Juli 2016


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ACLU giving away free pocket constitutions until Election Day (Kim Bellware, The Huffington Post)

"All Lives Matter" gets Texas student suspended, sent to diversity workshop (Blake Neff, The Daily Caller)

American Christianity has long struggled to be on the right side of racial justice (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

Backlash grows over Trump's comments on dead Muslim soldier's parents (Ben Brody, Bloomberg)

Barbara Jordan was the Michelle Obama of 40 years ago: Both emphasized the needs of the American people over the drama of party politics (Video, Courtney McKinney (BillMoyers.com), Salon)

Black Lives Matter activists are not voting after DNC result - Is there really another option besides Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? (Patricia Vilaceran, Inquisitr)

Black Lives Matter in public health, too (Sher Watts Spooner, Daily Kos)

Black Lives Matter protests take over Canada following death of mentally ill black man (Milca Pierre, The Source)

Black Lives supporters seek backing from other minorities (Deepti Hajela (Associated Press), ABC News)

Brzezinski: I wouldn't criticize Melania for being quiet next to her husband (Harper Neidig, The Hill)

CAIR prodding Muslim women to speak out against Trump (Daniel Chaitin, Washington Examiner)

CNN host calls out top Trump aide for smearing Khan family (Video, Judd Legum, Think Progress)

Constitution a best-seller in wake of Trump's clash with Muslim soldier's bereaved family (Hannah Wise, The Dallas Morning News)

Did Trump go too far? (Eric Bradner, CNN)

The disingenuous outrage over Khan-gate (Scott Greer, The Daily Caller)

Donald Trump's attack on Ghazala Khan shows he knows nothing about Muslim women (Alaa Basatneh, Fusion)

Donald Trump's attack on this Muslim family puts us all to shame (Jane Eisner, Forward)

Donald Trump's confrontation with Muslim soldier's parents emerges as unexpected flash point (Alexander Burns, Maggie Haberman, Ashley Parker, The New York Times)

Donald Trump's fight with the Khans is a reminder of his greatest weakness (Ezra Klein, Vox)

Donald Trump will always go too far, because he lives for your hate (Mark Sumner, Daily Kos)

Elizabeth Warren just responded to Trump's attacks on the Muslim soldier's family (Aron Macarow, Attn)

The Freddie Gray case reveals institutionalized criminal behavior by police (Læserbrev, The Washington Post)

Ghazala Khan: Trump criticized my silence. He knows nothing about true sacrifice. (Ghazala Khan, The Washington Post)

"He doesn't know what the word sacrifice means" (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

How the fight to convict Baltimore cops in Freddie Gray's death fell apart (Kim Bellware, The Huffington Post)

"If you want to live here, you need to live by the rules here" (Michelle Goldberg, Slate)

In clash between Trump and the Khans, new signs of a cultural and political divide (Marc Fisher, The Washington Post)

In Missouri, Ferguson is still burning (Maggie Severns, Politico)

Jeb: Trump "so incredibly disrespectful" of Khan family (Cyra Master, The Hill)

Jonathan Franzen on fame, fascism, and why he won't write a book about race (Isaac Chotiner, Slate)

Looks like Miss Teen USA used racial slurs on Twitter quite a bit (Emily Tamkin, Slate)

Khizr Khan: Trump has a "black soul" (Video, Eric Bradner, CNN)

Khizr Khan was tricked into smearing Donald Trump (Charles Hurt, The Hill)

McConnell, Ryan defend Khans amid Trump remarks (Seung Min Kim, Politico)

Mike Pence weighs in on Trump's feud with fallen soldier's family (Video, Ines De La Cuetara, ABC News)

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Majority Leader, Governor Pence: It's not enough (Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post)

Obama's end game (David Kupelian, WND)

Officers' selection of judge trials shaped outcome in Freddie Gray case - spurring debate (Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun)

Paul Manafort defends Donald Trump's comments to Muslim father Khizr Khan (Video, Emily Schultheis, Face the Nation, CBS News)

Paul Ryan comes out against religious test to get into US (Juliegrace Brufke, The Daily Caller)

People gather at the grave of Muslim soldier whose parents spoke out against Trump (Video, Anna-Lysa Gayle, Stephen Pimpo Jr., WJLA, Washington, DC)

Racism, xenophobia, and immigration (Adam Ozimek, Forbes)

Reid: GOP leaders "spineless" for continuing to support Trump (Cyra Master, The Hill)

Republicans denounce Trump as confrontation with Muslim parents escalates (Katie Zezima, The Washington Post)

Retired general blasts Trump over Muslim family attacks: "I couldn't believe it" (Video, Harper Neidig, The Hill)

Ryan and McConnell praise Khan but fail to repudiate Trump (Michael Warren, The Weekly Standard)

Ryan, McConnell supportive of Khans in flap with Trump (Keith Koffler, Robert King, Washington Examiner)

Scientists' failure to report abortions as "cause of death" masks massive racial disparities (Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart)

"Shame on him": Father of Muslim soldier killed in Iraq responds to Trump (Video, Phil Helsel, NBC News)

Sheriff David Clarke: Black Lives Matter should be labeled as a hate group (Video, Trent Baker, Breitbart)

Sweet: Picking on Gold Star family shows Trump's "black soul" (Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times)

A tale of two conventions (Jill Lepore, The New Yorker)

This Khizr Khan & Donald Trump meme says exactly what everyone needs to remember (Alex Gladu, Bustle)

Top Chicago cop: Possibly policy violation in shooting (Associated Press, ABC News)

Trump again under fire for comments about Muslims (David Jackson, USA Today)

Understanding the Trump-Khan war (Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo)

Voices: These Muslim parents speak out for many (Aamer Madhani, USA Today)

Voting rights rulings could deal blow to Republicans in 2016 elections (Andrew Gumbel, The Guardian)

WATCH: "White Lives Matter" rally in New York descends into chaos as protesters brawl with neo-Nazi (Video, Eric W. Dolan, Raw Story)

What went wrong for prosecutors in Freddie Gray case? (Radio, All Things Considered, NPR)

Will Smith on race relations in America: "It isn't getting worse, it's getting filmed" (Video, Cherise Johnson, HipHopDX)

Will the GOP repudiate Trump’s cruelty to a fallen soldier’s family? (E.J. Dionne Jr., The Washington Post)

Yes we Khan (Scott Johnson, Powerline)


Are voter ID laws racist? (Richard A. Epstein, Newsweek)

Backlash for Trump after he lashes out at the Muslim parents of a dead U.S. soldier (Video, Jose A. DelReal, Anne Gearan, The Washington Post)

Baltimore police officers cleared in Freddie Gray case return to uncertain future (Video, Doug Donovan, The Baltimore Sun)

Bernie Sanders' former press secretary says she experienced blatant racism from staffers (Tamerra Griffin, BuzzFeed)

Bernie supporters need people of color if they don't want their movement to bust (Caleb Lewis, Vox)

#BlackWomenDidThat: Twitter campaign celebrates American pioneers (Nicole Puglise, The Guardian)

Byron York: Khizr Khan, Donald Trump and the debate over Muslim immigration (Byron York, Washington Examiner)

Commentary: In a city of unsolved murders, Freddie Gray's is now one more (Christopher Corbett, Reuters)

Data shows racial disparities in Greenville area traffic stops (Tim Smith, The Greenville News, Greenville, South Carolina)

Donald's Achilles' heel: Trump's racism could lose him moderate white support, data shows (Sean McElwee, Salon)

Donald Trump's slander of Captain Humayun Khan's family is horrifying, even for Trump (Ezra Klein, Vox)

Fox's judge Jeanine Pirro says Black Lives Matter is "based on something that is not true" (Video, Mathew Rodriguez, Mic)

I've changed my mind about Black Lives Matter (Randall G. Holcombe, Newsweek)

Muslim family of fallen army captain responds to Trump: "Shame on him" (Video, Mary Bruce, ABC News)

National Review: "Confederate nullification" is "xenophobic, nativist, and racist" (Joe Wolverton, II, J.D., The New American)

No, the Constitution does not bar "religious tests" in immigration law (Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review)

One way to help Native Americans: Property rights (Naomi Schaefer Riley, The Atlantic)

Podcast: How Donald Trump is raising the racial stakes this election (Podcast, John Counts, Mlive, Michigan)

Police brutality & racism. (Myra Moore, ThyBlackMan.com)

St. Louis reporter loses job after sick Michael Brown joke (Angela Bronner Helm, The Root)

Think Black Lives Matter is helping blacks? You're "dead wrong"! (Bob Unruh, WND)

Trump time capsule #65: "I'd like to hear his wife say something" (James Fallows, The Atlantic)

Two books Bill O'Reilly - and all Americans - should read (Ben Railton, The Huffington Post)

Two officers relieved of police powers in fatal South Shore shooting (Video, Megan Crepeau, Marwa Eltagouri, Patricia Callahan, Annie Sweeney, Chicago Tribune)

Voter ID movement stumbles in courts, as judges ID racism (Patrik Jonsson, The Christian Science Monitor)

What do Donald Trump voters really crave? Respect (Chris Arnade, The Guardian)

What does racism do to your health? (Podcast, Science Friday, Elizabeth Shockman, PRI)

White Lives Matter rally planned for Buffalo denounced by lawmakers; protests expected (Andrew Blake, The Washington Times)

Why "white trash" Americans are flocking to Donald Trump (Kyle Smith, New York Post)

Writers reflect on painful racial issues in "Fire This Time" (Boganmeldelse, Charisse Jones, USA Today)


The backstory of the Muslim soldier's dad who said Trump "sacrificed nothing" (Linda Qiu, PolitiFact)

Baltimore prosecutors reached out to, did not use state police in Freddie Gray investigation (Video, Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun)

Baton Rouge drug enforcement has plummeted since police killed Alton Sterling (Jeff Asher, FiveThirtyEight)

Bidding goodbye to a historic president (Lonnae O'Neal, The Undefeated)

Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter at odds (Kelly Riddell, The Washington Times)

Black Lives Matter hate interrupts DNC moment of silence for murdered police (Video, Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

Black lives matter in France, too (Leder, The New York Times)

Blue Lives Matter founder has something to say to Black Lives Matter activists who disrupted DNC's moment of silence (Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall)

Blue Lives Matter hate crime laws: These states are trying to make a non-thing a thing (Aaron Morrison, Mic)

Bright shining as the sun (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

Cepeda: Vilifying whites no way to solve racial problems (Esther Cepeda, Sarasota Herald-Journal, Florida)

Clinton emphasizes racial justice, but some black activists are unconvinced (P.R. Lockhart, Mother Jones)

Clinton mentions racism but no direct BLM shoutout in historic address (Video, Lauren Victoria Burke, NBC News)

Confronting our history and "unspeakable acts" at the site of the Sand Creek massacre (Thomas Curwen, Los Angeles Times)

Constance Wu on "The Great Wall": "Our heroes don't look like Matt Damon" (Graeme McMillan, The Hollywood Reporter)

Dan Rather - "Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?" (smaylone, Daily Kos)

Facebook removes racist Spongebob Trayvon Martin GIF (BBC News, UK)

The false equivalence of officers shooting vs. officers being shot (Mike Hashimoto, The Dallas Morning News)

Federal appeals court strikes down North Carolina voter ID requirement (Michael Wines, Alan Blinder, The New York Times)

Federal prosecutors say hate crime defendant's Confederate flag tattoo is "indicative of white supremacy" (The Smoking Gun)

Freddie Gray case: Juror from Porter trial breaks silence (Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun)

Freddie Gray case: lifting of gag order could reveal new information (Baynard Woods, The Guardian)

Five mistakes cost Marilyn Mosby the Freddie Gray case (Casey Harper, The Daily Caller)

HAMILTON: Black Lives Matter: It should be the Black Tea Party (Ken Hamilton, Niagara Gazette, New York)

Has Clinton written off working-class white men? (A.B. Stoddard, Real Clear Politics)

Horrible North Carolina voting law struck down (Kevin Drum, Mother Jones)

How race relations got worse (Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune)

Is Black Lives Matter blowing it? (John Blake, CNN)

It wasn't just the Baton Rouge police who killed Alton Sterling (Chris Odinet, Counterpunch)

Leaderless Chicago street gangs vex police efforts to quell violence (David Heinzmann, Chicago Tribune)

Mark Levin gives the long, racist history of the Democratic Party (Chris Pandolfo, Conservative Review)

Matt Damon and The Great Wall: the latest targets of whitewashing on film (Nigel M. Smith, The Guardian)

Mayor faces different kind of "Black Lives Matter" protest (Scott Mason, Western Journalism)

McConnell pressed on Black Lives Matter issue (Tom Loftus, The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Kentucky)

Mpls., St. Paul traffic stops down since Philando Castile's death (Video, Liz Collin, CBS Minnesota)

North Carolina's deliberate disenfranchisement of black voters (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

North Carolina voter ID law struck down as "discriminatory" by federal court (Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian)

North Carolina's voting restrictions struck down as racist (Leder, The New York Times)

The number of black C-suite executives has shrunk under Obama (Carol Hymowitz, Bloomberg)

Officer says prosecutors silenced him in Sandra Bland case (Nomaan Merchant (Associated Press), The Washington Post)

Outside attorney joining prosecutors on Philando Castile shooting case (Camila Domonoske, NPR)

Painful reminders of the myth of a post-racial America (John Freeman, The Boston Globe)

Scars of Ferguson protests shape Missouri governor's race (Fiona Ortiz, Reuters)

Seven minutes that shook the convention (Annabelle Timsit, Politico)

The "smoking gun" proving North Carolina Republicans tried to disenfranchise black voters (Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post)

SNCC defends Black Lives Matter movement, which found a more receptive audience at the DNC (Vanessa Williams, The Washington Post)

A story of dueling racial optics: The Democratic versus Republican national conventions (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

There's no denying North Carolina's voter ID law intentionally targeted African Americans (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

"We still have a lot of people dying" (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, The New York Times)

Who is accountable for Freddie Gray's death? (Læserbrev, The Baltimore Sun)


6 murals of the Black Lives Matter movement (Fotos, Takepart)

10 times Donald Trump supporters were blatantly racist (Zeba Blay, The Huffington Post)

More than 500 miles apart, Donald Trump and Joe Biden debate compassion (Jenna Johnson, The Washington Post)

7,000 deaths in custody (Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, The Atlantic)

ABC News anchor asks Elizabeth Warren if calling Trump racist "is name-calling, too" (Video, Tommy Christopher, Mediaite)

African American delegates trust Clinton can pick up where Obama left off (Lauren Fox, Talking Points Memo)

All lives matter (Læserbrev, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

America's first Olympics were a total mess and also quite racist (Sam Laird, Mashable)

Are police deaths really on the rise? It depends on how you look at it. (Max Lewontin, The Christian Science Monitor)

Asian-American advocates call for solidarity with Black Lives Matter (Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, NBC News)

Baltimore philosophical as Freddie Gray case collapses (Video, Greg Toppo, USA Today)

Biden at police vigil: We've got to see each other as "individuals," not "objects" (Michael E. Miller, The Washington Post)

Bigotry, denial and the distortion of American history: Bill O'Reilly's racist dreams of "well-fed" and happy black slaves (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

Bill O'Reily irretrievably loses it over White House slaves (Erik Wemple, The Washington Post)

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles brings together black families of those killed by the police in historic first (Los Angeles Sentinel)

Can black celebrities shake America out of its racial justice slumber? (Syreeta McFadden, The Guardian)

Can't we just mourn the police instead of exploiting their deaths? (Maureen Mullarkey, The Federalist)

The collapse of the Freddie Gray case leaves an uncertain future for Baltimore's top prosecutor (Josh Sanburn, TIME)

The complete summer reading syllabus on Black Lives Matter (Selina Cheng, Quartz)

Council members plan to buck Speaker Mark-Viverito over police reform (Will Bredderman, New York Observer)

The Democrats make their pitch to a new silent majority (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

The Democrats win the summer (David Brooks, The New York Times)

Despicable: Black Lives Matter interrupts moment of silence for fallen officers at DNC (Video, Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall)

Did Donald Trump promise mass deportation of "Latino families"? (Miriam Valverde, PolitiFact)

Donald Trump is criticized when he brings up scary crime stats. Why aren't Democrats? (German Lopez, Vox)

Fallen police officers will finally be recognized at the Democratic convention (AJ Vicens, Mother Jones)

The fight against police brutality feels more hopeless than ever (Caitlin Murphy, Complex)

Founding a minority-led firm in one of the least diverse industries (Adrienne Green, The Atlantic)

Fox's Kevin Jackson: Mothers of the Movement "raise thugs who try to kill cops" (Video, Media Matters)

The Freddie Gray case proves that prosecutors can't be the enforcers of police reform (Leon Neyfakh, Slate)

Freddie Gray denied justice - and the whole damn system is to blame (Sarah Lazare, AlterNet)

Freddie Gray didn't kill himself, but cop obstruction made it hard to prove: Prosecutor (Ericka Blount Danois, The Root)

Freddie Gray officers suing prosecutor Marilyn Mosby (Video, Eliott C. McLaughlin, Steve Almasy, CNN)

Hillary Clinton said "systemic racism" in tonight's speech. That's major. (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

How I became a black feminist activist (Morgann Freeman, Refinery29)

If only Baltimore state's attorney had let evidence guide her on Freddie Gray case (Mike Hashimoto, The Dallas Morning News)

I'm a GOP delegate and I wore a "Black Lives Matter" shirt to the RNC (Melissa Stevens, TIME)

Individuals, agencies dodge blame as Freddie Gray case ends (Juliet Linderman (Associated Press), The Washington Post)

Is a lack of justice undermining the US legal system? (Radio, Newsday, BBC News, UK)

Is quality education possible in juvenile detention in Mississippi? (Sierra Mannie, Washington Monthly)

Is Trump's call for "law and order" a coded racial message? (Radio, Geoff Nunberg, Fresh Air, NPR)

Jesse Williams just nailed the hypocrisy of the Freddie Gray case (Matthew Rodriguez, Mic)

Jim Bakker says Black Lives Matter protesters are "little kids" (Video, Nabi Dressler, Right Wing Watch)

Latinos react to Obama's DNC speech: "Wonderful" (Video, Suzanne Gamboa, Brian Latimer, NBC News)

Lawmaker posts image supporting officer in Castile shooting (CBS Minnesota)

Little Rock schools desegregated 59 years old. Now "we are retreating to 1957." (Valerie Strauss, The Washington Post)

Loretta Lynch and Joe Biden call for healing at Baton Rouge police officers vigil (Aaron Morrison, Mic)

Michael Eric Dyson vs. Eddie Glaude on race, Hillary Clinton and the legacy of Obama's presidency (Video, Democracy Now)

Michelle Obama's speech and the powerful realities of American slavery (Kirt Von Daacke, NBC News)

A moment like this used to get a black man killed (Charles P. Pierce, Esquire)

NBPC statement on Hillary Clinton's immigration policies (Pressemeddelelse, National Border Patrol Council)

NYPD detective on Staten Island posts racist rants on Facebook slamming Chirlane McCray, Bill Bratton; department says it's reviewing the matter (Video, Graham Rayman, Ryan Sit, Stephen Rex Brown, New York Daily News)

Obama argues that Trump isn't American enough to be president (Eric Levitz, New York Magazine)

Obama offers hope at DNC but his immigration legacy is mixed (Thomas Kennedy, The Huffington Post)

Obama shares his positive vision of a nation whose diversity is a strength (Video, David Nakamura, The Washington Post)

Obama's powerful message: Donald Trump is un-American (John Cassidy, The New Yorker)

Officers' attorneys slam Mosby for playing "victim," twisting facts in Freddie Gray case (Kevin Rector, Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun)

Op-ed: President Obama is nobody's n-word, despite Trump's Putin dog whistle (Mary C. Curtis, NBC News)

O'Reilly rebuts "vicious attacks from media deceivers" (Video, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

Police protest "Black Lives Matter" banner hanging on a Massachusetts city hall (Katharine Q Seelye, Jess Bidgood, The New York Times)

President Obama and the long march (Leder, The New York Times)

President Obama's speech at the Democratic convention (Tale, Barack Obama, transkriberet af The Washington Post)

Prosecutors in Freddie Gray case maintain they had evidence to convict officers (Video, Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun)

Prosecutors say Baltimore police mishandled Freddie Gray case (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Jess Bidgood, The New York Times)

Questions remain about exchange between prosecutor, lead detective in Gray investigation (Video, Joy Lepola, Fox45 News, Baltimore)

Race in America: A country where black lives matter? (Læserbrev, The Seattle Times)

Racial profiling: Myrtle Cole apologizes amid calls to resign (Matthew T. Hall, The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Racism in US casts "dark shadow" over rights to free assembly, association - UN expert (UN News Centre)

A "racist," threatening letter was left on a family's doorstep. It ended with "Go Trump." (Lindsey Bever, The Washington Post)

Tamir Rice's mother: "America is going to crumble" if racism isn't addressed (Reid Nakamura, The Wrap)

The truth about my racism (Scott Stabile, The Huffington Post)

Was the Freddie Gray case a political prosecution? (Danny Cevallos, CNN)

WATCH: Black Lives Matter march challenges DNC and systemic racism (Ben Norton, Salon)

Welcome to the youth murder capital of California (Johnny Magdaleno, Vice)

What Hillbilly Elegy reveals about Trump and America (Mona Charen, National Review)

What I learned about police brutality videos from studying images of lynchings (Koritha Mitchell, Vox)

What the opposite of a Black Lives Matter superhero looks like (Jen Graves, The Stranger, Seattle)

Why is the Black Lives Matter movement happening now? (Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Los Angeles Times)


14 times cops weren't held accountable for the death of black victims (Lilly Workneh, Taryn Finley, The Huffington Post)

50 years of denial: How the American news media enabled the racism of Donald Trump and the Republican Party (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

After dropping charges, Marilyn Mosby still hailed as both heroine and hack (Bill Turque, Elise Schmelzer, The Washington Post)

All charges dropped in Freddie Gray trials, but justice is indicted (Kriston Capps, CityLab)

Another racist gets fired because of her tweets (Yesha Callahan, The Root)

Apparently, no one killed Freddie Gray (Aaron Morrison, Mic)

Are cop-killings on the rise? (Maurice Chammah, The Marshall Project)

Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby explains decision (Video, Lowell Meiser, WBAL-TV, Baltimore, Maryland)

A Baltimore embarassment: A prosecutor's overreach derails justice (Leder, video, New York Daily News)

Baltimore FOP president: "Justice has been done" in dropping charges against police officers (Video, Pamela Wood, Wyatt Massey, The Baltimore Sun)

Baltimore mayor: "Justice is not a verdict, it's a process" (Video, Christine Boynton, Fox45 News, Baltimore)

Baltimore officers charged in Freddie Gray case on paid administrative duty pending internal review (Yvonne Wenger, The Baltimore Sun)

Baltimore prosecutor vows to fight on after Freddie Gray case defeat (Scott Malone, Ian Simpson, Reuters)

Be wary of studies that deny racial bias in police shootings (Anna Almendrala, Erin Schumaker, The Huffington Post)

Bill Clinton spoke to a Democratic Party that has abandoned his vision for it (Dylan Matthews, Vox)

Bill O'Reilly: I wasn't defending slavery, just saying slaves weren't treated so bad (Aaron Rupar, Think Progress)

Bill O'Reilly's response to Michelle Obama's speech was immoral. Stop going on his show. (Colbert I. King, The Washington Post)

Bill O'Reilly thinks slaves were "well fed". So will he eat like one for a week? (Michael W. Twitty, The Guardian)

Black celebs call out police brutality in compelling new video series (Video, Brennan Williams, The Huffington Post)

Black leadership in the age of Obama: A look back (Radio, All Things Considered, NPR)

Black lives and the police (Darryl Pinckney, New York Review of Books)

Black lives do matter, but at the polls, African-American voters are more concerned with economic opportunity than civil rights (Tanasia Kenney, Atlanta Black Star)

Black lives matter, but so does the truth (Jacob Sullum, reason.com)

Black Lives Matter, Occupy and climate change protesters find unity in the streets of Philly as activists seek a new direction (Kim McLendon, Inquisitr)

Black Lives Matter protesters want to send message to Clinton (Video, Aamer Madhani, Kevin Johnson, USA Today)

Black Lives Matter supporter tears down ribbons for NYPD (Video, Natalie Musumeci, New York Post)

Black mothers have become the heart of the progressive movement in the United States (Video, Michael Tabb, Quartz)

The charges have been dropped, but this shouldn't be the end of the Freddie Gray case (Leder, The Washington Post)

Cheddar's waitress fired over racist post; customer responds with love (Mary M. Reeves, Daily News Journal, Murfreesboro, Tennessee)

Cherokee Nation chief tells "racist" Trump to stop calling Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" (Sarah K. Burris, Raw Story)

"Clinton isn't afraid to say black lives matter" (Kimberly Atkins, Boston Herald, Massachusetts)

Dear white friends: Here's how to support BLM without making it about you (Collier Meyerson, Fusion)

Deaths in the line of duty (Niraj Chokshi, The New York Times)

Democratic convention: The #BlackLivesMatter mothers and what they do for Hillary Clinton (Paul Donoughue, ABC, Australien)

The Democrats' platform: Justice only for the criminals (Alfred S. Regnery, Breitbart)

Didn't take long for Donald Trump to politicize Freddie Gray (Frank C. Girardot, The Hill)

Do black lives really matter? (Andrea Robinson, The Miami Times, Florida)

Donald Trump: Marilyn Mosby "should prosecute herself" (Video, Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun)

Dozens of Philando Castile protesters arrested in St. Paul (Shamar Walters, NBC News)

Dropped: The charges ... and the leftist rhetoric (Spencer Hill, LifeZette)

Elizabeth Warren names Trump's racism for what it is: A political weapon (Ian Haney Lopez, Truthout)

Former police commissioner: Mosby "incompetent" and "vindictive" (Justin George, The Baltimore Sun)

Freddie Gray case: Charges against three remaining officers dropped (Kevin Rector, Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun)

Freddie Gray charges dropped: What's next? (Video, The Baltimore Sun)

Freddie Gray decision could deter prosecutions (Jacob Gershman, Scott Calvert, The Wall Street Journal)

The Freddie Gray decision signals black people are to blame for their own deaths (Brittany Packnett, The Guardian)

Freddie Gray, John Hinckley and the law (Noah Feldman, Bloomberg)

Freddie Gray's case shows that justice for police brutality victims is a myth (Video, Leonard Greene, New York Daily News)

Freddie Gray's mother: "I know they killed him" (Video, The Baltimore Sun)

From Freddie Gray's neighborhood and beyond, bewilderment follows dropping of charges (Video, Jean Marbella, The Baltimore Sun)

Hillary's "Black Lives" generation gap (Julia Ioffe, Politico)

How Abigail Adams proves Bill O'Reilly wrong about slavery (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

How other nations stop US from deporting criminal illegal immigrants (Josh Siegel, The Daily Signal)

How Tim Kaine went from city council to vice presidential candidate (Radio, Nina Totenberg, All Things Considered, NPR)

If Hillary Clinton loses in November, it won't be Bernie Sanders' fault (Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian)

In Baltimore, a lesson for rebuilding trust in police (Henry Gass, The Christian Science Monitor)

Incandescent with rage (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

Inside Black Lives Matter: The very hard job of becoming the traveling church of civil rights (Solomon Gustavo, City Pages, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota)

"It's a matter of survival": the black Americans fighting for gun rights (Jason Wilson, The Guardian)

Jesse Williams, Ava DuVernay and more celebs respond to Freddie Gray charges being dropped (Video, Alex Garofalo, International Business Times)

Jesse Williams on Freddie Gray dismissals: "What's the point of the law?" (Britni Danielle, Ebony)

Julian Castro on Obama's legacy, Latino voter turnout (Radio, Morning Edition, NPR)

KING: As three cops involved in Freddie Gray's death see their charges dropped, the light at the end of America's injustice tunnel seems much farther away (Video, Shaun King, New York Daily News)

The latest: People rally in Baltimore to protest violence (Associated Press, The Washington Post)

The lawless anti-white identity politics of the Democratic Party is on full display in Philly (Jeremy Carl, National Review)

A letter from young Asian Americans to their families about Black Lives Matter (Radio, Shereen Marisol Meraji, Code Switch, NPR)

Loan officer gets fired for racist tweet about Michelle Obama (The Grio)

Marilyn Mosby never should have charged officers in Freddie Gray death, lawyers say (Ryan M. McDermott, The Washington Times)

Marilyn Mosby on Freddie Gray's case: we could try the cops 100 times with the same result (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

Mosby misconduct is still apparent (Læserbrev, The Baltimore Sun)

NAACP statement on decision to drop remaining charges against officers in Freddie Gray case (Pressemeddelelse, NAACP)

Mosby's action - hidden motives, ramifications, defamation (John F. Banzhaf, ValueWalk)

National Review declares the Democratic convention is "anti-white" and stirring "racial conflict" (Mark Sumner, Daily Kos)

New "Tinder for interracial dating" app prioritizes racial preferences (Taylor Soper, GeekWire)

No convictions for the officers in the Freddie Gray case (Leon Neyfakh, Slate)

"No one can take knowledge from you, no matter what color" (Læserbreve samlet af Chris Bodenner, The Atlantic)

Number of law enforcement officers fatally shot this year up significantly after ambush attacks, report says (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Obama prepares to reinforce the militarized police occupation of black America (Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report)

Obama returns to his biography (Yoni Applebaum, The Atlantic)

Obama's legacy: Are black voters still fired up? (Jessica Lussenhop, BBC News, UK)

Officer Michael Kelley said he was threatened for wanting to testify in Sandra Bland case (Sarah Harvard, Mic)

On despair and hope (Yareliz Elena Mendez-Zamora, The Huffington Post)

An open letter to Bill O'Reilly from one of the slaves who built the White House (Michael Harriot, The Root)

"Party Girls" meet the world of politics (Justin Tinsley, The Undefeated)

Police unions plan protest in Somerville over banner (O'Ryan Johnson, Boston Herald)

Police violence is a labor issue too (Sonia Singh, Labor Notes)

A powerful and pragmatic approach to criminal justice at the DNC (Leon Neyfakh, Slate)

Prosecutor in Freddie Gray case: I'm not anti-police (Video, Ray Sanchez, Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN)

Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby just accused police of another crime without any evidence (Chris White, Law Newz)

Prosecutors in Freddie Gray cases faced an uphill battle from the very beginning (Lynh Bui, Tom Jackman, The Washington Post)

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SEE IT: Michigan man saws racist "Make the township white again" sign in half (WARNING - GRAPHIC LANGUAGE) (Video, Tobias Salinger, New York Daily News)

Shooting deaths of police up 78 percent this year; "troubling" to memorial fund (Andrea Noble, The Washington Times)

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Track racial profiling on all police activities (Leon Smith, Hartford Courant, Connecticut)

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Trump is very worried about Chicago gun violence. His running mate's lax gun laws don't help. (German Lopez, Vox)

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WATCH: Black Lives Matter protesters chant "Hillary has blood on her hands!" at DNC march (Video, Ben Norton, Salon)

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4 winners and 2 losers from the second night of the Democratic National Convention (Dylan Matthews, Vox)

2016 DNC started out with a night of love and racial justice, unlike the racist 2016 RNC (Mathew Rodriguez, Mic)

America is safer than it was decades ago. But homicides are up again in Chicago and cities across the country (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Ashley Judd joins Black Lives Matter march outside DNC (Video, Daniel Nussbaum, Breitbart)

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Black Lives Matter playing a prominent role at Democratic convention (Michael A. Memoli, Los Angeles Times)

Black Lives Matter leader scolds white supporters, warns of end of "white supremacy" (S.A. Miller, The Washington Times)

Black Lives Matter releases a statement on murder of police (Carolyn M. Brown, Black Enterprise)

Black Lives Matter supporters march against Clinton: "Hard to trust" (S.A. Miller, The Washington Times)

Comic-Con 2016 had a serious splash of melanin (Maya A. Jones, The Undefeated)

Death by traffic stop (Karen Dolan, U.S. News & World Report)

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Democrats' law and order tightrope (Eric Garcia, Roll Call)

Dozens arrested in Minn. protesting death of Philando Castile (Video, CBS News)

Emotions and police presence run high at DNC Black Lives Matter protest (Mary Emily O'Hara, The Daily Dot)

Eric Holder to Trump: America is "already a great nation" (Todd Beamon, Newsmax)

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"Excessive arrest" of minorities - not police violence - explain deaths: study (Jamiles Lartey, Naomi Stewart, The Guardian)

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Judge jails lawyer for wearing "Black Lives Matter" pin. Now, activists are pushing back. (Mercy Yang, The Huffington Post)

Kelly Clarkson obliterates racist, anti-Michelle Obama troll in one tweet (David Matthews, Fusion)

Melissa Harris-Perry, panelists explore economic and racial justice during DNC (Sameer Rao, ColorLines)

Michael Jordan speaks up for racial equality, respect of police (Bre Payton, The Federalist)

Michelle Obama correct that the White House was built by slaves (Louis Jacobson, PolitiFact)

Moms of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and other "Mothers of the Movement" tell Democratic National Convention that "Hillary Clinton isn't afraid to say that black lives matter" (Video, Adam Edelman, New York Daily News)

Mothers of slain black men and women find hope in Clinton (Video, Bianca Padró Ocasio, Politico)

Nine grieving mothers came to the Democratic National Convention stage (Video, Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

Obama opens doors to more Central American refugees (Richard Gonzales, NPR)

Officer says he wanted to testify about Sandra Bland, was threatened with retaliation (Tom Steele, The Dallas Morning News)

O'Reilly: Slaves who built White house were "well-fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government" (Video, Media Matters)

Police acts of violence unbiased, controversial new data say (Video, Jacqueline Howard, CNN)

Police can't win the fight against racism and bias on their own (Kevin Lawrence, Forth Worth Star-Telegram, Texas)

Police chiefs confirm: Trump is (mostly) right on crime (Sean Kennedy, Parker Abt, The Weekly Standard)

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2 years after Ferguson, recriminations roil governor's race (David A. Lieb (Associated Press), ABC News)

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Blacks are more likely to be killed by police, but that's because they're more likely to be stopped, study says (Melissa Healy, Los Angeles Times)

Blue Lives Matter, police union miss key moment for change by attacking Black Lives Matter (Josh Koehn, San Jose Inside, Californien)

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Column: The Democratic Party is not what it seems (Rosa Clemente, PBS Newshour)

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Michael Jordan issues statement on racial tensions in U.S., "cowardly" attacks on cops (Douglas Ernst, The Washington Times)

Mitchell: Better late than never, Michael (Mary Mitchell, Chicago Sun-Times)

MJ takes action - athletes and celebrities react (The Undefeated)

Move over GOP, Dems unleash arsenal of own grieving moms (Garth Kant, WND)

New study finds racial and gender disparity among S.C. judges (Dustin Waters, Charleston City Paper, South Carolina)

New York City policing reform, derailed (Leder, The New York Times)

New York Times will add editor's note to story that omitted record of cop who criticized Black Lives Matter (Erik Wemple, The Washington Post)

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NYPD commissioner plans to step down next year (Liz Adetiba, The Huffington Post)

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One year after my sister, Sandra Bland, died in custody, young people are giving me reason to hope (Shante Needham, The Huffington Post)

Opinion: No justice, no peace in America (Andrew Lam, International Examiner, Seattle, Washington)

Police shootings in SC on pace to match last year (Tim Smith, The State, Columbia, South Carolina)

Police study shows racial bias in tens of thousands of stops (Joshua A. Krisch, Vocativ)

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Wyclef Jean: Only idiots would be saying, "Why do black lives matter?" (Felice León, The Root)

Zero tolerance laws increase suspension rates for black students (F. Chris Curran, The Conversation)


America is angry. If we don't speak to this anger, we're in trouble (David Akadjian, Daily Kos)

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Donald the great (Chris Davis, Memphis Flyer, Tennessee)

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Don't rush to judge Philando Castile's death case, police group says (Dennis Flaherty, Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Minnesota)

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Keith Ellison embarrassed after falsely calling racist Democrat George Wallace a Republican (Video, Jack Heretik, Washington Free Beacon)

Killing with robots increases militarization of police (Marjorie Cohn, The Hill)

KKK distributes fliers in Georgia County in response to "BLM, Black Panthers" allegedly threatening white people (Shaundra Selvaggi, Atlanta Black Star)

KKK recruits supremacists after recent killings of police officers (Jake Dubois, Black Matters)

Man who videotaped Alton Sterling's death not allowed back to work (Angela Bronner Helm, The Root)

Meeting the two faces of "All Lives Matter" (Chauncey DeVega, Daily Kos)

Meet the mothers who have been fighting police brutality for decades (Esther Wang, BuzzFeed)

Migrants and smugglers won't be stopped by Donald Trump's wall, ranchers say (Dan Barry, The New York Times)

More African-Americans favoring owning guns, but racial inequity alleged on exercise of rights (Hannah Allam (McClatchy), The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio)

National "Blue Lives Matter" bill has no Democratic support (Law Officer)

Police and race: The research is done, we see the symptoms every day (Alex Jacobs, Indian Country Today Media Network)

Police incitement against Black Lives Matter is endangering protesters' lives (Sarah Lazare, AlterNet)

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Racist Trump supporter caught on video going apesh*t inside a Manhattan subway train (Video, Eric W. Dolan, Raw Story)

Report: National experts analyze Alton Sterling shooting caught on video (The Advocate, Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Six charged in Black Lives Matter march attended by Susan Sarandon (Megan McGibney, Dean Balsamini, New York Post)

Sorry - there's nothing racist about calling out the betrayal of New York's kids (Leder, New York Post)

Stopping "Make America Hate Again" (Randi Weingarten, The Huffington Post)

Study on role of racial bias against Hispanics, blacks in police shootings sparks debate (Associated Press, Fox News Latino)

Texas Roadhouse fires server over alleged racist tweet (Video, ABC13, Houston, Texas)

"That's just not OK": Racist sign shocks Ore. neighborhood (KVAL (Eugene Oregon), WKRC, Cincinnati, Ohio)

Tim Kaine can speak Spanish. But most Hispanics don’t care. (Ed O'Keefe, The Washington Post)

Tim Kaine's views on Black Lives Matter are important for Clinton's campaign (Casey Suglia, Romper)

Tomgram: Engelhardt, crimes against the future (Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch.com)

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When social goes wrong: My Vine feed is shockingly racist, and there's no way to fix it (Nate Swanner, The Next Web)

White Mass. mayor won't remove Black Lives Matter banner from City Hall (Angela Bronner Helm, The Root)

Why black men avoid playing Pokémon Go (Ken Patterson, Black Matters)

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"All lives matter" says rapper who derides Black Lives Matter for "bandwagon stuff" (Jack Davis, Western Journalism)

Am I racist? A primer on race, racism, and white privilege for my fellow "white" Americans (David Russell, Mosley, Patheos)

Analysis: Trump speech failed to sell "law and order" to blacks (Video, Derrick Clifton, NBC News)

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Baton Rouge funeral: How to get the "best of humanity" from cops (Lucy Shouten, The Christian Science Monitor)

Black community airs gentrification concerns at Michael Hancock's economic town hall (Ellis Arnold, The Denver Post, Colorado)

City's public schools join fight against "white power" (Susan Edelman, New York Post)

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Faith and hope (Eric Benson, Texas Monthly)

Former NFL star Warrick Dunn haunted by police killings (Trymaine Lee, NBC News)

Gov. John Bel Edwards praised for handling of Baton Rouge turmoil (Julia O'Donoghue, The New Orleans Times-Picayune)

Hillary Clinton's pitch: Tim Kaine will be the best white ally ever (Dylan Matthews, Vox)

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In Baton Rouge, Dallas officers soldier on to honor brothers in blue (Naomi Martin, The Dallas Morning News)

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"The Legend of Tarzan" promotes the white savior myth and historical amnesia (Michael Meurer, Truthout

Leslie Jones and Twitter's troll economics (James Surowiecki, The New Yorker)

Man with autism in police shooting of Charles Kinsey 'traumatized': Family (Video, Elisha Fieldstadt, NBC News)

Minnesota officer who killed Philando Castile had taken him to jail before (Carly Hollman, The Blaze)

Ohio judge sends lawyer to jail for wearing "Black Lives Matter" pin in court (Video, Laura Bult, New York Daily News)

One police shift: Patrolling an anxious America (Jess Bidgood, Alan Blinder, Damien Cave, Monica Davey, Manny Fernandez, Kirk Johnson, Ian Lovett, Rick Orjas, Katharine Q. Seelye, Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

Op-ed: White people must not leave Black Lives Matter movement to others (Madison Hayes, The Salt Lake Tribune)

Pastor Mark Burns: Trump will take on race-baiting Dems, "All Lives Matter" (Video, Real Clear Politics)

Philadelphia mayor: Trump and his supporters want to go back to days when blacks couldn't sit at lunch counters (Video, Trent Baker, Breitbart)

Racial tension hits California Senate race after Obama snubs Loretta Sanchez (Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times)

The rise of black nationalist groups that captivated killers in Dallas, Baton Rouge (Kevin Sullivan, The Washington Post)

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After the violence and videos, therapists learn to treat racial trauma (Jaime Alfaro, Yes Magazine)

Amid broad moment against police abuse, some act on the fringe (John Eligon, Frances Robles, The New York Times)

As Dallas sniper prowled, quick decisions and life-altering consequences (Manny Fernandez, Alan Blinder, Julie Turkewitz, The New York Times)

Austin police officer: black people have "violent tendencies" - video (Video, The Guardian)

Black Lives Matter responds to Trump's "dog whistle" speech (Trymaine Lee, NBC News)

Black or white, the poor at trapped at the bottom (Carlisle Ford Runge, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota)

Black pain gone viral: racism, graphic videos can create PTSD-like trauma (Kenya Downs, PBS Newshour)

BLM co-founder on Trump: "This is kind of speech Hitler would make" (Democracy Now)

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Crosstalk: Is racism growing worse in the US? (Mark Gibson, RaeLynn Ricarte, The Dallas Chronicle, Texas)

David Duke, former KKK leader, announces Senate run (Emma Margolin, NBC News)

David Duke is running for Senate. Here's why he loves Donald Trump. (Jeremy Stahl, Slate)

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Jamiel Shaw family criticizing illegal aliens at RNC 2016 is racist (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

Kan. Black Lives Matter turns planned protest into cookout with police (Breanna Edwards, The Root)

KING: America has reached a breaking point, and unless Philando Castile and Alton Sterling's killers are indicted, it could explode (Video, Shaun King, New York Daily News)

La. cop killer renounced "slave name," joined black anti-government group (Bill Gertz, The Washington Times)

Liberal redneck returns to expose the hypocrisy of hating Black Lives Matter (Video, Sarah Harvard, Mic)

Making America safe for whom? (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

Milo Yiannopoulos's Twitter ban, explained (Aja Romano, Vox)

The most racist thing my parents ever did (Jay Stephens, Vice)

Multi-racial organization aims to bring Baton Rouge together (Radio, Wade Goodwyn, Morning Edition, NPR)

Obama's election dream has become a nightmare (Rupert Cornwell, IOL, Sydafrika)

Pastor Mark Burns: "I know what real racism is, and it's not Donald Trump" (Video, America with Jorge Ramos, Fusion)

Police shootings raise questions over role of gunmen's military past (Ben Kesling, The Wall Street Journal)

Putting all their eggs in the racist basket (Edmund Kozak, LifeZette)

Racial tension, budget cuts and "war on cops" could hinder police recruiting (Tom Dart, The Guardian)

Racism is alive and well in America (Læserbreve, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada)

The racist craze hits full tilt (Edmund Kozak, LifeZette)

Racist spring (Todd R. Miller, The Huffington Post)

Rasmussen poll: 60 percent of voters think race relations have worsened under Obama (Brenda Walker, VDare.com)

The real Trump scandal isn't plagiarism. It's racism. (Christopher J. Hale, TIME)

Reducing immigration will not satisfy Trump voters, and it's a bad idea anyway (Alex Nowrasteh, The Federalist)

Reed to respond to Black Lives Matter demands within 2 weeks (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia)

RNC attendees try to hide demonstrator's "no racism, no hate" sign with the American flag (Anne Swartz, Mic)

RNC protesters say cops under- and overpolice black people. That's not a contradiction. (German Lopez, Vox)

Sheriff Clarke is right: There's a war on cops (Robert Tracinski, The Federalist)

Shooting in Tupelo: A Mississippi city tries to heal (Video, Anna Wolfe, The Jackson Clarion-Ledger, Mississippi)

Some Black Lives Matter activists plan not to vote in November (Leo Hornak, PRI)

A tale of racial passing and the U.S.-Mexico border (Jonathan Blitzer, The New Yorker)

Tessa Thompson seizes the moment (Anita Badejo, BuzzFeed)

Texas' racist voter ID law is struck down ahead of 2016 presidential election (Aaron Morrison, Mic)

Think Black Lives Matter is "divisive"? The Civil Rights Movement split the U.S. far more (Paul Rosenberg, Salon)

This is what Republicans at the RNC think about black people and cops (Wilbert L. Cooper, Vice)

Thomas Jefferson planted the racist encounters now hurting Dallas and all of America (John Egbeazien Oshodi, New Pittsburgh Courier)

To be black and sell pro-Trump merch in Cleveland (Rembert Browne, New York Magazine)

Trump employee declares she backs him because of her race (Josh Lederman, The Washington Post)

Trump’s courtship of black voters hampered by decades of race controversies (Michael Kranish, The Washington Post)

Trump's coward (William Saletan, Slate)

Trump supporters at the RNC used the American flag to cover a sign reading "No Racism, No Hate" (Video, Josh Horwitz, Quartz)

Twitter permanently suspends conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos (Charlie Warzel, BuzzFeed)

Voters think racial discrimination has worsened, new Monmouth U poll finds (Luke Nozicka, NJ.com, New Jersey)

"The War on Cops" by Heather Mac Donald: A book review (Boganmeldelse, Spencer Irvine, Accuracy in Academia)

Watch Trump supporter Lynne Patton explain to the RNC that racism still exists (Video, Dara Lind, Vox)

We are tired, scared and fed up (Kica Matos, The Undefeated)

What we can do to support our men and women in blue (Eric Greitens,New York Observer)

What we need is more law and order... more law and order (Howard Lisnoff, Counterpunch)

White privilege protects Taylor Swift's Instagram while racist slurs force Leslie Jones off Twitter (Carrie Courogen, Quartz)

Who is Darrell Scott? Black pastor at RNC amid Donald Trump racism accusations from African-Americans (Video, Bruce Wright, International Business Times)

Why are so many inmates attempting suicide at the California Institute for Women? (Hillel Aron, LA Weekly)

Why there is no war on the police (Edward Conlon, The New York Times)

Will Dallas and Baton Rouge set back police reform efforts? (Radio, Martin Kaste, All Things Considered, NPR)

Woody Guthrie sings from the dead to denounce racist landlord "Old Man Trump" (Video, Sarah Lazare, AlterNet)


The 1968 police shoot-out with African Americans that America forgot (James D. Robenalt, History News Network)

Academic research on police shootings and race (Heather Mac Donald, The Washington Post)

America demands law & order: Trump has thumbs on evil party's windpipe (if RATS don't stab him in the back) (James Kirkpatrick, VDare.com)

America, out to sea (Jamie Stiehm, U.S. News & World Report)

As Baton Rouge reels from shootings, mayor calls racial profiling "bullshit" (Allegra Kirkland, Talking Points Memo)

Audience members outraged at police chief's denial of racial profiling (Samantha Brown, Columbia Missourian)

Ava DuVernay's documentary The 13th to open the New York Film Festival (Joey Nolfi, Entertainment Weekly)

Baton Rouge cop killer Gavin Long recorded himself telling black men in Dallas to wake up after attack on police (M.L. Nestel, The Daily Beast)

Baton Rouge grapples with anxiety and grief amid vigils for officers (Julie Turkewitz, The New York Times)

The Baton Rouge gunman and "targeted individuals" (The New York Times)

Baton Rouge's mayor seems convinced his cops aren't racist (Ryan Grenoble, The Huffington Post)

Black Jews stand with Black Lives Matter amid turmoil - but "God comes first" (Sam Kestenbaum, Forward)

Black Lives Matter activists arrested after protest stops traffic in Virginia (Fox News)

Black Lives Matter and community policing in Alaska (Podcast, Anne Hillman, Alaska Public Media)

Black Lives Matter can't claim moral high ground (Derryck Green, The Detroit News)

Black Lives Matter doesn't believe its own slogan (Dave Carter, The Federalist)

Black Lives Matter doesn't kill cops (Greg Carey, The Huffington Post)

Black Lives Matter is not a hate group (J. Richard Cohen, TIME)

Black Lives Matter leader: "Defund police" (Peter Johnson, The Federalist)

Black Lives Matter lies force cops from policing to self protection (Ron Martinelli, The Hill)

Black Lives Matter supporters, KKK, Westboro clash outside RNC, throw urine at each other (Video, Kaitlyn Schallhorn, The Blaze)

Black Lives Matter, take a page from MLK: Be respectful to be effective (James Ragland, The Dallas Morning News)

Black Lives Matter - words have consequences (David French, National Review)

Black police officers feel the inner tug of a dual role (Nikita Stewart, The New York Times)

Black Republicans see a white convention, heavy on lectures (Patrick Healy, Yamiche Alcindor, Jeremy W. Peters, The New York Times)

Cable nets whitewash RNC's racism right off the screen (Video, Tommy Christopher, Mediaite)

Charges dropped against 100 protesters in Baton Rouge, La., prosecutor says (Stephen A. Crockett Jr., The Root)

Chief Zee, Washington's naive, aggressively racist mascot, is dead (Dave McKenna, Deadspin)

Column: Key to America's prosperity? Bold economic policies that address racial inequities (Janet Murguia, PBS Newshour)

Dan Aykroyd slams Leslie Jones' racist Twitter haters: "They're insignificant gnats" (Video, Zach Seemayer, Entertainment Tonight)

Delegates from Baton Rouge weigh in on whose lives matter (Kira Lerner, Carimah Townes, Think Progress)

The dirty lie that all lives matter (Kelly A Scaletta, The Huffington Post)

DNC calls Congressman Steve King's remarks racist, demands apology (Lauren Victoria Burke, NBC News)

Does #BlackLivesMatter believe ALL black lives matter? (Jennifer Oliver OConnell, Communities Digital News)

Donald Trump: Black Lives Matter calls for killing police (CBS News)

Donald Trump plans to "make America safe again" - from the Black Lives Matter movement (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

Do police treat Black Lives Matter and "White Lives Matter" differently? (Sam Levin, The Guardian)

Dr. Ben Carson says Trump is good for what ails you (Michael A. Fletcher, The Undefeated)

A dystopian night at the G.O.P. convention (John Cassidy, The New Yorker)

Empty police car firebombed outside Islamic center; Black Lives Matter note found at scene (Fox News)

Even if we distrust police - violence is never the answer (Kevin Powell, The Undefeated)

Explaining citizenship, racism, and patriotism to the young (Greg Carter, Oxford University Press blog)

The false Black Lives Matter narrative (Rush Limbaugh, rushlimbaugh.com)

Fate of Virginia voting rights in hands of state court (Alanna Durkin Richer (Associated Press), The Washington Post)

For some residents, racial tensions invoke reminders of a segregation-era Baton Rouge (Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Los Angeles Times)

The GOP and Black Lives Matter (Leder, The Baltimore Sun)

GOP vows to "take America back" - but race tension, cop killings suggest we're already there (C.W. Cannon, The Lens, New Orleans)

Group of Latino conservatives that once bashed Trump is now backing him (Video, Suzanne Gamboa, Sandra Lilley, NBC News)

Healing racial divides starts with dialogue, black bishops say (Carol Zimmerman, Crux)

Here's why it hurts when people say, "all lives matter" (L-Mani S. Viney, Hive, Vanity Fair)

In Baton Rouge, a divided city faces two different tragedies (Richard Fausset, Julie Turkewitz, Alan Blinder, The New York Times)

In the age of Black Lives Matter, can the NAACP stay young? (Video, Tanzina Vega, CNN Money)

It's time for America to be honest about its inherent racial biases in policing (Tyler Carter, Al.com, Alabama)

Judges and juries keep acquitting the cops whom Black Lives Matter call racist (Paul Sperry, New York Post)

Kansas Black Lives Matter holds picnic with police instead of protest (Ashley May, USA Today)

KING: Black Lives Matter opposes police brutality, not police (Shaun King, New York Daily News)

Latino coalition: GOP speeches were "racist," offensive (Suzanne Gamboa, NBC News)

The law-and-disorder candidate (Nicole Hemmer, U.S. News & World Report)

Law and order: 1968 and today (Jason L. Riley, The Wall Street Journal)

Leslie Jones exposes rampant social media racism, quits Twitter (CBS News)

Leslie Jones fights back against racism on Twitter (Video, Andrea Mandell, USA Today)

Leslie Jones run off Twitter by swarm of racist trolls - and Twitter's response is all too predictable (Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon)

Leslie Jones' Twitter abuse is a deliberate campaign of hate (Ijeoma Oluo, The Guardian)

Letter to America: Achieving racial justice is a job for all of us (Kati Haycock, The Huffington Post)

Listen to the Baton Rouge police killer: Tavis Smiley (Video, Tavis Smiley, USA Today)

Melania Trump apparently ripped off Michelle Obama. Here's what's really awful about this. (Video, Greg Sargent, The Washington Post)

Micah Xavier Johnson and Gavin Long: Seventeen reasons (Paul Street, Black Agenda Report)

"Monuments to racism": Anti-Trump activists and RNC attendees debate separation walls in the US and Israel (Wilson Dizard, Mondoweiss)

On the streets of Cleveland (Benjamin Wallace-Wells, The New Yorker)

Our justice system: A bone in America's throat (Joseph W. Gauld, The Huffington Post)

Paul Ryan ignores that whole racist nominee thing by focusing on Hillary Clinton in convention speech (Matt Fuller, The Huffington Post)

Police and Black Lives Matter hold a cookout, and praise rolls in (Bill Chappell, NPR)

Police officer suspended for referring to Black Lives Matter protest as "target practice" (Rachaell Davis, Essence)

The police shootings in Baton Rouge and Dallas are about gun control (Monica Potts, Vogue)

The problem with blaming Black Lives Matter (Peniel Joseph, CNN)

Protesters disrupt RNC with anti-racist, anti-war, environmentalist messages (Ben Norton, Salon)

Racial bias in police force not as simple as numbers (Petr Svab, Epoch Times, Kina)

Racial disparities in Twin Cities arrests are widespread (Dan Browning, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

The racial motivation for putting Hillary in prison (Brian Beutler, New Republic)

Racial tensions mar second day of RNC demonstrations on Public Square (Video, Cleveland.com, Ohio)

Racism an underlying cause of HIV epidemic, says Charlize Theron (Sarah Boseley, The Guardian)

The racism unleashed at the RNC is bigger and uglier than Melania Trump's plagiarism (Dara Lind, Vox)

The real problem with "Ghostbusters" is racist stereotypes (JV Chamary, Forbes)

Republican fantasy America (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

The RNC proved it: Trumpism isn't about economic anxiety. It's about fear of others. (Dara Lind, Vox)

Rudy Giuliani: a legacy of racism and corruption (Yari Osorio, Liberation)

Rudy Giuliani is the worst person to call for "racial unity" (Michael Arceneaux, Complex)

Rush Limbaugh has a new nickname for "Black Lives Matter" - liberal heads explode in 3...2...1... (Scott Morefield, BizPac Review)

Saying blue lives matter won't protect police (Jonathan Walton, The Huffington Post)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is called a "racist" on TV (Video) (Video, Michael Allen, Opposing Views)

Steve King: A history of racism (Video, Miranda Blue, RIght Wing Watch)

Study finds income and racial disparities in St. Louis mortgate market (David Nicklaus, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Suspect in custody after racist Tweet threatened SF police chief (Vivian Ho, San Francisco Chronicle)

Tavis Smiley calls out RNC sheriff speaker for Black Lives Matter diss (Ron Dicker, The Huffington Post)

Teens are tackling racism by staging a play about police brutality (Amy Zimmer, DNAinfo)

There is still racial discrimination in mortgage lending (Hamilton Nolan, Gawker)

"This was the work of an extremist," Daytona chief says of firebombed police cruiser (Peter Holley, The Washington Post)

Trump: Putting out fires, or starting them? (Ronald Brownstein, The Atlantic)

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Deadliest attacks on police in the last 100 years (Ryan W. Miller, USA Today)

The Democrats' demographic firewall is under attack (Carol Anderson, Los Angeles Times)

Disheartened by racial violence in U.S., inspired by Brexit, he pondered a "Blaxit" (Radio, Weekend Edition Sunday, NPR)

Even calls to rein in rhetoric after shootings political on eve of convention (John Kass, Chicago Tribune)

Fear and loathing in Cleveland: Donald Trump completes nationalist populist takeover of GOP at Republican National Convention (Matthew Boyle, Breitbart)

Fears in Baton Rouge underscore growing racial tension across US (Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

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How transparent will the LAPD be on releasing videos of police shootings, other controversial encounters? (Kate Mather, Los Angeles Times)

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In the turmoil expected at the conventions, some hear echoes of 1968 (Radio, Eyder Peralta, All Things Considered, NPR)

In U.S. cities hit by killings, shared concerns over police tactics, race (Tom Polansek, Reuters)

Killing cops isn't the answer (Chez Pazienza, The Daily Banter)

Member of 1968 Olympic's Black Power salute: "If you're black and famous, you have to be an activist" (Tanasia Kenney, Atlanta Black Star)

Michael Walsh: Three things Trump could learn from Nixon's 1968 campaign (Breitbart)

More than 60 arrests in Baltimore protest (Associated Press, ABC News)

Must watch: Sheriff David Clarke debates CNN's Don Lemon about Black Lives Matter (Video, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

Obama condemns "cowardly" Baton Rouge shootings; Trump blames "lack of leadership" (Dave Boyer, The Washington Times)

Obama focuses on supporting police (Sarah Wheaton, Politico)

"One of the most racist places I've ever been" (Edmundo Carrillo, Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico)

"On this side of town they harass you": the Baton Rouge where Alton Sterling died (Jesse Hardman, The Guardian)

People are already blaming #BlackLivesMatter for Baton Rouge police shooting (Paula Rogo, Essence)

Police: 65 arrested after blocking Baltimore expressway during protest (Video, Justin George, The Baltimore Sun)

Police already have broad powers to detain us; and the Supreme Court gave them even more (Darryl Lorenzo Wellington, Common Dreams)

The police shooting in Baton Rouge (Matt Ford, Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic)

Police union calls for open carry gun ban as fears of violence mount ahead of GOP convention (Peter Holley, The Washington Post)

Poll: Clinton better than Trump on fixing strained race relations (Rebecca Ballhaus, The Wall Street Journal)

President Obama: "It is up to all of us to make sure we are part of the solution, not part of the problem" (Video, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

Relational bias: The key for real social change (Dr. Doug Miller, The Good Men Project)

Report: Suspect in deadly Baton Rouge police shooting identified as Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City (The New Orleans Advocate)

Resist linking killings and protest movement, organizer says (Nikole Hannah-Jones, The New York Times)

Right-wing media's response to police deaths in Baton Rouge: Blame Obama (Dina Radtke, Media Matters)

"Shooting police is not a civil rights tactic": Activists condemn killing of officers (Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post)

"This has happened far too often," Obama says, after 3 officers killed (James Doubek, NPR)

Three officers killed and several wounded in Baton Rouge shooting (Julie Bloom, Mike McPhate, The New York Times)

Three officers killed, three injured in Baton Rouge shooting, sheriff's office says (Peter Holley, Wesley Lowery, Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Treating the police, fearing the police: Dallas surgeon Brian Williams reflects (Video, Code Switch, NPR)

Trump on Baton Rouge shooting: "We demand law and order" (Rebecca Morin, Politico)

Trump responds to shooting of police in Baton Rouge: "How many officers and people have to die?" (Maxwell Tani, Business Insider)

Trump's immigration rhetoric, white supremacist stumbles help foes play race card (S.A. Miller, The Washington Times)

Trump, Tamir, and America's cycle of violence (Will Bunch, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Trump warms up for GOP convention with racist rant against Elizabeth Warren (Sarah Jones, PoliticusUSA)

Two Baton Rouge police officers dead, multiple shot, authorities say (The New Orleans Advocate)

US back in the bloody spotlight (Renée Graham, The Boston Globe)

WATCH: Gavin Long speaks on YouTube only a week before Baton Rouge police shootings (Video, Jennifer Dzikowski, Heavy)

When police are shot, America is the target (Video, Cedric L. Alexander, CNN)

White House responds to petition to label Black Lives Matter a "terror" group (Video, CBS News)

"WHITE" is no longer allowed to be a color! Left goes nuts over color-coded GOP convention elevators (Tom Tillison, BizPac Review)

"White Lives Matter" movement pines for a more racist past (Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld, LGBTQ Nation)

Who's to blame? (Larry E. Davis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Why political violence, so far, isn't as bad as 1968 (Josh Kenworthy, The Christian Science Monitor)

Will the GOP convention be a celebration of anger and exclusion? (Leder, Los Angeles Times)


3 things Trump could learn from Nixon's 1968 campaign (Michael Walsh, New York Post)

8 in 10 seek "major" focus on race as most say relations are worsening (POLL) (Meningsmåling, Chad Kiewiet De Jonge, ABC News)

After 2 years, probe of Eric Garner chokehold death in limbo (Tom Hays, Eric Tucker (Associated Press), ABC News)

America really is more divided than ever (Joel Achenbach, Scott Clement, The Washington Post)

Behind "Black Lives Matter" rallies: An up-close look at daily racism on Long Island (Lisa Finn, Patch)

"Bias remains:" A week of strong words on race (Leah Donnella, NPR)

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson: Baton Rouge arrest brought attention to crisis (Video, Nick Romano, Entertainment Weekly)

Dallas PD's uncertain example on race and policing (Harry Bruinius, The Christian Science Monitor)

Dallas police shootings haunt black communities even as incidents fall (Miles Moffeit, The Dallas Morning News)

Dallas protest organizer cited admiration for Jeremiah Wright, damned white America (Dallas Observer, GOPUSA)

Denver group works to rally white people to fight for racial justice (Colleen O'Connor, The Denver Post, Colorado)

Discriminatory immigration policies won't make us safer (Kristie De Peña, Real Clear Policy)

Downtown Dallas town hall tackles racism, gun control and economic disparities in America (Brandon Formby, The Dallas Morning News)

Eric Garner's mother leads Brooklyn march against police brutality with Al Sharpton on eve of his death anniversary (Chauncey Alcorn, Larry McShane, New York Daily News)

How Gov. Mark Dayton got to his big statement on race after Philando Castile was shot (Ricardo Lopez, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

In swipe at Gingrich, Obama rejects "repugnant" call to test Muslims (Video, Sophie Tatum, Tom Kludt, Allie Malloy, CNN)

Obama calls for continued talks about race (Video, Mark Hensch, The Hill)

Obama: "No contradiction between honoring police and recognizing the racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system" (Video, Ian Hanchett, Breitbart)

Obama says Black Lives Matter. But he doesn't ensure they do. (Patrisse Cullors (Black Lives Matter), The Guardian)

One group is responsible for America's culture of violence, and it isn't cops, black Americans, Muslims or rednecks. It's men (Melissa Batchelor Wamke, Los Angeles Times)

One street in Cleveland tells the immigrants' story (Mary Jordan, The Washington Post)

Op-ed: Two years after Eric Garner's death, continuing a quest for justice (Letitia James, MSNBC)

Philando Castile got pulled over a lot, and deserved it (Walter Hudson, PJ Media)

Philando Castile was caught up in a cycle of traffic stops, fines (Brandon Stahl, The Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Philando Castile was pulled over 49 times in 13 years, often for minor infractions (Sharon LaFraniere, Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

Police strife post Dallas attack: Being black as an officer is "a burden we carry" (Radio, Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR)

Racism, stress, and black death (Clint Smith, The New Yorker)

The security challenge in Cleveland (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

Sharpton blasts effort to mute Black Lives Matter rallies (William Mathis, Associated Press)

Something is rotten in the state of Minnesota (Taylor Gee, Politico)

Start the racial honesty - and healing (Ron Brinson, The Charleston Post and Courier, South Carolina)

Taking to the streets is risky, whether in Dallas or Cleveland (Michael C. Dorf, Newsweek)

Three good men talk about race (Peggy Noonan, The Wall Street Journal)

Trump, Clinton and a world on fire (Niall Stanage, The Hill)

Two years after Eric Garner's death, his family promises to keep pushing investigators: "They're hoping that we go away and forget about it" (Video, Rich Schapiro, John Marzulli, Leonard Greene, New York Daily News)

White House report card: A nation divided, even over Obama's Dallas memorial (Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner)

Why Black Lives Matter isn't helping black people (John Glenn, The Federalist)

Why Senate's sole black Republican sees hope despite racial turmoil (Francine Kiefer, The Christian Science Monitor)

Why wasn't this precaution taken by Philando Castile enough to save his life? (BET)


4chan trolls spread that petition to label Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization (Max Plenke, Mic)

ABC News' Obama town hall on race and police violence completely ignores the solution (Video, Tommy Christopher, Mediaite)

After 1963, a silence fell upon Dallas. Not this year. (Manny Fernandez, Richard Fausset, Alan Blinder, The New York Times)

Alton Sterling: Funeral held in US state of Louisiana (Al Jazeera)

American racism: From the hood to the precinct (Eli Day, The Root)

America's problem is not racial tension - It's racism (Elijah R. Zehyoue, Religion News)

America's unbridged racial divide (Michael Winship, Consortiumnews.com)

America's unproductive conversation on race, in one exchange (Video, Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

Are robots susceptible to racial bias? (Kristina Kutateli, Pacific Standard)

Barack Obama supports both protesters and police in questions about shootings (Video, Jamiles Lartey, The Guardian)

Baton Rouge mayor is no-show at Alton Sterling's funeral (Zack Kopplin, The Daily Beast)

Beyond Dallas, Obama acknowledges Americas long road on race relations (Josh Kenworthy, The Christian Science Monitor)

Black Lives Matter activists angry dead "white people" in France stealing their limelight (Liam Deacon, Breitbart)

Black Lives Matter activists want Obama to reflect their passion. Here's why he won't. (German Lopez, Vox)

Black Lives Matter and lawlessness (Star Parker, GOPUSA)

Black Lives Matter fights brutality and backlash (Erin Aubry Kaplan, The Huffington Post)

Black Lives Matter is more than what you think (Frank Campos, The Daily Cougar, Houston University, Texas)

Black Lives Matter, the police force, and me (Galanty Miller, The Huffington Post)

Black-owned banks get rush of new depositors (Nathan Bomey, USA Today)

A black son, white parents and "the conversation" about police (Nicholas Montemarano, Los Angeles Times)

Black women on Twitter won't be silenced about racist stereotype #LoudBlackGirls (Marie Solis, Mic)

Black women suffer, too - so why are they excluded? (Maya A. Jones, The Undefeated)

Can you imagine Donald Trump hosting a town hall on race in America? (Nick Wing, Julia Craven, The Huffington Post)

Dallas authorities ready for rumored "Day of Rage," but no sign of protest (Liz Farmer, The Dallas Morning News)

Dallas officer who apologized to Black Lives Matter is shining example of humility (Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa, The Dallas Morning News)

Dallas shooter Micah Johnson showed interest in black nationalist groups (Erin Ailworth, Dan Frosch, The Wall Street Journal)

The Dallas shootout, in the eyes of police (Video, Jason Kravarik, Sara Sidner, CNN)

Dallas's deputy chief on race, despair, and learning from police shootings (Corey G. Johnson, The Marshall Project)

Dallas trauma surgeon reflects on irony of treating wounded police officers (Radio, All Things Considered, NPR)

Days of anguish, nights of reflection (Kaitlynn Martin, The Dallas Morning News)

Detroit should emulate the example in Dallas (Sandy Baruah, The Detroit News)

The dividing of America (The Economist)

Don't kid yourself, all lives don't matter (Bob Abrams, Chicago Now)

The driving life and death of Philando Castile (Radio, Eyder Peralta, Cheryl Corley, Morning Edition, NPR)

Eric Garner's daughter says she was lied to by ABC, screams at Obama at race relations town hall (Video, CBS New York)

Every time you say "all lives matter" you are being an accidental racist (Jesse Damiani, The Huffington Post)

Filmers of Alton Sterling, Eric Garner killings say police have harassed and detained them (Ben Norton, Salon)

For widows of slain NYPD detectives, more pain to help Dallas cop families (Chase Karacostas, The Dallas Morning News)

Funeral for Alton Sterling is an expression of grief and anger (Frances Robles, The New York Times)

The good, the bad and the ugly in America (Doug Poppa, Baltimore Post-Examiner)

The health costs of racism (Podcast, Science Friday)

"Hope and change" becomes "death and destruction" (Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media)

How do you end a cycle of racism? Onetime Buffalo Soldier says it's simple - visit one another's neighborhoods (David Whiting, The Orange County Register, Californien)

How not to handle protests? Look to the 1960s (Elizabeth Hinton, Los Angeles Times)

How racial threat has galvanized the Tea Party (Jonathan Xavier, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Palo Alto, Californien)

How Western media would cover Baton Rouge if it happened overseas (Karen Attiah, The Washington Post)

Hundreds gather for funeral of slain Dallas officer (CBS News)

I don't know much but I know why black lives matter (Michael Winship, The Huffington Post)

In death of black men and police, a light on hard truths (Video, Trymaine Lee, NBC News)

Irish-American cop gets Obama to admit "out of whack" black crime on national TV (Neil Munro, Breitbart)

Is it proper for cops to use killer robots? (Michael C. Dorf, Newsweek)

Is it racism or unconscious bias? (Caroline Turner, The Huffington Post)

Keith Ellison wants DOJ to investigate ex-GOP congressman's threatening tweet about Obama (Liz Adetiba, The Huffington Post)

The killing of five cops in Dallas fit a disturbing pattern (Max Ehrenfreund, The Washington Post)

Lack of data on gun violence is an embarrassment, researchers say (Anna Kuchment, The Dallas Morning News)

Linda Chavez: Times change; racial divide stands pat (Linda Chavez, Chicago Sun-Times)

A man who helped spread the video of Alton Sterling's killing was suddenly arrested days later (Rob Wile, Fusion)

A marathon vigil in memory of Alton Sterling (Mable Ivory, Ebony)

Miami police union chief: Alton Sterling shooting was "more than justified" (Jerry Iannelli, Miami New Times)

More grief at President Obama's town hall on race (Monica Potts, Vogue)

Mothers of NC murder victims ask which black lives matter (Coleen Harry, WNCN, CBS North Carolina)

Mourners at Alton Sterling's funeral call for justice in fatal police shooting (Associated Press, The Guardian)

MTV News debunks four Black Lives Matter myths spun by right-wing media (Video, Media Matters)

The Nice terror attack is why Donald Trump might win (Tim Stanley, The Telegraph, UK)

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Most Florida voters see racial prejudice as big problem; some groups say it's much worse than others (Anthony Man, The South Florida Sun Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Nearly four-fifths of white evangelicals say they'll vote for Donald Trump (Laurie Goodstein, The New York Times)

Negative views of race relations reach all-time high - CBS/NYT poll (Sarah Dutton, Jennifer De Pinto, Fred Backus, Anthony Salvanto, CBS News)

No, "Black Lives Matter" is not "inherently racist" (Video, Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post)

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One quote predicts today's police brutality nearly 50 years ago (Danielle DeCourcey, Attn:)

Philando Castile shooting: What happened when filming stopped? (Video, Rosa Flores, Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN)

Philando Castile's mother hasn't watched bloody video: "I didn't want to see him in agony." (Video, Brandon Stahl, Libor Jany, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Philando Castile was stopped 52 times. How many times have police pulled you over?: Letters (Læserbreve, Orlando Sentinel, Florida)

Police arrest, detain Air Force vet for 26 hours after he posted Alton Sterling shooting video (Video, Democracy Now)

Poll finds young adults view Trump as racist (CBS Miami, Florida)

President Obama calmly yet firmly talks Americans down from a ledge (Video, Dahleen Glanton, Chicago Tribune)

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Why police-shooting videos sizzle on social media but fizzle in court (Ben Hancock, Law.com)

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With Baton Rouge in crisis, where is Mayor Kip Holden (JR Ball, The New Orleans Times-Picayune)


5 arrested after shots fired on police in Washington (Associated Press)

5 times Bill O'Reilly said clearly racist things while claiming he's not racist (Elizabeth Preza, AlterNet)

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At memorial service, Obama comforts Dallas, challenges the nation over race, violence (Gromer Jeffers Jr, Tom Benning, The Dallas Morning News)

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones: Obama was "so, so impressive" at Dallas memorial for fallen officers (Sportsday, Dallas, Texas)

Cruz will fly with Obama to Dallas on Air Force One (Burgess Everett, Seung Min Kim, Politico)

Dallas & the nation stand united at memorial for fallen officers (Video CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas)

Dallas, a grieving city, honors slain officers; awaits Obama's visit (Radio, John Burnett, Morning Edition, NPR)

Dallas memorial: Reactions to President Obama's remarks (AirTalk, KPCC, Southern California Public Radio)

Dallas officers "did not flinch," Obama says at memorial (Darlene Superville, The Boston Globe)

Dallas police chief David Brown faces toughest challenge of difficult career (Video, Jon Schuppe, NBC News)

Dallas police chief says armed civilians in Texas "increasingly challenging" (Video, Ernest Scheyder, Reuters)

Dallas speech to test Obama's capacity to heal with words (Justin Sink, Bradley Joseph Saacks, Bloomberg)

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The Dallas tragedy and coalition politics (Harold Pollack, Washington Monthly)

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EDITORIAL: America must stop picking sides and wearing blinders (Leder, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, The Columbia Missourian)

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Editorial: President Obama's powerful speech was full of truth, pain and hope (Leder, The Dallas Morning News)

The eclipse of white Christian America (Robert P. Jones, The Atlantic)

Even at a funeral, dividing the nation is apparently good politics (Salena Zito, The Hill)

First black Miss Ala. on leave from TV job after calling Dallas cop-killer a "martyr" (Mary Bowerman, USA Today)

Fox's Hume: To Obama, "racism in America has a white face, never a black face" (Video, Media Matters)

From Ferguson to Baton Rouge: Deaths of black men and women at the hands of police (Daniel Funke, Tina Susman, Los Angeles Times)

Fundamentally transformed (Victor Davis Hanson, National Review)

Gabourey Sidibe gets candid about racism she's faced: "I'm not just scared for myself, I'm scared for everyone" (Maggie Parker, People)

Guest essay: There's no debate - institutional racism is real (Rachael DeCruz, The Seattle Times)

"Had I made a wrong move, I would have been shot" (Læserbreve samlet af Chris Bodenner, The Atlantic)

Healing black and blue: In Dallas, President Obama makes a powerful appeal to America's better racial angels (Leder, New York Daily News)

Hear the audio recording of the 2 cops pulling over Philando Castile (Video/lyd, ABC News)

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Confederate flag flies once again — for a few hours — at the South Carolina statehouse (Katie Mettler, The Washington Post)

Cop shot in traffic stop ambush near Ferguson (Katie Zavadski, The Daily Beast)

Cops may have thought Philando Castile was a robbery suspect, noting "wide-set nose," dispatch audio indicates (Video/lyd, Julia Jacobo, Enjoli Francis, ABC News)

Dallas a city in mourning: "There is so much that keeps us from loving one another" (w/video) (Video, Brady Dennis, Louisa Loveluck (The Washington Post), Tampa Bay Times, Florida)

Dallas chief bluntly challenges protesters to "serve your community" (Tasha Tsiaperas, The Dallas Morning News)

Dallas disaster: Are the media's angry voices finally being drowned out? (Video, Howard Kurtz, Fox News)

Dallas doubtful that President Obama can bridge its divide (Jay Newton-Small, TIME)

Dallas police chief, David O. Brown, is calm at center of crisis (Richard Fausset, Alan Blinder, Manny Fernandez, The New York Times)

Dallas police chief invites Black Lives Matter protesters to join department (Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times)

Dallas police chief received death threats after gunman killed officers (Allegra Kirkland, Talking Points Memo)

Dallas police chief says "we're asking cops to do too much in this country" (Video, Brady Dennis, Mark Berman, Elahe Izadi, The Washington Post)

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The March on Washington film festival is frighteningly relevant (Stuart Miller, The Guardian)

Mark Davis: Mr. President, please don't temper your support for Dallas police (Mark Davis, The Dallas Morning News)

Mayor de Blasio and wife defend Black Lives Matter movement (David K. Li, New York Post)

Minnesota protesters demand charges for Officer Yanez in Philando Castile case (Video, Fox News Latino)

Mother who took bullet for sons in Dallas shooting advises America to "learn to love" (Video, Michael Edison Hayden, ABC News)

Moving beyond anger as Dallas begins to heal (Video, ABC News)

My husband is a cop. I'm tired of trying to convince my fellow liberals he's not a monster (En kvinde gift med en betjent, Vox)

NAACP calls on greater race relations in wake of shootings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile (Adam Ferries, cleveland.com, Ohio)

NRA's Ted Nugent smears Philando Castile and says Obama wants to start a race war (Timothy Johnson, Media Matters)

NY GOP chairman blasts Cuomo for politicizing Dallas shooting (Fredric U. Dicker, New York Post)

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Obama's big challenge during Dallas memorial service speech (CBS News)

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Obama's legacy of race (Leder, The Washington Times)

Obama tells police: "I'm your best hope" for relations with communities of color (Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post)

Obama, the aloof rageaholic (Tiffany Kendal Koogler, American Thinker)

Obama to police: Dallas shooting was a "hate crime" (Sarah Wheaton, Politico)

Obama tramples on high ideals of America, fuels Black Lives Matter racism (Charles Hurt, The Washington Times)

Obama walks fine line on race (Kenneth T. Walsh, U.S. News & World Report)

Officer's lawyer: Castile pulled over because he matched robbery suspect (Brandon Stahl, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Parents of Dallas shooter speak out: "I love my son, I hate what he did" (Video, Stephanie Petit, People)

Philando Castile never showed handgun during deadly Minnesota traffic stop, girlfriend says: "The gun never came out, it could never be a threat" (Video, Dan Good, New York Daily News)

Philando Castile supporters, cops clash in tense protest that shuts down I-94 (VIDEO) (Video, Mike Mullen, City Pages, Minneapolis)

Protests over Castile, police shootings continue for 5th day (Video, CBS Minnesota)

Post-Dallas, could white fear turn tide for Trump? (Charles D. Ellison, The Root)

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Radio recording suggests disturbing reason Philando Castile was pulled over: Report (Video/lyd, Julia Craven, The Huffington Post)

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Real tragedy of Dallas: Callous disregard that US has for the lives of black Americans (Ashley Moore, First Post)

The release of DeRay McKesson (J. Weston Phippen, The Atlantic)

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Rising racial tensions won't help Donald Trump. Here's why. (Michael Tesler, The Washington Post)

The road to Dallas (Jed Babbin, The American Spectator)

Roy Exum: A black officer's anguish (Roy Exum, The Chattanoogan, Tennessee)

Rudy Giuliani doubles down on Black Lives Matter criticism, says he "saved a lot more black lives" than group does (Video, Jason Silverstein, New York Daily News)

Rudy Giuliani's racial myths (Leder, The New York Times)

Sandra Bland's death: one year later "all we can do is pray" amid week of violence (Tom Dart, The Guardian)

Serena Williams is the greatest (Vann R. Newkirk II, The Atlantic)

Sheriff David Clarke: It's time to stand up to Black Lives Matter (Video, David Clarke, Fox News)

Shocker! It looks like the media may have bought a false narrative in Philando Castile shooting (John Ziegler, Mediaite)

Should Dallas officers who survived ambush be required to undergo counseling? (Jeffrey Weiss, Sabriya Rice, The Dallas Morning News)

Solange Knowles critiques police, joins Alton Sterling protests in Baton Rouge (Maeve McDermott, USA Today)

The solution to America's race problem isn't written in black and white (Jason Reid, The Undefeated)

Stop asking black victims of white violence if they forgive their victimizers (Shaun King, New York Daily News)

Structural racism in the US won't diminish with time (Khaled A. Beydoun, Al Jazeera)

Surprising new evidence shows bias in police use of force but not in shootings (Quoctrung Bui, Amanda Cox, The New York Times)

"A terrible disconnect" (Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator)

Texans calling for Obama to address police support, gun control, slavery reparations (Jeff Mosier, The Dallas Morning News)

There's a reason black Americans say racism persists: The cops (John McWhorter, The Washington Post)

"These are thugs": Sarah Palin demands media quit calling Black Lives Matter protesters "people" (Video, David Edwards, Raw Story)

This week we are all Black Lives Matter (David Marcus, The Federalist)

This year is not as bad as 1968 (Podcast, Jody Avirgan, Farai Chideya, Nate Silver, Clare Malone, Harry Enten, FiveThirtyEight)

To live and die on Facebook (Alex Wagner, The Atlantic)

Traffic stop that led to Philando Castile's death illustrates danger of driving while black (Aaron Rupar, Think Progress)

A tragic first week of July (Joshua Berlinger, Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN)

Trump: "I am the law and order candidate" (Video, Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics)

Usually I wait (Melba Pearson, The Huffington Post)

Vigil for Philando Castile continues at governor's residence (Video, Bill Hudson, CBS Minnesota)

Was Dallas cop killer Micah Johnson radicalized online? (Drew Griffin, David Fitzpatrick, Curt Devine, CNN)

What Obama should be saying after Dallas - but won't (Rich Lowry, New York Post)

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What we need in Dallas from President Obama (Mark Davis, Town Hall)

Where do we go from here? A nation united in grief seeks answers (Video, Mallory Simon, CNN)

White people in America will fight for your right to bear arms - so long as you don't look like Philando Castile (Hannah Smith, The Independent, UK)

Widows of slain NYPD cops raise money for families of fallen Dallas officers (Video, Chris Fuchs, NBC News)

yes, there is racial "bias" in police shootings (Michelle Phelps, scatterplot)


The 21st century's "fierce urgency of now" (Clarence B. Jones, The Huffington Post)

After Dallas, hold tight to 2 points: Our view (Leder, USA Today)

After Dallas shooting, what's next for Black Lives Matter? (Gretel Kauffman, The Christian Science Monitor)

After Dallas, the future of Black Lives Matter (Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker)

Alton Sterling's aunt visited a Dallas megachurch on Sunday: "I just had to come" (Sarah Mervosh, Elvia Limon, The Dallas Morning News)

America's history of separate lives is a root cause (Natalie Y. Moore, The Guardian)

America's worst president? (Myron Magnet, City Journal)

Amid protests and vigils, a small cry for a nation on edge: "It hurts too much" (Brian Murphy, Ashley Cusick, The Washington Post)

Arrests made in Baton Rouge, NYC, St. Paul during anti-police brutality protests; Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson among those detained (Nicole Hensley, New York Daily News)

As his campaign crumbles under hate, Trump blames Clinton and Obama for U.S. divisions (Sarah Jones, PoliticusUSA)

The big hole in America's multicultural quilt (Joe Davidson, The Washington Post)

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson arrested during Alton Sterling protest (Video, Matthew Grimson, Associated Press, NBC News)

Black lives matter. Blue lives matter. Words matter. (Carl M. Cannon, Real Clear Politics)

Black Lives Matter leader condemns violence at St. Paul protest (Josh Sanburn, TIME)

Black Lives Matter leader DeRay Mckesson released after being held in Baton Rouge on a night of tension and protests (Fenit Nirappil, Wesley Lowery, Robert Samuels, T. Rees Shapiro, The Washington Post)

Black Lives Matter protest in New York attracts new people (Charlotte Alter, TIME)

Black Lives Matter responds to Dallas tragedy: "We are about ending violence, not escalating it" (Kellee Terrell, Hello Beautiful)

Black Lives Matter supporter killed after breaking into off-duty St. Louis officer's home over Facebook argument (Video, Alfred Ng, New York Daily News)

Black militia says Dallas shooter "shall be celebrated one day" (Tom Steele, The Dallas Morning News)

Black, white and blue (Video, CBS Sunday Morning)

BLM back at it already: Have you no sense of decency, sir? (Hillary has been playing with fire) (Steve Sailer, VDare.com)

Calls for unity give way to partisan finger-pointing after Dallas (Abby Phillip, The Washington Post)

CNN pundit goes off on racist whites who think they "allowed" Obama to be president (Video, David Edwards, Raw Story)

Confederate flag rises again at South Carolina statehouse (Alfred Ng, New York Daily News)

Dallas activists try to balance solidarity with police while voicing their concerns (Josh Dawsey, Erin Ailworth, The Wall Street Journal)

Dallas BLM killer's hate group favored by Obama (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

Dallas gunman had plans for wider attack, police say (Alan Blinder, Timothy Williams, The New York Times)

Dallas is the latest battlefield in the United States (Ines Pohl, Deutsche Welle, Tyskland)

Dallas photographer: "Little window into what happened" (Fotos, Benazir Wehelle, CNN)

Dallas police end search for suspicious person in headquarters' parking lot (Video, Ralph Ellis, Steve Almasy, Steve Visser, CNN)

Dallas police face fresh threats amid renewed protests across America (Jon Swaine, Ryan Felton, Tom Dart, The Guardian)

Dallas residents look to churches for hope and answers in wake of police deaths (Brady Dennis, Louisa Loveluck, The Washington Post)

Dallas shootings deal black police officers a double heartbreak (Chrisopher Mathias, The Huffington Post)

Dallas shootings: tensions over race, guns and policing threaten to boil over (Jon Swaine, Tom Dart, The Guardian)

Demonstrators rally in Baton Rouge over black man's death (Rebecca Santana, The Washington Post)

DeRay Mckesson arrested in Baton Rouge protest (Steve Kenny, The New York Times)

DuBose's mom at Black Lives Matter rally: "Don't wait until it happens to your son" (Video, Mark Curnutte, The Cincinnati Enquirer, Ohio)

Father of Dallas shooting victim: "All this fighting, all this racism must stop" (Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

Fiancée of Philando Castile speaks at Dallas church: "These things are done to us" (Video, Ben Rappaport, NBC News)

Floyd: Micah Johnsons ideological soulmates are other mass killers (Jacquielynn Floyd, The Dallas Morning News)

For Black Lives Matter, classical music steps in (William Robin, The New York Times)

Gov. Greg Abbott in severe pain from burns as he traveled to Dallas in shooting aftermath (Brandi Grissom, The Dallas Morning News)

Gunfire hits San Antonio police headquarters (USA Today)

Gunfire hits San Antonio police HQ, suspect being sought (David Caplan, ABC News)

How the war on drugs affected incarceration rates (Lauren Carroll, PolitiFact)

How to embrace nationalism responsibly (Lawrence Summers, The Washington Post)

How we got to the brink of civil war, and how to stop it (Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart)

Hundreds arrested amid new protests as details of Dallas gunman's plans emerge (Jon Swaine, Edward Helmore, The Guardian)

Hundreds arrested as Black Lives Matter protests continue nationwide (Chas Danner, Margaret Hartmann, New York Magazine)

I am angry, sad and distraught (Ken Screven, The Albany Times Union)

In Dallas, police lives are mourned but rage continues to boil over (Jay Newton-Small, TIME)

In an era of Black Lives Matter protests, history offers a powerful lesson (Jeff Guo, The Washington Post)

Killings and history challenge us to value all lives equally (Stephen Henderson, Detroit Free Press, Illinois)

Liberty show solidarity with Black Lives Matter in rare public stance (Seth Berkman, The New York Times)

"Lives matter; we are all Americans": Dallas protesters, counterprotesters come together with police (Claire Z. Cardona, The Dallas Morning News)

Max Geron: A Dallas police officer's account of the downtown ambush (Max Geron, The Dallas Morning News)

Media fans flames of racism (Jenn Jacques, Bearing Arms)

Micah Johnson was kicked out of the Army for stealing panties (Michael Daly, The Daily Beast)

Michael Eric Dyson: Donald Trump is setting himself up as a defender of whiteness in America (Video, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

Mike Hashimoto: Yes, it's irresponsible to link Dallas gunman to a larger cause; just like before (Mike Hashimoto, The Dallas Morning News)

Obama and company decline to speak honestly about Dallas (Paul Mirengoff, Powerline)

Obama, Biden to visit Dallas Tuesday (Jessie Hellmann, The Hill)

Obama defends Black Lives Matter movement as protests heat up (Video, Reena Flores, CBS News)

Obama returns to U.S. to deal with Dallas shooting aftermath (Dave Boyer, The Washington Times)

Obama says anti-cop rhetoric can hurt Black Lives Matter (Arthur Delaney, The Huffington Post)

Obama says attacks on police hurt Black Lives Matter cause (Reuters)

On a somber Sunday, "one nation under God examines its soul" (Richard Fausset, Campbell Robertson, Nikole Hannah-Jones, The New York Times)

Our discourse on race is becoming ever more polarised (Farai Chideya, The Guardian)

"Outraged" NYC Black Lives Matter protesters march up Broadway; more than a 20 arrested (Chauncey Alcorn, Ben Kochman, New York Daily News)

Philando Castile's fiancée reveals daughter's message of hope during call into service honoring five slain cops at Dallas megachurch (Nancy Dillon, Stephen Rex Brown, New York Daily News)

Police swipe at Obama over tensions (Felicia Schwartz, Byron Tau, Zusha Elinson, The Wall Street Journal)

President Obama defends Black Lives Matter by comparing them to abolition movement (Tommy Christopher, Mediaite)

President Obama urges mutual respect from protesters and police (Mark Landler, Nicholas Fandos, The New York Times)

Protester cleared in Dallas police attack has received hundreds of death threats and is in hiding (Video, Shaun King, New York Daily News)

Riveting post by black police officer confronts BLM with raw honesty and EVERY American needs to see it (Michele Kirk, BizPac Review)

Rudy Giuliani says black children have a "99% chance" of killing each other, calls Black Lives Matter "inherently racist" (Jason Silverstein, New York Daily News)

Rudy Giuliani's Black Lives Matter comments lack accuracy and context (Katie Link, Newsy)

Seeing the real Dallas (Richard Parker, The Atlantic)

Serena Williams' black excellence comes at a vital time for America (Bryan Armen Graham, The Guardian)

Sharp emotions, further protests deepen nation's divide over race and policing (Jerry Markon, Fenit Nirappil, Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post)

She wasn't a cop and she wasn't white, but she took a bullet in Dallas while protecting her sons (Molly Hennessy-Fiske, The Washington Post)

A single photo from Baton Rouge that's hard to forget (Yoni Appelbaum, The Atlantic)

Some police agencies are easing racial tensions (Alan Gomez, USA Today)

Something more is required of us now. What? (Michelle Alexander, Medium)

Tavis Smiley: Why is Obama going only to Dallas? (Tavis Smiley, USA Today)

They came, they swarmed, they covered: How the national media did Dallas (Chris Vognar, Christopher Wynn, The Dallas Morning News)

A tough day in Baton Rouge: Prominent activist detained and confrontations with Black Panthers (Isaac Stanley-Becker, Wesley Lowery, Ashley Cusick, The Washington Post)

A tragic week inspires sermons in Dallas, Baton Rouge and St. Paul (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Trump trying to campaign as "racial healer", says Oklahoma governor (Edward Helmore, The Guardian)

Violence in America: A view from the outside (Nigel Roberts, NewsOne)

"We've progressed and I don't see it stopping": why 1968 was still much worse than 2016 (Libby Nelson, Vox)

Which lives matter more, whether it's 1968 or 2016? (Kyle Munson, The Des Moines Register, Iowa)

Who was Micah Johnson? A more complex picture emerges (Jennifer Emily, The Dallas Morning News)

Why Black Lives Matter has gained momentum in a country where police shootings are rare (Lindsey Bever, The Washington Post)


Activists walk a fine, painful line in wake of Dallas shooting (Jason Abbruzzese, Mashable)

African-American professor Carol Swain slams Black Lives Matter (Video, Daniella Diaz, CNN)

After a painful week for police and protesters, Obama says America is united (Video, Gregory Korte, USA Today)

Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the hypocritical screams of white America after the Dallas cop shootings (Lawrence Ware, The Root)

"America is weeping": Taking stock after 3 days of tragedy (Matt Sedensky, Sharon Cohen, Associated Press)

Americans are still living by the same color codes established before the nation's birth (Darryl Fears, Miami Herald, Florida)

America's killing fields: Is there any meaning to all of these sacrificed lives? (Kathleen Parker, Chicago Tribune)

America's sorrow captured in three cities (Video, Amanda Willis, Ray Sanchez, Mallory Simon, Rosa Flores, CNN)

Amid a cascade of tragedies, a toxic political culture persists (Karen Tumulty, Chicago Tribune)

Anti-police protests continue even after Dallas (Keith Koffler, Washington Examiner)

Atkins: Obama rises above politics, puts fues to shame (Kimberly Atkins, Boston Herald)

The attacks in Dallas won't be the last (Jack Dunphy, National Review)

Barack Obama to visit Dallas shootings scene as fresh protests deepen America's divides (Jon Swaine, Tom Dart, The Guardian)

Before Alton Sterling, Louisiana police killed mentally ill black father Michael Noel — and 37 others since 2015 (Ben Norton, Salon)

Black activists hope killings prompt more action from whites (David Crary, Associated Press)

Black gun owners in Texas decry racial bias (Khorri Atkinson, The Texas Tribune)

Black Lives Matter (N+1 magazine)

Black Lives Matter activists face familiar anxiety in aftermath of Dallas shooting (Jamiles Lartey, The Guardian)

Black Lives Matter co-founder: We can grieve for Dallas and still demand accountability (Taryn Finley, The Huffington Post)

Black Lives Matter demonstrators block downtown SF streets (John King, Kevin Schultz, San Francisco Chronicle)

Black Lives Matter leaders vow to continue the movement (Krissah Thompson, Robert Samuels, The Washington Post)

Black Lives Matter protesters return to the streets, condemn Dallas violence (Video, Madison Park, CNN)

Black Lives Matter was gaining ground. Then a sniper opened fire. (Michael Barbaro, Yamiche Alcindor, The New York Times)

A Black Police Chief on the Dallas Attacks (Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, The Atlantic)

Blame Black Lives Matter movement for Dallas carnage (Daniel John Sobieski, American Thinker)

The burden and promise of racial reconciliation (Mark Galli, Christianity Today)

The burning question in Dallas: Why here? (Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post)

Citing racial tensions, Bahamas issues travel advisory for U.S. (Ledyard King, USA Today)

Clinton says "implicit bias" still exists in U.S. (Video, Eugene Scott, MJ Lee, Dan Merica, CNN)

CNN invited Joe Walsh to defend his tweet declaring war on Obama and Black Lives Matter (Video, Natasha Geiling, Think Progress)

Dallas attack feeds animosity of Black Lives Matter critics (Michael Barbaro, Yamiche Alcindor (The New York Times), The Seattle Times)

Dallas gunman studied "shoot and move" tactics, black nationalism (Kevin Sullivan, Abigail Hauslohner, Keith L. Alexander, The Washington Post)

Dallas mayor visits Main Street, now a crime scene and place for an overdue cry (Jamie Thompson, The Washington Post)

Dallas police on alert after threat against law enforcement (Video, Phil Helsel, NBC News)

Dallas policing is a bridge to Black Lives Matter: Column (Marc Ambinder, USA Today)

Dallas shooter Micah Xavier Johnson was Army reservist in Afghanistan, had massive cache of weapons in his house (Video, Joseph Stepansky, Molly Crane-Newman, Rich Schapiro, New York Daily News)

Dallas shootings: the latest chapter in a painful racial history (Peniel E. Joseph, The Guardian)

Dallas shooting marks "preacher" Barack Obama's biggest failure as US President (Sreemoy Talukdar, Firstpost, Indien)

Dallas sniper followed black militant groups on Facebook, was sent home from Afghanistan over harassment claim (Video, Fox News)

A day of horror. A night of protests and vigils; anger and sorrow. (Fred Barbash, Moriah Balingit, Aaron C. Davis, The Washington Post)

The days after: A nation reacts to the week's violence (Emma Bowman, Tanya Ballard Brown, Sam Sanders, Ariel Zambelich, NPR)

Despair is not the only response to the past week's terrible events (Leder, The Washington Post)

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton struggle to be unifying voice for nation (Patrick Healy, The New York Times)

Editorial: How to discuss wrongful deaths of black people with our youth (Leder, David Johns, NBC News)

Editorial: This city, our city (Leder, The Dallas Morning News)

Even in Dallas, you can be pro-cop and believe black lives matter (Andy Campbell, Sebastian Murdock, The Huffington Post)

Even routine traffic stops are risky, as Minnesota shooting demonstrates (Fredrick Kunkle, The Washington Post)

Facebook just put up a huge "Black Lives Matter" sign at its headquarters (Kristen V. Brown, Fusion)

For change to happen, Americans must confront the pain of black history (Peniel E. Joseph, The Globe and Mail, Canada)

For the first time, Trump and Hillary strike a similar tone (Olivia Nuzzi, The Daily Beast)

Francis Wilkinson: Some want a race war. Dallas won't deliver (Francis Wilkinson, The Dallas Morning News)

From JFK to the Dallas police, video cameras have given us evidence, but not always the truth (Gideon Lichfield, Quartz)

Gen. Robert E. Lee is his namesake ancestor. On Sunday, he'll preach about the evils of racism. (Rob Lee, The Washington Post)

Georgia police ambush not related to Dallas shooting (Video, Carl Etters (Tallahassee Democrat), The Arizona Republic)

GOP leaders say whites unaware of challenges facing black Americans (Video, Eugene Scott, CNN)

Here's what it was like minute-by-minute during the Dallas ambush (Charlie Warzel, Jessica Testa, BuzzFeed)

Here's what's wrong with #BlueLivesMatter (Jonathan Russell, The Huffington Post)

Hillary plays the race card on Dallas police massacre (Thomas Lifson, American Thinker)

Hispanic evangelicals urge Trump to go beyond his wall (Kevin Cirilli, Bloomberg)

Hoping for a silver lining to five dead cops (Neal Larson, Idaho State Journal)

Hot week in July changes U.S. debate on security (Alexis Simendinger, Real Clear Politics)

Houston cops fatally shoot man waving gun in middle of street (Video, David Bordoff, Meg Wagner, New York Daily News)

Houston police fatally shoot man who officers say pointed a gun at them (Rachel Premack, The Washington Post)

How many people have to die because of the #BlackLivesMatter movement? (John Hawkins, Town Hall)

How police chief David Brown's whole life prepared him for the Dallas shootings (Naomi Martin, The Dallas Morning News)

How social media impacts the conversation on racial violence (Radio, Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR)

How the Dallas Police Department reformed itself (Chris Haugh, The Atlantic)

How the "Ferguson effect" is destroying Chicago (Heather Mac Donald, New York Post)

Hundreds resume demonstrations at scene of Louisiana death (Associated Press, The Washington Post)

Hundreds take to SF streets to protest police violence (Jessica Christian, San Francisco Examiner)

"I'm tired of having to argue my humanity to you" (Lela Moore, Michelle Baruchman, The New York Times)

In the turmoil over race and policing, children pay a steep emotional price (Yamiche Alcindor, The New York Times)

In Poland, Obama says an abundance of guns helps fuel tensions in America (Greg Jaffe, Michael Birnbaum, The Washington Post)

It's not about you: 5 things that may not label you racist, but racist adjacent (Danielle Young, The Root)

Jesse Williams breaks down police brutality and American racism in 3 minutes (Mathew Rodriguez, Mic)

Let's stop talking about "war" with cops (Ruben Navarrette Jr., The Daily Beast)

Limbaugh labels Black Lives Matter a "terrorist group" after Dallas shootings (Andrew Blake, The Washington Times)

Live broadcast of deaths raised ethical questions (Radio, Voice of America)

LUPICA: America bleeds one shooting at a time amid deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Dallas cops (Mike Lupica, New York Daily News)

MITCHELL: It's time for us all to stand with the police (Mary Mitchell, Chicago Sun-Times)

Mourners gather to remember Philando Castile: "That could've been me" (Josh Sanburn, TIME)

Muslim radicals poised to exploit U.S. racial tensions (WND)

Nationwide protest decry police shootings of blacks (Associated Press, Salon)

NRA comments on Castile shooting after criticism; says it's "troubling" (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

The NRA’s internal split over Philando Castile (Brian Fung, The Washington Post)

Obama and Trump after Dallas (David Remnick, The New Yorker)

Obama on Dallas: No reprise of '60s racial strife (Video, Mark Landler, Michael D. Shear, The New York Times)

Obama pushes more federal oversight of cops after Dallas attack on cops (Neil Munro, Breitbart)

Obama reaches out to battered nation after rage of "demented" Dallas gunman (Brady Dennis, William Wan, Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Obama returns from Europe to a nation on edge (Susan Crabtree, Washington Examiner)

Obama says "demented" gunman who killed Dallas police officers doesn't represent black Americans (Brady Dennis, William Wan, Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Obama's biggest failure (Steven Malana, City Journal)

Obama's Ferguson sellout (Heather Mac Donald, The Washington Free Beacon)

Obama tries to quell talk of '60s-like division (Video, Jordan Fabian, The Hill)

Obama urges Americans not to despair over divisions after painful week (Reuters, CNBC)

Obama won't rest his calls for gun control in aftermath of Dallas police slayings: "It's a contributing factor" (Video, Denis Slattery, New York Daily News)

One Dallas cop's experience and thoughts on Thursday night (Stephen Young, Dallas Observer)

Open carry creates confusion during Dallas police ambush, but supporters say law works (Kevin Krause, The Dallas Morning News)

Philando Castile killing: Officer reacted to gun, not slain man's race, says lawyer (Associated Press, Al.com, Alabama)

Pittsburgh marchers decry racial, economic injustice (Chris Potter, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Philadelphia)

Poet Claudia Rankine on latest racial violence (Radio, Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR)

Police are safer under Obama than they have been in decades (Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post)

Police group: Minn. governor "exploited what was already a horrible and tragic situation" (Video, T. Rees Shapiro, Lindsey Bever, Wesley Lowery, Michael E. Miller, The Washington Post)

Police in Baton Rouge face off with protesters demanding justice for Alton Sterling (David Lohr, The Huffington Post)

Police say officers have been targeted in Missouri, Georgia and Tennessee (Associated Press, Real Clear Politics)

Police shootings test new era of violent social media video (Lucy Bayly, NBC News)

Protesters nationwide denounce police shootings (Video, Associated Press, NBC News)

Protest over Minnesota police shooting calm but constant (Skip Foreman, The Washington Post)

Philando Castile and I were classmates at Central, where whites and blacks lived in separate worlds (Carolyn Philstrom, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Philando Castile saw Alton Sterling shooting video before police stop (The Washington Post, The New Orleans Times-Picayune)

Race relations will be Obama's biggest failure (Silvio Canto, Jr, American Thinker)

Racial anger is real, and we must work to heal it (Maria Cardona, The Hill)

Racial crisis on brink (Brian Dowling, Boston Herald)

Racial tensions, political divides heating up angry nation (Sandy Fitzgerald, Newsmax)

Report finds racial disparities in police use of force (Video, PBS Newshour)

Rumors, accusations and fear roil Dallas' Black Lives Matter community (Jay Newton-Small, TIME)

Serena Williams expresses concern over racial tension (Art Spander, Newsday)

Should the Dallas shootings be called terrorism? (David Iaconangelo, The Christian Science Monitor)

Social media flooded with images of protests around U.S. (Fotos, USA Today)

St. Anthony officers who made traffic stop are longtime friends, former classmates (Brandon Stahl, David Chanen, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Stopped 52 times by police: Was it racial profiling? (Carla K. Johnson, Steve Karnowski, The Washington Post)

A struggle for common ground, amid fears of a national fracture (Jack Healy, Nikole Hannah-Jones, The New York Times)

Taking the "moral high road" in St. Paul (Jerry Bembry, The Undefeated)

Tamir Rice & Michael Brown's mothers are speaking out about racial injustice (Madhuri Sathish, Bustle)

There is no war on cops (Tim Lynch, Reason)

This emotional letter written by Philando Castile's former student shows how loved he was (Brianna Provenzano, Mic)

"This is not how we want our communities to operate," Obama says after deadly week (Merrit Kennedy, NPR)

To protect and to serve: Thoughts on a sad, sad Sunday (Leder, New Hampshire Union Leader)

Using robots to kill: Ethics debated after Dallas (Video, Edward C. Baig, USA Today)

"A VERY SAD DAY": Yankees react to tragic week of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and Dallas police shootings (Mark Feinsand, New York Daily News)

We must build trust between people and police (Kathleen Taylor, The Seattle Times, Washington)

What has changed since Ferguson: Part 6 (Video, ABC News)

What whites should understand about blacks and cops in America (Dimas Salaberrios, The Christian Post)

What you need to know about the black nationalists the Dallas shooter liked on Facebook (Brian Fung, The Washington Post)

Who can heal America? (Stephen Collinson, CNN)


10 things you should know: Police shootings, race and reality (Mary Ramirez, The Blaze)

Activists see racial profiling in traffic stops of Philando Castile (Douglas Belkin, The Wall Street Journal)

After Dallas cop killings, UN touts "Black Lives Matter" (Alex Newman, The New American)

After Dallas, leadership (Video, The Wall Street Journal)

After Dallas, more protests against police shootings planned (Lucy Westcott, Newsweek)

After Dallas, We Don't Need to Say 'Blue Lives Matter' (Natasha Lennard, Rolling Stone)

Alton Sterling was a felon. Philando Castile was a "good man." None of that should matter. (Adrianne Russell, Fusion)

Ambush of police replays 1968 "shootout in Cleveland (Jerome R. Corsi, WND)

America is at war with itself (Kica Matos, The Undefeated)

Americans began the week celebrating freedom. Now they're shocked and mourning once more. (Katie Mettler, Miami Herald, Florida)

Anger, space, and the fight for racial justice (Madhuri Sathish, Bustle)

Ariz. mother fatally shot by sheriff's deputies (Breanna Edwards, The Root)

Arsenal of weapons found in home of Dallas shooter who wanted to "kill whites" (Video, Fox News)

The Atlantic politics & policy daily: A nation at half-staff (Elaine Godfrey, The Atlantic)

At least 40 arrested as New Yorkers protest deadly police shootings (Michael George, Stefan Holt, Marc Santia, NBC New York)

Authorities: Highway gunman motivated by police shootings (Adrian Sainz, Steve Megargee, Associated Press)

Baltimore protest over police shootings shuts down traffic (Video, Jesse Coburn, Luke Broadwater, The Baltimore Sun)

The battlefield, July 8, 2016: Obama doesn't help; he never helps (MacAoidh, The Hayride)

Before the chaos, a photo of peace between two Dallas police officers and a Black Lives Matter protester (Caitlin Hu, Quartz)

Believing, after seeing (Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic)

Beyoncé posts powerful letter about Alton Sterling, Philando Castile deaths (Video, Maeve McDermott, Andrea Mandell, USA Today)

Black caucus demands gun control vote after shooting (Heather Caygle, Politico)

Black gun owners worried about treatment after shooting (Jesse J. Holland, Associated Press)

Black Lives Matter protesters take to Salt Lake City streets (Courtney Tanner, The Salt Lake Tribune)

A black police officer's perspective (Clinton Yates, Lonnae O'Neal, Aaron Dodson, Rhiannon Walker, The Undefeated)

Bloods and Crips stand together in solidarity during Atlanta Black Lives Matter protests (Brianna Provenzano, Mic)

Boston police to patrol in pairs in wake of Dallas attack (O'Ryan Johnson, Boston Herald)

"The brain on horror": A psychologist explains how Diamond Reynolds remained calm in a crisis situation (Elizabeth Preza, AlterNet)

Bring the Dallas murderers to justice. And the killers of black people too (Gary Younge, The Guardian)

Carnage in America: From Dallas to St. Paul - the infinite cycle of gun violence and tragedy (Heather Digby Parton, Salon)

Chaos reigns as media grapples with another horrific mass shooting (James Warren (Poynter), Vanity Fair)

Chicago police warned of Dallas sniper shootings (CBS Chicago)

Clinton: Dallas shootings an "absolutely horrific event" (Video, MJ Lee, CNN)

Clinton pleads for an end to hateful rhetoric (Gabriel Debenedetti, Louis Nelson, Politico)

Clinton steps up call for criminal justice reform after Dallas attack (Daniel Bush, PBS Newshour)

Code Switch on Dallas, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling (Ericka Cruz Guevarra, NPR)

The complicated racial history of the former GOP congressman who warned Obama to "watch out" after Dallas shootings (Amber Phillips, The Washington Post)

A confession... (Matt K. Lewis, The Daily Caller)

Confirmed: Dallas shooter was member of Houston New Black Panther party (Bob Price, Breitbart)

Conservative media and pundits can't wait to turn Dallas police shootings into "war" (Mary Elizabeth Williams, Salon)

Conservative media finally starting to realize that racism is a problem (Mollie Reilly, The Huffington Post)

Conservatives blame Obama and Hillary Clinton for Dallas shooting (Sam Levine, The Huffington Post)

The cop-hater in chief (Edmund Kozak, Lifezette)

Cornel West: Obama's response to shootings was "weak" (David Weigel, The Washington Post)

Cory Booker's Newark mirage (Amy S. Rosenberg, Politico)

Dallas attack: The "pigs in a blanket" crowd got what they wanted (Video, Todd Starnes, Fox News)

Dallas cop-killer ranted about racism, followed extremists online (Yaron Steinbuch, New York Post)

Dallas cops are the 56th killed in the line of duty this year (Elizabeth Koh, McClatchy DC)

Dallas doesn't represent "civil war," but a society that needs fundamental change (Barrett Holmes Pitner, The Guardian)

Dallas force hit by tragedy embodied Obama policing approach (Video, Justin Sink, Bloomberg)

Dallas mayor after shooting: We will not shy away from tackling racism (Nathan Place, The Daily Beast)

Dallas mayor: Terrorism can't be ruled out (Nick Gass, Politico)

Dallas must bring us together (Leder, The Baltimore Sun)

Dallas police ambush suspect "wanted to kill white people": Police chief (Video, F. Brinley Bruton, Alexander Smith, Elizabeth Chuck, Phil Helsel, NBC News)

Dallas police chief David Brown lost his son, former partner and brother to violence (Theresa Vargas, The Washington Post)

Dallas police chief David Brown, a reformer, becomes face of nation's shock (Joseph Goldstein, The New York Times)

The Dallas police circulated an innocent man's photo to millions after the shooting (Libby Nelson, Vox)

Dallas police officers killed by snipers: What we know Friday (Bill Chappell, NPR)

Dallas police shooting happened in an unlikely place for this carnage (Mike Hashimoto (The Dallas Morning News), Newsday)

Dallas police shooting suspect identified; 5 officers are dead (Patrick McGee, Manny Fernandez, Jonah Engel Bromwich, Richard Pérez-Peña, The New York Times)

Dallas police slaughter signals America's dangerous descent: Phillip Morris (Phillip Morris, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio)

The Dallas shooting and the advent of killer police robots (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

Dallas shooting kills multiple police officers: what we know (German Lopez, Jennifer Williams, Libby Nelson, Vox)

Dallas shootings evoke memories of the day JFK died (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Dallas shooting victims: Who are the slain officers? (Joe Sterling, CNN)

Dallas should not make the nation forget Castile and Sterling (Derrick Z. Jackson, The Boston Globe)

The Dallas sniper attack was the deadliest event for police since 9/11 (Kim Soffen, The Washington Post)

Dallas sniper wanted to kill white cops, black protesters say they got blamed (Sarah Bertness, Olivia Messer, The Daily Beast)

Dan Bongino: All my law enforcement friends and I "are done with President Obama" (Video, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

Dear white people: It's time for us to come get our racist relatives (Jenny Kutner, Mic)

Denver police union wants officers in riot gear as protests continue, but chief says there is no need to escalate tension (Noelle Phillips, The Denver Post)

Did former Ill. Rep. Joe Walsh threaten President Obama's life on Twitter? (Yesha Callahan, The Root)

Did Obama incite the Dallas cop killings? (Leder, Investor's Business Daily)

Did the false narrative about police killing blacks lead to the Dallas cop killings? (Rick Moran, American Thinker)

Divided by race, united by pain (Frank Bruni, The New York Times)

A divided nation, united in grief (Gerald F. Seib, Siobhan Hughes, The Wall Street Journal)

Donald Trump knows nothing about Alton Sterling or Philando Castile (Jordan Sargent, Gawker)

Donald Trump: "Racial divisions have gotten worse, not better" (Video, Jenna Johnson, The Washington Post)

Donald Trump's statement on the Dallas police shooting sounds nothing like Donald Trump (Emily Cahn, Mic)

Donald Trump: "We must restore law and order" (Video, David Wright, CNN)

Don't blame Black Lives Matter for the deaths of Dallas cops (Lilly Workneh, The Huffington Post)

Don't listen to those using the Dallas tragedy to divide us (Sean Colarossi, PoliticusUSA)

Doubling down on division (Kathryn Blackhurst, Lifezette)

Editorial: Dallas must wake from this nightmare united (Leder, The Dallas Morning News)

Eight hours of terror (Avi Selk, Hannah Wise, Conor Shine, The Dallas Morning News)

Exclusive - Brian Babin: Obama makes cops vs communities problem worse (Neil W. McCabe, Breitbart)

Ex-Ferguson police chief: Dialogue regarding police misconduct needs to be toned down (Video, Sam Reisman, Mediaite)

Ex-Illinois Rep. Walsh says Twitter took down Dallas tweet "Watch out Obama" (Katherine Skiba, Megan Crepeau, Chicago Tribune)

Exploitation of victimhood following police shootings of black men (Alexander L. Quest, The Huffington Post)

Ex-Secret Service agent excoriates President Obama after Dallas shootings (Scott Mason, Western Journalism)

If "all lives matter," show that you mean it (Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune)

Facebook offers a new way to bear witness to violence in America (Rachel Browne, Vice)

False ID in Dallas shooting highlights pitfalls of policing via social media (Video, Story Hinckley, The Christian Science Monitor)

Family of Castile, Sterling urge calm after violence in Dallas; relatives are still seeking answers (Video, Graham Rayman, Shant Shahrigian, New York Daily News)

First read: A nation on edge (Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Carrie Dann, NBC News)

Five police officers killed in Dallas, seven others wounded during shooting at protest (Tim Madigan, Michael E. Miller, Travis M. Andrews, Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

For Dallas and the nation, the only choice (Leder, Boston Globe)

For many cops in L.A., the Dallas sniper attack was "worst nightmare" (Cindy Chang, Kate Mather, Joe Mozingo, Los Angeles Times)

Former congressman promises "war," warns Obama to "watch out" after Dallas shootings (Karoun Demirjian, The Washington Post)

Former Rep. Joe Walsh defends "watch out Obama" tweet after Dallas shooting (Daniel White, TIME)

For whom the bell tolls? (Clarence B. Jones, The Huffington Post)

GOP rips Obama after Dallas shooting (Video, Nick Gass, Politico)

The Guardian view on shootings in the US: time to tackle problems shamefully ignored (Leder, The Guardian)

"Hatred and race and violence are taught," shooting victim's sister says (Jim Schutze, Dallas Observer)

Healing starts at home (Sarwar Kashmeri, U.S. News & World Report)

The heartbreaking front page Dallas woke up to this morning (Tara Golshan, Vox)

Here's what Trump, Clinton and others said about the Dallas shooting (Bobby Blanchard, The Dallas Morning News)

Here's what we know about the victims of the Dallas shooting (Colin Dwyer, NPR)

High-profile right wingers declare "war" in wake of Dallas police shootings (Hannah Levintova, Mother Jones)

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump cancel campaign events after Dallas shooting (P.R. Lockhart, Mother Jones)

Hillary Clinton blames whites, cops for deaths of young black men (Neil Munro, Breitbart)

Hillary Clinton on shootings: "We know there is something wrong with our country" (Jeff Stein, Vox)

Hillary Clinton: We need to reform national use-of-force guidelines for police (Video, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

Hillary: White people need to "start listening to legitimate cries" about police shootings (Josh Feldman, Mediaite)

The horrific, predictable result of a widely armed citizenry (Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker)

The horror in Dallas, a country drowning in grief (Leder, The New York Times)

Houstonians rally, march and demand racial equality (Emily Foxhall, Will Axford, The Houston Chronicle)

How America heals after Dallas (Frank Bruni, The New York Times)

How black Americans are left out of both sides of the gun debate (Dara Lind, Vox)

How Dallas can help the nation come together (Joyce King, Ralph Strangis, The Dallas Morning News)

How police officers protected Black Lives Matter protesters during Dallas shooting (Elahe Izadi, The Washington Post)

How police see us, and how they train us to see them (Greg Howard, The New York Times Magazine)

How racism persists: Unconscious bias may play a role (Laura Geggel, Live Science)

How the attack on the Dallas police unfolded (The New York Times)

How U.S. leaders are reacting to the Dallas shooting (Priscilla Alvarez, Nora Kelly, The Atlantic)

How white people can fight racism today (Jess Rotenberg, The Huffington Post)

I grew up thinking journalism was just for rich white people. I was mostly right. (Joshua Rivera, Vox)

In aftermath of Dallas attack, an opportunity for unity (Video, Detroit Free Press, Michigan)

In Ferguson, the pain lingers as a new shooting nearby draws attention (Video, The Kansas City Star)

In most of America, it's impossible to tell a deadly sniper from a peaceful protester carrying a gun (Annalisa Merelli, Quartz)

Is America falling apart or finally waking up? (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

Is America repeating the mistakes of 1968? (Julian E. Zelizer, The Atlantic)

Is this war? When #BlackLivesMatter veers into violence (Sharon Waxman, The Wrap)

"It doesn't seem real": Family of slain Dallas officer mourns "big guy" with "big heart" (Terrence McCoy, The Washington Post)

It is not 1968 (Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine)

It's not hyperbole: This week's police violence and political mayhem show a fragile and flailing America (Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet)

"It's not us vs. them" (James Hamblin, The Atlantic)

Jay Z releases "Spiritual" after Sterling, Castile killings: "Don't shoot!" (Douglas Ernst, The Washington Times)

J. Christian Adams compares Obama administration to Dallas police assailant (Brian Tashman, Right Wing Watch)

Killer Mike speaks out on recent shootings: "I'm just filled with hurt & grief" (Lauren Craddock, Billboard)

Killings and racial tensions commingle with divided and divisive politics (Dan Balz, The Washington Post)

LISTEN: Obama's growing frustration after fatal police shootings (Lydklip, Ashley Young, NPR)

LUPICA: Why in America do we have to choose between caring about Philando Castile and Dallas cops? (Mike Lupica, New York Daily News)

Lynch calls for calm after Dallas murders, Obama orders flags at half-staff (Video, Fox News)

Man falsely connected to the shooting by Dallas police is now getting "thousands" of death threats (Ben Guarino, The Washington Post)

Map: There are hundreds of police robots in cities across the U.S. (Cara Giaimo, Sarah Laskow, Atlas Obscura)

Mark Hughes, man incorrectly identified as Dallas shooting suspect, speaks out (Alana Horowitz Satlin, The Huffington Post)

Massacre in Dallas (Ben White, Politico)

Massacre in Dallas (Matthew Hennessey, City Journal)

Micah X. Johnson: 5 fast facts you need to know (Tom Cleary, Heavy)

More guns, more fear, more killings (Dahlia Lithwick, Mark P. McKenna, Slate)

The most interesting word in Donald Trump's Dallas statement (Aaron Blake, The Washington Post)

"Mr. Rogers with Dreadlocks": A grieving community remembers police shooting victim Philando Castile (Sheila Regan, Salon)

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Not 1968, but... (Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo)

NRA comments on Philando Castile shooting without using his name (Lois Beckett, The Guardian)

NRA issues statement on Philando Castile two days after his killing (Ian Servantes, Complex)

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Obama calls Dallas police chief after sniper attack (Jordan Fabian, The Hill)

Obama deems police guilty until proven innocent (Gerry Urbanek, Western Journalism)

Obama, Democrats exploit Dallas attack to push for more gun control (John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist)

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Obama's delicate balance on issue of race and policing (Video, Mark Landler, Michael D. Shear, The New York Times)

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Obama's false racism claims are putting cops' lives in danger (John R. Lott Jr., New York Post)

Obama's "myth of racist war" linked to murdered cops (Garth Kant, WND)

Obama straddles difficult divide on policing issue (Video, Adam Howard, NBC News)

Obama to leave Europe and head to Dallas... but not until next week (Justin Holcomb, Town Hall)

Officer suspended for Facebook comment about Philando Castile (Kate Irby, Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, Texas)

Officer who shot Philando Castile "incredibly sad" for his family (Rachel Slavik, CBS Minnesota)

The one thing we can do to end violence on both sides is recognize our bias (Kendra Rudd-Gloster, Elite Daily)

One year out (The Washington Post)

The only good Tarzan is a bad Tarzan (Aaron Bady, Pacific Standard)

O'Reilly slams MN gov for throwing "rhetorical bombs" about cop's "racism" (Video, The O'Reilly Factor, Fox News)

Ousted from Army, Dallas shooter used military skills for murder (Sue Ambrose, Holly K. Hacker, Steve Thompson, The Dallas Morning News)

Peaceful protests follow Minnesota governor's call for calm (Mitch Smith, Christina Capecchi, Matt Furber, The New York Times)

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Police groups blame Obama, Black Lives Matter for "war on cops" (P.R. Lockhart, Mother Jones)

Police killings won't stop until U.S. comes to grips with its racist foundations (Video, The Real News Network)

Police murders bring a "nightmare" to life in Dallas (Steve Benen, MSNBC)

Police nationwide order officers to ride in pairs after Dallas police ambush (Tom Jackman, Peter Hermann, The Washington Post)

Police shootings of black men: Haven't we seen enough? (Stephen Henderson, Detroit Free Press)

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"Racism" is dead: Supremacy of the colorblind (Max Dorfman, The Huffington Post)

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Sheriff Clarke on Dallas shootings: Obama "fuels this sort of anger" towards cops (Douglas Ernst, The Washington Times)

Sheriff Clarke: There's no sincerity behind Obama's words (Video, Julia Limitone, Fox Business)

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Shootings further divide a nation torn over race (Timothy Williams, Michael Wines, The New York Times)

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There's a test that may reveal racial bias in police - and in all of us (Jeffrey Kluger, TIME)

"This is bigger than Philando": family waits to speak to investigators about shooting (Ryan Felton, The Guardian)

"This is on my generation of leaders," says Dallas mayor (Brentin Mock, CityLab)

This is Dallas, this is our city, and we don't let terrorism win (Jacquielynn Floyd, The Dallas Morning News)

Thousands march against police violence across U.S. (Video, CBS News)

Three terrible days of violence (Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker)

To Dallas black community, tragedy doesn't diminish concerns about police brutality (Sarah Mervosh, Marina Trahan Martinez, Elivia Liman, The Dallas Morning News)

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Trump campaign official blames Hillary Clinton for Dallas shooting (Nick Corasaniti, The New York Times)

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Trump mentions police-involved shootings in statement about Dallas (Video, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

Trump, Clinton run on opposite sides of a fractured America (Shane Goldmacher, Annie Karni, Politico)

Trump's Facebook fans call for race war (AJ Vicens, Mother Jones)

Trump's Virginia chairman blames Clinton, "liberal politicians" for Dallas massacre (Laura Vozzella, The Washington Post)

Twitter conservatives blame media, Obama, and #BlackLivesMatter for #DallasPoliceShooting (Scott Eric Kaufman, Salon)

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Woman streams aftermath of fatal officer-involved shooting (Video, Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN)

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Alton Sterling bought gun just hours before he was shot dead by police in Baton Rouge (Video, Edgar Sandoval, Meg Wagner, New York Daily News)

Alton Sterling, Philando Castile - lynched? (David A. Love, LA Progressive)

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Alton Sterling shooting: Piecing together what happened before the videos (Video, Catherine E. Stoichet, Joshua Berlinger, Steve Almasy, CNN)

Alton Sterling shooting: Second video of deadly encounter emerges (Video, Catherine E. Shoichet, Joshua Berlinger, Steve Almasy, CNN)

Alton Sterling's killer: The son of a son of a cop (Goldie Taylor, Michael Daly, The Daily Beast)

Alton Sterling was shot and killed by Baton Rouge police officers. Here’s what we know. (German Lopez, Vox)

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Am I going to write about murdered black people forever? (Kara Brown, Jezebel)

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Another fatal police shooting, another shocking video (Jenice Armstrong, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

'Appalled': Minnesota Governor says Philando Castile would be alive if he were white (Video, Alex Johnson, NBC News)

Are black people at risk when they carry a concealed weapon? (Leon Neyfakh, Slate)

As Dallas police hunt for snipers, politicians start to weigh in (Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times)

Baltimore saw steep decline in police numbers as murder rate soared (Scott Malone, Reuters)

Baton Rouge isn't Ferguson - it may actually be worse (Ethan Brown, Uproxx)

Baton Rouge is passionate, and peaceful, after shooting of Alton Sterling (Richard Fausset, The New York Times)

A black man was just found hanging from a tree in Atlanta (Tom Cahill, U.S. Uncut)

Black officer has powerful message for racist cops (Video, Jenna Amatulli, The Huffington Post)

Busted (Ryan Gabrielson, Topher Sanders, ProPublica)

Bystander witnesses aftermath of Philando Castile's shooting (Video, The Washington Post)

Chris Brown releases "My Friend" after Philando Castile & Alton Sterling shootings (Adelle Platon, Billboard)

Community member: "What do we do when we encounter them?" (Video, CBS Minnesota)

Cop: Racist officers should "take the uniform off and put the KKK hoodie on" (Mary Bowerman, USA Today)

Criminal justice programs after Philando Castile and Alton Sterling (Matt Reed, Inside Higher Ed)

Dallas police shooting started as a peaceful protest, not a Black Lives Matter attack (Alexis Kleinman, Mic)

Dallas: Snipers kill 5 officers in deadliest day for law enforcement since 9/11 (Victor Morton, The Washington Times)

Death by police (Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic)

Death in black and white (Michael Eric Dyson, The New York Times)

Death of Philando Castile, black man killed by police in Minnesota, sparks protests (Jordyn Taylor, Mic)

Drake publishes open letter in response to Alton Sterling killing by police (The Guardian)

The fallout from two separate shooting deaths of African-American men at the hands of police (Radio, Khalil Muhammad, Nancy La Vigne,

David Harris, Darrel Stephens, Mark Zdechlik, The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU, Washington, DC)

Do black people have second amendment rights? (Zach Stafford, The Guardian)

Fatal shootings by police are up in the first six months of 2016, Post analysis finds (Kimberly Kindy, Wesley Lowery, Steven Rich, Julie Tate, Jennifer Jenkins, The Washington Post)

Fresh intelligence: Today is a tragic day of police violence, but a starry-eyed day for Trump (Charley Lanyon, New York Magazine)

Full transcript of Obama's speech on the police shootings: "We can do better" (Fortune)

Gary Johnson says Alton Sterling's shooting could be "murder" (Anthony L. Fisher, Reason)

Graphic video shows ambush, shooting of officers in Dallas (Video, Liz Farmer, The Dallas Morning News)

Gun advocates fear trigger-happy police after fatal shooting of Philando Castile, NRA remains silent (Laura Bult, New York Daily News)

Here's everything we know about Philando Castile, a "good man" killed by police (Rafi Schwartz, Fusion)

Here's Google and Facebook's response to recent police shootings (Jonathan Vanian, Kia Kokalitcheva, Fortune)

How activists used crime scanner apps and cellphones to record Alton Sterling's fatal shooting (Colin Lecher, The Verge)

How America responded to this week's police shootings (Daniel White, TIME)

How Hitler's rise to power explains why Republicans accept Donald Trump (Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine)

How Southern racism found a home in the Tea Party (Angie Maxwell, Vox)

How traffic stops boost police budgets - at the cost of black lives (Katherine Hicks, Vox)

I don't expect justice to be done for Alton Sterling and Philando Castile - I'm not that naive (Rachael Revesz, The Independent, UK)

I'm a black ex-cop, and this is the real truth about race and policing (Redditt Hudson, Vox)

"I'm outraged": Mother of Philando Castile, slain by police, speaks out (Bill Chappell, NPR)

In all-too-familiar narrative between police and black men, a powerful voice emerges with Philando Castile video (Video, Sonia Saraiya, Variety)

In Alton Sterling's Baton Rouge, "Blue Lives Matter" (Naomi LaChance, The Intercept)

In America, is a white life still worth more than a black one? (Gene Seymour, CNN)

The inheritance of crime (Douglas Starr, Aeon)

Issa Rae creates college scholarships for Alton Sterling's kids (Masani Musa, The Source)

It's time to get beyond the politics and take action to end the police killings of African-Americans (Mitchell Bard, The Huffington Post)

KING: The police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile have taken America to a boiling point (Shaun King, New York Daily News)

Larry Wilmore on Alton Sterling: "The punishment for being a black man shouldn't be death" (Video, Breanne L. Heidman, Entertainment Weekly)

Larry Wilmore's blistering Alton Sterling segment: "The punishment for being a black man shouldn't be death" (Laura Bradley, Vanity Fair)

Larry Wilmore's take on Alton Sterling is far from revolutionary but absolutely necessary (Video, Aisha Harris, Slate)

Lavish Reynolds' Facebook video shows police shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota (Philip Lewis, Mic)

A look at recent police shootings involving black men (Associated Press)

Louisiana police shooting of Alton Sterling strains community (Chicago Tribune)

Mayor de Blasio "reeling" from Alton Sterling, Philando Castile police shooting videos: "This is not what America's supposed to be" (Erin Durkin, New York Daily News)

Michael Brown's mom, on Alton Sterling and Philando Castile (Lezley McSpadden, The New York Times)

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton says Philando Castile would be alive if he were white (Shenequa Golding, Vibe)

Minnesota man killed by police was "black in the wrong place," mother says (Associated Press, The Oregonian)

Minnesota police shooting's aftermath is captured in gruesome video (Jonah Engel Bromwich, The New York Times)

Mom of Philando Castile, Minnesota man killed by cop, says police kept her from seeing dying son: "I didn't want my son to die alone" (Meg Wagner, New York Daily News)

More black people were killed by US police in 2015 than were lynched in the worst year of Jim Crow (Annalisa Merelli, Quartz)

Mother of Tamir Rice laments police killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile (Cory Shaffer, Cleveland.com, Ohio)

Murderers with badges, licensed to kill: Nation reels from Alton Sterling's death at hands of police (Video, Democracy Now)

Name of police officer who shot Philando Castile legally under wraps until charges filed (Brianna Provenzano, Mic)

"No one can breathe in this atmosphere" (Dahlia Lithwick, Slate)

NRA host says Philando Castile's killing "does not look good" (Katie Zavadski, The Daily Beast)

The NRA is to blame for police shooting of Philando Castile by encouraging citizens to arm themselves (Gersh Kuntzman, New York Daily News)

NRA's offensive hypocrisy: When will the organization demand justice for black gun owners shot by police? (Amanda Marcotte, Salon)

NYC man who recorded Eric Garner's choke hold death takes plea deal, will likely serve 4 years in prison (Breanna Edwards, The Root)

One simple change to the law could make prosecuting killer cops easier (Zaid Jilani, The Intercept)

On watching viral videos of black death (Nicole Blades, Marie Claire)

The paradox of gun history (Pamela Haag, Process)

Philando Castile, Alton Sterling shootings are latest in a long list of notable police brutality deaths (Video, fotos, New York Daily News)

Philando Castile and Alton Sterling - latest US police shooting black victims (BBC News)

Philando Castile & Alton Sterling protests remind the nation something it can't afford to forget again (Hillary E. Crawford, Bustle)

Philando Castile and the power of Facebook Live (Live, Brian Stelter, CNN Money)

Philando Castile had a gun permit so where's the NRA today? (Crystal Lewis Brown, SheKnows)

Philando Castile is the 115th known black man shot and killed by police in 2016 (Max Plenke, Mic)

Philando Castile: John Legend & more celebs outraged over man killed by police (Avery Thompson, Hollywood Life)

Philando Castile police killing prompts calls for yet another federal inquiry (Video, Jon Swaine, Oliver Laughland, Lois Beckett, The Guardian)

Philando Castile's family remembers him as hard worker set to celebrate birthday 10 days after fatal police shooting (Video, Christopher Brennan, New York Daily News)

Philando Castile shooting in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, sparks protests (Video, Phil Helsel, Shamar Walters, Alastair Jamieson, NBC News)

Philando Castile shooting stirs another round of outrage, disbelief from social media users still reeling from Alton Sterling's death (Video, Dan Good, New York Daily News)

Philando Castile shooting: What we know so far (Tim Harlow, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Philando Castile shot by police in Minnesota, reports say, a day after Alton Sterling shooting (Video, CNBC)

Philando Castle's mother says she tried to teach him "how to survive" a police stop (Anna Swartz, Mic)

Philando Castile: Transcript of Facebook Live shooting aftermath (BBC News)

Piecing together witness accounts of the Dallas attack (Robert Mackey, The Intercept)

Piedmont Park hanging: No, Sam Hyde did not lynch a black man in the Atlanta Park (Anthony Smith, Mic)

The police are killing people as often as they were before Ferguson (Carl Bialik, FiveThirtyEight)

Police here to "assassinate us," Philando Castile's girlfriend says in new livestream (Video, John Bacon, USA Today)

A police killing in Baton Rouge (Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker)

Police stop ends in black man's death; aftermath is live-streamed on Facebook (Video, Bill Chappell, NPR)

Politicians react to two deaths of black men by police (Meg Anderson, NPR)

Politicians respond to fatal shooting of Philando Castile (CBS Minnesota)

President Obama "deeply troubled" after two fatal police shootings on consecutive days (Jeff Truesdell, People)

President Obama on Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings: "All Americans should be deeply troubled" (Emma Ockerman, TIME)

President Obama on Sterling and Castile shootings: "We are better than this" (Video, Maya Rhodan, TIME)

President Obama on the fatal shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile (Barack Obama, The White House)

President Obama speaks about police killings - and I know where he's coming from (Ginger McKnight-Chavers, Blue Nation Review)

The problem with looking to black people to solve racist policing, in one tweet (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

Prosecutors say highest-ranking officer at scene was responsible for Freddie Gray's death (Rachel Weiner, Derek Hawkins, The Washington Post)

Processing (Erica Joy, Medium)

Protesters surround governor's mansion after Philando Castile is killed by police (Susan Du, City Pages, Minneapolis)

Protests in Minnesota after police kill man (Video, Harper Neidig, The Hill)

Radio host berates cops for silence after Alton Sterling killing: "Lead the movement instead" (Nick Visser, The Huffington Post)

Read Beyoncé's open letter in response to the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile (Los Angeles Times)

Regarding the shooting of Philando Castile: A scientific view of the root cause of violence towards black people (Hontas Farmer, Science 2.0)

Sanders calls for criminal justice reform after police shootings (Rebecca Savransky, The Hill)

The Second Amendment's second-class citizens (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

Second video suggests Alton Sterling was not holding gun during police shooting (Margaret Hartmann, New York Magazine)

The shooting deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling (Podcast, Tim Nelson, Kevin Litten, Gloria Browne-Marshall, Ron Hosko, Pastor Raymond Jetson, WBUR, Boston)

The shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile - through the eyes of children (Michele Maltais, Los Angeles Times)

Social media reacts to police killing of #PhilandoCastile (Yesha Callahan, The Root)

Sterling, Castile, and Trump (Carol Howard Merritt, The Christian Century)

The story behind the filming of the fatal Baton Rouge police shooting. It was no coincidence. (Video, Travis M. Andrews, The Washington Post)

Taraji P. Henson decries Alton Sterling, Philando Castile deaths (Dana Getz, Entertainment Weekly)

These Alton Sterling & Philando Castile petitions are peaceful ways to help (Kristina Degiovanni, Bustle)

"They just keep killing us," Redskins player laments as another black man is killed by police (Scott Allen, The Washington Post)

"They treated me like a prisoner. They treated me like I did this." (Leon Neyfakh, Slate)

"This is the brain on horror": the incredible calm of Diamond "Lavish" Reynolds (Danielle Paquette, The Washington Post)

This one quote from President Obama about the Sterling and Castile deaths sums it all up (Jen McGuire, Romper)

This shocking New York Daily News cover of Alton Sterling is drawing heavy responses (J.D. Durkin, Mediaite)

Transcript of Philando Castile shooting video reveals the disturbing way Minnesota police handle this situation (Alexi McCammond, Bustle)

Trump supporter pulls a Glock pistol on protestors at Portland Black Lives Matter rally (Arun Gupta (Raw Story), AlterNet)

Two days, two deaths: The police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile (Leah Donnella, Code Switch, NPR)

Two more black victims of police violence become hashtags #PhilandoCastile #AltonSterling (Robert Mackey, The Intercept)

Two police shootings, two videos, two black men dead (CNN)

Two years after Ferguson, fatal shootings by police are up (Video, Kimberly Kindy, Wesley Lowery, Steven Rich, Julie Tate, Jennifer Jenkins, Chicago Tribune)

Victim's sister: Minnesota police shooting "modern day lynching" (Video, CBS This Morning)

Video footage of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile's deaths may not hold up in court (Michelle Mark, Business Insider)

Warren pleads for change after two fatal shootings of black men by police (Felicia Gans, The Boston Globe)

Watch: a black female police officer passionately condemns "racist" police shootings (Video, Emily Crockett, Vox)

Watch the heartbreaking reaction Philando Castile's mother had to his killing (Video, Patrick Hogan, Fusion)

We've been watching videos of police shootings for years. It's time they meant something. (Dara Lind, Vox)

What the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile really signify (Dennis Rahkonen, Dissident Voice)

What we know about Baton Rouge police shootings before Alton Sterling (Keegan Hamilton, Vice)

What we really see in the graphic Philando Castile shooting video (Video, Jack Holmes, Esquire)

What white America fails to see (Michael Eric Dyson, The New York Times)

What will make the killings stop? (Vann R. Newkirk II, The Atlantic)

When did white conservatives stop caring about gun control? (Ian Millhiser, Think Progress)

When police kill, should you watch? (Video, Bob Collins, Minnesota Public Radio)

When will it stop? (Sara David, Complex)

White America paved the roads to Alton Sterling and Philando Castile's deaths (Andy Cush, Gawker)

White people keep asking this racist question about Alton Sterling and Philando Castile (Kathleen Wong, Mic)

Who was Alton Sterling? Funny, hardworking, trying to overcome past convictions (Kevin Litten, The New Orleans Times-Picayune)

Who was Philando Castile? The Minnesota police shooting victim will be missed by many (Alexi McCammond, Bustle)

Why Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are dead (Kai Wright, The Nation)

Witness in Baton Rouge shooting says victim was "murdered" (Video, Doug Stanglin, USA Today)

You don't have to be Black Lives Matter to support police accountability (Rachel Lu, The Federalist)

You need to read these responses to the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile (Michal Addady, Fortune)

"You shot 4 bullets into him, sir": Fatal police shooting captured on Facebook stream (Associated Press, Los Angeles Times)


About Alton Sterling (Tylie Shider, ThyBlackMan.com)

Again, a black man is killed by police; again, again, again (Joyce King, The Dallas Morning News)

Alberto Gonzalez willing to overlook Trump's racism to get more anti-LGBT Supreme Court justices (Video, Travis Getty, Raw Story)

#AltonSterling: 37-Year-old man killed by Baton Rouge police (Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

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