December 2016


Gitte Nielsen, cand.mag., Amerikanske Studier



Arrest the killings: Fatal shootings of police up 56 percent in 2016 (Leder, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Is white people doing yoga "cultural appropriation"? (History News Network, Raw Story)

Michael Brown's family fights Ferguson push for his records (Jim Suhr (Associated Press), ABC News)

Mitchell: Our city, one year, 780 murders (Mary Mitchell, Chicago Sun-Times)

Rift between officers and residents as killings persist in South Bronx (Benjamin Mueller, Al Baker, The New York Times)

Star Wars has always been political. Here's why the alt-right is claiming otherwise. (Aja Romano, Vox)

Star Wars: Rogue One places Asian heroes at the core of its revolution (Kelly Kanayama, Media Diversified)

There's a huge migrant crisis in Hawaii you've probably never heard of (Aaron Wiener, The Grist)

What the "Godfather of Populism" thinks of Donald Trump (Richard Linnett, Politico Magazine)


2016: A year defined by America's diverging economies (Annie Lowrey, The Atlantic)

The 2016 culture war, as illustrated by the alt-right (Aja Romano, Vox)

2016 so white: The year in onscreen diversity and the same old bullshit (Kara Brown, Clover Hope, Rich Juzwiak, Jezebel)

An alternate history of America's meth problem (Max Daly, Vice)

At end of bloody year in Chicago, too few murders solved (Video, Aamer Madhani, USA Today)

Bias in criminal risk scores is mathematically inevitable, researchers say (Julia Angwin, Jeff Larson, ProPublica)

Faked news: Your guide to 22 post-election hate hoaxes (John Hayward, Breitbart)

The ghost of Japanese internment (Jessie Kindig, Jacobin)

How undocumented Texas immigrants are preparing for President Trump (Annamarya Scaccia, Rolling Stone)

Miami police officers reportedly joked about using black area for target practice (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Number of police officers killed by firearms rose in 2016, study finds (Camila Domonoske, NPR)

Obama's faith in white America was not misplaced (Daniel Foster, The Atlantic)

One of 2016's best shows and one of its best books both used surrealism to explore the black experience (Todd VanDerWerff, Vox)

The racial wealth divide in America is staggering - and that's before Trump walks into the White House (Sarah Lazare, AlterNet)

Seeking solutions to my first-world problems at Standing Rock (Andy Bichlbaum, Hyperallergic)

Trump deportation plan could be "impossible" (Ted Hesson, Politico)

Tyrus Wong, "Bambi" artist thwarted by racial bias, dies at 106 (Margalit Fox, The New York Times)

Vegas prosecutors seek help in identifying convictions won with faulty drug tests (Ryan Gabrielson, ProPublica)

Will law enforcement support Trump's immigration plans? (Priscilla Alvarez, The Atlantic)


20 photos: My seven months of living at Standing Rock (Fotos, Desiree Kane, YES! Magazine)

29 very black things that happened on TV in 2016 (Dee Lockett, Vulture)

2016: The year the left broke (Gavin McInnes, Taki's 'Magazine)

2016 was the year white liberals realized how unjust, racist, and sexist America is (L.V. Anderson, Slate)

Ambushes and fatal shootings fuel increase in police death toll this year (Mark Berman, Kevin Uhrmacher, The Washington Post)

America's real migrant crisis is the one you've never heard of (Aaron Wiener, Mother Jones)

Another, more beautiful America is rising. Trump will be resisted (Rebecca Solnit, The Guardian)

Chicago's violence worst in nearly 20 years (Video, Jeremy Gorner, Chicago Tribune)

Don't disappear next year, Obama (Graham Vyse, New Republic)

The elite roots of Richard Spencer's racism (Michael Phillips, Jacobin)

"Even the birds and animals are free", part 1 (Gus Bova, The Texas Observer)

How colleges and universities are defying Trump (Kate Aronoff, In These Times)

Is anti-racist a code word for anti-white? No, but the people behind #WhiteGenocide may think so (Sarah Lazare (AlterNet), Salon)

Is keeping people of color from voting the key to GOP electoral dominance? (Boguddrag, Greg Palast, Truth-Out)

No longer "Mayberry": A small Ohio city fights an epidemic of self-destruction (Video, Joel Achenbach, The Washington Post)

Number of U.S. police officers killed on duty rises to 5-year high in 2016 (Melissa Chan, TIME)

A POTUS who listened to Native Americans (Nancy LeTourneau, Washington Monthly)

The prisoner (Skip Hollandsworth, Texas Monthly)

Racist Trump tapes could soon surface, comedian Tom Arnold threatens to release footage (Val Powell, The Inquisitr)

Remember the massacre at Wounded Knee (Peter Cole, Jacobin)

Sanctuary city mayors urge Obama to take last-minute step to shield the undocumented (Will Bredderman, New York Observer)

The way to fight fake news is real news (Monika Bauerlein, Mother Jones)

What Obama's new national monuments mean for the militia movement (Brendan O'Connor, Jezebel)

Why the war on poverty failed - and what to do now (John McWhorter, Vox)

Why US voters keep giving elites the boot (Salena Zito, New York Post)

Will the alt-right promote a new kind of racist genetics? (Sarah Zhang, The Atlantic)

Your political correctness is showing, conservatives (Maximillian Alvarez, The Baffler)


All Chicago police officers to be equipped with body cameras by end of 2017, mayor says (Video, CBS News)

Alt-right's Twitter fight is high school drama at its worst (Marcus Gilmer, Mashable)

Anti-modern = pro-Muslim + pro-immigrant? (Rod Dreher, The American Conservative)

As Chicago murder rate spikes, many fear violence has become normalized (Julie Bosman, Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

California blames incarcerated workers for unsafe conditions and amputations (Spencer Woodman, The Intercept)

Carl Paladino's racist remarks could be the final straw for his hometown (Rebecca Klein, The Huffington Post)

Civil rights leader to Alabama, Washington players: Black Lives Matter is too angry (Video, Jon Solomon, CBS Sports)

Confront racial bias in Florida courts (Leder, The Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Courage and hope in the age of the new authoritarianism (Henry A. Giroux (CounterPunch), TruthDig)

Critic's Notebook: Is A&E's scrapped "Escaping the KKK" any good? (Daniel Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter)

Detroit pastor to help swear in Trump as president (Jonathan Oosting, The Detroit News)

Dissecting slander: The untold story of Jeff Sessions' 1986 "borking" (Julia Hahn, Breitbart)

Does racism explain Donald Trump's victory? (Læserbreve, The New York Times)

Dylann Roof, facing death, will present no evidence during sentencing (Phil McCausland, Bianca Seward, NBC News)

Dylann Roof will not call any witnesses or experts as jury decides whether to impose death penalty (Video, Stephen Rex Brown, New York Daily News)

Evan McMullin said what no Republican dare say: The GOP has a racism problem (Hrafnkell Haraldsson, PoliticusUSA)

How the justice system pushes kids out of classrooms and into prisons (Alia Wong, The Atlantic)

How Trump's victory turns into another "Lost Cause" (Video, John Blake, Tawanda Scott Sambou, CNN)

Inside New York City's unique police task force dedicated to tracking hate crimes (Jessica Huseman, Pacific Standard)

James Kirchick and the radical alt-left (Jack Kerwick, Town Hall)

The Kaepernick moment: Reckoning privilege and voice (Brotha Rann, Blavity)

Mainstream media journalist lectures America, says Democrats lost election because GOP is racist (Chris Enloe, The Blaze)

Maybe Cam "All Lives Matter" Newton isn't all bad (Stephen A. Crockett Jr., The Root)

"Moana," adobo, and Peter Liang: What 2016 meant for Asian Americans (Isha Aran, Anne Branigin, Fusion)

No, Obama probably wouldn't have beaten Trump (Bill Scher, Politico Magazine)

Obama designates two new national monuments in the West (William Yardley, Los Angeles Times)

Punished twice (Erika Eichelberger, Vice News)

The religious-liberty showdowns coming in 2017 (Emma Green, The Atlantic)

Reporting while Muslim: how I covered the US presidential election (Sabrina Siddiqui, The Guardian)

Republicans plan to once again abuse the Justice Department (Nancy LeTourneau, Washington Monthly)

Richard Spencer celebrates "The year of the alt-right" (Miranda Blue, Right Wing Watch)

The Second Klan and the cultural crises of the 1920s shed light on the Trump phenomenon (History News Network, Raw Story)

Texas father confesses to terrible hate crime hoax (Rafi Schwartz, Fusion)

Thank you, professor Sowell (Michelle Malkin, National Review)

Uzo Aduba defies genre, and expectations (Video, Dana Schwartz, New York Observer)

Versace racial-discrimination lawsuit could move to federal court (Véronique Hyland, New York Magazine)

When asked how sexism and racism affected her career, Serena Williams didn't mince words (Eric March, Upworthy)

When the NRA calls the shots: Inside the "reasonable killing" of a 13-year-old boy (Mike Spies, Rolling Stone)

Why I took to the streets: The people behind the protests of 2016 (Video, Amanda Jackson, CNN)

Why Oakland police turned down predictive policing (Emily Thomas, Motherboard (Vice))

With new monuments in Nevada, Utah, Obama adds to his environmental legacy (Juliet Eilperin, Brady Dennis, The Washington Post)


11 things to think about when you lose hope over the rise of white nationalism (Jenée Desmond-Harris, Vox)

2016: How Dakota Pipeline protest became a Native American cry for justice (Phil McKenna, Inside Climate News)

A&E abruptly cancels KKK docu-series before it airs (Emily Yahr, The Washington Post)

"Alt-right" groups will "revolt" if Trump shuns white supremacy, leaders say (Rory Carroll, The Guardian)

As Chicago backs off policing, its murder rate skyrockets ever higher (Heather Mac Donald, New York Post)

Black Lives Matter creates "buy Black" map of black businesses (Michelle Moons, Breitbart)

The blackwashing of President Obama’s legacy (Daniel Johnson, The Root)

Chicago's bloody Christmas (Jim Geraghty, National Review)

Dallas shooting changed the conversation about police in Texas (Johnathan Silver, The Texas Tribune)

Debunking the latest Breitbart-promoted right-wing racist paranoid buzzword (Sarah Lazare, AlterNet)

The Democrats' destructive politics of righteousness (Kenneth L. Woodward, Chicago Tribune)

A Democrat tiptoes through Trumpworld (Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg)

Houses of worship poised to serve as Trump-era immigrant sanctuaries (Laurie Goodstein, The New York Times)

How racial amnesia helped Trump win (Video, CNN)

How TV tackled racial issues in the Black Lives Matter era of 2016 (Bethonie Butler, The Washington Post)

Liberals who claim Electoral College is "racist" need a history lesson (Kayleigh McEnany, The Hil)

Lizz Winstead on remembering 2016, a very bad year -- even "worse than it seemed" (Mike Mullen, City Pages, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Michelle Obama and us (Amy Davidson, The New Yorker)

Misinformer of the year: The ecosystem of fake news and the "alt-right" (John Whitehouse, Media Matters for America)

National movement hopes to help hundreds of thousands jailed because they can't afford bail (Sarah Lazare (AlterNet), Truth-Out)

Pants on fire: Larry Pratt says Obama hasn't decried killings of police (Warren Fiske, PolitiFact)

Parting regrets from the LOSer's presidency (Deborah C. Tyler, American Thinker)

The problem with blaming coal country for backing Republicans who will strip their health care (Jeff Stein, Vox)

Progressives have let inner cities fail for decades. President Trump could change that. (Joel Kotkin, The Daily Beast)

Trump's pick for Attorney General prosecuted these civil rights cases (Fred Lucas, The Daily Signal)

What's in store for Philly's police union in 2017 (David Gambacorta, Philadelphia Magazine)

Why Barack Obama's speeches will outlive his presidency (Harry Cheadle, Vice)


2017: Year of hope or year of fear? (Video, Julian Zelizer, CNN)

At the University of Oregon, no more free speech for professors on subjects such as race, religion, sexual orientation (Eugene Volokh, The Washington Post)

Black suspects more at risk from black cops (David Sherfinski, The Washington Times)

Breitbart is leading a smear campaign against a scholar for mocking white supremacy, and his university isn't defending him (Sarah Lazare, AlterNet)

Challenging a professor's anti-white tweets isn't censorship (Scott Greer, The Daily Caller)

"Counting Descent" - poetry in the age of Black Lives Matter (Boganmeldelse, David Dennis, Jr., The Undefeated)

Dear Mr. Trump, don't desecrate my American bible (Hisham Melhem, Foreign Policy)

Dear non-black Muslims: Your silence is not peaceful (Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow, Patheos)

Donald Trump in "La La Land": Retro romance is seductive - and encourages a yearning for a less beautiful past (Imran Siddiquee, Salon)

Drexel University, apparently unfamiliar with white supremacist lingo, censures prof for "white genocide" tweet (Matthew Dessem, Slate)

The far-left ideas that motivate "white genocide" professor (Lee Stranahan, Breitbart)

Fighting mass incarceration under Trump: New strategies, new alliances (James Kilgore, Truth-Out)

Former employee suing Versace for racial discrimination (Aimée Lutkin, Jezebel)

Hope and change? Obama's legacy at a crossroads (Perry Bacon Jr., NBC News)

It's hard to stay racist one-on-one, face-to-face (Robby Berman, Big Think)

Joe Biden: Racism not to blame for Clinton loss (Carlos Garcia, The Blaze)

L.A.'s 1st black district attorney under pressure to prosecute police shootings (Monique Judge, The Root)

Meet the Central American women the United States is detaining and deporting (Emily Gogolak, The Nation)

Mobile home park owners can spoil an affordable American Dream (Radio, Daniel Zwerdling, All Things Considered, NPR)

Native American tribe fights Pilgrim pipeline plan in New Jersey (Video, NBC New York)

Neo-Nazis plan armed protest in Montana against Jewish businesses (Carlos Garcia, The Blaze)

Neo-Nazis target Jews in armed march in alt-right leader Richard Spencer's hometown (Video, Chris Riotta, International Business Times)

Obama's exit interview: Hope and change can still win elections (Video, Kevin Liptak, CNN)

Police departments find yet new ways to steal people's money (Kevin Drum, Mother Jones)

Racial quotas at the Texas Bar are illegal and unwise (Mark Pulliam, The Wall Street Journal)

Sorry, liberals, bigotry didn't elect Donald Trump. (David Paul Kuhn, The New York Times)

There is no such thing as "white genocide" (Brendan O'Connor, Jezebel)

Washington Post unwittingly destroys the "Sessions is a racist" slander (Paul Mirengoff, PowerLine blog)

What it's like to be something other than white and male in the hedge fund business (Rachael Levy, Business Insider)


Amazon continues to "bulletproof" Black Lives Matter T-shirt, over police protest (Ted Goodman, The Daily Caller)

Billionaire's son does damage control after dad's racist remarks (Yoav Gonen, New York Post)

Blood on the plains (Boganmeldelse, Tom Rogan, The Washington Free Beacon)

Combating racism is crucial to revitalizing American politics: It's not easy, but it can be done (Sean McElwee, Salon)

Jeff Sessions, Keith Ellison - case studies in character assassination (Carl Cannon, The Orange County Register, Californien)

Mucking out the Justice Department (Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard)

Pastors say Forth Worth mother's arrest was racist, not rude (Associated Press, ABC News)

The psychological research that helps explain the election (Maria Konnikova, The New Yorker)

Shocked that Barack Obama will be succeeded by Donald Trump? (Roy E. Finkenbein, History News Network)

Uncertainty over Native American issues ahead of Trump's presidency (CBS Minnesota)

Visiting the African-American Museum: Waiting, reading, thinking, connecting, feeling (Wesley Morris, The New York Times)

Where is racism in the US? Los Angeles man won't be prosecuted over racist attack on black city official (John Walsh, International Business Times)

William Walter Scott III: The man who started the 1967 riot in Detroit (Bill McGraw (Bridge Magazine), Detroit Free Press)


A&E cancels KKK docuseries following criticism (The Hollywood Reporter)

Even today, being biracial in America is not always easy (Karen Mansfield, Observer-Reporter, Washington, Pennsylvania)

New court aims to redefine youth justice in Chicago (Nissa Rhee, The Christian Science Monitor)

The systemic criminalization of young inner city kids in America. (Joe Davis,

Trump's pick for attorney general is shadowed by race and history (Video, Ellen Nakashima, Sari Horwitz, The Washington Post)

The year of disruption (Peter Grier, The Christian Science Monitor)


2016 was the year that Hollywood got working-class white men right (Alyssa Rosenberg, The Washington Post)

A&E changes "Generation KKK" title, partners with color of change (Daniel Holloway, Variety)

The alt-right movement and America's "Weimar moment" (Sam Ben-Meir, Global Research, Canada)

Alt-right plans armed march through Montana town to scare Jews (James King, Vocativ)

At America's largest juvenile detention facility, teaching kids to "think slow" (Nissa Rhee, The Christian Science Monitor)

The audacity of hope (Ben Domenech, The Federalist)

Becoming citizen Obama: The outgoing president's next job (Zeke J. Miller, TIME)

Black man burning his own church is one of many recent deceivers (Jarvis DeBerry, The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, Lousiana)

Building #BlackXmas: Resisting white capitalism in the wake of Donald Trump (Melina Abdullah, Los Angeles Sentinel)

Campaign 2016's anti-Semitism has me feeling conspicuously Jewish this Christmas season (Noah Berlatsky, Los Angeles Times)

Can black-owned banks survive a digital economy? (Tatiana Walk-Morris, Pacific Standard)

Can Democrats win back the white working class? Does it matter? (Ben Gran, Paste)

Conservatives against incarceration? (Marie Gottschalk, Jacobin)

The cowboy's final act: On Clint Eastwood, Trump, American Sniper, and Sully (Daniel Spielberger, Bright Lights Film Journal)

CPD seeks to discipline - but not fire - 4 cops in McDonald case (Frank Main, Mick Dumke, Chicago Sun-Times)

Criminalizing school fights is not the answer (Brittini Gray, The St. Louis American)

Defending gang killings against Dylann Roof comparisons (Jasmyne A. Cannick, Los Angeles Sentinel)

Fake news: 4 websites that rushed to blame Trump supporters for Mississippi church arson (Charlie Nash, Breitbart)

Ferguson accepts consent decree (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Ferguson activist turned politician says police beat him (Summer Ballentine (Associated Press), ABC News)

The Ferguson effect lives on (Heather Mac Donald, City Journal)

Getting the lost Obama voters back (Martin Longman, Washington Monthly)

Happy white males (Wayne Allyn Root, Fox News)

Hidden Figures, about 3 black women at NASA in the 1960s, is the best kind of historical drama (Alissa Wilkinson, Vox)

"Hidden Figures" is a subtle and powerful work of counter-history (Richard Brody, The New Yorker)

Hillary Clinton really shouldn't have told voters that Trump wasn't a normal Republican (Eric Levitz, New York Magazine)

The Home Front: Racial bias in arrests exists statewide; concealed carry permits boom; half of crimes go unreported (The Colorado Independent)

Homicides up in 16 cities - thanks, Obama administration, don't let the doorknob hit you on the way out (Steve Sailer,

How people's sensitivity to threats illuminates the rise of Donald Trump (John R. Hibbing, The Washington Post)

How the Obama coalition crumbled, leaving an opening for Trump (Nate Cohn, The New York Times)

How to productively confront casual racism (Danielle DeCourcey, Attn)

In 25 cities, communities say NO to Islamophobia (Donna Nevel, The Huffington Post)

In a North Carolina town, terrorism abroad raises apprehension (Sabrina Tavernise, The New York Times)

Kevin Costner gets candid about Hidden Figures, racism, and rewriting his role (Kyle Buchanan, Vulture)

"La La Land" might win an Oscar but it's got some bizarre racial politics (Jack Mirkinson, Fusion)

Largest US police union asks Amazon to pull "offensive" Black Lives Matter shirt (Edward Helmore, The Guardian)

Lawyers for officer who shot Philando Castile have black judge removed from the case (Aaron Morrison, Mic)

Mean racist, kind racist, non-racist: which are you? (Carlos Hoyt, Oxford University Press blog)

Minorities face uphill battle in getting into cancer trials (Denise Grady, The New York Times)

MTV removes racist "New Years Resolutions for White Guys" video, but the internet is forever (Video, Brandon Morse, The Blaze)

Nas talks racist reaction to Barack Obama's presidency (VIDEO) (Video, Yohance Kyles, All HipHop)

Neo-Nazis ramp up campaign against Montana Jews - vow armed march (Sam Kestenbaum, Forward)

Norman Lear and Kenya Barris discuss police brutality, PC culture and "the N-word" (Anne Easton, New York Observer)

Oregon professor who wore blackface blasts school report (Associated Press, ABC News)

Police union calls on Trump to militarize the police (Rmuse, PoliticusUSA)

Proud witnesses to history (Michael A. Fletcher, The Undefeated)

The right needs to stop ignoring race when talking to voters (Prajwal Kulkarni, The Federalist)

The strangest bedfellows in Donald Trump's authoritarian movement (Conor Lynch (Salon), AlterNet)

"Surprised like everybody else": Obama on the election of Donald Trump (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

Top police brass defended Laquan McDonald shooting after seeing video, records show (Jeremy Gorner, Dan Hinkel, Todd Lighty, Chicago Tribune)

Trevor Noah on race and how Nelson Mandela would find unity after Donald Trump's election (Nora Krug, The Washington Post)

Trump N.Y. co-chair makes racist remarks about Michelle Obama (Mark Hensch, The Hill)

Trump's N.Y. campaign chief Carl Paladino calls for Obama's death from mad cow disease and Michelle to be "let loose in Zimbabwe" (Video, Kenneth Lovett, New York Daily News)

When Native Americans were arms dealers: A history revealed in "Thundersticks" (Casey Sanchez, Los Angeles Times)

Why do some hate crimes, like the Jewish center killings, fail to resonate? (Mary Sanchez, The Kansa City Star, Missouri)

Why I'm worried about the rise of bigotry in Trump's America (Jack Bernard,, Alabama)

The year in staying unapologetically black (Emma Bracy, Hazlitt)


10 real resolutions for white guys (Gavin McInnes, Taki's Magazine)

11 charts that show income inequality isn't getting better anytime soon (Edwin Rios, Dave Gilson, Mother Jones)

The 11 officers that the city's inspector general recommended be fired (Chicago Tribune)

AG nominee Jeff Sessions reversed course on harsh drug sentence policy (Mary Troyan, USA Today)

Barack Obama, Trayvon Martin, and the presidency (Monica Potts, Vogue)

The black and Indian freedom fighters who defeated the US army on Christmas Day, 1837 (William Loren Katz, History News Network)

Black man convinces 200 KKK members to stop being racist by being nice (Ashitha Nagesh, Metro, UK)

Black woman reports white man for choking her son and she gets arrested (Video, BBC Newsbeat)

Bored, broke and armed: Clues to Chicago's gang violence (John Eligon, The New York Times)

Cops helping heroin users (Keegan Hamilton, Vice News)

A discussion on Barack Obama's unique upbringing (Video, PBS Newshour, The Atlantic)

Donald Trump doesn't care if you think he wants to ban Muslims (William Saletan, Slate)

Fox News, Breitbart falsely suggest Jewish family is to blame for cancellation of Christmas play (Mark Joseph Stern, Slate)

"Generation KKK" is a disgrace: How A&E's new reality show normalizes white supremacists (Nick Schager, The Daily Beast)

"Hitler actually wasn't that bad": How Neo-Nazis are using attractive young women to boost their movement (Video, Joseph Brean, National Post, Canada)

Holy rage: Lessons from Standing Rock (Louise Erdrich, The New Yorker)

How Barack Obama failed black Americans (William A. Darity Jr., The Atlantic)

How black bodies liberated the movies of 2016 (Tre Johnson, Rolling Stone)

How Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert blazed a trail for Trump (Lee Siegel, Columbia Journalism Review)

How racist and sexist myths shape our reaction to sexual assault on campus (Jessica Luther, Truth-Out)

How three powerful movies this year took on Virginia's troubled racial history (Stephanie Merry, The Washington Post)

Is Wikipedia woke? (Dimitra Kessenides, Max Chafkin, Bloomberg Businessweek)

"It's what we do more than what we say": Obama on race, identity, and the way forward (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

Janelle Monáe: NASA's black women in "Hidden Figures" "made America great again" (Sam Fragoso, Complex)

Latinos will never vote for a Republican, and other myths about Hispanics from 2016 (Radio, Asma Khalid, Morning Edition, NPR)

Miss. black church fire was called a hate crime. Now parishioner has been arrested for it. (Katie Mettler, The Washington Post)

Mothers who lose a second child to violence: "Why him, why us, why me?" (Nicole Santa Cruz, Los Angeles Times)

The myth of the liberal "echo chamber" on campus (Aaron R. Hanlon, New Republic)

"None of us are dispensable": Vigil at Rahm Emanuel's house marks lives of 770 killed by violence (Kevin Gosztola, ShadowProof)

Remember the hesitation to call the Charleston church shooting racism? (Jarvis DeBerry, The New Orleans Times-Picayune, Louisiana)

Skip Die Hard this year. Black Christmas is the cynical 2016 holiday movie alternative. (Aja Romano, Vox)

Ta-Nehisi Coates on the legacy of the nation’s first black president (Radio, Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU, DC)

Trevor Noah's memoir will surprise you with his take on religion and politics (Paul Rowan Brian, The Federalist)

Trump continues to sow confusion over his plan for Muslims entering the country (Video, Abby Phillip, Abigail Hauslohner, The Washington Post)

Under Trump, racial justice activists must seek solutions outside the state (Asha Rosa Ransby-Sporn, In These Times)

Wounded on the front line at Standing Rock, a protester refuses to give up her fight (Sandy Tolan, Los Angeles Times)


6 ways Ben Carson could screw up fair, affordable housing (Ben Adler, Grist)

2016 is the year the left's liberalism died (Robert Tracinski, The Federalist)

2016: The year in Asian-Americans fighting back in Hollywood (E. Alex Jung, Vulture)

2016: The year the "alt-right" breached the moral quarantine on racism (Robert Tracinski, The Federalist)

2016 was the year Chicago finally got serious about police reform (Maya Dukmasova, Chicago Reader)

All Louisiana troopers to wear body cameras (Video, Greg Hilburn, USA Today)

"Alt-right" leader mulls run for Congress, says white heritage movement is NOT white supremacy or racism (Samantha Chang, BizPac Review)

Ann Coulter attends VDARE Christmas party - her second white nationalist event in three months (Stephen Piggott, The Southern Poverty Law Center)

Are we entering a new age of racism? A reporter reflects on the hate crime beat (A.C. Thompson, Pacific Standard)

Baltimore's homicide rate is down from 2015 - but up over every other year on record (Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun)

"Better is good": Obama on reparations, civil rights, and the art of the possible (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

Bill Ayers on being a white ally and the future of progressives (Lorraine Forte, Truth-Out)

Bill O’Reilly rose to the defense of white privilege in America’s presidential voting process (Philip Bump, The Washington Post)

Bill O'Reilly's "white establishment" comments ignite firestorm over his bald-faced racism (Emily C. Singer,  Mic)

Christmas weekend: How many more Chicagoans will die by the bullet? (Leder, Chicago Tribune)

CNN fans more hatred of cops, in touting flawed study (Heater Mac Donald, National Review)

Colleges are suspending athletes who share racist and sexist messages. Some say it's not enough (Katie Reilly, TIME)

Dear MTV: Telling white guys what to do just provokes racism (David Marcus, The Federalist)

Death penalty use drops to record lows (Reid Wilson, The Hill)

Delta Air Lines offers apology to black woman doctor called "sweetie" by flight attendant (Sheryl Estrada, Diversity Inc)

Descendants of Cherokee Freedmen are being denied tribal rights (Video, America Reframed, The Atlantic)

Donald Trump and black colleges are getting to know each other (Video, William Douglas, McClatchy DC)

Dylann Roof and the U.S. injustice system (Gene Clancy, Worker's World)

Even if a prank, latest ‘Flying While Muslim’ incident raises issue of bias (Hannah Allam, McClatchy DC)

Fake hate crime epidemic peaks just days before Christmas (Debra Heine, PJ Media)

Fake news that spawned Black Lives Matter (Jack Cashill, WND)

Free Leonard Peltier: Obama urged to grant clemency to Native American activist jailed for 40 years (Video, Democracy Now)

Here's why Democrats must not abandon identity politics (Craig Mills, The Daily Beast)

A history of America believing the hype and propaganda promoting racial profiling (Saliek Ruffin, The Good Men Project)

How "Barry" gets Obama right - and wrong (Matthew Cooper, Newsweek)

How conservative Christians got racism wrong (and still do) (Jack Strating, Christian Post)

How I really feel about "localism," from a Native American tribesman (Tommy Devers, The Inertia)

How Trump seduced the white working class by preying on their physical pain (Vinnie Rotondaro, Narratively)

Hundreds die every week from an opioid-related overdose - here are some of their stories (David Armstrong, Business Insider)

Inventor of "alt-right" defends mom as his followers target Jews in hometown (Sam Kestenbaum, Forward)

Jews are fixating on the alt-right so they don't have to confront themselves (Jonathan Bronitsky, The Federalist)

Knowing someone who faced discrimination may affect blood pressure (Radio, Rob Stein, All Things Considered, NPR)

"La La Land" and the privilege of nostalgia (Alison Willmore, BuzzFeed)

Michael Slager and Dylann Roof: Twin sides of Ameria's racism (Colin Benjamin, Black Star News)

Michelle Obama's Christmas lump of coal (Michelle Malkin, Real Clear Politics)

No, scientists cannot predict whether toddlers will become criminals (Kristen V. Brown, Gizmodo)

On the first Asian-American president (Eric Chang, Vogue)

O'Reilly: Will to abolish the electoral college is about taking power from rural white voters (Video, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

Rare track record: NYPD's history chronicling hate crimes (Jessica Huseman, ProPublica)

A red swastika and a racist note: Police investigate possible hate crime in Montrose (Andy Nguyen, Los Angeles Times)

Report finds blacks in Colorado are arrested at disproportionately high rates (Ben Markus, Nathaniel Minor, Colorado Public Radio)

The rise of hate in 2016 (James King, Vocativ)

Rogue elector uses vote to highlight Dakota Access Pipeline (Maryalice Parks, ABC News)

"Speak English. You're in America": Woman's racist rant at Kentucky JCPenney caught on camera; mall responds (Video, KTLA, Los Angeles)

Tomi Lahren takes issue with MTV and Beyoncé (Derek Lawrence, Entertainment Weekly)

A town called Whiteland fights for its Native American school mascot (Bob Cook, Forbes)

Trump under pressure to pick a Hispanic for his Cabinet (Josh Dawsey, Tara Palmeri, Politico)

Tucker Carlson throws down with racial activist - and pulls surprise ace from his sleeve at the end (Video, Jason Howerton, Independent Journal Review)

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A woman who called Michelle Obama an ape has her job back. This is part of a pattern. (Jenée Desmond-Harris, Vox)


The 2016 canon: Insecure delivered a splendid and playful appreciation of blackness (Rebecca Carroll, Esquire)

2016: The year racism and fear make a comeback (Rhina Guidos (Catholic News Service), The Georgia Bulletin)

2,300 U.S. foreclosures show a racial divide in house decay (Emily Badger, Quoctrung Bui, The New York Times)

Alabama prosecutor sets the penalties and fills the coffers (Shaila Dewan, Andrew W. Lehren, The New York Times)

Al Franken faces Donald Trump and the next four years (Mark Leibovich, The New York Times Magazine)

"As a white nationalist, what do you do?" (A.C. Thompson, ProPublica)

Behind the story: "The white flight of Derek Black" by Eli Saslow (Elon Green, Columbia Journalism Review)

Beyoncé, Donald Glover, Nate Parker top NAACP Image Awards nominations (Hunter Harris, Vulture)

Beyoncé scores 7 NAACP Image Award nominations (The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard)

Beyond hope (Eric Bates, New Republic)

The biased policies that are pushing black girls out of school (Dayna Evans, New York Magazine)

A Broncos player gets a racist, threatening letter (Leder, The New York Times)

Covering politics in a "post-Truth" America (Susan B. Glasser, Politico Magazine)

Critic's notebook: President Obama does "The Daily Show" and Trevor Noah gets serious (Daniel Fienberg, Billboard)

Defying political pushback, private colleges quietly enroll undocumented students (Timothy Pratt (The Hechinger Report), Truth Out)

Dylann Roof is the best argument we have for the death penalty (W. James Antle III, The Week)

Dylann Roof picked up gun before background check completed (Bruce Golding, New York Post)

Federal civil rights trial for Michael Slager anticipated this spring (Andrew Knapp, The Charleston Post and Courier, South Carolina)

Full text: Milo on "Master baiters: the leftists keeping America's race war alive" (Milo, Breitbart)

Here are four myths about diversity in science (Francie Diep, Pacific Standard)

Historic win for Native American religious freedom (Charles C. Haynes, Green Bay Press-Gazette, Wisconsin)

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"Moonlight," "Birth of a Nation" and "Loving" score big with NAACP Image Award nominations (Libby Hill, Los Angeles Times)

My president was black (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

No, voting against Trump doesn't mean I know nothing about my fellow Americans (Richard Cohen, Real Clear Politics)

Opposition to "offensive" speech on campuses will ultimately burn dissidents (Anthony L. Fisher, Vox)

The overlooked legacy of pioneering African-American architect Paul Revere Williams (Diana Budds, Fast Company)

The problem with Obama's faith in white America (Tressie McMillan Cottom, The Atlantic)

Putting the "neo" back in "neo-Nazi" (Donna Zuckerberg, Jezebel)

Recharging the batteries of whiteness: Trump's new racial identity politics (Arun Kundnani, Truth Out)

Socialism in the age of reaction (Noam Chomsky, Jacobin)

These maps show how Americans are dying younger. It's not just the opioid epidemic. (Julia Belluz, Sarah Frostenson, Vox)

Time to fight like hell (Clara Jeffery, Mother Jones)

A top defender, sidelined by the accused in the Charleston church massacre (Alan Blinder, The New York Times)

Trump against the American worker (William Finnegan, The New Yorker)

What is a mistrial? Why Michael Slager was not convicted of killing Walter Scott (Adam Banner, The Huffington Post)

Where were Trump's votes? Where the jobs weren't (Eduardo Porter, The New York Times)

Which way does the arc of Obama's moral universe bend? (Joan Walsh, The Nation)

White neighborhoods get modestly more diverse, new census data show (William H. Frey, Brookings)

Why "Don't be evil" isn't good enough anymore (Jeff Bercovici, Inc.)

Why Obamacare enrollees voted for Trump (Sarah Kliff, Vox)

Why the Nazis studied American race laws for inspiration (James Q. Whitman, Aeon)

Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates: "My president was black" (Radio, Morning Edition, NPR)

The year of Beyoncé: 18 times Queen Bey owned 2016 (Patricia Garcia, Vogue)


8 must-read immigration stories by and about Latinos (Jamie Canaves, Book Riot)

After a crime, the price of a second chance (Shaila Dewan, Andrew W. Lehren, The New York Times)

Alderman accuses Law Department of holding back information (Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun-Times)

America's toughest immigration court (Christie Thompson, The Marshall Project)

As other districts grapple with segregation, this one makes integration work (Kyle Spencer, The New York Times)

Black life and death in the age of Obama (Kai Wright, The Nation)

Civil rights déjà vu, only worse (Samuel R. Bagenstos, The American Prospect)

The demoralization of the West (Rod Dreher, The American Conservative)

Discipline of cop involved in 2 fatal shootings fell through the cracks (Jeremy Gorner, Chicago Tribune)

Donald Trump is no Andrew Jackson, and other errors of Stephen Bannon (Paul Berman, Tablet)

Dylann Roof had a handwritten list of local black churches in car (Mahita Gajanan, TIME)

The education of Barack Obama (Dana Goldstein, The Nation)

Escape your echo chamber and understand what really makes Trump supporters tick (Elizabeth Segran, Fast Company)

Exclusive: Barack Obama full interview (Video, The Daily Show, Comedy Central)

The exact thing Standing Rock protesters didn't want to happen already happened (Bryan Menegus, Gizmodo)

The Golden Globes' diverse group of nominees means Oscar voters have no excuse (Glenn Whipp, Los Angeles Times)

Illegal immigration update: Immigrants in detention centers lack affordable phone calls nationwide (Chris Riotta, International Business Times)

Most Americans haven't heard of the "alt-right" (John Gramlich, Pew Research Center)

Music got political in 2016 with Beyonce & Neil Young, but did it make a difference? (Dorian Lynskey, Billboard)

The NRA was waging war on facts way before the "fake news" boom (Adam Weinstein, The Trace)

One Seattle murder, two devastated families, and a question: What constitutes justice? (Sydney Brownstone, The Stranger, Seattle)

A pollster on the racial panic Obama's presidency triggered - and what Democrats must do now (Jenée Desmond-Harris, Vox)

President Obama could have done more to remind America that Black Lives Matter (Brittney Cooper, Cosmopolitan)

Prisoners set free by President Obama are urging him to expand his clemency program before he leaves office (Michelle Mark, Business Insider)

Race and American law: Looking beyond Obama (Katti Gray, The Crime Report)

"Real America" is its own bubble (Richard Cohen, The Washington Post)

Researchers discuss study of the everyday response to racism (Alvin Powell,

There's a bitter new battle over whether slave torture was the foundation of the American economy (Tracy Jan, The Washington Post)

Transition adviser Peter Thiel could directly profit from mass deportations (Spencer Woodman, The Intercept)

Twitter bots can fight racism - if they're white and popular (Dexter Thomas, Vice News)

Viola Davis's call to adventure (John Lahr, The New Yorker)

The way forward for Democrats is to address both class and race (Ian Haney-López, Robert B. Reich, The Nation)

What becomes of Black Lives Matter in the age of Trump? (Sean Illing, Vox)

What "stand your ground" laws actually do (German Lopez, Vox)

White coats 4 black lives: Network of med students claims racism a "national health crisis" (Douglas Ernst, The Washington Times)

Why don't poor people move? (Rod Dreher, The American Conservative)

Will a white guy replace the Washington State senate's only woman of color? (Heidi Groover, The Stranger, Seattle)


Al Sharpton and formerly undocumented congressman-elect bash Trump's cabinet picks (Will Bredderman, New York Observer)

Amid 2 murder trials, a South Carolina city reflects on racial history (Radio, Debbie Elliott, Weekend Edition Sunday, NPR)

Analysis shows racial disparity in Florida sentencings (Associated Press, Florida Today)

Are Obama immigration prisons for families legitimate "child care facilities"? Judge says no (Sarah Lazare (AlterNet), Truth Dig)

Biden on Sessions 1980s racism charge: "People change" (Video, Kevin Liptak, CNN)

Cadillac condemns casting call that sought actors for "alt-right (neo-nazi)" role in a Cadillac ad (Cleve R. Wootson Jr., The Washington Post)

Cucking and Nazi salutes: A night out with the alt-right (Hannah Gais, Newsweek)

Gloria Steinem: "Fewer people will say we live in a post-racist, post-feminist world" (Joanna Walters, The Guardian)

"Hidden Figures": The movie Trump's America needs to see (Kevin Fallon, The Daily Beast)

Identity issues don't distract from economic issues - they are economic issues (Rebecca Traister, New York Magazine)

Inquiry into racial bias in New York prisons is big job for small team (Michael Winerip, Michael Schwirtz, The New York Times)

An intellectual history of Trumpism (David Greenberg, Politico Magazine)

It's not over (Susan Matthews, Christian Hansen, Slate)

Khizr Khan rose to fame with his emotional pleas against Trump. Now he's targeting the "politics of fear" (Jaweed Kaleem, Los Angeles Times)

My fellow-Americans, we must not let the race-baiters divide us (Michael Brown, Town Hall)

Neo-nazi alt-right leader Richard Spencer is back on Twitter, and now he's verified (Chris Tognitti, The Daily Dot)

On "SNL", Angela Merkel calls the "alt-right" what it is: a Nazi resurgence (Video,Claire Lampen, Mic)

Putting the Justice Department back on track (Orrin G. Hatch, The Washington Times)

Race isn't a biological but a historical concept (Xolela Mangcu, Independent Online, Sydafrika)

Should Twitter ban the alt-right? The case for online censorship (David Scharfenberg, The Boston Globe)

Trumped and abandoned (Susan Faludi, The Baffler)

Were the stories about Japanese internment during World War II unbalanced? Two letter writers think so (Læserbreve, Los Angeles Times)

What motivated Dylann Roof? Confession offers clues. (+video) (Video, Gretel Kauffman, The Christian Science Monitor)

Why Twitter unbanned a leading member of the white supremacist alt-right (Aja Romano, Vox)


America's first white president (Andrew O'Hehir, Salon)

Amicus: Where we draw the line (Podcast, Slate's Amicus, Dahlia Lithwick, Slate)

An alt-right makeover shrouds the swastikas (Serge F. Kovaleski, Julie Turkewitz, Joseph Goldstein, Dan Barry, The New York Times)

Bronco's Brandon Marshall shares racist hate-mail (Associated Press, New York Post)

Clay nonprofit official who posted racist comment to return to work (Ali Schmitz, Charleston Gazette-Mail, West Virginia)

College instructor tells students that Trump’s election was an "act of terrorism" (Peter Holley, The Washington Post)

Congress passes at least $120M in funding for Flint water (Todd Spangler, Detroit Free Press, Michigan)

The dangers of echo chambers on campus (Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times)

Donald Trump is gaslighting America (Lauren Duca, Teen Vogue)

Dylann Roof's confession and notes reveal overt racism (Video, CBS News)

The face of the alt-right (Video, Vice News)

Firefighter charged for setting own house on fire after framing Black Lives Matter (Matthew Rodriguez, Mic)

He helped make legal history in Loving v. Virginia. At 80, he's still fighting for justice. (DeNeen L. Brown, The Washington Post)

How to stop a black snake (Louise Erdrich, The New York Times)

Impact of Chicago's violence on girls in toughest neighborhoods often overlooked (Annie Sweeney, Chicago Tribune)

"I'm prejudiced," he said. Then we kept talking. (Heather C. McGhee, The New York Times)

It's hard to have a parade in the age of political correctness (Associated Press, GOPUSA)

Killer's calm confession should make us all think (Video, Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press)

KKK, other racist groups disavow white supremacist label (Jay Reeves, Associated Press)

The last days at Standing Rock (Mark Sundeen, Outside)

Michael Slager: Treacherous prosecutor and white juror nullification (Colin Benjamin, Black Star News)

"A model for civilization": Putin's Russia has emerged as "a beacon for nationalists" and the American alt-right (Natasha Bertrand, Business Insider)

"More liberal than all other Asian Americans" (Varghese George, The Hindu, Indien)

My little alt-right pony (A.J.B. Lane, The Boston Globe)

Native American revitalization emerging through cinema (Karlyle Stephens, Mesa Legend, Mesa Community College, Arizona)

NYPD refuses to reveal how they spied on Black Lives Matter protests (Chris Moore, Merry Jane)

Obama's legacy: Lorrie Moore, RIchard Ford, Marilynne Robinson and others look back (Joyce Carol Oates, Siri Hustvedt, Richard Ford, Attica Locke, Edmund White, Marilynne Robinson, Gary Younge, Lionel Shriver, Cynthia Bond, m.fl., The Guardian)

Route 66: Decay and resilience along iconic US highway (Samuel Gilbert, Al Jazeera)

Surprised about Donald Trump's popularity? You shouldn't be (Danielle Kurtzleben, NPR)

Southern Poverty Law Center calls Islamic and Black Lives Matter attacks "radical-right terrorist plots" (Lee Stranahan, Breitbart)

Step back or bump in road? Michael Slager mistrial a source of scorn for S.C. (Andrew Knapp, The Charleston Post and Courier, South Carolina)

Stuck (Ronald Bailey,

Surveillance video shows Roof exiting church holding handgun (Video, The Washington Post)

Veterans came to North Dakota to protest a pipeline. But they also found healing and forgiveness (Sandy Tolan, Los Angeles Times)

Violence and division on Chicago's South Side (Ben Austen, The New York Times)

"Well, I killed them, I guess": Jury watches Dylann Roof's confession to church massacre (Video, Kristine Guerra, The Washington Post)

Wesley Lowery's life matters (Boganmeldelse, Robert VerBruggen, Washington Free Beacon)

Who really is Dylann Roof? A portrait of a killer emerges (Jennifer Berry Hawes, The Charleston Post and Courier, South Carolina)

Why we shouldn't be surprised by muted reaction to Slager mistrial (Cindi Ross Scoppe, The State, Columbia, South Carolina)


10 ways to hold police who kill blacks accountable (India Thusi, Ebony)

"Alt-right" Trumpsters discover true meaning of "Star Wars," wage #DumpStarWars campaign (Marlow Stern, The Daily Beast)

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For Obama administration, Dylann Roof trial goes beyond one man (+video) (Video, Patrik Jonsson, The Christian Science Monitor)

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How the alt-right became racist, Part 2: Long before Trump, white nationalists flocked to Ron Paul (Matthew Sheffield, Salon)

How this photographer confronts the freedoms denied to black Americans (Jason Parham, The Fader)

If we were "staggered" by police brutality, wouldn't Walter Scott mistrial have knocked us over? (Janine Jackson, FAIR)

In Chicago, bodies pile up at intersection of "depression and rage" (Monica Davey, The New York Times)

It's not all about Clinton - the Midwest was getting redder before 2016 (Harry Enten, FiveThirtyEight)

Jurors hear Dylann Roof explain shooting in video: "I had to do it" (Kevin Sack, Alan Blinder, The New York Times)

The local struggle (Kevin Curtin, The Austin Chronicle, Texas)

A look inside the trial of Dylann Roof (Kathleen Parker, The Washington Post)

Michael Slager's trial reminds us that "the public" usually means "white people" (Justin C. Cohen, The Huffington Post)

Mistrial in police killing of Walter Scott part of a history of brutality against Black veterans in the South (Rebekah Barber, Facing South)

MOONLIGHT review: An ethereal portrait of black queer experience (Filmanmeldelse, Siddhant Adlakha, Birth Movies Death)

Neil Young stands with the water protectors on "Peace Trail" (Justin Joffe, New York Observer)

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So where's that big beautiful door?: Column (F.H. Buckley, USA Today)

Stephen Bannon found inspiration in ancient thinkers, Ronald Reagan and Nazi propaganda (Matt Pearce, Los Angeles Times)

Tomi Lahren is terrible. Period. (Amy Zimmerman, The Daily Beast)

Trump is turning the GOP into the Worker's party (Rich Lowry, New York Post)

Walter Scott's death was "a lynching, with a gun" (Jim Wallis, The Huffington Post)

What it's like as an Asian-American journalist to interview a white nationalist (Video, Juju Chang, ABC News)

White nationalist Richard Spencer talks to Al Jazeera (Video, Al Jazeera)

What recent attacks mean for campus policing (Jake New (Inside Higher Ed), Slate)

A wrenching decision where black history and floods intertwine (Jess Bidgood, The New York Times)


$2.4M settlement in police shooting case tied to legal misconduct (Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun-Times)

Alt+Right+Delete: The disingenuous and contradictory rhetoric of white nationalism (Tim Wise (, Raw Story)

"Alt-right" hopes to rebrand dark emperor of "Star Wars" as Donald Trump-style hero for white supremacists (Sam Kestenbaum, Forward)

Are Trump's white evangelical supporters racist? (Podcast, Christianity Today)

Barack Obama says he "absolutely" faced racism in office (Video, Hayley Miller, The Huffington Post)

A black man's quixotic quest to quell the racism of the KKK, one robe at a time (Jeffrey Fleishman, Los Angeles Times)

Before Trump, there was a Muslim registry. It caught no terrorists. (Hannah Allam, McClatchy DC)

Bernie Sanders supporters sent anti-Semitic hate to critic (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

Bittersweet reality: Will justice be delayed or denied? (Ebony Chappel, Indianapolis Recorder, Indiana)

Charleston shooting trial: jury shown graphic images of aftermath (Oliver Laughland, The Guardian)

"Chase and scatter" leaves refugees for dead in US-Mexico borderlands (Brian Sonenstein, ShadowProof)

Clinton aide hammers Trump campaign: "Own up to" giving alt-right a platform (Jessie Hellmann, The Hill)

CNN spends election cycle calling Trump supporters racist, then gets hit with class action racism suit (Amber Randall, The Daily Caller)

Commentator: Don't stop arguing, complaining and fighting for "identity politics" (Tasneem Raja, Code Switch, NPR)

Could programs to help undocumented immigrants gain driver's licenses backfire? (Patrick G. Lee, ProPublica)

Dare to dream, Donald and let immigrant kids stay here (Leder, New York Daily News)

Do more than acknowledge your white guilt (Reginald Cunningham, The Huffington Post)

During Michael Slager trial prosecutors dropped North Charleston police charge against jury foreman (Video, Andrew Knapp, Brenda Rindge, The Charleston Post and Courier, South Carolina)

Dylann Roof jury sees images of church mass shooting aftermath (Debbie Elliott, NPR)

The essential guide to alt-news activism (Federico Nicola, Medium)

Felony charge dropped for jury foreman as he served on Michael Slager trial (Monique Judge, The Root)

A former Tea Party congressman is already ticked off at Trump: "I'm disappointed" (Sean Illing, Vox)

Glenn Beck's regrets (Peter Beinart, The Atlantic)

Heroin deaths surpass gun homicides for the first time, CDC data shows (Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post)

History-making Somali-American legislator reports "hateful" taunts in D.C. (Bill Chappell, NPR)

How do you close one of the largest jails in America? (John Surico, Vice)

How the alt-right became racist, Part 1: A short history of hate (Matthew Sheffield, Salon)

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I'm a white immigrant and I benefited from a racist visa lottery (Francesca Gaiba, TIME)

Inequality is killing the American dream (Ben Casselman, FiveThirtyEight)

In Texas, Republicans fight new sanctuary cities in wake up Trump victory (Josh Siegel, The Daily Signal)

It's time Trump anti-immigration hardliners really listen to "We the People" (Felicia Persaud, Amsterdam News, New York)

Judge in Laquan McDonald case grills city over protective order (Steve Schmadeke, Chicago Tribune)

"A lynching, with a gun" (Jim Wallis, Sojourners)

Man accused of burning down house, framing Black Lives Matter (Sara Morrison, Vocativ)

Meet the brave, audacious, astonishing women who built the Standing Rock movement (Anna Merlan, Jezebel)

Military-trained police may be less hasty to shoot, but that got this vet fired (Radio, Quil Lawrence, Martin Kaste, Morning Edition, NPR)

Milo Yiannopoulos to Tomi Lahren: the faces of America's young alt-Right pack (Phoebe Luckhurst, Evening Standard, UK)

Nation of Islam tears down Keith Ellison's lies about his past (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

Native American attorney weighs in on the future of Dakota Access pipeline (Video, Alli Joseph, Salon)

A new study shows how severe U.S. inequality is - and how little we're doing about it (Eric Levitz, New York Magazine)

Nina Turner on how to make the Democratic Party great again (Gabby Bess, Broadly (Vice))

Not just Nazis: Alt-genres have always been "safe spaces" for white people (Molly Osberg, Fusion)

Obama's civil rights legacy - and ours (David Cole, The Nation)

President Obama should free officer Slager (Jack Cashill, American Thinker)

Racist graffiti at Giants player's home investigated as hate crime (Video, Andrew Wyrich, The Record, New Jersey)

Sam Hyde speaks: Meet the man behind Adult Swim's canceled "alt-right" comedy show (Exclusive) (Seth Abramovitch, The Hollywood Reporter)

Several jurors in Walter Scott shooting case were undecided on verdict, foreman says (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Stephen Colbert torches Donald Trump's national security adviser pick, pizzagate, Wikileaks (Video, Lisa de Moraes, Deadline)

"This is an awakening": Native Americans find new hope after Standing Rock (Julia Carrie Wong, The Guardian)

Trump: Madman of the year (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

U.S. life expectancy declines for the first time since 1993 (Video, Lenny Bernstein, The Washington Post)

Warning: the income gap between races is widening in America (Patrick Bayer, Kerwin Kofi Charles (National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)), Fabius Maximus)

Welcome to the age of anger (Pankaj Mishra, The Guardian)

We talked to experts about what terms to use for which group of racists (Josh Harkinson, Mother Jones)

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What happens next if Dylann Roof is sentenced to death (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

The will of the people (Kenneth A. Taylor, Boston Review)

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The 3 different things we talk about when we talk about "Trump voters" (Matthew Yglesias, Vox)

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Black hole: The injustice of wrongful incarceration doesn't end when the prison doors open (Jessica Pishko, California Magazine)

Black Lives Matter wants NYPD to turn over protest surveillance (Julia Marsh, New York Post)

Clinton's failure with the working class had little to do with Trump voters (Eric Levitz, New York Magazine)

CNN faces class-action suit alleging racial discrimination (Gene Maddaus, Variety)

Customs and Border chief: Migrant surge not letting up (Associated Press, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas)

"Dear Gwen": Letters from female journalists of color she inspired (Video, Kenya Downs, PBS Newshour)

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"Evil, evil, evil as can be": Emotional testimony as Dylann Roof trial begins (Video, Kevin Sullivan, The Washington Post)

Federal Housing Policies And How They May Shift During The Trump Administration (Podcast, Richard Rothstein, Pam Patenaude, Diane Yentel, Nick Timiraos, Michael Nutter, The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU, Washington DC)

Federal official urges probe of "abuse" on private prisoner transport (Eli Hager, Alysia Santo, The Marshall Project)

Hail to the Chief: A statistical portrait of the Obama presidency (Eric Pape, New York Observer)

"Hail Trump" salute recalls a powerful message of hate (Stephanie Schorow, The Conversation)

Hairspray's revealing portrayal of racism in America (Matthew Delmont, The Atlantic)

Heart-rending testimony as Dylann Roof trial opens (Kevin Sack, Alan Blinder, The New York Times)

Hillary Clinton: TIME Person of the Year 2016 runner-up (Charlotte Alter, TIME)

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How journalists are shaping the way Americans understand contemporary white nationalism (Jenée Desmond-Harris, Vox)

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In Alabama, you can be sentenced to death even if jurors don't agree (Kent Faulk, The Marshall Project)

In diverse California, a young white supremacist seeks to convert fellow college students (Video, Hailey Bramson-Potts, Los Angeles Times)

It's possible to make more TV shows set in flyover country without sacrificing diversity (Steven Hyden, Uproxx)

I visited one of America's sickest counties. I'm afraid it's about to get worse. (Julia Belluz, Vox)

Keith Ellison is no anti-Semite (John Nichols, The Nation)

"Leave, Naxis!" greets alt-right in Texas (Justin Glawe, Sarah Bertness, The Daily Beast)

License to kill: Can any amount of evidence convict a white cop who shoots a black man? (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

Loving star Ruth Negga on biracial politics: "I get very territorial about my identity" (Gaby Wood, Vogue)

Megyn Kelly on Trump and the media: "We're in a dangerous phase right now" (Podcast, Fresh Air, NPR)

Obama's candid reflections on race (Video, Kevin Liptack, CNN)

Opening statements delivered in Dylann Roof trial (Nana Adwoa Antwi-Boasiako, PBS Newshour)

Our team lost the election. But Trump's team must own up to how he won. (Jennifer Palmieri, The Washington Post)

Reporter's Notebook: What it was like as a Muslim to cover the election (Radio, Asma Khalid, All Things Considered, NPR)

Richard Spencer's appearance at Texas A&M draws protests (Video, Max Blau, Sara Ganim, Chris Welch, CNN)

The right has its own version of political correctness. It’s just as stifling. (Alex Nowrasteh (Cato Institute), The Washington Post)

Seth Meyers to media: Time to retire "alt-right" and just say "Nazis" (Matt Wilstein, The Daily Beast)

Shocking! Carson did NOT live in government housing (capper, Crooks and Liars)

Standing Rock stopped a pipeline. These Native Americans want to stop an oil terminal. (Renee Lewis, Fusion)

Stand with Keith Ellison (Daniel Denvir, Jacobin)

Steve Bannon: Fathers and grandfathers of "deplorables" turned war around after Pearl Harbor (John Hayward, Breitbart)

Taking the post-election temperature of the Oscars race (Jada Yuan, Vulture)

The trial of Dylann Roof for the Charleston church shooting, explained (German Lopez, Vox)

Trump appears to soften on deporting thousands of young immigrants (Amy Chozick, The New York Times)

Trump can't deliver the Rust Belt jobs he promised because work has changed (Joseph Bien-Kahn, Wired)

US Border Patrol uses desert as ‘weapon’ to kill thousands of migrants, report says (Rory Carroll, The Guardian)

The Walter Scott case was a test (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

The Walter Scott mistrial and the crisis of facts (Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker)

"We are still in mourning": Charleston congregants prepare for Dylann Roof trial (Oliver Laughland, The Guardian)

We must fight the most anti-Muslim administration ever (Dean Obeidallah, The Daily Beast)

Why Trump's use of the words "urban renewal" is scary for cities (Emily Badger, The New York Times)

Will police killings rise in Trump's America? (Patrick Strickland, Al Jazeera)

Will Trump be good for the Jewish people? (Steve Sailer, Taki's Magazine)


After mistrial, what's next in the Walter Scott shooting case? More trials. (Video, Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

American democracy can die and ignorance will slay it (Brando Simeo Starkey, The Undefeated)

Body cameras won't bring justice (Nicole Hemmer, U.S. News & World Report)

Chicago Tribune sues police department over Laquan McDonald emails (Chicago Tribune)

The contract: Chicago's police union (Video, Al Jazeera)

Cornell Belcher: The real racial crisis is aversion (Barrett Holmes Pitner, The Daily Beast)

Damning video didn't convict Scott's killer. What if it didn't exist? (James King, Vocativ)

Dear Mr. Obama: You are still the president (James Fallows, The Atlantic)

Donald Trump's most terrifying appointment (Video, Paul Waldman, The Washington Post)

A false victory at Standing Rock (Leder, The Washington Post)

"Get out of America": Pro-Islam billboards in Dallas a reaction to political climate (Naomi Martin, The Dallas Morning News)

How Trump won our Rust Belt. And how we win it back. (Eric Lesser, The Boston Globe)

How white supremacist hatred drives acts of violence against powerful women (Soraya Chemaly, Salon)

I'm not your racial confessor (Jamelle Bouie, Gene Demby, Aisha Harris, Tressie McMillan Cottom, Slate)

In Michael Slager trial, justice is elusive - again (Leder, The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina)

Inquirer editorial: Mistrial in case of South Carolina cop who killed unarmed man leaves a bad taste (Leder, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

In the battle over voting rights, what happens next? (Vann R. Newkirk II, The Atlantic)

Joe McKnight is dead because his life didn't matter enough for him to be alive (Damon Young, The Guardian)

Justice isn't always quick (Leder, The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina)

The justices tackle racial gerrymandering (The Economist)

Mistrial in S. Carolina police shooting mystifies observers (Errin Haines Whack, Jeffrey Collins, Associated Press)

Mistrial in Walter Scott police shooting sends strong message (Henry Gass, The Christian Science Monitor)

NAACP rips mistrial in trial of ex-cop Michael Slager (Video, John Bacon, USA Today)

The necessity of credibility (Nathan J. Robinson, Current Affairs)

No justice for Walter Scott: Michael Slager's mistrial is a disgrace, but not a surprise (D. Watkins, Salon)

No surprise as killer cop walks free in Walter Scott shooting (Mo Barnes, Rolling Out)

No trial delay for Dylann Roof after officer's mistrial (Jeffrey Collins (Associated Press), ABC News)

Paper owned by Trump's son-in-law runs alarming op-ed calling for FBI crackdown on anti-Trump protests (Sarah Lazare, AlterNet)

Pence: Next attorney general to decide if federal charges against Michael Slager remain (Tom Namako, BuzzFeed)

Prosecutor in Walter Scott case insists Michael Slager will be tried again (Sydney Scott, Essence)

Retro musical A Bronx Tale delivers an indictment of American politics without even trying (Aja Romano, Vox)

Scarborough: New AG Jeff Sessions should reveal intensions for Walter Scott case "immediately" (Video, J.D. Durkin, Mediaite)

Slager case is latest police-involved killing to leave public in limbo (Video, Melanie Eversley, USA Today)

The temerity to be terrible (Soraya Nadia McDonald, The Undefeated)

This was the year America finally saw the South (Jesmyn Ward, BuzzFeed)

Top cop: "Chicago is not out of control" - just parts of it are violent (William Lee, Chicago Tribune)

Trevor Noah still doesn't get it (Tomi Obaro, BuzzFeed)

Trump campaign: "Platform for white supremacists"? (Scott McConnell, The American Conservative)

Trump's lies about voter fraud are already leading to new GOP voter suppression efforts (Ari Berman, The Nation)

Van Jones on "Daily Show": Trump is "much worse" than we realize (Video, Matt Wilstein, The Daily Beast)

Van Jones: Only a "love army" will conquer Trump (Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone)

Walter Scott: 5 other times police officers have walked after fatal use of force (Talia Jane, Mic)

Walter Scott and school reform (Rishawn Biddle, Dropout Nation)

Walter Scott and the presumption of guilt for black Americans (Steven Hale, The Washington Post)

Walter Scott mistrial: early test for Trump on civil rights (Patrik Jonsson, The Christian Science Monitor)

Walter Scott's brother "disappointed" in juror after mistrial (Video, CBS News)

"We are just looking for justice": Charleston prepares for Dylann Roof's trial (Kevin Sullivan, Matt Zapotosky, The Washington Post)

We have a problem convicting cops, but it may not be what you think (Jazz Shaw, Hot Air)

What will it take to convict a police officer for shooting an unarmed man? (Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic)

Will the victory at Standing Rock outlast Obama? (Rozina Ali, The New Yorker)

Will Trump slam the door on Obama's Dreamers? (Seung Min Kim, Josh Gerstein, Politico)

With Ben Carson at HUD, America's cities really could become hellholes (Joan Walsh, The Nation)


Adult Swim has canceled its alt-right show "Million Dollar Extreme" (Ariane Lange, BuzzFeed)

America's male employment crisis is both urban and rural (Alan Berube, Brookings)

Among black men, a spark of support for Donald Trump (Patrik Jonsson, The Christian Science Monitor)

Another racial divide among bowl teams (Richard Lapchick, ESPN)

Are Jews white? (Emma Green, The Atlantic)

The Atlantic Daily: Identities and politics (Rosa Inocencio Smith, The Atlantic)

At Standing Rock, cautious celebration (Amos Barshad, The Fader)

Both feeling threatened, American Muslims and Jews join hands (Laurie Goodstein, The New York Times)

Can nationalism create a new fusionism on the right? (Rachel Lu, The Federalist)

The challenge of manufacturing a diverse campus (Erin Einhorn, The Atlantic)

"Cosmopolitan" accuses Victoria's Secret of "racist lingerie" - then deletes the article (Rachel Lubitz, Mic)

The dangerous myth that Hillary Clinton ignored the working class (Derek Thompson, The Atlantic)

Do Jews defend their values by helping anti-Semites immigrate to America? (Jonathan Bronitsky, Tablet)

Dylann Roof wins bid to reinstate lawyers in church massacre trial (Kevin Sack, The New York Times)

Early voting data shows why Election Day turned out to be a "perfect storm" for Democrats (Steve Schale, Business Insider)

EXCLUSIVE: Driver who killed ex-NFL running back in "road rage" attack is NOT a racist, he is a "good person" his family say (Daniel Bates, Daily Mail, UK)

Ferguson decree monitor hears concerns from residents (Ashley Lisenby, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Finding hate crimes on the rise, leaders condemn vicious acts (Sarah Maslin Nir, The New York Times)

Finish Dakota Access Pipeline: Our view (Leder, USA Today)

The first black woman DA in Alabama history wants to shake up the death penalty (Casey Tolan, Vice)

Forget "dialogue" with Donald Trump and his supporters: They have empowered hatred and harm (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

Forgiveness ceremony unites veterans and Natives at Standing Rock casino (Video, Jenna Amatulli, The Huffington Post)

The Frankfurt school new Trump was coming (Alex Ross, The New Yorker)

The French ideologues who inspired the alt-right (Dana Kennedy, The Daily Beast)

The future of policing (Tess Owen, Vice News)

Governor Cuomo orders investigation of racial bias in N.Y. state prisons (Michael Schwirtz, Michael Winerip, Robert Gebeloff, The New York Times)

The historic victory at Standing Rock (Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic)

How democracies fall apart (Andrea Kendall-Taylor, Erica Frantz, Foreign Affairs)

How white supremacy works (Jordan Darville, The Fader)

Huckabee: Is Pelosi "racist or just dumb?" (Rebecca Savransky, The Hill)

"I didn't come here to lose": How a movement was born at Standing Rock (Wes Enzinna, Mother Jones)

If you can't convict Michael Slager for killing Walter Scott, then you can't convict any cop (Ryu Spaeth, New Republic)

Is "Star Wars" a sinister Jewish plot to promote diversity? "Alt-right" says yes. (Sam Kestenbaum, Forward)

Jewish pundit hounded by Black Lives Matter, white supremacists say he's received more antisemitic tweets than any media peer (Ruthie Blum, The Algemeiner)

Joe McKnight and the fear of the black man (Martenzie Johnson, The Undefeated)

Judge allows Dylann Roof to hire back his lawyers for guilt phase of trial (Video, Associated Press, NBC News)

Judge declares mistrial in Walter Scott shooting case - video (Video, Reuters, The Guardian)

Jurors unable to agree in trial of South Carolina officer who shot Walter Scott (Alan Blinder, The New York Times)

Lawyers for Walter Scott's family say S.C. officer won't "escape" justice (Video, The Washington Post)

Lee Daniels made his Star protagonist white because "the country needed to heal" (Video, Rich Juzwiak, Jezebel)

Literature for this long, dark night of America's soul (Scott Esposito, Literary Hub)

Man arrested after pro-Trump, racist graffiti spree in Philadelphia (Fox News)

Microsoft's new chatbot Zo won't talk politics or racism (Dina Bass, Bloomberg)

Michael Slager goes free, but Walter Scott's mom declares, "it's not over" (Jason Ryan, The Daily Beast)

Michael Slager, the cop who killed Walter Scott, wasn't convicted because black lives don't matter (Julia Craven, The Huffington Post)

Mistrial declared in case of South Carolina officer who shot Walter Scott after traffic stop (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Mistrial for South Carolina officer who shot Walter Scott (Video, Alan Blinder, The New York Times)

A murder conviction in the Walter Scott case seemed like a sure thing. Here's why it wasn't (Josh Sanburn, TIME)

My childhood friend has joined the alt-right: Opinion (Kevin Hamilton, The Hamilton Spectator, Ontario, Canada)

New history clarifies the workings of racism; author Ibram X. Kendi shares his thoughts (Jerry Large, The Seattle Times)

New top prosecutor Kim Foxx vows quicker probes into police shootings (Erica Demarest, DNAinfo)

New York Daily News columnist announces plans for three-city boycott (Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller)

No charges against officer in Wis. shooting; video released (Video, Ashley Luthern (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel), USA Today)

#NoDAPL - at least for now (Dara Lind, Dylan Matthews, Vox)

#NoDAPL: Why the black snake isn't slain (Kelly Hayes, TruthOut)

The non-verdict of the police officer who killed Walter Scott is a national embarrassment (German Lopez, Vox)

Orwellian euphemisms like "post-truth" and "alt-right" are perfect for whitewashing fascism (Noah Berlatsky, Quartz)

Police encounters resulting in black deaths span US (Associated Press

A populist-conservative melting pot (Robert Verbruggen, The American Conservative)

A president in oils and rhymes (Michael A. Fletcher, The Undefeated)

A proof, a test, an instruction (Marilynne Robinson, The Nation)

The public reacts to mistrial in Michael Slager case (The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina)

The racial wolf-crying problem is deeper than you think (David Freddoso, Washington Examiner)

Racist comments by Denver doctor rightly disqualify her from practice (Læserbreve, The Denver Post)

The rage of 2016 (Roger Cohen, The New York Times)

The revolt of the peasants gathers steam (Wesley Pruden, The Washington Times)

Sammy Lee climbed above racism, dove into Olympic history (Karen Grigsby Bates, Code Switch, NPR)

"See what racism looks like": Charleston families brace for Dylann Roof's trial (Maya Rhodan, TIME)

"Show these folks some love": In Phoenix, an outpouring of support after vandals hit Middle Eastern eatery again (Yihyun Jeong, The Arizona Republic)

Sometimes there are more important goals than civility (Vann R. Newkirk II, The Atlantic)

Supreme Court appears in favor of ruling against racial gerrymandering in GOP-controlled states (David G. Savage, Los Angeles Times)

Supreme Court wrestles with racial gerrymandering cases (Kevin Daley, The Daily Caller)

"Their purpose has been served": Standing Rock leader asks protesters to leave (Rebecca Hersher, NPR)

To Kill a Mockingbird removed from Virginia schools for racist language (Danuta Kean, The Guardian)

The tragic Walter Scott case: Another black man shot, another cop walks (for now) (Goldie Taylor, The Daily Beast)

Trevor Noah: Let's not be divided. Divided people are easier to rule. (Trevor Noah, The New York Times)

Trevor Noah likens divided America to South African Apartheid in powerful op-ed (Cavan Sieczkowski, The Huffington Post)

Trump advisors aim to privatize oil-rich Indian reservations (Valerie Volcovici, Reuters)

Trump isn't Hitler. But the United States could be another Germany. (Richard Cohen, The Washington Post)

Trump must denounce the racist acts committed in his name (Richard Cherwitz, The Dallas Morning News)

Trump nominates Carson to lead U.S. housing, urban policy (Video, Elise Viebeck, Karoun Demirjian, The Washington Post)

Trump's threat to the Constitution (Evan McMullin, The New York Times)

Two Georgia churches with painful history try to help bridge racial divide (Video, James Brown, Alvin Patrick, CBS News)

Van Jones: Republicans who want a colorblind meritocracy have a racial "blind spot" (Video, Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics)

Veterans at Standing Rock shock tribe members, beg forgiveness for war crimes against tribal nations (Video, Jen Hayden, Daily Kos)

Victory at Standing Rock (Fotos, The Irish Times, Irland)

Walter Scott case proves there are no smoking guns in police shooting trials (Adam Hamze, Nick Wing, The Huffington Post)

Walter Scott shooting: Prosecutors confident of Slager conviction on retrial (Video, Ari Melber, Diana Marinaccio, NBC News)

What happens when "fake news" comes from cops? (James Warren (, Vanity Fair)

Why America's bail system is racist, makes us less safe and must end (Robert Greenwald (Brave New Films), AlterNet)

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