April 2016


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All San Francisco cops forced to take anti-harassment class after slew of racist texts (Casey Harper, The Daily Caller)

Black migrants becoming visible voting bloc (Charles D. Ellison, The Philadelphia Tribune)

Boston and Charleston, then and now (Steve Bailey, The Charleston Post and Courier, South Carolina)

Civil War: Chadwick Boseman explains why Black Panther isn't really a "superhero" (Selina Leavitt, Inquisitr)

Donald Trump blasts California protesters as "thugs and criminals" (Video, Reena Flores, CBS News)

Larry Wilmore drops a truth bomb on Fox News racism at White House Correspondents Dinner (Jason Easley, PoliticusUSA)

Missouri Democrats see little progress on police oversight (Adam Aton (Associated Press), Springfield News-Leader, Missouri)

New video of Harvard race protesters interrupting Law School dean honored for  ... race relations (Video, Dave Huber, The College Fix)

Prince fired a revolution in diversity in race and gender (Kim Palmer, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota)

Racism in home ownership is a thing, and has been for a long time (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

Richmond was, and remains, a place for African-American entrepreneurs (Louis Llovio, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Virginia)

So John Wayne is a racist now? (Silvio Canto, Jr., American Thinker)

The South is still fighting for its "peculiar institution" - slavery (Hrafnkell Haraldsson, PoliticusUSA)

Students in the US are demanding slavery reparations from their universities. But how much can modern institutions give? (Rupert Cornwell, The Independent, UK)

We must shame dumb Trump fans: The white working class are not victims (David Masciotra, Salon)

Why can't my black son have a toy gun? (Goldie Taylor, The Daily Beast)

Winthrop poll: SC blacks fear police, racism more than whites do (Jamie Self, The Herald, Rock Hill, South Carolina)

Woodrow Wilson's legacy of racial segregation can be condemned even by the standards of his own time. (Richard Rothstein, London School of Economics US Centre)


Achievement gaps and racial segregation: Research finds an insidious cycle (Sarah D. Sparks, Education Week)

Andrew Jackson's adopted Indian son (Rebecca Onion, Slate)

Artifacts of Japanese internment tell stories we must not forget (Nancy Ukai, San Francisco Chronicle)

Asian Americans to outnumber African Americans by 2065: Report (Richard Prince, The Root)

At first California rally, Trump honors families of those killed by illegal aliens (Video, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

At Yale, a right that doesn't outweigh a wrong (Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore, The New York Times)

Baltimore and the future of protest politics (Benjamin Wallace-Wells, The New Yorker)

Beyond the game: Race and the NFL (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)

Black Lives Matter co-founder: The immigration challenge no one is talking about (Opal Tometi, Time)

Can Baltimore police change one year after Freddie Gray's death? (Josh Sanburn, Time)

"Can't we all just get along?": Anniversary of L.A. riots a reminder that racial inequality persists in America (Tanasia Kenney, Atlanta Black Star)

Christians called to resist Trump's bigotry (Jim Wallis, The Huffington Post)

Civil rights hearings held over Flint's lead-tainted water (Chicago Tribune)

Civil rights, conservation groups announce new effort to make national parks more diverse (Jenny Rowland, Think Progress)

Column: This little known site is the birthplace of the student civil rights movement (Jeff Feinstein, PBS Newshour)

Confederate statue at U of L to be removed (Jacob Ryan, WKU Public Radio, Western Kentucky University)

Constructing peace in Baltimore (Arthur J. Magida, The Baltimore Sun)

Demonstrators storm California GOP convention to protest Trump (Tom LoBianco, Jeremy Diamond, Ashley Killough, CNN)

Donald Trump proves racial nationalism is alive and well (Doug Saunders, The Globe and Mail, Canada)

Donald Trump's bizarre California GOP convention entrance was like "crossing the border" (Aaron Kinney, Bruce Newman, Lindzi Wessel, The San Jose Mercury News)

Donna Edwards skips Democratic Party's unity rally after primary loss (Josh Hicks, The Washington Post)

Friend of Charleston shooter pleads guilty to hiding information (Dana Farrington, NPR)

George Washington never mentions slavery in Hamilton, but the actor who plays him does (Katey Rich, Vanity Fair)

How colorblind rhetoric and multicultural ideology made America more racist (Ibram X. Kendi (Nation Books), AlterNet)

How racially segregated is Denver compared to other major U.S. cities? (Chris Walker, Westword, Denver, Colorado)

How student debt disproportionately affects low-income black students (Maggie McGrath, Forbes)

The inside story of how Clinton changed the election from a high school in Nevada (Adrian Carrasquillo, BuzzFeed)

Is Trump's rhetoric reigniting anti-immigrant legislation in Arizona? (Video, Democracy Now)

James Baldwin & the fear of a nation (Nathaniel Rich, The New York Review of Books)

Joey Meek knew what Dylann Roof was going to do, told others not to talk to FBI (John Monk, The State, Columbia, South Carolina)

John Wayne Day idea nixed: How should "Duke" be remembered? (Max Lewontin, The Christian Science Monitor)

"John Wayne Day" in Calif. rejected because of actors' statements about minority groups (Katie Mettler, The Washington Post)

Justices leave Texas voter ID law intact, with a warning (Adam Liptak, The New York Times)

Key & Peele explain how they fight racial stereotypes with comedy (Anna Klassen, Bustle)

"A lot of what he believes, we believe" - KKK Grand Imperial Wizard endorses Trump (Lorraine Berry, Raw Story)

Louisiana prisoner freed after 41 years of unconstitutional life sentence (Reuters)

Minnesota's worsening racial disparity: Why it matters to everyone (Christopher Magan, Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Minnesota)

A mockery of justice for the poor (John Pfaff, The New York Times)

Nicholas Guyatt's "Bind Us Apart" (Boganmeldelse, Eric Foner, The New York Times)

Obama legacy: Life after the first (William Wan, The Washington Post)

On anniversary of LA riots, racial inequality still an issue (Marissa Melton, Voice of America)

Protests rage outside Trump rally in Orange County; 17 arrested, police car smashed (Ruben Vives, Matt Pearce, Matt Hamilton, Los Angeles Times)

Protest turns violent at Donald Trump rally in Costa Mesa, Calif. (Video, Steve Kenny, The New York Times)

Race on campus: A conversation with Yale President Peter Salovey (David Cole, The New York Review of Books)

Racial disparities in education debt burden among low- and moderate-income households (Michal Grinstein-Weiss, Dana C. Perantie, Samuel H. Taylor, Shenyang Guo, Ramesh Raghavan, Brookings)

Racism is real. Trump helps show it. (Jenée Desmond-Harris, The New York Times)

The racist roots of a way to sell homes (Leder, The New York Times)

Rodney King shared a profound lesson from the LA riots just before his death (Lisa Capretto (OWN), The Huffington Post)

San Francisco chief releases racist texts, orders training (Paul Elias (Associated Press), ABC News)

San Francisco police chief releases officers' racist texts (Thomas Fuller, The New York Times)

Southern Poverty Law Center slaps Breitbart News with racist charge (Betsy Rothstein, The Daily Caller)

Suit filed in "whites-only cemetery" case (John MacCormack, San Antonio Express-News, Texas)

Texting cop a victim of thought police? (Video, Marc Randazza, CNN)

Under pressure over racist texts, SFPD releases transcripts (Vivian Ho, San Francisco Chronicle)

US has a "deep racial wealth gap" (Podcast, BBC World Service Business Matters)

The voter-ID fight in Missouri (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

What causes violence at political rallies? (Video, CBS Los Angeles)

What's killing white Americans? (John Gartner, The Baltimore Sun)

When you're biracial but your baby could be white (Xavia Dryden, Fusion)

The White House press corps and the color barrier (Carl M. Cannon, Real Clear Politics)

Why white people need Beyoncé (Jordan Crucchiola, GOOD)

A year after Baltimore protests, racial wealth gap remains at the core of economic frustration (Andrea Levere, The Huffington Post)


1 shocking statistic exposes Chicago's racial divide (Tom McKay, Mic)

The 2010 census missed thousands of California's Latino children. Here's what could change in 2020 (Sarah D. Wire, Los Angeles Times)

Advocates call on Southwest Airlines to review practices amid profiling allegations (Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, NBC News)

Albuquerque PD: a case study of police brutality (Samuel Gilbert, Al Jazeera)

Apartheid in America (Mark G. Spencer, The Wall Street Journal)

Are racial disparities hindering housing reform? (Xhevrije West, MReport)

Baltimore police: Officers "compelled" to chase 13-year-old with BB gun (Video, Michael Pearson, CNN)

Baltimore unrest one year later, has anything changed since Freddie Gray's death? (Carolyn M. Brown, Black Enterprise)

Bill Moyers in conversation: Eddie Glaude Jr. on America's racial "value gap" (Podcast, Moyers & Company, BillMoyers.com)

Black students behind "white power" drawing at Salisbury University (Jessica Chasmar, The Washington Times)

Bree Newsome on racial injustice and why she tore down the Confederate flag (Rachel Chism, Hub, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore)

Did Gov. McAuliffe say the state criminal justice system is racist? (Norman Leahy, Paul Goldman, The Washington Post)

The disastrous, forgotten 1996 law that created today's immigration problem (Dara Lind, Vox)

Donald Trump rouses cheering crowd in Costa Mesa: "Build that wall" (Martin Wisckol, Chris Haire, Scott Schwebke, Brooke Edwards, The Orange County Register, Californien)

Editorial: Expanding the right to vote (in Virginia, and everywhere else) (Leder, The Dallas Morning News)

Flint looks for racial bias, water crisis link (Jacob Carah, The Detroit News)

For black voters, gun violence a more serious problem than police misconduct (Lois Beckett, The Guardian)

Harris County: Tired of sending people to jail? (Leah Binkovitz, Houston Chronicle)

He wouldn't cut his dreadlocks and it cost him his firefighting dream, man says (Video, Anita Lee, The Kansas City Star)

How our country fails black women and girls (Melissa Harris-Perry, Elle)

How these Latinas reconcile their religion with their feminism (Raquel Reichard, Latina)

Hubert Henry Harrison: Foremost pioneer of Harlem radicalism (The Weekly Challenger, Tampa Bay, Florida)

Key and Peele’s ‘Keanu’ uses the story of a cute cat to challenge racial stereotypes (Michael O'Sullivan, The Washington Post)

LA sheriff dept. official "apologies" for racist emails (Kenrya Rankin, Colorlines)

Laws protect old white guys too (Chris Tomlinson, Houston Chronicle)

A lawyer explains where police shooting settlement cash actually goes (John Surico, Vice)

Lesbian couple happy to buy a baby but not to get a black one (D.C. McAllister, The Federalist)

New York Times CEO sued for allegedly promoting age, gender, and racial discrimination (Elliot Hanson, Slate)

Pay-to-play cop Bob Bates found guilty in fatal shooting of black man (Kate Briquelet, The Daily Beast)

Police officer to face grand jury in killing of black man on Florida highway (Richard Luscombe, The Guardian)

Politics, race influence views of Michelle Obama (Meningsmåling, Rasmussen Reports)

Race relations in South Carolina featured in new poll (Patrick Hussion, WYFF4, Greenville, South Carolina)

Racist statements lead lawmakers to reject John Wayne Day (Associated Press, The Washington Post)

Rahm Emanuel's political machine is overwhelmingly white: Here's why it matters - even beyond Chicago (Sean McElwee, Salon)

The retreat from voting rights (William Barber II, The New York Times)

The stubborn persistence of Confederate momuments, cont'd (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

Suit claims racial discrimination by Alabama on minimum wage (Zachary Roth, MSNBC)

Symbolism instead of history (Bruce Thornton, FrontPage Mag)

Teen birthrate hits all-time low, led by 50 percent decline among Hispanics and blacks (Ariana Eunjung Cha, The Washington Post)

Uber plays the race card to shoot down tipping (Seung Lee, Newsweek)

We can't forget how racist institutions shaped homeownership in America (David M. P. Freund, The Washington Post)

"White fragility" is the new white guilt concept (Michael Strickland, Progressives Today)

Why asking black people about "black-on-black crime" misses the point (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

Why Indian Americans should help elect Hillary Clinton (Devang Shah, The American Bazaar, Germantown, Maryland)

Yale agrees to some student demands, but no "Calhoun" name change (Max Kutner, Newsweek)


15 Schenectady police are defendants in brutality suit (Robert Gavin, Albany Times Union, New York)

Advocates wary of lawsuit over city's affordable housing preferences (Jarrett Murphy, CityLimits.org)

After #OscarsSoWhite, the Academy struggles with diversity, age and "relevance" (Scott Feinberg, The Hollywood Reporter)

Alabama secretary of state says Confederates fought for a "special" way of life (Alice Ollstein, Think Progress)

America first: Immigration and nationalism unite Donald Trump's coalition (Henry Olsen, National Review)

Anti-Trump demonstrator pepper sprays Hispanic children in California (Blake Neff, The Daily Caller)

Anti-white racism: The hate that dares not speak its name (David Horowitz, Breitbart)

The art of Black Lives Matter showcased in "Our Duty to Fight" exhibit (Joe Ward, DNAInfo)

California prisons struggle to adapt to desegregation (T.J. Raphael, PRI)

Clyburn brings Confederate flag debate to Capitol Hill (Vera Bergengruen, The State, Columbia, South Carolina)

DeRay Mckesson is famous. Here's why that didn't sway Baltimore voters (Julia Craven, The Huffington Post)

Do opposites really attract? A study of Stanford students' romantic interests (Amy Shen, Stanford Review, Palo Alto, Californien)

Expert says Ohio lawmakers already don't draw congressional districts (Jim Siegel, The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio)

Ex-volunteer cop who killed unarmed man using gun instead of taser found guilty (Video, Reuters, The Huffington Post)

For African-American candidates, some surprises and not-so-close losses (Lauren Victoria Burke, NBC News)

Former Baltimore police commissioner breaks his silence (Video, Jeff Pegues, CBS Evening News)

High-ranking Sheriff's official in hot water for series of racial jokes he sent on work computer in 2012 (Video, Los Angeles Times)

Homicide's role in the racial life-expectancy gap (Dhruv Khullar, Anupam B. Jena, The Wall Street Journal)

Horace Ward, U.S. judge who triumphed over bias, dies at 88 (Sam Roberts, The New York Times)

How segregation has persisted in Little Rock (Alana Semuels, The Atlantic)

How Trump can win the black vote to win the election (Roger L. Simon, PJ Media)

I am black enough (Marcelle Hutchins, The Huffington Post)

I-TEAM: Another allegation of racial profiling in NJ town (Video, Sarah Wallace, NBC New York)

Jews of color defy America's obsession with identity politics (David Kaufman, New York Post)

Lead poisoning in Flint is more than a health crisis (Zoë Carpenter, The Nation)

Lessons on diversity from a Maryland primary (Leder, The Washington Post)

Minnesota T.S.A. manager says he was told to target Somali-Americans (Ron Nixon, The New York Times)

Mizzou professor fired over protest incident: "This is all about racial politics. I'm a white lady; I'm an easy target" (Stephen A. Crockett Jr., The Root)

More racist text messages uncovered among San Francisco police officers (Joseph Serna, Los Angeles Times)

New report reveals persistent health disparities by race in the U.S. (Laura Santhanam, Megan Crigger, PBS Newshour)

Obama is chipping away at the "new Jim Crow". But more needs to be done (Peniel E. Joseph, The Guardian)

Older Koreans, Cambodians in LA County among most impoverished, new report finds (KPCC, Pasadena, Californien)

On anniversary of Freddie Gray's death, plainclothes Baltimore cops shoot 13-year-old who was carrying a fake gun (Elliot Hannon, Slate)

One token candidate won't make a difference in diversity hiring (Alex Janin, TakePart)

One year after unrest, Baltimore takes stock (Jean Marbella, Erica L. Green, Tim Prudente, The Baltimore Sun)

Philadelphia's top cop offers a reformist style (Stephen Braun, Los Angeles Times)

Princeton to remove "overly celebratory" mural of Woodrow Wilson (Susan Svrluga, Mary Hui, The Washington Post)

Questioning attitudes to dating across the color line (Science Daily)

Saunders: Durham hire brings another female police chief to the Triangle (Barry Saunders, The News & Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina)

Study: DPS tickets Hispanics more often (Matthew Adams, Houston Chronicle)

Teen with realistic BB gun shot by Baltimore police officer (Video, Clarence Williams, The Washington Post)

Tell the Negroes to wait: Obama, Black Lives Matter, and compromising with white supremacy (Lawrence Ware, Lauren Whiteman, CounterPunch)

Ten things white people need to quit saying (Melody Moezzi, The Huffington Post)

This bridge in Mississippi has hosted decades of racial violence (Seth Ferranti, Vice)

This study found race matters in police shootings, but the results may surprise you (Tom Jackman, The Washington Post)

Top L.A. County sheriff's official sent emails mocking Muslims, blacks, Latinos and women (Alene Tchekmedyian, Cindy Chang, Los Angeles Times)

A Trump forerunner who met the challenge of racial equality (Scott Whitlock, The Washington Times)

What Beyonce thinkpieces tell us about the death of the highbrow (Robert Tracinski, The Federalist)

What's juice gotta do with it? (Ashton Chan, The Huffington Post)

What the Maryland Democratic Senate race was really about (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

Why Donna Edwards lots - and why it matters for the future of the Democratic Party (Joan Walsh, The Nation)

Why felons should be allowed to vote (Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune)

Why is the racial wealth gap widening? And what should be done to reverse it? (Video, Robert Reich, The Huffington Post)

Why moving black families into white neighborhoods isn't justice (Greg Sorrell, The Federalist)

Willie Williams, Los Angeles police chief after the 1992 riots, dies at age 72 (Joel Rubin, Los Angeles Times)

A WWI-era memo asking French officers to practice Jim Crow with black American troops (Rebecca Onion, Slate)

Yale keeps the Calhoun name despite racial concerns, but ditches the "master" title (Isaac Stanley-Becker, The Washington Post)

Youth with BB gun resembling firearm shot by police in East Baltimore (Video, Tim Prudente, Kevin Rector, Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun)


After police shooting, San Francisco actors tackle racial profiling (Video, Kelly Whalen, Omid Zoufonoun (KQED, Californien), PBS Newshour)

Amazon to bring same-day delivery to Roxbury after outcry (Spencer Soper, Bloomberg)

America must repent from racism (Dr. Alveda King, Charisma News)

Amid ongoing federal review, investigation uncovers "racial" and "homophobic" messages allegedly sent by San Francisco officer (Jon Street, The Blaze)

Bernie Sanders: Drug laws are a racial issue as much as a legal one (Scott Eric Kaufman, Salon)

Black Maryland Democrat accuses party of sounding racial "foghorn" (Morgan Chalfant, The Washington Free Beacon)

A case for Asian American studies (Jane Jun, The Huffington Post)

Democracy derailed in Flint crisis: column (Nathan Bomey, USA Today)

The effect racist rhetoric has on young Latinos, and why all Americans should care (Jody Agius Vallejo, The Conversation)

Flint and America's coroded trust (Charlie LeDuff, Zackary Canepari, Mother Jones)

The GOP's eve of destruction (Richard North Patterson, The Huffington Post)

How to understand the complicated history of "go back to Africa" (Fodei Batty, The Washington Post)

"I don't see color. I just see people." (Sabrina Sultana, The Huffington Post)

If you can't vote, are you truly free? (Janna Malamud Smith, WBUR, Boston)

In defense of ethnic politics (Star Parker, WND)

Investigation of Tampa bike stop and ticketing policies finds racial disparities (Brian Doherty, Reason)

Marla Frederick on race, gender, religious broadcasting and social media (Nyasha Junior, Los Angeles Review of Books)

Medical racism and the ignoring of black pain (Kali Holloway, AlterNet)

Minn. police chiefs hear about implicit bias in policing (Minnesota Public Radio)

Minority coaches struggle to get opportunities in NCAA (Jon Krawczynski, Associated Press)

Nashville juror's objection on race leads to new trial (Stacey Barchenger, The Tennessean)

New Obamacare data shows how the struggles for economic justice and racial justice are connected (Ian Reifowitz, The Huffington Post)

Rachel Dolezal on changed life since race identity row (Video, BBC News)

Racial segregation was invented by the very same liberals who sought to abolish slavery (Nicholas Guyatt (Basic Books), AlterNet)

The reality of perpetuating racist stereotypes: An open letter to SnapChat on 420 (Natalie Flores, The Huffington Post)

SF Prop. D would extend agency probes to all shootings by police (Vivian Ho, San Francisco Chronicle)

The stubborn persistence of Confederate monuments (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

Tamir Rice's mother to give keynote speech at May 4 Kent State commemoration (Karen Farkas, cleveland.com)

Task force asks Samaria Rice to be keynote speaker at Kent State May 4 commemoration (WKYC, Cleveland, Ohio)

Teaching and intimacy in the The Wire: What teaching HBO's The Wire taught me (Arvind Rajagopal, The Huffington Post)

Trump: Giving Virginia felons right to vote is "crooked politics" (Graham Moomaw, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Virginia)

Trump turns GOP dog whistles into bullhorns: Our view (Leder, USA Today)

Washington NFL team asks Supreme Court to hear "Redskins" trademark case (Lindsay Gibbs, Think Progress)

What white teachers can learn from black preachers (Kristina Rizga, Mother Jones)

Whites receive more state funding for autism services than other racial/ethnic groups (Science 2.0)

Why a judge ruled North Carolina's voter-ID law constitutional (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

Why demographic shifts spell doom for the GOP (unless it changes) (Eric Black, MinnPost, Minnesota)

Why solidarity in the 21st century means understanding race and class as one entity, not two (Danny Haiphong, Black Agenda Report)

"Wild animals": Racist texts sent by San Francisco police officer, documents show (Video, Scott Glover, Dan Simon, CNN)


5 things black students say will end racism on college campuses (Symone Jackson, Fusion)

9-day sit-in ends (Josh Logue, Inside Higher Ed)

African-American voters have a good reason to support Hillary Clinton (Eric Foner, The Nation)

An affront to Boston's black history (Melvin B. Miller, The Bay State Banner, Boston, Massachusetts)

Barack Obama, the first alt-comedy president (Emily Hell, The Washington Post)

Bernie Sanders' Jewish problem, and ours (James Kirchick, Tablet Magazine)

Black employee accuses energy companies of racial discrimination (Louisiana Record)

City of Cleveland to pay $6 million to Tamir Rice's family to settle lawsuit (Eric Heisig, Cleveland.com)

Claims about Clarence Thomas netted results - just not right away (Clarence Page, Las Vegas Sun)

Cleveland agrees to pay $6 million to settle Tamir Rice lawsuit, won't admit any wrongdoing (Mark Berman, Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post)

The color of entrepreneurship: Why the racial gap among firms costs the U.S. billions (Algernon Austin, Ph.D., The Hill)

Cuban-bashing, it's a real thing and Bill Maher is in on it (Daniel Vasquez, Sun Sentinel, Broward County, Florida)

The defenders (Matthew Van Meter, The Awl)

Dog-whistle politics and the New National Union of Students president (Simon Jones, CounterPunch)

Editorial: Good riddance, Jim Crow (The Daily Astorian, Astoria, Oregon)

Emails point to investigation by Harvard administrators of anti "racial justice" blog (Rick Moran, American Thinker)

The fight for the city of Baltimore (Clare Foran, The Atlantic)

Fired Mizzou professor Melissa Click: "This is all about racial politics" (Fox News)

Fraternity says it was framed in video that promises to lynch black students (Mark Schierbecker, The College Fix)

The Freddie Gray election: death fuels call for "uprising" at Baltimore polls (Baynard Woods, The Guardian)

Friend of Charleston church shooting suspect agrees to cooperate (Richard Fausset, The New York Times)

From black to transgender rights eras, the business world has undergone its own revolution (Gavin Wright, Fortune)

Ghost in the Shell controversy and Hollywood's whitewashing of Asian character (Mikala Everett, The University Star, Texas State University)

Gov. Terry McAuliffe on granting felons the right to vote: "Second chances matter" (Katie McHugh, Breitbart)

Hillary: "As a white person," "I have to" say "we are not a post-racial society," "also a lot of sexism still" (Video, Ian Hanchett, Breitbart)

How a journalist caught the cops whitewashing their ticketing records (Al Tompkins, Poynter)

How an ex-felon voting bloc could shape Baltimore's election (Katie Rose Quandt, In These Times)

How crybully Trump and his supporters excel at playing the victim (Catherine Rampell, The Washington Post)

Jesse Jackson: Emanuel isn't leading on police reform (Jesse Jackson, Chicago Sun-Times)

Jim Webb gets very emotional about Andrew Jackson, the $20 bill and the "myth of white privilege" (Anna Merlan, Jezebel)

Jim Webb's sad Andrew Jackson apologia: Pining for the bad old days of Democratic politics (Simon Maloy, Salon)

Justice Dept. to release report on racial disparities in Tampa bicycle citations (The Tampa Tribune, Florida)

Left outside the social-justice movement's small tent (Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic)

Many millennials believe justice system racially biased (Devon Black, Harvard Political Review)

Many Vermont police agencies aren't following traffic-stop data collection law (Peter Hirschfeld, Vermont Public Radio)

Maryland Senate primary is fought along racial lines (Scott Calvert, The Wall Street Journal)

Meet the vigilantes who patrol Trump's rallies (Ben Schreckinger, Politico)

Melissa Click: I was fired because I'm white (Blake Neff, The Daily Caller)

Michelle's historically black attempt to malign Mississippi (Jeannie DeAngelis, American Thinker)

Moving from a prison cell to a voting booth (Jessica Lussenhop, BBC News)

New York bail policies stifle justice (Matthew Perry, Washington Square News, New York University)

Obama's advisers just revealed an unconventional solution to mass incarceration (Max Ehrenfreund, The Washington Post)

Pamela Haag: "The Gunning of America" (Radio, Pamela Haag, The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU, Washington, DC)

Piers Morgan wants Beyoncé to be less "inflammatory," stop playing the race card (Video, Ken Meyer, Mediaite)

Prince, Curt Schilling, and the acceleration of history (Steve Chapman, Reason)

Records: McKeithen arranged KKK payments to keep peace (Patrick Richoux (Manship School News Service), The News Star, Monroe, Louisiana)

The startling thing that happens to black girls in preschool (Alex Laughlin, The Washington Post)

Southern Illinois U denounces racist video (Insider Higher Ed)

Suicide in America (Radio, Jane Pearson, Dr. Christine Moutier, Katherine Hempstead, Holly Wilcox, The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU)

Supreme Court asked to hear two cases that could sack Washington "Redskins" name (Alex Johnson, NBC News)

Tamir Rice's family to receive $6 million from Cleveland (Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

Ted Cruz's token black friend swears he's not racist, really (JE Reich, Jezebel)

Tubman on bill will be inspiring (Amy Goodman, Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico)

Two white kids blame non-existent black man for "abduction" after getting caught playing hooky (Rob Wile, Fusion)

VIDEOS: CNN series highlights racial tensions in 2 Arkansa cities (Brandon Riddle, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

What's up with U.S. black voters? (Ted Rall, The Japan Times)

What the other Bernie teaches us about the budding Sanders personality cult (Samuel G. Freedman, Forward)

WHCD host Larry Wilmore teases president Obama roast (Jaleesa M. Jones, USA Today)

Why African Americans should fear a Hillary Clinton presidency (Victoria Yancey, Beaumont, Texas)

Why America is ready for novelist Angela Flournoy (Doree Shafrir, BuzzFeed)

Why Donald Trump dominates the Northeast and is poised to win big on Tuesday (Matthew Yglesias, Vox)

Will a $6 million Tamir Rice settlement help reform Cleveland cops? (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

With Emanuel on the ropes, politicos say it's time to address Chicago's racial inequities (Ellyn Fortino, Progress Illinois)


5 ways millennials view race today (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

American ghetto (Mario L. Small, The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Are we done punishing black men? (Priyanka Kumar, Los Angeles Review of Books)

Bellevue police chief makes strides in rebuilding troubled department (Lynn Thompson, The Seattle Times)

Bernie Sanders doesn't seem to understand what poverty really is (Tim Worstall, Forbes)

Bernie Sanders: In Baltimore "poverty is a death sentence," conditions rival West Bank or North Korea (Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

Beyoncé's Lemonade and the undeniable power of a black woman's vulnerability (Dee Lockett, Ashley Weatherford, Lindsay Peoples, New York Magazine)

Beyond music, Prince's legacy includes black activism (Greg Moore, Associated Press)

Black Lives Matter gave him fame, but Baltimore isn't biting (Juliet Linderman, Errin Haines Whack, Associated Press)

Christian NBA star Jeremy Lin a victim of racial discrimination? NBA denies fan's accusation (Czarina Ong, Christian Today)

The content of his presidency: Obama set out to be a leader of consequence (David Maraniss, The Washington Post)

Contesting bail to take on racial disparities in San Francisco prisons (Kamala Kelkar, PBS Newshour)

Ethnicity still matters in the politics of 2016 (Michael Barone, Washington Examiner)

Everyone is talking about Beyoncé's new album. Here's what you need to know. (Jessica Contrera, The Washington Post)

Former president Bill Clinton visits Baltimore churches in advance of primary, unrest anniversary (Video, Colin Campbell, The Baltimore Sun)

Fox News "tough cop": "Illegal aliens" rampantly raping our girls (Video, Asawin Suebsaeng, The Daily Beast)

The "Freedom" lyrics by Beyonce prove that this song is "Lemonade"'s most empowering anthem (Chloe Kent, Bustle)

Hate speech is on the rise (Jill Berkowitz, Ann Myers, Education Week)

Hispanics drive the housing market (Melanie Anzidei, The Record, New Jersey)

How liberals invented segregation: The real history of race, equality and our Founding Fathers (Nicholas Guyatt, Salon)

HUD allocated $20 million to Alexander County housing while documenting problems dating back to 2010 (Molly Parker, The Southern Illinoisian)

Is everyone focusing too much on gentrification? (Jesse Singal, New York Magazine)

Is predictive policing the law-enforcement tactic of the future? (The Wall Street Journal)

Larry Wilmore: Relishing the role of underdog (Video, CBS News)

New Obamacare data shows how the struggles for economic justice and racial justice are connected (Ian Reifowitz, Daily Kos)

One year later, family still seeks justice in inmate brutality case (Amanda J. Purcell, Poughkeepsie Journal, New York)

POOR | The Caucasian double standard (Kate Poor, The Cornell Daily Sun, New York)

Program tells of sacrifices made in civil rights struggle (Margie Peterson, The Morning Call, Allentown, Pennsylvania)

Report: Third of suicides in U.S. are among middle-aged whites (Mike Stobbe (Associated Press), ABC News)

St. Louis minority day care operators see bias in regulatory enforcement (Nancy Cambria, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Troy Williams: Racism is real, and it's still a problem (Troy Williams, Fayetteville Observer, North Carolina)

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Why Republicans love comparing abortion to slavery (Emily Crockett, Vox)


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Anti-racist protesters outnumbered white supremacists 10 to 1 at a racist rally in Georgia (Matt Smith, Vice News)

"Awoken" by N.Y. cop shooting, Asian-American activists chart way forward (Hansi Lo Wang, NPR)

Baltimore faces its "original sin" a year after riots (John Blake, CNN)

Black & undocumented: Caribbean immigrant's long fight for citizenship (Melissa Noel, NBC News)

Black hikers break the "green ceiling" and clear a path for nature enthusiasts (Oliver Milman, The Guardian)

Bucking a national trend, suicide rates decline for black men in the U.S. (Angela Bronner Helm, The Root)

California's next senator could be a Latina. Will her past mistakes get in the way? (Phil Willon, Noah Bierman, Los Angeles Times)

D.C.'s black gay and trans kids fought back formed a "gang" called Check It, now star in a documentary (Rich Juzwiak, Gawker)

Democratic Senate candidate blasts own party for racial "foghorn" (Harper Neidig, The Hill)

First person: Being a black woman in Pittsburgh (Ciera Marie Young, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

For Trump, Tubman on $20 bill illustrates broader American problem (Video, NBC News)

Georgetown and the sin of slavery (Leder, The New York Times)

Housing bias outlasts ruling in a Long Island village (Lisa W. Foderado, The New York Times)

Is Amazon same-day delivery service racist? (Bamzi Banchiri, The Christian Science Monitor)

Jackson loses the battle of political correctness (Jeff Crouere, Townhall)

Liberals embrace the smug life (Kyle Smith, New York Post)

MSNBC's Joy Reid vs. Sanders campaign's Jeff Weaver: You only win white voters and white caucuses (Video, Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics)

New criminal justice paradigm appears emergent in Philadelphia (Christopher "Flood the Drummer" Norris, The Good Men Project)

No, being against Trump does not mean you hate the white working class (Jonah Goldberg, National Review)

Obama praises Black Lives Matter, but says activists must compromise (Sam Levine, The Huffington Post)

Obama questioned on LGBT rights, Black Lives Matter in London (Video, Kevin Liptak, CNN)

Obama says movements like Black Lives Matter "can't just keep on yelling" (Michael D. Shear, Liam Stack, The New York Times)

Once again in SC, a non-existent black man is blamed for a crime (Andrew Dys, The State, Columbia, South Carolina)

Pro-white rally sparks protests in Georgia (CBS News)

Sanders' bid for black vote in Baltimore highlights struggles to broaden appeal (Ben Jacobs, The Guardian)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio being accused of moving too slowly on racial profiling reforms (Fox News Latino)

The unfortunate crack in prison reform: Where is the support for newly released convicts? (Manny Otiko, Atlanta Black Star)

Virginia governor permits 200,000 felons to vote in upcoming election [Updated] (Paul Mirengoff, Powerline)

What if the left doesn't really want to achieve its policy goals? (John C. Goodman, Townhall)

When it comes to flight safety, when does alertness become racial profiling? (Radio, Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR)

Who gets to borrow white privilege? This is what happens when an Asian-American cop kills an unarmed African-American (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

Why black comedian W. Kamau Bell is hanging out with the KKK (Video, Tanzina Vega, CNN Money)


About 200,000 convicted felons in Virginia will now have the right to vote in November (Video, Sari Horwitz, Jenna Portnoy, The Washington Post)

Al Jazeera America executive files bias suit (John Koblin, The New York Times)

Arizona County tells feds election issues hit all races (Bob Christie, Associated Press)

As sales boom, pot shops have become the new face of gentrification (Sara Bernard, The Grist)

Beyond the word gap (Amy Rothschild, The Atlantic)

Black Panther members announce 50th anniversary commemoration (San Francisco Examiner)

Black voters overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton in New York primary, here's why it matters (Lynette Holloway, NewsOne)

Book nook: Racial Realities and Post-Racial Dreams - The Age of Obama and Beyond, by Julius Bailey (Radio, Vick Mickunas, WYSO, Ohio)

City to honor Robert O. Lowery, first black fire commissioner, with Manhattan street dedication (Ginger Adams Otis, New York Daily News)

Coaxing police to share data on officers' conduct (Martin Kaste, NPR)

Crime reporting apps make racial profiling easy (Danielle DeCourcey, Attn)

Cross burnings in Dubuque show city still in turmoil over race (Kyle Munson, The Des Moines Register, Iowa)

The Daily 202: African American women, their political muscle growing, could pick winner of Maryland Senate primary (James Hohmann, The Washington Post)

Denying voting rights to ex-felons is unfair (Jonathan Bernstein (Bloomberg View), Chicago Tribune)

Does "Black Lives Matter" really matter? (Goldie Taylor, The Daily Beast)

The first black president (Essays/video,Peniel Joseph, David Maraniss, Michael Fletcher, L. Douglas Wilder, Terence Samuel,, Ashleigh Joplin, Sari Horwitz, Wesley Lowery, David Nakamura, Stephanie Stamm, Scott Clement, The Washington Post)

Flint is about how we treat the poor (Leonard Pitts Jr., Miami Herald)

Groups to rally at Georgia landmark ahead of Confederate holiday (Melonyce McAfee, CNN)

How Americans pretend to love "ethnic food" (Roberto A. Ferdman, The Washington Post)

How BLM has been - and in November will be - Clinton's secret turnout ally (Barrett Holmes Pitner, The Daily Beast)

In vacant Baltimore home, Gray-inspired groups find new life (Juliet Linderman, Associated Press)

Is Donald Trump a modern-day George Wallace? (Radio, Debbie Elliott, All Things Considered)

Is liberalism really "smug"? (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

Is University of Wisconsin-Madison the next Mizzou? Some say "race war" brewing (Jennifer Kabbany, The College Fix)

"It's rampant gun violence. It's unnecessary gun violence, it's expansive no one is immune to it." (Video, Arrianee LeBeau, WVEC, Hampton, Virginia)

Knoxville federal prosecutor battling in Congress against sentencing reform (Jamie Satterfield, Knoxville News Sentinel, Tennessee)

MIA's Black Lives Matter faux pas shows she doesn't know her history (Safa Samiezade'-Yazd, The Guardian)

Native American and white women see massive increase in suicide rate, government study says (Ema O'Connor, BuzzFeed)

New Texas report spotlights racial gaps in child well-being (Tobi Jackson, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Nina Simone and the clichés of the musical bio-pic (Richard Brody, The New Yorker)

The NYPD is running stings against immigrant-owned shops, then pushing for warrantless searches (Sarah Ryley, ProPublica)

Obama: A virtual museum of his presidency (Multimedie, The Washington Post)

Over 200,000 Virginians with past felony convictions will regain their right to vote (Samantha Lachman, The Huffington Post)

Poll: Blacks more focused on community violence, not police violence (Charles D. Ellison, The Philadelphia Tribune)

Prince broke all the rules about what black American men should be (Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian)

Prince was the weirdo we needed: On race, masculinity & the indelible legacy of a musical icon (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

Sen. Bernie Sanders offends some with comments about South (Deborah Barfield Berry, USA Today)

#SentenceSoLight: No justice, no peace for Akai Gurley (The Kinfolk Kollective, Ebony)

Should felons ever be allowed to vote? (Debatindlæg, Roger Clegg, Janai S. Nelson, The New York Times)

A snapshot of the U.S. prison system's racial realities (Video (America Reframed), The Atlantic)

South Carolina town where black man shot asks U.S. for police help (Reuters, Business Insider)

Suicides in the United States are surging - and it's not clear why (Olivia Becker, Vice News)

This Senate race could make history (Irin Carmon, MSNBC)

The tools of campus activists are being turned against them (Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic)

University of Connecticut's dorm wing for black males deemed "Orwellian," "ghettoization" of students (Tanasia Kenney, Atlanta Black Star)

The very black politics of Prince (Laur M. Jackson, The Fader)

Virginia governor restores voting rights to felons (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, The New York Times)

The voting effects of Virginia's move on felons? Small, but potentially decisive (Nate Cohn, The New York Times)

What's up with black voters? (Ted Rall, Rasmussen Reports)

What Trump, Carson don't get about Harriet Tubman (Issac Bailey, CNN)

White man or black woman? Senate race tears at Maryland Democrats (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, The New York Times)


6 arrested during Freddie Gray unrest sue Baltimore police (Video, Alex DeMetrick, CBS Baltimore)

The 2016 "TIME" 100 list is very racially diverse & it's definitely not going unnoticed by readers (Allyson Koerner, Bustle)

Amazon doesn't consider the race of its customers. Should it? (David Ingold, Spencer Soper, Bloomberg)

Arizona police officer who fatally shot Navajo woman armed only with scissors raised major concerns while trainee, including being too quick with gun (David Boroff, New York Daily News)

As officer who killed Akai Gurley gets no jail time, Asian Americans debate role of white supremacy (Video, Democracy Now)

As the $20 bill gets a new face, Andrew Jackson's sins are recalled (David Horsey, Los Angeles Times)

Black Twitter is not here for M.I.A.'s criticism of Beyoncé and Black Lives Matter (Jamilah King, Mic)

Can "minority" artists just be artists? (Creo Noveno, KQED, San Francisco)

Charlestown residents show support for Sandtown at block party (Mary K. Tilghman, The Baltimore Sun)

Chicago to implement some - but not all - police reforms (Josh Sanburn, Time)

Chicago will make some changes to its police department as a "down payment" on reform (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

The complexities of black youth suicide (Kimya N. Dennis, Milwaukee Community Journal)

The concept of race is nothing but fiction (Jeff Adachi, The San Francisco Examiner)

The controversy over Harriet Tubman, Andrew Jackson, and the $20 bill, explained (Matthew Yglesias, Vox)

The crusade against political correctness shows its true colors (John Compton, The Huffington Post)

Donald Trump gets crushed among Hispanic voters: Poll (Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times)

Finley: Where's the outcry as Detroit kids die? (Nolan Finley, The Detroit News)

Fox News accuses Obama of going racist by putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill (Video, Sarah Jones, PoliticusUSA)

Harriet the Spy: How Tubman helped the Union army (Becky Little, National Geographic)

Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill (Radio, Isabel Wilkerson, The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU, Washington, DC)

Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill reminds us that access to cash is a civil rights issue (Max Ehrenfreund, The Washington Post)

Harriet Tubman scholar: the $20 "might make people think twice about the legacy of slavery" (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

Harriet Tubman was a Republican! (Kevin Drum, Mother Jones)

Harriet Tubman will be on the $20 bill, but still doesn't rate a statue in the Capitol (Petula Dvorak, The Washington Post)

Here's what's missing from the Police Accountability Task Force report (Steve Bogira, Chicago Reader)

How people were trolled into believing Cards fans launched racial slurs at Jason Heyward (Craig Calcaterra, NBC Sports)

If police stairwell shooting was accidental, circumstances around it were not (Alan Feuer, The New York Times)

In a city with long memories of racial torment, Detroit's police chief seeks to turn a corner (Bill McGraw, Michigan Radio)

The intersection of race, place, and multidimensional poverty (Richard V. Reeves, Brookings)

It matters who's on the money, and Harriet Tubman fits the bill (Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post)

Keeping Andrew Jackson on the $20 with Harriet Tubman is insane (Jack Moore, GQ)

Leslie Hewitt dives deep into the civil rights movement (Randy Kennedy, The New York Times)

Mayor: Chicago to immediately adopt some police reform recommendations (Aamer Madhani, USA Today)

My wife and I are white evangelicals. Here's why we chose to give birth to black triplets. (Aaron Halbert, The Washington Post)

Newly released emails reveal frightened Mizzou students, faculty during racial protests (Debra Heine, PJ Media)

No, putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill is not "honoring" her (Madhuri Sathish, Bustle)

Not all money troubles are created equal (Gillian B. White, The Atlantic)

The perfect breakdown of why white feminism isn't really feminism (Video, Alanna Vagianos, The Huffington Post)

The police laboratory (Simone Weichselbaum, Time)

Prince gave black kids permission to be weirdos (Michelle Garcia, Vox)

Race and beyond: The problem with the national response to police racism (Sam Fulwood III, Center for American Progress)

Racial awakening, pride and fear: One Latino perspective on "the Obama effect" (Radio Adrian Florido, NPR)

Racially charged testimony helped put Duane Buck on death row. Will the Supreme Court step in? (Jordan Smith, The Intercept)

Rahm Emanuel unveils changes for Chicago Police but ignores much of panel's advice (Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

The smug style in American liberalism (Emmett Rensin, Vox)

Some Chicago police reforms to be implemented immediately (Video, USA Today)

"Students of color" suffering "post-traumatic stress" after black student's arrest, profs reportedly say. Here's graffiti cops say he spray-painted. (Dave Urbanski, The Blaze)

Supreme Court must stand against race bias: Column (Mark Earley, Timothy K. Lewis, USA Today)

A swastika was drawn on a black student's dorm door at one of the country's most prominent Christian colleges (Julie Zauzmer, The Washington Post)

They only want to honor white men: The pathetic conservative meltdown over the Harriet Tubman $20 bill exposes the right's petty identity politics (Amanda Marcotte, Salon)

These people aren't happy to see Andrew Jackson kicked off the $20 bill (Video, Dan Friedman, Fortune)

Trooper granted delay in federal Bland case deposition (Gabrielle Banks, The Houston Chronicle, Texas)

Trump on Tubman: "pure political correctness." Trump on Jackson: "tremendous success." (Emily Crockett, Vox)

Trump: Tubman on the $20 bill is "pure political correctness" (Video, David Wright, CNN)

University not releasing footage of black man's beating (Associated Press, ABC News)

What happened to Sandra Bland? (Debbie Nathan, The Nation)

What you need to know about the white power rally at Stone Mountain (Chris Joyner, Atlanta Journal Constitution)

When Dixie put slaves on the money (Kevin M. Levin, The Daily Beast)

White Harvard Law professor mocks black pro-life leader for invoking MLK (Bradford Richardson, The Washington Times)

Why Black Lives Matter shouldn't matter anymore (Ernest Owens, Metro)

Why Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill matters so much me as a black woman (Evette Dionne, Bustle)

Why I asked John Kasich what he hears when he hears "black lives matter" (Jonathan Capehart, The Washington Post)

Why mass incarceration doesn't pay (Jason Furman, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, The New York Times)

Why the new $20 bill matters (Edward T. O'Donnell, The Huffington Post)

You have no idea how hardcore Harriet Tubman really was (Ana Swanson, The Washington Post)


Advice for Asian American young professionals (Frank H. Wu, The Huffington Post)

Andrew Jackson was a slaver, ethnic cleanser, and tyrant. He deserves no place on our money. (Dylan Matthews, Vox)

After Liang trial, mending community relations (Radio, Stephen Nessen, WNYC, New York)

Asian American success and the pitfalls of generalization (Nathan Joo, Richard V. Reeves, Edward Rodrigue, Brookings)

Black Twitter is freaking out over Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill (Zeba Blay, The Huffington Post)

A black woman born into slavery replaces a white slave owner on $20 note (Tess Owen, Vice News)

The bureaucrats charged in Flint's water crisis (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

Carson: Maybe Tubman should go on the $2 bill (Eliza Collins, Politico)

Celebrating Indiana: South Bend's African American history (Video, Molly Jirasek, Fox28, Indiana)

Chinese-American organizations are "outraged" Peter Liang won't get jail time (Jamilah King, Mic)

A cop convicted of killing an unarmed black man isn't going to prison (John Surico, Vice)

Emanuel makes "down payment" on CPD reforms, but more to be done (Bill Ruthhart, Annie Sweeney, Chicago Tribune)

Ex-NYPD officer avoids jail time in stairwell shooting case (Associated Press, Fox News)

Federal judge approves agreement between Ferguson, Justice Department (Stephen Deere, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Ferguson reform may be swift with federal agreement approval (Jim Salter (Associated Press), ABC News)

Flint water crisis yields first criminal charges (Video, Monica Davey, Richard Pérez-Peña, The New York Times)

For Black Lives Matter, some long-sought victories (Sarah-Joyce Battersby, The Toronto Star, Canada)

Former Texas governor: Racism has infected our justice system (Mark White, Time)

Four events related to Freddie Gray and racial justice this week (Devin Allen, Kwame Rose, Baltimore City Paper)

Greta: The gov't is needlessly "dividing the country" with Harriet Tubman $20 (Video, Josh Feldman, Mediaite)

Harriet Tubman and the currency of resistance (Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan, TruthDig)

Harriet Tubman to grace $20: What that says about America (Lucy Schouten, The Christian Science Monitor)

Jackie Carter, who pushed for racial diversity in children's books, dies at 62 (Sam Roberts, The New York Times)

Liang verdict and sentence: Increased accountability or racial bias? (Radio, The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC, New York)

The little-known reason why Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill is so significant (Lilly Workneh, The Huffington Post)

Mayor's new police reforms don't include dismantling IPRA - yet (Fran Spielman, Frank Main, Chicago Sun-Times)

The media have it wrong: Andrew Jackson's legacy was fighting crony capitalism (Jarrett Stepman, The Daily Signal)

Participants in Massachusetts' drug courts are overwhelmingly white (Shira Schoenberg, MassLive.com, Massachusetts)

Protest over racial incidents at Clemson University enters second week (David Mack, BuzzFeed)

Race bias runs deep in Minnesota (Charles Hallman, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder)

A "remorseful" ex-NYPD cop gets no jail time in Akai Gurley's death, but where is the compassion for black men in the criminal justice system? (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

Report: Racial disparity in Iowa City traffic stops trending down (Andy Davis, Iowa City Press-Citizen)

Seattle mayor calls for protection of tenants using rent subsidies (Daniel Beekman, The Seattle Times)

Smartphone app lets anyone report "suspicious people" in "transitional" St. Louis neighborhood (Carimah Townes, Think Progress)

Think millennials when you think of Latinos? Think younger (Suzanne Gamboa, NBC News)

Trump's New York surrogate uses racial slur to describe Obama (Aaron Rupar, Think Progress)

The unapologetic racial profilng of Muslims has become America's new normal (Haroon Mohhul, Quartz)

Veterans from World War II's all-black aviation unit on how they shattered racial stereotypes: "We proved that thinking wrong" (Tiare Dunlap, People)

What does it mean for America to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill? (Adrienne LaFrance, Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, Shauna Miller, Gillian B. White, The Atlantic)

When Americans thought hair was a window into the soul (Sarah Gold McBride, The Conversation)

Which white guy should Obama replace when we honor him on our currency? (Ben Mathis-Lilley, Slate)

Why Broadway is so white, part 2 - A change is gonna come (maybe) (Lee Seymour, Forbes)

Why I won't stop writing about racism (Cody Fenwick, Care2)

Woman who saw sister killed by white mob in 1969 has died (Associated Press, ABC News)


1 year after Freddie Gray's death, Baltimore is still in turmoil (Radio, Morning Edition, NPR)

The art of pandering to your non-white audience (Rembert Browne, New York Magazine)

The Asian-American vote (Frances Johnson, The Ithacan, New York)

Back to bedlam (Heather MacDonald, City Journal)

Black Lives Matter and America's long history of resisting civil rights protesters (Elahe Izadi, The Washington Post)

"Black lives matter" Joe Biden decries "institutional racism in America" (Charlie Spiering, Breitbart)

The Black Lives Matter movement is most visible on Twitter. Its true home is elsewhere. (Dani McClain, The Nation)

Case of Peter Liang-Akai Gurley delivers justice for no one (Leder, Newsday)

Civil rights and the sexual revolution need a divorce (Robert Oscar Lopez, The Federalist)

Colorblindness is an inherent form of racism (Jessica Wang, The Poly Post, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Californien)

Cops taunted black veteran as he died (Kate Briquelet, The Daily Beast)

Daily reads: Hollywood's unchecked wave of racial erasure, "Black-ish" rethinks the family sitcom, and more (Vikram Murthi, Criticwire)

Education secretary John King says this is an urgent moment for school desegregation (Rebecca Klein, The Huffington Post)

The disturbing racial bias in who we help when they need it most (Roberto A. Ferdman, The Washington Post)

Erasing black businesses: How denying who you are hurts the black economy (Terrence Chappell, Ebony)

Ex-New York officer gets 5 years of probation in fatal Brooklyn shooting (Video, Alan Feuer, The New York Times)

For the jury: Mistake or "culpable negligence" by deputy in man's death? (Christopher Lett, CNN)

Freddie Gray, 1 year later: What has changed in Baltimore? (Juliet Linderman, Associated Press)

Freddie Gray, one year later: Baltimore's black residents still waiting for changes (Baynard Woods, The Guardian)

Getting to black voters via text! (Richard Fowler, The Huffington Post)

Here's what happened when a video game began randomly assigning gender and race for its players (Bryan Dewan, Think Progress)

Hillary Clinton headed to Philly after Bill Clinton protester flap (Trymaine Lee, MSNBC)

Hillary Clinton's Philadelphia gun violence and policing event to include local victim's mother (Christopher "Flood the Drummer" Norris, The Good Men Project)

How Georgetown University once relied on the slave trade and new efforts to reconcile with its past (Radio, Adam Goodheart,

Craig Steven Wilder, Rachel Swarns, Adam Rothman, The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU, Washington, DC)

How the myth of the "Irish slaves" became a favorite meme of racists online (Alex Amend, Southern Poverty Law Center)

Judge approves reform agreement between Ferguson, Justice Department (Matt Zapotosky, The Washington Post)

A judge's fateful error in Peter Liang sentencing (Leder, New York Daily News)

Justice blind? Nope - it definitely sees color (Leonard Pitts, Jr., Miami Herald)

New voice for Latinos in media (Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), The Hill)

No prison time for Peter Liang, ex-NYPD cop who accidentally killed Akai Gurley (Leon Neyfakh, Slate)

NYPD cop Peter Liang dodges prison for killing Akai Gurley (Emily Saul, Kevin Fasick, Kate Sheehy, New York Post)

One number more disturbing than the number of people killed by police this year (Zeeshan Aleem, Mic)

Peter Liang ruling is a travesty: Curtis Sliwa (Curtis Sliwa, New York Post)

Peter Liang's guilt is undeniable; we need to develop a system that "disregards race in favor of guilt" (Video, Jeff Raines, New York Daily News)

Peter Liang won't see jail time as manslaughter charge reduced (Chris Fuchs, NBC News)

Police mocked a black Army veteran as he lay dying on a jailhouse floor, according to lawsuit (Rafi Schwartz, Fusion)

Race and Racism 101 Lecture 1 Intro & Terminology (Sascha Vongehr, Science 2.0)

Sentencing for Peter Liang (J. Weston Phippen, The Atlantic)

This is what white millennials have to say about being white (Lilly Workneh, The Hufington Post)

When Christians won't say #BlackLivesMatter (Kevin Wright, The Huffington Post)

Why racism always trumps sexism: On Confirmation and The People vs. OJ Simpson (Shannon M. Houston, Paste)


3 reasons whites are blamed for everything (Mychal Massie, WND)

5 new Latino poetry books for National Poetry Month (Rigoberto González, NBC News)

9 Republicans who have actually worked to make America great (Lavita Tuff, Blavity)

The alt-right is more than warmed-over white supremacy. It's that, but way way weirder (Dylan Matthews, Vox)

Blackface photos spark controversy over racism at Houston high school (Hannah McBride, The Texas Observer)

A call to arms to end Chicago's shame (Jesse Jackson, Chicago Sun-Times)

Clinton crime bill. Why is it so controversial? (Jessica Lussenhop, BBC News)

Coalition calls for more police reforms after accontability report (Dana Rebik, WGN News Chicago)

Cops are still killing people, but the nation has stopped paying attention (Nick Wing, Julia Craven, The Huffington Post)

Court rejects Rep. Corrine Brown's demand for new congressional district (Mary Ellen Klas, Tampa Bay Times)

Documentary "Cincinnati Goddamn" focuses on police shootings of black men in the past (Andy Foltz, WCPO Cincinnati, Ohio)

Donald Trump's New York: Racially and politically polarized (Pema Levy, Mother Jones)

East Bay book club members kicked off Napa wine train settle lawsuit (Angela Ruggiero, The Mercury News, San Jose, Californien)

Erica Garner speaks poignantly about the real Eric Garner, her father (Video, The Root TV)

Ex-Iowa State basketball star details years of racial discrimination in lawsuit against coach (Patrick Redford, Deadspin)

Faith leaders to tackle drug war's racial divide in Harlem as UN meets nearby (Jessica Glenza, The Guardian)

Faltered dreams: What the deaths of Dr. King and Freddie Gray say about the nation (Dedrick Muhammad, The Huffington Post)

The forgotten recession that irrevocably damaged the American economy (Jeff Spross, The Week)

Former Iowa State women's basketball player alleges racial discrimination in lawsuit (Matt Bonesteel, The Washington Post)

Former Kean University students pleads guilty to threats against black students (NBC New York)

From cultural appropriation to appreciation, what do tacos have to do with it? (Stefani Cox, Big Think)

From Occupy to Black Lives Matter: how nonviolent resistance is shaping the 2016 elections (Erica Chenoweth, Vox)

Future doesn't belong to cities that revere the Confederacy, Landrieu tells WaPo (The Washington Post, The New Orleans Times-Picayune)

The growing racial and ethnic diversity of older adults (Wendy Fox-Grage, AARP (American Association of Retired Persons))

GENTRIFICATION SPOTLIGHT: How Portland is pushing out its black residents (Abigail Savitch-Lew, Colorlines)

Guest column five: How I learned about white privilege (Prof. Nathaniel Wade, Dept. of Psychology, Iowa State Daily)

GUEST COMMENTARY: Waking up to racism on a daily basis (Jill Richardson, Columbia Missourian)

Hillary confronted on "super predator" term on black radio show; calls Trump "dangerous," "cancer" (Video, Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics)

Hospital apologizes for volunteer's tirade against black man, family (The Grio)

How American progressivism, imperialism and eugenics spawned international drug control (Kenneth Anderson, The Influence)

How a New York police killing revealed the fractures in Asian American politics (Julia Carrie Wong, The Guardian)

How Dean Strang and Jerry Buting are making criminal justice reform sexy (Joanna Rothkopf, Jezebel)

How one Mississippi district made integration work (Jackie Mader (The Hechinger Report), The Huffington Post)

How the U.S. tax system disadvantages racial minorities (Christopher Faricy, The Washington Post)

I fell in love with a white man, and it made a lot of black people mad (Ama McKinley, The Huffington Post)

In close race, "unprecedented" push for Asian-American voters comes to N.Y. (Radio, Hansi Lo Wang, Morning Edition, NPR)

Is Scarlett Johansson too white for anime? (Ryu Spaeth, New Republic)

Judge sets hearing on prosecutors' latest request to compel officers' testimony in Freddie Gray case (Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun)

Judging people as good is also prejudice (Umm Zakiyyah, Muslimmatters.org)

The killing of Jose Cruz and the myth of the racist white cop (Aaron G. Fountain, Jr. (Latino Rebels), AlterNet)

Learning to "see beyond race" (Stephen H. Sachs, The Baltimore Sun)

Louisiana residents oppose Confederate monument removal by a wide margin (Julia O'Donoghue, The New Orleans Times-Picayune)

Mississippi: A state of white power and black self-determination in conflict (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

The most important protest of the 2016 election (Zoë Carpenter, Ari Berman, The Nation)

New docu-series exposes the flawed reality of racial profiling (Taryn Finley, The Huffington Post)

New land, expansionism, and affordability (Lyman Stone, Medium)

"Obamacare" delivers a big boost to those who need it most (Steve Benen, MSNBC)

The Obama crime wave comes to Minnesota [Updated] (John Hinderaker, PowerLine)

Octavia Butler's legacy, impact, and afrofuturism celebrated (Jazelle Hunt, NBC News)

On crime bill and the Clintons, young blacks clash with parents (Farah Stockman, The New York Times)

One year later, Baltimore still realing from Freddie Gray death, riots (Video, Melanie Eversley, USA Today)

On immigration, law is on Obama's side (Richard G. Lugar, The New York Times)

Pastors push to remove "slavery" from state constitution (Joey Bunch, The Denver Post)

PBS's "The Whiteness Project" seeks to expose racism (Mairead McArdle, NewsBusters)

The perils of being a black philosopher (Brad Evans, George Yancy, The New York Times)

Post series on police shootings wins Pulitzer Prize for national reporting (Paul Farhi, The Washington Post)

Progressive politics don't feel so inclusive when you're Latino (Roberto Lovato, Yes! Magazine)

Racial, ethnic disparities stubbornly endure in juvenile justice system, expert says (Daryl Khan, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange)

Radicals dressed as Black Panthers accost white man at Portland State University (Lee Stranahan, Breitbart)

Read between the racism: The serious lack of diversity in book publishing (Ilana Masad, Broadly)

The revolutionary life and strange death of a radical black mayor (Nathan Schneider, Vice)

Sanders dismisses the Deep South (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

Spike Lee wants America to "wake up" in star-studded Bernie Sanders ad (Video, Taryn Finley, The Huffington Post)

St. Louis police sergeant indicted by feds for stealing from black officers association (Christine Byers, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Student's racist video spreads online, draws concern at elite private school (T. Rees Shapiro, The Washington Post)

Supreme Court divided on Obama's immigration actions (Ariane de Vogue, CNN)

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Anti-slavery Hamilton may get to stay on $10 bill while genocidal slaver Jackson gets pushed off the $20 (Ryan Grim, Laura Barron-Lopez, Zach Carter, The Huffington Post)

Asian Americans are the best-educated group in US (Radio, Voice of America)

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"Black Lives Matter" a teachable moment, or too touchy for school? (Erin Beck, Charleston Gazette-Mail, West Virginia)

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In living color (Emily Nussbaum, The New Yorker)

In last big test of Obama era, Supreme Court to take up immigration policy (David G. Savage, Los Angeles Times)

"Ku-Klux: The Birth of the Klan During Reconstruction": A Duquesne University scholar's comprehensive history (Boganmeldelse, Glenn C. Altschuler, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Minority faculty still underrepresented on Maryland campuses, straining professor and students (Carrie Wells, The Baltimore Sun)

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The next page: "The last Indian war" waged at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School (Lillian Thomas, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Pasadena Police need an independent auditor plus civilian oversight, report says (Courtney Tompkins, Pasadena Star-News, Californien)

People in Chicago don't need a report to know the cops are racist as hell (Deborah Douglas, Vice)

Prairie View street named for Sandra Bland, who died in police custody (Chris Siron, The Dallas Morning News)

Prison historic site takes hard look at mass incarceration (Natalie Pompilio, Associated Press)

Respectability politics are making black Americans sick (Veronica Y. Womack, Quartz)

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Student removed from Southwest flight after making phone call in Arabic (Michael D. Regan, PBS Newshour)

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A year after Freddie Gray, families of others killed by police still seek justice (Baynard Woods, The Guardian)

A year's too long for justice in N.J. police-custody death (Milton W. Hinton Jr., NJ.com, New Jersey)


272 slaves were sold to save Georgetown. What does it owe their descendants? (Rachel L. Swarns, The New York Times)

1994 crime bill is a victim of revisionist history (Leder, The Sacramento Bee)

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Dylan Roof's Charleston massacre, other mass shootings have made some black people more acceptable of the 2nd amendment (Manny Otiko, Atlanta Black Star)

EXCLUSIVE: Black S.C. students suspended, expelled three times more often than whites (Video, Jamie Self, The State, Columbia, South Carolina)

Ex-Apprentice winner: Trump showed "racial insensitivity" on the show (Video, Josh Feldman, Mediaite)

The exhausting and useless accusations of racism against "Hamilton" (John McWhorter, The Daily Beast)

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Minneapolis shootings up sharply, particularly on North Side (Libor Jany, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Minority families share "the talk" they have with their children, ask for help (Jane Roberts, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee)

Muslim student kicked off Southwest Airlines for speaking Arabic (Melissa Cronin, Gawker)

NBA addresses front-office diversity hiring at owners meeting (Jeff Zillgitt, USA Today)

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Debate over Oakland motto exposes racial divide, identity crisis (Rachel Swan, San Francisco Chronicle)

Exposing and challenging the subtler dynamics of modern racism (Jesse Benn, The Huffington Post)

A federal trial scrutinizing North Carolina's general assembly districts on their racial composition is almost over (Associated Press, Daily Journal, Johnson County, Indiana)

From the archives: Jackie Robinson, 1919-1972, A Man for All Seasons (Artikel fra 25. oktober 1972, Ross Newhan, Los Angeles Times)

"Greatest living painter"? MCA shows life's work of Kerry James Marshall (Video, Steve Johnson, Chicago Tribune)

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"No regard": 7 stark findings on Chicago police treatment of blacks and Latinos (Video, Ray Sanchez, CNN)

People in Chicago don't need a report to know the cops are racist as hell (Deborah Douglas, Vice)

Police in Iowa investigate cross burning (Video, WILX, Lansing, Michigan)

Racial bias in pain assessment, treatment of black and white patients (Denise-Marie Ordway, Journalist's Resource)

Racially diverse "new majority" set to reshape US public schools (Stacy Teicher Khadaroo, The Christian Science Monitor)

The racism of good intentions (Carlos Lozada, The Washington Post)

Report on Chicago police exposes racism, politics in a city of tribes (John Kass, Chicago Tribune)

Richard Parker: After years of kicking around Latino voters, it’s payback time for GOP (Richard Parker, The Dallas Morning News)

Study: Racial discrimination to blame for HBCU's paying thousands more than white institutions to issue bonds (Kiersten Willis, Atlanta Black Star)

Suzan-Lori Parks stages the fight for freedom in her new Civil War-set play (Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times)

United States v. Texas, the biggest immigration case in a century, explained (Dara Lind, Vox)

Upstate chapter of Black Lives Matter releases video of meeting with Sanders (Scott Waldman, Politico New York)

Weekend DUI crackdowns target minority areas (Dennis Romero, LA Weekly)

What Anita Hill and, yes, Clarence Thomas taught "Confirmation's" Kerry Washington and Wendell Pierce (Meredith Blake, Los Angeles Times)


5 signs of racial bias in the Chicago Police Department: Report (Joe Ward, DNAinfo)

ACLU works to block Kansas voter ID law ahead of 2016 elections (Toni Ann Booras, The Daily Caller)

After protests over race, Kansas experiments with a multicultural student government (Rio Fernandes, The Chronicle of Higher Education)

America's changing racial makeup won't magically save the Democratic Party (Julianne Hing, The Nation)

Black trauma remixed for your clicks (Niela Orr, BuzzFeed)

California effort is underway to allow undocumented immigrants to buy healthcare coverage (Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times)

California Latinos gravitating toward Bernie Sanders (Joe Garofoli, San Francisco Chronicle)

Chipotle and it's all-white board targeted by activist inventor group (Ben Miller, Denver Business Journal)

Donald Trump's "divisive" rhetoric raising racial tensions among students: Study (Glenn Minnis, Latin Post)

Ex-NAACP president demands Hillary apology for "CP time": No place for "racial stereotypes" (Video, Josh Feldman, Mediaite)

The fed's new "war on drugs": Obama proposes $1.1 billion to expand care for opiod addicts (Melinda Carstensen, Fox News)

Finley: Bill Clinton got it right for a minute (Nolan Finley, The Detroit News)

Hillary Clinton fights to secure black vote in New York in face of recent racial missteps (Cathleen Decker, Los Angeles Times)

Hillary Clinton says whites need to listen to black Americans more (Leonardo Blair, The Christian Post)

How Disney's new Jungle Book corrects for years of troubling racial undertones (Manju Reijmer, The Week)

How "Nina" became a disaster movie (Kate Aurthur, BuzzFeed)

Kansas City schools end games with other district over slurs (Associated Press)

The lawyer who takes the cases no one wants (Aida Edemariam, The Guardian)

Minnesota sends minorities to prison at far higher rates than whites (Andy Mannix, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

The misplaced criticism of Clinton's crime bill (Ronald Brownstein, The Atlantic)

New Cruz ad targets de Blasio: "He treats cops like criminals" (Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall)

Obama's power over immigration drives Supreme Court dispute (Mark Sherman, Associated Press)

On the campaign trail with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson (Annalies Winny, Vice)

Opposing views: What would a Donald Trump presidency mean for black America? (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

A point-by-point response to BuzzFeed's questions for black people (Leah Donnella, NPR)

Police union chief: Task force had "built-in bias" before report (Jeremy Gorner, Dan Hinkel, Chicago Tribune)

Racial issues take center stage for Sanders, Clinton in New York (Laura Meckler, The Wall Street Journal)

Racism creeps into the most basic aspects of life (Jill Richardson (OtherWords), TruthDig)

A radical alliance of black and green could save the world (James Gustave Speth, J. Phillip Thompson III, The Nation)

Reel life: Why don't black heroes matter in movies? (Video, Dann Gire, The Daily Herald, Chicago)

Republicans unintentionally prompted this push to help 8 million immigrants become citizens (Kate Linthicum, Los Angeles Times)

Rise of the black superhero (David Betancourt, Michael Cavna, Shelly Tan, The Washington Post)

Segregation issue complicates de Blasio's housing push (Mireya Navarro, The New York Times)

So long to the "Sister Souljah moment" (Video, Kelly Riddell, The Washington Times)

Study finds New Jersey cops are racially profiling Latino & black drivers (Raquel Reichard, Latina)

"Superpredators" heightens divide between Clintons and new generation of black activists (Ruby Cramer, Darren Sands, BuzzFeed)

Trump urged to cancel event near place where Latino man was killed in 2008 (Joanna Walters, The Guardian)

What black Minnesotans who've been here for generations have in common with African immigrants (Ibrahi Hirsi, MinnPost, Minnesota)

What today's Democrats can learn from Bill Clinton's crime and welfare-reform bills (Joe Klein, Time)

When building your business means hiding that it's black-owned (Cheryl V. Jackson, Chicago Tribune)

The "Whiteness Project" is back, and it's whiter and more revealing than ever (Zak Cheney-Rice, Mic)

White student settles school racial harassment lawsuit (Evan Gahr, The Daily Caller)

White woman trying to stay relevant by writing book about racial identity (Matt Vespa, Town Hall)

Who owns "We Shall Overcome?" (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

Why concern about race relations has jumped - for whites and blacks (Josh Kenworthy, The Christian Science Monitor)

You can't whitewash the alt-right's bigotry (Cathy Young, The Federalist)


The 1873 Colfax Massacre crippled the Reconstruction Era (Danny Lewis, Smithsonian)

Activist "squatters" take over home near Gray's arrest a year later (Catherine Rentz, The Baltimore Sun)

Americans divided on how much they trust their neighbors (George Gao, Pew Research Center)

Aurora's heavily white police force is firing at blacks (Sam Schanfarber, The Colorado Independent)

Black history banner defaces with bananas, prompts #BeingBlackAtClemson by students, faculty (Jazmine Ford, Atlanta Black Star)

Black Lives Matter protesters arrested in Chicago after teen's shooting by cops (Reuters, Newsweek)

Breaking the color line: The politics of signing Jackie Robinson (Chris Lamb, New Republic)

BuzzFeed had black people ask "black questions" and the internet tore them apart (Natasha Noman, Mic)

Charleston church shooting trial postponed to next year (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Chicago police dept. plagued by systemic racism, task force finds (Monica Davey, Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

Chicago police "have no regard" for lives of minorities, report says (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

The Clintons can have their own opinions, but they can't have their own history (Charles P. Pierce, Esquire)

Columbia seeks to connect blacks with business opportunities to correct inequities (William Schmitt, The Columbia Missourian)

Committee makes 9 recommendations for Waller County Jail after death of Sandra Bland (Florian Martin, Houston Public Media, Texas)

The "Daily Show" breaks down the racist roots of romantic preferences (Video, Samantha Cowan, TakePart)

Did blacks really endorse the 1994 crime bill? (Elizabeth Hinton, Julilly Kohler-Hausmann, Vesla M. Weaver, The New York Times)

Dozens of killings by US police ruled justified without public being notified (Jon Swaine, Ciara McCarthy, The Guardian)

The duopoly vs. Trump (Srdja Trifkovich, Chronicles, Serbien)

Finally, the U.S. steps closer to racial healing with a national truth and reconciliation commission (Yessenia Funes, Yes! Magazine)

Frat brothers build a mock "border wall" in honor of Donald Trump (Esther Yu-Hsi Lee, Think Progress)

Freddie Gray made me proud of Baltimore (Evelyn Atieno, The Huffington Post)

GOP and Fox News give birth to Donald Trump (Susie Sampson, The Huffington Post)

Hannity freaks out: Nothing Trump said it racist... "That's total BS!" (Video, Ellen, NewsHounds)

Hillary Clinton decries America's failure to end racial discrimination and bigotry (David Usborne, The Independent, UK)

Hillary Clinton hits Trump, Cruz over racism: "Everyone sees this bigotry for what it is" (Video, Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics)

Hillary Clinton's agenda for black America (Russell Berman, The Atlantic)

Hillary Clinton says George Zimmerman "should have never had a gun in the first place" (Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller)

Hillary Clinton to speak at Al Sharpton's National Action Network convention (Maggie Haberman, The New York Times)

How the Peter Liang conviction sparked a debate about white privilege and America's "model minority" (Isabelle Niu, Fusion)

Is black fashion by definition political? (Courtney Yates, Refinery29)

"Is the wall here yet?" (J. Richard Cohen, The Huffington Post)

Jackie Robinson: Militant black Republican (Leah Wright Rigueur, The Root)

"Jackie Robinson": Race, then & now (Michael Sean Winters, National Catholic Reporter)

Jail reform tackles racial disparities (Brian Rogers, Houston Chronicle)

Lawyers ask to delay Charleston church shooting trial (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

The Los Angeles police shooting deemed unjustified (J. Weston Phippen, The Atlantic)

Mapping California's racial bias in sentencing traffic violations (Tanvi Misra, CityLab)

N.J. police chief accused of racial profiling hires former prosecutor (Anthony G. Attrino, NJ.com, New Jersey)

O.J.'s journey from super nigger to bad nigger (Mark P. Fancher, Black Agenda Report)

Our takeaway from the task force: Step back, Mr. Mayor (Leder, Chicago Tribune)

The patient called me "colored girl." The senior doctor training me said nothing (Jennifer Adaeze Anyaegbunam, The Huffington Post)

Phila. wins $3.5M grant to cut inmate numbers (Chris Hepp, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Protesters gather outside of Trump rally in Pittsburgh (Video, CBS News)

Protests break out in Chicago after cop kills 16-year-old during foot chase (Meg Wagner, New York Daily News)

Public Enemy logo prompts racial-profiling scandal at Oregon DOJ (Video, Andrea Noble, The Washington Times)

Race isn't just black or white (Rebekah Markillie, The Beacon, University of Portland)

Rachel Dolezal is writing a book about race (Thu-Huong Ha, Quartz)

Rapper Ice Cube on 2016, the Clintons and Black Lives Matter (Video, Bloomberg)

Recommendations for reform: Restoring trust between the Chicago Police and the communities they serve (Rapport, Police Accountabilty Task Force, Chicago)

Schools are underserving minority communities, and black and Latino parents have noticed (Laura Moser, Slate)

"She's killing us! Blood on her hands!": Black Lives Matter protester interrupts Chelsea Clinton event in Pittsburgh (Video, Sophia Tesfaye, Salon)

Should a policy's racist history matter? (Jason Bedrick, Ricochet)

Should cities pay criminals to not commit crimes? (Monica Potts (New America), Time)

Snoop Dogg calls Arnold Schwarzenegger "racist" and many other choice things in Instagram videos (Video, Jessica P. Ogilvie, Los Angeles Magazine)

Sprint featured a white woman calling T-Mobile "ghetto" in an ad - it didn't go over well (Kathleen Wong, Mic)

A student's satirical essay calls for extermination of black people, stokes racial tensions (T. Rees Shapiro, The Washington Post)

Texas photo ID law stands despite challenges since Supreme Court ruling weakened Voting Rights Act (David G. Savage, Los Angeles Times)

Thanks to #BlackLivesMatter, prosecutors who bungle police shooting cases face tough election fights (Jennifer Ball, In These Times)

"The Trump Effect": Hatred, fear and bullying on the rise in schools (Christina Wilkie, The Huffington Post)

The "Trump effect" is spiking racist bullying in US schools: Surveys (Jake Flanagin, Quartz)

The Trump effect: The impact of the presidential campaign on our nation's schools (Rapport, Southern Poverty Law Center)

Watch Barack Obama joke about black people being late (Video, Tommy Christopher, Mediaite)

We confronted Bill Clinton about race: "In that moment he revealed himself and his true thoughts on black people" (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

What we're still getting wrong about Thomas Jefferson (Lily Rothman, Time)

When state elections have more racially diverse candidates, policies to tackle inequality are less likely to be seen as important. (Konstantinos Matakos, Dimitrios Xefteris, London School of Economics US Centre)

White supremacist Morris Gulett launches new racist church (Bill Morlin, Southern Poverty Law Center)

Who owns 'We Shall Overcome'? All of us, a lawsuit claims (Radio, Elizabeth Blair, All Things Considered, NPR)

Why this cop's conviction brought thousands of Asian Americans into New York's streets (Frank Shyong, Los Angeles Times)

"Worried" about race relations? You're answering the wrong question (Liz Dwyer, TakePart)


Addressing racial bias and "school-to-prison pipeline" (Ryanne Persinger, The Philadelphia Tribune)

Anniversary of Freddie Gray's arrest: What's happened since (Mariam Khan, ABC News)

Bill Clinton grapples uncomfortably with the then and the now (Dan Balz, The Washington Post)

Bill Clinton is wrong about his crime bill. So are the protesters he lectured. (John Pfaff, The New York Times Magazine)

Bill Clinton’s bad response about his old bad law (Leonard Pitts, Jr., Miami Herald)

The Civil War returns to New Orleans (Lawrence Davidson, CounterPunch)

Clinton airs racial justice ad in PA (VIDEO) (Video, Jason Addy, PoliticsPA, Pennsylvania)

Clinton on racial joke: It was de Blasio's skit (Video, Rebecca Savransky, The Hill)

The complicated racial history of the hoodie - before it became a $1,000 luxury item (Rachel Lubitz, Mic)

Dem Rep Rangel: "Un-American" to disregard other people's feelings, GOP "anti-racial" and "pro-dixiecrat" party (Video, Ian Hanchett, Breitbart)

Findings of Sandra Bland jail death probe released (Dane Schiller, The Houston Chronicle)

Gallup poll reveals Obama has turned back clock on race relations (Leder, Investor's Business Daily)

"Ghetto," by Michael Duneier (Boganmeldelse, Khalil Gibran Muhammad, The New York Times)

#Gitmo2Chicago: New internal police documents reveal the beatings, torture used against black men at Homan Square (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

Here's why Bill de Blasio and Hillary Clinton's joke bombed - they're not funny people! (Video, Gersh Kuntzman, New York Daily News)

How can we address decades of discrimination against entrepreneurs of color? (Andrea Levere, The Huffington Post)

How politics played a major role in the signing of baseball great Jackie Robinson (Chris Lamb, The Conversation)

How the race card was played against Anita Hill (Tracy L. Scott, The Root)

How to win without winning: What Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump can learn from Jesse Jackson (Errol Louis, New York Daily News)

Interracial couple faces their families' biases on new reality show (Taryn Finley, The Huffington Post)

Is "culture" killing America's poor? (Jeff Spross, The Week)

LAPD killing of unarmed homeless man in Venice was unjustified, Police Commission says (Kate Mather, Los Angeles Times)

A machinery of denial (Albert Samaha, BuzzFeed)

Met Council report explores reasons for racial disparities in Twin Cities (Radio, Laura Yuen, Riham Feshir, Minnesota Public Radio)

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio defends 'colored people time' joke he made with Hillary Clinton (Sara Mimms, Vice News)

NYPD gets sued after kicking wrong family out of home (Sarah Ryley, Stephen Rex Brown, ProPublica)

O'Reilly to Trump: Many blacks "ill-educated and have tattoos on their foreheads" (Video, Andrew Kirell, The Daily Beast)

O'Reilly: "What's the beef" if blacks committing more crimes? (Cheryl Chumley, WND)

Panel calls for major changes at Texas jail that held Sandra Bland (David Montgomery, The New York Times)

The paradox of Bernie Sanders and the black voter (Salim Muwakkil, In These Times)

The prison visit that cost my family $2,370 (Eli Hager, Rui Kaneya, The Marshall Project)

Protesters disrupt traffic on Eisenhower Expressway over teen's fatal shooting by police (Video, NBC Chicago)

Rachel Dolezal writing book on racial identity, has no regrets: "I'm still me" (Video, The Today Show)

Racial profiling debate: 3 questions on policing in N.J. (Jessica Mazzola, NJ.com, New Jersey)

School district settles case over white student's claims of racial harassment (Selim Algar, New York Post)

"Shameful and dangerous": Civil rights group rips Black Lives Matter surveillance (Denis C. Theriault, The Oregonian)

Stand up to the campus bullies before it's too late (Stephen Self, Town Hall)

Students beat and bullied me for being white (Selim Algar, New York Post)

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Remembering King: Breaking the silence (Jim Wallis, The Huffington Post)

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Student sit-in a Duke University building ends (Martha Waggoner (Associated Press), The Washington Times)

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This video is trying to end the racial divide in the beauty aisle (Gabrille Dyer, Look, UK)

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Who relies on public transit in the U.S. (Monica Anderson, Pew Research Center)

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Why Duke protesters are refusing to leave that administration building (+video) (Christina Beck, The Christian Science Monitor)

Why Republicans cry political correctness (Laila Lalami, The Nation)


1960s climate of Tulsa marked by prejudice, segregation and racial slurs (Jim North, The Connection, Tulsa Community College, Oklahoma)

Anchorwoman's ouster exposes risks for whites talking race (Errin Haines Whack (Associated Press), ABC News)

Carla Wallach: The revival of racial quotas in American (Carla Wallach, Stamford Advocate, Connecticut)

Chicago to pay $4.9 million to family of man dragged in handcuffs (Reuters, The Huffington Post)

A civil rights hero who disappeared (Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed)

College kids aren't the only ones demanding "safe spaces" (Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone)

Commission debates racial disparities in policing (Jack Craver, Austin Monitor, Texas)

DeRay Mckesson (Jack Dorsey, Interview Magazine)

Disrespecting Obama: Race, class, empire, and identity politics (Paul Street, CounterPunch)

Donald Trump's immigration policy might be extreme, but it's surprisingly serious (Dara Lind, Vox)

Ferguson voters give split result on funding police overhaul (Monica Davey, The New York Times)

Gap sorry for "offensive" ad that made young black girl seem like a prop to some (Video, Yanan Wang, The Washington Post)

How the city of Seattle trashes homeless people's belongings and chases them around town (Ansel Herz, The Stranger, Seattle)

How the Justice Department has handled other police consent decrees (Ken Hare, Chicago Defender)

Islamophobia on Fox News: Delusional "Fox and Friends" pundit Bo Dietl equates Muslim communities with "motorcycle gangs up in the Bronx" (Video, Brendan Gauthier, Salon)

Ken Burns' "Jackie Robinson" shows baseball in black and white (Mark Feeney, The Boston Globe)

Man jailed for 38 years for killing alleged klansmen dies (Melanie Eversley, USA Today)

An O.J. juror on what The People v. O.J. Simpson got right and wrong (Ashley Reese, Vulture)

Parenting for racial justice (Jim Wallis, Sojourners)

"The People v. O.J. Simpson": Case closed? (Megan Garber, David Sims, Spencer Kornhaber, Gillian B. White, The Atlantic)

The pragmatic tradition of African-American voters (Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine)

Racism in America today is alive and well - and these stats prove it (Natasha Noman, Mic)

Spike Lee: Racial climate on MU's campus is not "hunky-dory" (Liz Ramos, Columbia Missourian)

Stereotype shattered as new study finds white youth are more likely to abuse hard drugs than blacks (Robin Scher, AlterNet)

Ta-Nehisi Coates reimagines the Black Panther (Ty Burr, The Boston Globe)

Trial date set for friend of Charleston massacre suspect (WLTX, Columbia, South Carolina)

Trump and the borderers (Yoni Appelbaum, The Atlantic)

Two guys from Brooklyn: The Bernie Sanders interview by Spike Lee (The Hollywood Reporter)

The unbeareable whiteness of baseball (Jay Caspian Kang, The New York Times)

Undocumented college students share how Obama changed their lives (Ted Hesson, Vice)

"United Black Legislative Agenda" seeks $75 million to create businesses (Patrick Condon, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Watch how the "racial grievance argument" is another denial tactic used to derail conversations on racism (A. Moore, Atlanta Black Star)

Watch Tavis Smiley attack "racial arsonist" Donald Trump right to Bill O'Reilly's face (Scott Eric Kaufman, Salon)

When the poor move, do they move up? (Rachel M. Cohen, The American Prospect)

White backlash? Five intriguing points about immigration, race, politics and population dynamics (Kelly Moffitt, St. Louis Public Radio)

Why the labor movement must join the anti-racist struggle to make black lives matter (Andrew Tillett-Saks, In These Times)


5 reasons why we'll never see anything like the O.J. Simpson verdict again (Joanna Robinson, Vanity Fair)

40 years ago: Pulitzer Prize-winning photo documents racial tensions in Boston (Video, WCVB, Boston)

Al Jolson, champion in the battle for racial justice: Scholars Rogues honors... (Jon Epstein, Scholars and Rogues)

America's new working class (Lindsey Cook, U.S. News & World Report)

Black Justice League won't stop until Woodrow Wilson's name is gone from Princeton (Ricky Riley, Atlanta Black Star)

Book review: Michael Eric Dyson's "The Black Presidency: Barack Obama and the Politics of Race in America" (Boganmeldelse, Shanita Hubbard, The Huffington Post)

The case of the Negro (Essay fra 1899, Booker T. Washington, The Atlantic)

A conversation with Asians on race (Video, Geeta Gandbhir, Michèle Stephenson, The New York Times)

The dark history of defending the "Homeland" (James Traub, The New York Times)

Federal trial for accused Charleston church gunman delayed again as death penalty decision looms (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Feds to landlords: No blanket bans on renters with criminal records (Rebecca McCray, TakePart)

Gap apologizes for racially charged GapKids x ED ad (Kirsten West Savali, The Root)

How covenants make us (David Brooks, The New York Times)

In a Kafkaesque turn, a black man wakes up white, except for his Blackass (Bogomtale, Hope Wabuke, The Root)

Inequality and end-of-life care: How to demand the best (Liz Chuang, U.S. News & Health Report)

In his own words, Donald Trump proves he's racially ignorant (Christopher "Flood the Drummer" Norris, The Good Men Project)

Inside Trump's "privatized mercenary force" (Kenneth P. Vogel, Brianna Gurciullo, Politico)

Is there a racial "care gap" in medical treatment? (Video, PBS Newshour)

Ivanhoe Donaldson, civil rights organizer, confidant of Marion Barry, dies at 74 (Martin Weil, The Washington Post)

Judge's patience "running out" as feds' decision on death penalty for Dylann Roof looms (Andrew Knapp, The Charleston Post & Courier, South Carolina)

Jurors need to take the law into their own hands (Paul Butler, The Washington Post)

Jury room racism is protected, but it shouldn't be (Noah Feldman, Chicago Tribune)

Justice Department investigates civil-rights violation in Arizona primary (Claire Landsbaum, New York Magazine)

Lawsuits filed over Muslim Americans on watch list (Jennifer Chambers, The Detroit News)

Minimum wages were first designed to keep women and minorities out of jobs (Thomas C. Leonard, Los Angeles Times)

Mississippi interracial couple evicted for being in an interracial marriage (Rmuse, PoliticusUSA)

N.C. State researchers find lack of racial bias in doling out discipline for higher education (Anica Midthun, Daily Tar Heal, North Carolina)

New Minnesota coalition calls for racial equity in education (Jennie Lissarrague, KSTP, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota)

Obama: Landlords are racists if they exclude felons from housing (Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart)

Obama wants to force landlords to rent to criminals -- and the establishment wonders why voters are dissatisfied? (rushlimbaugh.com)

Poll shows strong racial divide in Maryland Senate race (Video, The Washington Post)

Princeton University standing firm after student protest to erase Woodrow Wilson's campus presence due to racial history (Becky Padilla, Inquisitr)

The quiet, vicious racism of Scott Walker's Wisconsin (Gary Legum, Salon)

Race and suicide: Shifting trends (Robert VerBruggen, Real Clear Policy)

Racial bias may lead to mismanaged pain in black patients (Ashley Welch, CBS News)

Racial split defines Md.'s hotly contested Democratic Senate primary (Rachel Weiner, Scott Clement, The Washington Post)

Racist biological myths about black people believed by half of UVA med students - cool! (Marie Solis, Mic)

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Stark racial divide remains in pot arrests in D.C. (Aaron C. Davis, The Washington Post)

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