Juli 2015


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5th black woman dies in police custody in July (Courtney Jacobs, Afro)

After hearings on Sandra Bland, lawmaker calls for reforms to bond system (St. John Barned-Smith, The Houston Chronicle)

All the ways the new AP US history standards gloss over the country's racist past (Jake Flanagin, Quartz)

Bernie Sanders' blind spot on race was imported from Scandinavia (Paul Blest, New Republic)

Between the World and Me: A journey, not a vacation (Stuart Stevens, The Atlantic)

Black flight to the suburbs on the rise (William H. Frey, Brookings)

Black lives matter ... if caught on camera: guest opinion (Dexter Strong, al.com, Alabama)

Brother of Kelly Brinson on Samuel DuBose killing: "What are they still doing as university police?" - video (Video, Laurence Mathieu-Léger, The Guardian)

Campus police: different badges, different uniforms, but same deadly force (Lauren Gambino, Ryan Felton, The Guardian)

Chris Hayes gets to the heart of the Samuel DuBose case: "Do cops cover up for other cops?" (Sophia Tesfaye, Salon)

Cincinnati reaction not like "Ferguson ... Baltimore" (James Pilcher (The Cincinnati Enquirer), USA Today)

Cincinnati shooting: What happened after the gun went off? (Video, BBC News)

Citizens, police gather to discuss race and trust (Beth Walton, The Citizen-Times, Asheville, North Carolina)

Clinton and Bush take competing views on race inequality to Florida conference (Sabrina Siddiqui, The Guardian)

"Decoded" explains why it's time to stop blaming victims for police brutality: Watch (Madeline Roth, MTV)

Donald Trump's instinct for racially charged rhetoric, before his presidential bid (Alexander Burns, The New York Times)

Editorial: Hearing into Sandra Bland's death strikes a nerve (Leder, The Dallas Morning News)

Event to examine racial prejudice against Muslims (Kirsteen Paterson, The National)

Ex-Cincinnati cop accused of murder had previous heated traffic stop caught on video (Video, Deborah Hastings, New York Daily News)

Feds accuse St. Louis County family court of rights violations and racial bias (Christine Byers, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Fitch: Prosecutor in Cincinnati case too quick with charges (Bill Reker, Lisa Cornwell, Dan Sewell, CBS St. Louis)

For 2016 Dems need a mythical war on voting rights (Jonathan S. Tobin, Commentary)

For prisoners, a path to society (Leder, The New York Times)

For some drivers, video of Sandra Bland's arrest is all too familiar (Michael Wilson, The New York Times)

Hillary Clinton hits Jeb Bush first, and hard, in speech on race (Michael Barbaro, The New York Times)

Hillary Clinton takes a shot at Jeb Bush on race in front of black activists (Evan Halper, Los Angeles Times)

Hiring black prosecutors won't fix the criminal justice system (Nathan J. Robinson, Al Jazeera America)

How "assembly-line justice" victimizes kids in St. Louis County (Ryan J. Reilly, The Huffington Post)

Human rights organization calls for answers in Sandra Bland's death (Video, Associated Press, Brandon Walker, Click2Houston)

"I could have been Sam DuBose": Ohio drivers question reason for traffic stop (Ellen Brait, The Guardian)

In report, Justice accuses St. Louis County family court of racial bias (Eyder Peralta, NPR)

Invisibility blues: Studying racial representation in videogames (Maddy Myers, The Mary Sue)

It's not just Sandra Bland: Three more mysterious jail deaths (Stephon Johnson, Amsterdam News, New York)

It's not just Sandra Bland: Why so many Americans die in limbo behind bars (Jared Heller, Pacific Standard)

Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton take different paths to solving racial inequality (Natalie Johnson, The Daily Signal)

Jeb Bush praises Obama's "truth" on racial injustice (Loren Gutentag, Newsmax)

John Fountain: Random thoughts on lions, shootings, cops and preachers (John Fountain, Chicago Sun-Times)

Justice report accuses St. Louis County family court of racial bias (Radioindslag, Cheryl Corley, All Things Considered, NPR)

Lawyer: Ex-university policeman acted in self-defense in traffic-stop shooting (Abby Phillip, Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Martin O'Malley calls for racial bias training for police in new criminal justice plan (Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller)

The massive role that Medicare played in racial integration (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

Naming this era of racial contradictions (Farah Stockman, The Boston Globe)

No mourning, no peace: Sam DuBose, Sandra Bland and why Black lives don't matter (yet) (Shannon M. Houston, Salon)

Not ready for prime time: The NYPD's body camera program has a lot of kinks for Commissioner Bratton to work out (Leder, New York Daily News)

Not the first time Cincinnati officers face controversy (Video, Erin Burnett, CNN)

Of lions and men: Mourning Samuel DuBose and Cecil the lion (Roxane Gay, The New York Times)

Point Austin: Death in custody (Michael King, The Austin Chronicle, Texas)

Police union files grievance to get Ray Tensing his job back (Simon McCormack, The Huffington Post)

Racial segregation is still high in U.S. suburbs (Joe Schwartz, Futurity)

Ray Tensing and the myth of the "good cop" (Andre E. Johnson, The Huffington Post)

Republicans see opportunities with a changing - and skeptical - black electorate (David Weigel, Sean Sullivan, Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post)

Samuel DuBose, Cecil the lion and the ethics of avowal (Lori Gruen, Al Jazeera America)

Samuel Du Bose's death in Cincinnati points to off-campus power of college police (John Mura, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, The New York Times)

Sandra Bland, and the national horror of jail suicides (Ryan Cooper, The Week)

Sandra Bland jail death investigation (Video, ABC News)

Sandra Bland protests in Minneapolis: "Black Lives Matter" demonstrators take to the streets (Michael Kaplan, International Business Times)

San Jose police facing another racial-profiling lawsuit (Video, Chuck Coppola, NBC Bay Area)

Shooting stirs racial tension in Fremont County (Radioindslag, Aaron Schrank, Wyoming Public Radio)

Should body-cam footage always go public? It's complicated (Davey Alba, Wired)

St. Louis County biased against black juveniles, Justice Department finds (Richard Pérez-Peña, The New York Times)

Superman fights the police in new comic paralleling Ferguson riots (Brian Henry, Fox News)

Ta-Nehisi Coates' case against American exceptionalism (Damon Linker, The Week)

Time travelers: My brush with the KKK in South Carolina (Crush Rush, Story of America)

Top Trump adviser has a history of provocative and racial Facebook posts (Hunter Walker, Ionia Sentinel-Standard, Michigan)

Two new police body camera videos reveal moments after Samuel DuBose fatal shooting. Those officers are now on paid leave. (Liz Klimas, The Blaze)

Two other officers at Samuel DuBose shooting scene will not be charged (Oliver Laughland, The Guardian)

Two University of Cincinnati officers placed on leave, investigation underway (Megan Specia, Mashable)

Universities increasingly arming their campus cops (Kevin Johnson, USA Today)

Watch another heated traffic stop made by Ray Tensing (Video, Emily Shapiro, ABC News)

What causes income inequality? (Francis Menton, City Journal)

Why Republicans should worry about restrictive voting laws (Jim Rutenberg, The New York Times)

Why what happened to Cecil the lion and Samuel DuBose should matter to us all (Gary Bailey, M.S.W., A.C.S.W., The Huffington Post)

W.K. Kellogg Foundation donates $4.7 million to benefit young men of color (Taryn Finley, The Huffington Post)

Woman's racial confrontation on Oak Street beach caught on camera (Video, Lauren Jiggetts, NBC Chicago)


After the death of Samuel DuBose, an officer is indicted in Cincinnati (Leder, The Washington Post)

American police's bloody, vengeful delusions: How a "chicken-crap" traffic stop ends in cold-blooded murder (Heather Digby Parton, Salon)

The anomaly of Dylann Roof (Maurice Chammah, The Marshall Project)

Benjamin Crump: "What happened to Samuel DuBose was not an anomaly" (Benjamin Crump, MSNBC)

Body cameras: Experts weigh in on how they affect police officers (Video, Gillian Mohney, ABC News)

Can the black vote win Jeb Bush the presidency? (S.V. Dáte, National Journal)

Can the University of Cincinnati police learn from the city's police? (Nathalie Baptiste, The American Prospect)

Cincinnati body-cam images made us players in a video game (Dexter Thomas, Los Angeles Times)

Cincinnati officer indictment: Seeing is believing (Leder, The Baltimore Sun)

Cincinnati prosecutor who charged officer: "When I indict a murderer, I don't pull punches" (Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times)

The Cincinnati shooting seen from 3 body cameras (Video, The Washington Post)

Cincinnati shooting tests "blue wall of silence" (+video) (Patrik Jonsson, The Christian Science Monitor)

Cincinnati traffic stop shooting: Friend of Samuel Dubose says his death is turning point (Video, Emmanuelle Saliba, Erin McClam, NBC News)

Confederate battle flags found on grounds of Ebenezer Baptist Church near MLK Center in Atlanta (Breanna Edwards, The Root)

Confederate flag represents treason, racial subjugation, white power (Matthew Thick, MLive.com, Michigan)

Cop accused of killing driver out of jail, free on bond (Kevin Grasha, Sharon Coolidge (The Cincinnati Enquirer), USA Today)

Cop fatally shot teen in back, not in self-defense, family says (Andy Campbell, The Huffington Post)

Dispute breaks out at town hall meeting in Ferguson (Valerie Schremp Hahn, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Does the indictment of a killer cop mean that body cams work? (Mario Aguilar, Gizmodo)

The DuBose family: Grieving, but determined (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

Ex-officer in Cincinnati makes bail in killing of motorist (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Richard Pérez-Peña, The New York Times)

The false peace in Cincinnati after killer cop was indicted (Justin Glawe, The Daily Beast)

Family seeks change after son dies in Galveston County jail (Video, Miya Shay, KTRK, Galveston, Texas)

Ferguson preps for anniversary of Michael Brown's death (Video, Jennifer Meckles (KSDK-TV, St. Louis), USA Today)

Former NYPD detective on Sandra Bland's traffic stop: "The law says" do what officer says (Will Cabaniss, Politifact)

Former University of Cincinnati police officer pleads not guilty, bond set at $1 million (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Four black women have died in police custody since Sandra Bland (Kelsey Warner, The Christian Science Monitor)

Glare of video is shifting public's view of police (Video, Richard Pérez-Peña, Timothy Williams, The New York Times)

Here is why body cameras aren't enough (Jordan Lebeau, Boston.com)

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush both seek an edge by courting black voters (Laura Meckler, Beth Reinhard, The Wall Street Journal)

How one campus cop undid a city's police reforms (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

How the lack of police "discretion" killed Samuel Dubose and Sandra Bland (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post)

The latest: Fired Ohio cop used stun gun on motorist in 2012 (Associated Press, The Washington Post)

Lesson from DuBose's death: America has a serious policing problem (Jim Mitchell, The Dallas Morning News)

Lupica: Body cameras can't stop bad cops (Mike Lupica, New York Daily News)

Many colleges have armed police squads, but are they worth the risk? (Radioindslag, Martin Kaste, All Things Considered, NPR)

Media blasted for racial bias in Cincinnati shooting coverage (The Cincinnati Enquirer, USA Today)

Minor: Mississippians must decide what flag means (Bill Minor, The Jackson Clarion-Ledger, Mississippi)

N.C. case represents pivotal point of voting debate (Robert Barnes, The Washington Post)

Newly revised AP US history standards take softer tone on racial history of America (Zoë Schlanger, Newsweek)

New York police should revise body camera rules, report says (J. David Goodman, The New York Times)

Obama is reinstating Pell grants for prisoners (Beth Schwartzapfel, The Marshall Project)

Obama, the police, and the rise of the racial mob (Abraham Miller, The Blaze)

Officers at Sam DuBose scene involved in death of another unarmed black man (Ryan Felton, Oliver Laughland, The Guardian)

Opinion: Why #blacklivesmatter isn't enough (Vanessa White, The Cincinnati Enquirer)

Outrage over the death of a lion, but not black women and men? (Courtney R. Baker, The Huffington Post)

Police shootings won't stop unless we also stop shaking down black people (Jack Hitt, Mother Jones)

Rachel Dolezal and racial identification (Lyle Foster, Springfield News-Leader, Missouri)

Racial profiling and the White House (Radioindslag, WDET, Detroit, Michigan)

Ruining lives with criminal "justice" (Doug Deason, The New York City)

Sam DuBose protesters make themselves heard in Cincinnati - video (Video, Laurence Mathieu, The Guardian)

Sam DuBose video changed everything: Column (Byron McCauley (The Cincinnati Enquirer), USA Today)

Samuel DuBose and Cincinnati's history of fraught racial relations with law enforcement (Jackie Salo, International Business Times)

Samuel DuBose: body-camera video shows 360-degree view of police killing (Video, The Guardian)

Samuel DuBose killing: officer pleads not guilty as protesters focus on colleagues (Ryan Felton, The Guardian)

Samuel DuBose's killing is a dark cloud with a grim silver lining (Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian)

Samuel DuBose video appears to show two officers reinforced false account of police killing (Oliver Laughland, Lauren Gambino, Valerie Lapinski, The Guardian)

Sanders increases campaign's focus on racial justice reform (Nicole Gaudiano, USA Today)

Sandra Bland, Samuel DuBose and the rise of "vehicular stop and frisk" (Amel Ahmed, Al Jazeera America)

S.C. needs real dialogue on race relations (Dr. Henry N. Tisdale, The Times and Democrat, South Carolina)

Shooting tests ties between a university and its city (Scott Carlson, The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Still killing citizens: The death of Sam DuBose (Doctor Cleveland, Dagblog)

Suspect who died in S.F. police confrontation was wanted for beating elderly man (Henry K. Lee, Hamed Aleaziz, Vivian Ho, Jaxon Van Derbeken, The San Francisco Chronicle)

Texas House committee grills DPS chief over Sandra Bland's death (Bobby Blanchard, The Dallas Morning News)

Texas trooper's behavior called "catalyst" in Sandra Bland's death (David Montgomery, The New York Times)

Top officials critical of Ohio cop indicted on murder charge (Associated Press, The New York Times)

A tour of abandoned New Orleans, 10 years after Katrina - in pictures (Fotos, The Guardian)

The videos that are putting race and policing into sharp relief (Damien Cave, Rochelle Oliver, The New York Times)

Virginia man killed by police was shot in back of head, family lawyer says (Associated Press, The Guardian)

We don't know if Sandra Bland killed herself. But suicides are often sudden and impulsive. (German Lopez, Vox)

What cops and their supporters are saying about the Sam DuBose video (Matt Ferner, Nick Wing, The Huffington Post)

What the video shows vs. what the officer claims about Sam DuBose's killing (Video, Simon McCormack, The Huffington Post)

White flight never ended (Alana Semuels, The Atlantic)

Who runs the streets of New Orleans? (David Amsden, The New York Times)

Why blame marijuana for Sandra Bland's death? (Jacob Sullum, Forbes)

Why universities have their own armed police forces (Eliza Gray, Time)

Why white politicians should say black lives matter (P.G. Sittenfeld, The Huffington Post)

With videos, more eyes and more pressure are on police (The Dallas Morning News)


#BlackLivesMatters co-founder "mortified" by O'Reilly's "anarchistic" comment (Video, Taryn Finley, The Huffington Post)

"Absolutely unwarranted," lawyer says of cop's indictment (Sharon Coolidge, Kevin Grasha, Dan Horn (The Cincinnati Enquirer, USA Today)

At least 5 black women have died in jail this month - here are 10 facts you need to know (Zak Cheney-Rice, Mic)

The "Bastards" motorcycle club is redefining racist biker culture (James King, Vocativ)

Bernie Sanders' Southern strategy (Arit John, Bloomberg)

Body camera footage shows police officer shoot Sam DuBose (Video, The Washington Post)

Chicago race riot 1919 (Daryl Worthington, New Historian)

Cincinnati's emotional reaction to the death of Samuel Dubose (Fotos, The Washington Post)

Confederate flag-wavers crashed a black child's birthday yelling "Kill y'all N*ggers" (Tom McKay, Mic)

Dear Mrs. DuBose, I visited your son today (Chris Graves, The Cincinnati Enquirer)

Dozens gather at Belo Garden to protest deaths of Sandra Bland, Sam DuBose (Claire Z. Cardona, The Dallas Morning News)

A dream undone (Jim Rutenberg, The New York Times)

Dylann Roof's public defender is a longtime critic of injustice against African Americans (Hanna Kozlowska, Quartz)

Family of Samuel DuBose, killed by university cop, calls for peace after Cincinnati indictment (Video, Jacquellena Carrero, NBC News)

Ferguson prisoner beaten by cops has won his appeal (Michael Daly, The Daily Beast)

The Ferguson report. Part 1: Breathing while black, and other offenses (Who.What.Why.)

Grand jury transcript from Eric Garner case to remain sealed, court says (Tina Susman, Los Angeles Times)

Helpful hint for Julian Castro on how to desegregate the park cities (Jim Schutze, Dallas Observer)

How Cincinnati learned from riots in 2001 (Video, Amanda Sakuma, MSNBC)

How the "best place to live in America" treats people of color when they're pulled over (Stephen Benavides, Think Progress)

Is it time to rethink campus police in light of Sam DuBose's death? (Kyle Jaeger, ATTN:)

Jury is selected for Kerrick trial; testimony begins Monday (Hayley Fowler, Michael Gordon, The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina)

Knowledge can help dispel racial myths (Jerry Large, The Seattle Times)

Latino incomes are rising, so why are their homeownership rates dropping? (Brentin Mock, CityLab)

Meet Dylann Roof's defender (Andrew Cohen, The Marshall Project)

Mother of Cincinnati police shooting victim calls for justice in this heart-wrenching statement (Video, Mother Jones)

Murder by cop: The unjustifiable killing of Samuel DuBose by officer Ray Tensing (Leder, New York Daily News)

New allegations of racial profiling by San Jose cops (Tracey Kaplan, San Jose Mercury News, Californien)

Ohio prosecutor: Indicted cop "should never have been a police officer" (Video, Michelle Toh, The Christian Science Monitor)

On Wyatt Cenac, "Key & Peele," and being the only one in the room (Gene Demby, NPR)

People who should be released from jail are dying there instead (Daniel Rivero, Fusion)

Photos: The funeral of Samuel DuBose (Fotos, Chicago Tribune)

Racial terror is nothing new to black America, but when will it stop being tolerated? (Lincoln A. Blades, The Grio)

Ray Tensing: Here's what we know about the officer who killed Samuel DuBose (Phillip Ross, Mic)

Ruling on Garner case, Cincinnati shooting prove need for reform (Leder, Newsday)

Sam DuBose: From no front license plate to murder (Marina Trahan Martinez, The Dallas Morning News)

The Sam Dubose police report is full of falsehoods from Ray Tensing's fellow officers (Jeremy Stahl, Slate)

Samuel DuBose could have been pulled over in Texas, too (Marina Trahan Martinez, The Dallas Morning News)

The Samuel DuBose shooting video proved the police incident report was totally bogus (German Lopez, Vox)

Samuel DuBose was murdered. How much is enough? (Goldie Taylor, Blue Nation Review)

Sandra Bland and Black Girls Matter (Video, Kimberle Crenshaw, The Real News)

Sandra Bland's death in police custody puts spotlight on Texas jail standards (Tom Dart, The Guardian)

The second indictment of Dylann Roof is worse than redundant (Jacob Sullum, Reason)

"Senseless" and "asinine": prosecutor's words on Samuel DuBose killing a win for reformers (Nicole Flatow, Jamiles Lartey, The Guardian)

The shooting of Samuel Dubose (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

Should college police officers be armed and challenging people off campus? (Susan Svrluga, Nick Anderson, Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Son: DuBose "didn't do anything, and they shot him" (James Pilcher, The Cincinnati Enquirer)

St. Louis region still among worst in nation for black-white economic disparity, says report (Kevin McDermott, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

A study of California prosecutors finds a lack of diversity (Debbie Mukamal, David Alan Sklansky, Los Angeles Times)

Tale of two cities - report shows racial divide in St. Louis (Kevin Killeen, CBS St. Louis)

Texas authorities hope Sandra Bland booking video will quell rumors (Michelle Toh, The Christian Science Monitor)

Three Cincinnati police officers indicted, acquitted in on-duty killings since 2000 (WCPO, Cincinnati)

Twitter users react to the death of Sam DuBose (The Cincinnati Enquirer)

UC police department under fire (Amber Hunt, Hannah Sparling, The Cincinnati Enquirer)

University of Cincinnati police officer who shot man during traffic stop charged with murder (Kevin Williams, Wesley Lowery, Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Video of Sam DuBose's death drastically different from the police report (Jay Hathaway, Gawker)

Who is Mark O'Mara? Attorney for Cincinnati police shooting victim Samuel DuBose family represented George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin's killer (Aaron Morrison, International Business Times)

Watching Sandra Bland (Margaret Talbot, The New Yorker)

Why aren't we as universally outraged over Sandra Bland's death as we are over Cevil the lion? (David Ferguson)

Why Christians need Coates (Jonathan Orbell, Sojourners)

Why focusing on suicide in the deaths of Sandra Bland and Kindra Chapman misses the point (Natasha Lennard)

Why the Black Lives Matter campaign matters to Bernie Sanders (Lincoln Mitchell, New York Observer)

Why the killing of an unarmed black man has Cincinnati police on edge right now (Zak Cheney-Rice, Mic)


Another reason to question whether black lives matter in Mississippi (Alan Chin, Reuters)

Baltimore officials discussed "riot" an hour before first brick was thrown (The Baltimore Sun)

Between the World and Me: Black American motherhood (Emily Bernard, The Atlantic)

Black students in the U.S. get criminalized while white students get treatment (Rebecca Klein, The Huffington Post)

Christie: State police will get body cameras (Tom Davis, Princeton Patch, New Jersey)

Cincinnati police chief wary of failout from Dubose shooting video (Al Jazeera America)

Cleveland transit police suspend officer who pepper-sprayed Black Lives crowd (Afi Scruggs, The Guardian)

Country's youngest convicted killer gets released (Michael McLaughlin, The Huffington Post)

Cure for racial dishonesty (Walter E. Williams, Town Hall)

Damon Davis' hands reach from Ferguson to Ladue with hope for racial justice (Robert Duffy, St. Louis Public Radio)

The Devil finds work: A killing in Mississippi (Goldie Taylor, Blue Nation Review)

Disappearing Indians, part II: The hypocrisy of race in deciding who's enrolled (Steve Russell, Indian Country Today Media Network)

Experts: Sandra Bland's toxicology report raises possibility she used marijuana in jail (Associated Press, Fox News)

Experts say Sandra Bland's toxicology report raises questions (Catherine Saint Louis, The New York Times)

Ferguson mayor on protests: "I wasn't there" (Lori Jane Gliha, Sameen Amin, Al Jazeera America)

Former Baltimore police commissioner Anthony Batts lied about meeting with Freddie Gray's family: report (Jason Silverstein, New York Daily News)

Getting a home loan is expensive - especially for black women (Jaeah Lee, Mother Jones)

Hank Johnson: "It's open season on all Americans" (Video, Daniel Malloy, Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Hillary and the Dems have a #blacklivesmatter problem (Thomas Lifson, American Thinker)

How Atticus Finch represents American aristocracy (Peter Lawler, The Federalist)

It's not a "white thing": the mythology of suicide in black American lives (Steven W Thrasher, The Guardian)

Jeb Bush speaks of firsthand knowledge on discrimination (Alan Rappeport)

Life after Michael Brown and Freddie Gray (Al Jazeera America)

Longing for a watchman (Rachel Marie Stone, Christianity Today)

Manning: Sarah Lee Circle Bear died while in police custody; family seeks justice (Sarah Sunshine Manning, Indian Country Today Media Network)

March, civil disobedience planned in Ferguson (Jacob Kim, St. Louis Business Journal)

Markos Moulitsas: Sanders struggles on race (Markos Moulitsas, The Hill)

More Sandra Bland jail footage released by Texas authorities (Video, Tom Dart, The Guardian)

Mother of 8 dies in Mount Vernon holding cell (Jane Lerner, Matt Coyne, Matt Spillane, The Journal News, White Plains, New York)

The mythical virtues of non-violent resistance (Ted Scheinman, Pacific Standard)

The nation will celebrate 147 years since blacks earned full citizenship under the law, but does it mean anything today? (Chérmelle D. Edwards, Atlanta Black Star)

Officials in Texas, alleging death threats, release new Sandra Bland jail video (Video, Michael Muskal, Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Los Angeles Times)

Op-ed: Bridging the gap between gay pride and black lives (Femi Redwood, The Advocate)

Protestantism has a race problem (Sarah Kaufman, Vocativ)

Racial injustice still rife in health care (Video, Vijay Das, Adam Gaffney, CNN)

Sandra Bland: A black woman's life finally matters (Jamilah Lemieux, Gawker)

Sandra Bland and the transgression of empowered black womanhood (Rev. Dominique C. Atchison, The Huffington Post)

Sandra Bland memorial defaced with "All Lives Matter" graffiti (Sophia Tesfaye, Salon)

Sheriff where Sandra Bland died says there's no racism in his county (Amanda Terkel, The Huffington Post)

The Soapbox: Spreading unsubstantiated theories about Sandra Bland's death won't bring her justice (Tiffanie Drayton, The Frisky)

Solomon Jones: Sandra Bland shows black women also need to worry (Solomon Jones, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Suicide of black woman, 18, in Alabama police custody is another preventable tragedy (Michael Sainato, New York Observer)

This app could help combat racial profiling during traffic stops (Taryn Finley, The Huffington Post)

Two dead in Houston Police custody in just eight days - two weeks after Sandra Bland jail suicide sparked controversy (James Quinn, Daily Mail, UK)

U.S. mayors say Ferguson could happen to us (Ben Wofford, Politico)

Video of Sandra Bland at Texas jail is released (Video, Dana Ford, CNN)

Waller County, Texas, releases Sandra Bland booking video (Radioindslag, Martin Kaste, All Things Considered, NPR)

Watch: Ga. child's birthday turns tense as men with Confederate flags threaten to kill "N--gers" (Video, Stephen A. Crockett Jr., The Root)

Watts riots, 50 years later: What has L.A. learned, and done? (Leder, Los Angeles Times)

We blame minority groups for individual crimes. Why do white conservatives get a pass? (Sally Kohn, The Washington Post)

What we can learn from Sandra Bland's tragic end (Margaret Burnham, WBUR, Boston, Massachusetts)

White people: A bad racial group? (Lauren Southern, Spiked)

Why it's dangerous to say Sandra Bland didn't look like someone who would commit suicide (Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

Why polls on race relations ignore the existence of institutional racism (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

Why the "Black Church" doesn't exist - and never has (Lawrence Ware, CounterPunch)

Young Maryland filmmakers fight racial stereotypes (Video, Faiza Elmasry, Voice of America)


6 things white feminists can do in response to Sandra Bland and police brutality against women of color (Alex Berg, The Huffington Post)

17 outrageous structural realities black girls and women face in America today (Jamilah King, Mic)

All talk: Fewer black reporters now than in 1968 - 4.78% (Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner)

American racism in the "white frame" (George Yancy, Joe Feagin, The New York Times)

Another outrage in Sandra Bland injustice: She could't find $500 bail (Sharon Grigsby, The Dallas Morning News)

Antiracism, our flawed new religion (John McWhorter, The Daily Beast)

Are black women invisible? (Radioindslag, WDET, Detroit, Michigan)

Are we born racist? Bias expert answers timely questions (Berkeley News, UC-Berkeley)

At a vigil for Kindra Chapman, questions remain about her death (Ashley Cleek, Al Jazeera America)

Bernie Sanders, other candidates need to get louder on civil rights (Renée Graham, The Boston Globe)

BuzzFeed helped spread far-fetched conspiracy theories about Sandra Bland's death (Jesse Singal, New York Magazine)

Can a public defender really handle 700 cases a year? (Gabrielle Canon, Mother Jones)

Chicago community outraged after cops tow car from crime scene with dead bodies inside (Breanna Edwards, The Root)

Cincinnati promises reform after Samuel Dubose's death but a family demands justice and answers (Ryan Felton, The Guardian)

Community joins together to clean up Ferguson (Video, Laura Shay, KMOV, St. Louis)

Confederate flag battle in Panhandle pits North against South (Steve Bousquet, Tampa Bay Times, Florida)

Confederate soldier statue in Montgomery spray-painted with "black lives matter" (Perry Stein, The Washington Post)

Death of Paul Castaway highlights Denver's overlooked police brutality problem (Kit O'Connell, MintPress News)

De-policing and reality for police professionals (William L. Harvey, officer.com)

DJ Henry was a black man killed by police. Should he be a cause? (Lisa Belkin, Yahoo)

Doyel: His Confederate flag was flying, so I had to ask him: Why? (Gregg Doyel, The Indianapolis Star)

Economic progressives v. racial justice progressives? (Vinnie Rotondaro, National Catholic Reporter)

Emmett Till's legacy will be revisited with three projects in development (Donte Slocum, Atlanta Black Star)

Essay: Cultural extermination and the erasure of blackness (Danielle Moodie-Mills, NBC News)

Evidence doesn't seem to matter to #BlackLivesMatter conspiracy theorists (Ian Tuttle, National Review)

Family of Sandra Bland seeks answers with multiple inquiries into case underway (Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

Family of woman found dead in jail outside of Cleveland asks for answers (Daniel McGraw, The Guardian)

From "I Am a Man" to "Black Lives Matter" (Meghan Walsh, Ozy)

"Fox & Friends": Maybe trooper in Sandra Bland stop feared cigarette assault? (Erik Wemple, The Washington Post)

Healing the inequality and race problem split (Erik Sherman, Forbes)

Here's everything we know about Ralkina Jones, another woman who died in jail (John Walker, Fusion)

Here's how The New York Times keeps a baseless racial story alive (Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag)

Here's what I did when racists complained about an interracial family in my magazine (Scott Vogel, The Washington Post)

Here's what Sandra Bland's death says about our broken bail system (Shane Bauer, Mother Jones)

Hillary: A black man in a hoodie is scary for a lot of "well-meaning" white people (Carmine Sabia, BizPac Review)

The history of racism in wrestling goes deeper than you might think (Owen Duffy, The Guardian)

How being a Kenyan American and an African American has shaped Obama's presidency (Theodore R. Johnson III, The Root)

How racially diverse are U.S. religious groups? (Pew Research Center)

How slavery's legacy affects the mental health of black Americans (Alma Carten, New Republic)

How to eliminate prejudice from America's offices and courts (Millie Dent, The Week)

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In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me. (Alex Horton, The Washington Post)

In second White House bid, Clinton embraces race as a top issue, denounces "systemic racism" (Bill Barrow (Associated Press), Minneapolis Star Tribune)

In Texas jails, hanging most common suicide method (Terri Langford, Mallory Busch, Annie Daniel, The Texas Tribune)

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Freddie Gray death: blackface fundraiser planned for indicted police officers (Associated Press, The Guardian)

"Go Set a Watchman" shatters the myths of the white South (Clay Risen, The New York Times)

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Hillary Clinton: US must "face hard truths about race" in Sandra Bland case (Tom Dart, The Guardian)

Holding cell death of black Ala. teen ruled suicide, but questions remain (Ahsley Cleek, Al Jazeera America)

How a new report may hasten the end of racial preferences in admissions (Richard D. Kahlenberg, The Chronicle of Higher Education)

How NPR gets Sandra Bland reporting all wrong (Sharon Kyle, LA Progressive)

How should politicians address racial justice? (Video, MSNBC)

If you don't want your political dinner to honor a slaveowner, avoid these 10 names, too (Amber Phillips, The Washington Post)

In her response to Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift has just proven that she's white feminism's off-beat, Bami-legged Patronus (Yomi Adegoke, The Independent, UK)

In one Tweet, Bernie Sanders says what we're all thinking about Sandra Bland's death (Natasha Noman, Mic)

In video of Texas arrest, a test of wills is on full display (Ty Burr, The Boston Globe)

Jail defends procedures amid scrutiny of Sandra Bland's death (Kim Bellware, The Huffington Post)

Jesse Williams addresses Sandra Bland death over the course of 24 tweets (Ariana Bacle, Entertainment Weekly)

Kim Kardashian fuels conspiracy theories in controversial Sandra Bland case - here's what is actually known (Jason Howerton, The Blaze)

Los Angeles police officer gets jail time for assaulting woman who died (Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian)

Miami Beach officer will not be charged over Taser death of teenage graffiti artist (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Momma can't save you (Jolie A. Doggett, The Huffington Post)

The most confusing questions to come out of the Sandra Bland case (Breanna Edwards, The Root)

Nicki Minaj, Ava DuVernay react to footage of Sandra Bland's arrest: "It's the most disturbing thing" (The Hollywood Reporter)

Opinion: America is in denial about race relations (Spencer Kimball, Deutsche Welle)

Perry: Sandra Bland death "needs to be investigated with great transparency" (Ilan Ben-Meir, BuzzFeed)

Philly420: Why is marijuana used against victims like Sandra Bland? (Chris Goldstein, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Poll finds most in U.S. hold dim view of race relations (Kevin Sack, Megan Thee-Brenan, The New York Times)

Pollution isn't colorblind: environmental hazards kill more black Americans (Keith Ellison, Van Jones, The Guardian)

Presidential candidate Martin O'Malley is taking the lead on U.S. Latino issues (Raquel Reichard, Latina)

Prosecutor on Sandra Bland autopsy: No evidence "to indicate that this is a homicide" (Elahe Izadi, Sarah Larimer, The Washington Post)

Q&A: A look at the death of Sandra Bland in Texas jail (Associated Press, ABC News)

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Sandra Bland death: New details only make case murkier (Video, Ed Payne, Dana Ford, CNN)

Sandra Bland informed jail officers about earlier suicide attempt (Tom Dart, The Guardian)

Sandra Bland's controversial police encounter and death led ABC, CBS, NBC Evening News shows (Richard Prince, The Root)

Sandra Bland's death deemed a suicide, according to autopsy (Meghan Keneally, ABC News)

Sandra Bland's death draws attention to jail suicides (Nomaan Merchant (Associated Press), Time)

Sandra Bland's death ruled suicide by hanging (Greg Botelho, Dana Ford, CNN)

Sandra Bland's jail-booking screening form (Dokumenter, The New York Times)

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18-year-old Ala. inmate hanged herself in jail, authorities say (Breanna Edwards, The Root)

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Woman from Chicago area found dead in Texas jail cell (Video, Geoff Ziezulewich, William Bird, Chicago Tribune)


Anti-poverty initiative to tackle race, trauma (David Riley, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, New York)

Attorneys: Mississippi cop Kevin Herrington said "I'm gonna get that n****r" before fatal chokehold (Sebastian Murdock, The Huffington Post)

The biggest gathering of progressives will be more about Latinos and immigration than ever before (Adrian Carrasquillo, BuzzFeed)

Black child poverty rate holds steady, even as other groups see declines (Eileen Patten, Jens Manuel Krogstad, Pew Research Center)

Black children are nearly four times as likely as white children to live in poverty, report says (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Black children in U.S. are much more likely to live in poverty, study finds (Sabrina Tavernise, The New York Times)

Calvin A. Ramsey on how black travel has changed since Jim Crow (Michael T. Luongo, The New York Times)

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Jailers in chief? (O.R., The Economist)

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"Money is not justice": Eric Garner's family calls for criminal charges - video (Video, Reuters, The Guardian)

The mythical connection between immigrants and crime (Jason L. Riley, The Wall Street Journal)

NAACP to march from Selma to Washington, D.C. (Jamal Eric Watson, Diverse Issues in Higher Education)

NAACP wants Confederate carving removed from Georgia's Stone Mountain (David Ng, Los Angeles Times)

A new chapter in the fight for fair housing (Andre Shashaty, The Huffington Post)

New York woman who filmed Eric Garner death sues NYPD for false arrest (Jessica Glenza, The Guardian)

North Carolina voting rights trial to be closely watched (Will Field, Constitution Daily)

Now America's national parks are racist (Eric Owens, The Daily Caller)

Obama calls for effort to fix a "broken system" of criminal justice (Peter Baker, The New York Times)

Obama: Criminal justice system "skewed by race and by wealth" (Ryan J. Reilly, The Huffington Post)

Obama lays out plan to overhaul criminal "injustice system" (Rebecca Nelson, National Journal)

Obama makes a case for changes to the criminal justice system (Christi Parsons, Los Angeles Times)

Obama's prison reform pitch to highlight soaring costs of incarceration (Video, Alan Yuhhas, The Guardian)

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Of course Atticus Finch was a racist - and that's okay (David Marcus, The Federalist)

Parenting in the black community: Why raising children is different for us (Tamiya King, Atlanta Black Star)

"Pigs really can fly": How the Confederate flag finally came down (Gerald Webster, The Conversation)

Police and the public - part 1: Traffic study transforms Michigan department (Video, Maria Catanzarite, WNDU, South Bend, Indiana)

President calls for racial justice and prison reform (Video, Peniel E. Joseph, The Root)

President Obama pushes for reduced prison sentences (Sarah Wheaton, Politico)

Republicans are acting like Democrats. Democrats are acting like Republicans. (Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight)

Republicans wake up to the legacy of racism (Francis Wilkinson (Bloomberg), Chicago Tribune)

Review: The surprisingly current lessons of "Go Set a Watchman" (Michele Richinick, Newsweek)

R.I. Gov. Raimondo signs legislation to curb racial profiling (Katherine Gregg, Providence Journal, Rhode Island)

The South doesn't need to be lectured on race by Democrats (Ron Hart, The Orange County Register)

St. Louis police officer injured in Central West End "ambush," search on for shooter (Video, Kim Bell, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Ta-Nehisi Coates is this generation's James Baldwin (Anupa Mistry, National Post, Canada)

Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Confederate flag "represents the lie" at the core of American history (Scott Eric Kaufman, Salon)

There may be more black than white children in poverty now (Hamilton Nolan, Gawker)

These scholars have been pointing out Atticus Finch's racism for years (Laura Marsh, New Republic)

This fresh fight for voting rights in North Carolina could change America (Rebecca McCray, TakePart)

Tom Petty on past Confederate flag use: "It was downright stupid" (Andy Greene, Rolling Stone)

Trayvon Martin and the irony of American justice (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

Using a new method to examine racial segregation in the United States (Stefanie Knoll, Journalist's Resource)

Was Atticus Finch a justice-loving racist all along? (Charles Hurt, The Washington Times)

When the "heritage" in "heritage not hate" is more Skynyrd than Stonewall Jackson (Gene Demby, NPR)

White House report suggests large gains for investing in men of color (John Fritze, The Baltimore Sun)

Why I see nothing wrong with a flawed Atticus Finch (Billy Coffey, Fox News)

Why Ta-Nehisi Coates's "Between the World and Me" is not the masterpiece we hoped for (Ryan Holiday, New York Observer)

Why North Carolina is the new Selma (Ari Berman, The Nation)

Why Northerners should support Confederate monuments (Alfred L. Brophy, The Washington Post)

Will we finally address the racial divide? (Bill Webb, Word & Way)


12-year-olds pinpoint exactly what's wrong with how America sees race (Video, Taryn Finley, The Huffington Post)

#NoFlaggingChallenge dares people to tear down others' Confederate flags (Lisa Suhay, The Christian Science Monitor)

AG Lynch: DOJ is working towards racial reconciliation (Patrice Harris, Talk Radio News)

Americans flew the Confederate flag in foreign wars (Greg Grandin, War Is Boring, Medium)

An art exhibit revictimizes Michael Brown (Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

"Backlash is beginning": Miles-long convoy of Confederate flag supporters rally in Florida (Reuters, Raw Story)

Bernie Sanders finally weighs in on Trump's Mexican "rapists" comments (Video, Matt Wilstein, Mediaite)

Black cops vanishing in Philadelphia (Mensah M. Dean, philly.com, Philadelphia)

A bias more than skin deep (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

By removing the Confederate battle flag, we hide the ugly truth (Richard Cohen, The Washington Post)

Carly Fiorina and the case for Chinese lack of creativity (Thorsten J. Pattberg, Asia Times)

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Confederate flag rally draws thousands, sparks gunfire in Florida (CBS News)

A conversation with Ta-Nehisi Coates (Isaac Chotiner, Slate)

Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb just used his "black friend" to diminish Confederate flag debate (Christina Coleman, NewsOne)

The Democrats' dilemma, destroying a remarkable black man (Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker)

The destruction of a black suburb (Alana Semuels, The Atlantic)

Ending mass incarceration one murdering illegal alien at a time (Matthew Vadum, FrontPage Mag)

Eric Garner case is settled by New York City for $5.9 million (J. David Goodman, The New York Times)

Ex-cocaine user Obama just pardoned a bunch of coke dealers (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

Ex-Oklahoma reserve deputy to stand trial for "stun gun error" killing (Associated, The Guardian)

Ferguson's burned-out QuikTrip resurrected as job center (Mariah Stewart, The Huffington Post)

Former head of Chicago Urban League charges Dems with racial insensitivity (Thomas Lifson, American Thinker)

"F*@% the Confederate flag...Give me a job!" (Ryan Mack, The Huffington Post)

Hate crime charges possible in Delaware Confederate flag theft? (Larry Mendte, Philadelphia Magazine)

I am black, and black lives matter (The Rev. Jacqueline J. Lewis, Ph.D., The Huffington Post)

"I don't think you're a Latino": More racial tension on CNN (T. Becket Adams, Washington Examiner)

If the GOP had settled the immigration issue, they wouldn't have a Donald Trump problem (Michael Brendan Dougherty, The Week)

Immigration becoming key GOP issue (James Pindell, The Boston Globe)

In Birmingham, a debate over Confederate monuments (Radioindslag, Rachel Lindley, All Things Considered, NPR)

Juan Williams: A first step against gerrymandering (Juan Williams, The Hill)

Katie Pavlich: Barack Obama's sanctuary country for criminal aliens (Katie Pavlich, The Hill)

Ku Klux Klan boasts rising numbers as racial tensions soar (The Week UK)

Kylie Jenner's cornrows and the racial politics of hair (Lauren Cochrane, The Guardian)

Lawmakers, activists at NAACP convention push to stop police misconduct (Melanie Eversley, USA Today)

Los Angeles mayor meets with Black Lives Matter activists over shooting (Phoneix Tso, The Huffington Post)

Lost in the immigration frenzy (Leder, The New York Times)

The mainstream response to Donald Trump affirms Latino political power (Mary Jordan, The Washington Post)

The many images of Jefferson Davis (Peter Manseau, The New York Times)

Mississippi divided: Battle over Confederate flag shifts to Magnolia State (+video) (Jessica Mendoza, The Christian Science Monitor)

Misty Copeland's tough balancing act (Andrea Peyser, New York Post)

National NAACP leaders join call for federal review of North Charleston police practices (Andrew Knapp, Charleston Post and Courier)

N.C. trial outcome could sway national voting rights measures (Radioindslag, Michael Tomisc, Morning Edition, NPR)

A new way to de-segregate housing in America (Radioindslag, Jane Clayson, On Point, WBUR, Boston)

Obama commutes sentences for 46 drug offenders (Video, Julie Hirschfeld Davis, The New York Times)

Obama commutes sentences of 46 nonviolent drug offenders (Video, Sari Horwitz, Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post)

Obama just commuted the sentences of 46 non-violent drug offenders (Lauren Galik, Reason)

Obama's endgame (Eileen F. Toplansky, American Thinker)

Petition calls for removing Confederate leader's name from DC-area road (Keith Laing, The Hill)

Public transit helps perpetuate inequality (Robin Washington, The Boston Globe)

Removal of Confederate flag proves we have power to change (Dahleen Glanton, Chicago Tribune)

Sanders: Trump won't be successful "dividing us" on race (Jesse Byrnes, The Hill)

Seven steps forward from the Charleston shooting (Barbara Arnwine, Howard University The District Chronicles)

Sides dispute basis of North Carolina voting laws as trial contesting them opens (Erik Eckholm, The New York Times)

Singer Miguel explores race, finds new voice on 3rd album (Mesfin Fekadu, Associated Press)

Slavery's shadow, still visible in U.S. schools (Heather O'Connell, Houston Chronicle)

Study: Low-income minorities get worst teachers in Washington state (The Hetchinger Report, U.S. News & World Report)

Sure, whites are privileged - but not me personally! (Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard)

Ta-Nehisi Coates on police brutality, the Confederate flag and forgiveness (Radioindslag, Fresh Air, NPR)

"There's an awakening in our country": A Q&A with Jimmy Carter (John Meroney, The Atlantic)

This is what happened when race came up at Miss USA (Tom McKay, Mic)

Trial begins for "the worst voter suppression law we've seen since the 1960s" (Alice Ollstein, Think Progress)

Trump, the Confederate flag, and how Fox News created the GOP's summer of discontent (Eric Boehlert, Media Matters)

Video: Dangerous new challenge - ripping down Confederate flags sure to get people shot (Tom Tillison, BizPac Review)

Voting rights trial in North Carolna begins: "This is our Selma" (Michael Muskal, Los Angeles Times)

Watching the watchers: Oakland seeks control of law enforcement surveillance (Halima Kazem, The Guardian)

Watch the most pathetic (or most hilarious) response to the Confederate flag's removal (Video, Jarvis DeBerry, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans)

What is so offensive? (Carl C. Curtis, The Christian Review)

When we attack Serena Williams' body, it's really about her blackness (Zeba Blay, The Huffington Post)

Where does the buck stop on Kathryn Steinle's death? (Susan Crabtree, Washington Examiner)

While many are occupied with Confederate flag battle, NC civil rights activists still fighting for civil rights (Manny Otiko, Atlanta Black Star)

Why Clinton and Bush are battling over immigration (Video, Eric Bradner, CNN)

Why Republican voters love Donald Trump (W. James Antle III, The Week)

Young people encouraged to undergo "seven-day racial bias cleanse" (David Hookstead, The College Fix)

Your stories of racism (Læserbreve, The Atlantic)


34 percent of US Latinos identify as more than one race. Study (Nicole Akoukou Thompson, Latin Post)

Amid rebel flag controversy, Tenn. to honor KKK leader (CBS News)

Another symbol you see every day also has racial past (Kaitlyn Schallhorn, The Blaze)

The battle to keep the vote: State by state (Frank Askin, Newsweek)

Black-white disparities persist in Iowa (Kyle Munson, Des Moines Register, Iowa)

Boehner blames Obama for immigration inaction (Mike Lillis, The Hill)

Carly Fiorina: Donald Trumps's stance is "common sense" (Chad Merda, Sun Times National)

Chuck Todd uses Charleston murders to press Gov. Haley on voter ID (Video, Jeffrey Meyer, Newsbusters)

Confederate flag down but what happens now (Jesse J. Holland, Associated Press)

Confederate names have no place on California schools (George Skelton, Los Angeles Times)

Dear White People review - a gently funny take on campus racism in the US (Filmanmeldelse, Mark Kermode, The Guardian)

A death that changed all, Eric Garner one year later (Leder, New York Daily News)

The Democrats' demographic edge (Charlie Cook, The Atlantic)

Donald Trump: It's "okay" to call undocumented immigrants "rapists" (Marina Fang, The Huffington Post)

Donald Trump's immigration stance divides, inflames and inspires (Kurtis Lee, Los Angeles Times)

Escaping whiteness (Jennifer Delton, The Huffington Post)

Face reality of battle flag to heal divisions: #tellusatoday (Læserbrev, m.m., USA Today)

"Go Set a Watchman": Has Atticus Finch become a fallen hero? (+video) (Gretel Kauffman, The Christian Science Monitor)

Gunshots heard after protesters rally in Ocala over the Confederate flag (Video, WESH 2 News, Orlando, Florida)

The hard truths of Ta-Nehisi Coates (Benjamin Wallace-Wells, New York Magazine)

Hate crime is terrorism like ISIL's (Harry Themal, The News Journal, Delaware)

Hispanic evangelicals form new front in the battle against the death penalty (Allan Turner, Houston Chronicle)

Housing rules are new battlefield for Obama (Tim Devaney, The Hill)

How "The Cosby Show" duped America: The sitcom that enabled our ugliest Reagan-era fantasies (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

The immigration debate has been wrong from the beginning (Taylor Millard, Hot Air)

Inside the Ku Klux Klan: How racially divided U.S. is boosting numbers (Nicole Morley, Metro, UK)

Jim Crow: Rape, trauma, and segregation stress syndrome (Jasmine Nelson, Atlanta Black Star)

Jim Webb stands up for "Southern white cultures" (Arthur Delaney, The Huffington Post)

Liberals should be careful what they wish for (John Hinderaker, PowerLine)

Man dies in police custody after being pepper-sprayed in Alabama (Oliver Laughland, The Guardian)

Meet the black woman raised to believe she was white (Jane Mulkerrins, The Telegraph, UK)

Mendelsohn: Racism alive and well in SC health-care system (Andrea Mendelsohn, The State, Columbia, South Carolina)

Mosby to NAACP: Black incarceration rate is disenfranchising our communities (Kerry Picket, The Daily Caller)

NAACP leader goes on racial rant: They take our money, talent, dignity (Kerry Picket, The Daily Caller)

NAACP votes to end its 15-year economic boycott of South Carolina (CBS News)

New Orleans mayor lays out broad plan to rid city of Confederate relics (Mark Guarino, The Guardian)

On "Meet the Press," Haley steers focus away from personal political aspirations (Erin Gillespie, The Charleston Post and Courier)

Past an invisible fence: Gauging Obama's new housing rule (Halimah Abdullah, Candace King, NBC News)

Police, activists seek peaceful protest in Charlotte's police shooting trial (Ann Doss Helms, The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina)

Rallies held in support of Confederate flag (Ryan Teague Beckwith, Time)

Reflections on the flag and lessons from "Mr. Redcap" (Ron Brinson, The Charleston Post and Courier)

Republicans still weighing in on Donald Trump's immigrant stance (Elizabeth Williamson, The Wall Street Journal)

Robert E. Lee memorial defaced in Dallas (Peter Holley, The Washington Post)

Stars and Bars and stripes: Are you ready for this conversation on race? (Cynthia McKinney, San Francisco Bay View)

Symbols of the Confederacy: A Southerner's revelatory moments (B.J. Bernstein, The Huffington Post)

"This is our Selma": Prayers, marches, teach-ins planned as NC voting restrictions go on trial (The Institute for Southern Studies)

The true story of the South Carolina Confederate flag debate (Joy-Ann Reid, MSNBC)

Voting rights act still needed in this country (Leder, Mason City Globe Gazette, Iowa)

Watershed moment on race? And: Is Trump a farce or face of GOP base? (Mark Green, The Huffington Post)

What does it really mean to be transracial? (The Grio)

What the Confederate flag really really means (Arthur Lewin, ThyBlackMan.com)

Why the Obama administration's new fair housing rules are a big deal for racial equality (Jenée Desmond-Harris, Vox)

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Flashback: SPLC founder says Confederate flag is "part of my heritage" [VIDEO] (Video, Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller)

Furling that banner: The rise and fall of the Confederate flag in South Carolina, 1961-2000 (Charles Joyner, The State, South Carolina)

Gallup poll: 67% of GOP, 27% of Democrats say it's OK for Southern states to fly Confederate flag (Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times)

GOP leaders yank bill after Confederate flag fracas (Jake Sherman, Darren Goode, Politico)

GOP scrambles to address racial issues amid Trump, flag debates (Perry Bacon Jr., NBC News)

Gov. Haley: The Confederate flag will come down with dignity (Video, The Washington Post)

Graham: "Flag had to come down. And thank God that it has" (Video, Eugene Scott, CNN)

Grand Jury finds Smyrna officer justified in Nicholas Thomas shooting (Mandi Milligan, CBS46, Atlanta, Georgia)

Heritage? OK, which heritage do you choose? (Jay Bookman, The Atlanta Constitution-Journal)

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S.C. Republican Jenny Horne gives tearful, moving speech in flag debate (Video, NBC News)

Serena Williams' grace helps us escape the banality of racism ... for a while (William C Anderson, The Guardian)

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South Carolina rushed to erase heritage: Opposing view (Mike Burns, USA Today)

South Carolina votes to remove the Confederate flag, but racism remains (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

Southern lawmakers have mixed, raw views of Confederate symbols in U.S. Capitol (Elise Viebeck, The Washington Post

The South's heritage is so much more than a flag (Patterson Hood, The New York Times)

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Time for a second Reconstruction (Michael Holzman, Dropout Nation)

"The true people of South Carolina" deface Nikki Haley's Facebook wall with racist rants after Confederate flag decision (Scott Eric Kaufman, Salon)

Truth brings down Confederate flag (Video, Mel Robbins, CNN)

Tyree Carroll beating video sparks internal investigation by Philadelphia police (Video, Andres Jauregui, The Huffington Post)

Watch: A black congressman's moving rebuttal of the Confederate flag (Video, German Lopez, Vox)

Watch New York Times op-doc, "A conversation with white people on race" (Video, Tambay A. Obenson, Shadow and Act)

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What to do with the many symbols of slavery (Leder, San Diego Union-Tribune)

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While fighting the Confederate flag, let's not forget about guns (Randy Malamud, The Huffington Post)

White House blasts GOP on race (Jordan Fabian, The Hill)

White House blasts Republicans for racial insensitivity (Rebecca Nelson, National Journal)

Why a vitriolic Jim Crow advocate is still memorialized on S.C. statehouse grounds (Sarah Larimer, The Washington Post)

"Why? with Hannibal Buress" comments on racial tension using "I don't answer questions" & hits the nail on the head (Keertana Sastry, Bustle)


¡Viva California! Latinos now outnumber whites (William Bigelow, Breitbart)

Alabama man walking Confederate flag to Washington: "America has lost its way" (Mike Cason, al.com, Alabama)

Another injustice in the criminal justice system (Kate Wheeling, Pacific Standard)

Asian American race-based complaint against Harvard dismissed (Chris Fuchs, NBC News)

Baltimore mayor criticizes police union, fires Commissioner who was criticized by police union (Ben Mathis-Lilley, Slate)

Baltimore police chief fired amid crime spike: "Families are tired of feeling this pain" (Oliver Laughland, Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

California bill would ban naming state, local sites for Confederate leaders (Ruben Vives, Los Angeles Times)

The comedy censors' inane assault on Amy Schumer (Robert George, New York Post)

Confederate flag debate drives South Carolina Republicans to struggle, pray, take long walks (Dana Liebelson, The Huffington Post)

Despite population milestone, Latinos still lag in California politics (Michael Finnegan, Los Angeles Times)

Does it matter that 95 percent of elected prosecutors are white? (Amita Kelly, NPR)

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Editorial: Fighting for housing fairness (Leder, Tampa Bay Times, Florida)

Firing Anthony Batts (Leder, The Baltimore Sun)

Flag always demeaning to black South Carolinians (Issac Bailey, The Times and Democrat, South Carolina)

Gallows humor in the age of #BlackLivesMatter: "Key & Peele" returns and "Why? with Hannibal Buress" premieres, not a moment too soon (Sonia Saraiya, Salon)

Getting too wrapped up in symbolic gestures diverts attention from more searing issues plaguing many black communities (Elwood D. Watson, The Huffington Post)

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Iowa judge declines to dismiss jury pool due to lack of racial diversity (Associated Press, Daily Reporter, Indiana)

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It's time to rise up against voter suppression by Republicans (Bob Geary, IndyWeek, North Carolina)

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Misty Copeland aside, why are the arts still so white? (Alexia Fernández Campbell, National Journal)

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NRA says "race-baiting" "mainstream media" puts on a "modern-day minstrel show" (Timothy Johnson, Media Matters for America)

NYPD officers accused of beating teen with autism assumed he "was up to no good": Lawyer (Andres Jauregui, The Huffington Post)

Obama administration to unveil major new rules targeting segregation across U.S. (Emily Badger, The Washington Post)

Obama is cracking down on one of the worst forms of modern-day segregation (Zeeshan Aleem, Mic)

Obama orders cities and towns to racially integrate (Rachel Stoltzfoos, The Daily Caller)

Obama puts "fair housing" on agenda: Why segregation still matters (Mark Trumbull, The Christian Science Monitor)

Obama unveils stricter rules against segregation in housing (Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Binyamin Appelbaum, The New York Times)

One lawmaker pushes 25 amendments to South Carolina Confederate flag bill (Jenny Jarvie, Los Angeles Times)

Oratory on Confederate flag in South Carolina legislature shows deep divisions (Richard Fausset, Alan Blinder, The New York Times)

Our Neo-Confederacy (Salim Muwakkil, In These Times)

Overnight regulation: New rules target housing segregation (Tim Devaney, Lydia Wheeler, The Hill)

Paula Deen's last lesson: What her family's brownface disgrace reveals about racism in America (Brittney Cooper, Salon)

Police misconduct and more killings go largely ignored (Charles D. Ellison, The Root)

Preservation group wants lynching murals kept uncovered (Associated Press, NBC Montana)

Race and beyond: Examining white privilege (Sam Fulwood III, Center for American Progress)

Racial discrimination and health effects: Current research and new areas of study (Farah Qureshi, Journalist's Resource)

Report says Baltimore police were ordered to allow looting and "chaos" (Oliver Laughland, The Guardian)

The Republican Party is still trying to decide if minorities matter (Brian Beutler, New Republic)

S.C. legislators getting death threats over Confederate flag debate (Video, M. Alex Johnson, NBC News)

Segregation persists in Memphis-area neighborhoods, experts say, but solutions are elusive (Tom Charlier, The Commercial Appeal)

The soapbox: On Pennsatucky & poor, white, rural representation on "Orange Is the New Black" (Chloe Stillwell, The Frisky)

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South Carolina shooting must be labeled domestic terrorism (Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.), The Hill)

Supporting affirmative action as Asian Americans: Opinion (Ivy Z. Yan, Bernadette N. Lim, Asia Times)

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Texas textbooks and teaching the Civil War and America's history of racial segregation (Radioprogram, The Diane Rehm Show, NPR)

This is what a racist lynch mob looks like in the Obama era (Daniel Greenfield, Front Page Mag)

Understanding racism as a system (Jonathon Cotto, University Times, California State University, Los Angeles)

U.S. House moves to ban Confederate flag in federal cemeteries (Associated Press, Los Angeles Times)

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After the Confederate flags come down, everything named after Nathan Bedford Forrest should be next (Peter Cole, In These Times)

Asian immigrants on TV are starting to get some respect (E. Alex Jung, Vulture)

Bill Cosby: Race, gender and serial rape denial (Rev. Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, The Huffington Post)

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Black unemployment rate drops to lowest level since 2008 Great Recession! (James Davis, ThyBlackMan.com)

Carly Fiorina condemns Donald Trump for comments on Mexicans (Sam Frizell, Time)

Chance The Rapper says President Obama "achieved a lot" in regards to racial tension (Richy Rosario, Vibe)

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Christie, Paul and Perry court the black vote (Jason L. Riley, The Wall Street Journal)

Confederate flag opponents turn eyes to South Carolina House (Alan Blinder, The New York Times)

A Confederate general's name is under fire in Long Beach (Hal Eisner, KTTV, Fox 11 Los Angeles)

Creating a future for black men and boys in America (Haki Madhubuti, Mic)

Defense: Partisan politics, not race, drove redistricting (Matthew Barakat (Associated Press), The Washington Post)

The defiant one: Why you should know civil rights icon Gloria Richardson (Phillip Jackson, The Root)

Donald Trump causing Marco Rubio problems over immigration (Alex Leary, Tampa Bay Times, Florida)

Donald Trump isn't polling well despite racist comments. He's polling well because of them. (John Paul Brammer, Blue Nation Review)

Dylann Roof indicted on three attempted murder charges (Sarah Caspari, The Christian Science Monitor)

Dylann Roof, suspect in Charleston shooting, formally indicted on murder charges (Joshua Barajas, PBS Newshour)

Family of 17-year-old killed by police at station is "not going to stop fighting" (Tom Dart, The Guardian)

Florida has zero elected black prosecutors: Nationwide, 95 percent are white (Tim Elfrink, Miami New Times)

Gay marriage wasn't the only win: A tool to fight racism also got a Supreme Court boost (A. Gordon, The Root)

General convention: Speaking up, in big and small ways, about race (Pat McCaughan, Episcopal News Service)

A Georgia county where the rebel flag is still revered (Richard Fausset, The New York Times)

Haralson County, where "the Rebel flag is still revered" (Adam Carlson, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Housing program expansion would encourage more low-income families to move up (Binyamin Appelbaum, The New York Times)

How black churches are helping their communities get access to healthy food (Antonia Blumberg, The Huffington Post)

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More than 100 years ago, a white pastor tried to pass as black (Carol Kuruvilla, The Huffington Post)

Mother of woman killed on San Francisco pier says Trump using death "for his political platform" (Fox News Latino)

Muslim non-profits are raising money to rebuild black churches because "all houses of worship are sanctuaries" (Maria Sanchez Diez, Quartz)

National Cathedral & Confederate windows (Mark Tooley, First Things)

Nikki Haley, racial tensions and change (Star Parker, WND)

One of the last Tuskegee airmen, Lt. Col. Eldridge Williams, dies at 97 (Howard Cohen, Miami Herald)

O'Reilly: Obama administration complicit in murder of Kate Steinle (Video, Bill O'Reilly, Real Clear Politics)

Our impoverished debate about housing segregation (Maya Dukmasova, Slate)

Paula Deen's "brownface" flub: "It wasn't me" (Maria Puente, USA Today)

Paula Deen's racist brownface stunt isn't even accurate (Juliana Jiménez Jaramillo, Slate)

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Poll: America downplaying hate crimes and racial terrorism against black people (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

Report highlights lack of racial diversity among U.S. prosecutors (Radioindslag, All Things Considered, NPR)

Rev. Jesse Jackson in SC sings Gov. Haley's praises after meeting (Video, Jamie Self, The State, Columbia, South Carolina)

Rick Perry gets it: GOP needs black voters (Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune)

Robert Booker: Passing for another race is nothing new (Robert Booker, Knoxville News Sentinel, Tennessee)

Senator Tim Scott sees barriers coming down, after Charleston church attack (Jennifer Steinhauer, The New York Times)

Slavery was America's first racially integrated institution (Michael A. Dingwall, ThyBlackMan.com)

Sorry, everyone, America isn't that racist (Greg Jones, The Federalist)

South Carolina legislators to watch on Confederate flag bill (Chris Dixon, The New York Times)

Southern white support for the Confederate flag reflects Southern heritage, not just racial hate (L.J. Zigerell, The Washington Post)

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Want to meet America's worst racists? Come to the Northwest (Casey Michel, Politico)

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White men make up 79% of elected prosecutors in US, study says (Jamiles Lartey, The Guardian)

White supremacists set up legal defence fund after "unprecedented threat" to movement in aftermath of Charleston church shooting (Andrew Buncombe, The Independent, UK)

Whitewash: New Texas history books will downplay slavery, omit KKK and Jim Crow (Arturo Garcia, Raw Story)

Who's sending people of color to jail in America? White people, mostly (Emily Peck, The Huffington Post)

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Will the Charleston tragedy serve as an inflection point for race relations? (Christopher Parker, The Conversation)

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6 key moments from the South Carolina Senate's strikingly blunt Confederate flag debate (Amber Phillips, The Washington Post)

10 killed, 54 wounded in Fourth of July gun violence in Chicago (Peter Nickeas, Chicago Tribune)

Activists call on Kid Rock to renounce Confederate flag (Video, Robin Erb, Robert Allen, Brian McCollum, Detroit Free Press)

Americans divided over calls to remove Confederate monuments (Matthew Hilburn, Voice of America)

Appropriating black, Asian, and Islamic culture for entertainment (Hanan Mohamed, The Chicago Monitor)

Ben Carson on the Trump uproar: "It's the PC police out in force" (Video, Alex Pappas, The Daily Caller)

Bernie Sanders speaks (John Nichols, The Nation)

Black college student charged with "fleeing" police after driving to well-lit area to pull over (Nick Wing, The Huffington Post)

The Civil War is winding down (Leder, The New York Times)

The Civil War that never ends (Wesley Pruden, The Washington Times)

Clarence Thomas deserves criticism. Just leave his race out of it. (Jeet Heer, New Republic)

Collectors flock to KKK, Confederate domestic terror artifacts (Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner)

Coming next to the South Carolina statehouse grounds: The Klan (Barrett Holmes Pitner, The Daily Beast)

Confederate battle flag: Why South Carolina lawmakers may vote to keep it (Meredith Hamilton, The Christian Science Monitor)

Confederate flag heading for hurdles in SC House (The State, Columbia, South Carolina)

Confederates in the attic (William McGurn, The Wall Street Journal)

Confederate "stand by the flag" rally at Walmart got heated (Miriam Wasser, Phoenix New Times, Texas)

Confederate statue vandalized at the University of North Carolina (Susan Svrluga, The Washington Post)

A counterterrorism strategy for white shooters? (Bill Scher, Real Clear Politics)

Donald Trump just issued another insane rant about Mexico (Ben Dreyfuss, Mother Jones)

Donald Trump's immigration meltdown threatens to infect GOP (Video, Benjy Sarlin, The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC)

Don't believe her defenders. Amy Schumer's jokes are racist. (Stacey Patton, David J. Leonard, The Washington Post)

The economic case for removing Confederate symbols of our past (Stephen H. Craft, Birmingham Business Journal, Alabama)

Even as a museum piece, Confederate flag is in dispute (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, The New York Times)

Ex-president Carter makes distinction between Confederate flag, monuments (Markus Schmidt, The Roanoke Times, Virginia)

Fewer black students are taking calculus in high school (The Hechinger Report, U.S. News & World Report)

Florida Veterans Hall of Fame ceremony draws Confederate protest (Jeremy Wallace, Tampa Bay Times, Florida)

From pain and shame to grace and courage in South Carolina (Eva Clayton, The News & Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina)

Georgia Civil War Commission official: Confederate flag battle "a war to save American culture" (Greg Bluestein, Daniel Malloy, WSB Radio, Atlanta, Georgia)

How Miami fought gentrification and won (for now) (Scott Beyer, Governing)

How silence can breed prejudice: A child development professor explains how and why to talk to kids about race (Brigitte Vittrup, The Washington Post)

Iowa GOP chair "will not tolerate" having GOP "brand" associated with Confederate battle flag (O. Kay Henderson, Radio Iowa)

Let it go, Confederate flag defenders: Nobody is trying to "abolish" the history of slavery and the South (Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon)

The loose ends of racism (Heather Barmore, The Huffington Post)

Male or female, black, white, or gay: It doesn't matter who suffers most. It matters that we empathize. (Avens O'Brien, The Libertarian Republic)

NASCAR faces "Southern Thunder" as Confederate flags fly at Daytona (Lindsey Bever, Justin Wm. Moyer, The Washington Post)

National WWII Museum opens new exhibit about racism at home and at war (Janet McConnaughey (Associated Press), Star Tribune)

Never-before-seen photos bring the story of the civil rights movement to life (Fotos, Priscilla Frank, The Huffington Post)

The power of black Twitter (Stereo Williams, The Daily Beast)

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Rick Perry's surprisingly frank speech about Texas' racist past (Max Ehrenfreund, The Washington Post)

Sci-fi crime drama with a strong black lead (Heather Dewey Hagborg, The New Inquiry)

S.C. Senate votes to remove Confederate flag from State House grounds (Radioindslag, Ben Bradford, All Things Considered, NPR)

South Carolina set to debate the Confederate flag (Video, Joy-Ann Reid, MSNBC)

South Carolina's senators take step to remove the Confederate flag (Video, Alan Blinder, The New York Times)

South Carolina State Senate votes to remove the Confederate flag (Priscilla Alvarez, National Journal)

Southern heritage is both black and white, but Confederate "cornerstone" was white supremacy (Andrew Manis, al.com, Alabama)

Southern whites who know basic facts about the Civil War don't support the Confederate flag (Dara Lind, Vox)

There's no race war in America (Marc A. Thiessen, The Washington Post)

This is who our constitution doesn't protect - and what we can do to change that (Maya Rockeymoore, Mic)

This video calls for fair treatment in how media covers black protests vs. white riots (Video, Taryn Finley, The Huffington Post)

The troubling link between Ferguson and Charleston (Cara Tabachnick, The Crime Report)

Video of black race rioters brutally beating white man at July 4 gathering taken down by YouTube (Thomas Lifson, American Thinker)

Visiting our past: "Us vs. them" not good for history (Rob Neufeld, Citizen-Times, Asheville, North Carolina)

What "Magic Mike XXL" gets right about straight, white masculinity (Jackson McHenry, Mic)

What Rachel Dolezal left behind (Sarah Mimms, National Journal)

When I was white (Sarah Valentine, The Chronicle of Higher Education)

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Why Confederate monuments differ from the flag (Jill Ogline Titus, Real Clear Politics)

Why memorializing America's history of racism matters (Brentin Mock, CityLab)

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150 years later, schools are still a battlefield for interpreting Civil War (Emma Brown, The Washington Post)

Assimilation: Black America's elusive goal (Tracy, Atlanta Black Star)

Bill Kristol: "Republicans need to incorporate what is healthy about the Trump message" (Video, Trent Baker, Breitbart)

The black, gay community may be out - but it's not proud (Zach Stafford, The Guardian)

Black people are not "equal": This is how the League of the South recruits a new generation on the web (Joan Shipps, Raw Story)

Civil rights lawyer seeks to commemorate another side of Southern heritage: Lynchings (John M. Glionna, Los Angeles Times)

Completing the black timeline through DNA testing (Katrina Bell McDonald, Jordan Bell-McDonald, Al Jazeera America)

Corporate capitalism is the foundation of police brutality and the prison state (Chris Hedges, TruthDig)

Curing the South's Confederate PTSD (Samuel Smith, Scholars and Rogues)

Don't remove history's lessons (Salena Zito, Real Clear Politics)

"Don't shoot! [Video]" (Video, Chris Sunami, By Their Strange Fruit)

Dumping the Confederate flag: Natives can teach America how (Gregory Smithers, Indian Country Today Media Network)

East Texas town struggles with the past (Allan Turner, The Washington Times)

Firefighter suspended for flying Confederate flag during Minnesota parade (Ron Dicker, The Huffington Post)

Fox News can't bear the truth: Right-wing terror groups are America's gravest threat (Eric Boehlert (Media Matters), Salon)

Haley says church shooting will forever change her outlook (Seanna Adcox, Associated Press)

If Liberals really cared about black lives (Jack Kelly, Real Clear Politics)

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Knoxville black church stands strong after arson, "ultimate act of cowardice" (Max Blau, The Guardian)

Liberated by grace (E.. Dionne Jr., The Washington Post)

Long Beach school named for Robert E. Lee gives some pause after Charleston attack (Ruben Vives, Los Angeles Times)

A metro Muslim wants to change your mind (Video, Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press)

Mobile, Alabama's white flight across the bay (Mobile Tribune, Alabama)

"Modern racism lurks in the shadows of equality": Why colorblind school policies have failed black people (S.E. Smith, Salon)

NASCAR fans defend, display Confederate flags at Daytona (Mark Long, Associated Press)

North Texans rally in support of Confederate flag (Video, Jocelyn Lockwood, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth)

On city's Eastside, Confederate flag flies high and proud over soldiers graves (Radioindslag, Joey Palacios, Texas Public Radio)

OPINION: Dolezal's delusion is that race doesn't matter (Alex Berezow, Razib Khan, Daily Record, New Jersey)

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Police union fights to keep the names of officers who shoot civilians secret (Sam P.K. Collins, Think Progress)

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S.F. killing sparks national outrage, likely political fallout (Carla Marinucci, San Francisco Chronicle)

Silence around who is burning black churches speaks volumes (Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

South Carolina debates fate of Confederate battle flag (Valerie Bauerlein, The Wall Street Journal)

The Supreme Court's challenge to housing segregation (Richard Rothstein, The American Prospect)

Talib Kweli blasts white privilege & police brutality (Paul MEara, HipHop DX)

Texas officials: Schools should teach that slavery was "side issue" to Civil War (Emma Brown, The Washington Post)

To rename or not? Institutions reconsider honors for racists (Susan Haigh, Associated Press)

A tough beat for a detective: Recruiting black officers (Rachel L. Swarns, The New York Times)

Trump's fixation on rape and color (Jeff Cohen, Consortium News)

Voices: Affirmative action helps, but more is needed (Rick Jervis, USA Today)

What's next? Moving forward after the Emanuel AME Church shooting (Adam Parker, The Charleston Post and Courier)

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White Southern hate, stripped bare for all to see (Heather Cox Richardson, Salon)

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Why forgiveness from black victims isn't noble when anger is justified (Lincoln A. Blades, The Grio)

Why Southern writers still captivate, 55 years after "To Kill a Mockingbird" (Harry Bruinius, Carmen K. Sisson, The Christian Science Monitor)


Activists burn Confederate flag in Baltimore (Doug Donovan, The Baltimore Sun)

America's real founding moment: Why we get Independence Day all wrong (Elias Isquith, Salon)

Ann Coulter is white supremacists' new hero: The most nauseating revelations from "Adios, America!" (Southern Poverty Law Center, Salon)

Barack Obama is the Jackie Robinson of American politics (Mike Jones, New Pittsburgh Courier)

Black bodies, white terrorism: A global reimagining of forgiveness (Esther Armah, Gawker)

Black civil rights and LGBT rights: Why they are not the same thing (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

Bobby Jindal: The son of immigrants and new champion of the tough-on-immigrants crowd (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

Boston police to step up antibias measures (Evan Allen, The Boston Globe)

California man dies after going into cardiac arrest in police custody (Brendan O'Connor, Gawker)

California man dies of heart attack after "more than five cops sit on him", tying up his arms and legs (Justin Carissimo, The Independent)

CNN's Mike Rowe: Banning flags won't do anything on racism (Melissa Mullins, Newsbusters)

Confederate flag debate: Mississippi, the Stars and Bars and its place on the state flag (Maria Gallucci, International Business Times)

Cops need to justify "stop & frisk" stops after report finds racial bias (Matt Stout, Boston Herald)

Could the Civil War happen again? (Tim Isbell, SunHerald, Mississippi)

A crack in our facade (Ron Bonn, The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Disparate arrest rates in SF "undermine any notion of justice," says new report (Tulio Ospina, The Post News Group, Californien)

Elite media stokes flames of violence (Patrick J. Buchanan, American Free Press)

Flag of liberty: Americans can celebrate the freedom to disagree (Leder, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Flying the Confederate flag over a U.S. state capitol building is like flying the Nazi flag over a synagogue (Linda Stasi, New York Daily News)

Forgiveness: A gentle yet powerful weapon (Gerald Haslam, The Sacramento Bee)

Forgiveness of Charleston church shooter prompts discussion (Jesse J Holland, Associated Press)

Frederick Douglass on liberty, slavery, and the Fourth of July (Damon Root, Reason)

Gay rights activist, MLK mentor Bayard Rustin to be honored in LGBT celebration (Renee K. Gadoua, The Huffington Post)

Gettysburg's black residents: Dropping Confederate flag can't erase racism (Wilson Dizard, Al Jazeera America)

GOP punts on Confederate symbolism in Capitol (Christina Marcos, The Hill)

The grand old flag and a not-so-grand flag (R.L. Schreadley, The Charleston Post and Courier)

Guest opinion: We can't rid the world of racism, but we can purge it from our own lives (Keith L. Anderson, Idaho Statesman)

Haley's Charleston response, Confederate flag stand spark VP talk (Video, Joseph Weber, Fox News)

The history of "The Last Confederate Flag" (John Andrew Prime, The Shreveport Times, Louisiana)

I'm black, I'm Christian, and I don't forgive you (Natalie Mendenhall, The News-Press, Fort Myers, Florida)

Indignant Jeb Bush says he takes Donald Trump's remarks personally (Patrick Healy, The New York Times)

In Dylann Roof, a silently brewing fury that burst out in a violent way (Andrew Knapp, The Charleston Post and Courier)

Jackie Robinson's life was no home run for racial progress (Jason Sokol, Time)

Less than half of young people in the US are extremely proud to be American (Kabir Chibber, Quartz)

Letter to my son (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

Man hit with milk crate, called "white bread" by group of black men in anti-white attack on Staten Island: cops (Thomas Tracy, New York Daily News)

The mayor of Columbia, SC demands; Take down that flag (Steve Benjamin, The Root)

Minorities account for ever-larger share of U.S. population, but not in Charleston (David Slade, Charleston Post and Courier)

Mitt Romney criticizes Donald Trump for comments on Mexican immigrants (Maggie Haberman, The New York Times)

More needs to be done between police and the communities they serve (Derrick Parks, The Hill)

On this July 4th, the task of maintaining a united nation remains (Leder, The Washington Post)

Op-ed: It will take more than removing a flag for the nation to mend (Robert A. Goldberg, The Salt Lake Tribune)

Police remove unauthorized Confederate flag flown in Florida (CBS Miami)

Protestors throw a Confederate flag on the grill in New Orleans (Maya Rhodan, Time)

Recognition, then reconciliation: Clearly seeing history of race, family in the South (Barbara B. Smith, The News & Observer)

Richmond split over how to remember Confederate history (Michael Kranish, The Boston Globe)

Salon argues that white supremacy renders Independence Day holiday a "false start" (Twitchy)

Scoppe: Bring down the flag, keep us together (Cindi Ross Scoppe, The State, Columbia, South Carolina)

Should we celebrate the Fourth of July anymore? (Tom Lindsay, Forbes)

Slavery and revolution in the Americas (Alex Jacobs, Indian Country Today Media Network)

The Supreme Court and the politics of fear (Linda Greenhouse, The New York Times)

Take Jackson off the $20 bill, put a woman in his place (Leder, The New York Times)

To whom does the Fourth of July belong? (Alexandros Orphanides, The Huffington Post)

Trial again focuses on racial mix in jury selection (Mary Pieper, Globe Gazette, Iowa)

Trump and the myth of immigrant crime (Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune)

Vote for border protection (Patrick J. Buchanan, American Free Press)

What's today to a slave? (Genoptryk fra 1852, Frederick Douglass, Arkansas Online)

Why can't we talk about the black role in flash mobs? (Newsmachete, American Thinker)

You can't ignore the Confederate flag. But you can burn it and then bury it (Steven W Thrasher, The Guardian)


#EmergingUS: Diversity is our destiny, but how do we talk about it? (Video, Jose Antonio Vargas, Los Angeles Times)

3.5 minutes, 10 bullets, and 1 racially charged tragedy (Hannah Levintova, Mother Jones)

11 religious Americans who fought for freedom (Antonia Blumberg, Carol Kuruvilla, The Huffington Post)

Almost half of black and Latina scientists report they've been mistaken for administrative assistants or janitors (Marissa Fessenden, Smithsonian Magazine)

The American Revolution was not a whites-only war (Colbert I. King, The Washington Post)

America, what do we do after Charleston? (Marian Wright Edelman, The Huffington Post)

Aversive racial bias in guilt and sentencing: Don't treat racism as just a belief (Ken Broda-Bahm, Ph.D.,The National Law Review)

Black church fires evoke both fear and faith in Baptist communities (Jeff Brumley, Baptist News)

Bree Newsome's Confederate flag pole climb was an artistic statement (Colette Gaiter, Time)

Bree Newsome tells Larry Wilmore about the moment she removed the Confederate flag (Video, Christopher Rosen, Entertainment Weekly)

Bubba Watson is an idiot and a coward (Clay Travis, Fox Sports)

Bubba Watson will paint over Confederate flag on "Dukes of Hazzard" car (Karen Crouse, The New York Times)

Calls to remove Confederate battle flag highlight racial tensions over the American flag (Chauncey Alcorn, New York Daily News)

The Charleston church shooter and capital punishment (Debra Saunders, Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon)

Charleston mayor: "When there's this much pain, you have to ... find a path forward (Kurtis Lee, Jenny Jarvie, Los Angeles Times)

Confederate flag designer said it is a symbol of white supremacy - not Southern heritage (Rmuse, PoliticusUSA)

Confederate flags removed from Fort Sumter: Site where civil war began (Awr Hawkins, Breitbart)

Confederate, gay pride flags trump Old Glory sales for 4th of July 2015 (Video, Josh Scheinblum, WTHN, New Haven, Connecticut)

Confederate statues controversy ignores key historical facts (Jerry Patterson, Baltimore Post-Examiner)

Coping while black: A season of traumatic news takes a psychological toll (Radioindslag, Cheryl Corley, All Things Considered, NPR)

The Declaration's cut slavery paragraph (James Joiner, The Daily Beast)

Declining vaccine rates: Mostly a white problem (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

"Disarm NYPD" group burns U.S., Confederate flags in NYC park (Kurt Hyde, The New American)

Donald Trump again lambastes border security after a California woman is slain (Ryan Parker, Los Angeles Times)

Dumping on Dixie again (Andrew Levine, CounterPunch)

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Obama to speak at NAACP convention (Dave Boyer, The Washington Times)

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Petition seeks to remove slavery supporter's name from Yale college (Ed Stannard, New Haven Register, Connecticut)

Plantation tour guide reveals things white people want to deny about slavery (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

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Prosecutor offers plea deal to 5 white Cleveland police supervisors after deaths of 2 blacks (Associated Press, Fox News)

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S.C. NAACP plans July 4 protest ahead of Confederate flag vote in Statehouse (Tyler Pager, USA Today)

Several Southern black churches have caught fire. The latest one was once burned by the KKK. (Amy X. Wang, Slate)

Share of counties where whites are a minority has doubled since 1980 (Drew DeSilver, Pew Research Center)

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Social media explore two sides of white privilege with #TakeUsDown (Lisa Respers France, CNN)

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South Carolina black church, once torched by KKK, burns again (Video, M. Alex Johnson, NBC News)

South Carolina church fire: Mt. Zion AME burns in Greeleyville (Video, Ben Brumfield, Sam Stringer, CNN)

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Southern Poverty Law Center calls for end to holidays honoring Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee (Mike Cason, al.com, Alabama)

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This is why Americans have no idea what really happens in prisons (Raillan Brooks, The Huffington Post)

Thousands of black students attend schools honoring racist leaders (Rebecca Klein, The Huffington Post)

Time to furl the hijacked rebel battle flag (Lonn Taylor, Newsweek)

Twitter employs only 49 African Americans despite diversity pledges (Rupert Neate, The Guardian)

US police killings headed for 1,100 this year, with black Americans twice as likely to die (Oliver Laughland, Jon Swaine, Jamiles Lartey, The Guardian)

US police killings in 2015: inside the shocking numbers in 2 minutes - video (Video, Jamiles Lartey, Chris Phillips, The Guardian)

Want to be attractive to online daters? Be biracial. (Lauren Loftus, The Washington Post)

We Americans can't stop conversation about race (Dwight Lewis, The Tennessean)

"We have grown complacent about racially isolated schools" (James E. Ryan, Education Week)

What happened last time there was a spike in church fires (Daniel Rivero, Jorge Rivas, Fusion)

What Misty Copeland's ascension means for black girls (Renee Graham, The Boston Globe)

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Yamhill County sheriff's deputy shoots, kills man in confrontation in McMinnville (Rick Bella, The Oregonian)

Yet another black church fire frays already tender nerves (Michelle Toh, The Christian Science Monitor)