Februar 2017


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The insane end of the Oscars sent a false message about racial progress (Alyssa Rosenberg, The Washington Post)


Analysis: Trayvon Martin's death still fuels a movement five years later (Trymaine Lee, NBC News)


Analysis: Deadly threat from far-right extremists is overshadowed by fear of Islamic terrorism (William Parkin, Brent Klein, Jeff Gruenewald, Joshua D. Freilich, Steven Chermak, PBS Newshour)

A deafening silence (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

Democrats invite immigrants to Trump's first address to Congress (Kevin Freking (Associated Press), PBS Newshour)

Deported with a valid U.S. visa, Jordanian says message is "you're not welcome" (Radio, Jane Arraf, NPR)

A history of black cowboys and the myth that the West was white (Priscilla Frank, The Huffington Post)

The Islamophobic huckster in the White House (Steven Simon, Daniel Benjamin, The New York Times)

Jordan Peele's "Get Out" is a horrifying warning about what happens when you trust white people (Charles Pulliam-Moore, Fusion)

A renewed Republican Party (Joshua Mitchell, America Affairs Journal)

Trump's counterterrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka has links to anti-Semitic groups (Jesse Singal, New York Magazine)

Undocumented woman with brain tumor seized by federal agents at Texas hospital, family fears she will die (Video, Chris Sommerfeldt, Erin Durkin, Nancy Dillon, New York Magazine)

Why I will not leave (Jeanette Vizguerra, The New York Times)


The death of compassion (Charles M. Blow, The New York Times)

How Stephen Bannon made Milo dangerous (Keegan Hankes, Southern Poverty Law Center)

Immigration has divided America. Migration may unite it. (John Richard Cookson, The National Interest)

Trump, Milo, and the war on cops (Heather Mac Donald, City Journal)


An entire Manhattan village owned by black people was destroyed to build Central Park (Heather Gilligan, Timeline)

Kansas town reels months after foiled mosque bombing: "I'm still scared" (Video, Oliver Laughland, The Guardian)

Police make arrests at Standing Rock in push to evict remaining activists (Sam Levin, The Guardian)

Shakeup at the Oscars (Michael Schulman, The New Yorker)

Supreme Court orders new hearing for black Texas inmate (Mark Sherman, Associated Press)

The Trump administration's blueprint for mass removals, with a streak of cruelty (Leder, The Washington Post)

Trump at African-American History Museum denounces anti-Semitism and racism: "It has to stop" (Video, Craig Melvin, Erik Ortiz, NBC News)

Turn off, tune out, drop in, die off: Medicaid funds the white death (John Hayward, Breitbart)


"Alternative" education: Using charter schools to hide dropouts and game the system (Heather Vogell, Hannah Fresques, ProPublica)

Amid rising anti-Semitism, Trump's lackluster response has Jewish groups concerned (Sarah Wildman, Vox)

Anne Frank Center slams Trump: "Do not make us Jews settle for crumbs of condescension" (Sarah Larimer, The Washington Post)

"Anti-Semitism is horrible": Trump says racism, threats against Jewish sites have to stop (Video,Ken Meyer, Mediaite)

Are we doing all we can to prevent lead poisoning? (Eilís O'Neill, The Nation)

As American as refusing to stand for the national anthem (Reeves Wiedeman, New York Magazine)

Asked about anti-Muslim hate groups, Spicer talks about Islamic terrorism (Matt Shuham, Talking Points Memo)

Deport first, ask questions later (Dara Lind, Vox)

"Every person deserves to rest in peace": American Muslims raising money to repair vandalized Jewish cemetery (Colby Itkowitz, The Washington Post)

The fallout from "A Day without Immigrants" (Bourree Lam, The Atlantic)

The final, messy, defiant days of the Standing Rock camps (Cheree Franco, Vice)

The global waiting room: displaced migrants headed to US in limbo in Tijuana (Rory Carroll, The Guardian)

Have we lost sight of the promise of public schools? (Nikole Hannah-Jones, The New York Times Magazine)

The high cost of cheap labor (Brian Barth, Modern Farmer)

In one exchange, Sean Spicer demonstrated why there's skepticism about Trump's claims of tolerance (Philip Bump, The Washington Post)

Interior Department produced memo on Dakota Access pipeline that Trump doesn't want public to read (Kevin Gosztola, ShadowProof)

In Trump's America, mother of four fears being deported and leaving children with abusive husband (Leighton Akio Woodhouse, The Intercept)

Is the Southern border a Constitution-free zone? (Garrett Epps, The Atlantic)

Jewish centres evacuated in US after new wave of bomb threats (BBC News)

The long tail of the Attica prison riot (J. Oliver Conroy, The Morning News)

Mr. Trump's "deportation force" prepares an assault on American values (Leder, The New York Times)

Muslims shouldn't have to be "good" to be granted human rights (Sara Yasin, BuzzFeed)

A nation of immigrants enters dark chapter (Video, Raul A. Reyes, CNN)

New plans for immigration (Keegan Hamilton, Vice News)

One million visitors: Smithsonian's new black history museum hits milestone (Video, Deborah Barfield Berry, USA Today)

Police chief says Whittier officer's slaying shows danger of criminal justice reform, but details are unclear (Video, Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times)

Trump administration issues new immigration enforcement policies, says goal is not "mass deportations" (David Nakamura, The Washington Post)

Trump calls rising violence aimed at Jews "horrible and painful" (Video, John Wagner, The Washington Post)

Trump decries anti-Semitic acts as "horrible" amid calls for stronger White House denunciations (Fred Barbash, Ben Guarino, Brian Murphy, The Washington Post)

Trump pledges to unite 'divided country' after African-American history museum visit (Video, Jeremy Diamond, CNN)

Trump puts tougher immigration policy in motion (Josh Dawsey, Ted Hesson, Politico)

Trump's long, tangled history with anti-Semitism and angry rhetoric (Video, USA Today, MSN.com)

Trump's new guidance calls for vigorous immigration enforcement (Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review)

Trump too late in denouncing anti-Semitic acts, critics say (Video, Heidi M. Przybyla, USA Today)

US anti-fascists: "We can make racists afraid again" (Patrick Strickland, Al Jazeera)

US immigration courts are a bureaucratic backwater ripe for manipulation by Trump's White House (Ana Campoy, Quartz)

Welcome to the police state of America for immigrants (Bill Boyarsky, TruthDig)


The border is a constitution-free zone for agents who shoot and kill. But maybe not for long. (Video, Roque Planas, The Huffington Post)

Canada-U.S. border the final frontier for refugee-seekers (Allan Woods, The Toronto Star, Canada)

Can Trump win over African Americans? This survey suggests there's little chance (Jonathan Collins, The Washington Post)

Fact check: Trump exaggerates Swedish crime (Robert Farley, FactCheck.org)

The fallacy of Trump's "send in the Feds" fix for Chicago (German Lopez, Vox)

Give us your high achievers (Robert Verbruggen, The American Conservative)

Homage to the Mexicans in the time of Trump (Paul Berman, Tablet)

How bad will Trump's mass deportations get? Here's a big thing to watch for. (Greg Sargent, The Washington Post)

Interview: making the global compacts on migrants and refugees worthwhile (Sarnata Reynolds, Open Democracy)

Latino laborers fear deportation, but officials tell California farmers not to fret (Rory Carroll, The Guardian)

Leaked memos outline expanded detain and deport tactics (Video,  MSNBC)

NC conservative activists accused of threatening Muslims (Joe Marusak, Charlotte News & Observer, North Carolina)

New Trump travel ban order nearing completion (Ariane de Vogue, Tal Kopan, CNN)

An orphan refugee's mad scramble into Trump's America (Keegan Hamilton, Vice News)

The pressure is on for Trump administration to denounce anti-Semitism (Antonia Blumberg, The Huffington Post)

The road, or flight, from detention to deportation (Fernanda Santos, The New York Times)

Shakeup at the Oscars (Michael Schulman, The New Yorker)

They came for the American dream. Now they're fleeing to Canada. (Tara Golshan, Vox)

Trump's first roundup (Julia Preston, The Marshall Project)

Virginia governor concerned about ICE raids (Video, CNN, YouTube)

With their elevated homicide rates, four cities stand out (Scott Calvert, Shibani Mahtani, Zusha Elinson, The Wall Street Journal)


A brief history of America's "love-hate relationship" with immigration (Priscilla Alvarez, The Atlantic)

The colors of Japanese internment (David Muto, The New Yorker)

Donald Trump's comprehensive border reforms kill Obama's pro-migration policies (Neil Munro, Breitbart)

Farming behind barbed wire: Japanese-Americans remember WWII incarceration (Lisa Morehouse, NPR)

For decades they hid Jefferson's relationship with her. Now Monticello is making room for Sally Hemings. (Krissah Thompson, The Washington Post)

Here are 21 facts that explain who Trump mouthpiece Stephen Miller really is (Kali Holloway (AlterNet), Raw Story)

James Baldwin and the meaning of whiteness (Chris Hedges, TruthDig)

"Last night in Sweden"? Trump's remark baffles a nation (Sewell Chan, The New York Times)

President Trump made a confusing reference to Sweden. Here's what the White House says he meant (Zeke J. Miller, TIME)

Trump had 2 chances to calm fears of rising anti-Semitism in America. He chose neither. (Sarah Wildman, Vox)

Trump lied about immigrant crime and terror attack on Sweden that never happened (Juan Cole, TruthDig)

Trump proposal would deport more immigrants immediately (Peter Baker, Ron Nixon, The New York Times)

United States v. Dylann Roof (Edward Ball, The New York Review of Books)

US: Remembering Japanese internment camps 75 years on (Massoud Hayoun, Al Jazeera)


Breaking the anti-immigrant fever (Leder, The New York Times)

"Deutschland über Alles" and "America first," in song (Daniel A. Gross, The New Yorker)

The forgotten work of Jessie Redmon Fauset (Morgan Jerkins, The New Yorker)

Mystery surrounds Guantánamo detainee's "suicide" (Jeffrey S. Kaye, Truth-Out)

"Psychological warfare": immigrants in America held hostage by fear of raids (Julia Carrie Wong, The Guardian)

This leaked draft memo is the Trump administration's starting point for a border crackdown (Dara Lind, Vox)

Trump always calls out Chicago, but city closest to Mar-a-Lago had comparable crime rate in 2015 (Corky Siemaszko, NBC News)

Why does a white guy always have to be the hero? (Kanyakrit Vongkiatkajorn, Grace Wilson, Karen Hao, Mother Jones)

Why do so many Americans fear Muslims? Decades of denial about America's role in the world (Jon Schwarz, The Intercept)


100,000 National Guardsmen mobilized to deport immigrants? The anatomy of a news cycle (David A. Graham, The Atlantic)

Across the USA: Protests, closures on a #DayWithoutImmigrants (Video, USA Today)

AP Exclusive: DHS weighed Nat Guard for immigration roundups (Garance Burke, Associated Press)

Before Trump was a racist commander-in-chief, he was a racist real estate executive (Rachel Johnson, In These Times)

The Border Patrol was primed for President Trump (Jonathan Blitzer, The New Yorker)

Civil rights panel: Flint water crisis linked to "systemic racism" (Video, Paul Egan, Detroit Free Press)

A demand for sanctuary (Hilary Goodfriend, Jacobin)

The end of identity politics (Victor Davis Hanson, Defining Ideas, Hoover Institution)

Equations and inequalities: Math, race and fellowship (Amy Harmon, The New York Times)

"Hidden Figures" screenwriter: Black people weren't just maids or slaves, we need to show that (Video, Tufayel Ahmed, Newsweek)

Immigration arrests unleash debate: Where should line be drawn? (Harry Bruinius, The Christian Science Monitor)

Losing a son in the New York state prisons (Jennifer Gonnerman, The New Yorker)

Magic in the "Moonlight": Oscar-nominee Mahershala Ali shines darkly, brightly (Thelma Adams, New York Observer)

Migration to America took long enough for evolution to happen on the way (Cathleen O'Grady, Ars Technica)

Moonlight isn't just a part of the conversation for film of the year, it is the conversation (Shane Thomas, Media Diversified)

The problem with The Great Wall isn't "whitewashing" (Sean Nelson, The Stranger, Seattle)

Racial bias in criminal risk scores is mathematically inevitable (Julia Angwin, Jeff Larson, Pacific Standard)

"Segregation had to be invented" (Alana Semuels, The Atlantic)

THIS WEEK IN RACE: Walls, ID laws, and getting typecast (Gene Demby, Code Switch, NPR)

Trump concedes defeat on travel ban -- for now (Matt Ford, The Atlantic)

Trump loyalists stand by their man - but the resistance is taking root (Tom McCarthy, The Guardian)

Trying (and failing) not to fear so much about Trump (Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker)

"We are turning the clock back" (Russell Berman, The Atlantic)

What immigration raids mean for students (Emily Goldberg, The Atlantic)


10 really dope black women every American should know (Brittney Cooper, Cosmopolitan)

10 things I like about black people (Gavin McInnes, Taki's Magazine)

American noir for the age of Trump (J. Hoberman, Tablet)

The best known DREAMer wants progressives to show up for her mom, too (Adrian Carrasquillo, Adolfo Flores, BuzzFeed)

Black Lives Matter: Most controversial quotes and statements (Video, Shreesha Ghosh, International Business Times)

Criminal case against officer Yanez in Castile death will proceed, judge rules (Video, Chao Xiong, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minnesota)

"Crying is an everyday thing": life after Trump's "Muslim ban" at a majority-immigrant school (Jenée Desmond-Harris, Vox)

Diversity initiatives don't work, they just make things worse: the ideological function of diversity in the cultural industries (Anamik Saha, Media Diversified)

Federal anti-poverty programs primarily help the GOP's base (Ronald Brownstein, The Atlantic)

Female prison workers, harassed by inmates and ignored by bosses, stood up for their rights - and won (Hanna Kozlowska, Quartz)

Flint water activist's battle continues into day 1,028, while US cities benefit (Matthew Corkins, New York Observer)

For Nextdoor, eliminating racism is no quick fix (Jessi Hempel, Backchannel.com)

"Fred Trump told me not to rent to blacks": Horror stories from the FBI's 1970s investigation into racism at Trump apartments (Andy Cush, Spin)

From Aretha to Beyoncé: the black artists snubbed by the Grammys (Michael Hann, The Guardian)

Her son was lynched for being gay. Now her fight for justice is at risk from Trump (Alex Hannaford, The Guardian)

How The Blood of Emmett Till still stains America today (Vann R. Newkirk II, The Atlantic)

Is prison the answer to violence? (Bill Keller, The Marshall Project)

Peter van Agtmael's decoding of American violence (Sarah Stillman, The New Yorker)

Reliving the trauma experienced by Trayvon Martin’s parents (Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post)

Slavery-era embroidery excites historians, evokes heartbreak of its time (Melanie Eversley, USA Today)

"This is really unprecedented": ICE detains woman seeking domestic abuse protection at Texas courthouse (Katie Mettler, The Washington Post)

Today's "Day without Immigrants" is giving Trump what he wants (Julianne Hing, The Nation)

Trump immigration raids show greater focus on non-criminals (Video, Alan Gomez, USA Today)

Trump's labor pick has a history of attacking voting rights (John Nichols, The Nation)

Trump will continue to scam the White working class. Here's how to stop him. (Paul Street, Truth-Dig)

Unbuilding the wall (Toby Shorin, Ribbonfarm)

Whatever happened to Black Lives Matter? (Michael Harriot, The Root)

Words, tweets and stones in the "political correctness" wars (Matthew Sharpe, The Conversation)


After another excused Chicago police killing, it’s time to trash their contract (Dave Stieber, The Huffington Post)

Anti-Muslim hate groups nearly triple in US since last year, report finds (Lois Beckett, The Guardian)

Chinese students in the US are using "inclusion" and "diversity" to oppose a Dalai Lama graduation speech (Josh Horwitz, Quartz)

Dan Herbert lives to serve and protect cops - even Laquan McDonald's killer (Maya Dukmasova, Chicago Reader)

Day without immigrants to hit Washington in the stomach (Richard Pérez-Peña, Katie Rogers, The New York Times)

Does kicking out Mexicans create jobs? (Michael A. Clemens, Politico Magazine)

The misunderstood ghost of James Baldwin (Ismail Muhammad, Slate)

Report: Anti-Muslim groups triple in U.S. amid Trump hate rhetoric (Melanie Eversley, USA Today)

'Stand Your Ground' and America's history of lethal self-defense (Radio, Alison Bruzek, Anthony Brooks, WBUR, Boston)

Stephen Miller, the other big racist in the White House (Michael Arceneaux, The Root)

Trump has turned the GOP into the party of eugenics (Sarah Jones, New Republic)

What it's like to be black and pregnant when you know how dangerous that can be (Dani McClain, The Nation)

What's killing America's black infants? (Zoé Carpenter, The Nation)

When immigrants are no longer considered Americans (Hua Hsu, The New Yorker)

Who we are now: A conversation with Colson Whitehead (Jeremiah Chamberlin, Fiction Writers Review)


Campaign escalates to crush Muslim civil society organizations in the U.S. (Sarah Lazare, AlterNet)

Conservative media embrace a bogus "terror study" to justify Trump's travel ban (Joshua Holland, The Nation)

The Democrats' demographic dilemma (Richard North Patterson, The Boston Globe)

Despite censorship row, a show connecting immigrant rights and police brutality goes on (Benjamin Sutton, Hyperallergic)

"Everybody in the room spat in your Coke": black celebrities tell their first experience with racism (Video, German Lopez, Vox)

Florida Republicans move to expand Stand Your Ground laws, disgrace Trayvon Martin (Michael Sainato, New York Observer)

How federal spending fuels the campus speech police (Bruce Majors, The Federalist)

How Syrian refugee women are using food to fight president Trump (Mahita Gajanan, TIME)

The "identity politics" debate is splintering the left. Here's how we can move past it. (Thea N. Riofrancos, Daniel Denvir, In These Times)

In California farm country, Trump's deportation threat looms large (Nathanael Johnson, Grist)

Making voting white again (Jamelle Bouie, Slate)

The man who ran Obama's clemency machine (Maurice Chammah, The Marshall Project)

The mistake the Berkeley protesters made about Milo Yiannopoulos (Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker)

Standing Rock and the struggle ahead (Julian Brave NoiseCat, Jacobin)

Why it might be harder than Trump thinks to defend the travel ban in court (Josh Gerstein, Politico)

Why the resistance is the best thing that's happened to Donald Trump (David Harsanyi, The Federalist)


Adele was right to mention her "black friends" at the Grammys (Brittney Cooper, Cosmopolitan)

Answering your questions on Trump and the Rust Belt (Diskussion, Alana Semuels, The Atlantic)

Are women of color at greater risk of street harassment? (Talia Smith, New York Observer)

Bernie Sanders breaks it down: "We're supposed to hate Muslims, Latinos and Blacks" (Joe Lapointe, New York Observer)

Beyoncé's Grammy snub and the glass ceiling on black art (John Vilanova, Los Angeles Times)

The campus free speech battle you're not seeing (Peter Moskowitz, Jezebel)

The Dakota Access Pipeline doesn't make economic sense (Mark Paul (Dollar & Sense), Truth-Out)

Did Gorka really wear a medal linked to Nazi ally to Trump inaugural ball? (Allegra Kirkland, Talking Points Memo)

"Every racist I know voted for Donald Trump" (Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic)

The federal voting agency Republicans want to kill (Russell Berman, The Atlantic)

Former "border czar" gives real facts about immigration (Sebastian Rotella, ProPublica)

The Grammys have a racist history stretching back decades before Beyoncé (Michael Arceneaux, Fusion)

Help the poor move (Kevin D. Williamson, National Review)

How repealing Obamacare could splinter neighborhoods (Alvin Chang, Vox)

Human rights abuses highlighted in jailed activists' letter from Plymouth County correctional facility (Kevin Gosztola, ShadowProof)

ICE has arrested 600 undocumented immigrants in the last week (Julianne Hing, The Nation)

Italo Calvino on racial justice: The beloved Italian writer's stirring account of the early Civil Rights Movement and his encounter with Martin Luther King, Jr. (Maria Popova, Brain Pickings)

A KKK leader was found dead by a river. His wife and stepson are charged with murder. (Amy B. Wang, The Washington Post)

My Milo is bad (Michael Youhana, Full Stop)

A NASA engineer was required to unlock his phone at the border (Kaveh Waddell, The Atlantic)

The only way to get into America is through this 60,000 strong, pro-Trump armed force (Heather Timmons, Quartz)

Remembering Black Lives Matter, Trayvon Martin and Freddie Gray (Spencer Irvine, Accuracy in Academia)

Saving civil discourse (Kareen Movsesyan, Medium)

Stephen Miller's history of bigotry (Martin Longman, Washington Monthly)

Today's riot-prone mobs are a product of America's cult-like education system (Stella Morabito, The Federalist)

Tough on crime (Leon Neyfakh, Slate)

The Trump administration's lies about voter fraud will lead to massive voter suppression (Ari Berman, The Nation)

Trump just getting started with immigration raids (Seung Min Kim, Ted Hesson, Politico)

Trump's counter-jihad (Zach Beauchamp, Vox)

Washington Post forgets all about Obama's deportation practices (Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist)


An American imam lights a candle of hope (William Rivers Pitt, Truth-Out)

Doubling as immigration officers, sheriffs applaud Trump order (Video, Josh Saul, Newsweek)

A history of American anti-immigrant bias, starting with Benjamin Franklin's hatred of the Germans (Annalisa Merelli, Quartz)

Iranian student studying in U.S. is trapped by Trump’s travel ban (Sarah Kaplan (The Washington Post), The Toronto Star, Canada)

Love lives in Whitefish, but so do neo-Nazis (Anne Helen Petersen, BuzzFeed)

No place like home: America's eviction epidemic (Matthew Desmond, The Guardian)

Police chiefs say Trump's law enforcement priorities are out of step (Timothy Williams, Richard A. Oppel, Jr., The New York Times)

Preparing my kids for the new America (Sayed Kashua, The New Yorker)

Refugees cross to Canada to escape Donald Trump (Dorian Geiger, Al Jazeera)

Trump and the right-wing populist tradition of judge-bashing (Ed Kilgore, New York Magazine)

Yale renames Calhoun College because of historical ties to white supremacy and slavery (Monica Wang, Susan Svrluga, The Washington Post)

Yale's inconsistent name-dropping (Roger Kimball, The Wall Street Journal)


Can the president "destroy" criminal-justice reformers? (Sarah Stillman, The New Yorker)

Democrats can win white working class voters without sacrificing social justice (David Atkins, Washington Monthly)

Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states (Lisa Rein, Abigail Hauslohner, Sandhya Somashekhar, The Washington Post)

Historic black cemeteries seeking the same support Virginia gives Confederates (Gregory S. Schneider, The Washington Post)

Hundreds arrested during nationwide surge in immigration raids (Chas Danner, New York Magazine)

Immigrant community on high alert, fearing Trump's "deportation force" (Janell Ross, Aaron C. Davis, Joel Achenbach, The Washington Post)

An overlooked court decision could lead to more immigrants being deported without seeing a lawyer first (Nidhi Prakash, Fusion)

U.S. immigrants on high alert after two days of raids (Janell Ross, Aaron C. Davis, Joel Achenbach, The Toronto Star, Canada)

Without citing specifics, Trump vows to keep costs down on border wall (Eugene Scott, CNN)


Appellate court ruling on Donald Trump's travel ban: What does it mean and what did the court consider? (Associated Press, The Telegraph, UK)

Barry Jenkins on Moonlight, the Oscars and Trump's America (Danny Leig, Financial Times, UK)

Befriending Becky: On the imperative of intersectional solidarity (DiDi Delgado, Medium)

Behind the internet's anti-democracy movement (Rosie Gray, The Atlantic)

Can Donald Trump really get black people to vote for him? (Darren Sands, BuzzFeed)

Chaos theory: The playbook of Milo Yiannopoulos (Laura Miller, Thought Catalog)

The defiant I Am Not Your Negro (Niela Orr, The Baffler)

The Democrats' immigration problem(s) (Megan McArdle, Bloomberg)

A field guide to 2017's diverse slate of Oscar-nominated documentaries (Alissa Wilkinson, Vox)

The future of deportations under Trump (J. Weston Phippen, The Atlantic)

Inside the protest movement that has Republicans reeling (Video, Elana Schor, Rachael Bade, Politico)

Jackie Rayos-Garcia tells about the deportation of her mother, Guadalupe García de Rayos (Aura Bogado, Teen Vogue)

The last-ditch attempt to stop the Dakota Access pipeline (Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic)

The man who saw Trump coming (Ben Smith, BuzzFeed)

Meet the Muslim woman who''s become the face to anti-Trump resistance (Michelle Garcia, Vox)

Muslim civil rights groups are worried the White House wants to shut them down (Talal Ansari, BuzzFeed)

The ninth circuit rejects Trumpism (Amy Davidson, The New Yorker)

On the record: We asked all 50 governor offices if they'd share immigration data with Trump administration (Spencer Woodman, The Verge)

Part 3: Who decides what justice is? (Serena P. Green, Truth Dig)

Populist presidents and "demoralized" judges (Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review)

Revolution is not only inevitable, it's necessary: How Steve Bannon's dark vision could shape the world (Joseph Brean, National Post, Canada)

Solitary confinement is a great American shame (Mark Joseph Stern, Slate)

That Statue of Liberty poem everybody quotes? It's about a different refugee crisis - but it's still relevant today (History News Network, Raw Story)

Steve Bannon harnessed the spirit of revolt that the Democrats gave up (Thomas Frank, The Guardian)

Too close for comfort (Isaac Chotiner, Slate)

Trump advisor Stephen Miller defends travel ban (Tessa Stuart, Rolling Stone)

Trump considers writing ‘brand new’ immigration order (Video, Matt Zapotosky, Philip Rucker, Rachel Weiner, The Washington Post)

Trump's deplorable travel ban (Alex Nowrasteh, Foreign Affairs)

When the government really did fear a Bowling Green massacre - organized by a white supremacist (A.C. Thompson, Pacific Standard)

Why a new mixed race generation will not solve racism (Lauren Michele Jackson, BuzzFeed)

Why the "resistance" won't be the new Tea Party (Robert Tracinski, The Federalist)


3 key Trump mistakes that led to the travel ban court defeat (Josh Gerstein, Politico)

Actually, Trump has a duty to ban dangerous immigrants (Seth Lipsky, New York Post)

"All politics is identity politics": reckoning with racial justice in the Trump era (Michelle Garcia, Sunnivie Brydum, Tyler Tynes, Derrick Clifton, Vox)

Amid controversy over Sessions debate, Ted Cruz says Dems are "party of the Ku Klux Klan" (Video, Steph Solis, USA Today)

The appalling hypocrisy, ignorance of courts on immigration and states' rights (Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review)

Bannon, Flynn and Sessions: How Trump's top advisers view Muslims, in their own words (Video, Steve Reilly, USA Today)

Berkeley, Milo Yiannopoulos and the lessons of free speech (Erwin Chemerinsky, Howard Gillman, The Conversation)

The blood of Emmett Till (Radio, Timothy B. Tyson, 1A, WAMU, Washington, DC)

Breaking: Arizona mom at center of immigration fight has been deported, attorney says (Video, Daniel González, The Arizona Republic)

CNN's Chris Cuomo: Saying I make "fake news" is just like a racial slur (Video, Bre Payton, The Federalist)

Coal country tells white nationalist groups to get lost (Jason Belcher, The Huffington Post)

Continued support for improving the lowest-performing schools (Susanna Loeb, Brookings)

Death rates rising for 30-year-olds as welfare despair consumes a generation (John Hayward, Breitbart)

The deep-seated roots of Donald Trump's resentment (James Warren, Vanity Fair)

Deported Arizona mom: Victim or convicted felon? (Video, Daniel González, Richard Ruelas, The Arizona Republic)

Emmett Till book prompts cousins to call for new investigation (Annette Ejiofor, NBC News)

Everything you think you know about mass incarceration is wrong (Eli Hager, Bill Keller, The Marshall Project)

Feds' civil rights steward faces a "rocky road" under Trump (Nidhi Subbaraman, BuzzFeed)

Finally, a screenplay by James Baldwin (Salamishah Tillet, The New York Times)

Five years later, Trayvon Martin's parents haven't even started to grieve (Ella Hilaire, Vanity Fair)

For many abroad, ideal of "America" still cherished - at least for now (Sara Miller Llana, The Christian Science Monitor)

Heitkamp balances politics with N.D. pipeline drama (Bill Murray, Real Clear Politics)

How "Blue Lives Matter" went from a reactive slogan to White House policy (Dara Lind, Vox)

How Coretta Scott King and JFK joined forces - and helped change the Democratic Party (Kristine Guerra, The Washington Post)

In Alabama, support for Donald Trump followed an ancient pattern (The Economist)

In executive actions, President Trump vows crackdown on violent crime. Is America as unsafe as he thinks? (Matt Zapotosky, The Washington Post)

Is the anti-Trump "resistance" the new Tea Party? (Molly Ball, The Atlantic)

It's already happened here (Sarah Kendzior, The Baffler)

Josh Fox: Trump may have approved the Dakota Access Pipeline, but the fight is far from over (Josh Fox, AlterNet)

The legacy of Stepin Fetchit remains an obstacle for today's black comedians (Dave Schilling, Vulture)

Letter from alleged 9/11 mastermind shows our own foreign policy makes America unsafe (Branko Marcetic, In These Times)

"Made me feel we were back in 1950s" Coretta Scott King memoirist on silencing of Elizabeth Warren (Video, Amy Goodman, Normeen Shaikh, Barbara Reynolds, Democracy Now)

Neil Gorsuch's criticism wasn't aimed at Trump, aides say in reversal (Julie Hirschfeld Davis, The New York Times)

Not even Andrew Jackson went as far as Trump in attacking the courts (Jeffrey Rosen, The Atlantic)

Octavia Spencer: "You need to see people of colour in big movies" (Tom Shone, The Guardian)

Origins of a movement (Nathalie Baptiste, The Nation)

Overlooked provision in Trump executive order revives program that deputizes police to start deportations (Bryan Lowry, Franco Ordonez and Lindsay Wise (McClatchy), Raw Story)

Pro-Trump Jewish group reprimands White House for omitting Israel from "underreported" attacks list (Annie Karni, Politico)

Resisting the criminalization of dissent: A conversation with Iowa activist David Goodner (Sarah Jaffe, Truth-Out)

The role of the church in Bannon's white nationalist movement (Nancy LeTourneau, Washington Monthly)

See the far-reaching impact of Beyoncé's Lemonade (Ashley Hoffman, TIME)

Sessions vote lays bare deep divides in Senate (Video, Emily Cadei, Newsweek)

Shutting down Milo's talk at Berkeley: Thoughts on hate speech, protest and masks (Benjamin Waltham Rivers, Truth-Out)

Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch says Trump's attacks on judiciary are "demoralizing" (Abby Phillip, Robert Barnes, Ed O'Keefe, The Washington Post)

"This is not who we are," critics say about the refugee ban. But what if it is? (Nicole Hemmer, Vox)

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