September 2015


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5 reasons to pay close attention to the congressional leadership race (Charles D. Ellison, The Root)

Archibald Motley, the painter who captured black America in the jazz age and beyond (Emily Shire, The Daily Beast)

Arizona sheriff to testify at contempt-of-court hearing (Associated Press, The New York Times)

"Black Lives Matter" banner vandalized in front of Silver Spring Church (Aaron Kraut, Bethesda Magazine, Maryland)

Black Lives Matter co-founder reflects on the origins of the movement (Julia Craven, The Huffington Post)

"Black Lives Matter" sign at Kirkwood church vandalized (Associated Press, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Black Lives Matter supporters praise Marco Rubio for bolstering movement (Julia Hahn, Breitbart)

The brutal impact of wealthy Mideast thug privilege in America (Michelle Malkin, New York Post)

Dad of teen killed in music row plans Black Friday boycott (The Voice, UK)

The data are damning: How race influences school funding (Gillian B. White, The Atlantic)

Debating "Otello," blackface and casting trends (Ben Brantley, Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times)

Democrat pushes ObamaCare coverage for all immigrants (Mike Lillis, The Hill)

DeRay McKesson dismantles Jeb Bush for "free stuff" comment (Nader Ihmoud, Chicago Sun-Times)

Donald Trump says 1950s "Operation Wetback" is model immigration plan (Fox News Latino

End zero-tolerance school discipline (Malcolm Harris, Al Jazeera America)

Ferguson mirrors Birmingham 1963? Minister on Ferguson report returns home to speak (Greg Garrison,, Alabama)

Glossing over American sins is no way to teach history (Claire Dinshaw, Hartford Courant, Connecticut)

GOP can't shed itself of racist appeals (Derrick Z. Jackson, The Boston Globe)

Governor Haley has not advanced race relations (Aaron M. Mukerjee, The Harvard Crimson)

Have prison terms kept steady? (Robert VerBruggen, Real Clear Policy)

How race helped shape the politics of Senate candidate Kamala Harris (Michael Finnegan, Los Angeles Times)

How U.S. immigration laws and rules have changed through history (D'Vera Cohn, Pew Research Center)

Illegal immigration polling data may surprise you (Robert Jonathan, Inquisitr)

The immigration blind spot (Felix Salmon, Fusion)

I'm young, black, and powerful. And I hold media accountable. (Raymond Fenton,

In Houston's gifted program, critics say blacks and Latinos are overlooked (Radio, Laura Isensee, Morning Edition, NPR)

Jeb Bush just gave a middle finger to the entire Native American community (Nick Wing, The Huffington Post)

Joe Biden's record could pose difficulties for 2016 White House bid (Heidi Przybyla, USA Today)

Looking at the racial disparity in abortion rates completely misses the point (Kate Castle, RH Reality Check)

Migrants to drive 88% of US population growth (Rhys Blakely, The Times, UK)

Minorities more likely to be ordered held awaiting trial, study says (Jan Ransom, Boston Globe)

A moment of sanity for immigration reforms? (Andy J. Semotiuk, Forbes)

The new Jim Crow North Carolina? Charlotte City Council, police consider banning arrestees from "public safety zones" (Aaron Morrison, International Business Times)

NYPD sergeant under investigation after calling Dominican officers "stupid and crazy" (Janel Saldana, Latin Times)

Poll: Majority in SC back Confederate flag's removal (Andrew Shain, The State, Columbia, South Carolina)

Professor still doesn't think historical context matters when discussing Margaret Sanger (Terry Krepel, The Huffington Post)

The revolutionary aims of Black Lives Matter (Megan Garber, The Atlantic)

RFK, Theodore White, and the great debate over immigration (Jerry Kammer, Center for Immigration Studies)

Robert Curvin, scholar who fought bias and poverty in Newark, dies at 81 (Sam Roberts, The New York Times)

Suicide among young American Indians nearly double national rate (Laura Santhanam, Megan Hickey, PBS Newshour)

Syndicated radio host Michael Berry has a weekly segment devoted to mocking victims of gun violence (Daniel Angster, Media Matters)

Ta-Nehisi Coates gets "Genius Grant" for hating whitey (Ed Straker, American Thinker)

Useful genius John McWhorter can shove his #BlackLivesMatter concern-trolling (Video, Tommy Christopher, Mediaite)

Why greater diversity is good for Hollywood's bottom line (Video, PBS Newshour)

Why the Black Panther legacy endures (Tasbeeh Herwees, GOOD)


Activist DeRay McKesson destroys Jeb over "free stuff" comment: "He hasn't earned the stuff that he has" (Travis Gettys, Raw Story)

American Bar Association calls for repeal of Stand Your Ground laws (Mark Obbie, The Trace)

Anti-immigrant activists more prone to terrorism than refugees (David Bier, The Hill)

Arizona immigration: Border Patrol issued sanctions for destroying evidence in immigrant case alleging "inhumane, dirty and extremely cold cells" (Clark Mindock, International Business Times)

Ben Carson: Confederate flag should be allowed on private property (Andrew Rafferty, MSNBC)

Ben Carson defends Confederate flag by comparing it to Swastikas (Danielle Wiener-Bronner, Fusion)

Ben Carson: Media has manipulated black Americans (Hanna Trudo, Politico)

Berkeley police data shows racial disparities, civil rights leaders say (CBS San Francisco Bay Area)

Beyond Baltimore: Thoughts on place, race, and opportunity (Alan Berube, Brookings)

Black Lives Matter activist Latausha Nedd arrested after "open season" on police comments (Zach Jones, The Global Dispatch)

Can Joe beat Hillary with black voters? (Keli Goff, The Daily Beast)

Can Porn stars have a race-based "sexual preference"? (Tracy Clark-Flory, Vocativ)

CBC members defend Planned Parenthood's work in black communities (Lauren Victoria Burke, NBC News)

Conway's claim of a diverse department true (Nancy Badertscher, PolitiFact, Georgia)

Cool fact: Immigrants are way more likely to have a college degree than people born in the U.S. (Jordan Weissmann, Slate)

Cultural appropriation is real, to deny this is racism (Erick DuPree, Patheos)

Elizabeth Warren goes crazy for Black Lives Matter (Colin Flaherty, American Thinker)

Elizabeth Warren panders to Black Lives Matter (Guardian Web, GOPUSA)

Elizabeth Warren's embrace of Black Lives Matter is an example of moral leadership (Peniel E. Joseph, The Root)

Elizabeth Warren throws down the gauntlet on racial issues (Charles P. Pierce, Esquire)

Ending the racial caste system through reentry reform (Dorsey Nunn, Meredith Desautels, The Huffington Post)

The FBI is finally taking a huge step in fighting police brutality (Jared Keller, Pacific Standard)

Former KKK leader defends George Zimmerman (Dr. Drew Staff, HLNTV)

From blue lines to baked goods, people show their support for police (Carmen K. Sisson, The Christian Science Monitor)

George Zimmerman makes first statement since sharing image of Trayvon Martin's body (Kaitlyn Schallhorn, The Blaze)

Good news: White and black Americans agree that O.J. totally murdered his ex-wife (Matt Vespa, Town Hall)

GOP senators: Police lives also matter (Mark Hensch, The Hill)

Guardian wins Emmy award for series on US immigration crisis (The Guardian)

How redlining led to rioting: Police and segregation (Richard Rothstein, People's World)

If only Congress would embrace immigration reform like Pope Francis embraced little Sophie Cruz: Cynthia Tucker (Cynthia Tucker,

Illegal immigrant accused of gruesome executions and burning corpses in Texas (Ildefonsso Ortiz, Breitbart)

Immigration bill clears NC Senate (Colin Campbell, The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina)

Immigration news: Bill to end family detention, for-profit prisons introduced by Latino congressman (Michael Oleaga, Latin Post)

Journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates among 2015 MacArthur "Genius" Award winners (Laura Wagner, NPR)

Judge delays crucial trial in Freddie Gray death (John Bacon, USA Today)

Legal fight over Obama's immigration orders may outlast his presidency (Video, Ariane de Vogue, CNN)

Michael Javen Fortner: Blacks can't ignore their role in today's overpolicing (Michael Javen Fortner, The Dallas Morning News)

Muslim Americans are patriots, too (Waseem Bawa, The Sacramento Bee)

New "Blue Lives Matter" billboards up around Toledo (Video, Ashley Hill, Michelle Zepeda, WTOL, Toledo, Ohio)

New US immigration office opening its doors in Charleston (Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle)

Police taser and beat innocent disabled vet, hold quadriplegic wife at gunpoint, demand she stand (Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project)

Press imagines Pope Francis attacking Trump on immigration (T. Becket Adams, Washington Examiner)

The prison problem (David Brooks, The New York Times)

Questions raised about police shooting of mentally ill woman (Patrick Healy, NBC Los Angeles)

Ramsey Orta's journey and the future of Copwatch (Josmar Trujillo, The Huffington Post)

The real nativists (Chistopher Manion, Accuracy in Academia)

Report urges reforms to address racial disparities in Mass. pretrial detainees (Benjamin Swasey, WBUR, Boston)

The Republican rebrand's final indignity: "David Duke without the baggage" in line to lead House GOP (Elias Isquith, Salon)

Risking liberal ire, Trump invokes "Operation Wetback" as a "humane" solution to illegal immigration (Stewart Lawrence, The Daily Caller)

Slavery myths debunked (Jamelle Bouie, Rebecca Onion, Slate)

The smart choice for cities: Welcome immigrants, don't stigmatize them (Steven Choi, Nisha Agarwal, The Huffington Post)

Sorry, Ms. Clinton: Outkast's Big Boi backs Bernie Sanders (Branko Marcetic, In These Times)

Ta-Nehisi Coates and other authors who landed MacArthur "genius" grants: What made them stand out (Carolyn Kellogg, Los Angeles Times)

Today's soft-on-crime, anti-cop Democrats (Susan Stamper Brown, Town Hall)

To serve and protect? New police program may perpetuate racial profiling (Kui Mwai, Law Street)

Tough on criminal justice reform (Devan Kreisberg, Pacific Standard)

The United States is rapidly diversifying, and the Republican Party is clearly uneasy about it (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

What the FBI can't tell us about crime (Matt Ford, The Atlantic)

What's the Plan B if you get deported? A generational divide (Video, Cindy Carcamo, Los Angeles Times)

What we know after the Freddie Gray scheduling hearing (The Baltimore Sun)

What will be the next chapter of Black Lives Matter? (Ken Coleman, Detroit Free Press)

Which officer will go on trial first in the Freddie Gray case? (Lynh Bui, The Washington Post)

Will Latinos become Republicans? Not if it depends on being religious. (Sarah Allen Gershon, Adrian D. Pantoja, J. Benjamin Taylor, The Washington Post)


9 striking Instagram photos celebrate the "Blaxicans" of Los Angeles (Zak Cheney-Rice, Mic)

Addressing "The New Jim Crow" in Nashville critical (Bettie Kirkland, Irwin Venick, The Tennessean)

Advocates say man facing execution in Missouri is innocent (Jim Salter (Associated Press), ABC News)

Bail denied for dangerous woman threatening to kill cops and white people in You Tube rants (Michael Dorstewitz, BicPac Review)

Bernie Sanders: He's not black, but he may be your brother (Joseph Natoli, CounterPunch)

Between the World and Me: Empathy is a privilege (John Paul Rollert, The Atlantic)

"Black babies matter": The black anti-abortion movement's political problems (Paige Winfield Cunningham, Washington Examiner)

Black lives matter (Lisa M. Ferrari, Los Angeles Post-Examiner)

Black Lives Matter is living in the past (John McWhorter, The Daily Beast)

Born that way? "Scientific" racism is creeping back into our thinking. Here's what to watch out for. (W. Carson Byrd, Matthew W. Hughey, The Washington Post)

The casual racism of our most popular dating apps (Carrie Weisman (AlterNet), Salon)

Deaf Mexican immigrants are declaring asylum in the U.S. - and winning (Casey Tolan, Fusion)

Donald Trump's immigration message is potent. It's also a lost cause. (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

Don't forget your NYPD Stop-and-Frisk receipt (Caroline Bankoff, New York Magazine)

Elizabeth Warren addresses racial justice: "Black lives matter, black citizens matter, black families matter" (Video, Real Clear Politics)

Elizabeth Warren: "Black Lives Matter. Black Citizens Matter. Black Families Matter." (John Nichols, The Nation)

Elizabeth Warren endorses Black Lives Matter. Why does that matter? (Kelsey Warner, The Christian Science Monitor)

Elizabeth Warren just changed the game with her speech on Black Lives Matter (Zeeshan Aleem, Mic)

Elizabeth Warren just delivered the defense of Black Lives Matter other politicians won't (German Lopez, Vox)

Elizabeth Warren just delivered the realest talk on race by any American politician (Sophia Tesfaye, Salon)

Elizabeth Warren just showed Democrats how to talk about race in America (Edwin Rios, Mother Jones)

Elizabeth Warren launches the big pander to #BlackLivesMatter (Jazz Shaw, Hot Air)

Elizabeth Warren praised for echoing Black Lives Matter arguments in speech (Jamiles Lartey, Lauren Gambino, The Guardian)

Elizabeth Warren's Black Lives Matter speech is the boldest yet (Tina Nguyen, Vanity Fair)

Fabricated cop shootings add fuel to fabricated "war on police" (Carlos Miller, Photography Is Not a Crime)

FBI resists calls to reform voluntary reporting system for police killings (Jon Swaine, Oliver Laughland, The Guardian)

For black gay men, HIV is a perfect storm (Greg Millett, The Advocate)

Forward Prize-winning poet Claudia Rankine on what it means to be black in America (Anna Leszkiewicz, New Statesman)

Freddie Gray scheduling hearing set for Tuesday (The Baltimore Sun)

George Zimmerman goes on depraved Twitter rant after retweeting picture of Trayvon Martin's corpse (Jason Silverstein, New York Daily News)

George Zimmerman posted a photo of Trayvon Martin's dead body (Shane Bauer, Mother Jones)

George Zimmerman tweets photo of Trayvon Martin's body (Hilary Hanson, The Huffington Post)

How prosecutors get away with cutting black jurors (Jay Michaelson, The Daily Beast)

How the Pope brought our messy multitude together (Daniel Burke, CNN)

How white-washing superhero films misses the true point of comics (Sara Li, Elite Daily)

The hunting of Ben Carson (Wesley Pruden, The Washington Times)

I don't act like an "angry black woman" - but I'm read that way if I broach race (Rebecca Carroll, The Guardian)

Immigrants less criminal than native-born Americans, study finds (Leder, San Francisco Chronicle)

Immigration limits set before tech boom don't work (Stuart Anderson, The Daily Caller)

Immigration reform supporters pray for miracle from Boehner (NBC New York)

Increased internet access led to a rise in racial hate crimes in the early 2000s (

Is Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona in contempt over racial profiling? (Nigel Duara, Los Angeles Times)

Jeb Bush, "free stuff" and black folks (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

Jeb Bush saying blacks want "free stuff" for votes insults our dignity and history of struggle (Peniel E. Joseph, The Root)

Jeb's flat wrong on "creeping multiculturalism"-- today's immigrants are integrating as fast as ever (Ian Reifowitz, The Huffington Post)

LA, others let immigration agents in the jails, rules vary (Amy Taxin (Associated Press), The Washington Times)

Leisure inequality: What the rich-poor longevity gap will do to retirement (Teresa Ghilarducci, The Atlantic)

Meet the man who went inside the Ku Klux Klan (Jess Commons, The Debrief, UK)

Mixed-race students struggle to find their place at Penn (Elizabeth Winston, The Daily Pennsylvanian)

Modern immigration wave brings 59 million to U.S., driving population growth and change through 2065 (Pew Research Center)

My mother, the drug war and me: Reading Ta-Nehisi Coates and forgiving my own black family in the age of mass incarceration (Shannon M. Houston, Salon)

NBC/WSJ poll: Anger defines 2016 electorate (Mark Murray, NBC News)

New York City Bar Association urges reduction of mass incarceration in report (Tatiana Schlossberg, The New York Times)

Obama continues war against Trump at the United Nations (Charlie Spiering, Breitbart)

Obama prepares give-away of white-collar jobs and citizenship to foreign graduates (Neil Munro, Breitbart)

On Ahmed's clock, President Obama once again spoke too soon (John Lott, The Daily Caller)

Pew poll: 1 in 2 Americans want REDUCED immigration (Rachel Stoltzfoos, The Daily Caller)

Racial justice activist DeRay McKesson reflects on HIV and the Black Lives Matter movement (Drew Gibson, The Body)

Republican debate on illegal immigration is missing the point, study suggests (Jessica Mendoza, The Christian Science Monitor)

Representative Maxine Waters: If black lives matter, don't cut the Minority AIDS Initiative (Hadiyah Charles,

The rise of law enforcement on college campuses (Melinda D. Anderson, The Atlantic)

School discipline is racially biased. That's why Seattle is banning some supensions. (Laura Moser, Slate)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren echoes Black Lives Matter ethos, makes us wish she was running (Hillary Crosley Coker, Jezebel)

Sociologist: Open discussion of microaggressions reflects cultural shift (Radio, Here & Now, WBUR, Boston)

Study finds racial, gender disparities in city contracts (Chris Wetterich, Cincinnati Business Courier, Ohio)

Study: White people react to evidence of white privilege by claiming greater personal hardships (David Edwards, Raw Story)

Trauma caused by law enforcement use of force (Derrick E. Jacobus, JEMS (Journal of Emergency Medical Services)

Trevor Noah is changing "The Daily Show": Here are the biggest adjustments fans will have to make (Anna Silman, Salon)

Trump aside, why do Latinos flirt with Republicans? (Terry Smith, The Huffington Post)

Trump's unconstitutional plan to fight illegal immigration (Breanne Williams, The Oracle, University of South Florida)

US immigrant population: Asians to surpass Hispanics to become America's largest migrant population by 2055 (Vishakha Sonawane, International Business Times)

Warren backs Black Lives Matter: We haven't "made enough progress" (Caitlin MacNeal, Talking Points Memo)

Watch: Va. officer tells man to put hands on car, and when man does, cop fires Taser at him (Video, Stephen A. Crockett Jr., The Root)

What John Boehner's surprise resignation means for immigration reform (Esther Yu-Hsi Lee, Think Progress)

What we can learn from Black Lives Matter (Rep. Hank Johnson, Washington Examiner)

Where black lives don't matter (William McGurn, The Wall Street Journal)

White Georgia student sends school into lockdown by bringing Confederate flag into cafeteria (Video, David Edwards, Raw Story)

Why Pope Francis' visit was important for Black Lives Matter (Mo Barnes, Rolling Out)

Why the most urgent civil rights cause of our time is the Supreme Court itself (Richard L. Hasen, Talking Points Memo)


Analysis: Restrictive law shields police from prosecution (Steve Miletich, Christine Willmsen, Mike Carter, Justin Mayo (Associated Press), The Washington Times)

At least 1 cop warned that Freddie Gray needed medical care (Lynette Holloway, The Root)

Baltimore Sun wins national journalism awards for Freddie Gray coverage (The Baltimore Sun)

Ben Carson's great betrayal: How he ignores history in favor of the Republican Party (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

The black activists who helped launch the drug war (Jesse Singal, New York Magazine)

#BlackLivesMatter and its clash with #RespectabilityPolitics (Link til radioindslag, Patheos)

The Brooklyn school wars are about class - not race (Karol Markowicz, New York Post)

Burning Man's black campers explain why they are the 1% (Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian)

Elizabeth Warren acknowledges that economic inequality is just part of the fight for racial justice (Marina Fang, The Huffington Post)

Elizabeth Warren: "black lives matter, black citizens matter" (Jack Mirkinson, Fusion)

Elizabeth Warren delivers stirring defense of "Black Lives Matter" (Judd Legum, Think Progress)

Elizabeth Warren goes all in on Black Lives Matter (Marina Fang, The Huffington Post)

Elizabeth Warren just gave the speech that Black Lives Matter activists have been waiting for (Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post)

Feeling powerless: Why minorities don't trust the police (Keith R. Burich, The Buffalo News, New York)

Franklin: Easier to foster fear than understanding (Brad Franklin, The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Mississippi)

Guest column: Latinos in Memphis are not monolithic (Raul Lopez, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee)

Homicide surge colored by race: Most Rapid City murders have Native victims and suspects (Seth Tupper, Rapid City Journal, South Dakota)

Immigrants made the US what it is, but this is being forgotten by Republicans calling for changes to the constitution (Rupert Cornwell, The Independent, UK)

Kara Walker: "There is a moment in life where one becomes black" (Tim Adams, The Guardian)

Killer Mike talks race and gentrification during "The Autopsy" town hall at Morehouse (Rolling Out)

A little-known law that radically changed America (Ted Widmer, The Boston Globe)

Milton Hinton: Why Black Lives Matter uses in-your-face tactics (Milton W. Hinton Jr.,, New Jersey)

My Harper Lee pilgrimate: Visiting Monroeville, in search of "Mockingbird's" essence (Margaret Eby, Salon)

"New Boston" sprang from the 1965 immigration act (Marilynn S. Johnson, The Boston Globe)

New revelations in events leading up to Freddie Gray's death (Video, Trymaine Lee, MSNBC)

NFL star's wife stopped by police for being black in a majority white town (A.R. Shaw, Rolling Out)

Photos: Pro-police rally in Hollywood says "Blue Lives Matter" (Devon McReynolds,

Sanders promotes income and racial equality in Des Moines stop (Rod Boshart, KCRG, Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Senator Warren's remarks at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate (Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Senate)

Survey: Latino Catholics more consevative, aligned with church teachings (Andre F. Puglie, Latin Post)

Television is saving us from bigotry (Lori Chandler, Big Think)

Voice of the Southern: Let Harrisburg's fake Confederates march (Leder, The Southern Illinoisian)

Warren embraces Black Lives Matter movement (David Scharfenberg, The Boston Globe)

Warren: Much left to do 50 years after Civil Rights Act (Associated Press, Boston Herald)

What's happening in hip-pop: Michael B. Jordan addresses "Black Lives Matter" comments in an open letter...and more (Maria Mora, Global Grind)

When it comes to deporting illegals, George Will is George won't (Ed Straker, American Thinker)


Are Texas-born children being denied citizenship? (James Barragan, Jazmine Ulloa, Austin American-Statesman, Texas)

Baltimore officer said Freddie Gray asked for help (Video, Justin George, Kevin Rector)

Baseball's early black players faced injustice, humiliation and now a curious grad student (Video, Zach Helfand, Los Angeles Times)

Bernie Sanders talks immigration reform at Latino Heritage Festival (Rose Heaphy, KCCI, Des Moines, Iowa)

The big issues dividing the Republican Party (in 3 graphs) (Dina Smeltz, The Washington Post)

Black lives and the death of a culture (Deana Chadwell, American Thinker)

Black Lives Matter offshoot activist arrested after threatening police and "crackers" (Lee Stranahan, Breitbart)

Black Lives Matter rally for Johnathan Sanders (Video, WTOK, Meridian Mississippi)

A brief history of populism (The Week)

The Buzz: Gov. Haley balances 2016 immigration tightrope (Andrew Shain, The State, Columbia, South Carolina)

Could the next House Speaker do more on immigration reform? (Arit John, Bloomberg)

"Deep South" by Paul Theroux (Boganmeldelse, Bret Lott, The Boston Globe)

Documentary "The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution" illuminates past and present (Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times)

"Ethnic St. Louis": dozens of groups influenced city (Harry Levins, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

The forgotten ones: Why Black Lives Matter should re-think everything (Justin Haskins, Town Hall)

George Washington's beliefs on slavery revealed (Paul Bremmer, WND)

Group backs pope's call for prison reform (Jordan Graham, Boston Herald)

The growing poverty crisis that everyone is ignoring (Sharon H. Chang, Think Progress)

IRONY: Rubio has been tougher on illegal immigration than Trump (Eric Owens, The Daily Caller)

Jeremiah Wright is still angry at Barack Obama (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

Jeremy McDole shooting: Did disabled black man in a wheelchair have a gun or not? Police expected to reveal more Monday (Angelo Young, International Business Times)

Latino group plans to seek changes to state law after Pasco police shooting (Geoff Folsom, Tri-Cty Herald, Washington)

Mayoral candidates, both black and white, seek minority vote (Robert Behre, The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina)

NYPD officially debuts stop-and-frisk "receipts" and new rules for cops (Rocco Parascandola, New York Daily News)

An Ohio town where races have mixed freely for more than 200 years (Kevin Williams, The Washington Post)

Only Trump understands how angry the average American is (Kyle Smith, New York Post)

Police account of fatal shooting unravels amid cover-up allegation (Jason Meisner, Chicago Tribune)

Politics and philosophy clash where the Pope urges an embrace of refugees (Patrick Healy, The New York Times)

The pope, climate and justice and Black Lives Matter (Hamil R. Harris, The Washington Post)

Pope Francis will talk immigration, visit a prison in Philly (Radio, Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR)

Pope taken to task for immigration remarks (Chad Groening, GOPUSA)

Publix brawl at Fla. Publix supermarket on video: Black lives matter to blacks? (Video, Tina Burgess, San Diego Top News Examiner)

Racial profiling in police stops? Analysis will tell (Leder, Hartford Courant, Connecticut)

Recognizing the history behind a hairstyle (Amina Chinell-Mateen, Dakota Student)

She said what? (P.J. O'Rourke, The Weekly Standard)

Shielded by the law (Steve Miletich, Christine Willmsen, Mike Carter, Justin Mayo, The Seattle Times)

St. Louis area police reaching out to colleagues with fragile mental health (Christine Byers, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Stop saying nigga if you're not black (Malcolm-Aime Musoni, The Huffington Post)

Straight outta time: Can a blockbuster help end a black HIV crisis? (Daniel Reynolds, The Advocate)

Trump slams Rubio as "very weak" on immigration (Video, Zachary Roth, MSNBC)

US judge says deported mentally disabled immigrants may return (Michelle Toh, The Christian Science Monitor)

What, wait - what immigration problem? (O. Ricardo Pimentel, San Antonio Express-News, Texas)

Wheelchair shooting: Delaware police release 911 tape (Video, Associated Press, The Guardian)

Where freedom rang, immigrants cheer pope's message (Alfredo Corchado, Karina Ramírez, The Dallas Morning News)


140 black firefighters sue St. Louis for discrimination (Danny Wicentowski, Riverfront Times, St. Louis)

And so what if we had a Muslim president? (Charles D. Ellison, The Hill)

Black lives matter - pass it on (mabeaumont, Patheos)

The Black Lives Matter schism: Towards a vision for black autonomy (Joel Northam, CounterPunch)

Black Lives Matter supporter arrested after calls to murder police, white people (Joe Newby, Spokane Conservative Examiner)

Blind justice leads to black death (Peter DiCaprio, The Huffington Post)

Can Pope Francis have an effect on the immigration debate? (Video, Bloomberg)

"Can we hold noncitizens to a different standard of justice?" (Radio, Janine Jackson, CounterSpin, FAIR)

Carson: Immigrants are welcome but "they don't get to change who we are" (Video, Pam Key, Breitbart)

Chris Matthews: Boehner should try to pass immigration reform before he leaves (Video, Real Clear Politics)

College student's op-ed criticizing Black Lives Matter movement stirs controversy (Fox News)

Comparing racial demographics in student population and campus police (Brittney Woods, The Bottom Line)

The creator of The Wire and Obama's top housing official talk segregation and race (Emily Badger, The Washington Post)

The dance behind Sophie's meeting with Francis (Associated Press, U.S. News & World Report)

Dear white LGBT people, prove Black Lives Matter (Cleve Jones, Liz Highleyman, The Advocate)

Delaware governor calls police shooting of man in wheelchair "deeply troubling" (Jon Swaine, Ciara McCarthy, The Guardian)

Did the Pope endorse immigration "reform" like many media suggest? No. (Roy Beck, NumbersUSA)

Donald Trump draws boos from conservative crowd for calling Rubio a "clown" (David Sherfinski, The Washington Times)

Footage of Maryland police "finger gun" shooting reveals confrontation (Video, Ciara McCarthy, The Guardian)

Graham on Bush's multiculturalism comment: "Celebrating our diversity is a good thing" (Megan Apper, BuzzFeed)

The Grimes scene: White and wrong on racism in Texas (Andrea Grimes, Texas Observer)

The harrowing conditions of U.S. immigrant detention centers (Tanvi Misra, CityLab)

How 5-year-old Sophie Cruz epitomizes the modern protest movement (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

How a 1965 immigration reform created illegal immigration (Douglas S. Massey, The Washington Post)

How unions may target Hispanic wage gap to revive membership (Melanie Trottman, The Wall Street Journal)

Immigrant detention: O'Malley, Sanders call to close centers, except Clinton (Michael Oleaga, Latin Post)

The immigrant roots of nativist Donald Trump (Sarah Goodyear, CityLab)

Immigration advocates in Philadelphia see affirmation in Pope's visit (Jason Horowitz, The New York Times)

Immigration groups urge John Boehner to pass legalization before he goes (Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times)

Implicit racial biases can undermine liberal and moderate Whites' support for Black politicians (Daniel Byrd, Deborah Hall, Nicole Roberts, José Soto, The London School of Economics and Political Science)

It isn't easy being black in the Badger State (Cristina Constantini, Fusion)

Jeb Bush doesn't care about black voters (Jamil Smith, New Republic)

Jeb Bush says hope, not "free stuff," will draw black voters (Matt Flegenheimer, The New York Times)

Jeb Bush's "free stuff" racial insult was a shrewd calculation (Earl Ofari Hutchinson, The Huffington Post)

Jeb Bush's "free stuff" remark echoes Romney's struggles with black voters (Dan Roberts, The Guardian)

Jeb Bush wants to woo black voters. But he doesn't know why most are Democrats. (German Lopez, Vox)

Jorge Ramos says his immigration reporting is not activism but "challenging power" (Nicholas Ballasy, PJ Media)

Let's narrow the racial wealth gap by using an alternative scoring model (Michael Grant, Milwaukee Community Journal)

Marco Rubio: Wants changed "legal immigration system" by 2020 (Alex Swoyer, Breitbart)

Maryland man fatally shot by police "after imitating gun with fingers" (Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

Moya-Smith: This is what the ugly face of American racism looks like (Simon Moya-Smith, Indian Country Today Media Network)

A Muslim president? Was Ben Carson right? (Patrick Buchanan, Real Clear Politics)

Nancy Grahn backpedals unsuccessfully in racial attack on Viola Davis (Christal Jordan, Rolling Out)

New charter ad hits de Blasio on race (Eliza Shapiro, Politico New York)

The new culture wars (Susan Milligan, U.S. News & World Report)

Piece of string creates hate crime panic (Colin Flaherty, American Thinker)

Pope Francis and Black Lives Matter: For African-Americans, Pope US visit puts focus on social justice and racial disparity (Aaron Morrison, International Business Times)

Pope Francis looks to Congress to get serious on immigration, environment (Jason Linkins, The Huffington Post)

President Jimmy Carter: "I was the only white child in the neighborhood" (Oprah Winfrey Network, The Huffington Post)

Racial divide widens under Austin's whitening (Nicole Hill, NonDoc)

Religion, immigration rhetoric shows GOP push to the right (Radio, Mara Liasson, Morning Edition, NPR)

Renaming Coon Lake would right a historical wrong (Jonathan Rosenblum, The Seattle Times)

Republican Latinos, immigrant groups react to Boehner resignation (Suzanne Gamboa, NBC News)

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Delaware officials investigating fatal police shooting of man in wheelchair (Ciara McCarthy, The Guardian)

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Ferguson uprising: From a moment to a movement (Pastor Mike McBride, Ben McBride, The Huffington Post)

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NC chief's "Black Lives Matter" post illustrates the thin line cops walk online (Cammie Bellamy,

NC Senate votes to ban immigrant "sanctuary cities" (Colin Campbell, The News & Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina)

New high of foreign-born in U.S.; huge number from Muslim nations (Warren Mass, The New American)

New report tackles immigration stereotypes (Martin Matishak, The Fiscal Times)

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Police program aims to pinpoint those most likely to commit crimes (John Eligon, Timothy Williams, The New York Times)

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Racial discrimination in lending: Feds accuse Hudson City Savings Bank of "redlining" in four states (Catherine Dunn, International Business Times)

Report challenges immigration complaints expressed by GOP candidates (Rachel Blevins, Truth in Media)

Report points to racial divide in Howard County school suspensions (Lisa Philip, The Baltimore Sun)

Rubio moved to tears by pope's immigration message (T. Becket Adams, Washington Examiner)

Six people killed in Texas as S.U.V. with immigrants wrecks while fleeing police (David Montgomery, Katie Rogers, The New York Times)

Students boycott, destroy newspaper that criticized Black Lives Matter (John Sexton, Breitbart)

This man was arrested for anti-police Facebook posts. Then, he sued. (Sarah Larimer, The Washington Post)

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Black Lives Matter to speak to "unconventional" crowd (Sara Bondioli, The Huffington Post)

Black patients fare better than whites when both get same healthcare, study finds (Alan Zarembo, Los Angeles Times)

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Immigrants with criminal records able to return after deportation (Video, Jace Larson, Lauren Sweeney, Robert Arnold, Click2Houston)

Immigration agents allowed back in L.A. County jails, with limits (Kate Linthicum, Los Angeles Times)

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It's time the media treated Muslims fairly (Miqdaad Versi, The Guardian)

James Blake got an apology from the NYPD, but families of other victims are still waiting (Christopher Mathias, The Huffington Post)

Just how welcoming do we want to be? (News-Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Liberal race reparations journalist author of Marvel's newest superhero, reinvented "Black Panther" (Michael Schaus, BizPac Review)

Little Rock officials weigh renaming Confederate Boulevard (Claudia Lauer, Associated Press)

Michael B. Jordan joined the "All Lives Matter" movement and Black Twitter is furious (Teo Bugbee, The Daily Beast)

More police go to trial in killings, but convictions remain rare (Zusha Elinson, The Wall Street Journal)

No refugees, no terrorism (Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag)

A note about "the new immigrants" (Greg LaCour, Charlotte Magazine, North Carolina)

Not the huddled masses (Gilbert T. Sewall, The American Spectator)

Obesity maps put racial differences on stark display (Jane Greenhalgh, NPR)

On Twitter, Bernie Sanders's supporters are becoming one of his biggest problems (Terrell Jermaine Starr, The Washington Post)

Opinions can be as hurtful as slurs and insults, but they should be protected (Michael McGough, Los Angeles Times)

Package of laws come in wake of Steinle killing, backlash against immigrants (Jonah Owen Lamb, San Francisco Examiner)

Police commissioner Charles Ramsey addresses "Black Lives Matter" in candid barbershop video (Video, Jack Cassidy, Philadelphia Sun Times)

Pope Francis highlights climate change, immigration at White House (Al Jazeera America)

Pope Francis says immigrants will "enrich America" in D.C. speech to Catholic leaders (Nidhi Prakash, Fusion)

Pope Francis' visit a golden opportunity for Latino outreach (Video, Amanda Sakuma, MSNBC)

The Pope should visit Atlanta to address the U.S. HIV crisis (Brentin Mock, CityLab)

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President Ben Carson: My first 100 days in office (Ryan Lovelace, Washington Examiner)

Racial diversity in films has flatlined - Hollywood needs to rewrite the script (Bidisha, The Guardian)

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Santorum backs deportations to fix immigration crisis (Video, William Petroski, The Des Moines Register, Iowa)

School nationwide are working to overcome bias in education (Joseph Erbentraut, The Huffington Post)

SNCC legacy project helps groom young civil rights activists (Radio, Leoneda Inge, WUNC, North Carolina Public Radio)

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Study says people who live in racist communities die faster (Nadra Nittle, Atlanta Black Star)

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Anna Wintour finally sees race, now maybe the rest of fashion will too (David Kaufman, New York Post)

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Asian American and Pacific Islander voters (Sanam Malik, Center for American Progress)

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Black Catholics ask Pope for apology (Monica Clark, National Catholic Reporter)

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Black, white, and blue: Americans' attitudes on race and police (Kathleen Weldon, The Huffington Post)

Byron Allen tries again in racial discrimination lawsuit against Comcast (Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter)

Call for racial justice rings loudly in mostly white, affluent East Greenwich (Mark Schieldrop, Patch)

Can Jeb Bush help the GOP win minority voters? (Video, Candace Smith, ABC News)

Carson: I can support a Muslim who denounces Sharia law (Video, Theodore Schleifer, CNN)

Carson stands by Muslim president remarks, Trump weighs in (Video, Fox News)

The case for Planned Parenthood as a wing of Black Lives Matter (Collier Meyerson, Fusion)

Census data: Immigrant population growth is accelerating to new record highs (Rachel Stoltzfoos, The Daily Caller)

Children club Donald Trump piñata at "Stop Trump" rally (Adelle Nazarian, Breitbart)

Cornel West says Black Lives Matter warming to "brother Bernie" (Lee Stranahan, Breitbart)

Data: Minority motorists still pulled over, ticketed at higher rates than whites (Matthew Kauffman, The Hartford Courant, Connecticut)

Dear Donald Trump, let's talk about otherness (Rabbi Jack Moline, The Huffington Post)

Donald Trump and the proverbial "adults in the room" (Kyle Wingfield, Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Don't bring Confederate flags to school, district asks students (Monica Scott,, Michigan)

Editorial: Viola Davis and the fearlessness of black girl magic (Danielle Moodie-Mills, NBC News)

Education gap between rich and poor is growing wider (Eduardo Porter, The New York Times)

Embattled Ferguson mayor suggests activists stop protesting, lobby lawmakers instead (Mariah Stewart, The Huffington Post)

Ferguson Commission (Henry J. Waters III, Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri)

Fiorina says Carson is "wrong" for saying he would not advocate for a Muslim president [VIDEO] (Video, Steve Guest, The Daily Caller)

Fox guest: "We don't recognize" America because of immigration (Brian, NewsHounds)

God, morality and the GOP (Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith, The Huffington Post)

Graham on immigration: "I've never met an illegal Canadian" (Chelsea West, The Weather Space)

Hispanic heritage month: How do we ensure ethical immigration? (Christopher Cabanillas, The Huffington Post)

The home team advantage (Scott Jaschik, Slate)

How threat to Planned Parenthood hurts black moms (Video, Charmaine Davis, CNN)

"I ask for dignity": What immigrant women hope to achieve during the Pope's U.S. visit (Esther Yu-Hsi Lee, Think Progress)

ICE awards contract to private prison company that was just slammed in federal report (Michael Barajas, Houston Press, Texas)

Illegal alien arrested for luring woman into apartment, allegedly raping her (Katie McHugh, Breitbart)

Instagram's racial divide (Christine Bronstein, The Huffington Post)

It's 2015 and a black presidential candidate has said that he doesn't want a Muslim president (Robert Lee Mitchell III, The Independent, UK)

Jeb Bush on immigration: Protestors interrupt GOP candidate at Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Glenn Minnis, Latin Post)

Jews in America struggled for decades to become white. Now we must give up whiteness to fight racism. (Gil Steinlauf, The Washington Post)

Josephine Boyd Bradley, who integrated Grimsley High, dies (Video, Kim Wynne, My Fox8, Greensboro, North Carolina)

"Key and Peele" star turns to movies with racial-themed horror film (Borys Kit (The Hollywood Reporter), Yahoo Movies)

Latinos should "feel the Bern" (Raul Reyes, USA Today)

Lawmaker breaks protocol to silence Latina colleague speaking against "English-only" bill (Emily Atkin, Think Progress)

A long time for killing (Michael Parenti, Dissident Voice)

A look back in time at decades of fighting for education equity in New Orleans (Kari Harden, The Louisiana Weekly)

Marco Rubio rules out path to citizenship during his presidency (Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg)

Minority groups account for 55% of Buffalo's residents, says new federal report (G. Scott Thomas, Buffalo Business First)

Nancy Lee Grahn pulls an #AllLivesMatter in wake of Viola Davis' historic Emmy win (Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

New "Daily Show" host: US has "institutionalized racial segregation" (Mark Hensch, The Hill)

Not just body cams: Two other ways Feds just funded police reform (Jennifer Swann, TakePart)

Obama calls out Republicans on racist immigration policies (Video, Farron Cousins, Ring of Fire)

Oklahoma City Latinos invite Trump to discuss immigration over lunch (Leslie Rangel, KFOR, St. Louis, Missouri)

Otello review - lack of blackface makes history but Desdemona steals show (Opera-anmeldelse, Seth Colter Walls, The Guardian)

Our history and our dreams: Building black and native solidarity (Kelly Hayes, Truth-Out)

Our unprecedented immigration experiment (John Hinderaker, PowerLine blog)

Out of 30,000 Hollywood film characters, here's how many weren't white (Laura Santhanam, Megan Hickey, PBS Newshour)

The Pope and U.S. immigration policy (Kausha Luna, Center for Immigration Studies)

The power of public housing (Alana Semuels, The Atlantic)

Race and class collide in a plan for two Brooklyn schools (Kate Taylor, The New York Times)

Rand Paul says he'd probably stop giving Cubans special immigration status (Christopher Massie, BuzzFeed)

Report: Muslims are the fastest growing immigrant community (Julia Hahn, Breitbart)

Residents demand cop be fired after racist remarks captured on video (Video, Gus Rosendale, NBC New York)

Sanders dons "black-eyed peas matter" hat (Jesse Byrnes, The Hill)

The social commentary hidden in Kanye West and Vanessa Beecroft's fashion show (Margaret Carrigan, Hyperallergic)

Statistics show how racial disparities may affect states' livelihood (Joseph Avila, Highlander, University of California)

Stephen Colbert gets Ted Cruz to admit he doesn't agree with Reagan on immigration or taxes (Jonathan Allen, Vox)

Strength in "Oberlitionionism" (Steven Lubet, Slate)

Taking the pulse of race in American medicine (Kristina Fiore, MedPage Today)

There is no real case against equal opportunity (Clayton Aldern, Grist)

These Texans said their truck was vandalized with "Black Lives Matter." Police say they lied. (Sarah Larimer, The Washington Post)

This powerful video shows how racism manifests in America today (Video, German Lopez, Vox)

A thousand miles for the right to vote (John Whitaker, The New Yorker)

U. of C. report finds that suspension rates relate to race (Allison Matyus, Hyde Park Herald, Chicago, Illinois)

U.S. immigrant population hits record high of 42.4 million (Mark Antonio Wright, National Review)

Va. police release investigation findings on U-Va. student's arrest (T. Rees Shapiro, Laura Vozzella, The Washington Post)

Viola Davis challenges Hollywood, but it is already responding? (Leder, Los Angeles Times)

Walker's strategic ambiguity on legal immigration (Mark Krikorian, National Review)

WATCH: Menendez rips into Trump on immigration (Video, Brent Johnson,, New Jersey)

Wealth gap widens along race lines (MoneyTips, The Huffington Post)

We must end for-profit prisons (Bernie Sanders, The Huffington Post)

What the terms "Hispanic" and "Latino" mean to me (Natalie Vie, The Huffington Post)

White House calls immigraiton surge last month "surprising" as U.S. designated as world's top spot for migrants (Sam Rolley, Personal Liberty)

Who's the criminal? (Radio, Life of the Law, WNYC, New York)

Why conservatives believe they're the real victims in the Ahmed Mohamed case (Paul Waldman, The Week)

Why Emanuel AME deserves peace prize (Frank M. Zuccarelli, The Charleston Post and Courier, South Carolina)

Why the Met is finally putting an end to using "blackface" (Taryn Finley, The Huffington Post)

With Walker gone, GOP elites have to sell "amnesty" to a base that hates it (Andrew Prokop, Vox)


8 reasons white people get suckered by racial demagogues like Donald Trump (Chauncey DeVega, AlterNet)

The 168 year-old, one-eyed racist that explains the rise of Donald Trump (Ian Millhiser, Think Progress)

After Charleston, I'm tired of being black and sad (Chiquita Paschal (WGBH), PRI)

After mistaken arrest, James Blake meets with NYC mayor, police commissioner (Video, William Mathis, The Hartford Courant)

After summer of Trump, producer Emilio Estefan, celebrities combat rhetoric aimed at Latinos (Video, Jeremy Diamond, CNN)

Ahmed Mohamed clock: Sarah Palin criticizes president Obama's invite to White House (Vanessa Oswald, Latin Post)

Albert Einstein: Genius and anti-racist (Matthew Wills, JSTOR Daily)

Analysis: Ben Carson, the Constitution and a Muslim president (Video, Pete Williams, NBC News)

The anchor baby myth (Mark Alexander, Enter Stage Right)

Ann Coulter broke my heart (Sarah Rumpf, The Daily Beast)

Ben Carson's comments stir anger among Muslims (Alan Rappeport, The New York Times)

Ben Carson's Islamphobia isn't just hateful. It doesn't make any sense. (Jack Jenkins, Think Progress)

Ben Carson's views on poverty, illegal immigration, abortion and same-sex marriage (Roberto Ontiveros, Latin Post)

Ben Carson wouldn't vote for a Muslim president; neither would many Americans (Radio, Sam Sanders, All Things Considered, NPR)

Biden's "Anita" problem (Edward-Isaac Dovere, Politico)

"Black Silent Majority," by Michael Javen Fortner (Boganmeldelse, Khalil Gibran Muhammad, The New York Times)

Breitbart's attempts to discredit #BlackLivesMatter backfires after truck vandalism hoax exposed (Albert Salazar, San Antonio Current)

California Republicans drop "illegal alien" from platform (Jon Fleischman, Breitbart)

Can Carly Fiorina win over Latino voters? California Republican's immigration views differ from Donald Trump (Clark Mindock, International Business Times)

Carson flunks test on the Constitution (Jonathan S. Tobin, Commentary)

The clock kid: Ahmed Mohamed now at center of culture war rumble (Justin Wm. Moyer, The Washington Post)

Column: Don't confuse forgiveness in Charleston with forgiveness for racism (Andra Gillespie, PBS Newshour)

The coming Democratic crack-up (David Frum, The Atlantic)

Confederate group attempts to disrupt Black Lives Matter protest with elaborate stunt, except... (Michael Mason, The Blaze)

Cornel West: Bernie Sanders' black staffers "are going to help turn things around" (Darren Sands, BuzzFeed)

DeRay McKesson speaks on policing issues at #CBCFALC15 (Video, Lauren Victoria Burke, Politic365)

The despicable backlash against Ahmed Mohamed: It's nothing new for white America to see the gifted "other" as its greatest threat (Arthur Chu, Salon)

Despite backlash, Ben Carson is not backing down from his opposition to a Muslim president (Sarah Kaplan, The Washington Post)

Donald Trump has black supporters (really) (Barrett Holmes Pitner, The Daily Beast)

Donald Trump's comments about Obama play into Islamophobia, which isn't a good look for the next president (Meghan Demaria, Bustle)

Don't call me "porch monkey" (Maajid Nawaz, The Daily Beast)

EXCLUSIVE: Black NYPD cop who filed racial discrimination complaint against Highway Patrol says he received support from fellow officers (John Marzulli, New York Daily News)

First read: Trump's negative impact on the GOP race (Video, Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Carrie Dann, NBC News)

Former Mexican president blasts Trump's immigration policy (Julia Limitone, Fox Business)

FRONT: A racial time bomb (Leder, Indiana Daily Student)

Harry Reid slams Carson for Muslim comments (Seung Min Kim, Politico)

How equal is American opportunity? Survey shows attitudes vary by race (Brakkton Booker, NPR)

How 3 friends tapped power of social media to start a movement (The Daily Item)

In a turbulent year for race relations, has anything changed? (Video, PBS Newshour)

In Houston, Bush faults GOP over immigration attitude (Patrick Svitek, The Texas Tribune)

Jeb Bush chides GOP's "louder voices" for hard-line immigration views (Tom Benning, The Dallas Morning News)

Jeb Bush: DREAMERS should get pathway to citizenship (Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times)

Jeb Bush finds his voice with spirited attack on rivals' immigration hard line (Dan Roberts, The Guardian)

Jeffers: GOP must face the elephant in the room - bigots in its ranks (Gromer Jeffers Jr., The Dallas Morning News)

LAPD names officer who fatally shot woman in South L.A. alley (Kate Mather, Los Angeles Times)

Lawyer says deputy was at gas station to meet woman (Mike Glenn, The Houston Chronicle)

Lions defensive back: Black Lives Matter, ESPECIALLY "those still within the womb" (Christian Datoc, The Daily Caller)

A memo to Donald Trump on his greatest failure (Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic)

"Muslim" query at rally shouldn't surprise Trump (Janell Ross (The Washington Post), Stars and Stripes)

Nerds rage over Ahmed Mohamed's clock (Kate Briquelet, The Daily Beast)

New study says Louisiana's system of execution is one in "disrepair" (Mason Harrison, The Louisiana Weekly)

Obama's citizenship push stokes conservative fears (Sarah Wheaton, Politico)

Our silence on homelessness and HIV is killing young black men (Lillian Rivera, The Advocate)

Parishioners' quick action praised in Ala. church shooting (Video, Alvin Benn, Montgomery Advertiser, Alabama), USA Today)

Perfectly reasonable question: Why allow a racial slur but remove an obscenity? (Margaret Sullivan, The New York Times)

Race relations in U.S. at a low point in recent history, new poll suggests (PBS Newshour)

Racial differences in breast cancer linked to genes (Mary Elizabeth Dallas, Health Day, U.S. News & World Report)

Rebuttal: "Racial contract" is non-existent, unfair theory (Kyle Waltman, Mississippi State University)

Republican Ben Carson claims benefits from Muslim criticism (Steve Peoples, Associated Press)

Sanders campaign still lagging in black America (Bill Fletcher, Jr., blackpressUSA)

Student's art creates a disturbance of racial consciousness (Martin Levine, Nonprofit Quarterly)

Ta-Nehisi Coates rips Trump, Ted Cruz and conservatives campaigning against #BlackLivesMatter (Video, Arturo Garcia, Raw Story)

Three out of four leading GOP candidates are soft on illegals (Ed Straker, American Thinker)

Today in politics: Republicans' comments put them on other side of Pope's meesage (Maggie Haberman, The New York Times)

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North Carolina A.G. faces racial tensions over police trial before run for governor (Karyn Bruggeman, National Journal)

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One of American history's worst laws was passed 165 years ago (James C. Cobb, Time)

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The personal essay economy offers fewer rewards for black women (Stacia L. Brown, New Republic)

Phoenix cop who killed Michelle Cusseaux violated department policy, PPD board rules (Miriam Wasser, Phoenix New Times, Arizona)

Photos show rare glimpse of how immigrants really live in America (James Cave, The Huffington Post)

Proof Latinos care about much more than just immigration (Tanisha Love Ramirez, The Huffington Post)

Protesters continue to question fatal police-involved shooting (Samaria Bailey, The Philadelphia Tribune)

Racism linked to mortality for both blacks and whites in U.S. (Lisa Rapaport, Reuters)

Reformers seek to undo growth of new "debtors' prisons" (Video, Jon Schuppe, NBC News)

Regina & I take it on, part 1: Two women - one black, one white - discuss racial politics, "good white people," and #BlackLivesMatter (Lorraine Devon Wilke, The Huffington Post)

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Beyond Black Lives Matter, new generation of activists rises in Tennessee (Henry Gass, The Christian Science Monitor)

Black Lives Matter activists meet with White House officials (Darren Sands, BuzzFeed)

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Book excerpt: "Waking Up White" by Debby Irving (Boguddrag, Concord Monitor, New Hampshire)

Breaking racial barriers at 30,000 feet, the nation's first black flight attendants (photos) (Brian Albrecht, Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Bristol Palin: Obama reaching out to Ahmed Mohamed "encourages racial strife" like #BLM (Arturo Garcia, Raw Story)

Census data shows MN black households' income plummeting (Angela Davis, CBS Minnesota)

Challenging the new Jim Crow should be a social consensus (Larry Aubry, Los Angeles Sentinel)

Civil rights-era leaders call for passionate reform (Brian Wilson, The Daily News Journal, Tennessee)

College investigates "hate speech" fliers (Associated Press, The Boston Globe)

Congressional Black Caucus evokes "Black Lives Matter" theme (Hamil R. Harris, The Washington Post)

Constitutionally, slavery is indeed a national institution (Lawrence Goldstone, New Republic)

Decriminalize dissent (Cecily McMillan, Michael Gould-Wartofsky, Al Jazeera America)

Donald Trump backlash: Marc Anthony disses GOP frontrunner at Las Vegas concert over immigration stance (Glenn Minnis, Latin Post)

Donald Trump didn't kill criminal justice reform - the legacy of white supremacy did (Elias Isquith, Salon)

Donald Trump is inspiring racial violence in the U.S. (Justin Lane, Ring of Fire)

Donald Trump says Mexico doesn't have birthright citizenship (Katie Sanders, Politifact, Tampa Bay Times, Florida)

EXCLUSIVE: Race relations in America are "getting worse," says James Blake's mother Betty, a white Briton who raised 2 black sons in New York (Betty Blake, New York Daily News)

"Ferguson effect"? Or legitimacy deficit? (Tracy Sohoni, Charis Kubrin, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Fight the model minority myth (Salina Adolph, The Threefold Advocate, John Brown University)

For many Hispanics, Trump is off the wall (Sara Puig, Yahoo News)

Former Ole Miss student sentenced to six months for putting noose around statue (Susan Svrluga, The Washington Post)

GOP candidates, learn from Muhammad Ali (Howard Fineman, The Huffington Post)

GOPers try substance over style to challenge Trump on immigration (Video, Amanda Sakuma, MSNBC)

Government, economy, immigration seen as top U.S. problems (Rebecca Riffkin, Gallup)

His Republican rivals stood up to Trump on immigration. Now what? (Video, Kate Linthicum, Los Angeles Times)

How officials use a dubious medical condition to explain stun gun deaths (Eric Balaban, The Guardian)

If Black Lives Matter, respectability politics should be a thing of the past (Tom Hawking, Flavorwire)

If you're white, science says you're probably a racist. Now what? (Jenny Morber, Quartz)

Is #blacklivesmatter protecting police unions? Column (Michael Wear, USA Today)

Is there a "war on police"? The statistics say no (Radio, Martin Kaste, All Things Considered, NPR)

Jabs at Trump, fights over immigration at undercard Republican debate (Video, Stephen Collinson, CNN)

Jeezy on the Republican debates: "Imagine what the conversations are like behind closed doors" (Stereo Williams, Rolling Out)

"Knock out game" back as black teen admits gang attack on white victim; "It's called KO" (Tom Tillison, BizPac Review)

Man who called Terrell Owens a racial slur cites freedom of speech (Video, Justin Block, The Huffington Post)

A meditation on race, in shades of white (Maurice Berger, The New York Times)

Minn. law enforcement looking to adopt 21st century policing (Edgar Linares, CBS Minnesota)

Nativism: Everywhere the enemy of human rights (Jack Healey, The Huffington Post)

The number of black teachers has fallen in 9 major cities (Casey Quinlan, Think Progress)

Obama should stand with Ahmed - at his mosque in Texas (Ali Gharib, The Nation)

Official: Friend of Charleston church shooter arrested, charges not immediately clear (Associated Press, U.S. News & World Report)

Online screening tool reveals racial disparities in environmental health hazards (Sarah Yang, Berkeley News, Californien)

PBS to host town hall discussion on Emanuel AME shooting (Christina Elmore, The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina)

PUBLIC SAFETY: Rallies supporting police on the rise (Brian Rokos, The Press Enterprise)

Race is always the issue (Tressie McMillan Cottom, The Atlantic)

Race relations out at Republican debates (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

The racial impact of Eric Striker (Edward Aschoff, Adam Rittenberg, ESPN)

Rand Paul: "War on drugs has had a racial outcome" (Eric Scheiner, CNS News)

Readers defend the rise of the "microaggressions" framework (Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic)

The Republican Party has given up on Hispanics (Steven Cohen, New Republic)

Richard Sherman: Black lives "should matter all the time" (Cindy Boren, The Washington Post)

Richard Sherman says he supports Black Lives Matter, but "black-on-black" crime needs to stop first (Matt Ferner, The Huffington Post)

Sanders moves to ban private prisons (Michael Harthorne, Newser)

Segregation plagues city neighborhoods (Audrey Cooney, The Huntington News)

Some of the most racist things people of color have heard on dates (Julie Zeilinger, Mic)

Stand with Ahmed against islamophobia (Video, Haroon Moghul, CNN)

Student suspended over Confederate symbol vows to stand his ground (+video) (Cathaleen Chen, The Christian Science Monitor)

Trio of public safety rallies Saturday (Chase Hoffberger, The Austin Chronicle, Texas)

Trump doesn't correct rally attendee who says Obama is Muslim and "not even an American" (Jenna Johnson, The Washington Post)

Valerie Jarrett meets with Black Lives Matter leaders at the White House (Charles Spiering, Breitbart)

Virginia high school students suspended for wearing Confederate flag apparel (T. Rees Shapiro, Moriah Balingit, The Washington Post)

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Yes, slavery is part of our national history (Julia Azari, Vox)


#AfterSeptember11 trends on Twitter, highlights racial attacks on Indian Americans (Namit Hans, Catch News)

Ahmed Mohamed's arrest is the perfect example of why racial profiling doesn't work (Zack Beauchamp, Vox)

America's immigration crisis, a year later (Radio, WBUR, Boston)

Ben Carson immigration reform: Let undocumented immigrants work on farms (Michael Kaplan, International Business Times)

Black Lives Matter activists meet with Bernie Sanders to make sure he's on board (Dana Liebelson, Ryan J. Reilly, The Huffington Post)

Black Lives Matter, police brutality themes to be featured in "Empire" season 2 (Daniel Nussbaum, Breitbart)

Black votes matter (Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., Forward Times)

Bobby Jindal's immigration comment in the JV GOP debate was just as offensive as last time (Chris Tognotti, Bustle)

Boston police will test body cameras (Jacqueline Tempera, The Boston Globe)

Clemency and a call for reform for three-strikes law (Leder, The Seattle Times)

Clinton: I stand with Latinos on immigration and environment (Holly Rosenkrantz, Bloomberg)

A clock, an imaginary bomb and a question of bias (Leder, Los Angeles Times)

Community colleges embracing retention initative for men of color by focusing on others (Dr. Adriel A. Hilton, The Huffington Post)

Constitutionally, slavery is no national institution (Sean Wilentz, The New York Times)

Could Mexico handle the wave of U.S. emigrants fleeing a Trump presidency? (Rafa Fernandez De Castro, Fusion)

Do all black lives matter to the left? (James Freeman, The Wall Street Journal)

Do lives really matter? (Bobby E. Mills, Houston Forward Times)

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Panel explores how women fit into "Black Lives Matter" movement (Syeda Hasan, Houston Public Media, Texas)

Panel studying racial divide in Missouri presents a blunt picture of inequity (Monica Davey, The New York Times)

Police: Kentucky trooper shooting suspect is shot and killed (Bruce Schreiner, Associated Press)

Police shop for military-style weapons amid protests at Urban Shield Expo (Halima Kazem, The Guardian)

The racial divide within our heart... attacks (Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard)

In search of a Ferguson effect (Robert VerBruggen, Real Clear Policy)

Senator Sanders' criticism of president Obama is baseless historical revision (Rmuse, PoliticusUSA)

Sign attacking Black Lives Matter activists left at site of police shooting (Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

Study: Black patients less likely to get pain meds in ER (Stephen Feller, United Press International)

Take that, Founding Fathers! (Burt Prelutsky, The Patriot Post)

Thurgood Marshall, badass lawyer (Michael O'Donnell, The Atlantic)

Trump is aggravating Republicans' race problem (Francis Wilkinson, Bloomberg View)

Understanding the arrest of James Blake through the lens of white sympathy (Jacqueline Badiako, Atlanta Black Star)

Update: Cop killer was a "Black Lives Matter" supporter (Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars)

The Voting Rights Act at 50 (Marjorie R. Esman, The Louisiana Weekly)

What's happening to our police? (William F. Jasper, Alex Newman, The New American)

What we've learned about racial inequity in Ferguson (Video, PBS Newshour)

Why Ben Carson should scare you even more than Donald Trump (Josephine B. Yurcaba, Bustle)

Why Black Lives Matter isn't what you think (Bryan Stascavage, The Wesleyan Argus, Wesleyan University, Connecticut)

The widening racial split in the Democratic 2016 vote (Philip Bump, The Washington Post)

The worrisome media narrative behind the false post-Ferguson crime wave story (Sarah Seltzer, Flavorwire)


Ad contrasts Ronald Reagan's views with Republicans words' on immigration (Video, Maggie Haberman, The New York Times)

African Americans experience most severe HIV burden (admin25,

All lives should matter, especially those of police officers (Carol Dewolfe, Myrtle Beach Online, South Carolina)

America's legal order begins to fray (Heather Mac Donald, The Wall Street Journal)

Are Republicans losing white voters too? (Cathleen Decker, Los Angeles Times)

Ben Carson: GOP has "neglected" African Americans (Dieter Holger, Inquisitr)

Ben Carson sketches plan for dealing with illegal immigrants (Paul Mirengoff, Powerline blog)

Bernie Sanders seeks to expand appeal to South Carolina and beyond (Video, Nicole Gaudiano, USA Today)

Bernie Sanders, who? Winning over southern black voters the next hurdle (Matthew Teague, The Guardian)

Can Black Lives Matter and Police Lives Matter coexist? (Jessica Mendoza, The Christian Science Monitor)

Charles Ramsey: Black Lives Matter protesters squandering their opportunity (Video, Rich Zeoli, CBS Philadelphia)

Color-blindness is counterproductive (Adia Harvey Wingfield, The Atlantic)

Could renaming streets promote racial healing? (Patricia Sullivan, The Washington Post)

Donald Trump backlash: Immigration advocates demand US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce cancel Donald Trump forum (Glenn Minnis, Latin Post)

EDITORIAL: Conservatives play an old race card against Black Lives Matter (Leder, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Florida gun shop offers $25 off weapons with the promotional code "Muslim" - to honour 9/11 (Alice Harrold, The Independent, UK)

The forebears of Trumpism (Leo P. Ribuffo, History News Network)

Fox News host: "Everyone benefited" from putting more blacks in prison for drugs in the 1990s (David Edwards (Raw Story), AlterNet)

GOP candidates' harsh words on immigration both a moral and political failure: Rich Nathan (Opinion) (Rich Nathan,

Gov. Scott Walker on State of the Union: Full interview (Video, State of the Union, CNN)

Invoking Ronald Reagan, new TV ad targets GOP presidential hopefuls' immigration comments (Ed O'Keefe, The Washington Post)

James Blake shows poor blacks aren't the only ones racially profiled (Earl Ofari Hutchinson, OpEd News)

Let's try "Black Lives Matter, Too!" (Jack Prather, Blue Ridge Now)

Man, 44, who was jailed for minor traffic violations is left comatose after prison guards blocked paramedics from taking him to hospital (Belinda Robinson, Daily Mail, UK)

Murders of whites more likely to mean death penalty in Louisiana, though blacks make up most homicide victims, study finds (Maya Lau, The New Orleans Advocate)

Murder trial for former Bastrop Deputy Daniel Willis starts Monday (Marty Toohey, Austin American-Statesman, Texas)

The myth of "reverse racism" (Sasha Boutilier, The Varsity, The University of Toronto, Canada)

Nia Long is the latest victim of #AllLivesMatter (Evelyn Diaz, BET)

Race & crime: Assumptions & reality (Ralph R. Reiland, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Reading "Between the World and Me" in context (Boganmeldelse, Matthew Shenoda, Los Angeles Review of Books)

Real talk: Katrina was African-Americans' 9/11 (Sundiata Cha-Jua, The News-Gazette, Illinois)

Rick Perry warned the GOP that they are being too racist (Ian Millhiser, Think Progress)

Sandra Bland's family attorney Cannon Lambert speaks on Bland case and law enforcement (Eddy "Precise" Lamarre, Rolling Out)

Scott Walker: Obama's lack of support endangers police amid protests (Martin Pengelly, The Guardian)

Sunday conversation: Republicans and the Hispanic voter (Video, WTSP News, Tampa Bay/Sarasota, Florida)

Trump's tough talk on immigration alienating Saluda's Hispanic residents (Cynthia Roldan, The Post and Courier, South Carolina)

Walker slams Obama on "absence of leadership" on police killings (Bradford Richardson, The Hill)

Wendell Berry: The new racism embodied in total contempt for Obama (Wendell Berry, Lexington Herald-Leader, Kentucky)

What James Blake's arrest teaches us about race relations in America (David Kaufman, New York Post)

Which party will get the black vote in 2016? "It's nearly impossible to predict" (A. K. Staggers, Atlanta Black Star)

White guilt over slavery is not helping black America (Jack Kelly, Real Clear Politics)

Would you vote for the best candidate on immigration, or everything else? (Ed Straker, American Thinker)


The 5 times America elected Donald Trump (Josh Harkinson, Mother Jones)

Bernie Sanders and the black vote (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

Bernie Sanders heads south to court black vote (Video, Nia-Malika Henderson, CNN)

Bill Maher channels Trump to tell off all the "f*cking Australians" in America (Video, Josh Feldman, Mediaite)

"Black Lives Matter," a phrase that shouldn't be necessary -- but is: Jarvis DeBerry (Jarvis DeBerry, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans)

Black politician unleashes torrent of racial epithets to dismantle racism (Lee Stranahan, Breitbart)

California pushes forward on criminal justice reform, still has work to do (Josie Duffy, Daily Kos)

Community holds "Police Lives Matter" march in memory of slain deputy (Video, KHOU-TV (Houston, Texas), USA Today)

Cops, media barred from Black Lives Matter meeting (Lee Stranahan, Breitbart)

Decision 2016: Democrats battle for Iowa's Latinos (Danny Freeman, NBC News)

Eyewitness: Illinois, USA (Fotos, Jim Young (Reuters), The Guardian)

George Clooney's thoughts on Donald Trump's immigration comments are flawless (Sabienna Bowman, Bustle)

Have "we" ever been the people? (Carron J. Phillips, The News Journal, Wilmington, Delaware)

How "once great" Detroit affected U.S. history (Jane Henderson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Inheriting a racial bias (J. Pharoah Doss, New Pittsburgh Courier)

James Blake says NYPD officer who tackled him "should lose his job" (Joanna Walters, The Guardian)

Justice must be served in death of inmate (Margaret Kwateng, The Poughkeepsie Journal, New York)

Michael Reagan: I wonder if my dad would be called a RINO, if the party will leave him (Video, Ian Hanchett, Breitbart)

Nia Long faces fan backlash after using #AllLivesMatter (Charli Penn, Essence)

Perspective: Trump, immigration, and lynch mobs (Mike McClary, Culpeper Star Exponent, Virginia)

A powerful show brought "Black Lives Matter" to the runway at New York Fashion Week (Marc Bain, Quartz)

Presidential candidate Ben Carson after Ferguson tour: Nation should "de-emphasize race" as issue (Steve Peoples (Associated Press), U.S. News & World Report)

Racial graffiti painted on Baptist church in Gainesville (Gainesville Times, Georgia)

Rick Perry trashed Donald Trump and defended immigrants in his exit speech (Jonathan Allen, Vox)

Sanders seeking black support seen as Hillary Clinton's base (Bill Barrow, Ken Thomas (Associated Press), ABC News)

Santorum: Trump is "Johnny-come-lately" on immigration (Kevin McDermott, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Seattle's black community reels from killings of young men (Nina Shapiro, The Seattle Times)

Shaun King supporters cook up new conspiracy theory, still smarting because their hero isn't black (Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart)

"Showdown" by Wil Haygood (Boganmeldelse, Julia M. Klein, Boston Globe)

Stephen Colbert wears Black Lives Matter wristband on "Late Show" (Kirthana Ramisetti, New York Daily News)

The ugly nationalist politics of human origins (Candida Moss, The Daily Beast)

Valley Latinos show partisan presidential split - except on Trump (John Ellis, The Fresno Bee, Californien)

Vicious conservative bashing of Black Lives Matter is a dangerous proposition (Shaun King (Daily Kos, AlterNet)

Walker racial divide (Senator Lena C. Taylor, Milwaukee Courier)

When body cameras miss the big picture (The Associated Press, Portland Press Herald, Oregon)

Will and Jada donate $150K to "Justice or Else" Million Man March 20th anniversary (The St. Louis American)


5 things Trump's lead says about America that all people - liberals and conservatives - continue to ignore (Anurag Gupta, The Huffington Post)

100+ Asian American organizations urge Supreme Court to ban racial discrimination in college admissions (PR Newswire)

2016 Democrats are all talk, no walk on criminal justice reform (Peter James Callahan, The Huffington Post)

After year of racial unrest and record crime, Baltimore mayor not seeking re-election (Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall)

Alabama judge declares mistrial in case of officer who beat Indian man (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Ben Carson - assuaging the right's racial animus (Marvin Meadors, The Huffington Post)

Ben Carson: Black Lives Matter’s scope is too narrow (Trymaine Lee, MSNBC)

Ben Carson tours Ferguson, says race isn't the issue (Carey Gillam, The Huffington Post)

Ben Carson visits Ferguson in bid to woo black voters to Republican party (Ed Pilkington, The Guardian)

Ben Carson visits Ferguson with a call to get past race (David Weigel, The Washington Post)

Bipartisan group of black leaders forms alternative to Black Lives Matter's "antagonistic approach" (Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller)

Birthright citizenship: Fewer babies being born to women in U.S. illegally (Kate Linthicum, Los Angeles Times)

Black lawmakers to tackle criminal justice reform, voting rights (Deborah Barfield Berry, USA Today)

Black Lives Matter leader lands Yale teaching gig (Fox News)

Black man beats black man; white professor, media cry racism (Selwyn Duke, The New American)

"Black man in a white coat," by Damon Tweedy (Boganmeldelse, Carl L. Hart, The New York Times)

Business leaders must speak out against Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric (Steve Case, The Washington Post)

Calling out racism is love speech, not hate speech (Alice Hunt, The Huffington Post)

Carson: Black Lives Matter should include those "eradicated by abortion" (Tierney Sneed, Talking Points Memo)

Carson: Replace affirmative action with "compassionate action," approach immigration with "eyes open" (Video, Ian Hanchett, Breitbart)

Donald Trump's anti-immigration speeches inspires Gloria Estefan and friends to record "We're All Mexicans" (Nancy Dillon, New York Daily News)

Donald Trump says immigrant deportations done in two years (Heather Haddon, The Wall Street Journal)

Donald Trump's immigration plan is laughable. But... (Lawrence Downes, The New York Times)

Editorial: Stop laughing in, and at, Pine Lawn. Solve it. (Leder, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

For one Atlanta police officer, no "war on cops" - just a chance to do her job (Patrik Jonsson, The Christian Science Monitor)

The "gifted" system in US schools is broken, racist, and completely fixable (Max Nisen, Quartz)

Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana combat Trump rhetoric with "We're All Mexican" song (Jessica Chasmar, The Washington Times)

Honor the past, not the racism (Stephen L. Carter, Bloomberg View)

How grown-ups deal with "microaggressions" (Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View)

Immigration remains important, but not enough to sway voters: Poll (Rodrigo Ugarte, Latin Post)

Largest legal settlements against police (MoneyTips, The Huffington Post)

Latino group - not conservatives - behind new anti-Trump ads (Ed O'Keefe, The Washington Post)

Make America great again - and open our doors to Syrian refugees (Kori Schake, Foreign Policy)

The Movement for Black Lives National Convening (Video, Eddie Conway, The Real News)

Natasha McKenna's death shows the need for restraint - not restraints (Jamiles Lartey, The Guardian)

‘A Nation of Nations,’ by Tom Gjelten (Boganmeldelse, Helen Thorpe, The New York Times)

Newly released data finds racial disparities in arrests, deaths in California (Nadra Nittle, Atlanta Black Star)

NYPD apology for wrongful arrest of black celeb raises questions about racial profiling (Rebecca McCray, Take Part)

Officer who arrested James Blake has history of force complaints (Benjamin Mueller, Nate Schweber, The New York Times)

"Painfully offensive" racial stereotypes lead school district to recall books (Abby Phillip, The Washington Post)

A racial "fracture" in the Democratic Party (Video, Justin Peligri, NBC News)

Reports: Paramedic recommended ER for inmate, but jailers wouldn't release him (Jeremy Kohler, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

The rise of victimhood culture (Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic)

Samuel DuBose shooting was due to "critical errors in judgment", report finds (Ryan Felton, The Guardian)

Scare headlines exaggerated the U.S. crime wave (Carl Bialik, FiveThirtyEight)

The spaces that matter (Ryan Wilson, The Yale Herald)

Taser in slow motion shows full force of the police weapon - video (Video, Reuters/The Slow Mo Guys, The Guardian)

The terror after the terror: America still hasn't reckoned with the disgrace of post-9/11 hate crimes (Eesha Pandit, Salon)

This year changed everything for Baltimore - and the mayor (Dan Rodricks, The Baltimore Sun)

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Darrien Hunt's mother says she turned down $900,000 settlement from Saratoga Springs (Pamela Manson, The Salt Lake Tribune)

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Most Americans differ with Trump on immigration: poll (Claude Brodesser-Akner,, New Jersey)

New Black Panthers documentary arrives at "fortuitous" time (Adam Howard, MSNBC)

New York Times denies racial purge (Evan Gahr, The Daily Caller)

On the dole: Report: 87% illegal immigrant families on welfare, 72% of legal immigrants on it (Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner)

Pastor who led Freddie Gray marches arrested for blocking traffic (Video, Colin Campbell, The Baltimore Sun)

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1 in 5 voters wouldn't vote for a candidate they disagree with on immigration (Gabby Morrongiello, Washington Examiner)

Arrest during Black Lives Matter protest leads to assessment of Ypsilanti police practices (Tom Perkins, The Ann Arbor News, Michigan)

Azelia Banks doubles down after defending Donald Trump's immigration stance (Philip Ross, Mic)

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Bill O'Reilly thinks Colin Powell "needs to apologize" for supporting #BlackLivesMatter (Video, Ellen, NewsHounds)

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Black people and their labor are "disposable"? (Video, Kali Akuno, Jared A. Ball, The Real News)

#Blacksexworkerslivesmatter: White-washed ‘anti-slavery’ and the appropriation of black suffering (Robyn Maynard, The Feminist Wire)

California lawmakers approve bills to track racial profiling, police use of force (Melanie Mason, Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times)

Crushed veteran cop issues dire warning after this year of anti-cop violence (Joe Saunders, BizPac Review)

Dallas Police Association says public shouldn't know names of cops involved in shootings (Stephen Young, Dallas Observer)

Democrats consider dropping Jefferson and Jackson from fundraising dinners (Pamela Wood, The Baltimore Sun)

Did Palin really call Black Lives Matter activists "dogs"? (T. Becket Adams, Washington Examiner)

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Ferguson bombers sentenced (Matthew Vadum, Frontpage Mag)

For the Left, Ben Carson is the anti-Michael Sam (Jazz Shaw, Hot Air)

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A note to white progressives (Kyle Campbell, The Crimson White, The University of Alabama)

One in five voters say immigration stance critical to vote (Jeffrey M. Jones, Gallup)

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Police will not face charges in Pasco shooting death of Mexican man (Jamiles Lartey, Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

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Privilege by gaslight (Richard J. Rosendall, Washington Blade)

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A reader reports a Hispanic hate group planned to beat Trump to death in effigy at a UNIVERSITY. Where's the "trigger warning"? (Ryan, VDARE)

Refugees: Another one for the "not our problem" file (Ann Coulter,

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Baltimore reaches settlement in Freddie Gray police death (Mark S. Getzfred, The New York Times)

Baltimore to pay Freddie Gray's family $6.4m in wrongful death settlement (Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

Ben Carson calls for guest-worker status for immigrants (Janie Har, Associated Press)

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Divisions over immigration are common ground between U.S. and Europe (Fox News Latino)

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"Do not kill" is real message across America (Leder, The Times and Democrat, Orangeburg, South Carolina)

Editorial: Symbolic gesture on Bland (Leder, Houston Chronicle)

Family of man killed by Cleveland police officer awarded $5.5m by jury (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Feds looking into young mother's jail death (Video, Mike Perlstein, WWL-TV, New Orleans)

Fortney: Martin Luther King III carries on his famed father's legacy (Valerie Fortney, Calgary Herald, Canada)

From slavery to Ferguson, Ken Burns sees an unfinished Civil War (Alyssa Rosenberg, The Washington Post)

Gang of black teens viciously attack two white teens after PA city fireworks display (Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart)

How Ben Carson cures white fright in the Republican Party (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post)

Jailhouse suicides on the rise; reform advocates call for training and oversight (Radio, Free Speech Radio News)

Justice Dept. documents more Ferguson failures (J.A. Salaam, The Final Call)

Labor Day weekend toll in Chicago: 9 slain, 46 wounded (Peter Nickeas, Chicago Tribune)

The martyrdom of Emmett Louis Till (North Dallas Gazette)

Michael Slager, cop who killed Walter Scott, says he felt threatened (Craig Melvin, NBC News)

Morning plum: Republicans fret over Trump's "dog whistle" racial appeals (Greg Sargent, The Washington Post)

New York Times and race: a possible breakthrough? (Norman Pollack, CounterPunch)

No, Black Lives Matter isn't about hurting cops (Emily Ekins, The Federalist)

Oregon police chief resigns after two officers file complaints of racism (Alan Yuhas, The Guardian)

Political predictions and the November election no one's talking about (Charles D. Ellison, The Root)

Race and responsibility (Hastings Wyman, Southern Political Report)

Racism vs. whites? You're kidding me (Barrett Holmes Pitner, The Daily Beast)

Sanders to meet with Congressional Black Caucus (Kevin Cirilli, The Hill)

Sanders to roll out criminal justice bill (Jordain Carney, The Hill)

Sowell: I like Walker and Jindal the most out of the GOP field (Video, Ian Hanchett, Breitbart)

Surging Ben Carson knocks Trump immigration plan (Video, Andrew Rafferty, Alex Stambaugh, NBC News)

Trump's immigration plan is a recipe for civil war (Malcolm Harris, Al Jazeera America)

Trump's immigration policy makes sense (James G. Smith, The Selma Times-Journal, Alabama)

Trump's wall implausible, says Texas Republican (Mark Hensch, The Hill)

Trump's wall: Pandering to fear and nativism (Tanya Golash-Boza, CounterPunch)

Upper-caste Indians are demanding affirmative action for themselves. Would white Americans ever do the same? (Shikha Dalmia, The Week)

Walking the beat with Copwatch, the people who police the police (Avi Asher-Schapiro, Tess Owen, Vice)

Walking the talk on "black-on-black" crime in urban communities (Brentin Mock, CityLab)

Wasn't always this way (Walter Williams, Frontpage Mag)

When a poem by a white, male author smells less sweet (Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic)

Why food belongs in our discussions of race (Kristin Wartman, The Huffington Post)

Why not Colin Powell? (Joseph Epstein, Chicago Tribune)

Why the success of the Williams sisters is a testiment to black resilience (Derrick Clifton, The Daily Dot)


"Angry black" gunmen (Julianna Malveaux, black press USA)

#BlackLivesMatter and white progressive colorblindness (Scot Nakagawa, Open Democracy)

Black Lives Matter is the driving force necessary for change (Ali Schultz, The Nevada Sagebrush)

Black Lives Matter's agenda is costing black lives (Michael Barone, Washington Examiner)

Black lives matter to labor (Austin McCoy, CounterPunch)

Body count (Kelefa Sanneh, The New Yorker)

California police killings database reveals "clear racial disparities" (Ciara McCarthy, Nadja Popovich, The Guardian)

Can the Democratic Party retain its hold on black voters? (Theodore R. Johnson, The Atlantic)

Colorado considers law forcing police to collect racial profiling data (Noelle Phillips, The Denver Post)

Confederate flag rally in Washington D.C: met by counter-protesters (Megan Townsend, The Independent, UK)

Cop union boycotts Obama's Labor Day address: "This is a horror show" (Katie McHugh, Breitbart)

Editorial: The new face of labor, civil rights is black & female (Leder, Kimberly Freeman Brown, Marc Bayard, NBC News)

Exclusive - Dr. Ben Carson: "The ladders of opportunity are there" (Jerome Hudson, Breitbart)

Hillary Clinton vows to tackle Donald Trump on immigration (Associated Press, The Guardian)

How Democrats created America's social caste system (Michael Bargo, Jr., American Thinker)

How should Mexico respond to Donald Trump? (Uri Friedman, The Atlantic)

Is it racist to acknowledge that blacks and whites have different experiences? (Walter Hudson, PJ Media)

Juan Williams: #BlackLivesMatter is playing with fire (Juan Williams, The Hill)

Latino groups to hold anti Trump rally (CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas)

Labor Day and immigration - two ways of looking at it (James Fulford, VDARE)

March participants say Haley has more to learn about race (Meg Kinnard, Associated Press, The State, South Carolina)

A novel solution to racial resentment (Wesley Pruden, The Washington Times)

Ol Republicans constantly validate black Democrats (Raynard Jackson,

Opinion: Latino immigrants pose challenges to U.S., but no threat, despite Trump's bluster (Emilio Moller, The Yucatan Times, Mexico)

Poll shows Trump receiving 25% of black vote against Hillary (Thomas Lifson, American Thinker)

The progressive crime wave grows (Matthew Vadum, Frontpage Mag)

Republicans fear Donald Trump is hardening party's tone on race (Jonathan Martin, The New York Times)

Roxane Gay and Erica Jong discuss feminism and it instantly gets awkward (Anna Schachner, The Guardian)

Should we take a deportation page out of the Mexican playbook? (Silvio Canto, Jr. American Thinker)

Stop the bulls**t (Clarence B. Jones, The Huffington Post)

Stuck on hating whitey (Mike Adams, Town Hall)

Students' return to school marred by renewed segregation (Alan Yuhas, The Guardian)

Trump nomination could kill hopes of down-ticket Republican candidates (Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times)

Warren agrees with Trump on taxes, hates his immigration stance [VIDEO] (Video, Steve Guest, The Daily Caller)

Welcome to the 90s. Crime is back: Will the spike help the GOP? (Lloyd Green, The Daily Beast)

What a small Boston police unit can teach us about changing culture (Farah Stockman, The Boston Globe)


2015 is one of the safest years for police in 25 years, despite "war on cops" media coverage (The Grio)

Activists say police abuse of transgender people persists despite reforms (Noah Remnick, The New York Times)

America's longest conversation (Danny Cardwell, Dagblog)

Ben Carson has surged into 2nd place behind Trump. Here's why. (Andrew Prokop, Vox)

Bernie fires shots at Trump for "using racism and demagoguery" (Joshua De Leon, Ring of Fire)

Birmingham's civil rights movement was strengthened by organized labor (Ahmad Ward, Laura Anderson,, Alabama)

"Black Lives Matter" - a year from now (Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media)

Black Lives Matter under fire as a "hate group" (WND)

Confederates cry victim at D.C. march (Joshua Albert, The Daily Beast)

Cornel West says there's absolutely no evidence of "Black Lives Matter" protesters threatening cops! (soopermexican, The Right Scoop)

The death of any law enforcement officer diminishes us (Leder, The Eagle, Texas)

Documentary on Black Panthers is a must-watch (FilmanmeldelsePaula Mejia, Newsweek)

Donald Trump's support doesn't look like a "silent majority" (Dante Chinni, NBC News)

Fight over North Carolina election rules shows Obama will stop at nothing to win elections (J. Christian Adams, Hans von Spakovsky, The Daily Signal)

From the folks who brought you the Civil War: The political legacy of slavery (Mark Stoll, The Huffington Post)

Harvard Law professor crowdfunds $1 million, launches presidential bid (Brakkton Booker, WAMU (Washington, DC), NPR)

Hispanic female cop slams Democrats' anti-cop agenda (Video, Neil Munro, Breitbart)

History repeats itself with backlash against black empowerment (Todd Steven Burroughs, The Root)

"I can't breathe": African-Americans, race trauma and PTSD (A. K. Staggers, Atlanta Black Star)

Ignore Trump - the issue of birthright citizenship has been settled (David Rivkin, John Yoo, Los Angeles Times)

Immigrants in U.S. should 'speak American': Ex-VP nominee Palin (Will Dunham, Reuters)

In Iowa, Clinton ridicules Trump immigration plan as unworkable (Anne Gearan, The Washington Post)

Is Farrakhan to blame for murders of police? (Jesse Lee Peterson, WND)

Is right-wing extremism the biggest danger facing America? (Marvin Meadors, The Huffington Post)

Ken Burns's "Civil War" after Dylann Roof (Christopher Dickey, The Daily Beast)

Metro officer expected to recover after east valley shooting (Wesley Juhl, Ricardo Torres, Cassandra Taloma, Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Migrants, refugees, and the dying American soul (Jim Picht, Communities Digital News)

Murder on the rise: In some U.S. cities, safety is a growing concern (Leder, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

The NFL contributed to the killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, according to lib on NPR (Dylan Gwinn, NewsBusters)

Obama's quest to leave a lasting mark on race (Linda Feldmann, Yahoo News)

Peterson: Gangsta rap's discordant notes (Kevin C. Peterson, Boston Herald)

A "playful" police taunt? (Ralph R. Reiland, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Police chiefs blast media's "great myth" on race (Mark Hensch, The Hill)

Police commissioner Charles Ramsey talks "Black Lives Matter" movement on Fox News (Alex Wigglesworth, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Police shootings and shootings of police (Carlo Baldino,, Massachusetts)

The pope vs. the Donald (Nahal Toosi, Politico)

Powell: Some in GOP "practice a level of intolerance" not "consistent with American values" (Video, Pam Key, Breitbart)

Race and discipline (Leder, Greensboro News & Record, North Carolina)

Santorum: Hillary's support for Amnesty hurts American workers (Nicholas Ballasy, PJ Media)

SHOCK POLL: Trump receives 25% of black vote in general election matchup (Kyle Olson, The American Mirror)

Some Republicans are claiming Kim Davis is like Rosa Parks (Tom McKay, Mic)

Stop and seize (Michael Sallah, Robert O'Harrow Jr., Gabe Silverman, Ted Melinik, The Washington Post)

The summer of Trump may soon be over - but the damage has still been done (Michael Lind, The Spectator, UK)

Syracuse has nation's highest poverty concentrated among blacks, Hispanics (Mark Weiner,, New York)

Trump immigration backlash news: Is Trump's popularity alienating conservative Latino voters? (Glenn Minnis, Latin Post)

What is an American? (Eric Foner, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


13-year-old black boy found guilty of first-degree murder of 9-year-old white boy (Thomas Lifson, American Thinker)

After Houston officer shooting, political leaders dig into Obama (Amita Kelly, NPR)

"All cops are bastards": Black bloc riots in Olympia, Washington (Lee Stranahan, Breitbart)

The architecture of segregation (Leder, The New York Times)

Ben Carson gaining in popularity because of his race, says Geraldo Rivera (Leigh Egan, Inquisitr)

Black American unemployment rate continues above 9% (Douglas A. McIntyre, 24/7 Wall St)

Black Lives Matter could make a statement in 2015 races, but where are they? (Charles D. Ellison, The Philadelphia Tribune)

Black Lives Matter takes on the right (Kevin Cirilli, The Hill)

Black Panthers offers an admiring look at the vanguard of the revolution (Filmanmeldelse, Bilge Ebiri, Vulture)

Can Bernie Sanders gain support from minority voters in Iowa? (Kylie Atwood, CBS News)

Clashing courts: Law restricts federal judges' ability to intervene in state criminal cases (Maura Dolan, Los Angeles Times)

Coming to America (Nkem DenChukwu, The Huffington Post)

Cop's wife creates movement to push back at Black Lives Matter; response is "overwhelming" (Michael Dorstewitz, BizPac Review)

Dear Hillary: A letter from one white woman to another (Karen Fleshman, The Huffington Post)

Do the math on #AllLivesMatter and it equals white supremacy (Sean Eversley Bradwell, The Root)

Editorial: Build a new St. Louis: Start over to make city great again (Leder, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Evidence shows that the gerrymandering of district boundaries is not necessarily a cause of political polarisation (Josh Ryan, The London School of Economics and Political Science)

Families of Emanuel shooting victims, Walter Scott, join hundreds in Charleston's Days of Grace march (Andrew Knapp, The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina)

Families of shooting victims lead Days of Grace rally (Meg Kinnard (Associated Press), ABC News)

"The Ferguson effect" isn't real, and The New York Times shouldn't act like it might be (Cristian Farias, The Huffington Post)

Food and phonics (Amina Brown, The Huffington Post)

Forget what you've heard: Republicans have the demographic edge for 2016 (Tyler O'Neil, PJ Media)

Here's what it's like inside a pro-Confederate flag rally (Alice Ollstein, Emily Atkin, Think Progress)

Judge dismisses challenge to Arizona immigration law (CBS News)

Last hurrah for the old, white, angry crowd (Joe Seldner, The Huffington Post)

Letters to my brother (or: How to live in a country that requires your destruction) (Brian Alsup, Gawker)

Los Angeles midwives aim to end racial disparities at birth (Liana Aghajanian, Al Jazeera America)

Martin Luther King Jr. can't share his opinion of Black Lives Matter (Peter DiCaprio, The Huffington Post)

Maryland sheriff says "police under siege," blames Black Lives Matter (Video, Frank Camp, Independent Journal)

Memoir: A black doctor confronts racism (Matt McCarthy, USA Today)

Minn. group rallies around Confederate flag, sparks counter protest (Video, John Lauritsen, CBS Minnesota)

The miseducation of the Black Lives Matter movement (Torri Stuckey, The Huffington Post)

The most important legacy of the Black Panthers (Brandon Harris, The New Yorker)

Nation of Islam's Farrakhan: American system "has to be taken down" (Sandy Fitzgerald, Newsmax)

New York Mag rips Breitbart to defend Black Lives Matter supporter who smeared murdered deputy (Breitbart)

New York Times defends folly of Black Lives Matter (Jerome Hudson, Breitbart)

Nightmare next door: Black couple uses fair housing law to sue city, white neighbor over slurs (Associated Press, Fox News)

Other writers, on police violence, Donald Trump (The Detroit News)

Politically correct: At what cost? (Sue Fitzpatrick, Chicago Now)

Rhetoric over police shootings reaches new high (Leder, The Sacramento Bee)

Self-defense becoming offensive (Vanzetta Penn McPherson, Montgomery Advertiser, Alabama)

Separate, unequal and just plain wrong [Editorial] (Leder, The Baltimore Sun)

Socialism and the struggle against racism (Tony Wilsdon, Socialist Alternative)

Strange fruit: Violence against black Americans, from lynching to police shootings (Radio, Laura Ellis, WFPL, Louisville, Kentucky)

Sunday editorial: Black arrests and incarcerations matter (Leder, The Des Moines Register, Iowa)

Sunday sitdown with Richard Wooten, newly retired Chicago cop (Maudlyne Ihejirika, Chicago Sun-Times)

Sunstein: Black lives matter - so says 14th amendment (Cass Sunstein, Amarillo Globe News, Texas)

To the woman who was talking about Halsey in the press: Yo, Maggie, what's good? (Camryn Garrett, The Huffington Post)

Trump, immigration: Stance hurting GOP's chances (Sid Salter, The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Mississippi)

Using Dr. King's name to support bigotry (Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith, The Huffington Post)

Veteran NYC cop: Society, politicians don't respect us, we don't get "thank you" anymore (Robert Wilde, Breitbart)

When a Fort Worth police officer died over "hate" (Bud Kennedy, Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, Texas)

White woman accidentally impregnated with black man's sperm loses legal battle (Abby Phillip, The Washington Post)

Words don't kill? (J. Robert Smith, American Thinker)


7 amazing "new" things white women learned from black women about hair (Zak Cheney-Rice, Mic)

2015 may be one of the safest years for law enforcement in a quarter century (Jamiles Lartey, The Guardian)

All lives matter - black, white and blue (Robert Lee, Richmond County Daily Journal, North Carolina)

An American summer (Jennifer Mascia, Mike Spies, Alex Yablon, The Trace)

Are police being murdered because of #BlackLivesMatter? (Chuck Hoster, Liberty News Now)

Arrested for allegedly stealing $5 of food, mentally ill Virginia man dies in jail (Julia Dahl, CBS News)

As white Americans give up on the American Dream, Blacks and Hispanics embrace it (Russell Berman, The Atlantic)

Autistic black teenager brutally assaulted by police (Natalie Lifson,, Denver, Colorado)

Before #BlackLivesMatter: Remembering "Hip Hop for Respect" and rap's response to police brutality (Thomas Golianopoulos, Grantland)

Bill Richardson: Trump's immigration positions "racist" (Video, Benjamin Bell, ABC News)

"Black characters are still revolutionary": writers talk about the complexity of race (Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts, The Guardian)

Black Lives Matter activist charged in connection with police confrontation (Joseph Serna, Los Angeles Times)

Black Lives Matter backlash gets real (Danielle C. Belton, The Root)

Black Panther and Ferguson protester get prison in bomb plot conspiracy (Brandon Darby, Breitbart)

The Black Panthers: A true street movement (Armond White, National Review)

Black vet thinks his Florida home was defaced with racist graffiti because of his interracial marriage (Terrell Jermaine Starr, AlterNet)

Blame politicians, not police (Patrick Quinlan, The Western Courier)

BLKWRAP: A summer of trauma (Danielle Moodie-Mills, NBC News)

Burning Man founder: "Black folks don't like to camp as much as white folks" (Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian)

Charles Lane: Let's remember that police are why we're safer today than 50 years ago (Charles Lane, The Dallas Morning News)

Christie, Kasich won't join criticism of Black Lives Matter rhetoric (David Weigel, The Washington Post)

The crisis in law enforcement: Part I (Paul Bishop, The Huffington Post)

The curious pacifism of Black Lives Matter and other political movements (Alasdair Denvil, The Blaze)

Cynthia Tucker: Black-on-black violence demands our attention (Cynthia Tucker, Wisconsin State Journal and Capital Times)

Debunking Donald Trump's five extreme statements about immigrants and Mexico (Dolia Estevez, Forbes)

Demonizing the "other" (Ironton Tribune, Ohio)

Dem outreach to Black Lives Matters meets rejection (Video, Fox News)

Do black jobs matter? (Dan Gilmore, The Patriot Post)

Donald Trump doesn't need Latino voters to win (Bruce Bartlett, The Washington Post)

Driving while fresh: Black man pulled over by Rhode Island cop for air freshener dangling from mirror (Tom Boggioni, Raw Story)

Friday Fox Follies - Fox lies matter!!! (Headly Westerfield, PoliticusUSA)

Gone in 60 seconds: HLN panelists destroy the "black-on-black" crime myth (Video, Goldie Taylor, Blue Nation Review)

Has Obama widened the racial divide? (Rasmussen Reports)

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Murdered police officer was just 29 days away from retirement when he was killed (Michael Sebastian, Esquire)

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Race and beyond: Returning home to an odd mixture of progress and retreat (Sam Fulwood III, Center for American Progress)

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Scott Walker links Obama to recent police killings (Video, Tal Kopan, CNN)

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"Stark" racial divide in views on post-Katrina recovery, study finds (Jeannette Brooks, The Weather Space)

Teachers, cops, and conflict: Why we need to de-escalate (Adam Feinberg, Education Week)

Texas deputies believed man shot dead with hands up had a knife, sheriff says (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Texas two-steps all over voting rights (Richard L. Hasen, Slate)

There's nothing linking Black Lives Matter to a Texas cop's death. Fox News did it anyway. (German Lopez, Vox)

This couple got "Black lives matter for target practice" written on their house (Collier Meyerson, Fusion)

This is what cops really think about Bill de Blasio (Paul Bacon, New York Observer)

Trump plan to deport 11 million immigrants sells in Iowa (Video, John McCormick, Bloomberg)

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"Classic example of racial profiling": Lawyer for black man pulled over by Ohio cop for "direct eye contact" says stop violated client's civil rights (Jason Silverstein, New York Daily News)

Color-coded map shows racial and ethnic make-up of North Texas, entire U.S. (Brandon Formby, The Dallas Morning News)

Cop commission thinks twice about controversial speech crackdown (Dennis Romero, LA Weekly)

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Georgia police shoot man and kill his dog after responding to wrong house (Video, Associated Press, The Guardian)

"God's not white": Alabama pastors aim to end racial segregation in the pews with new sermon series (Daniel Distant, The Christian Post)

Haley to speak of a "new South" (Schuyler Kropf, The Charleston Post and Courier, South Carolina)

A history lesson for the Kentucky clerk refusing to grant marriage licenses (Lily Rothman, Time)

How disadvantaged neighborhoods amplify racial inequality (Video, PBS Newshour)

Idris Elba "too street" for James Bond: Moviedom has its Nicki-Miley beef (Steven Zeitchik, Los Angeles Times)

Inside the civil rights movement: a conversation with Julian Bond (Eric Mann, CounterPunch)

Jorge Ramos: I won’t sit down. I won’t shut up. (Jorge Ramos, Fusion)

LAPD and Dallas police get body cameras: New era of transparency? (Associated Press, The Christian Science Monitor)

Last night Bill O'Reilly compared #BlackLivesMatter to the Ku Klux Klan (Video, Jack Holmes, Esquire)

The left only sees white evil (Dennis Prager, Real Clear Politics)

Legislating for police reform and black lives in California (Chauncee Smith, American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California)

Link between Shannon Miles, Black Lives Matter, and Sandra Bland remains elusive (Erin Staley, Inquisitr)

Lives matter (Nate Jackson, The Patriot Post)

Man accused of harassing American Indian students cleared (Kevin Burbach (Associated Press), ABC News)

Map shows just how segregated metro Detroit is (Detroit Free Press)

Measuring the "Trump effect" on the GOP brand for Latino voters (Jessica Torres, Media Matters)

Media is being accused of perpetuating anti-police attitudes (Richard Prince, The Root)

Media tune out "Black Lives Matter" anti-cop death threats (Leder, Investor's Business Daily)

Megan McArdle: How "Black Lives Matter" would like to micromanage cops (Megan McArdle, The Dallas Morning News)

Megyn explodes: Liberals rip dangerous Tea Party rhetoric but #BlackLivesMatter is fine?! (Video, Josh Feldman, Mediaite)

Message to the Black Lives Matter movement: You are only promoting racism (Video, Real Clear Politics)

Minnesota #BlackLivesMatter activists criticized for "pigs in a blanket" chant (NewsOne Now)

Movie review: How the Black Panthers fought to make black lives matter in the '60s and '70s (Martin Johnson, The Root)

Moving targets (Jon Swaine, Jamiles Lartey, Oliver Laughland, The Guardian)

Obama calls widow of fallen Texas deputy (Paul Peluso,

Obama condemns killing of Texas deputy, meanwhile police attempt to blame black protesters for promoting anti-police rhetoric (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

Officials were wrong to jump to conclusions in deputy's slaying (Lisa Falkenberg, Houston Chronicle)

Police union chief: Cops are under siege in America [VIDEO] (Josh Fatzick, The Daily Caller)

Poll: Majority of Republicans think Obama is a Muslim (Jesse Byrnes, The Hill)

Poll position, lives matter (Gary Bauer, The Patriot Post)

The problem with challenging birthright citizenship (Garrett Epps, The Atlantic)

Race relations dialogue is desperately needed in the U.S. (Lewis Diuguid, The Kansas City Star)

The racist cult of black fragility (Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag)

Shannon Miles, man suspected of killing Texas deputy, had history of mental illness (Juan A. Lozano, The Huffington Post)

The shocking history of my people and my state (Lisa Wong Macabasco, Slate)

Study finds racial disparity exists between what black and white borrowers pay for mortgages (Amsterdam News, New York)

Study: People are quicker to shoot a black target than a white target (Gabrielle Canon, Mother Jones)

Suspect in deputy's killing found mentally incompetent in 2012, prosecutor says (Video, Ralph Ellis, Ed Lavandera, Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN)

TNT's new show about vice cops in 1960s Manhattan pushes some very modern buttons (TV-anmeldelse, Alan Pyke, Think Progress)

Ted Cruz calls out Obama administration for "Black Lives Matter" (Julie Prince, PJ Media)

To Hasselbeck and others: Here's a list of hate groups, none of which are Black Lives Matter activists or the organization (Yesha Callahan, The Root)

US murder rate sees sharp increase in 2015 (BBC News)

Vester Lee Flanagan: Can a gay black man commit a hate crime? (Rev. Mark H. Creech, The Christian Post)

Was a Houston-area cop killed because of "dangerous national rhetoric" about police brutality? (Allie Conti, Vice)

"We will start creeping up on you in darkness": Black Panthers to TX cops, weeks before shooting (Nicole Haas, BizPac Review)

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