour)

Baltimore riots put Obama strategy for American cities under closer scrutiny (Steven Mufson, Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post)

Baltimore’s poorest children have a tough shot at improving their lives, data shows (Colin Daleida, Mashable)

Baltimore’s problems aren’t just about racism, nor just about Baltimore (Dr. Stefan Grobe, Euronews)

Baltimore, then and now (Jules Witcover, The Baltimore Sun)

Baltimore unrest as Obama pushes mentoring program (Video, Eric Bradner, CNN)

Baltimore violence and Martin O’Malley’s mayoral legacy (Ken Thomas, Brian Witte (Associated Press), The Christian Science Monitor)

Be devoted to justice not to order (Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers, Dissident Voice)

Beyond the riots: Is there hope for Baltimore? A reporter’s notebook from that city’s streets (James Ford, PIX11, New York)

Bigger than Freddie Gray (The Harvard Crimson)

A black mother’s simple question that reaches beyond Baltimore (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post)

Black-on-black violence as bad as police brutality (Mary Mitchell, Chicago Sun-Times)

A bloody history of police brutality in Baltimore (Nick Alexandrov, The Root)

Buchanan on drug reform: Unthinkable to ”go soft” on ”curse of the African-American community” (Scott Greer, The Daily Caller)

Chicago is the most segregated city in America: Analysis (John Dodge, CBS Chicago)

Cleveland NAACP forum offers tips on staying safe during police encounters, protests (photos, video) (Ryllie Danylko,

Conflicting reports on gun incident in Baltimore (Fox News)

The criminal charges in Freddie Gray’s case are a big deal (German Lopez, Vox)

CVS plans to rebuild as Baltimore works to help riot-torn businesses (Natalie Sherman, The Baltimore Sun)

Did prosecutor overreach in charging cops for Freddie Gray? (Tom Nolan, The Daily Beast)

Don’t blame Baltimore’s crisis on ”liberal policies” (Steve Benen, MSNBC)

Dozens rally, demand justice in Cleveland police brutality cases (photos, video) (Brandon Blackwell,

Fallout from Freddie Gray’s death and underlying causes of urban poverty and racial strife in Baltimore and across the country (Radioindslag, Emily Badger, Sheryll Cashin, Allen West, Kevin Rector, Isabel Wilkerson, The Diane Rehm Show, NPR)

Ferguson and theater’s double standard for truth in art (David Marcus, The Federalist)

A field trip to Baltimore (Launa Schweizer, The Atlantic)

For some, every day life is a state of emergency (Steve Chapman, Herald-Review)

Fox News apologizes for false Baltimore shooting report (Dylan Byers, Politico)

Fox News erroneously reports that police in Baltimore shot man (Paul Farhi, The Washington Post)

Freddie Gray arrest documents drawn up for wrong people (Video, Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun)

Free the Baltimore Six (Jack Cashill, American Thinker)

From justice for Freddie Gray to undoing racism (Rashad Robinson, The Huffington Post)

”The game done changed”: Reconsidering ”The Wire” amidst the Baltimore uprising (Dave Zirin, The Nation)

”Hacktivist” hysteria in Baltimore (Jesse Walker, Reason)

He murdered a police car and sits in jail – while cops walk on bail (Stephen A. Crockett Jr., The Root)

How state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby became the hero of Baltimore (Jenée Desmond-Harris, Vox)

If Freddie Gray lived, he would’ve likely been placed in jail for a crime he didn’t commit (German Lopez, Vox)

In Baltimore, more serious charges could await rioters (Jeff Pegues, CBS News)

Income inequality begins at birth and these are the stats that prove it (John Komlos, PBS Newshour)

Is my upset in vain? On the fatigue of another #Baltimore (Jarrett Hill, The Huffington Post)

It is not OK for Fox to get it so wrong in Baltimore Monday (David Zurawik, The Baltimore Sun)

It’s time to seriously rethink “zero tolerance” policing (Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post)

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Kirkland: After Baltimore, we must face inequality head on (Will Kirkland, The Daily Northwestern)

The language of the unheard (Jamil Smith, New Republic)

Lessons from Baltimore, and beyond (Læserbreve, The New York Times)

The Milwaukee experiment (Jeffrey Toobin, The New Yorker)

Mistaken Fox News reporter on Baltimore shooting report: ”We don’t have to worry that much about confirmation” (Erik Wemple, The Washington Post)

Multiple causes seen for Baltimore unrest (Meningsmåling, Pew Research Center)

My Baltimore bargain (Alec McGillis, Slate)

Negative view of U.S. race relations grows, poll finds (Dalia Sussman, The New York Times)

The New York Times/CBS News poll on U.S. race relations (Meningsmåling, The New York Times)

Not enough money? Baltimore got $1.8 billion from Obama stimulus (Thomas Lifson, American Thinker)

Obama addresses “unfairness” and Baltimore in Bronx speech (Rolling Stone)

Obama finds a bolder voice on race issues (Peter Baker, The New York Times)

Obama says inequality facing minority men behind unrest in Baltimore, Ferguson (Julia Edwards, Reuters)

Obama’s Justice Department turned down cop training for Baltimore (Kelly Riddell, The Washington Times)

Officials, business leaders talk about rebuilding Baltimore (Video, WBAL-TV, Baltimore)

”Our demand is simple: Stop killing us” (Jay Caspian Kang, The New York Times)

Pew study: Blacks more likely to say poverty led to Baltimore unrest than whites (Catherine Dunn, International Business Times)

Police rethink long tradition on using force (Matt Apuzzo, The New York Times)

Population loss a threat to Baltimore’s economy following unrest, Moody’s says (James Briggs, Baltimore Business Journal)

Prosecutor ”overcharged” Baltimore officers, local attorney says (Radioindslag, Robert Siegel, NPR)

Race, class and neglect (Paul Krugman, The New York Times)

Racism is at the root of Baltimore’s riots (Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag)

Racism is still very much a problem in America (Ana Swanson, Chicago Tribune)

Rebellion vs. the Black political establishment (Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor,  Socialist Worker)

Recovery begins for small businesses hit by Baltimore riots (Radioindslag, Sam Sanders, NPR)

Republicans should go to Baltimore (Michael Brendan Dougherty, The Week)

Restoring faith in justice (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

A rightward reaction to riots (Richard Cohen, The Washington Post)

The rise of the “African-American police state” (Garikai Chengu, Centre for Research on Globalization, Canada)

Rodney King and Freddie Gray: Has anything changed? (Martin Levine, The Nonprofit Quarterly)

Rodney King’s shadow hangs over Baltimore: What the history of the L.A. riots can tell us (Heather Digby Parton, Salon)

Romney: Hillary politicized Baltimore to win black support (Ben Kamisar, The Hill)

Salute the service of police officer Brian Moore (Leder, New York Post)

Swinging for the fences: Thinking through the Baltimore criminal charges (David French, Christian Post)

Tamir Rice press conference: 5 months and no charges (Video, Sara Shookman, WKYC-TV, Cleveland)

Tamir Rice’s body still isn’t buried because the criminal investigation keeps dragging on (Rebecca Leber, New Republic)

Tamir Rice’s mom: How long before I get justice? (Video, NBC News)

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