August 2015


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60 years later, echoes of Emmett Till's killing (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

244 immigrants arrested in four-day sweep across Southern California (Joseph Serna, Kate Linthicum, Los Angeles Times)

After Texas deputy's death, a reminder of the increased anxiety felt by law enforcement officers amid protests (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

#AllLivesMatter, not just #BlackLivesMatter (Lindsay Roberts, The State Press, Arizona State University)

Ben Carson: Bridging the race divide (Dennis Jamison, Communities Digital News)

Black history is U.S. history (Parthenia Queen, BlogHer)

Black Lives Matter causes more headaches for Dems by rejecting DNC resolution (Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times)

Black Lives Matter rejects show of support from the DNC (Jesse Byrnes, The Hill)

Blind people can be racist, too, study says (Video, Carina Storrs, CNN)

Columba Bush: The political asset who'd rather not be (Emily Greenhouse, Bloomberg)

Cop execution in Texas (Matthew Vadum, FrontPage Mag)

Data shows race influences marijuana arrests (Lauren Kent, Daily Tarheel, North Carolina)

Democrats: We support Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter: We don't support Democrats. (German Lopez, Vox)

Divided Baltimore: How did we get here, where do we go? (Joseph Wood, The University of Baltimore)

Does "Black Lives Matter" have blood on its hands (Candice Thomas, Liberty News Now)

Do feel-good slogans like "Resilient New Orleans" and "Boston Strong" mask income inequality? (Phillip Martin, WGBH, Boston)

Donald Trump, and the unsettling rise of white identity politics (W. James Antle III, The Week)

Donald Trump goes Willie Horton on Jeb Bush (Miles E. Johnson, Mother Jones)

The death and life of Atlantic City (Nick Paumgarten, The New Yorker)

Fixing broken windows (Ken Auletta, The New Yorker)

Fox's Kimberly Guilfoyle on Black Lives Matter: "Their agenda is it's OK to go ahead and kill cops" (Video, Media Matters)

Hostile territory (Filmanmeldelse, Anthony Lane, The New Yorker)

How Conservatives used the Virginia shooting to flip the script on racism (Aurin Squire, Talking Points Memo)

How racial issues can be fairly framed (Robert Mitchell, Harvard Gazette)

How shows like "Will & Grace" and "Black-ish" can change your brain (Maanvi Singh, NPR)

If all lives really matter: The false racial unity of Glenn Beck's massive march on Birmingham (David R. Henson, Patheos)

If Obama had a son (Scott Johnson, Power Line)

I'm a black activist. Here's what people get wrong about Black Lives Matter. (Vann R. Newkirk II, Vox)

It's OK to be angry about racial inequality (Eliel Cruz, Quartz)

ME: Man in jail lobby death high on meth, cocaine (Tanya Eiserer, WFAA, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas)

Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, "Mammy" and the best times to shut up about race (Michael Arceneaux, The Root)

Miley Cyrus uses the term "mammy" on stage at the 2015 MTV VMAs (Julie Zeilinger, Mic)

Miley Cyrus wasn't "whitesplaining" to Nicki Minaj (Lizzie Crocker, The Daily Beast)

Mississippi's resilience in the wake of Katrina (Haley Barbour, Real Clear Politics)

More than a flag: South Carolina dockers push racial justice forward (Jane Slaughter (Labor Notes), The Institute for Southern Studies)

MTV, racial consciousness and the limits of corporate social responsibility (Soraya Nadia McDonald, The Washington Post)

New GOP mantra? "Proud to stand with police." (Robert T. Garrett, The Dallas Morning News)

Obama: Targeting police is "completely unacceptable" (Gregory Korte, USA Today)

Ohio officer in video says 'direct eye contact' one reason he pulled over driver (Video, Ralph Ellis, Carma Hassan, CNN)

On immigration, Christie takes fire for being right (Byron York, Washington Examiner)

Plutocracy, gentrification and racial violence (Joseph Natoli, CounterPunch)

Police lives matter (Video, Philip Holloway, CNN)

Police lives matter, too (Investors' Business Daily)

Police want Obama to cool rhetoric blamed for violence (Andrea Noble, The Washington Times)

Politics 101: Why "Black Lives Matter" matters - racial tension and the 2016 election (Ellis Arnold, CU Independent, University of Colorado)

The racial justice failures that Hillary Clinton can't ignore (Guy Saperstein, Gaius Publius, AlterNet)

Racism and the blind: A matter of more than black and white (Laura McHugh, Youth Independent)

The radical Christianity in the new civil rights movement (Sojourners)

Revenge motive suspected in Houston police officer's murder (Bob Adelmann, The New American)

Sanders: Cop murder an outrage, but unacceptable "when unarmed black people get dragged out of cars or get shot" (Michael Dorstewitz, BizPac Review)

Sandra Bland's mother speaks at Emmett Till remembrance dinner (Eddy "Precise" Lamarre, Rolling Out)

Shaun King doesn't care what race you think he is (Sujay Kumar, Fusion)

"Show Me a Hero" has wrapped, but check out its real-life prequel (Kriston Capps, CityLab)

Silencing Jean Louise: the media and Harper Lee (Gregory Jay, Oxford University Press blog)

"Take our country back": Is Donald Trump's campaign a platform for white supremacy? (A. K. Staggers, Atlanta Black Star)

Teacher was fired after school found out she was with black man: Suit (Simon McCormack, The Huffington Post)

Texas cop killing could spark national backlash against #BlackLivesMatter (Charles P. Pierce, Esquire)

Texas jail death caused in part by sheriff's deputies, authorities say (Ciara McCarthy, The Guardian)

Voting maps back before NC Supreme Court (Matthew Burns, WRAL, Raleigh, North Carolina)

What a band of 20th-century Alabama communists can teach Black Lives Matter and the offspring of Occupy (Sarah Jaffe, The Nation)

What explains the rise of Ben Carson in the age of Trump (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post)

What happened after a black motorist was stopped for making "direct eye contact" (Sarah Latimer, The Washington Post)

Witness: Calif. hotel owner told gunman to "kill that n--ger" before homeless man was slain (Breanna Edwards, The Root)

Why "Black Lives Matter" (Chris Ladd, Houston Chronicle)


Activists reject claims that Black Lives Matter led to shooting of Houston deputy (Gillian Mohney, Vice)

Attitudes about cops leading to "injury and death," says black Louisiana state senator (Lee Stranahan, Breitbart)

"Black" civil rights activist may be racially confused (David Warren, Wall Street OTC)

Black female celebrities on magazine covers do sell, but will the fanfare last? (Kristal Brent Zook, The Guardian)

Black Lives Matter activists chant "pigs in a blanket" after cop murder (Lee Stranahan, Breitbart)

Black Lives Matter rhetoric under scrutiny in Texas "assassination" (+video) (Mark Sappenfield, The Christian Science Monitor)

"Black lives matter." So do others (Bob Taylor, Communities Digital News)

Cincinnati: 20 years later, it's still "two cities" (Bowdeya Tweh, Sharon Coolidge, The Cincinnati Enquirer)

Citizen: An American Lyric by Claudia Rankine review - the ugly truth of racism (Kate Kellaway, The Guardian)

City's worst-performing schools are also its most segregated (Susan Edelman, New York Post)

Cops die, too: Our view (Leder, USA Today)

Economic progress is more effective than protests (Joel Kotkin, The Daily Beast)

EDITORIAL: Law enforcement is a dangerous challenge (Leder, The Gazette, Colorado Springs)

Emmett Till's family returns to site of his funeral 60 years later (Jon Seidel, Chicago Sun-Times)

"Fear the Walking Dead" tackles police brutality, Black Lives Matter not so much (Melissa Leon, The Daily Beast)

Finley: In Detroit, do all black lives matter? (Nolan Finley, The Detroit News)

The first rule of news coverage (Andrew Klavan, PJ Media)

Gulf South Rising activists say Hurricane Katrina's 10th anniversary brings awareness to once invisible issues (Madhuri Sathish, Bustle)

How we rebuilt a better New Orleans (Mitch Landrieu, Judith Rodin, Politico)

Hulk Hogan wants to be Donald Trump's running mate (Video, MSNBC)

In North Charleston, S.C., police community relations a work in progress (Video, Mark Strassmann, CBS News)

Katrina: What the media missed (Lou Dolinar, Real Clear Politics)

"Kill white supremacy": #BlackLivesMatter racists call for murder of cops (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

The lasting impact of Hurricane Katrina (Video, ABC News)

Lewis R Gordon on Frantz Fanon and the art of embodying blackness (Lewis R. Gordon, Mail & Guardian, Sydafrika)

"A neg-what?"! (Matt Ford, The Atlantic)

New Orleans after Katrina: A tale of two cities (Video, CBS News)

Over one thousand gather where deputy was executed (Lana Shadwick, Breitbart)

The rapper who loves Bernie Sanders (Aaron Mak, Politico)

Report shows deep racial disparity in arrests in Madison (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Wisconsin)

The scarlet letter "R": The unveiling of Katrina's oldest survivor, Racism (Tammy Marchand, San Francisco Bay View)

Senate confirms Thurgood Marshall as Supreme Court justice, Aug. 30, 1967 (Andrew Glass, Politico)

Shelter from the storm: Katrina's impact on Houston and Atlanta (Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

Sheriff addresses #BlackLivesMatter "rhetoric" in press conference on executed deputy (Bob Price, Breitbart)

A sheriff blamed his deputy's death on the Black Lives Matter movement (Julie Kliegman, The Week)

Texas university removes Confederate president statue from campus (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Unbelievably racist "Slave Trade" video game sparks online backlash (David Ferguson, Raw Story)

The undecided legacy of Sandra Bland (Leah Binkovitz, Houston Chronicle)

Walters & Murray: The New Jim Crow revisited (Scott Johnson, PowerLine)

A white church sets out to break down racial barriers (Radio, Rachel Martin, Weekend Edition Sunday, NPR)

White deputy's murder follows call for race war (WND)

A white teen was killed by a cop and no one took to the streets. Is that a problem? (Chenjerai Kumanyika, NPR)


Alleged Texas cop killer charged: Attended same university as Sandra Bland (Bob Price, Lana Shadwick, Breitbart)

"All Lives Matter" march in Birmingham estimated to be largest since Civil Rights Movement (Cliff Sims, Yellow Hammer News)

The art - and controversy - of Hurricane Katrina "X-codes" (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

Before Emmett Till's death, 15 year old Willie James Howard was murdered in Florida (Tonyaa Weathersbee, The Root)

Black Lives Matter inspired this chilling fantasy novel (Wired)

Celebration and politics, 10 years after the storm (Jed Oelbaum, Good)

Colorado still home to Hurricane Katrina evacuees 10 years later (Carlos Illescas, The Denver Post)

A critic of Black Lives Matter simplifies a complex problem (James E. Causey, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin)

A decade after Hurricane Katrina, racial disparities must be addressed, group says (Littice Bacon-Blood, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans)

A decade after Hurricane Katrina, red tape slows rebuilding (Video, CBS News)

Emmett Till: civil rights legacy commemorated 60 years after murder (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Ferguson's most visible oath keeper just quit and started a splinter group (Andy Cush, Gawker)

Frank E. Petersen Jr. dies at 83; flier was Marines' first black general (Elaine Woo, Los Angeles Times)

Hispanic group cancels contract with Donald Trump (Newsmachete, American Thinker)

How citizens turned into saviors after Katrina struck (Video, CBS News)

Hurricane Katrina and the tyranny of magical thinking (Matthew Fleischer, Los Angeles Times)

Jindal: New Orleans shows value of school choice (Bobby Jindal, CNN)

Left behind, New Orleans's black middle class wonders: What recovery? (Abby Phillip, The Washington Post)

Looking back at Baltimore's deadliest month (Video, Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun)

Mississippi's Katrina story (Robert VerBruggen, Real Clear Politics)

New Orleans' recovery from Hurricane Katrina leaves some behind (Video, Daniel A. Medina, NBC News)

New York police officer shoots dead bystander, 61, during gun sales sting (Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian)

Scientists find a way to combat racial bias among little kids (Carolyn Gregoire, The Huffington Post)

Shooters quicker to pull trigger when target is black, study finds (Radio, All Things Considered, NPR)

Social media threat against black high school students in Texas causes parents to take kids out of school: reports (Tobias Salinger, New York Daily News)

Thank you president Obama for your New Orleans visit (Vivian Norris, The Huffington Post)

Troubled water: What I learned teaching Hurricane Katrina in the classroom (Crystal Hayes, Gawker)

Video appears to show man with hands up before Texas officers shoot him dead (Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian)


7 things we white people can do when we've said or done something biased (Peter DiCaprio, The Huffington Post)

10 years after Hurricane Katrina, tales from those who came to call L.A. home (Benjamin Oreskes, Los Angeles Times)

15 of the best things ever written about Hurricane Katrina (Nick Baumann, The Huffington Post)

60 years after Emmett Till, families still fight for justice (Zachary Norris, The Root)

60 years after Emmett Till's murder, black lives still matter (Video, Errin Whack, NBC News)

60 years ago, 14-year-old Emmett Till died in an act of unspeakable violence. Do you know his story? (Parker Molloy, Upworthy)

After Hurricane Katrina, poor black women were largely ignored, study says (Samantha Michaels, Mother Jones)

America's racial wounds reopen (Patrick Buchanan, Real Clear Politics)

Arianna Evans, face of Hurricane Katrina misery, continues her journey (Video, Ryan Williams, John Brecher, Erin Calabrese, NBC News)

The battles of New Orleans (The Wall Street Journal)

Behind bright facade, Mississippi coast still battles Katrina demons (Edward McAllester)

Black 24-year-old dies in jail after four months awaiting trial for 7-Eleven snack theft (Ben Mathis-Lilley, Slate)

Black activists call for lynching and hanging of white people and cops (Lana Shadwick, Breitbart)

A black man died in his cell four months after being jailed for shoplifting from a 7-Eleven (Allie Conti, Vice)

"The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution" coming to a theater near you (Sydney Levine, Sydneys Buzz, Indiewire blog)

Christians, Martin Luther King and race: What we must do now (Sean Palmer, Fox News)

The cold cases of the Jim Crow era (Margaret A. Burnham, Margaret M. Russell, The New York Times)

Coming this weekend: Looking back at Baltimore's deadliest month in modern history (Video, The Baltimore Sun)

The crucial distinction between President Obama's Hurricane Katrina remarks in 2015 and those he made in 2005 (Sarah Munir, Bustle)

Dear white people, laughing is not a crime (Victoria Bond, Al Jazeera America)

The definitive history of "George Bush doesn't care about black people" (Maxwell Strachan, The Huffington Post)

Emmett Till cousin: Racial tension "as American as apple pie," but has hope (Joe Ward, DNAinfo)

Emmett Till relatives gather at boy's grave 60 years later (Video, NBC Chicago)

Fatal police interactions spark "Know Your Rights" panel in Compton (Marisa Zocco, Intersections South LA)

The flooding of America (New Republic)

From resilience to resurgence after Katrina (Andrew Soergel, U.S. News & World Report)

George W. Bush, visiting New Orleans, praises school progress since Katrina (Campbell Robertson, Richard Pérez-Peña, The New York Times)

How Emmett Till changed the world (Lottie L. Joiner, The Daily Beast)

Hurricane Katrina: George Bush in New Orleans 10 years on (BBC News)

Hurricane Katrina left lasting scars on Waveland, Mississippi (Video, Erika Angulo, NBC News)

How Hurricane Katrina was like the Great Recession (Jeff Spross, The Week)

Hurricane Katrina and better black lives (Brando Simeo Starkey, ESPN)

Hurricane Katrina anniversary hits home for Martin O'Malley (Emily Cadei, Newsweek)

Hurricane Katrina in The New Yorker (Joshua Rothman, The New Yorker)

I asked a black cop what he thinks about America's policing problem (Toure, Vice)

In 1955, this black life mattered (Liz Dwyer, Take Part)

In coverage of Roanoke killings, the right sees a racial media bias (David Weigel, The Washington Post)

Jail suicide is not justice (Jim Liske, The Huffington Post)

Kanye West's best moment came during Hurricane Katrina (Yesha Callahan, The Root)

Liberals are wrong to separate race from class (Touré F. Reed, New Republic)

Linda Chavez: Killings in Roanoke fueled by racial hatred, too (Linda Chavez, Chicago Sun-Times)

Los Angeles woman gets out of her car and DANCES before cops arrest her (Blue Telusma, The Grio)

Mike Huckabee doesn't understand what matters (Julianne Malveaux, The Philadelphia Tribune)

More and more, Hurricane Katrina is portrayed as a blessing (Matt Picht, Palm Beach Post)

The muddied racial histories of our American presidents (Charles Paul Freund, Reason)

The myths of Katrina (Marta Jewson, Charles Maldonado, Slate)

Never forget Sandra Bland (Leder, Houston Chronicle)

New Orleans' uneven recovery is leaving blacks behind (Tanzina Vega, KSPR, CNN Money)

North Carolina officer who fatally shot unarmed black man won't be retried (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Nutters (Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator)

Opponents of "Sandra Bland Parkway" petitioning name change (Video, Tim Wetzel, KHOU11, Houston, Texas)

Police shooting in Oakland among spate sparking concern over use of force (Joseph Mayton, The Guardian)

Poll: 10 years after Hurricane Katrina, most say the nation is no better prepared (Jennifer Agiesta, Theodore Schleifer, CNN)

Race and beyond: The legacy of Katrina (Video, Sam Fulwood III, Kulsum Ebrahim, Andrew Satter, Center for American Progress)

Racial disparities still rage on in New Orleans, but it isn't all bad news (Lilly Workneh, The Huffington Post)

Racial rage in St. Louis reflects history (J.A. Salaam, The Final Call)

The remarkable racial divide in the days after Hurricane Katrina (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

Racism, crime, police shootings and #RiseUpOctober (Radio, Dave Lucas, This American Life, WAMC, Northeast Public Radio)

Remembering a teen whose murder fueled a moment (Video, Cassi Feldman, CBS News)

A summer so lawless in D.C., it feels like the Wild West (Colbert I. King, The Washington Post)

Ten years after: Hurricane Katrina (Nancy Kaffer, Detroit Free Press)

Ten years later, some Katrina victims better, others "still stuck" (Video, CBS News)

"This instrument can kill": Tasers are not as harmless as previously thought (Tess Owen, Vice)

Three officers accuse Cleveland Police of racial discrimination (BBC News)

Transcript of President Obama's Katrina speech (Bruce Alpert, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans)

Two days after reporter's "race war" murders, CNN returns to phony race-baiting (John Nolte, Breitbart)

The undoing of George W. Bush (Kenneth T. Walsh, U.S. News & World Report)

What would Rev. King say about the on-air TV murders? (Linda Chavez, New York Post)

When Mexicans crossed our border to feed Americans in need (Stephen R. Kelly, The Washington Post)

White men, guns, and protecting black people? (Askia Muhammad, J.A. Salaam, The Final Call)

Who "recovered" in post-Katrina New Orleans? (1/2) (Video, The Real News)

Why social media would've saved lives during Hurricane Katrina (Jason Samenow, The Washington Post)


The 9 most segregated cities In America (Alexander Kent, Thomas C. Frohlich, The Huffington Post)

10 years after Hurricane Katrina, media need to see the link between climate change and social justice (Denise Robbins, Media Matters)

10 years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is vibrant but wary (Chris Adams, McClatchy DC)

10 years later: Hurricane Katrina and the long struggle for recovery in New Orleans (Radio, The Diane Rehm Show, NPR)

19 heartbreaking photos of Hurricane Katrina's aftermath (Mark Murrmann, Mother Jones)

America has always been hostile to immigrants (Catherine Rampell, The Washington Post)

The "appalling" ways the media framed the narrative after Hurricane Katrina (Rahel Gegreyes, The Huffington Post)

BET News Special full episode: Katrina 10 years later: Through hell in high water (Video, BET)

Birthright citizenship encourages assimilation (Alex Nowrasteh, Real Clear Policy)

#BlackLivesMatter activists call for charges in brutal death of prisoner Samuel Harrell (Christopher Mathias, The Huffington Post)

The Boatman: 10 Years after Katrina, one couple remembers the storm's destruction and the love that kept them together (Rose Minutaglio, People)

Bordelons: The deaths since Katrina were worse than the hurricane (Radio, Steve Inskeep, Morning Edition, NPR)

Can a black man talk about white culture? An open letter to critics (Rich Benjamin, TED)

Decade after Hurricane Katrina, Obama celebrates New Orleans' resilience (Radio, Debbie Elliott, All Things Considered, NPR)

Donald Trump likes to talk about the ‘silent majority.’ For many, that has racial overtones. (Chris Cillizza, The Washington Post)

Donna Brazile praises Bush’s Katrina response on flight with Obama (Jordan Fabian, The Hill)

Emmett Till's Chicago family hosts events on 60th anniversary of murder (Maudlyne Ihejirika, Chicago Sun-Times)

Events mark 60th anniversary of Emmett Till slaying (Associated Press, Chicago Sun-Times)

Eve Troeh: When the story lands on your back porch (Eve Troeh, Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma)

Fox's Ablow: Obama could stop mass shootings if he stopped "enflaming racial discord" (Video, Media Matters)

George Corley Wallace and Donald John Trump (Alan Steinberg, PolitickerNJ)

Hillary Clinton: "No city should ever have to endure what New Orleans has endured" (Bruce Alpert, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans)

How black life in New Orleans has - and hasn't - improved since Katrina (Lilly Workneh, The Huffington Post)

Hurricane Katrina as a learning tool (Barri Bronston, Tulane University, New Orleans)

Hurricane Katrina exposed "deeper tragedy" of inequality, says Obama (Video, PBS NewsHour)

Hurricane Katrina refugees sink deep roots in Houston a decade later (Fotos, The Wall Street Journal)

Hurricane Katrina: Remembering the federal failures (Chris Edwards, Cato Institute)

If you are poor, it's like the hurricane just happened: Malik Rahim on Katrina 10 years after (Video, Democracy Now)

In under a minute, this filmmaker captures the challenges of post-Katrina New Orleans (Aaron Barksdale, The Huffington Post)

It was no compliment to call Bill Clinton "the first black president" (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

Jesse Jackson created the modern Democratic Party (Sam Tanenhaus, Bloomberg View)

Jorge Ramos gets trumped (Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator)

Katrina anniversary: Has Obama kept his promises to New Orleans? (Halimah Abdullah, NBC News)

Katrina in the white imagination (Margaret Kimberly, Florida Courier)

Katrina may be a metaphor to some, but it's still a reality to New Orleans (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

Katrina survivor's tale: They forgot us and that's when things started to get bad" (Jim Gabour, The Guardian)

Katrina victims were forced into exile (Video, Glen Ford, The Real News)

Members of Hurricane Katrina diaspora in Houston look back at the past 10 years (Arian Campo-Flores, The Wall Street Journal)

Micromanaging cops? "Black Lives Matter" can try (Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View)

New Orleans is locking up hundreds of traumatized kids (Carimah Townes, Think Progress)

New report highlights Koch Brothers' role in Hurricane Katrina damage (Marina Fang, The Huffington Post)

Obama faults government for fueling Katrina suffering (Video, Byron Tau, The Wall Street Journal)

Obama on Virginia shooting: "It breaks my heart" (Paige Lavender, The Huffington Post)

Obama praises New Orleans' recovery from disaster (Nick Gass, Eliza Collins, Politico)

Obama returns to New Orleans to remember Katrina and celebrate city’s recovery (Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post)

One decade later: A look back at Hurricane Katrina's wrath (Fotos, NBC News)

President Obama visits New Orleans on 10 anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (Fotos, Los Angeles Times)

Rand Paul's patronizing, self-parodying response to Black Lives Matter (Ian Millhiser, Think Progress)

Rand Paul thinks he has a better name for Black Lives Matter (Video, Amber Ferguson, The Huffington Post)

Remarks by the President on the Ten Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (Tale, Barack Obama)

Remembering Katrina: Wide racial divide over government's response (Carroll Doherty, Pew Research Center)

Ricky Martin urges Latinos to unite against Donald Trump in op-ed (Carolina Moreno, The Huffington Post)

Sandra Bland's new legacy will force people to #SayHerName (Aaron Barksdale, The Huffington Post)

She held us all: A tribute to Amelia Boynton-Robinson (1911-2015) (Michael W. Waters, The Huffington Post)

The Show About Race: the podcast that gets real in not-so-post-racial America (Melissa Locker, The Guardian)

Sociology professor's new Katrina book details long-term impact on children (The University of Vermont)

Stop blaming me for Hurricane Katrina (Michael Brown, Politico)

A story about Wendell Pierce, and the New Orleans community he helped rebuild after Hurricane Katrina (Storify, PBS Newshour)

Street where Sandra Bland was arrested renamed in her honor (Radio, Syeda Hasan, All Things Considered, NPR)

The surprising link between skin color, gender, and immigrant employment (Tanvi Misra, CityLab)

Swept away: Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans police department (Peter Scharf, Stephen Phillippi, The Conversation, UK)

Swept up in the storm: Hurricane Katrina's key players, then and now (Maureen Pao, NPR)

These are the forgotten images of Hurricane Katrina (Fotos, Chris McGonigal, The Huffington Post)

"This is not going well": NBC producers look back on the concert for Katrina's Kanye moment (Jeremy Stahl, Slate)

Top racists and neo-Nazis back Donald Trump (Andrew Kaczynski, Christopher Massie, BuzzFeed)

Turkey Creek, Miss., the community where nobody died in Katrina (DeNeen L. Brown, The Washington Post)

What 60 Minutes witnessed in first Katrina report (Video, Cassi Feldman, CBS News)

What is the place for black people in post-Katrina New Orleans? (Steven Gray, The Huffington Post)

What makes black men run from the police? (Will Jawando, The Root)

Why L.A.'s crime rise is no surprise (Joe Domanick, Los Angeles Times)

Why was Obama’s response to the WDBJ shooting so low key? We asked communication experts for their thoughts (Fred Lucas, The Blaze)

Why white people downplay their individual racial privileges (Kerry A. Dolan, Stanford Graduate School of Business)

William Chapman: state official will seek to prosecute officer who killed teenager (Video, Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

Will President Obama reverse course on race and Katrina? (Rebecca Nelson, National Journal)

Yes, gay black men can be killers, too (David French, National Review)


10 ways well-meaning white teachers bring racism into our schools (Jamie Utt, Everyday Feminism)

10 years after Katrina (B.W. Cooper, New York Times)

10 years after Katrina, black residents see less recovery progress than whites (Janie Velencia, Natalie Jackson, The Huffington Post)

After shooting, alleged gunman details grievances in "suicide notes" (Video, ABC News)

Black, gay reporter murders straight, white journalists - media blame the gun (Ben Shapiro, Breitbart)

Cornrows and cultural appropriation: The truth about racial identity theft (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Time)

Demographics and the 2016 election scenarios (Sean Trende, David Byler, Real Clear Politics)

DeRay McKesson tweets - then deletes - claim that Virginia shooter was white (Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller)

Donald Trump, not Jorge Ramos, should be ejected (Video, Rudy Ruiz, CNN)

Donald Trump's confrontation with famous Latino journalist Jorge Ramos, explained (Dara Lind, Vox)

Donald Trump's latest media target: Jorge Ramos. Why? (Thomas Beaumont (Associated Press), The Christian Science Monitor)

Ferguson mayor fires back at Trump's claim of "gangs of illegal immigrants" (Video, Chris Regnier, Joe Millitzer, Fox2Now, St. Louis)

A few questions for Jorge Ramos (James Longstreet, American Thinker)

Frank E. Petersen, first black general in Marines, dies at 83 (Sam Roberts, The New York Times)

George Zimmerman tweets homophobic slurs, calls Obama "racist" in response to Virginia news crew killings (Larry McShane, New York Daily News)

Higher support for gender affirmative action than race (Rebecca Riffkin, Gallup)

I'm Chinese, and I know why there aren't more Asians in the Ivy League (Zhang Tianpu, Foreign Policy)

Jeb Bush & Donald Trump's "Asian" remarks only reinforce the stereotypes we should have left behind by now (Melanie Schmitz, Bustle)

Jorge Ramos challenged both Trump and an increasingly absurd debate (John Nichols, The Nation)

Katrina, 10 years later: Three documentaries to watch (Patrice Taddonio, Frontline, PBS)

King's grandniece calls for "fire" to burn down walls dividing Americans (Mitch Mitchell, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas)

LAPD's long-awaited body cameras will hit the streets on Monday (Kate Mather, Los Angeles Times)

Many are quicker to shoot if the target is black (Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard)

Morrissey on how Obama "has meant nothing" and Trump "can't be allowed to represent America" (Jen Yamato, The Daily Beast)

No, Katrina evacuees didn't cause a Houston crime wave (Ryan Holeywell, Houston Chronicle)

Obama to face reckoning in New Orleans over Katrina promises (Gardiner Harris, The New York Times)

On Mississippi's Gulf Coast, what was lost and gained from Katrina's fury (DeNeen L. Brown, The Washington Post)

Photos: Post-Katrina, the revitalized New Orleans hides a wasteland, shadow city (Kate Groetzinger, Marissa Williams Quartz)

"Race war": Manifesto released of Virginia murderer (John Nolte, Breitbart)

Readers' review: "Go Set a Watchman" by Harper Lee (Radio, The Diane Rehm Show, NPR)

Ricky Martin: It's time for Latinos to unite against Donald Trump (Ricky Maritn, Fusion)

Texas street where Sandra Bland was arrested is renamed after her (Stephen A. Crockett Jr., The Root)

These are the schools that Hurricane Katrina destroyed (Rebecca Klein, The Huffington Post)

This is what would happen if we repealed birthright citizenship (Bryan Schatz, Mother Jones)

Trump preaching to shrinking white electorate creates problems for GOP (Ronald Brownstein, National Journal)

Trump supporter tells U.S. citizen Jorge Ramos to "get out of my country" (Esther Yu-Hsi Lee, Think Progress)

An unfinished riff: The New Orleans economy 10 years after Katrina (Leslie Eaton, Cameron McWhirter, The Wall Street Journal)

Vester Flanagan threatened coworkers, played the race card for years (Katie Zavadski, Kate Briquelet, The Daily Beast)

The Virginia shooting has nothing to do with #BlackLivesMatter (Zeba Blay, The Huffington Post)

What Millennials favorite porn can teach us about race in America (Kelsey Lawrence, Mic)

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Municipal court reform law takes effect Friday; many warrants, fines are being canceled early (Jennifer S. Mann, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Narrative fail: Majority of Americans, white and black, prefer "all lives matter" (Jerome Hudson, Breitbart)

New Orleans dares to dream, 10 years after Katrina (Tom Dart, The Guardian)

NPR assails objectivity as a dishonest white construct while "black lives matter" (Tim Graham, NewsBusters)

On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, a pattern of neglect still plagues black lives in New Orleans (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

Police union slams circuit attorney over investigation into officer-involved fatal shooting (Koran Addo, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Rhode Island church taking unusual step to illuminate its slavery role (Katharine Q. Seelye, The New York Times)

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"We are an afterthought," says one black Mormon woman. Here's why. (Collier Meyerson, Fusion)

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Black mother gives Black Lives Matter protesters serious tongue lashing, viral video generates gigantic response (Video, Dave Urbanski, The Blaze)

Black students with learning disabilities are three times more likely to be suspended than white students with learning disabilities (Jonathan Hunter, North Dallas Gazette)

Campaign Zero: A "blueprint for ending police violence" (Nadia Prupis, San Diego Free Press)

Can a "bias workshop" help remedy racism in health care? (Nadra Nittle, Atlanta Black Star)

Circuit Attorney's Office launches investigation into death of Mansur Ball-Bey (Christine Byers, Jesse Bogan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Commemorating 52nd anniversary of the March on Washington for jobs and freedom (Clarence B. Jones, The Huffington Post)

A decade after Katrina, big problems plague New Orleans (Dan Taylor, National Monitor)

Dotson says 14-year-old witnessed Mansur Ball-Bey shooting, family attorney claims teen's account differs from initial police report (Rebecca Rivas, The St. Louis American)

Dr. Dre owes black women much more than an apology (Blue Telusma, The Grio)

Flag controversies and race politics in a civil war town (Graham Stinnett, Truth-Out)

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In South Carolina, Bernie Sanders confronts his black-voter problem (Vanessa Williams, The Washington Post)

It's time to separate the South from the Confederacy (Becca Andrews, Mother Jones)

Julian Bond, race man (George C. Gardner III, San Francisco Bay View)

The Justice Department's "grotesque" misconduct against New Orleans cops (Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review)

Landrieu: Post-Katrina, New Orleans is "on a roll" (Mitch Landrieu, Houston Chronicle)

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Why ‘Black lives matter’ resonates (Leonard Pitts Jr., Miami Herald)

Maryland man dies after being shot by officer following struggle, police say (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Md. state trooper fatally shoots suspect in North East (Michelle Deal-Zimmerman, The Baltimore Sun)

Mistrial for officer and no justice for unarmed man: family vows to fight on (Christina Cooke, The Guardian)

The myth of the New Orleans school makeover (Andrea Gabor, The New York Times)

New Orleans neighborhoods scrabble for hope in abandoned ruins (Radio, Debbie Elliott, All Things Considered, NPR)

New Orleans rises decade after Katrina, with a changed face (Rebecca Santana (Associated Press), The Christian Science Monitor)

Number of homeless people in New Orleans drops, but per capita figure still high (Jaquetta White, The New Orleans Advocate)

On Hurricane Katrina's 10th anniversary, half of New Orleans remains in ruins (Nancy LeBrun, Newsweek)

On Martha's Vineyard, black elites ponder the past year (Sarah Wheaton, Politico)

Peaceful night at scene of police shooting (Video, Brian Kelly, CBS St. Louis)

Prosecutors to investigate deadly St. Louis police shooting (Associated Press)

Remembering Julian Bond through his own words (Lydklip, Minnesota Public Radio News)

Sanders reaches out to black voters in South Carolina (Elliot Smilowitz, The Hill)

Scott Walker on meeting with Black Lives Matter: "Who knows who that is?" (Esther Yu-Hsi Lee, Think Progress)

Straight outta excuses: Rap culture blames police for black-on-black violence (Mary Ramirez, The Blaze)

THEN AND NOW: See how New Orleans has bounced back 10 years after Hurricane Katrina (Denis Slattery, New York Daily News)

Trump's audacious Southern spectacle is part of his strategy (Robert Costa, David Weigel, The Washington Post)

Trump's call to end abuse of US birthright citizenship divides GOP field, legal experts (Joseph Weber, Fox News)

What Katrina left behind: New Orleans' uneven recovery and unending divisions (Tom Dart, The Guardian)

The white guilt-white privilege shakedown (William A. Levinson, American Thinker)

Why a Virginia principal refuses to take down her school's Confederate flags (Peter Holley, The Washington Post)

Why Conservatives should care about Ferguson (John C. Goodman, Town Hall)

Why no justice for Jonathan Ferrell (Debbie Hines, The Huffington Post)

Will GOP's efforts to reach out to Hispanics survive these primaries? (Radio, Don Gonyea, Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR)

Yusef Hawkins, an African-American teen, is killed by a gang of white teens in 1989 (Larry Celona, Thomas Raftery, James Harney, Alfred Lubrano, Ruth Landa, John Marzulli, Claire Serant, Stuart Marques, New York Daily News)


7 things about Native Americans you'll never learn from the mainstream media (Zak Cheney-Rice, Mic)

10 years after Katrina, New Orleans renaissance leaves Lower 9th Ward in the wilderness (Associated Press, Fox News)

50 years later: Racial outrage and the importance of the 1965 Watts uprising (Shaun Ossei-Owusu, The Huffington Post)

"Anchor baby" and "illegal" are not insults (Jonathan S. Tobin, Commentary)

Are Republicans for freedom or white identity politics? (Ben Domenech, The Federalist)

Autopsy shows St. Louis teenager killed by police was shot in the back (Al Jazeera America)

Baltimore records 212th homicide of the year, city more deadly than New York (Laurie Hannah, New York Daily News)

The beautiful half-truth of the Hawaiian melting pot (Eliza Berman, Time)

Bernie Sanders will introduce legislation to end private prisons (Paige Lavender, The Huffington Post)

Black Lives Matter, white supremacist liberals, and black-ifying Bernie Sanders (Michal Kranz, Chicago Monitor)

Black lives > white feelings: a Kingian defense of #BlackLivesMatter (Lawrence Ware, CounterPunch)

Chicago police officers shoot and wound 14-year-old boy after chase (Ciara McCarthy, The Guardian)

A conversation about Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders (Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic)

The curious case of Shaun King, blogger and conservative media target (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

Deconstructing race: Anxiety about racism travels with me (Radio, Katy Crosby, WYSO, Antioch College, Ohio)

Dem rep: Trump inspires "racially motivated violence" (Mark Hensch, The Hill)

Does Colorado's death penalty have a race problem? (Kelsey Ray, The Colorado Independent)

Donald Trump, Alabama and the ghost of George Wallace (Ben Schreckinger, Politico)

Editorial: Race is not the issue, but the hostility is real (Eve Edmonds, Richmond News)

Election 2016 and Black Lives Matter: What have the candidates said? (Clark Mindock, International Business Times)

Entrepreneurs revitalized New Orleans after Katrina (Rhonda Abrams, The Statesman-Journal, Salem, Oregon)

Even speech we hate should be free (Mick Hume, The Wall Street Journal)

FBI begins assisting in hate crime investigation (Video, Bill Barajas, KSAT, San Antonio, Texas)

Federal court rejects condemned inmate's racial appeal claim (Associated Press, KBTX, Bryan, Texas)

Fox News said Ferguson ignored shooting of 9-year-old girl. Here's what really happened (Zak Cheney-Rice, Mic)

How Katrina changed the face of New Orleans (Radio, Lizzie O'Leary, Raghu Manavalan, Marketplace)

I'm white. My husband is black. Why can't our child be both? (Brigitte Vittrup, Houston Chronicle)

In questions over Shaun King's race, activists see challenge to Black Lives Matter movement (Katie Rogers, The New York Times)

Inside the struggle for justice at the Texas jailhouse where Sandra Bland died (Eesha Pandit (Salon), AlterNet)

Is your neighborhood racist? (Tamara Shayne Kagel, Pacific Standard)

It's about working Americans, not race, stupid (Curtis Ellis, WND)

Joe Biden's role in '90s crime law could haunt any presidential bid (Nicholas Fandos, The New York Times)

John M. Barry: 10 years after Katrina, New Orleans is safe, but will it stay that way? (John M. Barry, The Dallas Morning News)

Katrina scars run deep in New Orleans, 10 years later (Ben Piven, Al Jazeera America)

Maher: Why is #BlackLivesMatter going after sympathizers like Hillary and Bernie? (Video, Ken Meyer, Mediaite)

Mayor Landrieu to displaced New Orleanians: "Y'all can come home" (Radio, John Burnett, All Things Considered, NPR)

Mistrial declared in case of police officer who killed former college football player (Associated Press, The Guardian)

The new anthems of resistance: Hip-hop and Black Lives Matter (Alexander Billet, In These Times)

Not just anti-Hispanic (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

On patrol with the Copwatchers who film the NYPD (John Surico, Vice)

On the trail: For Alderman Kennedy, police shooting shines spotlight on disparity and distrust (Jason Rosenbaum, St. Louis Public Radio)

Police indictments for murder are soaring, but is this an epidemic? (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

Poll: Most black people prefer "all lives matter" (Bradford Richardson, The Hill)

Post-Freddie Gray, interviewers want to hear what Baltimore teens have to say (David Zurawik, The Baltimore Sun)

Prominent Ferguson protesters publish anti-police violence policy platform (Jeremy Kohler, St. Louis-Post Dispatch)

Protesters unveil demands for stricter US policing laws as political reach grows (Jon Swaine, Lauren Gambino, Oliver Laughland, The Guardian)

Race in the US: What if your identity was a lie? (John Metta, Al Jazeera)

Race riot marks one of Houston's darkest days (Joe Holley, Houston Chronicle)

Race splits the 2016 Democrats (Washington Examiner)

A racial gap in attitudes toward hospice care (Sarah Varney, The New York Times)

Remove the Southern belle from her inglorious perch (Elizabeth Boyd, The Washington Post)

Seattle's gang of four: A friendship that crossed racial lines (Radio, Ross Reynolds, KUOW, Seattle)

Shaun King's race is the latest distraction in the fight for justice (Keith Boykin, BET)

"Show me a hero": Where's the N-word? (Kriston Capps, CityLab)

Sociologists proclaim genes do not determine race, "misconception" hurts society (Matthew W. Hughey, Genetic Literacy Project)

Sorry Jeb, "anchor babies" is a slur (Video, Raul A. Reyes, CNN)

St. Louis teenager killed by police was shot in the back, autopsy finds (Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

Study reveals Americans' subconscious racial biases (Nick Kim Sexton, NBC News)

To acquaint youth with racial issues, try these books (Becky Shaknovich, The Notebook, Philadelphia Public School)

"To Kill a Mockingbird" actress says today's society can still learn from film's message (Frances Hubbard, Daily Press, Virginia)

Tom Sawyer & Huck Finn drama series gets CBS put pilot commitment (Nellie Andreeva, Deadline)

To the new culture cops, everything is appropriation (Cathy Young, The Washington Post)

Trans deaths, white privilege (Jennifer Finney Boylan, The New York Times)

Trump's immigration plan could spell doom for the GOP (George F. Will, The Washington Post)

We used to count black Americans as 3/5 of a person. For reparations, give them 5/3 of a vote. (Theodore R. Johnson, The Washington Post)

What 311 calls can tell us about gentrification (Benjamin Ryan, New York Magazine)

While I breathe I hope: The un-Southern perspective to the Confederate flag (Roshanda E. Pratt, The Huffington Post)

White critics and rap fans love "Straight Outta Compton," but they're missing half the story (Jamilah Lemieux, The Washington Post)

Why the Black Lives Matter crowd should give up on the Democrats (Leon Wolf, New York Post)

With "Campaign Zero, activists put teeth in demand for end to police violence (Liz Dwyer, TakePart)


10 things you didn't know were racist (John Leo, National Review)

Activist Shaun King criticized for allegedly misrepresenting his race (J.K. Trotter, Gawker)

Activist Shaun King denies claims he lied about race and assault (Ashley Southall, The New York Times)

Activist Shaun King says man on birth certificate isn't his biological father (Wesley Lowery, Michael E. Miller, The Washington Post)

After fatal St. Louis shooting, activists slam "aggressive" police tactics (Renee Lewis, Al Jazeera America)

Are traumatized students disabled? A debate straight outta Compton (Radio, Cory Turner, Morning Edition, NPR)

At least nine protesters arrested after St. Louis police shooting (Fox News)

Bail set at $1M for officer charged with attempted murder (Video, Justin Fenton, Colin Campbell, The Baltimore Sun)

Baltimore police officer's bail set at $1m for allegedly shooting burglary suspect (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Black Lives Matter activist: Hillary Clinton's racial justice record is "abysmal" (Radio, All Things Considered, NPR)

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King: I'm black (Eliza Collins, Politico)

#BlackLivesMatter and progressive activism in a presidential election season (Dana Beyer, The Huffington Post)

Black sheep: The people still defending Shaun King (Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart)

Can black art ever escape the politics of race? (Vinson Cunningham, The New York Times)

Can health care be cured of racial bias? (Katherine Streeter, NPR)

COINTELPRO 2.0? The police are spying on #BlackLivesMatter activists (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

Column: August is the month of our discontent (Deray McKesson, PBS Newshour)

Confronting our nation’s racial discord? It’s not brain surgery (Cynthia M. Allen, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas)

Conservatives should stay far away from Trump's ethnic polarization (Michael Gerson, The Washington Post)

Everything that's wrong with police training in one chart (Daniel Rivero, Fusion)

Ferguson police intensify abuse, but no amount of tear gas, hatred and contempt will deter us (The Organization for Black Struggle, San Francisco Bay View)

The fight for the soul of Black Lives Matter (Greg Howard, The Concourse)

Fires set off, police confront crowds hours after St. Louis police fatally shoot teen (Jesse Bogan, Doug Moore, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

George Houser, Freedom Rides pioneer and a founder of CORE, dies at 99 (Margalit Fox, The New York Times)

Hate group Council of Conservative Citizens conference in Nashville cancelled (The Southern Poverty Law Center)

How realistic is Donald Trump's immigration plan? (Radio, John Burnett, Morning Edition, NPR)

Imagining a better outcome for Sandra Bland (Michael Lindsey, The Conversation)

Is "anchor baby" a derogatory term? A history of the debate. (Amber Phillips, The Washington Post)

Jeb Bush: "Anchor babies" isn't offensive (Ed O'Keefe, The Washington Post)

Justice Department reports on Ferguson could cost more than $1 million (Chuck Raasch, Christine Byers, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Loretta Lynch's tenure as attorney general is off to a dramatic start (Emily Bazelon, Vogue)

"Katrina truth" site details neglect of black New Orleans (Daniel Kerry, Ebony)

Marco Rubio asked about "anchor babies," responds with "human beings" (Sean Sullivan, The Washington Post)

New Orleans economic renaissance is not all it may seem 10 years after Katrina (Suzanne McGee, The Guardian)

New Orleans explores affordable housing options as demand grows (Richard A. Webster, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans)

New Orleans homeless rate among highest in country (Video, Antwan Harris (Eyewitness News), WWLTV, New Orleans)

New Orleans' post-Katrina repairs pose lead poisoning threat, magazine says (Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans)

New Orleans public housing remade after Katrina. Is it working? (Richard A. Webster, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans)

New Orleans reduces homeless numbers by 85 percent, but struggles with per capita rate (Richard A. Webster, The Times-Picayune)

Nina Turner on race, gender, and money in politics (Donovan X. Ramsey, Demos)

No charges against New Jersey police officers in fatal 2014 shooting (Associated Press, The Guardian)

No vote left behind (Reihan Salam, Slate)

Police say they must choose between a dead criminal and a dead cop. It's not that simple. (Nick Wing, The Huffington Post)

Race, love, hate, and me: A distinctly American story (Shaun King, Daily Kos)

Race: The ongoing American dilemma (Elwood D. Watson, The Huffington Post)

Rachel Dolezal 2.0? Shaun King, activist for the Black Lives Matter movement, outed as a white man (Candace Amos, New York Daily News)

Racially diverse friendships improve job performance (Rick Nauert PhD, PsychCentral)

Remarkable Bond: Civil rights legend remembered for a purpose-driven life (Kenya Vaughn, The St. Louis American)

Report: Far fewer homeless in New Orleans than after Katrina when homelessness was rampant (Cain Burdeau (Associated Press), U.S. News & World Report)

S.C. civil war reenactment canceled because of Emanuel AME church shooting (Lori Grisham, USA Today)

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Suspect cites Trump after anti-immigrant assault, Trump responds by saying he has passionate fans (Ben Mathis-Lilley, Slate)

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After criticism, HUD says it's trying to give the boot to public housing families who earn too much money (Lisa Rein, The Washington Post)

After Hurricane Katrina, a man-made disaster in New Orleans (Polly Mosendz, Newsweek)

After vandalism, "black lives matter" sign is stolen outside a Maryland church (Perry Stein, The Washington Post)

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The seeds of the Black ghetto were sown in the 1880s, long before the Great Migration. (John R. Logan, Weiwei Zhang, Richard Turner, Allison Shertzer, The London School of Economics and Political Science)

Skirting race, ethnicity in Hartford's mayoral primary (Mark Pazniokas, The Connecticut Mirror)

Sorority recruitment videos show lack of diversity (Mary Bowerman, USA Today)

St. Bernard council rejects MLK Blvd. renaming amid racial tensions (Benjamin Alexander-Bloch, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans)

St. Louis County issues year-old charges against Ferguson protesters (Danny Wicentowski, Riverfront Times)

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Eric Garner case: coalition petitions state court to unseal grand jury documents (Lauren Gambino, The Guardian)

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Examining post-unrest violent crime in Baltimore (Adam Marton, The Baltimore Sun)

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Roorda pens Ferguson book (Colin Reischman, The Missouri Times)

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Sandra Bland's death prompts Texas lawmakers to review jail safety (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Segregated housing still plagues USA: Column (David Person, USA Today)

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Consider North Carolina's anti-Confederate heritage, too (Timothy B. Tyson, The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina)

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to meet with Ferguson activist DeRay (Nicolas J.C. Pistor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

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Former Fairfax police officer charged with murder of unarmed Springfield man (Justin Jouvenal, Tom Jackman, The Washington Post)

Fulfilling the journalist's creed - correcting racial distortions (Rachel Godsil, The Huffington Post)

HBO's "Show Me a Hero," starring Oscar Isaac, tackles '80s race issue still relevant today (Rob Lowman, Los Angeles Daily News)

Honor Julian Bond's legacy by protecting voting rights (Ari Berman, The Nation)

Houston renamed its police headquarters after one of its first African-American officers (David Matthews, Fusion)

How "equality" was used to dismantle voting rights (Janson Wu, The Huffington Post)

How the L.A. county jail's version of democracy has changed life for inmates (Cindy Chang, Los Angeles Times)

In emails, Prarie View A&M president calls Sandra Bland death a "wake up call" (Bobby Blanchard, The Dallas Morning News)

In light of recent Facebook post on Ferguson, what is police policy on social media (Video, Dan Greenwald, KMOV, St. Louis)

Is racial profiling a necessary evil? (C. Sheldon Smith, The Des Moines Register, Iowa)

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Lil B talks Bernie Sanders, #BlackLivesMatter & more on MSNBC [VIDEO] (Video, Hip Hop Wired)

The long, sad slide from leading civil rights organization to anti-black lives matter group (Lee Fang, First Look)

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Monday morning thoughts: Do whites really want to be part of the race conversation? (David Greenwald, The People's Vanguard of Davis)

More damning details emerge about Black Lives Matter activists hate crime claim (Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller)

North Carolina police trial: shooting consistent with training, expert testifies (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Oath Keepers plan event for black citizens to openly carry rifles in Ferguson (Tim O'Neill, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Oath Keepers plan to arm black people with AR-15 rifles for "iconic event": Report (Breanna Edwards, The Root)

Obama's dishonest "I feel" Ferguson speech (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

Officer says police who shot homeless man knew he had schizophrenia (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Police training is seriously lacking in actual science (Sarah Zhang, Wired)

Prosecutors want subpoenas quashed in Freddie Gray case (Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun)

Protesting police shootings, but only some (Chip Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle)

Racism in the air you breathe: When where you live determines how fast you die (Charles D. Ellison, The Root)

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Showtime adapting Mat Johnson's novel "Loving Day" as comedy about racial identity (Nellie Andreeva, Deadline)

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Study finds education does not close racial wealth gap (Radio, Brakkton Booker, All Things Considered, NPR)

A tale of two Chicagos (Mary Tyler Mom, Chicago Now)

Teaching minority kids about race with a color blind approach might not be the best way to do it, according to a new study (Mehak Anwar, Bustle)

Trammell Crow wins, desegregation loses again at city council (Jim Schutze, Dallas Observer)

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What happens when minority kids are taught not to talk about race (Jesse Singal, New York Magazine)

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Why Sandra Bland? (Hermene Hartman, Chicago Now)

Why teaching kids to be racially colorblind is a big mistake (Ashley Trexler, The Huffington Post)

Zachary Hammond lawyer: police may need federal oversight after teen's death (Jamiles Lartey, The Guardian)


Activist at center of I-70 shutdown viral video details being "taken down" by police (Rebecca Rivas, The St. Louis American)

After Charleston, black churches straddle fine line between security, openness (Tyler Pager, USA Today)

The anti-Trump: Tom Bradley, a quiet giant who bridged divides (Cathleen Decker, Los Angeles Times)

Bernie Sanders says he did not send apology letter to Black Lives Matter (Amber Ferguson, The Huffington Post)

Black civil rights activist recalls white ally who took a shotgun blast for her (Michael E. Ruane, The Washington Post)

Commemorating North Carolina's anti-Confederate heritage, too (Timothy B. Tyson, The News & Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina)

Counterpoint: Pseudo-black revolutionary's hate for N.W.A. (Khalil Amani, All HipHop)

Curtis Institute and the case of Nina Simone (Peter Dobrin, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

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Editorial: Ferguson, a year later: no longer a movement (Leder, Southeast Missourian)

Editorial: Move cautiously in creating citizens police review board (Leder, The Tampa Tribune, Florida)

Editorial: Voting rights enforcement still needed in some states (Leder, The Des Moines Register, Iowa)

Exclusion of blacks from juries raises renewed scrutiny (Adam Liptak, The New York Times)

EXCLUSIVE: Muslim woman settles racial profiling lawsuit with NYC but says officials refused to meet with her to discuss police abuse (Stephen Rex Brown, New York Daily News)

FBI to investigate Texas football player's death by officer (Sentinel Republic)

For Rep. William Lacy Clay, a renewed focus on civil rights in wake of Ferguson (Chuck Raasch, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Gangsta gangsta: "Straight Outta Compton" debuts to scorching $56.1 million (Reuters, NBC News)

Hundreds mourn teen killed by Texas police officer (Al Jazeera America)

Immigration reform that will make America great again (Donald Trump,

In Iowa, Sanders says he will address racial divisions (Ken Thomas (Associate Press), ABC News)

It might have happened in any city suburb. So why Ferguson? (Richard Wright, Richard Rosenfeld, Newsweek)

Julian Bond, civil rights leader and longtime NAACP chair, dies at 75 (Scott Neuman, NPR)

Longtime civil rights activist Bond dead at 75 (Associated Press)

NBC silences Janelle Monáe during Black Lives Matter speech (Martin Pengelly, The Guardian)

Officer beaten by a convicted felon hesitated for fear of being called racist: Welcome to post-Ferguson policing (Heather Mac Donald, National Review)

Race and the storm (Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker)

Racial bias in Louisiana jury selections spurs broader scrutiny (The Dallas Morning News)

Racial wealth gap persists despite degree, study says (Patricia Cohen, The New York Times)

Rage, and the suppression thereof (Roger Green, Albany Times Union, New York)

Rising up against police violence, from the Black Panthers to #BlackLivesMatter (Juan Thompson, First Look)

Separate. Unequal. Still. How public school segregation plagues New York City, and why it matters (Sarah Garland, New York Daily News)

Suspect dies after being shot with Taser by police (Brian Day, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Californien)

Thank you, Mara Jacqueline Willaford and Marissa Johnson (Erica Garner, The Huffington Post)

The tragic and complete collapse of racial relations (Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media)

"We're winning": Jesse Jackson on Martin Luther King, Obama and #blacklivesmatter (Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian)

Without release of video, police shooting of white driver gets less publicity (Richard A. Oppel, Jr., The New York Times)


5 ways non-black PoC can help communities of color (Sidney Chase, The Huffington Post)

After protests for racial justice, activists ask: What next? (John Eligon, Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

At Sandra Bland vigils, activists say seeds of change must be sown in person (Radio, Syeda Hasan, All Things Considered, NPR)

Baltimore's interim police commissioner on mission to mend ties (Lynh Bui, The Washington Post)

Black Iowa: Why is racial profiling just the "way it is" (Video, The Des Moines Register, Iowa)

Blackout DC protest stops traffic on I-395 as activists march against racial discrimination (Julia Glum, International Business Times)

Can Bernie Sanders revive King's dream -- fusing the spirit of Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street? (Peter Dreier, The Huffington Post)

Christian Taylor: family prepares funeral for football player killed by police (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Creating a living memorial to Michael Brown (Maccanon Brown, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin)

A day with Baltimore's top cop (Fotos, The Washington Post)

Fired Los Angeles Times cartoonist hits back at newspaper for siding with LAPD (Sam Thielman, The Guardian)

Florida schools get failing grade due to re-segregation, investigation finds (Video, PBS Newshour)

The GOP 2016 field meets "Black Lives Matter" (Video, Eugene Scott, CNN)

Hanover man dead in officer-involved shooting (Madison Courier, Indiana/Kentucky)

HBO's Bill Maher & hip-hop's Talib Kweli square off over Bernie Sanders (Video, Greg Evans, Deadline)

How Section 8 became a "racial slur" (Emily Badger, The Washington Post)

How Watts changed journalism (Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune)

"I dream about it every night": what happens to Americans who film police violence? (Video, Oliver Laughland, Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

Improving relations between African Americans and law enforcement (Video, Brittany A. Bade, WBIR, Tennessee)

In measuring post-Katrina recovery, a racial gap emerges (Radio, Cheryl Corley, Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR)

"I will never get over it": Feidin Santana on filming the police shooting of Walter Scott - video (Video, Laurence Mathieu-Léger, Oliver Laughland, Melissa Golden, The Guardian)

"Key & Peele" ends while nation could still use a laugh (Dave Itzkoff, The New York Times)

Lawsuit seeks emails from St. Louis County prosecutor in Michael Brown case (Jim Suhr (Associated Press), St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Missouri police officer brags about spending "annual Michael Brown bonus" (Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian)

Obama remembers Ferguson, one year later (Video, Reena Flores, CBS News)

One year after Ferguson: change still must come (Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., The Philadelphia Tribune)

Please tell Black Lives Matter to shut up and go away! (Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker)

Police: Suspect shot after struggling over gun (Lynh Bui, The Washington Post)

PopPolitics: How Tom Bradley bridged the racial divide (Listen) (Radio, Ted Johnson, Variety)

Racial bias affects how doctors do their jobs. Here's how to fix it. (Sam P.K. Collins, Think Progress)

The realest comic about growing up Asian American, and hating yourself (Kevin Wong, Kotaku)

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"Show Me a Hero" review: A tale of race and politics that's worth the slow-burn (Yohana Desta, Mashable)

Slow poison (Ezekiel Kweku, Pacific Standard)

What Nixon can teach the GOP about courting black voters (Theodore R. Johnson, Politico)

White America dons the shroud of guilt (Margaret Wente, The Globe and Mail, Canada)

Who really runs #BlackLivesMatter? (Ben Collins, Tim Mak, The Daily Beast)

Why didn't higher education protect Hispanic and black wealth? (William R. Emmons, Bryan J. Noeth, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)

Will Walter Scott shape North Charleston's elections? (Brenda Rindge, The Charleston Post and Courier)


10 years after Katrina, New Orleans abounds with hard lessons (Dante Ramos, The Boston Globe)

50 years after riots tore up Watts, the now mostly Latino area still dealing with racial issues (Marcia Facundo, Fox News Latino)

Bernie Sanders must show he takes race as seriously as class struggle (Syreeta McFadden, The Guardian)

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"Black Lives Matter" rally set for Fort Worth (Arezow Doost, CBS Dallas-Forth Worth)

Black lives tend to be five years shorter. That's why we interrupt you (Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian)

Black persecution: Should African-Americans qualify for refugee status in other countries? An immigration lawyer says they do by US law (Aaron Morrison, International Business Times)

Childhood obesity in blacks and Latinos: California civil rights coaltion alleges racial discrimination by state education officials (Aaron Morrison, International Business Times)

Cops shoot black 14-year-old multiple times as he runs away (Simon McCormack, The Huffington Post)

Could black people in the U.S. qualify as refugees? (Raha Jorjani, The Washington Post)

Dangerous Minds at 20: has the ultimate white saviour story aged well? (Ashley Clark, The Guardian)

Did turmoil trigger PTSD among Ferguson residents and police? Psychologists measure the impact (Durrie Bouscaren (St. Louis Public Radio), The St. Louis American)

Donald Trump is the GOP's Black Lives Matter (David Marcus, The Federalist)

Don't be defined by disruption (Susan Milligan, U.S. News & World Report)

Don't make Christian Taylor's death a racial flash point, father says (James Ragland, The Dallas Morning News)

Ferguson state of emergency ends after week of Michael Brown protests (Reuters, The Guardian)

Here's what really happened in Jeb Bush's private "Black Lives Matter" meeting (Dana Liebelson, The Huffington Post)

High gun ownership linked to high rate of police officer deaths, study shows (Joanna Walters, The Guardian)

Jail logs show Ralkina Jones may have been improperly medicated (Mo Ahmad, Press Examiner, Ohio)

Johnson: Texas jail cells need constant video watch (Darryl Johnson, Houston Chronicle, Texas)

Martese Johnson to sue three Virginia officers involved in his bloody arrest (Joanna Walters, The Guardian)

Michael J. Larosa: Here's an idea: Try listening to police during stops (Michael J. LaRosa, The Dallas Morning News)

One of the racial minorities most likely to be killed by police is also the most overlooked (Tara Houska, Quartz)

Pardon the interruption, Bernie: Why Black Lives Matter is in politics to stay (Marcus Harrison Green, Yes! Magazine)

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Stop-and-frisk deal: shame on ACLU and Chicago, say anti-violence activists (Zach Stafford, The Guardian)

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The anniversary of Ferguson: Challenges and opportunities for pastors (Richard Clark, Christianity Today)

Apple wants to be diveres, but white dudes still run things (Davey Alba, Wired)

Armed Black Panthers protest in front of Texas jail where Sandra Bland died: "Oink, oink! Bang, bang!" (Meg Wagner, New York Daily News)

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Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders aren't natural allies (Colin Daleida, Mashable)

Black Lives vs. Jeb Bush: How candidates are dealing with the movement (Jessica Mendoza, The Christian Science Monitor)

Blacks, Jews no longer close (Paul Delaney,

"Blue" delivers arresting portrait of L.A.'s policing problems (Boganmeldelse, Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times)

Can you see me now: Raynette Turner, Sandra Bland and the invisibility of black women (Yohuru Williams, The Huffington Post)

Chicago, New Orleans, and rebirth (Kristen McQueary, Chicago Tribune)

The Clinton campaign could use a public disruption from Black Lives Matter (Jason Nichols, The Guardian)

Cop in Jonathan Ferrell shooting: "I thought I was going to die" (Associated Press, The Huffington Post)

Cops ignore me because I have light skin. That just reaffirms their racism (Linda Chavers, The Guardian)

Detroit's transgender community: "Police have no sympathy for us" (Ryan Felton, The Guardian)

Does "Black Lives Matter" include Latinos? Shooting of unarmed Hispanic men gets little attention, community says (Aaron Morrison, International Business Times)

Feds to investigate fatal police shooting of S.C. white teen (Andrea Noble, The Washington Times)

Ferguson protester faces four years' jail over charges of kicking SUV (Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

Ferguson's interim police chief suspended three times in the past (Joanna Walters, The Guardian)

Ferguson's police chief was suspended three times from his previous job (James King (Vocativ), The Daily Beast)

For a safer America, curtail traffic stops (Christopher Kutz, Los Angeles Times)

From New Orleans to Ferguson, a decade of asserting Black Lives Matter (Melissa Harris-Perry, James Perry, The Nation)

Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matter feel each other out (Julia Craven, Ryan Grim, Ryan J. Reilly, The Huffington Post)

How the Pentagon's distribution of military gear to police is about to tighten again (Dan Lemothe, Houston Chronicle)

Jail logs show Ohio woman who died in custody may have been improperly medicated (Erin Calabrese, NBC News)

Janelle Monáe leads protest against police brutality in Philadelphia (Tshepo Mokoena, The Guardian)

Jeb Bush supporters taunt black protesters: "White lives matter" (Carimah Townes, Think Progress)

Justice Department investigates police killing of unarmed white 19-year-old (James Queally, Los Angeles Times)

Larry Wilmore gets some bad news about America's racial progress [Video] (Video, Amber Phillips, The Washington Post)

Let's be generous when we measure the impact of Black Lives Matter (Natasha Lennard, Fusion)

Mumia Abu-Jamal on the meaning of Ferguson (Mumia Abu-Jamal, Truth-Out)

New Jersey teenager shot seven times by police was unarmed, lawyer says (Jamiles Lartey, The Guardian)

Not news: Unarmed white teen killed by cop; two white cops killed by blacks (Larry Elder, Real Clear Politics)

Obama administration must take action against rampant racial profiling, rights violations near U.S. borders (Christian Ramirez, Diego Iniguez-Lopez, The Huffington Post)

Obama's fave new book attacks 9/11 cops and firefighters as "not human" (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

One year after Ferguson, still no body cameras on cops (Susan Crabtree, Washington Examiner)

Police killings of Latinos spark less outrage than when victims are black (Haya El Nasser, Al Jazeera America)

Q&A: Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin's mother, on the Black Lives Matter movement, racial justice, gun violence, and why she's not ready to forgive. (Margaret Hartmann, New York Magazine)

The rebirth of black rage (Mychal Denzel Smith, The Nation)

The revolution is socialized: Organization "live-tweets" Watts riots on 50th anniversary (Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

"This can't go on": John Legend backs bill against racial profiling (TJ Henry, NBC News)

Tony Robinson's mother files civil rights lawsuit over fatal police shooting of son (Zoe Sullivan, The Guardian)

The Voting Rights Act, changing laws and 2016 (Radio, Spencer Overton, Bruce Fein, Jim Rutenberg, The Diane Rehm Show, NPR)

Why Dr. Dre's "Compton" is not a post-Ferguson, and how it asserts the domination of L.A. hip-hop (Sasha Frere-Jones, Los Angeles Times)


2 Ferguson activists charged with attacking driver during I-70 shutdown (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

5 truths covered up or ignored by phony Black Lives Matter movement (Jerome Hudson, Breitbart)

Armed "Oath Keepers" roam Ferguson, Mo., streets amid protesters (Radio, Hansi Lo Wang, All Things Considered, NPR)

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Black-white mixed race identity rises in the South (William H. Frey, Brookings)

Black, white police officers declare "his life matters" in viral video (Jessica Chasmar, The Washington Times)

California is the first state to ban "Ferguson juries" in violent cases (Jack Martinez, Newsweek)

Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson is the ticket (William Kelly, The Daily Caller)

Christian Taylor and Ferguson: Is there a connection? (Tim Madigan, The Washington Post)

Christian Taylor's father feels for fired cop: "There isn't a winner in this ... We are both losers" (Michael E. Miller, The Washington Post)

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Ferguson's dark, twisted lesson: What police crackdowns & "Oath Keepers" reveal on the anniversary of a tragedy (Brittney Cooper, Salon)

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Ferguson: Tyrone Harris "shown drawing gun" in video before shooting (Video, Oliver Laughland, The Guardian)

Four easy ways to be a white supremacist (Lisa Sharon Harper, Sojourners)

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From Watts to Ferguson: 50 years of lessons (not) learned (Video, Jared A. Ball, Makani Themba, Gerald Horne, The Real News Network)

The generational divide: Millennial rift exposed at TSU Sandra Bland community forum (Jerry Ford II, Forward Times)

Half of black people feel unfairly treated by police, new study finds, as race continues to affect perceptions of police violence (Josephine B. Yurcaba, Bustle)

The heritage of Ta-Nehisi Coates (Helen Andrews, The Federalist)

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In U.S., 65% favor path to citizenship for illegal immigrants (Jeffrey M. Jones, Gallup)

Joe Domanick: “Blue: The LAPD and The Battle to Redeem American Policing” (Radio, The Diane Rehm Show, NPR)

Justice Department will investigate Zachary Hammond's police shooting death (Nick Wing, The Huffington Post)

Latest violence in Ferguson renews tension between protesters and police (Radio, Jason Rosenbaum, Morning Edition, NPR)

Loretta Lynch's police praise counters "Ferguson effect" (Leder, The Washington Times)

Lowe's manager bows to request after racist customer refuses black delivery driver (Video, Inae Oh, Mother Jones)

McKinney schools, police punish black students disproportionately, nonprofit says (Julieta Chiquillo, The Dallas Morning News)

Memphis police department posts "Their Lives Matter" photo with white woman, black man (The Grio)

Must-see late night clip: Wilmore marks Ferguson's first anniversary (Video, Matt Wilstein, Mediaite)

Oath Keepers in Ferguson: "The police have become tyrannical" - video (Video, Laurence Mathieu-Léger, Oliver Laughland, The Guardian)

"Of course all lives matter": Carly Fiorina isn't afraid to say it, explains to Megyn Kelly [video] (Twitchy)

The Pentagon just realized it gave too much military equipment to the Ferguson police (Molly Redden, Mother Jones)

Police abuse is a form of terror (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

Police-involved shootings in Ferguson, Mo., Texas, stir up debate (Video, ABC News)

Racial bias and its effect on health care (David R. Williams, Harvard School of Public Health)

Racial disparities in McKinney, Texas, extend well beyond pool parties (Christina Wilkie, The Huffington Post)

Racial profiling is a problem that Californians want fixed (Natasha Minsker, LA Progressive)

Ralkina Jones tells police at station: "I don't want to die in your cell" - video (Video, Cleveland Heights police department, The Guardian)

Real solutions, more than protests, will heal racial divide (Eric Pettigrew, The Seattle Times)

Republican candidate Ben Carson: Black Lives Matter activists are "creating strife" (Alan Yuhas, The Guardian)

A "selfie" or a body search: incidents show different police responses to black and white marijuana suspects (Andrew Buncombe, The Independent, UK)

Sharpton: From Watts to Ferguson - "all violence" was "sparked by police violence" (Video, Pam Key, Breitbart)

Snaps from Ferguson: The protest aftermath (Video, The Washington Post)

Speakers at Arlington vigil call for racial calm, say Christian Taylor shooting has hit two families (Danielle Grobmeier, The Dallas Morning News)

Stenger blasts legislature for presence of armed Oath Keepers on Ferguson streets (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Study: Hollywood movies ignore women, Latinos, Asians and black people (Tomás Rios, Fusion)

Trump says he'll fight #BlackLivesMatter if they go for his mic; Walker stuns on "racial discord" (Lynette Holloway, NewsOne)

Truth comes out: Police dashcams and audio exposing phony racial-abuse claims (Selwyn Duke, The New American)

Two journalists face a year in jail after covering Ferguson protests (Carimah Townes, Think Progress)

Tyrone Harris "drawing gun" before shooting at Ferguson protest - video (Video, St. Louis County Police, The Guardian)

Vandals cut "black" from church's "Black Lives Matter" sign -- twice (Carol Kuruvilla, The Huffington Post)

We stand with Ferguson (Pastor Michael McBride, Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III, Rev. Tony Lee, The St. Louis American)

We've always been here: A portrait of the US by two black artists (Lenore Metrick-Chen, Hyperallergic)

What I saw in Watts 50 years ago and what I see today (Earl Ofari Hutchinson, The Huffington Post)

When the media misrepresents black men, the effects are felt in the real world (Leigh Donaldson, The Guardian)

Where are Chicago's poor white neighborhoods? (Radio, Odette Yousef, WBEZ Chicago)

White people problems (Jason Gots, Big Think)

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50 years after the Watts riots, the original Black Lives Matter protest (Rep. Janice Hahn, The Huffington Post)

Amid unrest in Ferguson, more children seen at demonstrations (Video, Ashleigh Jackson, KMOV, St. Louis)

Anger outruns the facts in Ferguson (Justin Glawe, The Daily Beast)

Another night of protests in Ferguson, and more arrests (Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic)

Another tense night in Ferguson (Video, Ed Payne, CNN)

Arlington police department releases audio amid questions of trust [Video] (Charlie Carlisle, CDA News)

Armed militia group Oath Keepers in Ferguson raises anger, concern among police, protesters (Associated Press, Fox News)

August 11, 1958: Congress of racial equality launches sit-in movement at Charleston lunch counters (Radio, West Virginia Encyclopedia, West Virginia Public Broadcasting)

Black Lives Matter dismisses criticism over Sanders disruption (Renee Lewis, Al Jazeera America)

Black Lives Matter has helped Bernie Sanders' racial justice agenda (Ben Spielberg, The Huffington Post)

Black Lives Matter vs. Bernie Sanders, explained (Dara Lind, Vox)

"Burn, baby, burn!": The Watts riots 50 years later (Jonathan Bean (Independent Institute), The Daily Caller)

Camera saves cop from racial hostility -- again (Colin Flaherty, American Thinker)

Christian Taylor police shooting: Arlington, Texas has history of racial tensions, embracing Confederate flag (Adam Lidgett, International Business Times)

Citizen journalists, social media made Ferguson "America's Arab spring" (Áine O'Connor, St. Louis Public Radio)

Dozens arrested overnight in Ferguson, but no repeat of violence (Nigel Duara, Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times)

Ferguson: clashes and arrests during state of emergency - as it happened (Claire Phipps, The Guardian)

Ferguson: dozens of arrests as police and demonstrators clash - video (Video, Associated Press, The Guardian)

Ferguson mayor James Knowles releases statement following night of unrest (KMOV, St. Louis)

Ferguson, Mo., residents grow tired of violent protests (Radio, Hansi Lo Wang, All Things Considered, NPR)

Ferguson on high alert after cops face gunfire (Owen Boss, Boston Herald)

Ferguson protests mark a year of outrage (Fotos, CNN)

Ferguson protests: state of emergency declared after violent night (Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

Ferguson's never-ending nightmare (Sarah Kendzior, Politico)

Ferguson, under state of emergency, falls into an uneasy calm (Alan Blinder, John Eligon, Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

Fox cancels "Empire" bus tour in St. Louis over Ferguson unrest (Kevin C. Johnson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

From outlaws to icons: N.W.A. goes big-screen mainstream (Sandy Cohen (Associated Press), The New York Times)

The horror of Ferguson, in a Lower East Side gallery (Sam Gillette, Bedford + Bowery)

In Ferguson, protesters challenge state of emergency (Abby Phillip, Mark Berman, William Wan, The Washington Post)

In her own words: The political beliefs of the protester who interrupted Bernie Sanders (Eli Sanders, The Stranger, Seattle)

Local law enforcement learning from events in Ferguson (Kendra Evensen, Idaho State Journal)

Michael Brown's father sends a message to Ferguson protesters (Video, Cassandra Vinograd, NBC News)

Michael Brown Sr and the society of grieving families (Jessica Lussenhop, BBC News)

More than 20 arrested in Ferguson; armed "Oath Keepers" walk streets (Bill Chappell, NPR)

More than 100 arrested in day of Ferguson protests; night brings no major incidents (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

The mother who defends stop and frisk: "What about my dead son's civil rights?" (Maria Smilios, The Guardian)

"My students are Mike Brown": Teaching after Ferguson (Liz Peinado, Leah Chernikoff, Elle)

Oath Keepers return to Ferguson, fueling racial tension (Al Jazeera America)

Oath Keepers say they're defending Ferguson; others say they're not helping (Hansi Lo Wang, Sam Sanders, NPR)

Oath Keepers turn up at Michael Brown protests in Ferguson, Missouri (Video, Cassandra Vinograd, NBC News)

Oath Keepers: What anti-hate groups are saying about them (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

One man now rules Ferguson (Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View)

One year after Ferguson, a white man assaults 7 cops and lives to tell the tale (Jake Flanagin, Quartz)

Our journey is America's too (Elizabeth Makumbi, The Star, Sydafrika)

Patriot group brings assault rifles to Ferguson protests (Video, NBC News)

Pentagon to reclaim Humvees from Ferguson amid militarisation concerns (Jon Swaine, Spencer Ackerman, Sabrina Siddiqui, The Guardian)

Police chief fires officer who fatally shot unarmed Texas college football player (Matthew Teague, The Guardian)

Police release Ferguson video they say shows Tyrone Harris pulling out handgun before they shot him (Video, Abby Phillip, The Washington Post)

Police shootings are about class as well as race (Rev. Jesse Jackson, The Huffington Post)

Racial troubles serve as mournful coda to film honoring Tom Bradley (Cathleen Decker, Los Angeles Times)

Republicans love Ben Carson's views on race. Most voters of color don't. (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

Revive law-and-order conservatism (Stephen Eide, National Review)

Staten Island Yankees host "Blue Lives Matter" on anniversary of Michael Brown's death (Doyle Murphy, New York Daily News)

St. Louis County police chief regained control of security at latest Ferguson protests (Associated Press, Fox News)

Tea and Trumpism (Paul Krugman, The New York Times)

Tensions remain high between protesters and police in Ferguson (Michele Richinick, Newsweek)

Tensions simmer in Ferguson, dozens arrested during largely peaceful protests (Sarah Caspari, The Christian Science Monitor)

Ten years on, devastation from Katrina remains (Toby Harnden, Real Clear Politics)

Texas woman accuses police of sexual assault over body-cavity stirp search (Rory Carroll, The Guardian)

Top cop has message for vigilante Oath Keepers: Stay away from Ferguson (Video, Corky Siemaszko, New York Daily News)

The U.S. Supreme Court goes to Ferguson (Matt Ford, The Atlantic)

Vacating the pulpit, entering the streets made clergy relevant in Ferguson protests (Áine O'Connor, St. Louis Public Radio)

Violent crimes run rampant in Watts 50 years after race riots (Jennings Brown, Vocativ)

Virginia alcohol agency clears agents in bloody arrest of Martese Johnson (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Watts' elders reflect on riots' legacy: Too much change or not enough? (Sandy Banks, Los Angeles Times)

Watts riots eerily echo racial tensions 50 years later (Fotos, Olivia Kestin, Adam Howard, MSNBC)

What we haven't learned about race relations: From Watts in '65 to Ferguson (James Braxton Peterson, Reuters)

When a child has to navigate race relations on the playground (Patrice Gopo, The Washington Post)

When different wire photos on same story address different racial audiences: "Go Set a Watchman" (Katie Irwin, BagNews Notes)

Who are the Oath Keepers and why are they in Ferguson with an reporter? (Victoria Bekiempis, Newsweek)

Why Bernie Sanders' run-in with Black Lives Matter activists made me squirm (Heather Barmore, The Guardian)

Why Ferguson erupts (The Conversation)

Wisconsin church's "Black Lives Matter" banner vandalized (Mary Spicuzza, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin)


Arrested in Ferguson last year, 2 reporters are charged (Ravi Somaiya, Ashley Southall, The New York Times)

As it grows, The Marshall Project finds plenty of partners, but fundraising is still not easy (Shan Wang, Nieman Lab)

Attorney General Lynch condemns unrest in Ferguson (Kevin Johnson, USA Today)

Bernie Sanders' new racial justice platform wins praise from Black Lives Matter activists (Alice Ollstein, Think Progress)

#BlackLivesMatter protesters are not the problem (Jamil Smith, New Republic)

Bland's jailhouse death: Haunting concerns from nation's past (Nia Hamm, NBC News)

Cedric Dover, the Anglo-Indian who sought worldwide solidarity with racial minorities (Elisabeth Engel, The Wire)

Christian Taylor's father says police "won't even talk to me" after son's death (Matthew Teague, The Guardian)

CNN's ex-cop shouts down black activist over latest Ferguson shooting: "Michael Brown was a criminal!" (Video, David Edwards, Raw Story)

Connecticut quiet as Ferguson remains tense (Daniela Altimari, Jenna Carlesso, Hartford Courant)

Fact-checking Ferguson, one year later (Amy Sherman, PolitiFact, Florida)

Family of man who died in jail custody: "All we want is answers" (Video, Kevin Schwaller, KXAN, Austin, Texas)

"Feels like August 2014 all over again": Ferguson on edge (Yamiche Alcindor, USA Today)

Ferguson 1 year later: Give us wisdom (1 Kings 2:10-12; 3:3-14) (Lisa Sharon Harper, The Huffington Post)

Ferguson activists DeRay McKesson, Johnetta Elzie among those arrested in St. Louis (Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post)

Ferguson anniversary rally: man critically injured in police shooting (Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

Ferguson celebrates anniversary of shooting with... another shooting (Jazz Shaw, Hot Air)

Ferguson gunman in critical condition after exchanging fire with police on one-year anniversary of Michael Brown's death (Jim Salter, Jim Suhr (Associated Press), National Post, Canada)

"Ferguson is everywhere" show goes on despite officer-involved shooting (Kenya Vaughn, The St. Louis American)

Ferguson protesters arrested for civil disobedience - video (Video, Reuters, The Guardian)

Ferguson protesters DeRay McKesson and Johnetta Elzie arrested (Ryan J. Reilly, Julia Craven, The Huffington Post)

Ferguson protesters, police gather on West Florissant Avenue; state of emergency declared in county (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Ferguson protests "no longer peaceful," police say; more arrests overnight (Andrea Noble, The Washington Times)

Ferguson protests turn violent (CBS News)

Ferguson shooting: gunfire and aftermath captured on video (Video, Fred McConnell, The Guardian)

"Fresno is Ferguson," protesters say in downtown demonstration (Video, Jim Guy, The Fresno Bee)

The Guardian view on Ferguson a year on: both moral vision and practical action are needed (Leder, The Guardian)

Gun battle during Ferguson anniversary protest ends with man shot by police (Fox News)

Gunfire erupts on streets of Ferguson (Video, CNN)

Hamill: Give the Ferguson cops who shot and wounded Tyrone Harris Jr. the benefit of the doubt (Denis Hamill, New York Daily News)

#handsup: Support the end racial profling act (The Rev. Jacqueline J. Lewis, Ph.D., The Huffington Post)

Heavy gunfire in Ferguson, Mo. - man shot by police in critical condition (Justin Wm. Moyer, Wesley Lowery, Nick Kirkpatrick, The Washington Post)

How much has Ferguson, Mo., changed since the death of Michael Brown? (Radio, All Things Considered, NPR)

If you want to understand Ferguson, understand how America is forcing segregation (Peter Rugg, Inverse)

Indianapolis police fatally shoot 15-year-old after alleged carjacking (Associated Press, The Guardian)

In Ferguson, a state of emergency. And frustration. (Abby Phillip, Mark Berman, William Wan, The Washington Post)

The latest: Police confirm shooting at Ferguson protest (Associated Press, The New York Times)

Lessons of Ferguson (Leder, The Baltimore Sun)

Man in critical condition after being shot by police in Ferguson (Video, Yamiche Alcindor, USA Today)

Man in critical condition after exchanging fire with police during Ferguson protest (Ben Kesling, Dan Frosch, The Wall Street Journal)

Mass arrests after Ferguson protesters block highway (Fotos, NBC News)

Michael Brown anniversary: Police shoot suspect in Ferguson, Missouri (Video, Cassandra Vinograd, M. Alex Johnson, NBC News)

The missing footage of Michael Brown's shooting (Jacob Sullum, Reason)

Nathan Bedford Forrest statue vandalized with "Black Lives Matter" (Eryn Taylor, Mike Suriani, WREG, Memphis, Tennessee)

One Ferguson protester's tweet exposes a heartbreaking truth about black women in America (Jamilah King, Mic)

One week in Cincinnati (Brandon Harris, The New Yorker)

One year after Ferguson protests, just a few reforms have succeeded (Steven Hsieh, The Nation)

One year after Ferguson: Why nobody knows how many people are killed by police (Video, Erin McClam, NBC News)

The plight of the unarmed perp (John Hinderaker, PowerLine)

Police shoot, critically injure man accused of opening fire during Ferguson anniversary protests (Wesley Lowery, Justin Wm. Moyer, J. Freedom Du Lac, The Washington Post)

Police shoot man in Ferguson amid anniversary protest for Michael Brown (John Eligon, Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

Post-Dispatch reporter recovering after attack while covering Ferguson (Kim Bell, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Protests and arrests rock Ferguson after state of emergency declared (Al Jazeera America)

Records show "racial breakdown" of those stopped by trooper in Sandra Bland case - even racial profiling researcher was surprised (Kaitlyn Schallhorn, The Blaze)

Sanders hires black press secretary; #BlackLivesMatter yawns (Joseph P. Williams, U.S. News & World Report)

Second night of protests, skirmishes in Ferguson, Mo. (CBS News)

She came at the cop with a knife. He shot her. And it was all captured on video. (Video, Petula Dvorak, The Washington Post)

Sheriff in Sandra Bland case tells pastor: "Go back to the Church of Satan" (Michael McLaughlin, The Huffington Post)

Shootout in Ferguson (Fotos, Reuters)

Shots fired in Ferguson 1 year after Michael Brown's death (Video, ABC News)

State of emergency declared after violent protests in Ferguson, Mo. (Video, Rachel Lippmann, All Things Considered, NPR)

Staten Island Yankees respond to "Blue Lives Matter Day" controversy (Michael Walsh, Yahoo News)

St. Louis County charges Washington Post reporter with two crimes for covering Ferguson (Elliot Hannon, Slate)

St. Louis County declares state of emergency; protesters at St. Louis DOJ office arrested (Breanna Edwards, The Root)

Tensions flare in Ferguson on police shooting anniversary (Loic Hofstedt, Yahoo News)

They helped make Twitter matter in Ferguson protests (Brent McDonald, John Woo, The New York Times)

Two years later, Black Lives Matter faces critiques, but it won't be stopped (Darnell L. Moore, Mic)

Tyrone Harris Jr., Ferguson shooting victim: 5 fast facts you need to know (Tom Cleary, Heavy)

Tyrone Harris Jr. "was pulling it together. And then, this happened." (Abby Phillip, William Wan, Robert Samuels, The Washington Post)

Video - #BlackLivesMatter protest turns violent in Texas (Bob Price, Breitbart)

Violence in Ferguson prompts question: How much progress has city made? (+video) (Henry Gass, The Christian Science Monitor)

Why the silence of moderate conservatives is dangerous for race relations (Christopher Parker, Megan Ming Francis, International Policy Digest)

A year after Ferguson, police killing of unarmed white teen attracts attention (Steven Nelson, U.S. News & World Report)

A year after Ferguson, there's still no peace (Allie Conti, Vice)

A year after Mike Brown's death, Ferguson activists fear little has changed (Kit O'Connell, MintPress News)


After Ferguson, a real reckoning: One year later, we still need national reforms (The Rev. Al Sharpton, New York Daily News)

Amid withering post-Ferguson critique, police around the country look inward (Patrik Jonsson, The Christian Science Monitor)

Anniversary of police shooting marked in Ferguson, Missouri (Reuters, Newsweek)

Baltimore remembers Michael Brown and Ferguson (Video, Baltimore Sun)

Bernie Sanders adds racial justice platform to website, says he's "disappointed" by Seattle rally interruption (Sydney Brownstone, The Stranger, Seattle)

Bernie Sanders releases racial justice plan after Black Lives Matter protests (Radio, Adrian Florido, All Things Considered, NPR)

Bernie Sanders taps African-American organizer as campaign press secretary (Igor Bobic, The Huffington Post)

"Black Lives Matter" and the G.O.P. (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

Black Lives Matter has showed us: the oppression of black people is borderless (Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian)

Can white people talk about book, race productively? It's worth a try (Joel Mathis, Ben Boychuk, Las Vegas Sun)

Christian Taylor tweeted his fears after Michael Brown killing in Ferguson (Cindy Boren, The Washington Post)

Civil whites (Christopher Caldwell, The Weekly Standard)

Coverage of the Ferguson shooting, protests on the one-year anniversary (Video, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Did busing slow Boston's desegregation? (Farah Stockman, The Boston Globe)

DOJ, Ferguson remain in talks a year after teen's death (Yamiche Alcindor, USA Today)

FBI asked to probe Christian Taylor shooting as new audio and video emerge (Video, Lynette Holloway, The Root)

Ferguson, 1 year later: Why protesters were right to fight for Mike Brown Jr. (Darnell L. Moore, Mic)

Ferguson and beyond: how a new civil rights movement began - and won't end (DeRay McKesson, The Guardian)

Ferguson: A look back at Michael Brown's death (Steve Osunsami, ABC News)

Ferguson marks anniversary of shooting that rocked nation (Video, Yamiche Alcindor, USA Today)

Ferguson marks Michael Brown anniversary with silence and protest (Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

Ferguson: One year later (Jeannette Cooperman, Rosalind Early, Brian Heffernan, Jarrett Medlin, William Powell, Alvin Reid, Stefene Russell, Lindsay Toler, Timoshanae Wellmaker, Tim Woodcock, DJ Wilson, Madeline Yochum, St. Louis Magazine)

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Ahead of Ferguson anniversary, Nixon preps for law enforcement announcement (Colin Reischman, The Missouri Times)

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"Verbatim: The Ferguson case" (Video, Brett Weiner, The New York Times)

Video shows how Black Lives Matter gets away with police interference (Lee Stranahan, Breitbart)

A voting rights Q&A to stump the GOP's presidential candidates (Gary May, The Daily Beast)

Where are Ferguson key figures such as Darren Wilson, Michael Brown's parents and Dorian Johnson now? (Lisa Gutierrez, The Kansas City Star)

A year after Ferguson, 6 in 10 Americans say changes are needed to give blacks and whites equal rights (Scott Clement, The Washington Post)

A year after Ferguson, a crossroads for America (Harry Siegel, New York Daily News)

A year after Ferguson, blacks say police treat them unfairly (CBS News)

A year later, Ferguson sees change, but asks if it's real (Monica Davey, The New York Times)

A year later, Ferguson takes steps, but progress is slow (Dan Frosch, The Wall Street Journal)

Zachary Hammond autopsy challenges police account of fatal shooting (Jamiles Lartey, The Guardian)


Alabama man says cop threatened him with murder (Jon Schuppe, Gabe Gutierrez, NBC News)

Alabama officer kept job after proposal to murder black man and hide evidence (Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

Are millennials perpetuating racism? (Video, Taylor Swaak, CNN)

Barack Obama and the Voting Rights Act, 50 years later (Charles P. Pierce, Esquire)

Ben Carson talks "all lives matter," immigration reform (Video, PBS Newshour)

Black American lives are being erased. The victors still rewrite history (Lindy West, The Guardian)

Businesses along West Florissant down but not out (Radio, Maria Altman, St. Louis Public Radio)

Congress must act to restore original promise of Voting Rights Act (Vishal Agraharkar, The Hill)

Dallas police chief to kids: "Talk to us" after McKinney pool party, Sandra Bland (Naomi Martin, The Dallas Morning News)

Death of woman in New York jail sparks investigation by attorney general (Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian)

Family of Sandra Bland filing federal lawsuit (Adam Bennett, KHOU, Houston, Texas)

Ferguson, one year later: Are the racial divides in St. Louis better or worse? (Camille Phillips, Sarah Kellogg, St. Louis Public Radio)

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Ferguson: One year later. The legacy (The Washington Post)

First on CNN: Martin O'Malley to call for a voting rights constitutional amendment (Video, Dan Merica, CNN)

For black soldier, a nasty reminder (William H. McMichael, USA Today)

The government is watching #BlackLivesMatter, and it's not okay (Nusrat Choudhury, ACLU)

How New York ended up with 1.2 million open arrest warrants (Allegra Kirkland, Talking Points Memo)

How to save the Voting Rights Act (Richard L. Hasen, Slate)

Interim police chief to bridge police, community gap (Brett Blume, CBS St. Louis)

Jonathan Ferrell asked for help - and cops killed him (Kate Briquelet, The Daily Beast)

Kentucky sheriff "steadfastly" defends officer who handcuffed 8-year-old (Ed Pilkington, The Guardian)

Latino America, united we stand (Christopher Cabanillas, The Huffington Post)

A man "elected before his time" in Miss. gives politics one more go (Scott Rodd, The Washington Post)

Martin O'Malley calls for constitutional amendment on voting rights (Hannah Fraser-Chanpong, CBS News)

Metropolitan Opera to drop use of blackface-style makeup in "Otello" (Brakkton Booker, NPR)

The new science of sentencing (Anna Maria Barry-Jester, Ben Casselman, Dana Goldstein, The Marshall Project)

Police, demonstrators gearing up for Michael Brown anniversary weekend in Ferguson (Christine Byers, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Poll: Ky. voters want to keep Jefferson Davis statue (Video, Mike Wynn (The Louisville Courier-Journal, Kentucky), USA Today)

The racism that put a target on Sam DuBose (Tim Joseph, Socialist Worker)

A remarkable look at the gap between black and white unemployment (Philip Bump, The Washington Post)

Robbins: Unpleasant truths on race, cops (Jeff Robbins, Boston Herald)

Sandra Bland lawsuit says jail ignored her "uncontrollable crying" (Collier Meyerson, Fusion)

Sandra Bland's alleged jail suicide highlights disturbing trend (Lindsey Cook, U.S. News & World Report)

Sandra Bland's family files civil rights lawsuit in push for answers (Tom Dart, The Guardian)

Sheriff defends deputy accused of illegally handcuffing disabled children at school (Video, Emma Brown, The Washington Post)

So you flunked a racism test. Now what? (Maanvi Singh, NPR)

Staged photographs reenact real, hostile encounters with NYPD (Priscilla Frank, The Huffington Post)

Swimming while black: the legacy of segregated public pools lives on (Rose Hackman, The Guardian)

Teen sues after alleged snowball throw at police sent him to juvenile detention (Ryan Felton, The Guardian)

Thousands of California convicts to regain voting rights (Julia Horowitz (Associated Press), ABC News)

"Unable to get any of the answers": Sandra Bland's family files lawsuit (Video, NBC Chicago)

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch discusses Sandra Bland tragedy, ISIL and more (Video, Aspen Institute, The Huffington Post)

Use of force: How the courts judge police violence doesn't always lead to justice (Michael Barajas, Houston Press)

The wages of racial discord (Jason L. Riley, The Wall Street Journal)

Why the police killing of this unarmed white man hasn't led to national outcry (James Queally, Los Angeles Times)


7 in 10 inmates who die in jail have not been convicted of a crime (Bonnie Kristian, The Week)

Activists demand DOJ intervention in #SandraBland case, take stand for black women targeted by cops (NewsOne)

The change we've been waiting for (James Clingman, Frost Illustrated)

Charlotte officer panicked before fatally shooting unarmed man, court hears (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Commentary: On the origins of the Ferguson movement, a year later (Jim Salter (Associated Press), Miami Herald)

Context for Cecil the Lion vs. #BlackLivesMatter debate (Joshua Adams, The Huffington Post)

Darren Wilson probably wasn't even the worst cop in Ferguson (Matt Taylor, Vice)

A dentist killing Cecil the Lion is outrageous, but so is an officer killing a black man or woman (Rev. Al Sharpton, The Huffington Post)

Did pot contribute to Sandra Bland's death? (Jacob Sullum, Reason)

Driving while black: A certain route to death (Jacqueline Bediako, Atlanta Black Star)

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