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Gitte Nielsen, cand.mag., Amerikanske Studier



150 years after Memphis Massacre, marker shows struggle (Adrian Sainz, Associated Press)

Anderson explores country's racial past, present in "White Rage" (Elaine Justice, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia)

Anti-Defamation League chief faces challenge trying to renew civil rights activism (Radio, Tom Gjelten, NPR)

The art of healing (D. R. Tucker, The Huffington Post)

"At the core, none of us were meant to be common": A new teacher's graduation speech urges all to lift off (Video, Susan Svrluga, The Washington Post)

Campaign ads with dark-skinned black people appeal to white racism (Video, Ricky Riley, Atlanta Black Star)

Chicago to release police videos and reports from 100 incidents in a bid to gain public trust (Jeremy Gomer, Los Angeles Times)

The Code Switch podcast, Episode 1: Can we talk about whiteness? (Podcast, Gene Demby, Code Switch, NPR)

Democrats have more work to do with Latinos than you think (Dara Lind, Vox)

The destruction of Black Wall Street (Josie Pickens, Ebony)

Donald Trump is splitting the white vote in ways we’ve never seen before (Scott Clement, The Washington Post)

The fabulist who changed journalism (Mike Sager, Columbia Journalism Review)

The great white dope (Jeet Heer, New Republic)

Hillary won't say whether Charleston shooter should get death penalty (Blake Neff, The Daily Caller)

How racism stalls progressive action: Policies to aid America's poor are hampered by deeply entrenched bias across parties (Sean McElwee, Jason McDaniel, Salon)

If Donald Trump is the terrifying face of today's America, Beyoncé has the thrilling counterpoint (Rachel Morris, The Listener, New Zealand)

Jimmy Carter makes one final push to end racism (Emma Green, The Atlantic)

LeVar Burton: Being a black man in America is "still a dangerous experience" (Brennan Williams, The Huffington Post)

Lil' Joints: The final season (Video, Spike Lee, The Undefeated)

More than 150 organizations sign letter for Affirmative Action following Ivy League complaint (Chris Fuchs, NBC News)

No gentle saint (David Maraniss, The Undefeated)

O.J. Simpson's acquittal was "biggest civil rights victory" of the 1990s; what's different now? (Warner Todd Huston, BizPac Review)

One paragraph that puts the white-black life expectancy gap in (horrifying) context (German Lopez, Vox)

One student tries to help others escape a "corridor of shame" (Anya Kamenetz, NPR)

Race delusion: Lies that divide us (Robert J. Benz, The Huffington Post)

Reforming the police disciplinary system should be done in public view, not in backroom negotiations (Leder, Los Angeles Times)

Report feeds debate over racial, economic inequities (Andrew Ujifusa, Education Week)

The revolution on America's campuses (Jack Dickey, TIME)

Roberts: What's the proper punishment for Arpaio? (Video, Laurie Roberts, The Arizona Republic)

Slave daze (Soraya Nadia McDonald, The Undefeated)

Snoop Dogg didn't watch the new Roots miniseries. What about you? (Nick Gillespie, Reason)

The South Carolina police files: Gunslinging raids, coverups and magical dog sniffs (Radley Balko, The Washington Post)

Ta-Nehisi Coates gooses his home value with racial pity party (Evan Gahr, The Daily Caller)

A textbook on Mexican Americans that gets their history wrong? Oh, Texas (Cindy Casares, The Guardian)

Trump has taught me to fear my fellow Americans (Richard Cohen, The Washington Post)

Trump ramps up racist attacks on judge in Trump University fraud case (Rmuse, PoliticusUSA)

Undocumented and black (Melinda D. Anderson, The Atlantic)

What's happened to school desegregation? (George E. Curry, The Louisiana Weekly)

White kids, rap lyrics and the question of racism (Nickey Woods, Los Angeles Times)

Why is a high school in one of America's richest counties still failing? (Naomi Nix, The Atlantic)

Why the next president will inherit a divided country (Ronald Brownstein, Leah Askarinam, The Atlantic)

Why Virginia's restoration of voting rights matters (Video, Jeremy Raff, Vann R. Newkirk II, The Atlantic)


100,000 from Dixie fought for the North in the Civil War (Kevin M. Levin, The Daily Beast)

Ann Coulter calls Asian-American people "Mandarins" and insists she's correct (Matthew Rodriguez, Mic)

The Black Film Canon: A video tribute to the 50 greatest films by black directors (Video, Jacob T. Swinney, Aisha Harris, Dan Kois, Slate)

California's Latino Republicans see Prop. 187's ghost in Trump's campaign (Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times)

Chicago's invisible shooters wreak havoc (Justin Glawe, The Daily Beast)

Citizen Khan (Kathryn Schulz, The New Yorker)

Confederate flags have no place flying over national cemeteries (Leder, Los Angeles Times)

Deeply rooted: The complex equation of what makes you black (William Bryant Miles, Ebony)

The elites and the rise of Donald Trump (Dean Baker, The Huffington Post)

Funeral homes vulnerable to population changes (Tim Grant, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pennsylvania)

"He's American": CNN host rips Katrina Pierson for "Mexican" racial attack on Trump U judge (Video, David Edwards, Raw Story)

How Antonio French went from a Ferguson jail cell to the Clinton campaign (Evie Hemphill, Next Hill)

How big a difference does an all-white jury make? A leading expert explains. (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

June 2, 1921: Read the Tulsa World's account of the Tulsa Race Riot (Artikel fra 2. juni 1921, Tulsa World, Florida)

Killing a gorilla to save a "white boy" was a "racist" move, according to outcry (Video, Carmine Sabia, BizPac Review)

The lost history of Dallas' Negro parks (Peter Simek, D Magazine, Dallas, Texas)

The Memorial Day history forgot: The martyrs of the race course (Denise Oliver Velez, Daily Kos)

A new "Roots" for a new American era (Nick Gillespie, The Daily Beast)

Racial profiling? Students take controversial yearbook photos (The Grio)

Rap concert shooting renews a racially charged debate on safety (Joe Coscarelli, The New York Times)

"Roots" returns for the Black Lives Matter generation (Kevin Fallon, The Daily Beast)

Supreme Court ruling backs racial justice in NC (Leder, The News & Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina)

#SayHerName: why Kimberlé Crenshaw is fighting for forgotten women (Homa Khaleeli, The Guardian)

Texas's voter ID chicanery (Leder, The Washington Post)

This week in fiction: Discovering an unpublished story by Langston Hughes (Deborah Treisman, The New Yorker)

Tulsa race relations still have room to improve 95 years after Race Riot, local leaders say (Video, Tulsa World, Florida)

TV review: Did we really need a Roots remake? No, but... (Martin Johnson, The Root)

The untold story of Memorial Day: Former slaves honoring and mourning the dead (Sarah Lazare, AlterNet)

Vandals target West Sacramento neighborhood with racial epithets (Video, Jennifer McGraw, CBS Sacramento, Californien)

We are (always) at war (Justin Tinsley, The Undefeated)

West Point on Memorial Day: Race, one graduation photo, and the meaning of America (Mariam Williams, Salon)

What are the implications of sentencing Dylan Roof to death? (Shaundra Selvaggi, Atlanta Black Star)

What the war on reproductive rights has to do with poverty and race (Renee Bracey Sherman, Yes! Magazine)

Where do black people stand on NC's transgender bathroom debate? Depends on who you ask (Allison Keyes, The Root)

Who's desecrating memorials on Memorial Day? Mostly blacks and Hispanics (James Fulford,

Why it's nearly impossible for prisoners to sue prisons (Rachel Poser, The New Yorker)

Why I welcome the vile rants of racist trolls (Sam Fulwood III, Newsweek)

Without the Voting Rights Act, 2016 will be our least Democratic election in decades (Rory Mondshein, The National Memo)


An American defense worker describes his youth in Hispanic-occupied Albuquerque, where they rioted against Trump (Læserbrev,

Another big lie from Trump: His supporters are the "silent majority" (Jonathan Zimmerman (Salon), AlterNet)

Anti-racism expert explains Trump's scapegoating appeal to whites - and it will give you chills (Video, David Edwards, Raw Story)

Are campus police departments diverse? (Jan Ransom, The Boston Globe)

Black Congressional lawmakers initiate campaign to increase black voter November turnout (Stephen K. Cooper, The AFRO)

Black lives: Freddie Gray and the illusion of American injustice (Colin Benjamin, Black Star News)

Blacks take flight (Brendan Kirby, Lifezette)

Bryce Dejean-Jones killed while breaking into Dallas apartment (ESPN)

CNN wonders if the media has missed racist undertones in the GOP (Nicholas Fondacaro, NewsBusters)

D.C. statehood: Is America ready for a black-dominated 51st state? (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

Donald Trump exposes the GOP's dirty secret: They build everything by nurturing white rage (Carol Anderson, Salon)

Donald Trump's not-so-silent majority: His backers - extreme and embodying violence - are everything Nixon deplored (Jonathan Zimmerman, Salon)

The historical roots of contemporary violence against pregnant black women (Tasasha Henderson, Truth-Out)

Iowa's black students battle low expectations (Video, Mackenzie Ryan, The Des Moines Register, Iowa)

LBJ's ad men: Here's how Clinton can beat Trump (Robert Mann, Zack Stanton, Politico)

Louisiana Ku Klux Klan member's daughter recalls her father's reign of terror (David J. Laplante, Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Missouri targets black voters: This is an un-American and intentional assault on voting rights (Cassandra Gould, Salon)

Pat Buchanan calls Donald Trump "the great white hope" in latest racist rant (Leonard Greene, New York Daily News)

Pete Souza: photographing the real Barack Obama (Jonathan Jones, The Guardian)

Red states aren't that red for Trump, thanks to Latinos (Tonyaa J. Weathersbe, The Root)

"Reverse racism"? New research on police thuggery and brutality against black Americans (Chauncey DeVega, Daily Kos)

Review: "Roots" for a Black Lives Matter era (Tv-anmeldelse, James Poniewozik, The New York Times)

Roots remake: seminal slavery narrative still resonates in revamped miniseries (Dave Schilling, The Guardian)

Scientists: White people are Martians, black people - humans (Stephen Nels, Clapway)

Trump invokes MLK at D.C. biker rally (Ben Schreckinger, Politico)

Trump praises police for handling "thugs" in San Diego; 35 arrested (Richard Marosi, Debbi Baker, Los Angeles Times)

Trump's wildcard? How even slightly improved performance among black voters could prove key to The Donald in November (David Paul Kuhn, New York Daily News)

Trump weirdness in Fresno: Latinos who love him, police who charm the protesters (Robin Abcarian, Los Angeles Times)

What it means for black youth as South Carolina plans to raise the age of juvenile offenders from 17 to 18 (Tanasia Kenney, Atlanta Black Star)

Why the Roots remake is so important (Stephane Dunn, The Atlantic)


After Emanuel, push to tell more African-American history in public gains momentum (Abigail Darlington, The Charleston Post and Courier)

A bar bet on Donald Trump's appeal to African-Americans (Jim Galloway, Atlanta Journal Constitution)

Bill Cosby's fall tarnishes any feel-good memories (Jeff Rivers, The Undefeated)

Can America's weed industry provide reparations for the war on drugs? (Julia Alsop, Vice)

Cassandra Q. Butts, Obama law school classmate and adviser, dies at 50 (Matt Schudel, The Washington Post)

Civil War vets get "their identity back" in time for Memorial Day (Associated Press, Chicago Sun Times)

Cops will always protect cops: This is why prosecutors and grand juries let the police off easy (Daniel Czitrom, Salon)

Former Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King goes after Hillary Clinton (Kevin Whitson, Western Journalism)

From cotton picking in Mississippi and being beaten up by racist cops to heroics in the Korean War and a legacy that inspired a generation: The incredible story of the U.S. Navy's first black pilot (Ollie Gillman, The Daily Mail, UK)

Identity politics: Part two (Linda Chavez, Town Hall)

In 2016 election, racial tensions run high with Trump rhetoric (Jesse Holland, Talking Points Memo)

Japanese American internment survivor hears troubling echoes in Trump rhetoric (Ed Pilkington, The Guardian)

Life after wrongful conviction (Karen Brown, The New York Times)

A lynching in Columbus: "Mystery" mob leader known (Karen Branan, The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Georgia)

The madness of Judge Hanen (Kica Matos, The Huffington Post)

Native American activist: "Washington Post" poll on Redskins name is "immoral" (Video, Ryan Wilson, CBS Sports)

Pleading for peace in Chicago amid fears of a bloody summer (Monica Davey, Mitch Smith, The New York Times)

Presidential race shows deep-seated strife toward minorities (Jesse J. Holland (Associated Press), PBS Newshour)

Racial profiling cost mounts in Phoenix (Associated Press, Albany Times Union, New York)

Remake of Roots doesn't sugarcoat the evils of slavery (Glenn Garvin, Reason)

Rise of Donald Trump tracks growing debate over global fascism (Peter Baker, The New York Times)

The "Roots" remake is a reminder that yes, America needs more movies about slavery (Kellie Carter Jackson, Quartz)

San Diego police, anti-Donald Trump protesters clash amid violence (Richard Marosi, Debbi Baker, David Garrick, Robin Abcarian, Los Angeles Times)

Tales of African-American history found in DNA (Carl Zimmer, The New York Times)

This lawsuit should inspire de Blasio to get serious about school violence (Leder, New York Post)

Trump weirdness in Fresno: Latinos who love him, police who charm the protesters (Robin Abcarian, Los Angeles Times)

The truth about juries and racial bias (Leder, The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina)

Try, try, try again to squash racism in jury selection (Stephen Henderson, Detroit Free Press)

The war on Black Lives Matter escalates to accusations of aiding and abetting murder (Frank Vyan Walton, Daily Kos)

Wisconsin high school looks to federal govt. to help solve racial conflict (Carly Hoilman, The Blaze)


The 11 most racist U.S. presidents (Ibram X. Kendi, The Huffington Post)

Advocates: $35M a good first step in closing Minnesota race gap (Radio, Brandt Williams, Minnesota Public Radio)

"An American Genocide," by Benjamin Madley (Boganmeldelse, Alan Taylor, The New York Times)

Arpaio foes want criminal investigation of sheriff, top aide (Jacques Billeaud (Associated Press), The Washington Times)

Bill O'Reilly's making this up: His latest racial bloviating is just plain fiction (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

Bill to unseal police-misconduct records dies in California (Zusha Elinson, The Wall Street Journal)

Black Lives Matter's white grandfather: Truth about criminal justice reform part 3 (Lee Stranahan, Breitbart)

Breaking down barriers and closing the racial divide (Joshua Vaughn, The Sentinel, Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

Campaign to change racist name of Washington NFL team is stalwart, ongoing: Panelists (Simon Moya-Smith, Indian Country Today Media Network)

Can the new ‘Roots’ help us understand America’s current racial divide? (Bethonie Butler, The Washington Post)

Chicago and race: Perception, polling and reality (Damien Cave, The New York Times)

Chicago's murder problem (Ford Fessenden, Haeyoun Park, The New York Times)

Could Mississippi integration ruling trigger "white flight"? (Video, Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN)

The dark future of whitewashing (Reihan Salam, Slate)

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and racial prejudice: PollSkeptic blog (David W. Moore, iMediaEthics)

"Don't force us to give up our school": A Mississippi town is being told to integrate (Wesley Lowery, Emma Brown, The Washington Post)

Employee alleges UCLA police targeted him because he's black (NBC Los Angeles)

The end of black Harlem (Michael Henry Adams, The New York Times)

An entire class of Americans misunderstood and rejected: Dismissing white workers is profoundly reactionary (Daniel Denvir, Salon)

Event marks progress 95 years after Tulsa race riots (KJRH, Tulsa, Oklahoma)

"From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime," by Elizabeth Hinton (Boganmeldelse, Imani Perry, The New York Times)

Gentrifying Portland: A tale of two cities (Video, W. Kamau Bell, CNN)

The gobsmacking racism of America's criminal justice system (Emily L. Hauser, The Week)

"The great white hope" (Pat Buchanan, Town Hall)

Hillary's gender gap - white males aren't voting for her (Steve Sailer,

History's engaging new "Roots" is faithful to the original and woke to the present (Hank Stuever, The Washington Post)

How the NCAA and their institutions help perpectuate the racial stereotype of black male criminality in America. (

Idaho rape case screams for a racial hate crime prosecution (Earl Ofari Hutchinson, The Huffington Post)

In police cases, black activists push reforms outside court (Juliet Linderman, Errin Haines Whack, Associated Press)

Inside a white nationalist conference energized by Trump's rise (Rosie Gray, BuzzFeed)

In Silicon Valley, young white males are stealing the future from everyone else (Richard Watson, The Guardian)

The KKK has a new recruitment tool - North Carolina's anti-trans bathroom bill (Rafi Schwartz, Fusion)

K. Michelle talks double-standard for black pop singers (Mosi Reeves, Rolling Stone)

Locked out of the American Dream (Video, Antonio Moore, Los Angeles Sentinel)

Marcus D. Gordon, judge in "Mississippi Burning" case, dies at 84 (Sam Roberts, The New York Times)

Meet the Chinese American immigrants who are supporting Donald Trump (Kate Linthicum, Los Angeles Times)

Mississippi town's views on desegregation ruling aren't so black and white (Video, Eliott C. McLaugghlin, CNN)

Mortality rates for middle-aged white men have been going down, not up (Andrew Gelman, The Washington Post)

My pop-pop was a groundbreaking black chemist - who helped create the atomic bomb (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

The myth of equality (Rev. Susan K. Smith, New Pittsburgh Courier, Pennsylvania)

North Dakota mosque a symbol of Muslims' long ties in America (Samuel G. Freedman, The New York Times)

Nova Scotia killer's race could help him get a lighter sentence (Manisha Krishnan, Vice)

Obama's racial legacy (Kathleen Parker, The Washington Post)

Philadelphia gets $75,000 to root out racism in municipal operations (PhillyVoice, Philadelphia)

Race-baiting Sharpton dares Trump to name "blacks and browns" in his business (Carmine Sabia, BizPac Review)

The real "Trump effect" for young Latinos (Roberto Suro, The New York Times)

Report: Racial justice in education requires investment in black America (Kierra Gray, Sojourners)

Roots (Tv-anmeldelse, Willa Paskin, Slate)

School where student dressed as Klansman seeks help on racial climate (Annysa Johnson, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin)

SCOTUS finds 1987 murder trial's all-white jury formation racially biased (Gloria J. Browne, Black Star News)

Stereotyping, prejudice are in our blood (Domonique Foxworth, The Undefeated)

Taylor Swift, Aryan goddess? (Leah Donnella, NPR)

This is your brain. This is your brain on Roots. (Soraya Nadia McDonald, The Undefeated)

This might be the darkest theory yet about why Donald Trump keeps winning (Max Ehrenfreund, The Washington Post)

To save our justice system, end racial bias in jury selection (Jon O. Newman, The New York Times)

The Trumpian divide (Molly Ball, The Atlantic)

Unhappiness in America (Carol Graham, Brookings)

The United States of Trumpistan? (Manisha Sinha, The Huffingotn Post)

Watermelon gag raises concerns at Bronx school (Sophia Hollander, The Wall Street Journal)

We have always been this mean: Our history of political violence and the only way out (Delonte Gholston, The Huffington Post)

Wells Fargo sponsorship of Black Lives Matter panel draws scorn (Naomi LaChance, The Intercept)

What role does race play in Donald Trump's Mass. appeal? (Evan Horowitz, The Boston Globe)

White officer cleared in hospital death of black woman (Joe Reedy (Associated Press), ABC News)

White people vs. white privilege (Alex Wagner, The Atlantic)

Why America forgot about "Roots" (Matthew F. Delmont, The New York Times)

Why I can't rest easy on Memorial Day (Shawna Ayoub Ainslie, The Huffington Post)

Why Roots is the single most important piece of scripted television in broadcast history (Matt Zoller Seitz, Vulture)


Austin's African Americans are being pushed to suburbs, and away from parks and grocery stores (Ben Adler, Grist)

The battle against "hate speech" on college campuses is harboring a generation that hates speech (Nina Burleigh, Newsweek)

Bill O'Reily: Black Lives Matter is "killing Americans" (Video, Ed Mazza, The Huffington Post)

Bill O'Reilly's sick cop fetish: In Fox News land, white cops are always right, black men always to blame (Chauncey DeVega, Salon)

College graduation rates rise, but racial gaps persist and men still out-earn women (Mikhail Zinshteyn, The Hechinger Report)

The complicity of the white liberal left in the rise of Donald Trump (Mariama Eversley, Red Pepper, UK)

Corporate America stood up for LGBT rights. So why is it supporting a platform for Donald Trump? (Daniel Marans, The Huffington Post)

DC's police force may soon be majority white (Harry Jaffe, Washingtonian)

Documentary on Black Lives Matter movement to air tonight (Kenrya Rankin, ColorLines)

Does a "Texas culture of racial hatred" share blame for rape of disabled Idaho teen? (Jacquielynn Floyd, The Dallas Morning News)

Donald Trump is testing white nationalists' dream electoral strategy (Miranda Blue, Right Wing Watch)

Donald Trump wrong that Hillary Clinton wants to release all violent criminals from prison (Video, Louis Jacobson, Politifact)

An early crusader against segregation (Boganmeldelse, John David Smith, The News & Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina)

Get in the picture: My adventures in correcting yellowface (Home made Mimi blog)

Has integration in schools done more harm than good for black learners? (Charles F. Coleman Jr., The Huffington Post)

How Frankie Manning's incredible dancing skills made him famous twice, 50 years apart (Libby Nelson, Vox)

How one poor Brooklyn preschool is competing with the best (Kathleen Lucadamo (The Hechinger Report), The Christian Science Monitor)

How prosecutors get rid of black jurors (Bennett L. Gershman, Slate)

HUFFPOLLSTER: America's political views are sharply divided by where we live (Natalie Jackson, Janie Velencia, Ariel Edwards-Levy, The Huffington Post)

In its retelling, "Roots" is powerful, must-see television (Radio, David Bianculli, NPR)

Is the face of young black feminism light skinned and biracial? (Abi Ishola, The Huffington Post)

Kerry Washington, Aziz Ansari on diversity: "Every industry is so white" (Jerome Hudson, Breitbart)

Less than one-half of 1 percent of arrestees in Chicago saw a lawyer while in police custody, and other news (Kate Shepherd, Chicago Reader)

Marvel editor-in-chief: "Writing comics was a hobby for white guys" (Sam Thielman, The Guardian)

Meet the White House's new Muslim American community liaison (Antonia Blumberg, The Huffington Post)

National park maintenance is an issue that doesn't resonate with many African-Americans (Dianne Glave, The New York Times)

National Poetry Month: Black poets to know (Hope Wabuke, The Root)

The Nazi tweets of "Trump God Emperor" (Jonathan Weisman, The New York Times)

The next president must be a white male Republican (John Hinderaker, PowerLine)

NYPD commissioner calls rappers "thugs," blames them for violence at concert (Laurel Raymond, Think Progress)

Opinion: Think Trump won't get Latino voters? Not so fast (Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, NBC News)

The other school bathroom issue (Jerusha Conner, Kelly Welch, U.S. News & World Republic)

The perils of writing a provocative email at Yale (Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic)

Racial prejudice, not populism or authoritarianism, predicts support for Trump over Clinton (Adam Enders, Steven Smallpage, The Washington Post)

The racist side of Bernie Sanders supporters (Keli Goff, The Daily Beast)

Right penalty for vile crime (Leder, The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina)

Roland Martin blasts O'Reilly: "Blame sorry cops who don't wanna do their job" for murder spike (Video, Tommy Christopher, Mediaite)

"Roots" remake to highlight strong black female narratives (Rahel Gebreyes, The Huffington Post)

Seattle's vanishing black community (Tyrone Beason, The Seattle Times)

Should offensive place names be changed? (Tom Banse, Voice of America)

Should we focus more on race or less? (Carola Hoyos, Farva Kaukab, Financial Times, UK)

Stephan James on playing Jesse Owens: "Being famous didn't mean anything: he was still black" (Alex Needham, The Guardian)

Teen's death at residential center emblematic of "system problem": DCFS (Duaa Eldeib, Chicago Tribune)

Thanks, Jimmy Carter, for stating what should be obvious: Trump's campaign is racist (Imara Jones, The Nation)

This black high school senior was kicked out of his gratuation for wearing a traditional African stole (Nidhi Prakash, Fusion)

Trump campaign chair: We'll pick a white man for VP. Anything else would be "pandering." (Dara Lind, Vox)

Trump's proposals could lock poor students out of college (Donald E. Heller, New Republic)

The United States has a moral obligation to give Puerto Rico the right to vote (Noah Berlatsky, Quartz)

What Aryans see in Donald Trump (Robert L. Tsai, Slate)

What critics said about the original Roots (Lily Rothman, TIME)

When did yoga become so white? One Seattle woman's quest to mix it up (Nicole Brodeur, The Seattle Times)

White teachers, black and brown students (Carlton Waterhourse, Indianapolis Recorder)

Why cancer is more deadly if you're black (Celine Gounder, The Guardian)

Why the president needs to be white, male and Republican: Glenn Reynolds (Glenn Harlan Reynolds, USA Today)

Will Hollywood ever respect east Asian actors? (Carmen Fishwick, The Guardian)

A year after Charleston shooting, an ongoing need of forgiveness (Leder, The Christian Science Monitor)


Alan Dershowitz: "Black Lives Matter is endangering the fairness of our legal system" (Video, Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics)

"Alt-right" white supremacists have chosen Taylor Swift as their "Aryan goddess" icon, through no fault of her own (Travis M. Andrews, The Washington Post)

Autism's race problem (Carrie Arnold, Pacific Standard)

The biggest racial lie (David Horowitz, The Washington Times)

Chicago has one of the most egregious racial employment gaps in the U.S. (Mae Rice, Chicagoist)

Could anger over Donald Trump's rhetoric reinvigorate the push for immigration reform? Advocates hope so (Cindy Carcamo, Los Angeles Times)

"A culture of racial hatred": Idaho high school football players charged with raping black teammate with coat hanger (Sophia Tesfaye, Salon)

The Daily 202: Trump's attacks on the GOP's most prominent Latina, Susana Martinez, should alarm Republicans (James Hohmann, The Washington Post)

The enduring whiteness of the American media (Howard W. French, The Guardian)

FBI director addresses racial divide between law enforcement, community (Andrew J. Yawn, Montgomery Advertiser, Alabama)

Ferguson prosecutor quits after racial bias found in criminal courts (Charise Frazier, NewsOne)

Ferguson's city attorney Karr announces resignation (Associated Press, KMOV, St. Louis)

Forget the poll: "Redskin" offends, and the NFL should drop the name (Scott Martelle, Los Angeles Times)

His brother killed himself after three years at Rikers without a trial. Now, he's calling for the prison to be shut down. (Nidhi Prakash, Fusion)

How do you solve a problem like Trump? (Thomas B. Edsall, The New York Times)

How government paved the way for Chicago's segregated poverty (Austin Berg, Chicago Now)

If gender is fluid, what about race and age? (J. Peder Zane (The News & Observer), Newsday)

I'm a black man. Here's what happened when I booked an Airbnb. (Rohan Gilkes, Medium)

In a Trump-Clinton match-up, racial prejudice makes a striking difference (Michael Tesler, The Washington Post)

Is it really harder for Asian-American students to get into good colleges? (Rob Wile, Fusion)

Jackie Robinson vs. Malcolm X (Justin Tinsley, The Undefeated)

Justice: Why more African Americans must talk "reparations" (William Reed, Black Star News)

Kamala Harris, a "top cop" in the era of Black Lives Matter (Emily Bazelon, The New York Times Magazine)

Louis Gossett Jr. on the original Roots and the black history that's yet to be filmed (Eliana Dockterman, TIME)

Muslim Scouts pursue an American tradition — in an America wary of Muslims (David Montgomery, The Washington Post)

The overwhelming barriers to successful immigration reform (Daniel J. Tichenor, The Atlantic)

Palo Alto officers cleared in shooting of schizophrenic man (Matt Hamilton, Los Angeles Times)

President Donald Trump would likely doom criminal justice reform (German Lopez, Vox)

Race and the Obama presidency (Isaac Chotiner, Jamelle Bouie, Jelani Cobb, Slate)

The race mistake (Vishnu Sridharan, The Hill)

A racial terrorist's gift (Noah Rothman, Commentary)

"Roots" reborn: How a slave saga was remade for the Black Lives Matter era (Marisa Guthrie, The Hollywood Reporter)

San Diego's Robert E. Lee Elementary to get name change (Maggie Avants, Patch San Diego, Californien)

Stewart: If only they attacked racial gaps in schools like they attack Campbell Brown (Chris Stewart, The 74)

Study: Fewer black civilians are killed by police in cities with more black officers (Max Ehrenfreund, The Washington Post)

Study finds racial disparities in Vermont State Police traffic stops (Steve Zind, Vermont's NPR News Source)

Texas voter ID battle explained: hearing in appeals court just the latest battle (Dylan Baddour, Houston Chronicle)

Trump candidacy spurs Latinos to seek citizenship, register to vote (Andrea Castillo, The Fresno Bee, Californien)

Unstereotyped: Why this black pastor supports Donald Trump (Video, Tanzina Vega, CNN Money)

Warning: This election contains language some people may find offensive (Kate Stohr, Fusion)

White high school football players in Idaho charged with raping black, disabled teammate with a coat hanger (Video, Michael E. Miller, The Washington Post)

White women benefit most from affirmative action - and are among its fiercest opponents (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

You are what you say you are (Walter E. Williams, Town Hall)


2 trials and no convictions put top Baltimore prosecutor in a bind (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, The New York Times)

African-American Muslim who was fired from NYC jail for promoting contraband sues city for $2M (Barbara Ross, New York Daily News)

Amid heightened scrutiny, it's "a precarious time" for U.S. police chiefs (Video, Kevin Johnson, USA Today)

Anti-Trump protestors throw rocks, bottles at police outside Albuquerque rally; "A lot of Latinos here" (Video, Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics)

Attorney for Freddie Gray family stuns Fox News' Greta Van Susteren: "The whole network's approach to the black community is racist" (Video, Sophia Tesfaye, Salon)

Bill Clinton was right: Blacks supported the crime bill (and that should surprise no one) (Michael Javen Fortner, History News Network)

Bill O'Reilly uses Freddie Gray officer acquittal to lecture African Americans (again) (Video, Ellen, NewsHounds)

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Stop shunning white racists from mainstream politics (David Campt, The Huffington Post)

Study finds racial differences in psychiatric diagnosis and treatment (Justin Karter, Mad in America)

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Asian-American groups seek investigation into Ivy League admissions (Douglas Belkin, The Wall Street Journal)

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"Ferguson collaborative" lays out consent decree demands (Brett Blume, CBS St. Louis)

Ferguson proposes another tax hike to make up lost revenue (Associated Press, PBS Newshour)

Freddie Gray case: Baltimore police officer Edward Nero found not guilty of all charges (Justin Fenton, Kevin Rector, Los Angeles Times)

Full transcript: Judge Williams' ruling acquitting Officer Nero in Freddie Gray case (Kevin Rector, The Baltimore Sun)

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She went to a historically black college. So did he. Their sexual assault case was a disaster. (Collier Meyerson, Fusion)

Still thinking about Anita Hill (Alexis Okeowo, The New Yorker)

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Supreme Court bars GOP congressmen from defending racially gerrymandered map (Cristian Farias, The Huffington Post)

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The Supreme Court just sent a strong message about racism in the justice system (Stephanie Mencimer, Mother Jones)

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Gun that killed Trayvon Martin "makes $250,000 for Zimmerman" (BBC News, UK)

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How the GOP went South (Matt Lewis, uddrag fra bogne "Too Dumb to Fail", The Daily Beast)

"In Negroland we thought of ourselves as the Third Race" (Margo Jefferson, uddrag fra bogen "Negroland", The Guardian)

It's time to acknowledge the genocide of California's Indians (Benjamin Madley, Los Angeles Times)

Jesse Owens: The black American runner at the Nazi Olympics (Clive Davis, The Daily Express, UK)

Margo Jefferson: "I was anxious about using the word Negro in a book title" (Tim Adams, The Guardian)

Margolis: Racism, Vermont-style (Joe Margolis,, Vermont)

More than five years after adopting Common Core, Kentucky's black-white achievement gap is widening (Luba Ostashevsky, The Hechinger Report)

New San Francisco police chief inherits city divided by race (Paul Elias (Associated Press), San Francisco Chronicle)

Not even the dead can have Confederate flags (Scott Greer, The Daily Caller)

NYPD cop stripped of badge after pointing gun at bystander who filmed arrest (Tess Owen, Vice)

Obama signs bill eliminating "Negro," "Oriental" from federal laws (Kamala Kelkar, PBS Newshour)

PFOP: Conceptions of race central to Lincoln-Douglas debates (Bill Kemp, Pantagraph)

Racial demographics across Southern Illinois counties (Stephanie Esters, The Southern Illinoisian)

Racial hoaxes: Who's really the victim? (Jesse Lee Peterson, WND)

The role of gentrification in reducing teen births (Antwan Jones, The Baltimore Sun)

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The State Department has a diversity problem (Nicholas Kralev, Foreign Policy)

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7 common things people say to interracial couples that are pretty racist (Tricia Tongco, Attn)

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Aziz Ansari on Hollywood's diversity problems: It's "strange" that it's only white people in Nicholas Sparks films (Maggie Parker, People)

Black life is stressful: Researchers believe meditation may help bridge achievement gap between black and white students (Shaundra Selvaggi, Atlanta Black Star)

Congressional GOP enables nonwhite crime and white death by supporting "prison break" bill (Clark Edmundson,

"Corrupt in its roots": as Oakland police scandals pile up, residents not surprised (Sam Levin, The Guardian)

Florida cities among the "100 most diverse in the U.S." (Ryan DiPentima, Palm Beach Post, Florida)

Harrow: What do we believe when history books keep changing? (Harriett Harrow, Austin American-Statesman, Texas)

In swing state suburbs, white women are skeptical of Trump (Bill Barrow, Julie Pace, Associated Press)

Is egg freezing only for white women? (Reniqua Allen, The New York Times)

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Louisiana "Blue Lives Matter" law: How big a shift in police brutality debate? (Patrik Jonsson, The Christian Science Monitor)

The Melania Trump of the 19th century (Louisa Thomas, Politico)

The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party is highlighted in "All the Way" for its key role in American history (Caitlin Flynn, Bustle)

New Mexicans "feel the Bern" (Maggie Shepard, T.S. Last, Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico)

New San Francisco police chief inherits city divided by race (Paul Elias (Associated Press), San Francisco Chronicle)

Parents of fake hate crime "victim" apologize (Rick Moran, PJ Media)

Patriots at the gate: The Americans preparing for battle against their own government (Kevin Sullivan, The Washington Post)

Pittsburgh police officers boycotting Beyoncé concert may be forced to work security (Jerome Hudson, Breitbart)

A police shooting that still echoes in Olympia (Leder, The Olympian, Washington)

Prospect of America's Black Holocaust Museum's rebirth sparks optimism (Mark Doremus,, Wisconsin)

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Robots will rule us all: The future of American policing is the stuff of dystopian science fiction (Matthew Harwood, Jay Stanley, Salon)

See you in St. Louis (Shawn Hendricks, The Pathway)

Segregation persists in Cleveland and beyond (Otis Sanford, The Memphis Commercial Appeal, Tennessee)

Sheriff Arpaio: Deputy "ambushed" at substation (Video, Ray Sanchez, CNN)

SHOCKER: After caving to race protesters, Mizzou is STILL trolling for students for this fall (Eric Owens, The Daily Caller)

Should the government weed out ignorant voters? (Ilya Somin, The Washington Post)

A slur is a slur: Change the Washington football team's name (Leder, The Washington Post)

Trump and Clinton on guns: two visions of race, justice and policing in the US (Lois Beckett, Sabrina Siddiqui, The Guardian)

Trump's casual racism toward Native Americans (Simon Moya-Smith, CNN)

Where is the most diverse city in the U.S.? (Jillian Sederholm, NBC News)

The words "Oriental" and "Negro" can no longer be used in US federal law (Tess Owen, Vice)


Acting SFPD chief: Racial bias almost stopped him from joining police (Video, SF Bay Area, San Francisco)

#AirBnBWhileBlack and the legacy of Brown vs. Board (Brentin Mock, CityLab)

American neo-Nazis are on Russia's Facebook (Olga Khazan, The Atlantic)

"America was never great" hat leads to death threats (Christopher Mele, The New York Times)

America: You're wrong about San Francisco (Karen Fleshman, The Huffington Post)

An appeal to black voters in face of HB2 fear, trickery (Earl C. Johnson, The News & Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina)

The color of crime: The methodology of reviewing racial disparities (The Sentinel, Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

Confederate flag loses more hallowed ground as US House votes to ban flag in VA cemeteries (Kevin M. Levin, The Daily Beast)

Conyers says segregation on the rise, seeks federal action (Todd Spangler, Detroit Free Press)

Cops traded away pay for protection in police contracts (John Chase, David Heinzmann, Chicago Tribune)

The dangerous acceptance of Donald Trump (Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker)

Donald Trump tells N.R.A. Hillary Clinton wants to let violent criminals go free (Ashley Parker, The New York Times)

Donald Trump wanted a white people versus black people season of The Apprentice (Helena Horton, The Telegraph, UK)

Federal court throws "rulebook" at Obama's "intentionally deceptive" DOJ in scorching smackdown (Matthew Clark, Red State)

For Native American activists, a new Post poll on Redskins name won't end their fight (Theresa Vargas, The Washington Post)

Freedom Riders recall violence faced 55 years ago (Andrew J. Yawn, Montgomery Advertiser, Alabama)

Gentrification is not Philly's biggest problem (Tanvi Misra, CityLab)

How state politicians are quietly working to steal the US presidential election (Sarah Kendzior, Quartz)

HUD cleared to tell Americans where to live (Kathryn Watson, The Daily Caller)

Identity politics benefit no one (Linda Chavez, Newsmax)

Illinois has the nation's highest African-American jobless rate for second straight quarter (Ellyn Fortino, Progress Illinois)

In Virginia, felon voting rights mean simpler path to gun ownership (Jenna Portnoy, The Washington Post)

It's now harder to vote in Virginia because the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act (Ari Berman, The Nation)

Jurors in Holtzclaw case initially had trouble believing victims (Kara Brown, Jezebel)

Larry Wilmore's use of N-word drew single indecency complaint (David McCabe, The Hill)

Lessons gleaned from a web of lies in Iowa (Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune)

Native Americans are crying foul at this poll saying native people don't find the name "Redskins" offensive (Nidhi Prakash, Fusion)

New report is "huge warning sign" that desegregation has failed in US schools (Ryan Felton, The Guardian)

Note to media: Black Lives Matter is not a "get out the vote" campaign (Reniqua Allen, The Nation)

The problem with smart policing (Matthew Harwood, Jay Stanley, The American Conservative)

Racism from above in Appalachia (Kate Aronoff, Waging Nonviolence)

Rep. John Conyers: There is no excuse for school segregation (Rep. John Conyers, TIME)

The ride to equality started 60 years ago (Gerald Ensley, Tallahassee Democrat, Florida)

A salon snuck relaxer into shampoo it used on this black woman's natural hair (Charles Pulliam-Moore, Fusion)

Seattle students call for nationwide awakening on campus racism (Marcus Harrison Green, Yes! Magazine)

The short life of Deonte Hoard (Albert Samaha, BuzzFeed)

Some harsh truths about the life of a black abortion doctor in the Deep South (Laura Bassett, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting)

The Supreme Court outlawed segregation in schools 62 years ago - and now it's on the rise (Abby Jackson, Business Insider)

This woman hid her Muslim identity for 15 years. Here's why she finally "came out." (Marisa Kabas, Fusion)

Tyler Perry reveals thoughts on George Zimmerman selling the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin (BlogXilla, Global Grind)

University of Wisconsin suspends Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter for racial slurs, harassment, of a black member (David Boroff, New York Daily News)

The Washington Redskins controversy is liberal paternalism at its worst (Alex Grisworld, Mediaite)

Watch Muslim kids read letters from Japanese internment camp survivors (Video, Sonali Kohli, Los Angeles Times)

What Malcolm X would say about Donald Trump (Wilbert L. Cooper, Vice)

What the government's latest Asian-American health report got wrong (Anna Almendrala, The Huffington Post)


62 years after Brown v. Board of Education: Why racial segregation is up in U.S. schools (Radio, Sherrilynn Ifill, Richard Rothstein, Gerard Robinson, Emma Brown, The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU, Washington, DC)

Airbnb slapped with suit for alleged discrimination against black guests (Gillian Edevane, Mashable)

America's schools are still segregated by race and class. That has to end (Bobby Scott, The Guardian)

As we #SayHerName, 7 policy paths to stop police violence against black girls and women (Andrea J. Ritchie, ColorLines)

Barry Bonds shares disturbing footage of his daughter's classmates yelling racial slurs (Ricky Riley, Atlanta Black Star)

The canine terror (Tyler Parry, Charlton Yingling, Jacobin)

Can LeBron deliver on his promise to Akron's poor kids? (Jesse Washington, FiveThirtyEight)

Can white kids grow up to be black? Some preschoolers think so (CBS Detroit)

The challenge of educational inequality (Ronald Brownstein, The Atlantic)

Death of a social justice warrior crusade: 90 percent of Native Americans not offended by Redskins name (John Hayward, Breitbart)

DeRay Mckesson on Clinton's racial justice platform: "It's not enough" (Tamerra Griffin, Darren Sands, BuzzFeed)

Despite numerous reports of racial inequality in policing, new study finds police officers more likely than others to endorse colorblind beliefs (Shaundra Selvaggi, Atlanta Black Star)

Donald Trump literally wanted to make The Apprentice: White People vs. Black People (German Lopez, Vox)

Freddie Gray case: Judge challenges prosecution claim (Aaron Cooper, Ray Sanchez, CNN)

George Zimmerman sells gun used to kill Trayvon Martin for $250,000 (Claudia Koerner, Salvador Hernandez, BuzzFeed)

How the government monitored Twitter during Baltimore's Freddie Gray protests (Jason Leopold, Vice)

In complex Redskins name debate, poll should give both sides pause (Dan Steinberg, The Washington Post)

KING: The more I think about it, the more I want to buy a "America was never great" hat (Shaun King, New York Daily News)

KKK noose, burning cross message arrest: LA Council president condemns threats (Debbie L. Sklar,

The lessons of 1968 (Michael A. Cohen, The Boston Globe)

Meet the real "Redskins" bigots (Leder, New York Post)

MPD partners with as newest crime-fighting tool (Sydney Neely, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis)

New poll finds 9 in 10 Native Americans aren't offended by Redskins name (Video, John Woodrow Cox, Scott Clement, Theresa Vargas, The Washington Post)

Nextdoor tries to reduce racial profiling on its neighborhood social networks (James Vincent, The Verge)

Our awful prisons: How they can be changed (Adam Hochschild, The New York Review of Books)

Police more likely to stop, search minority drivers in Chicago and scores of area suburbs (Phil Rogers, NBC Chicago)

Ryan Coogler's CREED and the importance of black representation in narrative cinema (Mustafa Yasar II, Birth Movies Death)

San Francisco's police chief resigns amid racial issues (Paul Elias, Associated Press)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: It's not my fault that my racial profiling program cost taxpayers $40 million (Video, Bethania Palma Markus, Raw Story)

So funny I forgot to laugh (Mallory Ortberg, Slate)

Spike Lee urges Johns Hopkins grads to reject division in commencement speech (Carrie Wells, The Baltimore Sun)

#StarringJohnCho brings color to black-and-white racial politics of Hollywood (Meg Hansen, American Thinker)

Study: Whites are more likely to use Airbnb than blacks (Sarah Kessler, Fast Company)

A university that prioritizes the students who are often ignored (Meredith Kolodner, The Atlantic)

What would it take for Donald Trump to deport 11 million and build a wall? (Julia Preston, Alan Rappeport, Matt Richtel, The New York times)

When affordable housing bypasses the poor (Rachel M. Cohen, The American Prospect)

Why Bernie Sanders is still running for president (Sarah Kendzior, The Globe and Mail, Canada)

Wisconsin fraternity suspended after reports of racism (Reuters)

Yes, America is still segregated. But there's hope in an unlikely quarter (Myron Orfield, The Guardian)


American schools remain divided by race (Radio, Voice of America)

Are prosecutors the key to justice reform? (Juleyka Lantigua-Williams, The Atlantic)

Black-ish season finale recap: The times are a-changin' (Tv-anmeldelse, Nichole Perkins, Vulture)

Black University of Iowa freshman lied about hate crime after starting bar brawls (Video, Jason Silverstein, New York Daily News)

EXCLUSIVE: Black staffer blames Bezos for "systemic racism" at Washington Post (Evan Gahr, The Daily Caller)

The "Ferguson effect," a theory that's warping the American crime debate, explained (Dara Lind, Vox)

"Ferguson effect" is real, and it threatens to harm black Americans most (Michael Barone, Washington Examiner)

Four tribes competing for supremacy in 21st century America (Frosty Wooldridge, Sonoran News, Cave Creek, Arizona)

Fundamentally transformed: City after city seeing rising crime rates (Jack Dunphy, PJ Media)

George Zimmerman: Gun auction winner to be notified "immediately" (Stephanie Allen, Orlando Sentinel, Florida)

George Zimmerman on Trayvon Martin's parents: "They didn't raise their son right" (Stephen A. Crockett Jr., The Root)

George Zimmerman sells gun used to kill Trayvon Martin on auction site (Richard Luscombe, The Guardian)

George Zimmerman taunts Trayvon Martin's parents: "They didn't raise their son right" (Gideon Resnick, The Daily Beast)

George Zimmerman: Trayvon Martin's dad "treated him like a dog without a leash" (Ken Shepherd, The Washington Times)

Good citizenship as Barack Obama and Clarence Thomas see it (Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic)

He killed two FBI agents. Or he was framed. After 40 years, will Obama free Leonard Peltier? (AJ Vicens, Mother Jones)

Kaine: Race an issue in opposition to Obama Supreme Court nominee (Video, Madeleine Weast, The Washington Free Beacon)

The long death of the "separate but equal" doctrine (Lily Rothman, TIME)

Malcolm, Jihad and racial justice reaffirming Racial Liberation Day (Dr. Maulana Karenga, Los Angeles Sentinel)

Minority police, fire associations in St. Louis pledge to work together on racial disparities (Christine Byers, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

MPR: Treatment of Somali-American reporter feeds perception of racial bias (Bob Collins, NewsCut, Minnesota Public Radio)

NAACP releases list of complaints alleging discrimination against Black students, employees (Trevor Greenan, The Daily Californian, Berkeley, Californien)

Park Board president apologizes as racial issues get a hearing again (Steve Brandt, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Public schools becoming more racially segregated: Report (Aris Folley, Brian Latimer, NBC News)

Race has always mattered part 1 (Larry Aubry, Los Angeles Sentinel)

"Shots Fired" trailer takes on police shootings and racial tensions (Debbie Encalada, Complex)

Trump's minority share (Edmund Kozak, LifeZette)

Website meant to connect neighbors hears complaints of racial profiling (Jennifer Medina, The New York Times)


62 years after Brown v. BOE, court orders schools to desegregate (Video, Joshua Berlinger, Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN)

America today resembles 1910 more than postwar era (Michael Barone, Real Clear Politics)

Being black at America's elite public high schools (Melinda D. Anderson, The Atlantic)

Black and Latino students lose out to white peers. And it's getting worse. (Rebecca Klein, The Huffington Post)

Black Marine honored 7 decades after he served country (Mike Martindale, The Detroit News)

Black women at West Point caught up in photo controversy (Errin Haines Whack (Associated Press), Detroit Free Press)

Brown decision's legacy should include white children (Video, Sherrilyn Ifill, CNN)

Bush on Trump's taco tweet -- "It's like eating a watermelon and saying: I love African-Americans" (Video, Ashley Killough, CNN)

Cory Booker: Senate bill is "in my lifetime the first reversal of mass incarceration" (German Lopez, Vox)

Democrat undecided if he wants more affordable housing in his wealthy district (Kerry Picket, The Daily Caller)

Former Marine attacked and taunted with racial remarks in Wyo. (Stephen A. Crockett Jr., The Root)

The "free speech" charade (Aaron R. Hanlon, New Republic)

George Zimmerman mocks Trayvon Martin's parents, says "They didn't raise their son right" (Leonard Greene, New York Daily News)

George Zimmerman takes a victory lap on a dead boy's grave (Leonard Pitts Jr., The Miami Herald)

Google's bigger I/O attracts more women, minorities (Video, Jessica Guynn, USA Today)

If black lives matter, then black votes count (Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, The Huffington Post)

In defense of immigrants: Here's why America needs them now more than ever (Richard V. Reeves, Brookings)

Jackson, Mississippi's 51 year fight vs. school desegregation over? (CBS News)

Jones: Blacks right to be distrustful of so-called development (Solomon Jones, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

[Look] Scientists darken Obama's skin for a study and guess how white conservatives reacted (BET)

"Loving" Cannes review: Major Oscar buzz for "the purest love story in American history" (Richard Porton, The Daily Beast)

The man who put Marvel in the black (Kelley L. Carter, FiveThirtyEight)

Michael Brown's mother on life after her son's death (Maya Dukmasova, Broadly)

Mississippi city ordered to desegregate schools 60 years after landmark ruling (Matthew Teague, The Guardian)

A moral middle on policing: The black-white divide on criminal justice reform isn't nearly as bad as it seems (Errol Louis, New York Daily News)

Police learning how not to arrest people (Christopher Moraff, Next City)

Social media CEOs, black radicals draw close; censor critics (Carl Horowitz, National Legal and Policy Center)

The soul of the Tea Party (David Bromwich, The Nation)

Study: 91 percent of black teens believe racism is here to stay, a staggering 33 percent increase from 1966 (Tanasia Kenney, Atlanta Black Star)

Supreme Court outlaws "separate but equal" schools, May 17, 1954 (Andrew Glass, Politico)

White privilege of Westeros: "Game of Thrones" finally addresses its racial politics (Sonia Saraiya, Salon)


"Affordable" housing remains out of reach for full-time working families (Brentin Mock, CityLab)

After his toughest year, confident Emanuel adds new tool: Contrition (Bill Ruthhart, Chicago Tribune)

Anatomy of a Donald Trump supporter: What really motivates this terrifying political movement (Sean McElwee, Jason McDaniel, Salon)

Are buyers going to extremes to protect their identities? (Morgan Halberg, New York Observer)

As videos expose wrongdoing by South Carolina cops, police agencies tighten control over footage (Radley Balko, The Washington Post)

Biracial singles are more willing to date someone of another race, study finds (Lisa Bonos, The Washington Post)

Bratton fires back at "crazy" union boss who called for his resignation (Shawn Cohen, Bruce Golding, New York Post)

Crowdfunding's power to close the racial wealth gap (Rodney Sampson, The Huffington Post)

Desegregation order: Mississippi district must merge schools (Jeff Amy, Associated Press)

The destructive legacy of housing segregation (Patrick Sharkey, The Atlantic)

Donald Trump's politics of whiteness and the CIA tip that jailed Nelson Mandela (Juan Cole, TruthDig)

How Miami became the capital of affluent Latin America (Luis Fajardo, BBC News, UK)

How to solve the biggest issue holding up criminal justice reform (Alex Sarch, Politico)

Is it time for criminal justice reform? 2 law enforcement groups are at odds (Josh Siegel, The Daily Signal)

"Jap" is beyond political incorrectness - it is hate speech (Priscilla Ouchida, The Huffington Post)

Make America great again for the people it was great for already (Bryce Covert, The New York Times)

No, Kendrick Lamar did not buy George Zimmerman's gun (Patrice Nelson, Hip Hop Wired)

Not our job to dictate morality, George Zimmerman gun auction site owner says (Michael Pearson, CNN)

Racist Michelle Obama cartoon is just another example of Conservatives' blatant hypocrisy (Demetria Lucas D'Oyley, The Root)

Shameful chapter in Virginia history: Lynchings (Sterling Giles (Capital News Service), The News Leader, Staunton, Virginia)

Study: Police more likely than others to say they are blind to racial differences (Diana Yates, Illinois News Bureau)

The tricky pursuit of diversity at the U.S. Air Force Academy (Emily Deruy, The Atlantic)

WaPo: Resistance to gun control totally aided by "white resentment" (Matt Vespa, Town Hall)

Why progressives need a strong Republican Party—and what Republicans of color are doing to save it (Marcus Harrison Green, Yes! Magazine)

Zimmerman relists Trayvon Martin gun for 3rd time as legitimate offers surface (Chris Eger,


Be glad that you are free: On Nina, Miles Ahead, Lemonade, Lauryn Hill and Prince (Max S. Gordon, The New Civil Rights Movement)

Black defendants, white jurors: Does race make a difference in the courtroom? (Randy Furst, Stephen Montemayor, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Black leader: "Things are not going to get better" in Ferguson (Paul Bremmer, WND)

Black lives matter in New York - thanks to the NYPD (Nicole Gelinas, New York Post)

CBS 60 Minutes investigates possible racial profiling of Chinese American physicist arrested by FBI (AsAmNews, New America Media)

CBS' Bouie. Trump in "conjuring ... the worst kind of nativism" and "bigotry for the sake of trying to win an election" (Video, Media Matters)

Dartmouth students defend tearing down police display with 566-word letter (Blake Neff, The Daily Caller)

The day Miami burned after cops cleared in deadly McDuffie beating (Miami Herald, Florida)

The heroin epidemic, in black and white (Fred Logan, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

How Nixon targeted the Trump electorate (David M. Shribman, John R. Price, The Boston Globe)

In Dallas, scenes from a GOP funeral (Kevin D. Williamson, National Review)

Jason Riley and the Left's conservative minority problem (Jennifer C. Braceras, NewBostonPost)

Krauthammer on "Ferguson effect": Spike in murder rates no coincidence (Video, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

Loretta Lynch's transparent abuse of the law (Robert Knight, The Washington Times)

Meet Donald Trump supporters from the various groups he's offended - including women, Muslims and Mexican-Americans (Meera Jagannathan, New York Daily News)

[Numbers don't lie] The race of men who have killed more American police this year than others (BET)

O'Reilly: Bloody Chicago and racism on display (Video, Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics)

The racist backlash (Barrie Dunsmore, Rutland Herald, Vermont)

Republican split is deeper than ideology (Albert R. Hunt (Bloomberg View), The New York Times)

SNL's Trump and Chris Christie ponder VP candidates - including George Zimmerman (Video, Tom Boggioni, Raw Story)

Teaching while white (Eileen F. Toplansky, American Thinker)

Today's teens are more skeptical that racism will go away than teens in 1966 (Victoria M. Massie, Vox)

To my white friend (Jonathan Walton, The Huffington Post)

The troubling shortage of Latino and black teachers - and what to do about it (Valerie Strauss, The Washington Post)

Two colleges where diversity works (Lee Lawrence, The Christian Science Monitor)

We're in an amazing black cultural moment. Cue predictable white backlash (Syreeta McFadden, The Guardian)

What's wrong with the Redskins (Jeannie Suk, The New Yorker)

Zimmerman's gun sale provides revealing evidence (Francis Wilkinson, The Charleston Post and Courier, South Carolina)


90% of Black Panther cast is "either African or African-American" (Carly Lane, The Mary Sue)

"America's toughest sheriff" found in contempt of court in racial profiling case (Associated Press, The Guardian)

AP interview: Michael Brown's mom's book recalls death, life (Jim Salter, Associated Press)

Beyond the plate: Talking about being black in America (Mark Kurlyandchik, Detroit Free Press, Michigan)

Chicago mayor Emanuel to replace police review board with independent panel (Reuters)

Civil rights groups suggest compensation for victims of racial profiling on planes (Hugo Martin, Los Angeles Times)

Despite Black Lives Matter, young black Americans aren't voting in higher numbers (Vanessa Williams, Scott Clement, The Washington Post)

EDITORIAL: Ignoring the lynching culture of our past only contributes to an environment ripe for hateful mobocracy (Leder, Waco Tribune-Herald, Texas)

Emanuel plans to scrap beleaguered police oversight agency IPRA (Dan Hinkel, Jodi S. Cohen, Chicago Tribune)

Ethics and guns: Top auctioneers refuse to sell George Zimmerman gun (Daniel Trotta (Reuters), The Christian Science Monitor)

Ferguson protesters' suit against St. Louis County police should be dismissed, lawyers say (Robert Patrick, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

A first look at the National Museum of African American History and Culture (Tracy L. Scott, The Root)

George Zimmerman's bidding for blood money: Darcy cartoon (Jeff Darcy,, Ohio)

George Zimmerman's gun auction hijacked - triggers white racism debate (Abdul Kuddus, Inquisitr)

George Zimmerman taps into an American tradition: Murderabilia (Neely Tucker, The Washington Post)

How racism and nativism enabled the New Deal (Kyle Sammin, The Federalist)

In racial profiling lawsuit, Ariz. judge rules sheriff Arpaio in contempt of court (Merrit Kennedy, NPR)

Is Trump the GOP's Obama moment? (Daren Jonescu, American Thinker)

Jan Patterson, guest columnist: Real justice bolsters our values, strengthens our communities (Jan Patterson, Waco Tribune-Herald, Texas)

Melting away black futures (Walter Williams, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

Missouri lawmakers pass sweeping gun rights expansion (Associated Press, The New York Times)

Montana man seriously hurt in fight over racial remark (Associated Press, ABC News)

Mother of Jordan Davis furious over Zimmerman gun auction (Video, Kaitlyn Ross, WXIA, Atlanta, Georgia)

Obama doesn't think rapists, armed robbers, drug dealers are "criminals" (Kyle Smith, New York Post)

Obliterating UNC's black history (Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore, The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina)

Outrage at Snapchat photo showing black Alabama high school student being "lynched" by his white friend (Zoe Szathmary, The Daily Mail, UK)

Racial profiling: Doing science while Asian American (Frank H. Wu, The Huffington Post)

S.C. governor Nikki Haley tackles race, inequality in speech to Tennessee GOP (Radio, Chas Sisk, Nashville Public Radio)

"They didn't see the pride": West Point photo puts race and gender in spotlight (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Trayvon's story, and a familiar, sad list of names (Toby Zinman, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

WATCH: White cop brutally beats black teen for riding bike - then charges her with assault (Video, David Ferguson, Raw Story)

"We have a problem." Homicides are up again this year in more than two dozen major U.S. cities. (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

When the wrong are right (Ross Douthat, The New York Times)

Why auctioning the gun used to kill Trayvon Martin is legal - but still wrong (Bruce Weinstein, Fortune)

Why "a wise Negro can never be an anti-Semite" (Bill Federer, WND)

Why have diversity in science? (Brian Koberlein, Forbes)

Why it matters that white men are killing police (Christopher "Flood the Drummer" Norris, The Good Men Project)

William Carrigan, guest columnist: America's history of mob violence also means spotlighting some heroes (William Carrigan, Waco Tribune-Herald, Texas)

Zimmerman deletes, reposts auction for gun used to kill Martin (Video, Marco della Cava, USA Today)

Zimmerman's gun used to kill Trayvon Martin "temporarily" pulled from auction (Elizabeth Chuck, NBC News)


2nd auction website refuses to sell gun purportedly used to kill Trayvon Martin (Faith Karimi, Ralph Ellis, CNN)

3 arrested during Ferguson protest are cleared of wrongdoing (CBS News)

An African-American mother, one of many, grappling with her son's violent death (Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post)

Auction for gun used in Trayvon Martin shooting may have been hijacked (Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal)

Azealia Banks claims she is a victim of white supremacy (Robyn Collins, 923amp/CBS Local, New York)

"The ballad of Trayvon Martin" play opens in Philadelphia (Justin Heinze, Patch)

Beating guns in memory of Trayvon Martin (Shane Claiborne, The Huffington Post)

Bids in George Zimmerman gun auction up to $65M (Jane Onyanga-Omara, Doug Stanglin, USA Today)

Black students are saddled with more loans than whites (NewsOne)

Burying the white working class (Connor Kilpatrick, Jacobin)

Chicago mayor looks to replace agency that reviews police conduct (Monica Davey, The New York Times)

Donald Trump and the twilight of white America (Derek Thompson, The Atlantic)

Donald Trump disavows longtime butler after he called for Obama to be killed (Video, Jeremy Diamond, CNN)

Donald Trump's schutzstaffel (blbennett, Red State)

Donald Trump supporters are not the bigots the left likes to demonise (John Harris, The Guardian)

Expecting the unexpected: How Trump could help bridge racial divides (Jesse Benn, The Huffington Post)

Fake buyers like "Racist McShootFace" hijack Trayvon Martin gun sale (Colleen Jenkins, Reuters)

Gentrification's first victims (Ben Holtzman, Jacobin)

George Zimmerman is a poor man's Donald Trump, a striving self-promoter to American bigots (Ibram X. Kendi, Salon)

George Zimmerman is no "good guy with a gun" (Francis Wilkinson (Bloomberg View), Chicago Tribune)

George Zimmerman's gun auction is why you shouldn't troll a troll (Adi Robertson, The Verge)

George Zimmerman's gun and the merchandising of black death (Wilbert L. Cooper, Vice)

Giving the "Ferguson effect" a new name won't make it truer (Samuel Sinyangwe, The Guardian)

GOP rep refuses to apologize for racial slur (Video, Scott Wong, The Hill)

Homicide rates jump in many major U.S. cities, new data shows (Eric Lichtblau, Monica Davey, The New York Times)

How a lynching threat came to my alma mater (Jordan Weiers, The Huffington Post)

How psychologists used these doctored Obama photos to get white people to support conservative politics (Max Ehrenfreund, The Washington Post)

In court and on campus, claims of discrimination and institutional inaction cloud UW (Sara Bernard, Seattle Weekly)

It's gotten a lot harder to act like whiteness doesn't shape our politics (Gene Demby, NPR)

"Kill every buffalo you can! Every buffalo dead is an Indian gone" (J. Weston Phippen, The Atlantic)

KING: Kentucky Derby "preppy brawl" shows racial divide because if fighters were black, they'd be called thugs, hoods and criminals (Video, Shaun King, New York Daily News)

Louisiana's public defender crisis is leaving thousands stuck in jail with no legal help (Lauren Zanolli, Vice)

Man pleads guilty to pulling off Muslim woman's hijab during US flight (Associated Press, The Guardian)

Martin Shkreli wants to buy the gun George Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin (Video, Joshua Espinoza, Complex)

Meet the hero trying to keep George Zimmerman's gun away from racists (Gideon Resnick, The Daily Beast)

Newsweek study shows teens' views on race 50 years apart (Mia Hall, NBC News)

Officer in Laquan McDonald killing "not the monster" people think, wife says (Christy Gutowski, Chicago Tribune)

Panic about transgender people in bathrooms echoes logic on racial segregation (Jennifer Bendery, The Huffington Post)

Poet brilliantly unpacks America's racial profiling problem (Jessica Eggert, Mic)

Police could lose public funds if officers aren't trained to best avoid shootings (Jon Swaine, The Guardian)

Racial stereotypes shape eyewitnesses' memories (Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard)

Racial tensions in ol America 2016: Shaking the belief system and why it will change. (Linton Hinds Jr.,

Rep. Grayson compares NC bathroom law to racial segregation (Cristina Marcos, The Hill)

Republicans' desperate focus on wooing white men will be their undoing (Sally Kohn, Quartz)

Sketchpad: George Zimmerman finds a way to make it worse (Satiretegning, Tom Toles, The Washington Post)

These black parents were charged when toddlers shot themselves - but these white parents weren't (Travis Gettys, Raw Story)

Three black female astronauts share their small steps, giant leaps (Julie Walker, NBC News)

Top civil rights lawyer says U.S. criminal justice reforms are falling short (Video, PBS Newshour)

Trump's brand of bigotry isn't going away. So neither are we. (Jim Wallis, The Huffington Post)

Trump's support isn't just from old, racist white guys (Earl Ofari Hutchinson, The Huffington Post)

University of New Mexico eyes seal amid racial concerns (Russel Contreras (Associated Press), ABC News)

Video contradicts SFPD officer's sworn testimony, meanwhile 66 cases require review due to alleged racist sergeant (Jack Morse, SFist, San Francisco)

What I missed about Trump: A follow-up (Jonathan Chait, New York Magazine)

What we mean when we say Donald Trump's supporters are "struggling" (Max Ehrenfreund, The Washington Post)

When you are trans and undocumented, few people can help (Laura Thompson, Broadly)

Whitewashing from the perspective of an amalgamated American (Nicolas Walli, Movie Pilot)

"Who woke up this rotting piece of human excrement?": Larry Wilmore on George Zimmerman's latest gun stunt (Video, Brendan Gauthier, Salon)

Why is this progressive college town so racist? (Sue Robinson, The Progressive)

Zimmerman re-lists Trayvon Martin gun at auction after first post removed (Jessica Hartogs, CNBC)


2nd officer's trial in Freddie Gray case opens in Baltimore (Camila Domonoske, NPR)

2nd website posts auction for gun that killed Trayvon Martin (Freida Frisaro (Associated Press), ABC News)

The Black Panthers, heroes of those America oppressed (Andrew Cassarino, Concordiensis, Union College, Schenectady, New York)

Black women and the sacred: With "Lemonade," Beyoncé takes us to church (Yolanda Pierce (Religion Dispatches), AlterNet)

California white supremacist who used to be called "Hitler" says he's now compared to Donald Trump (Video, New York Daily News)

Cookie Johnson opens up about her Alabama roots, journey in the spotlight with husband Magic Johnson (Roy S. Johnson,, Alabama)

Data shows racial and ethnic disparities in 9 police departments: CCSU (Video, NBC Connecticut)

Debate over restoring voting rights to ex-felons (Radio, Rachel Martin, Hans von Spakovsky, Marc Mauer, Perry Hopkins, Sari Horwitz, The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU, Washington DC)

Donald Trump is the ultimate Republican repudation of Jack Kemp's legacy (Matthew Dallek, The Washington Post)

Donald Trump just demonstrated you really can't trust him - even on the Muslim ban (Dara Lind, Vox)

Elites support mass illegal immigration while the working classes suffer (Victor Davis Hanson, National Review)

Fear of outsiders, racial tensions fueling Trump run, says WSU professor (Wanda Bertram, Crosscut)

Fist in their class: The unfair treatment of West Point women who expressed their pride in a graduation photo (Leder, New York Daily News)

Five questions about Donald Trump's racist butler (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

George Zimmerman auctioning off gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin (Camila Domonoske, NPR)

George Zimmerman could strike out with second gun action site (Stephanie Allen, Christal Hayes, Orlando Sentinel, Florida)

George Zimmerman puts gun that killed Trayvon Martin up for auction (Christopher Brennan, Ginger Adams Otis, New York Daily News)

George Zimmerman's auction of Trayvon Martin gun taken down a second time (Video, Doug Stanglin, USA Today)

George Zimmerman's gun auction is an ugly symbol of racism (Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian)

George Zimmerman's many, many controversies since the Travyon Martin case (Video, Travis M. Andrews, The Washington Post)

George Zimmerman to auction off gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin (Video, Travis M. Andrews, Wesley Lowery, Niraj Chokshi, The Washington Post)

George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin gun auction apparently canceled (Elliot Hannon, Slate)

The GOP's case for the minority vote (Keith Koffler, LifeZette)

Here's who actually kills the most cops (Danielle DeCourcey, Attn)

Louisiana's discriminatory voter law (Daniel Nardini, Lawndale News, Chicago)

Majority of Nike's U.S. employees are minorities for the first time (John Kell, Fortune)

Michael Brown's mother opens up about her "Lemonade" cameo (Toni Akindele, Essence)

Michigan State Police being sued for retaliation after being sued for discrimination (Thandisizwe Chimurenga, Daily Kos)

My day inside the weird, paranoid world of George Zimmerman's family (Amanda Robb, National Observer, Canada)

Never Goldwater (John Dickerson, Slate)

New Hampshire attorney general investigating video of officers repeatedly punching a driver after hour-long car chase (Mark Berman, The Washington Post)

Nextdoor app makes changes to stop racial profiling (CBS News)

Police are getting shot more in 2016, and it's white men pulling the trigger (MintPress News)

Police union president decries "hate crimes" on officers (Video, Scott Broom, WUSA9, Washington DC)

The politics behind the ad George Zimmerman wrote to sell the gun used to kill Trayvon Martin (Janell Ross, The Washington Post)

Prosecutors say Baltimore police officer Edward Nero did not follow protocols with Freddie Gray (Mariam Khan, ABC News)

Racial disparities in breast cancer (Jovita Oruwari MD FACS, The St. Louis American)

Racism is the central hindrance to democratization (Paula Ionaide, The New York Times)

Sound no requiem for the old white guys (Wesley Pruden, The Washington Times)

These black people are making a political statement by not voting in the 2016 election (Terrell Jermaine Starr, Fusion)

US security apparatus does not reflect diversity: Rice (The Hindu, Indien)

What do American teens want? Less racism (Abigail Jones, Newsweek)

Why free speech matters on campus (Michael Bloomberg, Charles Koch, The Wall Street Journal)

Why it's legal for George Zimmerman to auction the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin (Josh Sanburn, TIME)

Why Obama's visit to Hiroshima matters for Japanese Americans (Esther Yu-Hsi Lee, Think Progress)

Zimmerman selling a souvenir of hate (David A. Love, CNN)

Zimmerman tried to sell his gun: It was legal, but was it right? (+video) (Ben Rosen, The Christian Science Monitor)


4 big Supreme Court cases you probably haven't heard about (Brianne J. Gorod, New Republic)

Can Rahm Emanuel solve problem of violence, mistrust? Can anyone? (John Kass, Chicago Tribune)

Dangerous bedfellows (Rena Steinzor, The American Prospect)

Donald Trump considering Rudy Giuliani to head commission on immigration (Fox News Latino)

Donald Trump is making Latinos register to vote (again) (Eric Levitz, New York Magazine)

Donald Trump selects white nationalist as delegate due to "database error," campaign says (Tom McKay, Mic)

Effort to appoint court clerk ditched amid racial accusations (Hal Dardick, Chicago Tribune)

Former Secretary of State among newest inductees to Civil Rights Hall of Fame (Kate Payne, WFSU, Tallahassee, Florida)

Former South Carolina police officer who fatally shot Walter Scott indicted on federal civil rights violation (Mark Berman, Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post)

Freedom of expression is not free (Tess Riski, Seattle Spectator)

An indictment in the Walter Scott shooting (Matt Vasilogambros, The Atlantic)

Is the "Trump effect" really driving thousands of Latinos to become citizens? (Dara Lind, Vox)

Is Trump's blatant racism an opportunity to build class solidarity? (Podcast, Scott Harris, Ian Haney López, John H. Boalt, Between the Lines)

A Jewish school bus - and old tensions - allegedly set aflame by young black males in N.Y. neighborhood (Video, Yanan Wang, The Washington Post)

KING: White men killed more American police than any other group this year, but conservatives won't address the facts (Shaun King, New York Daily News)

Michael Brown's mother on "regal" cameo in Beyonce's "Lemonade" (Ryan Reed, Rolling Stone)

Morgan Freeman: Hillary Clinton will stand for "racial justice" (Charlie Spiering, Breitbart)

One police department's response to data on racial disparities in traffic stops (Radio, Jeff Cohen, WNPR, Connecticut)

The problem that school choice has not solved (Emma Brown, The Washington Post)

Proposed Mexican-American studies textbook: Chicanos want to "destroy this society" (Patrick Michels, Texas Observer)

Racial drama onstage and racial tension backstage at Seattle rep (Rich Smith, The Stranger, Seattle, Washington)

San Francisco supervisors call for removal of police chief Suhr (Video, CBS San Francisco Bay Arae)

Sarah Palin, the political mother of Trump (Dana Milbank, The Washington Post)

#ScienceSoWhite threatens the health of people of color, researchers say (Peter Aldhous, BuzzFeed)

The Sellout by Paul Beatty review - a whirlwind satire about racial identity (Boganmeldelse, Reni Eddo-Lodge, The Guardian)

Showrunner roundtables: 12 A-list writers dish about lesbian weddings, race and why "black people don't get to write for white people" (Lacey Rose, The Hollywood Reporter)

Support for Tea Party, Trump driven by threat to white status: study (The Australian)

Susan Rice gives Florida international graduates perfect advice for dealing with racists (Aaron Morrison, Mic)

To vote or not to vote: Native choice (David Wilkins, Indian Country Today Media Network)

Trump: I'm considering Giuliani to head commission on immigration (Nolan D. McCaskill, Politico)

Trumpsplaining (Reihan Salam, Slate)

Trump's white separatist delegate William Johnson was once almost voted in as an L.A. judge (Robert Greene, Los Angeles Times)

The ugly story of South Dallas (Tanvi Misra, CityLab)

West Point responses: Obama's true legacy (Russ Vaughn, American Thinker)

What the raised-fist photo from West Point really reveals: Phillip Morris (Phillip Morris, The Cleveland Plain Dealer)

What young men of color can teach us about the achievement gap (Elissa Nadworny, NPR)

White kids aren't buying the politics of racial resentment (Sean McElwee, Ashley Jardina, Gawker)

Why a divided Birmingham can't survive (Maury Shevin,, Alabama)

"You need to tone down your blackness!" (Danielle Boose, The Huffington Post)

Your neighborhood determines your child's high school grad rate, study says (Amy Zimmer, Nigel Chiwaya, DNAinfo)


8 black employees file racial, gender discrimination lawsuit against Boeing in El Segundo (Larry Altman, Daily Breeze, Los Angeles)

Amazon Prime and the economics of race (Antwan Jones, The Huffington Post)

Ann Coulter's anti-semitism runs deeper than you know (Cathy Young, The Daily Beast)

As state looks at role of race in traffic stops, one man's story with the Bridgeport police (Radio, Jeff Cohen, WNPR, Connecticut)

A St. Louis desegregation policy that segregates (Jason L. Riley, The Wall Street Journal)

Challenge everything: Eight black women talk about body image (Hannah Giorgis, Sylvia Obell, Chantal Follins, Essence Gant, Driadonna Roland, Alanna Bennett, Bim Adewunmi, Anna Dushime, BuzzFeed)

Detroit's educational catastrophe (Beth Hawkins, The Atlantic)

Does "decline of whiteness" explain the Tea Party? (Clifton B. Parker (Stanford University), Futurity)

Former police union head plays down latest racist allegations in SFPD (Jonah Owen, San Francisco Examiner)

Horrific police killing of young Navajo mother Loreal Tsingine (Albert Bender, People's World)

How to get justice in civil rights cold cases (Aditya Shah, Politico)

How Trump made bigotry fashionable (Evelyn Leopold, The Huffington Post)

Inside a prison where inmates can actually vote for president (Spencer Woodman, Fusion)

Integration movement needed during divisive election (Mike Bushman, The Huffington Post)

Is murder the right charge for drug dealing? Some states think so. (German Lopez, Vox)

Is the Tea Party responsible for Donald Trump? (Molly Ball, The Atlantic)

Kamala Harris is focus of California's final U.S. Senate debate before primary (Phil Willon, John Myers, Los Angeles Times)

Majority of Americans believe Church has major role in racial reconciliation (Carey Lodge, Christian Today)

Meth, hypnosis, and murder: An incredible true story of race and punishment on Texas' death row (Casey Tolan, Fusion)

The myth of the disappearing nonwhite voter (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

Nia Long discusses racial/gender inequality, aging in Hollywood, and more (Hollywood's Black Renaissance)

Obama admin: Colleges shouldn't ask applicants about criminal records (Blake Neff, The Daily Caller)

Obama's lawsuit against North Carolina isn't about civil rights. It's about crushing dissent (David Harsanyi, The Federalist)

Reclaiming the photographic narrative of African-Americans (James Estrin, The New York Times)

Sanctuary city: Criminals welcome (Debra J. Saunders, The American Spectator)

Schools alone can't resolve problems of race and poverty (Jill Berkowicz, Ann Myers, Education Week)

The struggle is real: Squeamishness, shame are suspected in lower use of white emoji (Brett T., Twitchy)

Trayvon Martin's story inspires play about his final hours (Sofiya Ballin, Stephan Salisbury, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvania)

Trump and the Republican drama obscures the real crisis (Bruce Thornton, FrontPage Mag)

Trump's campaign accidentally picked a delegate who wants to deport people with "Negro blood" (Dylan Matthews, Vox)

Ubiñas: Philly man's campaign: Black Guns Matter (Helen Ubiñas, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

University of Iowa removes racist drawings from dorm (Jeff Charis-Carlson, Iowa City Press-Citizen)

Votes for Catherine Pugh, Sheila Dixon fell along racial lines in Baltimore mayor's race (Luke Broadwater, Yvonne Wenger, The Baltimore Sun)

West Point makes decision regarding cadets' raised-fists photo (CBS News)

Which neighborhoods win by building affordable housing? (Tanvi Misra, CityLab)

Why Chief Wahoo is different from political caricatures: Darcy video (Jeff Darcy,, Ohio)


11-year-old charged with hate crime for setting fire to Yeshiva school bus in Brooklyn (Andy Cush, Gawker)

Airbnb's burden to end any racial bias in its rentals (Voice of the People, New York Daily News)

American Moses (Paul Schrag, Mennonite World Review)

"Any other year, I certainly wouldn't have done it": Larry Wilmore says use of N-word in White House stand-up routine was fitting way of "summing up" Obama's presidency (Alexandra Genova, Ollie Gillman, Valerie Edwards, The Daily Mail, UK)

Asian-American mental health: Confusing doing well with feeling well (Jessica Gimeno, The Huffington Post)

Bill O'Reilly's blindness to bigotry (Erik Wemple, The Washington Post)

Black preaching changed the course of this country. What creates that style? (Frank Thomas, The Washington Post)

Black state troopers win lawsuit against department for racial discrimination, return to work and face same issues (Tanasia Kenney, Atlanta Black Star)

Boy, 16, shot by police, lived and died in one of city's toughest neighborhoods (Alexis Myers, Jeremy Gorner, Chicago Tribune)

Chicago is desperate for action (Jesse Jackson, Chicago Sun-Times)

Civil rights activists seek justice for racial violence in the name of Emmett Till (Alice Speri, The Intercept)

Corey D. Fields: Colorblind GOP asks blacks to choose: Be black or be Republican (Corey D. Fields, The Dallas Morning News)

The Daily 202: Why criminal justice reform may actually get done this year - if these two hurdles can be overcome (James Hohmann, The Washington Post)

Data show segregation by income (not race) is what's getting worse in schools (Jill Barshay, The Hechinger Report)

Family members of SC church massacre victims upset with donation payout (Stephen A. Crockett Jr., The Root)

Ferguson gets a new police chief. Will it help? (+video) (Max Lewontin, The Christian Science Monitor)

Ferguson's new police chief: "I've been training for Ferguson my entire life" (Mariah Stewart, The Huffington Post)

Ferguson to swear in new police chief (Faith Karimi, Joshua Berlinger, CNN)

Gentrification: The good, the bad and the ugly (Amber Tolbert,, Alabama)

Hillary Clinton to speak at Travyon Martin Foundation event (CBS Miami)

Hispanic voter registration is climbing in some states. Is it because of Donald Trump? (Philip Bump, The Washington Post)

Housing segregation undergirds the nation's racial inequities (Richard Rothstein, Economic Policy Institute)

How best to use, abuse, and criticize Jane Jacobs (Peter L. Laurence, The Architect's Newspaper)

"If I could take it back I would": Veteran San Jose police officer apologizes for controversial tweets (Robert Handa, NBC Bay Area, San Francisco)

KING: The DOJ must investigate the in-custody murder of Brandon Bethea in North Carolina (Shaun King, New York Daily News)

Life in solitary: "I can't see the sun rise, or the moon at night" (Ed Pilkington, The Guardian)

Los Angeles: What's next for mass transit? Depends on who Metro's listening to (Ken Alpern, CityWatch, Los Angeles)

Muslim student "saddened, disgusted, hurt" after "Isis" yearbook error (Christopher Haire, Beau Yarbrough, The Orange County Register)

New research uncovers little improvement in achievement gap (Sarah Sparks (Education Week), PBS Newshour)

N.H. authorities argue that secret recording of police is a crime (Eugene Volokh, The Washington Post)

On homecomings (Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic)

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Lawmakers: Act now to save Chicago police misconduct records (Leder, Chicago Tribune)

Living in Mississippi can be tough if you're black and queer (Nico Lang, Vice)

Meet Milo Yiannopoulos, the appealing young face of the racist alt-right (Jack Hunter, The Daily Beast)

Milwaukee-area Latino population skyrockets (Jesse Garza, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin)

The most important science book of our time is being made into a movie starring Oprah (Lauren F. Friedman, Tech Insider)

New book on the Civil War border states traces the conflict's impact on culture, politics and self definition as "Midwest" (University of Cincinnati, Ohio)

Obama's got Flint's back (The Wall Street Journal)

Obama's send-off at last White House Correspondents' Dinner ends with the N-word (Irene Monroe, The Huffington Post)

Photo of black army cadets with their fists in the air draws criticism, accused of supporting BLM movement (Tanasia Kenney, Atlanta Black Star)

President Obama just commuted the sentences of 58 more drug offenders - but thousands are still waiting (Casey Tolan, Fusion)

Racism by any other name (Vann R. Newkirk II, The Atlantic)

R.I. House passes bill to limit racial disparity in school discipline (Linda Borg, Providence Journal, Rhode Island)

Sheriff Jim McDonnell and Muslim leaders announce partnership in wake of racist emails (Cindy Chang, Los Angeles Times)

Tamir Rice's mom calls racism a "disease," urges whites to join fight for racial justice (Aaron Morrison, Mic)

Texas cemetery's "whites only" policy violates Civil Rights Act, lawsuit claims (Julia Glum, International Business Times)

There's no separating the death penalty and race (Robert J. Smith, Slate)

A trip to the small Texas town that's home to America's biggest immigrant detention center (Tim Rogers, Fusion)

Trump: I never considered Nikki Haley for VP (Jesse Byrnes, The Hill)

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The campus hate crime hoax epidemic (Matthew Vadum, FrontPage Mag)

Clinton slams Trump, but stops short of calling him racist or sexist (Ben Kamisar, The Hill)

David Duke says jews are "real problem" - and opposition to Donald Trump proves it (Josh Nathan-Kazis, Forward)

Disney movies have a huge diversity problem - and they don't seem to want to fix it (Natasha Noman, Mic)

Donald Trump isn't going to be president (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

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Is racial bias to blame concerning the amount of time public defenders spend on black clients? (Tanasia Kenney, Atlanta Black Star)

Is racial bias to blame for the high number of Asian Americans charged with espionage? (George Koo, Daniel Olmos, Los Angeles Times)

It is important to have black faces on dollars, but more important to get dollars in black hands (Dedrick Muhammad, The Huffington Post)

It's deja Trump all over again (Sherry Caris, The Huffington Post)

Jews of color get personal and political at first-ever national gathering (Sigal Samuel, Forward)

"Make America Mexico again" hat maker: Satire can "change conversation" (Brian Latimer, NBC News)

The media needs to clearly call out Donald Trump on his bigotry (German Lopez, Vox)

Meet 14K, the godfather of black gay Los Angeles (Mitchell Sunderland, Broadly)

Michigan's Snyder under siege over racial impact of strategy (Tammy Webber, David Eggert (Associated Press), ABC News)

Muslim women sue California restaurant for discrimination (Katie Reilly, Time)

New app wants civilians to report "suspicious people" in "transitional" neighborhoods in St. Louis (Shaundra Selvaggi, Atlanta Black Star)

The newly emboldened American racist (Jennifer Sabin, The Huffington Post)

N.Y. college students plead not guilty to fabricating racially motivated attack (Video, Pilar Melendez, Lorenzo Ferrigno, David Shortell, CNN)

Obama and black politics (Edward Carson, The Christian Century)

Officials: Bloomfield racial profiling report is "flawed" (Laura Herzog,, New Jersey)

Police investigate assault of University of Iowa student from Naperville as hate crime (Suzanne Baker, Naperville Sun, Illinois)

Racial disparities persist in marijuana arrests (Nat Stein, Colorado Springs Independent)

Racial identity in America - so much more than black and white (Clancy Riehm, Orlando Sentinel, Florida)

A racist, sexist lying con man sits atop the party of Lincoln (Christina Wilkie, The Huffington Post)

Residues of slavery, racial stereotypes of the "angry black woman" often put black women and girls in harm's way (David Love, Atlanta Black Star)

See Birmingham in black-and-white? Yo don't see her at all (Video, John Archibald,, Alabama)

Some medical students still think black patients feel less pain than whites (Ike Swetlitz, The Week)

Three Asian American leaders talk about what got them to the White House (Dexter Thomas, Los Angeles Times)

Trump becomes de facto GOP nominee as Cruz and Kasich exit the race (Philip Rucker, Anne Gearan, The Washington Post)

The Trump-ocalypse is upon us: America can't afford to misunderstand what his nomination means (Daniel Denvir, Salon)

Trump voters told HuffPost his racism, misogyny and xenophobia aren't an issue (Michael McAuliff, The Huffington Post)

"The View": Rob Reiner rips Donald Trump's "ignorance, bigotry, xenophobia, racism" (video) (Video, Tony Maglio, The Wrap)

Voting rights for convicts kicks off racial political battle (Megan Winkler, The Alternative Daily)

What can Obama accomplish in Flint? (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

What it was like for a Freedom Rider whose bus was firebombed by the KKK (Video, Lisa Capretto, The Huffington Post)

When all men were created separate, but equal (Eric Herschthal, New Republic)

Where are the most diverse neighborhoods? (Tanvi Misra, CityLab)

Whoopi Goldberg: Principled people don't support racism (Hal Boedecker, Orlando Sentinel, Florida)

Whose side in the housing wars would Jane Jacobs take up today? (Kriston Capps, CityLab)

Why Boston Latin's problems are everyone's problem (Shirley Leung, The Boston Globe)

Why is Hillary Clinton doing worse among whites now than in 2008? Racial attitudes. (Michael Tesler, The Washington Post)

Why it's time for colleges to take diversity to the next level (Matthew Lynch, Diverse Issues in Higher Education)


Andres Oppenheimer: Latino vote likely to sink Trump this fall (Andres Oppenheimer, Lincoln Journal Star, Nebraska)

AP's race and ethnicity editor sues AP over racial discrimination (Brian Flood, The Wrap)

Bernie Sanders isn't winning minority votes - and it's his own fault (Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian)

Black representation after Ferguson (John Clegg, The Brooklyn Rail, New York)

Closing polls and slamming doors: John Roberts' race-based agenda (Richard North Patterson, The Huffington Post)

Donald Trump backer allegedly attacked Muslim woman, said she hopes GOP front-runner deports "all of you terrorist Muslims" (Video, Ben Norton, Salon)

Editorial: Get back to class, DPS teachers (Leder, The Detroit News)

The end of politics as we know it (Christian Caryl, Foreign Policy)

ESPN's eight-hour O.J. documentary is a masterpiece (Will Leitch, New York Magazine)

Four years ago, a young black woman vanished from New York. What happened to Stevie Bates? (Patrick Hilsman, The Influence)

The generations of racism behind Clinton's "off the reservation" remark (Mark Charles, Sojourners)

How Donald Trump speaks to - and about - minorities (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

How mixed Asian couples view culture and race (George Diepenbrock (Kansas University), Futurity)

In wealthier school districts, students are farther apart (Emily Deruy, The Atlantic)

Jamelle Bouie: Between racism and evangelicalism, Indiana could go either Trump or Cruz (Jamelle Bouie, The Dallas Morning News)

Majority of black Minnesotans believe officers should have been charged in Jamar Clark shooting (Andy Mannix, Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Meet the first superstars of the Beyoncé generation (Jada Yuan, New York Magazine)

Mentally ill in solitary: "We're not addressing the problem, we're making it worse" (Matthew Teague, The Guardian)

Mother of Tupac Shakur dies in Marin County (Bill Lindelof, The Sacramento Bee, Californien)

MSNBC's Steve Schmidt: Trump's tone is the result of conservative talk radio "cancer" (Video, Media Matters)

The mythology of Trump's "working class" support (Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight)

NJ town holds public hearing on complaints of racial profiling by traffic cops (Video, Sarah Wallace, NBC New York)

No amount of working-class whites can win Trump the White House (Cliston Brown, New York Observer)

Once a Clinton stronghold, Appalachia now Trump country (Lisa Lerer (Associated Press), The Washington Post)

The plight of Muslim Republicans in the Trump era (Aaron Sankin, The Daily Dot)

Police are looking for an alleged Trump supporter who attacked a Muslim woman (Video, Christopher Mathias, The Huffington Post)

Politics move left, Americans move right (Joel Kotkin, Real Clear Politics)

The problem with neighborhood policing apps (Ethan Chiel, Fusion)

Racial slurs by law enforcement are a legacy that's becoming more unacceptable (Cindy Chang, Alene Tchekmedyian, Los Angeles Times)

Safe from "safe spaces" (The New Criterion)

This black Republican doesn't want to vote for anyone - and blames the GOP (Terrell Jermaine Starr, Fusion)

This day in Jewish history // 1948: U.S. high court nixes racist housing rules (David B. Green, Haaretz, Israel)

Tony nominations put #OscarsSoWhite to shame (Adam Howard, MSNBC)

Trump anxiety spurs Latino voter registration (Lomi Kriel, Houston Chronicle, Texas)

Tupac Shakur's mother Afeni Shakur Davis dies at 69: Police (Lindsay Kimble, People)

Waiting for LeBron (Eli Saslow, ESPN)

What a Trump presidency would mean for black America, explained (Damon Young, The Root)

What's the best way to talk about racism? (Kevin Drum, Mother Jones)

Wilmore, Obama and the n-word (Gregory Clay, The San Diego Union-Tribune)

"Worse than the Tea Party": "Confederate Spring" ushers in wave of hate (Nico Lang, Rolling Stone)


Ad sparks anti-miscegenation backlash. In 2016. (Walaa Chahine, The Huffington Post)

The African-American music great making her $5 bill debut (Shawn E. Milnes, The Daily Beast)

Amazon to expand free same-day delivery to Chicago's South Side (Lauren Zumbach, Chicago Tribune)

America's tough approach to policing black communities began as a liberal idea (Jeff Guo, The Washington Post)

The (bigger than we realized) role race plays in college debt (Richard V. Reeves, Brookings)

The biggest reason for the GOP's black voter problem? Apathy. (Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, The Week)

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